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Obama Instituted the ‘Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History’ to the 1%


If the presidency of Barack Obama teaches us anything, it should be that presidents are nothing but tools of the elite to concentrate wealth and power. It should teach us that the words Democrat and Republican are absolutely meaningless.

Columnist and editor for the NY Post, Michael Gray has a phrase to describe the time period of 2008 through 2015—The Great Fleecing. It was the continuation of a great game that has played out since the rise of consumerism, a collusion of corporations and government that has squeezed the Middle Class for everything it was worth.

The vast majority toils through cycles of boom and bust, while the 1% steadily reaps the benefits of a shadow economy that siphons wealth upward. The Great Recession never hurt the elite, and the supposed recovery never helped the rest of us.

“During [The Great Fleecing], the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of the world occurred. Some $4.5 trillion was given to Wall Street banks through its Quantitative Easing program, with the American people picking up the IOU.”

Instead of all that money going into real, tangible things like desperately needed infrastructure improvements, those trillions were sequestered in a crony system of banks and Wall St. investors, overseen by a cartel called the Federal Reserve.

It’s not difficult to believe that the Great Recession didn’t just happen by coincidence at the end of one president’s term when everyone was distracted by phony political debates. It would follow that the next president picked right up on the game.

After the 2008 election, Obamacare became the next massive distraction, keeping everyone in a state of phony debate while the Fed was doling out trillions to Wall St. banks and putting American taxpayers on the hook. And it just so happened that Obamacare became a windfall for another power player in the corporatocracy—the health insurance industry.

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As Gray points out,

“the Obama administration is the first two-term presidency that has not posted a 3% GDP growth on an annualized basis for 8 years. Even Franklin Delano Roosevelt posted 3% growth year during the Great Depression.”

Jobs, wages, and the GDP took a back seat to the “too big to fail” Wall St. banks, because they couldn’t trust the plebes with all that money for fear of inflation. As a result, the various schemes these banks engaged in with the free money—including mortgage-backed securities, company mergers, company debt offerings, stock buybacks—did nothing but secure that wealth for the 1%.

“These actions are the reasons the American middle class has been decimated and no longer makes up the majority of the population…

The middle class has seen the wholesale export of good-paying jobs, while on the hook for crushing mortgages and higher taxes to pay down the growing US debt to fund the banks.”

The gap between rich and poor has widened more under Obama than under any other president.

Also, more than 50% of the populations in all U.S. counties are on some kind of government assistance. Meanwhile, Wall St. had a 7-year bonanza.

Now the bill is coming due for the American people, at the end of another presidency, as the nation will be distracted by another phony political debate. As the Fed winds down its injection of money manufactured on the backs of the working middle class, our retirement accounts will again bear the brunt of the fallout. The stock market appears poised for a freefall.

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Indeed, $2.3 trillion has already been destroyed since the high last year, and $1.5 trillion in net wealth has vanished.

What will be the next trick up the sleeve of the banking cartel to fleece the sheep while maintaining the appearance of order? The fact is that they may not have one. As the Free Thought Project reported last week, even the mega banks are predicting a ‘cataclysmic’ collapse. 

As the next president is being chosen to serve the desires of the 1%, they may be underestimating the power of alternative media and the age of instant information. Only by exposing the Great Fleecing can we break from its grip into a new era.

  • Elizabeth La Spisa

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  • Lets be honest, obama is shit but I wouldnt matter who was president, its a problem of the system and particularly central banks and the deep state

    • somewhat true, but it took Obama’s signature to make it all a possibility, so he’s guilty of the crime, because he profited so much from it.

    • You got a point but it really comes down to the character of the person and being that Obama is in fact a Muslim makes it that much more easier to corrupt and shit on America.

    • it’s a good thing for you guys that breathing is autonomous or you’d asphyxiate .

    • Ol’ tim, if Obama is shit, what would you call bush & cheney? Just curious….waiting for reply

    • Justin Watson does your complete stupidity hurt a lot? Sheesh… :O(

    • Actually,just being who they thought he would be and who he has seemed to be,has distracted and dived people just enough for him to accomplish the goals of his actual benefactors…so,their next shill will either have to have either a similar cult of personality,a new war or another calamity to hide behind.


    • Brent Waller Yeah he’s guilty of course, but what I guess im pointing at is that if we are gonna arrest him, we need to arrest all the goons

    • James Keith Callantine Id call Bush and Cheny shit and part of the same team, team establishment fascist

    • Justin Watson “In fact”?

    • vote for bernie sanders

  • But we know this, man.

    • It’s the fault of those controlling them both ! Please don’t tell anyone that your foolish enough to believe in a difference between the two parties.

    • Thats americas fault not theirs…

    • They are just as much guilty as the ones pulling the fucking strings Ed.

    • Puppets!!!! They guilty as fuck too!!

    • I don’t hold them blameless Justin, they are both evil. They are however just doing what they are told to do.

    • Ed Rawles

    • Israel Snyder agreed !

    • Just the fact they’re fighting for any spot in line to steal from us, reveals true lack of integrity throughout the executive branches..and allegiance to lobbied special interest money grubbing scum ~

  • show me some “facts” , not just a facebook meme.

    • My wallet is basically the only proof I need.

    • Right. Ok I believe it now. Saw on the internet, must be true. That’s like me saying its all Bush’s fault. Lol

  • Data please. Factoids in this disinformation age have no credibility unless back by real credible numbers. If you make a statement like that, back it up.

    • Did you try reading the article? lol

    • See that’s where you lose credibility when talking to a data scientist – those are factoids delivered by a journalist who implicitly demands you just take the reliability of his data for granted.

      Let me put this in perspective for you:

      Half of the medical science research is false. This comes from the Editor in Chief of the Worlds Best Known Medical Journal whom breams with credibility. (link below).

      If the medical research (which really needs to not be false) is HALF false, then some journalist who gets paid to attract eyeballs anyway he can, has even LESS credibility.

      Thus we get back to – show me the credible data and I’ll believe the argument. Until then (and this is one of them) it’s nothing more than disinformation.



    • Google is how you fact check an article posted on facebook. There werent too many claims made in the article so it shouldnt take you very long. Probably quicker than you took writting your response and posting your link.

    • No need to read the article,he just knows.

    • I’ve heard of many different types of scientists – biologits, chemist, astrophysicist – but what exactly is a data scientist? Statistician? Anyway, here are lots of data for the “data scientist,” explaining in detail how the rich got richer and rest of us got screwed under Obama. As the article said, the “bailout” did not go to real, tangible things like infrastructure projects but was sequestered in the Wall St. stock scheme where the richest 1% get most of the benefits. Meanwhile, the parameters of middle class wealth plummeted. http://www.juancole.com/2014/01/gilded-getting-richer.html

    • What is considered credible these days? From the looks of it, pretty much anything “national”, Federal, or .gov is quite questionable. They do not have the best track record of being truthful or even telling certain important happenings at all. Wreck less actions, spending, they have no clue who or what is in the country right now coming through the border. Blaming climate change/global warming, whatever the term is this week for terro—-. NO RESPONSIBILITY TAKEN FOR THEIR DESTRUCTIVE PATH MADE THROUGH ALL THAT THEY DEEM “OFFENSIVE”.

    • I read the article. I’m definitely not an Obama fan, or a fan of any other politician, but blaming Obama for quantitative easing is misguided at best. The Federal Reserve is privately held and makes its own decisions. As for the fleecing by Wall Street, let us be reminded who it was that repealed Glass-Steagal.

    • Robert Ovieda I recently came to understand that under Clinton tenure there was a veto proof republican congress that passed the bill developed by republican senators. I originally pinned it on Clinton but he pretty much had his hands tied….

    • Matthew R. Versaggi , so the numbers are actually factoids. Being the scientist that you are, do you want to expand on that? Or is government data factoids. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/01/18/obama-middle-class_n_6495750.html

    • Edward Buchman I would actually – they don’t support the meme and this meme is wrong…

      Here are some more accurate figures:



    • Israel Snyder And Obama has WHAT to do with that?

    • Justin Price, do you remember who signed and passed the bailout, because it WASNT OBAMA YOU FUCKING NINCOMPOOP!

    • Just because we have record levels of income inequality, doesnt mean that is Obamas fault. Its been 50 years of tax cuts and wreckless spending. The tax cuts started with Nixon, the spending with Reagan, and it hasnt stopped.
      There are record levels of heart disease now too. I suppose most republicans want to blame that on Obama as well.

    • Jonathan Williams Where exactly did I say Obama signed the bailout, you….Oh, almost forgot, name calling doesn’t help an argument. Howeve (here’s a hint), putting words in people’s mouths hurts an argument. He didn’t sign the bailout but that takes nothing away from the fact that he fully supported the transfer of $4.5 trillion from the working MIddle Class to the 1% through Wall St….instead of, you know, pushing for real measures to help jobs and GDP like infrastructure improvement. He just CONTINUED the same old game of Dooh Nibor economics, as other presidents before him. Until diehard partisan Obama supporters (looking at you, Jonathan) and their Faux Newser counterparts can recognize that all these guys serve the same masters, we’re screwed

      Like · Reply · Commented on by Justin Price · Just now

    • Matthew R. Versaggi , why look. From the bankers who run the Federal Reserve approved news source.

    • $11 trillion since he took office…. Doesn’t take a “data scientist” to figure out where that money went… Certainly NOT into the pockets of the poor..

    • You implied he did, Justin. Just as you imply now that its Obamas fault you cant get laid, or whatever it is you’re whining about… boo hoo, its all Obamas fault.

      Im no Obama cheerleader, but conspiracy nuts like you just kinda drive me crazy. You prove how ignorant you are to what the bailout was when you claim it stole 4.5 trillion from working class people and gave it to banker? Newsflash, working class people don’t invest in the stock market to begin with. LOL

      PS. The bank bailout was paid back WITH INTEREST!

    • Calls Justin Price a nincompoop. Your outfit outweighs your outspoken outsourced opinions.

    • May the real nincompoop glow in the dark so that all may see.

    • MRV, the national spokesman for the sheeple / toetag organization, has spoken.

    • Scientist go with the Money every one knows that mostly the Corrupt US FED Government.

    • Just look at the number of uninsured people since Obamacare came into effect and forced hikes in premiums. To add insult to injury, those people now need to pay a fine to the government for not having enough money to be insured. Do not be an apologist because he is the first black president. We could have done a lot better with Oprah Winfrey or Robert L. Johnson, who both have proven records as businesspeople, both self-made from humble beginnings.

    • Jonathan Williams Yes obama is completely innocent.. right. Ask yourself why you mindlessly defend a politician

    • Jonathan williams has a lose ass hole on being a government whore that happens to Indoctrinated bitches

    • Nasty White /Jew Culture Must be Executed with the Indoctrinated scum within.

    • vote for bernie sanders

    • I always get a kick out of the “show me the data” crowd. As if A) Data cant be manipulated and B) Even data was provided, and it’s not in alignment with those who agree or disagree with it, it’s not valid, or C) Data compiled by one group or another is judged by the source. Get a clue people. “Data” has become nothing more than a renforcment of opinion. Data has become subjective in the “information age”.

    • Ty Arcuby Wrong! Social and political science data – maybe. But there is a TON of data out there that do not fall into those categories, like predictive or analytical data. Even consumer behavior data is good data. So you’re pretty dead wrong about your analysis of the ‘data’ issue, other than maybe *parts* of social and political science.

  • Please Obama tried to close the loopholes that allowed for this income gap. It is congress that has blocked it. Stop the BS!

    • Lmfaooooooooooooooooooo. Really? Try reading the legislature that comes out instead of watching Faux “News”.

    • Lmfao…these damn sheep so fuckn blind… The WHOLE SYSTEM IS CORRUPT!!!! Who gives a fuck what color they are…

    • I didn’t knew Fox News has an agenda in favor of Obama.

    • Obama supports the TPP.. You won’t think he is so great once you find out what the TPP is.

  • The gap keeps increasing. It will most likely increase with the next president as well.

  • He was a nice guy but he sold his soul.

  • Denyce Aresti

  • Duhhhhh!

  • Wow, that is a scary statistic. The Bern is our only hope!

  • Explain how corporate greed is the President’s fault or under his control please.

  • To have occurred during his 2 terms is an indictment of the people to rise up before it is too late. Abolition of the middle class is a prequal to civilization that existed thousands of years ago. Go backward I’m afraid.

  • Really? How long where/when did it start? Facts not your opinion. In addition the entire history of this.

  • Yea him as well as Bush,Clinton,Bush,Reagan and all the others nothing new here

  • Gas is under $2.00.

  • Reagan initiated the wealth transfer with the economic recovery tax act in 81 (trickle down theory) and union busting. Daddy bush continued reagan’s politics and initiated the negation of regulations.
    Clinton completed the negation of all regulations and laws protecting the american public, including glass-steagall. Bush jr initiated the the era of perpetual wars and watched over the planned/intended wall street meltdown.
    The current president completed the implementation of Free Market policies and expanded the wars that bush jr initiated. Now if you want to say he’s in office at the point of maturation of a 30 effort, FINE. However to say he instituted the transfer of wealth is a LIE and at best, weak spin and propaganda. PERIOD!
    Since reagan, presidents were/are puppets on a string obedient to a cabal without a head. Thanks to m. friedman and the chicago boys.

  • Does he believe the shit that spews out of his mouth orrrrr he likes and is comfortable telling lies. Just because of his position people believe him. Sad.

  • And that’s exactly his purpose…he has been an even more perfect distraction then 9eleven…and wait till the #TPP & #TTIP get done…can you say #TransnationalCorporateDictatorship?

  • Bush was who gave the rich the huge tax refubds…

  • Suckass!

  • But surely the responsibility for this lies with the legislature?

  • thefreethoughtproject seems constrained by agenda.

  • He’s just doing as he’s told in order to survive



  • I guess the better question Mr Matthew R. Versaggi, would be did you fact check the article with an investigation of your own? Then if you found an error in the information point it out and add a correction with the pertinent information? Due to the frazing of your reply it would seem one of two things is true. !) you feel you are entitled to everything on demand, 2) You area wonk that wishes to sew dissention in a sophistic manner and distract from the fact that you have not posted any more facts yourself. and whence those facts (if they exist) came from. Just an observation.

  • It’s the slant this post takes that is deceptive. The President does not dictate law. There is no one instance claiming what Obama did that lead to the ‘Greatest transfer of Wealth’ as this post clams; and,

    the source states, ” Michael Gray has a phrase to describe the time period of 2008 through 2015—The Great Fleecing. It was the continuation of a great game that has played out since the rise of consumerism, a collusion of corporations and government that has squeezed the Middle Class for everything it was worth.

    No direct focus on Obama, just that is happened during the years Obama is President.

    You are full of shit!

  • but Bernie will fix everything!

  • Don’t agree with the premise of much of the article as more conspiracy theories, data can be spun in many directions and forces changing income gap are far more than numerous than discussion in article. By example, market globalization? Oil wealth transfers last 30 years, primary loss to adverse American real estate wealth in 2008, can go on and into easily. Usually enjoy this site but grade this article as a C for more conspiracy than anything else in its assumptions.

  • I think the problem is the use of the word ‘instituted” here. Clearly the conditions were in place previous to Obama’s tenure.

  • This website is total BS.

  • Are you folks working for the GOP? F you.

  • lol and yet the Obama boot lickers still says shes “done so much for the country” what a piece of shit this supposed man is.

  • Federal Reserve only threw money from helicopters in Romneyhoods.

  • lets be real, its not really the 1% its more like 0.001%

  • It should be public information on how much a president benefits from his office.

  • Please talk about immigration
    Tell him no more promise
    Time to fix immigration they started tearing up families

    Yes I will vote for Bernie but address this !!!

    As of January 2 ice police is everywhere and nobody has our representatives has called Obama !!!

    We Hispanic help him win
    Which no one talks about!!!

    No more promise!!

    I pay so much taxes
    For rich people’s war
    I rather spend it on humans

    Mexico don’t ship people this way
    And Mexicans are not the only family they are tearing apart.

    What do you this those new orphans will do in the future with their lives or even to society
    We are probably building the next generation of killer or terrorist
    We are building them!!!

    No more promises
    Find a solution now

    No more promises!!!!

    • Why don’t they use the established legal means to emigrate here like lots of other people.

  • Deport obama back to africa!!!!!!

  • Jonathan Williams

  • Liz Liz Adleman Chris Burkhart Daniel Benkusky

  • No economy will survive if the masses don’t have money to support it.

  • But… but the Nobel…

  • Who you trying to bullshit?

  • Greg Willson tin foil hat

  • Like he could change anything. A president is just a puppet

  • This is why we need to stop voting Democrat or Republican, we need a new party in office, someone with true positive change in his mind and heart. The person who fits this description the best is Bernie Sanders.

  • Not because of obummer ……

  • Sort of like Obama controls oil prices. This meme is absurd.

  • I see a lot of people still eat up the Obama cake. Can’t get enough lies from the man. They just taste so good

  • Want REAL news that’s actually happening in the World right NOW?? New’s that Mainstream media doesn’t cover or report on?? Then LIKE our page ‘THE TRUTH’ for Worldwide News, Current Affairs, Government Corruption and much more……. DAILY UPDATES…..

  • King Watson

  • GOD and that doesn’t even topple the fact that UH with that fucking Health Insurance SCAM penalty to those that don’t have it at 695$ a person time the number of people that do not have it thats another 300$MILLION that they will get -,- seriously what the fuck do they want from us!? were already cracking rocks with our crunch number budgets!

  • They all suck. Sick and tired of having the government and banks dictate to me or anyone else how to live our financial lives. We earned it, we keep it. I own myself.

  • Venus project… we need to start the venus project. .. no government. . No money… it’s possible… look it up

  • John

  • Sick of the BS going on?? A free world is waiting for those in need. The technology is here now to supply the necessities we need to survive, we only have to create this free world. Out with the old and in with the new. Its time for change. Join this group to be part of the change>https://www.facebook.com/groups/265603456982790/ .

  • He is so bad at this socialism thing you guys always accused him of

  • Obama don’t have nothing to do about what rich whites do with their money, belivee that.

  • (Y) + Comment or SHARE if you know the truth about the federal reserve! Help us wake others up!


    • what that were all really considered chettel? THAT truth?

    • Monopoly is a corrupting game and should be destroyed.

    • The “greenbacks” new color swaths are the same as Monopoly money…check it out!!

    • Our country doesn’t need them. We can self sustain easily without

  • False

  • Sasme in England, the gap between rich and poor is widening at an unprecedented level

  • When they say the recession is over!….they mean only for the.uber rich?….

  • Liars. Congress is the wealth transfer specialist.

  • Um, no. that is blatant bullshit.

  • did not like this article. I actually thought Obama put up a good fight. made it sound like all was Obama’s fault yet we talk all day about the top 3%. Yes I think He should not have signed a lot of things but he wasn’t taking my calls on those days. I just can not imagine going toe to toe with the those people like our Pres. did. the Sequester was put in motion by congress and it was carried out because our parties could not balance the budget, Obama was just doing his job signing shit.

  • “‘I want higher energy prices!” ………..That is a declaration of economic warfare. Politics effect energy. Energy effects all goods and services. There’s many other factors and I’m no expert in any field. But when I hear shit like that, I know what was said, in “layman” terms.

  • That’s what happens when you fix the economy without fixing the laws that create the huge income inequality gap.

  • That dang George Bush!

  • You mean under the republican congress after the Bush crash, sure

  • how many other presidents where black and had both houses republicans=this is a setup for the next run for president=lies and illusions?

  • I believe you are wrong fellas. Look at the fact not what you hear on fox

  • Ryan

  • Keep quiet. Let them nominate her first, then we will attack. I think Obama’s economic dominoes are able to tumble anyhow. That would make Trump/Cruz a shoe in.

  • I actually don’t doubt the basic premise of this article, but would like to know your source for the following statement before sharing. “Also, more than 50% of the populations in all U.S. counties are on some kind of government assistance”. Can’t verify that statement anywhere.

  • Wall Street is run by a bunch of criminal syndicate thugs that think they are above the law like El Chapo. The Wall Street banking cartel is run like a Mexican drug cartel.

    • El Chapo was a us government employee. The Sinaloa cartel was only able to get as powerful as it has through the indirect support of our own DHS and DOD.

    • Fitting J thomas, because they likely fund mexican drug cartels.

    • and yet we all know this, and nothing will happen… just like cops killing people left and right, nothing will happen..

    • yap , now u said it!!

    • Just with less beheadings. J Thomas Gaffney

    • Just because the system was fucked before he got there, doesn’t mean he had the power to fix it….

    • The whole Gov is a Cartel!

    • Well,they obviously are above the law

    • It’s like every little shitty problem around the world, all seem to be linked to the US gov’t…

    • Derp

    • If you want something to change, stop expecting others to fix things for you. Get up, get out and get your hands dirty.

    • …fewer beheadings than we know about. The Wall Streeters are far more ruthless.

  • Look at her face. The look of someone who literally got away with murder. His face is saying, I better get mine.

  • As an American hispanic, I’m tired of how all of these coward racist liberals that hate America like Obama, Clinton, and their supporters are trying to turn this great country into a 3rd world one. Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems we have right now is the media and entertainment that are always trying to tell us how to think. They have created enough imbeciles that would re-elect a failure like Obama. Even more, I’m supposed to bow down to anti-American Obama, love liberal policies no matter how destructive they are, love bigger enslaving government, and be in favor of illegal immigration because of the color of my skin… disgusting. That’s why I and others created “Chepo Team”, the first true pro-America, comic strip. Please support our cause by liking our facebook page at:www.facebook.com/chepoteam . Thank you

    • According to republicans,the people who got Obama reelected are the minorities.Have you not heard that?

  • I’m pretty sure Bush bailed the banks out

    • I’m pretty sure Goldman Suchs bailed Wall Street out through their men at the Treasury Dept.

    • The bailout happened in 08

      I remember because I called my Representatives and told them to vote no

    • He started it and it hasnt ended in 15 years

  • Bernie will handle that.

  • Printing money never turns out well.

  • You’d think Republicans would love him.

  • Like Milton Friedman said: “No one spends your money as carefully as you do”.

  • considering the *actual* biggest transfer of wealth is currently happening as we speak and in no way has anything to do with Obama? free thought project confirmed for clickbait pseudo journalist morons.

    • What is it?

    • The largest transfer of wealth in history is the passing down of wealth from baby boomers to the next generation of adults today. IE, rich American families dying and passing their wealth on to their children. This title is 1000% clickbait, and full of hyperbole. It isn’t even 1/3 of the largest transfer of wealth in history. If you haven’t figured out yet that all the free thought project cares about are you clicking their links and driving up ad revenue, there’s no helping you.

    • A family member dying and leaving estate isnt comparable to govt taking from poor to give to rich. Wtf is wrong with you?

    • You’re fucking retarded aren’t you? Or do you not understand what “transfer of wealth” means? Fuck outta here.

  • But gorge bush is the one who signed the bill into law . Giving the banks money ..

  • I have only one issue with this meme… Obama had nothing to do with quantitative easing, congress had nothing to do with it either. The government in general has no control over anything the central banks do. Ben Bernake and that Janet Yellen, who was put in place by Obama, have all the power and control over what the bank does

    • Who put Yellen there again?

    • He has no say what goes on with the fed

    • Fred Rock you willing to give any Republican President that “he’s just a puppet” excuse?



      Obama’s Pick for FedRes:

    • Fuck yea I would give any republican the same puppet excuse, neither republicans or democrats are worth a shit and both have been running this country into the ground… as for your links … i can defend Native american rights, it doesnt mean Im native american

    • my links show Obama and his personal pick for FesRes….shilling, stumping, defending, and promoting the flooding of Wall St with cash on the backs of we the people.
      and have nothing to do with whether or not you’re native american. i realize you were trying to state you’re against Rs and Ds. But if you think BHO isn’t in on it, and just a helpless puppet, well you probably buy a lot of his BS

    • And you really think that was his “personal pick” and not the pick of the people who OWN the Fed? Sure hes in on it, The OWNERS of this country go to him and say, ” Janet Yellen is the next head of the federal reserve” and he gets on TV and says Janet Yellen is head of the federal reserve. The president doesnt do shit, you think BHO came up with the affordable healthcare act all by himself? 1300 pages of legislation written by insurance companys for insurance companys.
      Todd, I believe Obama is a puppet, why would i buy any of his BS? Your not making sense man

    • Actually govt holds the power to create currency. Our govt GIVES THE FED THAT POWER. THE FED DIDNT JUST APPEAR ON ITS OWN

  • I have the answer! GIVE ME SOME MONEY< A LOT OF MONEY, Problem solved.

  • Total bullshit, Obama didn’t bail out the banks, Bush did that before he left office. Obama bailed out the auto industry, which republican’t’s said was a terrible mistake. The auto industry is now setting records in sells and profit.

    • And recalls. But whatevs. ..ha

    • Quantitive easing started under Bush and hasnt ended, the president or congress has no say what the Fed does

    • Obama’s chief financial advisor, Larry Summers convinced congress to extend TARP before Obama even took office. The bailouts continued for years afterward under Obama. Bush and Obama are not nearly as different as you think.

    • Then Senator Obama voted for TARP.

    • Actually he did

    • Damn and he couldn’t legalize a 98 rhd mk4 Turbo 6 speed Supra or a 1990 Skyline Gtr33 in california!!. Damn you Obama damn you to hell!!!! To hell!!!!!

    • A principled President would end those types of immoral actions by the fed. He’s just as bad as Bush.

    • Todd, Like I told you in the other thread… Fuck a republican and fuck a democrat, they are both the same and both to blame for every fucked up thing this government does. Ever notice how a democrat gets in office and the welfare state gets bigger? Or how when a republican gets in office the police state gets bigger? Well when that republican gets in office, he doesnt change what the democrat did, and a democrat wont change what the republican did, and this goes on and on till the government is like a octopus with 1400 arms that are stuck in our pockets feeding off our money…

    • He could have bailed out the homeowners instead of the auto industry that needed to crash. Tell me, how is it that an auto industry continues to make record in sales and profit when the average American can barely afford food and housing.

    • They’re all fucking crooks! All politicians, republican and democrat.

    • Jj Smith its not the President’s job to control the fed. Learn about markets before you shoot off your ill educated opinions.

    • Its pathetic how a couple yrs after idiots like you have already changed history. Banks were bailed out twice in a month by obama. He advertised it in his first inaguration speech. Wall st bailout came after banks so that wasnt the bitch named bush either. ….
      Youre disgusting posting outright bull

    • Isn’t it ironic how the people who make claims to discredit our articles never provide any links with counter information of their own?

      Kinda important if you want people to take your argument seriously. Not even sure why we have to say this…

    • The Free Thought Project.com here’s your link http://www.cbsnews.com/news/more-americans-think-obama-not-bush-enacted-bank-bailouts-poll-shows/

      Notice the incorrectly part guess you’re part of the incorrect half of the country… , “Nearly half of Americans incorrectly think President Obama started the the bank bailout program, otherwise known as the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), a new poll shows.”

    • Why is it that people are so enamored with who starts a program? When it’s still continued by the following administration and different political party. Read my meme above. Twice.

    • I have a personal memory of obamas bailout cause his first term i voted for him. Watched his inaguration like a happy sheep where he started talking bout “we gotta keep our lending institutions strong for the economy”. At that point all i could think was “thats the republican trickle down theory asshat” turned off the tv n never voting again.

    • I hear ya, yet I never voted for him. Still boggles my mind that we give all this money to the banks and then they In turn give this huge bail out to the auto industry- an industry that produces thousands of cars a day that just sit in a lot for years and never touched- seems like a waste and yet they weren’t allowed to fail. I’d rather preorder a car personally made for you and have it your own and the company not wasting money. You know how many primary resident homes would have been paid off by this time- people still have their homes- more money in everyone’s pocket to purchase products which creates more business- creates more jobs- healthy economy. Not sure why it’s that hard to gather- oh that’s right, the government and banks only care about themselves.

    • The Free Thought Project.com where are your links?

    • This is The Free Thought Project, no logic allowed.

    • I’ve clicked on their links and they don’t ever have sited sources or actual stats except to say they Feds gave trillions of dollars to Wall Street without evidence to support it.

    • Edward Buchman people can not fathom that the US government does at it pleases, unilateral to whatever party is in power.

  • yeah, how about that? Turns out he’s just as much a corporate tool as any Republicant!!! Who’d a thunk it? Another politician in the deep corporate pocket.

    • Addendum: Both parties are crooked!!! how do we fix that?

  • That’s because Obama’s another puppet and the faster you Americans wake up the better all the little sheep that’s why they gave you a black president so you wouldn’t notice them fuckin you up the ass

    • Please take the time to enlighten yourself as to who bailed out the banks.You sir are the one who looks like a fool and a sheep.

    • You come back when you stop fuckin your sister ??

  • This is also bullshit too! Guess you forgot that it was Bush and Co. who bailed out their banker buddies.

  • Kosher Nostra


  • Bush bailed out so many banks and financial institution. Also, check any credible source regarding the income gap…it keeps increasing…it keeps increasing every year so no shit it would be the largest gap with Obama. The next president will face even a larger gap.

  • Zombie America still loves Obama which makes me sick.

  • He wants to Bank rupet this Nation.. so Islam can take control.. they take our Money and our Weapons..

  • Thank you, Federal Reserve Bank!

  • You do know our government is a smoke screen for the ruling class, yes?

  • This is bs . Explain then TFTP what Don Regans scripted bill did that allowed all inc.ed losses to be written off to the salaried tax base since bein passed during Reagan . This is the doozy the media doesnt want people aware of , and after cutting the top tax rate as Ronny did , come on now tell the truth .

    • They’ll pretty much say anything at this point.They’re desperate.

  • To be fair, that was probably true for the last five presidents.

  • Lying again. Congress bailed out the banks.

  • George W Obama did it.

  • Well he did say he was going to redistribute the wealth. LOL at all the dumb fucks that believed him.

    • He did. Moved more from the lower middle-class to the top 1%.

  • < Please Like - This page is designed to, through mass awareness and awakening, combat the problems of systemic corruption our beautiful planet is plagued by.

  • Roses are red, violets are blue, shit-pig politicians don’t give a fuck about you.

  • Same in Britain
    Getting ready for a NWO fascist Orwellian regime…

  • Just another notch in the belt of the worst president in us history

  • But, but, but, democrats work for the people!

  • wat a jew cunt obama is

  • If Wall Street put him there, he has to return the favor, simple as that…

  • Yep and we know who handed that to him on a burnt platter after being in office for 8 years.

  • Hope and Change, bitches – hope and change …

  • Still better than Bush! WTF is wrong with you to elect a retarded cowboy twice?

    • Bush only won 1 election.

    • @James McCraw he won 2 even if the first one was stolen, he still served 2 Terms from 2001 to 2009.

  • Oh, but no, no, no, this must be a mistake. It wasn’t his fault, the evil republicans made him do it or he was forced by congress or he did it in his sleep or he did it to save the world from consumerism or…or…whatever.

  • He’s a corporate puppet and has been since the beginning. I seem to recall that he said we needed to revisit NAFTA and the other trade agreements, then turns and puts his full support behind TPP which will devastate what’s remaining of the American Economy.

  • Tom Duffy so there.

  • and the rotten bastards did not even thank him….

  • What about the trillions upon trillions the federal govt has “misplaced” even before Obama?

  • They spend it on cocaine and hookers.

  • I think the banks were bailed out by George W prior to (at the time) the elections in 2007, McCain and Obama both supported George W at the time.

  • I’m surprised at the Free Thought people. NO President controls the movement of money on the order of that magnitude. If he signed anything to ‘legalize’ the action, he was doing what he’s told. You guys know it’s the owners of the Fed and the IMF controlling the chess board. Lets please keep the truth movement on point? We’re dealing with overwhelming brain washing and willful ignorance as it is no?

  • Vote Clinton . She will driver death stroke

  • The US government has absolutely no power over the money supply. They gave their Constitutional mandate over to the Fed (private bank) in 1913 over the Christmas holiday while no one was paying attention…much like most major modern day “legislation”.
    It blows my mind how an entire populace can be so willfully ignorant. If you subscribe to, support or endorse any major political party you are part of the problem.

    • I think we need to revisit when they work. It’s always late friday or just before a holiday, long weekend etc. We also need to have a relevancy clause to bills. A budget bill should be about budget not the vehicle to ride in an anti-secrecy bill.

    • No power? Howd thwy GIVE any power to the fed then?
      Oh, the same way they COULD take it back….

    • They could take it back…and the Fed would cripple the economy in response like a petulant child. Read the history of American central banks. Power like this isn’t relinquished without horrific consequences(civil unrest, massive deflation of the money supply, martial law). These people play for keeps.

  • NO surprise there.

  • WOW

  • “Yes Mr.Rothschild I will do what you say Mr.Rothschild” Obama.

  • Wasn’t that started during Bush’s reign?

  • Soheil Nandwani pesky democrats, hopefully a republican is elected to fix the wage gap

  • Congress my friend holds the purse strings. Nice try to obfuscate the truth.

  • So is it Obama’s fault or are all the people who didn’t form militias and over throw the unjust tyrannical government to blame as our founding fathers warned of this possibility.

  • An easy doll for the puppet masters 🙁 ^^

  • Bernie sanders has pointed this out just saying

  • Goldman Sachs is our Government! But somebody Save Big Oil Please!

  • That’s a lie

  • The rest of the world has no choice but to do the same.

  • Frankie Garrett, you may like this page

  • you are still a republican fox news rag spin off

  • Its all smoke and mirrors. The fact that “WE” allowed a bailout of any sorts simply proves the whole system is a ponzi scheme. This has been perpetuated by both parties throughout the FEDS history. Its our own love of money that keeps us drinking the koolaid and condones this behavior!!! We get what we deserve!!!

  • It’s not the potus it’s the Federal Reserve Bank. Which is not controlled by our government. It is supposed to be independent, smh, it is beholden to the 1%ers.

  • Given the nearly bankrupt economy he inherited from Bush, did he have a choice?

  • This was a crime so large that it makes Al Capone, Scar Face, Dutch, and all the rest of the boys from the roaring 20’s combined as nothing but mere amateurs in comparison to his crime. I forgot…is he and the others doing time now? How many more years does he have left on his sentence again? Oh, I see…

  • Hate it.

  • lol No kidding…

  • U dont say?….. Not the perfect president nooooooo it cant be…..

  • Started under Bush, continued under Obama. Hard to tell where one ends and the other begins?

  • You fucking idiots pointing fingers have not recognized that both parties are HORSESHIT


  • hahahahahah

  • Who signed the presidential order… If memory serves bush w had several of these orders in place some of which took place after he left office. Not defending Obama they’re all crooks but for posterity.

  • Is this valid?

  • Cue libtards defending their saint

  • MiLord that is unacceptable. Please CHANGE before October 2016

  • I am not the least bit surprised!

  • I followed this page as a free thinker. I see some great stuff on here. However, I see false things pointing a finger at the puppets and not the puppet masters and I realize, you really are not here to help us understand what is behind the veil, you are just stirring basic bullshit and rhetoric that FAUX news does.

    • I see some comments on here that would indicate that, while there are many here who refuse to accept the ugly truth, there are also more free thinkers here than most fb pages.

  • U may want to think about that the next time u vote a republican like Bush into the Presidency.

  • Did you know this is complete and utter bullshit?
    I’m sure you didn’t, you would actually have to fact check your claim.
    I’m done with this trendy ass wanna be pseudo metasite.

  • Did you men to say under the GOP congress?

  • Hey man enough with the gay jokes and legalize the Skyline Gt R34 in California..No 25 year rule

  • Our Wall Street & Corporate “Job Creators” are laughing all the way to the bank.


  • Bullshit Bull Shit

  • Matthew Samuel Zach

  • This is horse s__t! At least the pinning of it as an Obama Policy. Here is the definition of – Quantitative easing ‘(QE) is a monetary policy used by central banks to stimulate the economy when standard monetary policy has become ineffective.’ Obama does not set monetary policy, period. The Federal Reserve has that job. And they have been forced to ‘ease’ the interest rates due to Wall Street Bankers Fleecing America with the mortgage derivatives. Watch out for Free Thought Project – they print nice stories trying to get you to think they are ‘Open Minded’ but they then sneak stuff like this in – trying to sway truth for their own cause which is probably those bankers that screwed America.

  • 23 trillion but who is counting?

  • So then…if Obama has made so many people so rich, why is he derided as a socialist?

  • Still better than Romney

  • right on

  • Bush bailed out the banks,not Obama.

  • I’m not s huge Obama supporter but this is BS! Good to know which way this web sight slants!

  • You will never convince the FOOLS CHUMPS AND AUTOMATONS

  • Isn’t that special

  • Greed and corruption are pretty much every where.

  • Bullshit.

  • hug a lib…they have good intentions. who seen that coming

  • started with Bush snopes will help with the true

  • Yeh ok… Let the whole country collapse instead. Then who’s fault is it?

  • even if he did, he is not worst than bush, and he was only made president so he could take the blame for the shit bush fucked up

  • It’s not Obama. It does not matter what side republican or democrat they allllll puppets!! Stop being so easily brain washed.

  • But the brainwash liberals think otherwise

  • Bush’s cronies (aka Obama’s cronies) drew up that plan before Obama got into office.

  • Please talk about immigration
    Tell him no more promise
    Time to fix immigration they started tearing up families

    Yes I will vote for Bernie but address this !!!

    As of January 2 ice police is everywhere and nobody has our representatives has called Obama !!!

    We Hispanic help him win
    Which no one talks about!!!

    No more promise!!

    I pay so much taxes
    For rich people’s war
    I rather spend it on humans

    Mexico don’t ship people this way
    And Mexicans are not the only family they are tearing apart.

    What do you this those new orphans will do in the future with their lives or even to society
    We are probably building the next generation of killer or terrorist
    We are building them!!!

    No more promises
    Find a solution now

    Executive order if nobody wants to sign the bill

    No more promises!!!!

  • exactly why you cant support hillary. if you saw the last debate you know its just more of the same. feel the bern!

  • if anyone gets a leadership job in a first world government, you know that they were groomed for it by the finanical elitists, to further their agenda, in a new and exciting way, that ends up being very similar to the other ways they have been using for 1000s of years. Puppets, puppets all of them. even if you come to your senses, and fight back against them, you will end up in a wooden box. What the people have to fight today, isnt just their visible government, but their hidden government, and then the radical groups that go rogue and do their own thing, outside of both the hidden and official governments. These people running these international corporation and hidden governemnt scams, are ruthless and barely human, dressed in suits, smilling while they create their wars, plagues, and do their best to cull the species down to one 16th of what it is now, who will be chipped, embedded with nano technology, dumbed downed and conditioned in just the right ways, to work like drones for the remaining wealthy elite. I have no desire to see this come to pass, and daily do as much as i can to slow their march. Resist the system, grow your own food, collect and purfy your water, use natural remidies before ever seeing a doctor, dont take on debt, its enslavement, dont enslave your children into the system, home school them. It wont be easy, but eventually the tides will turn on this tiny minority of psychopaths, we hold the advantage of numbers and resources. Lets stop fighting amoungst ourselves, grow a pair of balls and take the fight to them, drag their names out into the public arena, where they live, what they have stolen from society. I was not born to be a slave, and none of you were either.

    • all these happens in accordance to the evil scheming of illuminati and masons.

    • Bravo. Well said.

    • Thank you, thank you, Leigh Sunders, for your well explained synopsis of what’s been going down for as long as history can be remembered up to today’s happenings. I wish you would put these exact words into the public eye for a greater impact on the naive. Have you considered writing this as an editorial in, say, the New York Times..or Boston Globe? Please do? Much appreciation. (We must have been educated by the same self-research sources.) Wish you were a nearby acquaintance. Good luck.

    • i think its pointless to try to bend the mass media to do the right thing. They are owned, they have debt and hungry kids, they will comply and do as they are told. What is more effective, is to work with those out in public, do little talks, meetings, cheap paid for seminars, where you talk directly to people, and do not allow technology to get inbetween you. Thats when people learn best. You also have to show them not only the problems, but solutions. Thats how people work, problems are to hard, if they appear to be unfixable. Thats how the enemy uses our problems against us, they create a problem, then offer their solution. Instead we need to offer legitmate solutions that benefit everyone, not an agenda. A good example of this is waste management of your home. we know that you can make your own fruit and veg bags from materal from the sewing store, its easy to even hand sew up bags, (that can be washed in the wash and reused) to replace plastic bags. Create a system where you recycle your packaging, puting organic stuff into your worm farm or compost (worms only like to eat certain things, citrus onion peels, leek go into the compost, both systems like paper and cardboard). Buy what you can in jars instead of plastic, because its more likely to not be thrown away or dumped if its glass or metal lids. There are stores you can buy things in bulk, and those are the places we need to shop at, because its how we reward good behaviour over bad behaviour. then we teach our friends and family the hows and whys. WE underestimate the power of the individual, especially collectively. Treat every 1$ u get as a vote for good or bad behaviour. Do you really want to buy that new Iphone made with chinese slave labour? should you reward apple for not paying its taxes to just about every country on the planet? who was brain washing you to get that new phone anways? Its going to take time, but its completely possible to do, as long as we all stick to it, and understand we are not powerless, we were not born to be slaves.

    • side note, i keep my jars and pickle, jam and preserve a lot of my own food as well. Thats how our grandparents avoided eating these harmful additives and chemicals, and thats how we gain more control over our food.

    • I admire what you practice, and if everyone could follow in the same manner, that would be great. Many live in apartments in cities etc, and it just doesn’t work ideally , not all of it. Too many working people with children etc are already on overload, and meetings are totally out of the question too often. But they might just appreciate your educational words re your first comment on this post, if these exact words were in print. Editorials are an independent page in the paper. You’re good. You need to reach the ears of people who haven’t the vaguest idea that history exists, and think they have no reason to know. If they hear or read it enough, millions would wake up and contemplate the truths,….and make vast changes together. I ask you to add to the ears and eyes you reach by having a positive outlook on the good it will do by getting it in the papers. Or even to write a book. You’re certainly gifted with writing. Not to bug you, but just asking you to think about it more positively. Good luck, Leigh Sunders.

  • Ya because he had to fix George W. ‘s fuck ups from the past 8 fucking years people!!! Fucking Republican dick heads!

  • Cause and effect. He did not create income inequality. I’m not sure what’s wrong with you folks?

  • Did Bush not start the TARP funds?

  • Free Thought Project.com…YOU, SIRS/MADAMS, are BALD-FACED LIARS. I now wish for your children and your children’s children to be falsely accused and convicted of capital punishment offenses.

  • Have to wonder if it would have been better or worse under McCain or Romney. The groundwork for the corruption on Wall St was laid long ago. The momentum of financial industry deregulation began under Reagan, but was helped along by Clinton, so I don’t think it’s so much a matter of who’s president, but more one of who’s writing the checks.

  • there’s around 80 trillion $ money in the world.

    the world owes 200 trillion $ money to banks.

    interesting mathematics…

    peace in space (8


  • You really are dumber than dirt. The bail out was to keep the biggest banks from collapsing and pushing the economy into a Great Depressions, I was there, lived through it AND PAID FUCKING ATTENTION THE ENTIRE TIME< unlike you mindless morons who look at everything through your bullshit colored glasses and think IT'S ALWAYS GOT TO BE SOME KIND OF PLOT!!!! FUCKING UNBELIEVABLE HOW SIMPLE-MINDED YOU ARE!!! You see cause and effect where none exists. You're incapable of understanding even basic economics 101 and yet you think you KNOW WHY the POTUS signed off on the bail-out. Ignorance on that level is really hard to accomplish, it's rather breathe-taking, in an utterly pathetic way.

  • Because wall street knew how to apply and get the money while the people not only didn’t watch how, didn’t research anything, didn’t really listen and therefore got nothing

  • Right Winger’s.!!!

  • I like reading the comments here ! Smart and informational! Neighbour to the “North”.

  • Bull shit again. You really don’t know anything, and you obviously don’t understand economics or why QE would need to be implemented in the first place.

  • true

  • Somebody doesn’t have his time line straight.

  • Tracey is this true?

    • No. Bush bailed out the banks. Obama got stuck bailing out the auto industry.
      But Wall Street and the banks are evil so it is probably true. Maybe one day people will stop being scared of Muslims and start being scared of those who truly oppress us all.

  • That bail out plan was Bush’s final legacy. Some republicans sure can be stupid. It was almost 7 years ago and your still going on and on about things you don’t understand.

  • You dont need any qualifications to trade stocks, everyone on here can be a stock trader, nothings stopping you

  • We also lost 2.3 Trillion September 10, 2001. Poof, and no one’s seen em since. Although there is speculation of sightings in the middle east, as wasteful contractors after oil

  • Joshua Scribner

    • Stop trying to goat me, I’m not your entertainment. I’ll stand by the overwhelming comments below describing the b.s. conservative propaganda of this post for the ignorant to believe.

  • I was under the impression those were loans, to be paid back.Am I wrong?

  • Was it the work of the president or the completely corrupt congress?

  • Not everything that happens during a Presidency is the President’s fault or responsibility. Seriously, learn a little about politics and government.

  • Ok if this happen that syphon was likely in place long before Obummer.

  • Source?

  • I started to think he was different to Clinton and bush but now I know he is just the same if not worse.

  • Soooo….I guess we aren’t even TRYING to fact check stupid shit before it gets posted anymore?

  • Well he did promise to fundamentally change America!


    Why dont you put on your thinking cap and realize Hank Paulson et all pulled off the greatest bank heist in global history.

    aka. Suicide Banksters.

  • N u still vote for Hillary lol… Trump is the future

  • This is a mf lie… And don’t spread false information if you’re not gonna fat check the b.S and I thought y’all were better than this

  • Well maybe he’s got a Swiss bank account – think outside the square !

  • this is john keys idol…speaks for itself…

  • Wait patiently for the Left vs Right bullshit paradigm posts to arrive, forgetting Obama’s fascist puppet role for the plutocracy.

  • Angelino Abdel Karim

  • Angelino Abdel Karim

  • W jarrab enno to cut spendings ba3den b enno ytalle3 l jech men iraq w hon w hon.. Bas ma 3emel chi mnih.. Ramy El-Khazen #trumpforpresident !:p

  • did you know it will be the same after he is gone…cuz the next one will do the same….think about it they just want rich or poor…the middle class is a pain to the rich

  • We need to replace pres Senate and Congress we can’t blame everything on one person

  • Lets get this straight … Bush bailed out the banks, Obama bailed out the auto industry an saved millions of jobs… Lets end the BULLSHIT

  • Through the health care act we Americans are getting to the point where there is no more american dream unless your from another country and the super rich gets richer .You are forced to carry insurance just because of something that might happen like a car accident or a illness or your property might get hit with a tornado or fire or what ever and that is just because the super rich beats you into the ground.

  • No one will believe it . I do but that’s how it’s done . The truth is unbelievable

  • Quantitative easing came through the federal reserve which is independent of the executive branch/

  • “He’s a socialist” lol.

  • How can you, the free thought projoke, say this is the black guy president when this started under Bushie. Who signs your check? Asshole

  • disgusting! and if Bernie or Hillary get in there, they’ll give away the rest of America to illegals! WAKE UP FOLKS!

  • Still shows he has been the best republican ever.

  • did you know that people put they

  • You guys are seriously loosing steam. Making up bullshit memes to try and make a point. You’re no better than the political parties themselves.


  • Anyone with a money market might have gone down along with their 401 k if not for the government back up. Bush signed off. http://Www.wsj.com/articles/SB122186683086958875

  • Blame the Republican legislature

  • The greatest transfer of wealth was by Pres Reagan when he allowed free trade to give all the wealth to communist China…leading the US into every economic problem that has existed since then..including the “too big to fail” problem.

  • so he don’t give a shit anyway

  • How sad.

  • The FED controls quantitative easing, not government. The Federal Reserve was established as a separate entity from the government to control the flow of funds, exactly opposite of what this picture is suggesting. I will however mention that it was due to this quantitative easing that our economy has managed to bounce back and not necessarily because of Government/Obama. Those trillions of dollars were pumped into the economy was basically the FED buying back government bonds from the banks in order to lower interest rates to make borrowing between banks easier which makes borrowing for people easier.

    • You say that as if we’re a good thing.

    • I covered various points, which are you referring to? Ben Bernanke did a great job IMO the way he handled the financial crisis aftermath.

  • oh yea.

  • there all puppets of the rich

  • Do you really think Obama has a choice in these matters? He is largely a puppet!

  • Eh ur creation of a false enemy plays into their prethought structure

  • He’s just following orders. The only US presidents that have ever tried to exercise their supposed power, have been assassinated

  • Gary Fulciniti

  • Bravo . Mr. Barrack Obama !

  • Michael Cleary

  • the banks are in control

  • That’s because they didn’t really need all that money! Thanks to the former bankers running the Fed and Treasury, they even got to keep the gravy bowl!! Reagan (our favorite “spokesmodel”) was a big fan of “trickle down economics”, and we see how well that worked to widen the gap…reality is that DEMAND drives industry! The more people with disposable income, the stronger the economy – period!

  • what he do ,only shit ,what a president is that

  • I cant think of any man was more deserving of public execution for treason, n other various crime’s against the UNITED state’s of the FEDERAL RESERVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!actually when u think about it 90% of the past 6 or 7 administration’s are worthy of such charge’s, but Obama’s blatant disregard for our constitution,n citizen’s of this country is unprecedented! No wander he’s so hated…a lot of powerful people know how he really got into office,and his true agenda!

  • And it will continue under the next president unless we abolish the Federal Reserve

  • Blaming Obama for the results of Reaganomics is plain dumb

  • Congress and the president signed the bill that permitted the private banks who are the federal reserve, to created more digits in a computer and give those digits to themselves along with bonuses for the CEOs while driving down the buying power of the U.S. Dollar. Obomba and all congress businessmen are hired actors and meat puppets who merely work for the banksters and all other multinational corporations.

  • I agree…. But would it have happened at all if it weren’t for the shitstorm caused by the Bush administration and the congress at that time?

  • What I have said about him all along – he throws us goodies to distract us for so much he promised being undone. He is another lesser evil.

  • Just wait for QE4 next month. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

  • He just joined the others like Hillary Clinton, no surprise there. Why does everyone think he pushing so hard for the trade bill? Just another crook that wants to retire a multi-millionaire.

  • Which is why you need to VOTE FOR BERNIE SANDERS.

  • comment

  • Such a blatant bullshit lying post, that money transfer to Wall Steeet bankers happened in November & December, 2008 under the deal concocted by GW Bush, Teeasury Secretary Henry Paulson, & the Fed chairman, Ben Bernacke. Before Obama was even sworn in. You just lie & twist facts to make Obama look bad? NeoCons controlled Congress. Quatitative Easing was the printing of more money by the Fed, which isnt even a government agency, but a privately held subsidiary under the World Bank & IMF controlled by the Rothscildes & Rockefellers. American Presidents have no control of the Federal Reserve. Their only function regarding the Fed is to announce new nominees to chair it from a piece of paper with a name on it, that they annouce. Typical NeoCon fact fudging memo, a blatant lie. I’m no big Obama fan, but the so called meme her isn’t at all factual. There is historical video all over to prove what Im saying as well. Liars! Further, statistically, the American economy has always done better under Democrats than Republicans. Get a clue, liars!

  • Let’s vote in the right candidate- and hope it can be corrected…

  • This is bullshit

  • Stop giving power to the liberals and neocons! We need libertarian principles!

  • Jim Rodriguez, Aracelis Rodriguez

  • Who bailed out the banks??????
    That was George w. Bush you half wit

  • Go vote for bush…….asshats

  • Jeffrey Grubb – Valpoort

  • Obama is just a killer of human being and he is supporting Israel India France uk Iran Russia to kill more human being and Muslims one day he will die as well and after die he has to give answers to ALLAH

  • Obama is a killer of innocent people’s and killer is a dog of hell

  • It’s a joke!

  • End tym

  • Jim Brown


  • RaeJeanne

    Yea, blame someone for directives from a former administration. Most agree we have to change who we give welfare to. Something so big it needs money to avoid harming the economy is generally too big to exist in the first place! What happened to the monopoly rules?

  • hiskid1964

    Self funding

  • fortuenti

    Continued where Bush left off… example:

    “Timothy Franz “Tim” Geithner (/ˈɡaɪtnər/; born August 18, 1961) is a former American economic policy maker and central banker who served as the 75th United States Secretary of the Treasury, under President Barack Obama, from 2009 to 2013, now employed in the private sector.

    >>> He was previously the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York from 2003 to 2009. <<<"

    NO WAY Obama even knew who he was before Election Day `08. No friggin way! He was installed at THIER behest!


  • Diana

    I was tracking with you until you said “Also, more than 50% of the populations in all U.S. counties are on some kind of government assistance.”

    First of all, as many things as Obama has done wrong, it’s the fucking GOP that has refused to vote on a minimum wage increase most of Obama’s tenure. Blame Obama for his duplicity in the banks and TPP, but the number of people needing assistance is directly attributable to asinine GOP refusal to approve a somewhat livable minimum wage!

    Secondly, only 21.3% of people are on public assistance.

    • Only 21.3% of people are on public assistance?! THAT’S ONE IN FOUR! That’s HORRIBLE! That rivals the poorest communist countries. And the market’s response to the childish demand that free market forces bend to your minimum-wage will, is to build robots to make your hamburgers – that technology now has the funding to kick that into high gear and you can see that today… as you will order your burger from a machine, the machine will make your burger and you will pay a machine at the end……here, first restaurant: http://www.techinsider.io/momentum-machines-is-hiring-2016-6 in san francisco, so fitting that’s where they were loudest about forcing “minimum wage increase”- minimum wage is actually a system to help kids, who are unskilled, to break into the workforce, to supplement students while in school, and to encourage the aspiration of harder work and improving one’s station in life, was never meant for people to live on. so many immigrants from lower economically successful countries, lower expectations,will try to live on it… won’t work. another reason for that wall. because now.. the unemployment for our kids is at a historical high because immigrants take their low-paying miniimum wage “entry level” jobs, and try to live on it for a family of six

  • Sharon Reddy

    LOL! I actually have to say, “This changes everything.” The IMF just yelled neo-liberal monetary policy is WORSE than fail. Since Bernie’s plan is precisely what Piketty the economist and Chomsky the humanist both say is the correct plan… Obama just reversed his stance on Social Security. NOTHING could get the recommended shot into the economy faster. Get that through to the superdelegates. Some of them are living in the 20th Century, or the 19th.

  • Wade Dewell

    police are above the law and are enemies of the people and america is a facist country whom all politicians and judges are bought and owned by corporations and the rothschild bankers. the people in power are our enemies and do NOT work for the 99% no amount of holding your hands up or holding a sign will change anything in facist nazi america!

  • ScottTMcLarty

    The “Great Fleecing” didn’t begin in 2008 with Obama. It began (or at least accelerated) in 1980 with Reagan’s election. The massive transfer of wealth to the One Percent has been underway since then whether a Democrat or Republican has occupied the White House.

    Obama’s proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership, one of the biggest examples of fleecing, has the full support of Republicans in Congress. The New York Post supports it too: http://nypost.com/2016/05/04/dont-let-china-steal-the-lead-on-trade/

    The real lesson here is that the New York Post is worried that Democrats have gotten better than Republicans at fleecing the rest of us.

    • Laurie

      Thankyou, glad to see that someone remembers the beginning . . . of this race to the bottom.

  • Don’t blame President Obama for wall street’s mess, blame him for not prosecuting those responsible afterwards … https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/fed-americans-wealth-dropped-40-percent/2012/06/11/gJQAlIsCVV_story.html

  • djbarry

    This is absolute bullshit. Nothing happens in a vacuum. You are seeing the result of 35 of a GOP love affair with supply-side.

  • modern angel 99

    There are 7 stages of wealth that have been in place since the Roman era. It is how wealth has been concentrated to a select few for centuries:

    1. Good Money –

    Every major empire starts out with good money, either gold or backed by gold.

    2. Social Programs –

    As a country develops economically/socially, it takes on more public works, adding layer upon layer

    3.Military Spending –

    As a nation’s affluence grows, so does it’s political influence and spends massively on the military

    4. Wars –

    Nation puts military to use and expenditures explode and nations go to war

    5. Fiat Currency –

    To fund the wars, the costliest of endeavors, nations start to steal wealth of its citizens by replacing their money with fiat currency (value decreed by government and backed by nothing).

    6. Inflation –

    Wealth transfer begins as hyperinflation sets in; Results in riots, eg. Egypt. Price of all commodities and goods go up.

    7. Wealth Transfer-

    Final stage, in mass movement, nation moves out of the currency and into precious metals and other tangible assets. The currency collapses. This results in massive wealth transfer to those who positioned themselves in the right asset class in advance.

    This cycle is predictable. Now we are headed back to the gold standard.

    Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/here-is-what-i-learned-from-a-millionaire-about-the-7-stages-economies-go-through-and-how-to-profit-like-the-ultra-rich-during-times-of-economic-chaos/#RDHvExZHD8oHeiD3.99

    • Laurie

      You forget one important part of the cycle . . . WAR ensues . . .

      “I will always resist those that seem to be Bent on Barbaric Blood Baths as a Modern Day Solution to the Ancient and Ever Arising Conflicts over Divisions of Resources, Land, Labor and “Capital” among ALL the Inhabitants of this Earth.”


      It’s not the lack of gold that causes the cycle . . . it is GREED & “Structural Manipulations”.

  • Laurie

    Free Thought Project – before I ever paste an URL to this page you are going to have to change your advertising choices. . . . Makes your page look juvenile. At least to me . . .