Belligerent NYPD Officer Knocks Teen Unconscious After Mistaking a Cigarette for Weed

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“You wanna get f**cked up?” “Mister, it was just a cigarette, sir, it was just a cigarette.”

Brooklyn, NY — Cellphone video has been released showing a disturbing interaction between an NYPD cop and a teenager.

The incompetent and belligerent cop mistook a tobacco cigarette for marijuana and proceeded to violently assault Marcel Hamer, 17, of Brooklyn.

Since the video surfaced the officer has been placed on suspension.

The incident happened on June 4 of this year when two plainclothes NYPD officers approached Hamer and accused him of smoking marijuana.

When the video begins Hamer is already on the ground, pleading with the belligerent thug who can’t tell one plant from another to stop assaulting him.

“Mister, it was just a cigarette, sir,” Hamer says. “It was just a cigarette.”

The camera shakes away from the scene for a split second and that is when the knock-out blow can be heard. When the camera turns back on Hamer, the teen is lying there unresponsive as the officer continues to cuff his limp body.

“Yeah, get it on film,” the cop barks to the bystander after the blow while he tries to cuff Hamer.

“Turn around,” he says to the unresponsive boy lying face down on the pavement.

“You knocked him out! He knocked Marcel out!” yells a bystander.

This repulsive video comes just days after another NYPD officer was caught on camera stealing $1,300 from an innocent man during a stop and frisk.

Who exactly do this cops think they are protecting? Who in their right mind thinks this is serving?

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