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How Bernie Sander’s Economic Policies Would Empower Mega-Corporations – Stifle Small Business


Politician Bernie Sanders is very good at identifying problems, and that is why a lot of people like him. He talks about problems that many people are concerned about, mostly involving the enormous and unjust power of large corporations. However, all of his solutions put more power in the hands of the government, which would ultimately put more power in the hands of these corporations in the long run.

When it comes to reigning in mega corporations, lowering the barrier to entry for small businesses is the real solution, and nothing Sanders is proposing would lower the barrier to entry or make it easier for people to become independent and own businesses of their own. In fact, it would make it harder.

The taxes and regulations proposed by Sanders would actually give mega-corporations an advantage over small businesses, through a process called regulatory capture.

According to Nobel laureate economist George Stigler, “Regulatory capture is a form of political corruption that occurs when a regulatory agency, created to act in the public interest, instead advances the commercial or political concerns of special interest groups that dominate the industry or sector it is charged with regulating. Regulatory capture is a form of government failure; it creates an opening for firms or political groups to behave in ways injurious to the public (e.g., producing negative externalities). The agencies are called captured agencies.”

It may be counter-intuitive, but regulations and high taxes empower mega corporations, by making it more difficult for new businesses to start and compete with them. Mega corporations like Monsanto, Exxon or Bank of America for example, all have teams of lawyers and billions of dollars on hand just to deal with bribing regulators, paying fines and finding and creating legal loopholes to protect themselves from lawsuits. This type of damage control is literally built into their budgets, and it is a drop in the bucket for them, chump change.

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The average small business owner or person who wants to start a business does not have access to these types of resources, so having to comply with licensing requirements, registrations, regulations, and other obstacles prevents them from ever even getting their business off the ground. Meanwhile, the mega corporations handle these issues as a part of their standard operating procedure. In the long run, this creates a situation where it is impossible for small businesses to compete with already entrenched and protected corporations.

In the US, to cut hair, for example, you need to go through hundreds of hours of schooling, pay the government for a license, and jump through various other hoops just for the “privilege” of conducting business. This prevents hairdressers from working out of their home or office, and actually many times forces them to work for large corporations instead of working independently. Obviously, this puts the individual at a disadvantage while giving the protected corporation an upper hand, because now they have an employee instead of a competitor. This dynamic can be seen across every industry that is regulated by government, which is pretty much every industry.

For a politician to actually have an impact on the power of protected corporations, they would have to actually remove those protections, which in most cases, come in the form of taxes and regulations. There is nothing that protected corporations fear more than losing their monopoly and being forced to compete with millions of aspiring entrepreneurs from the lower and middle classes.

The restrictions that are placed on the market by governments, including taxes and regulations of various kinds, raise the barrier to entry and make it so only people with vast resources can own their own business. To truly empower the struggling people of the world, we do not need to give them slightly higher paying jobs for mega-corporations like McDonalds, as many people in favor of higher minimum wage laws would suggest. Instead, we need to make it more possible for them become independent and employ their neighbors who are also struggling. This would not only create more options and opportunities for employment among individuals in the working class but would also disrupt the many monopolies that have been established by the government and their protected corporations.

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John Vibes is an author and researcher who organizes a number of large events including the Free Your Mind Conference. He also has a publishing company where he offers a censorship free platform for both fiction and non-fiction writers. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. You can purchase his books, or get your own book published at his website www.JohnVibes.com.

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    • Lolz

    • Liars.

    • This is straight BS and you know it The Free Thought Project.com

    • No its not. Let’s say bernie puts in place all these goverment organizations to make these things better for us. What’s stopping the next politician from creating loopholes for it?
      Limited government gives you more liberties. Not socialism

    • ^^^ see? Libertarians. Eek.

    • ^ see lack of arguement socialism Kari Bernie Williams

    • Au contrare, Mon cher Brion. I’m the only person yet to articulate an actual argument the rest of you twits just keep tossing up other people’s memes while stammering, “but…but…sochulisms! Shut up you poopyhead sochullistists!..whah whah, mommy! the mean ladie makes me feel dumm…whaaaahhh…”. Grow up, kids. Present a reasoned fact based argument, or shut your cakeholes. You just look SO lazy and ignorant the way you’re going about it presently. Pathetic.

    • Lol… ^^ nice!

    • This is idiotic and completely unsubstantiated

    • Lol. Ok. Socialism has never solved the ECP. And more Socialist countries always progress back toward laissez-faire concepts when they’re going to collapse. Or they actually do collapse. Read a history book.

      And no, (the seemingly more stable parts of) Europe doesn’t get a pass as it rides on the coat-tails of Murica’s military industrial complex for being sustainable.

      Also Kari, you have made no argument here. Just appeal to emotion and ad hominem over and over.

      What’s adorable most of all though is how many Communists and Socialists are anti-central banks. They’re so economically illiterate.

      Lastly, TFTP is accurately portraying the mechanics of what government does/Bernie would be doing. Kind of over most people’s heads though I guess to point out governments take money from the poor and help the rich.

    • tHE socialist THOUGH PROJECT!

    • Rob, you need to reread my post slowly. Then look up what “ad hominem” means. You exemplify the phrase, “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”. You only halfway understand that which you are pontificating on. It’s kinda funny, but leans more towards sad really. You’re on your way though, keep reading, keep learning.

    • I think the basis of your error is that you’re thinking former Soviet Union, while we are speaking about present day Scandinavia. Or in other words, you can’t differentiate between Socialism and Social Democracy either. That’s the whole issue with all of you blathering fools on this post. We can’t have a discussion when one side doesn’t understand the topic at all. Uff da.

    • For the anti Bernie people out there. If Bernie is so bad how come he’s the only politician against government spying ? Against for profit prisons ? Against big oil in which fuels the military industrial complex ? Why is he against centralizing gun ownership ? Why is he against inequality ? All of those things I named off are all powers of the central bank cartel. Whereas Trump and the corporate bought Democrats and Republicans are just puppets to the Rothschilds

    • If you wish to go tit for tat about the central bank cartel. Prepare to be schooled. Common sense. Which apparently alot of Americans lack points out who is the best candidate. I would say book smarts goes a long ways but from the establishment being retarded. They just want people who are smart enough to work but too stupid to question what they’re doing

    • Johnny Richards doesn’t know who rand paul is apparently.

    • Johnny Richards please show me a socialistic country that taxes the 1% double the low income tax bracket.
      Then tell me how bernie sanders will keep businesses here after they have to
      pay higher wages.
      Have more environmental checks.
      Pay higher taxes.
      And pay for Obamacare.
      When they can just go to mexico.
      Please tell me then where all the jobs are for college graduates. When 1/3 of the jobs out there don’t need a degree.
      Then tell me how they are going stop businesses from replacing people with machines.
      Then tell me how after all these business leave for mexico how will we get money to fund bernie sanders 18 trillion dollar plan?
      Anything…. or are just gonna post a distracting meme talking about how evil capitalism has made this country so dam prosperous.

    • Kari Bernie Williams.

      So much education I see…. so little you say about preventing corruption from an already corrupt system…. it’s laughable how you continue to make pointless accusation of droll I am when you can’t even perk up the nesecary evidence to make my theories false.

  • is this unbiased if i may ask ?

    • Are facts biased?

    • no i’m just wondering that’s all if this page does things on every candidate

    • Nope. It’s a blatent libertarian hit piece on Sen Sanders. This is some Twilight Zone Rand Paulian dystopic propaganda page. Very biased.

  • No No No No. Going single payer empowers all small biz.

  • lmfao

  • Bernie’s whole platform is anti-corporate.. Please don’t discredit our only genuine politician.

    • Bullshit

    • What’s bullshit

    • Is that why he demanded quantitative easing for wall street bailouts? Research is your friend

    • Okay.

    • I’m not even gonna feed the troll. Take your own advice scrub.

    • If you believe he is your salvation then your truly fucked. That is all. ?

    • genuine politician is an oxymoron…

    • No politician is anyone’s salvation. But he is the most reliable and consistent politician. You can’t debate that.

    • If you think any politician is genuine … you better wake the fuck up . They’re all corrupt crooks and liars . The only genuine president who was against the corporate world and secret societies that run the world was JFK . And look what happened to him !!!

    • He may SAY he is and and WANT that, but good intentions don’t solve problems. He does genuinely want to help the country, but his proposed solutions will only make things worse

    • Rand Paul is leaps and bounds ahead of Bernie in the “genuine” category, and he’s a shill for Israel.

    • I had given up on politics until Bernie came around. Now I’m probably going to caucus for a candidate for the first time in my life. Bernie is legit, whether you look at his impeccable record of standing by his word (and votes) or listen to him speak, he’s the real deal. The only true Progressive.

    • The guy also pushed to dump vermont’s nuclear waste in a small low income border town in Texas. So you know he’s also an environmentalist who cares about the poor as well as “anti-corporate” lol he has plenty of allegiance to the corporate giant known as the Military Industrial Complex. But I understand that’s not on his campaign website so his supporters usually tend to not have any idea about it whatsoever as they never do any research themselves.

    • Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party is the best candidate out there for representing the people, the planet, and all of humanity’s best interests. #VoteGreen Jill Stein For President 2016 Grassroots Supporters She is the ONLY candidate that doesn’t take donations from the corporate masters.

    • Remember how genuine bernie was with uber whoops!
      And don’t forget his funding of blowing up brown people.

    • Omg you people get so absorbed into political rhetoric.

      Yes, Bernie says he wants to solve a lot of problems. But that doesn’t matter! What matters is how he plans to solve them. Which he is either vague or proposes plans which will make things worse.

      Stop being so easily convinced by a politicians silver tounge -__-

    • Corporate socialism, what is it solving? Wake up.

    • Actually Nickolas Allen Turner you should research how entrenched Bernie is with corporatism. His policies certainly feel good but after the smoke and mirrors are pulled away he’s nothing but a weak man who has zero backbone.

    • Every single fuckin person forgets that he refuses any and all corporate donations. That right there is enough to know he’s different. Plus he’s been spitting the same story for over 30 years. Fuck on

    • Ps rand paul is a genuine corporate sponsored ass fucker. Anyone who supports him is clearly a fuckin idiot

    • Bernie is a puppet like the rest. The only politician that actually speaks truth is Ron Paul. With him America stands a chance at returning to the republic on which it was founded.

    • Kendall, he refuses corporate donations, but he’ll be more than happy to take union donations. Seems like he’s still someone’s bitch

    • “No politician is anyone’s salvation. But he is the most reliable and consistent politician. You can’t debate that.”

      Yes you can. He claims he’s anti-war, votes for hundreds of billions in war. Claims he’s pro-little guy, is anti-self defense, anti-privacy, pro-police state and anti-economic freedom, pro-central planning.

      He says one thing and contradicts himself later, because he is lying. If he had a brain he wouldn’t be doing it if he was genuine, but hey we knew that because anyone vying for bankers favor to be the lead-duper of sheep is a fucking piece of shit.

      This comment is so good it needed to quoted:
      Jason Desrosiers If you think any politician is genuine … you better wake the fuck up . They’re all corrupt crooks and liars . The only genuine president who was against the corporate world and secret societies that run the world was JFK . And look what happened to him !!!”

      Derp derp derp, do some research scrub. Yeah you just totally outed yourself as a mindless retard.


      He showed all of us, especially me. I am not worthy, Rob. Please forgive me.

    • Josh Thomas so what! unions help people! they make sure the workers get a little more of the pie then what ceo’s would be willing to give if the workers then if unions wasnt involved! id much rather he take money from a group that help’s workers get more then taking money from a group thats got an agenda to put more in their own pockets and want workers to work for as less as possible

    • Look what I have created. Lmao

  • Total bs, sorry guys

  • Wrong.

  • Why don’t you try a little commonsense… unless Sanders, Clinton, Trump can figure out a way to unite Congress; it doesn’t matter what your goals are.

  • *Sanders’

  • Total bul…

  • This page is bipolar.

  • Yeah, not clicking it. Meh

  • Idiots

  • Really? And who do you think is pro small business?

  • You’re kidding, right? An article like this tells me your “journalism” is complete bullshit, and that you are not a trustworthy source whatsoever. This is a guy who’s as anti-corporate as it gets.

    • He tries to be anti corporate but his methods would unintentionally make the issue worse.

    • Did Barack Obama unintentionally continue murdering countless people? He also claimed to shut down the nsa and bring power to the people.
      Then started blowing up hospitals for fun. And giving trillions to rich bankers.

    • President Obama is not Bernie Sanders. He was a bought and paid for Democrat. Bernie knows he’ll make enemies with large, multi-national corporations and Wall St, and he doesn’t give a fuck. That’s a beautiful thing.

    • Nuh uhhhh, unicorns, free stuff. Feel the Bern.

    • Bernie has already claimed he will take money and redistribute it to rich people. He admits that. 99% of your stolen increased taxes are going to mega corporations. If you think that will help you, then fine. But don’t claim he’s anti corporate.

    • Socialism is not anti corporate. Far from it. Beastiality you get 2 classes of people. The mega rich and the poor. It’s just that all are poor and centralized government makes all the rules… Funded by the corporate elite.

    • If you guys approached this topic with ANY facts, it’d be worthwhile. You’re spouting completely fabricated bullshit. I wouldn’t be willing to support him had I not thoroughly investigated his *actual plans and proposed policies*, not this outrageous untruth you’re spreading.

    • Only candidate who wants to overturn Citizens United.

    • Tim Thorn, your autocorrect is EXTREMELY disturbing. Ew!

    • i love a few things about these poor fellas that continue to try and bash bernie…. 1 the ones that have claims of him supporting corps or planning to give them all the money fail to provide any of us supporters with the proof of him doing so. 2- They also seem to refrain from telling us who they support come this election… could this be cause they know if they reveal who they are supporting us “Sanders supporters” will produce so much shit on that Particular candidate they would wish they never even got in on this topic, and from the responses iv seen in this thread from the other pro sanders supporters we could sure as hell annihilate anyone that doesn’t support him, just judging from the anti sander’s responses we pro sanders supporters definitely have the intellectual upper hand i do believe. Now that’s just my opinion of course. Or maybe you guys don’t plan on supporting anyone which means you are not going to vote and that really make’s you guys pretty stupid… once again just my opinion here.

  • The lobbyists will still be writing the bills (which won’t be read by the senators or representatives that pass them) that end up on the president’s desk. Are we expecting legislative power from the president? I think people should be more worried about the candidates foreign policy plans and their representatives and senators.

  • So glad to see so many fellow Berners commenting here. They will soon realize we cant be swayed or fooled easily. I love you guys!

    • Just FYI…

    • We’re standing with Bernie all the way to the White House!!! #feelthebern

    • This is a Rand Paul kind of nonsense page, not a Trump nonsense page. These guys are slightly less illiterate than the moronic racist ammosexuals attracted to the TV show comb over fascist.

    • Lol Kari, I don’t know..trump followers are scarily ignorant. Pretty sure we’ve found the missing link in evolution

    • If one cannot be swayed by logic and rationality then one is a sheep

    • Your opinion is not logic or fact. If one is close minded then one is a fool.

  • He thinks the rise in terrorism is caused by climate change. LOL!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VNH3qV_9Nw

  • Rrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiight.
    Where may I find information to cross reference your “facts,” regarding this article?

  • He’s a politician

  • TONS of Sandroids on this page. Proving how utterly brainwashed the masses still are.

  • Here comes the massive cognitive dissonance of the bernie sheep.

    • Honestly I think cognitive dissonance is healthy so i read this article. However, I was sadly disappointed as this article is not sited, redundant, and most of all factually incorrect. There are ways to fix what it mentions. The reason bernie hasn’t been mentioning these solutions are because the media would have a huge boner and call him a conspiracy theorist as there is no conclusive evidence of the bribery. (No doubt that it is happening). Furthermore, bernies policy puts more money in the pockets of everyday people, people that will spend more money on things. Like craft beer for instance, its more expensive, tastes better, and its made by small organizations.

    • Bernie supporters generally are the most critically-thinking, which is how they became supporters. If you’re a working person who isn’t a total right wing zealot and doesn’t react to the propagandized term “socialist”, and actually listen to what he has to say.. He’s the only candidate who isn’t a corporatist and actually gives a shit about the American people.

    • I forgot how bomb and missile manufacturers buy so much craft beer.

    • I have yet to meet a bernie supporter that actually knows something he “actually” has done and proposed. They are all band wagoners like most left wingers.
      Which don’t misunderstand me. I hate the right wings policies just as much but their followers actually read, research and deduce what they like, at least more so. The scary part is they still condone and support their candidates. The leftists are just ignorant, which is more forgivable.

    • So why are you here?

    • Tastes better my ass, craft beer is for hipsters, who like to like shit that’s terrible to seem cool.

    • I’m one that perpetuates “free thought”
      Those that would say “don’t you dare criticize our Lord and savior bernie sanders” are the ones that THINK their minds are free. Republican and Democrat devotion has no place in a free thought atmosphere.

    • Ryan Stein right wingers read,research and deduce????

    • That is the person who wrote this article.

    • Hard to believe the “free thought project” has a better solution than electing Bernie Sanders. How disappointing.

    • More so than left wingers, you see to deal with the cognitive dissonance of me criticizing your war mongrel candidate you have to make it sound like I am a right winger or a sympathizer. I have made no mention of that. I’m speaking from what I observe as a whole. From most non affiliates it seems we’re in agreement. They’re the less sheepy of the two flocks of sheep.

    • here come the Faux-Heads and Trump supporters

    • Please. If you actually think Budweiser and Miller make good beer you’re the sheep lmao.

    • I vote craft beer

    • In no where in my political beliefs do I support domestic beer. Craft beer for everyone!

    • Libertarians are scarier than Republicans in the same way that aggressive folks are scarier than stupid folks.

    • Thanks for literally being the poster boy, Ryan. Sad that you’re not bright enough to compose a reasoned argument and have to rely on memes made by other people in order to attempt to communicate.

    • I’m just mocking stupidity in the easiest form possible. Create a relatively competent argument and I will dissect what I do not agree with and what I do.

    • Libertarians are far more aware of whats going on in the world than liberals.

    • Your statement is completely contradictory. If these “sheep” you speak of, were actually capable of cognitive dissonance, they wouldn’t be “sheep” at all.

    • I’m not going to get into the mind of an actual sheep.
      It’s figurative not literal.

  • What, like large corporations don’t already have huge advantages?

  • lol at this point we have to pick the better of two evils. I mean not that I’m saying sanders is but the word socialist is striking more fear in people then the carpet bombing the right is proposing. What a great world our parents left for us eh

    • Lol nice stolen meme. How about you used your own intelligence mate. Sheep:)

    • LOL
      > Sheep:)
      > lol at this point we have to pick the better of two evils

      That was cute. Seriously though..

      “socialist is striking more fear in people then the carpet bombing the right is proposing”
      > Because Socialism and Communism are antithetical to individudal economic prosperity and individual liberties. And everyone who cares about either of those knows that. It’s why Commies don’t get taken seriously. Central planning has collapsed every time it’s more dedicated to ignoring Capitalism and the actual market mechanics of supply and demand and all other forces. That or it progresses back towards laissez-faire concepts. History’s really clear on that.

      “What a great world our parents left for us eh”
      > So we should do the same to others? Two wrongs make a right? One unborn generation enslaved to debt for another and the whole world can live in the banks’ pocket forever? Nope. Got to change. Socialism is the ally of the bank.

      You cannot be anti-central banking and Socialist. It means you don’t understand economics at all.

    • No one asked you Carl’s junior

    • he’s not socialist you fucks!!! He’s for social democracy… Once again i repeat and repeat there is a difference!

    • Thank you

  • WE KNOW!

    • Read a book. Social Democracy is NOT Socialism.

    • Socialism and socialist democracy are form the same Marxist ideology. They both deny that the individual has basic inherent unalienable rights.
      They will curtail free speech, or your right to the fruits of your labor, if to them it infringes on their version of the
      “greater good”.
      In their eyes you are nothing more than a slave to the state.
      I know of course they both promise you a right to work and a right to free health care
      (but what does that mean)
      they are two things even the worst masters(tyrants)
      in all of history offered to their slaves.
      No thanks!!
      “Give me liberty or
      give me death”

    • Derp.

    • Joey Lipke You mean like, the way things are currently being run?

    • I can never understand how a capitalist can walk into a grocery store and think ” man, look at all this shit that i produced, manufactured and delivered all by myself.”

    • GOP trolls are here

    • Does it hurt? Being that dumb has to hurt.

    • … Until you realise that the farmer, the factory worker, the transporter, the shop staff, the cleaners, the consumer, and everyone other than the store owner are the ones getting fucked over.

    • Under capitalism, they are. That’s what you mean, Matt?

    • Sure do Kari

    • Oh wow, just checked out your personal page Matt, much respect! I was very impressed by your super insightful article about changes in your government’s funding of public health. You’ve got an important and vital job. Seems like your community is lucky to have someone so smart and articulate working on their behalf. Lucky Oz.

    • Yeah, without capitalism we’d all starve to death right away OP, of course, of course. Makes total sense. Share more wisdom with us you Fox watching troll

    • the road is asocialist idea. the sewers, the schools, tapwater, traffic lights, public utiities and on and on. what a load of horseshit.

    • Thanks Kari!
      It’s hard to make the transition from keyboard warrior to public justice, government accountability nuisance, championing voice of reason… but I’m trying.

    • Under Capitalism? Let’s get this straight:
      – Voluntary trading
      – Private property
      – Subjective valuation
      … is what is wrong with society?

      Hilarious. What’s sad is people see anti-Socialism and they think, “OMG GOP REPUBLICANS!”. Republicans are Socialists. They love the government and Federal Reserve (“monetary Socialism”) and commercial welfare. Used to be a small-govt party and now are big govt. Liberals used to be about laissez faire concepts a bit more, now they’re turning into Commies. Also that meme comes from a Voluntaryist circle, way to wear your ignorance proudly.

    • “the road is asocialist idea. the sewers, the schools, tapwater, traffic lights, public utiities and on and on. what a load of horseshit.”

      What is the point of saying this?

      Translation: things a government monopoly provides right now are done by central planning.

      No shit. And it can be done other ways. But hey, no sense in arguing with people who are politically religious zealots who can’t stop chanting their politician would never lie to them and the government loves them dearly and cares for them.

    • So Rob, are you an Anarchist, and if so, how do you propose we transition from the current form of society & government to that ‘system’, or lack thereof? How do we get the benefits of the current system without the negatives?

    • So how about that fucking scam of trickle down economics? You retards are still waiting for that to kick in. Meanwhile the top 10 countries are democratic socialist. Go figure. You went full retard for the scam


    • I don’t even BOTHER reading your brain dead response. MOVE TO RUSSIA lazy handout leaches!

    • I am not someone who labors under the delusion that you can just completely smash the government so to speak (defunding it) and let things roll. There are too many logistical hurdles, nuclear arms and that sort of stuff. Major munitions proliferation has to be handled using government intelligence, unfortunately.

      One major thing that is going to help us crypto-currency. In essence, the value of this is that transactions are validated through all users of a network, so the actual transactions are transparent, but the parties are not. So when you CAN identify a party, you CAN track it’s allocation or usage of voluntary contributions of it’s supporters. Obviously currency will exist outside of this, and bribes will, but we need an actual organization that doesn’t ever want to become a political party. There will still be corruption but open source currency exchange with distributed ledgers, and open source media venues can help. I think we need something like reddit in the sense that it’s communally funded, to begin to use as a wedge into the media monopoly that dominates us… because when people acknowledge our real strength is in unity, and in clarity of information and boycotting, striking, using our money to demand what we want, we can draw more attention to actually trying to problem solve fiat currency and inflationary fractional reserve banking.

      At this point there doesn’t seem to be any media source that truly makes itself transparent to the people by way of being encrypted and completely defensive against government intervention. Even the mere presence of a forum like reddit that wasn’t geared toward entertainment, if it caught on widely, would obviously trigger massive disinformation campaigns and infiltration attempts. One issue with reddit is the visibility system, and the anonymity. Credibility should not come from groupthink voting. In such a venue we might be able to have ideas/responses/discourse available based on people’s actual profiles. You could look up what a given economist might say about something based on his/her profile in keyword searches.

      This basically is the entire premise of the internet, but the internet is inherently biased in it’s presentation. The way to circumnavigate not being able to find a site such as this in searching would be word of mouth, common awareness of it.

      Because this is only the beginning. The interconnected P2P nature of the internet at this point is mitigated. FB is a great example, I think we all realize how the visibility works. We need venues outside of commercial influence, which will only come about if people truly care (to fund it themselves). It all starts with breaking the informational monopoly and providing the ability to establish a real discourse and organize. Organizing within the false dichotomy of two obvious war parties is totally self defeating. If we want to get to Voluntaryism, or even just push for reforms in general regardless of end goal (because they are common pathways to various ends) we have to look outside the box we have of media and government now.

      I think it’s intellectually honest to say, at this point, we still have a lot of people that need to face up to logistical realities and realize that other people with different ideologies can still make great, valid points. Regardless of what we want, we need a higher standard of actually educated thought and the access to verifiable information. With what we have now, we lie to ourselves.

    • Dick Jr III. Jr III? So, like the sixth? Do you multiply that shit or exponentiate? Oh Dick. You’re such a… yeah.

    • Facts are facts

    • That was the general, you want social change, you know even if only subconsciously, how we need to get it and that the formula isn’t available.

      As for Anarchism, generally people have believed in voluntary trades, private property and subjective valuation for millennia before modernized government existed. We don’t need government to enforce a belief in private property. This is why I am an Anarcho-Capitalist.

      So in terms of this, you are still going to have what are essentially law firms, “dispute resolution organizations” people often call them, DROs. They are going to typically be parties to most commerce, as are banks and other agencies (insurance, etc). They form a vast, interconnected network of safeguards based on their own self interested already, the major issue is they can utilize a coercive monopoly to destroy the entire voluntary basis of commerce. In statelessness, you will still have at-will, informal employments and exchanges, and you will have contractual basis. The contractual basis will be basically notarized by DROs, arbitration firms, banks (depending the level of resources at risk facilitates their further attention). The more risk, the more likely you have a contract, and terms by which to determine fault.

      Hence why people need better awareness and the tools for it, if consumer action is going to being a predominant regulatory force… which it already is, which is why we’re seeing a major issue overall in society.

      Anyway, there are going to be all sorts of parties in the chain of commerce that are looking out for themselves. The markets have infinitely more checks and balances than government. Naturally, as they are a fundamentally different beast.

      Anarchism as an ideology as opposed to a state of physical being:

      Believing that there are very few principles that can be prescribed to be afforded universally, with logical consistency:
      – Self-ownership
      – Voluntary associations
      – Non-aggression (not pacifism)
      — Some will say it’s merely the rejection of the Social obligation argument, but these are natural extrapolations from that anyway.

      Which is why people will say sometimes, most people already are Anarchists in their daily lives. It isn’t that much of a huge conversion. People do not believe they have the moral right to repossess things from others or use violence when not defending yourself. The thing that stops is the fabrication of a false authority by which to justify the imposition of violence. That whole formula is just perfect for psychopaths. Adept at exploiting social dynamics, media and authority… proven to gravitate to positions of power up and down the scale, from officers to senators.

      Lastly, security would be a thing, just as it is now. Nothing morally wrong with asking your neighbor to help you, or hiring someone to help either.

    • I am not one who will excuse the moral sanctimoniousness or logistics of Europe riding the US coat-tails of the military industrial complex. If you think the West is demonstrably sustainable, you have no idea how reality works.

    • And no, they have not solved the ECP at all. The issue also there (Forbes meme) is “good for business” isn’t “individual economic prosperity”, either.

      PS on crypto-currency: imagine the implications merely if a government, not even the private sector, had to use only that. Their entire allocations of money would be open to audit by anyone. Tyrants and jingoists will be shitting themselves.

      The counter is “but terrorizers will see where we are spending, blah blah etc”, but they ignore the reality that the CIA and Mossad create these Middle Eastern terrorist cells and wave false flags to go take hard resources. There’s a reason a few nations over there sell out their neighbors are are considered allies and are wealthy. Jesus fucking Christ people. Warmongers RELY on you committing intellectual suicide like this. They rely on you knowing that the US has (or did have, recently at least) the majority of naval and air force capability out of the sum total of all military hardware in the world and not putting 1+1 together. For instance if these “muh terrorizers!” countries were after someone, they’d go for Israel, which these terrorists don’t. Too busy selling stolen petrol to them and the rest of the West. Even if they did attack Israel, they’d be wiped out in no time. Let’s get real here..

    • Read the whole thing Matt Fone……

    • Check out the video Hugh Richardson

    • This video Hugh Richardson

    • But look at the whole video Hugh Richardson

    • Seriously though, the entirety of this needs to be looked at Hugh Richardson

    • Matt Fone fuck off

    • Hugh Richardson has been reported.

    • Joey Lipke That sounds exactly like your beloved “democracy”

    • What free stuff is sanders proposing?

  • Steve Swain – for your consideration.

  • just look at the result of 20 years NAFTA,
    900.000 Jobs and a big part of middle classes economy r gone.

  • Intelligent people know that folks like Trump, Sanders, and Clinton are not good for small business and the middle class.

    • Sheep or pigs?

    • C’mon Timmaaaay… Which one did your wife catch you with?

    • I see the trolls are out.

    • Throw your Ad Hominem into your little basket and scoot your wheelchair into traffic.

    • great response tim… way to prove you are the intelligent one here! why don’t you do the “Intelligent” thing and provide proof or an example of your claim?

  • and that’s another reason i am voting Green Party- at least my CONSCIENCE will be clear.

  • It turns out even the “Free thought project” is biased…

  • Bernie is the only option, Obama just gave a massive deal for corporations in the form of the TPP

  • Whoever wrote this article does not seem to know much about corporate tax structure. Most small businesses will never reach the levels of profit required to fall in with Big B. That’s why they are called SMALL businesses.

    “In the US, to cut hair, for example, you need to go through hundreds of hours of schooling, pay the government for a license, and jump through various other hoops just for the “privilege” of conducting business. This prevents hairdressers from working out of their home or office, and actually many times forces them to work for large corporations instead of working independently.”

    That is the business version of techno-jargon. Just enough information is compiled to scare you with it. This is why you go to barber college if you want to cut hair and business school if you want to successfully open and run a business. Either way the article does nothing to address the policies it criticizes.

    • Yay! A fellow thinker. Great response. TY

    • iI love it when i see comments from people that choose to educate themselves! thumbs up to you sir!

    • And u are stupid to think that this can be done on in this format. Just enough is all there is room for dumbass !!!

    • Thank you for insulting yourself by displaying your intelligence level. Writing stuff is hard huh? Its like you aren’t even sure what you are mad about, only that you are angry and don’t quite have the IQ to express it properly.

  • Propaganda based on high-faluting economic theory is still just propaganda. This libertarian nonsense eschewed in this article is all easily countered by simply using a tiered implementation of fees and taxes so that small business has a lower offset burden. Then offer low or zero interest SBA loans to small biz. The assumption of large corporations getting around regulations by throwing money at fees and fines imposed for violating those regulations can also be handled by not allowing it. SIMPLE. Whomever wrote this piece of BS capitalistic propaganda didn’t think it through, else they’d have seen how easily corrected the issues they raise can be shaped to accommodate and even invigorate small businesses. I thought better of you, FTP. I had no idea you were anti Bernie hucksters. Wth?

    • Great answer

    • Totally agree… I’ve told one of the writers of The Free Thought Project.com that they need to leave
      U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders alone before. I am starting to think that this is just another Alex Jones propaganda machine.

    • This was on my mind too. The awkward anti bernie posts are killing it for me.

    • No its not. Let’s say bernie puts in place all these goverment organizations to make these things better for us. What’s stopping the next politician from creating loopholes for it?
      Limited government gives you more liberties. Not socialism

    • Socialism historically has been the easiest system to corrupt. The funniest part of this is that you think congress would even let him pass these bills.

    • Guess you missed the revolution part of the Sanders plan, huh Brion? Just as well, it would make you even more paranoid and confused. Lack of media coverage for Senator Sanders is a sword that cuts both ways I guess. You anti Sanders folks can’t argue what you don’t know, and it’s not like you can change a closed mind anyway.

    • PS… It’s NOT Socialism. It’s Social Democracy. FFS, why is this so hard for you guys to wrap yer pea brainz around. Argh!

    • Nice. I see why you liked my post. Its not that hard to see past the veil, especially with any degree of education.

    • That “libertarian nonsense” is the only thing keeping our country from going bankrupt

    • Pffft…

    • I like how you forgot respond with any meaning in your reply besides my apparent lack of education. Also, so much lack of willing to educate.

    • My how articulate… Lol.

    • Have a look at Canada, we are very rich with natural resources but extremely poor in manufacturing. We would sell our natural resources to other countries for dirt cheap and buy back the manufactured products for a larger sum. Our socialist governments made sure that Canada is an extremely unattractive place for any kind of manufacturing business, as Bernie Sanders will

    • +1

    • Grow up Ronnie. If you can’t present a reasoned argument (& resorting to other people’s memes you’ve collected doesn’t count), just keep scrolling and let the grown ups talk, m’kay?

    • Same here kari… iv seen multiple post where they dry and beat down on bernie as if he’s the biggest liar ever when this guy is the 1st politician in my life time that i know of to run for president and not take the money offered by big donors and that right in itself is enough evidence for me that this man not only deserves my vote but i also have given him a donation as well for the 1st time in my life! His claim that he is for the little guy is backed up by his action’s and past speeches that he has given, which go back to 80’s he has stayed the same! Keep up the fight! #sanders2016

    • ” The assumption of large corporations getting around regulations by throwing money at fees and fines imposed for violating those regulations can also be handled by not allowing it.”

      So politicians are actually almost always legit, and not almost always corrupt huh? Talk about faith.

      Anyway, Socialism is a scale of variance. Socialist concepts are central planning concepts. Capitalist concepts are free market concepts. You can’t bitch about people using Socialism as a way to expedite discussion about central planning concepts when you try to demonize Capitalism, which is really predicated on very few core concepts of; voluntary trading, private property rights and subjective valuation. That clearly isn’t what is wrong with society. Government interference in everyones’ lives is. The free market doesn’t exist and never really has come close in the remotely modernized eras. That isn’t debatable at all.

      “The funniest part of this is that you think congress would even let him pass these bills.”

      This is true, again, allusive to the faith as well. Which is why obvious campaign promises are obvious campaign promises, AKA lies that no one besides the civilians expects him to even try to implement.

      How many Presidents do you need to tell you they aren’t elected, they are selected if they meet the requirements of bankers? Last guy who tried to expose this and go against it got shot.

    • Tehuti Asar Ra – agreed! much respect for you actually contacting them also, i believe thats far better then just scrolling along and ignoring blatant lies as such they are potraying in this article smh

    • Bernie’s “anti-establishment” rep:
      Anti-self defense
      Pro-police state
      Pro-military industrial complex (votes > words)
      Pro-Socialism (massive central empowerment)

      The double think is staggering. Meanwhile guy will sit here and run an intellectually dishonest formulaic commentary on everything. “Degrees are worth too little!” so “Let’s make sure everyone has one!”… “Young people are unemployed so let’s raise the minimum cost of hiring them!” etc.

    • Kari Bernie Williams Thank you!!! i have tried to correct many people who try and frame bernis as simply socialist when it definitely is not… it is democratic socialism which is 2 different things and easy to see that when you actually want to know the truth and open your mind to learn, which soooo many people seem to refuse to do… just my opinion

    • what do you expect kari most of these republicans get what they believe to be facts from memes lmao

    • For real.. you saw that word BRIBE in there too? I was just thinking “W.T.F.? Bribes are now being accepted?”

    • For people who don’t know Capitalism is conceptual and never has been realized as a real system

    • Yeah fix government with more government?
      You fuckin idiot. !!!

  • Hey freethought, you’re all idiots.

  • Another Obama !

  • Buy food from family businesses not corporation…

  • wormtongue

  • Stop advocating the use of violence on my peaceful people

    Wake up

    Don’t vote


  • Dustin Moyer look at all the butthurt lmao…

  • You folks commenting here seem to be unable to distinguish between Socialism and Social Democracy. Until you educate yourselves on the differences, it’s useless having any sort of discussion with you. You are unarmed in a battle of wits.

    • The core principal of both is still taking from some people with the threat of violence to give to others. Democratic socialists just allows the majority to choose how they want to extort the minority (of different racial status, gender status, financial status, religious status and etc) through means of violence.

    • No it’s not Leon Li ar.

    • Please enlighten me how democratic socialism doesn’t extort money from one party to another with the threat of violence?

    • Large corporations paying their fair share of taxes for services enjoyed by the entire community, services like fire and police departments, public schools, libraries, roadways and other infrastructure – bridges, railways, airports, etc. Could only be construed as extortion by extremely naïve and or selfish individuals. Which one are you? Both?

    • What violence? Cite an example of government using violence against tax dodgers?

    • They do eventually arrest and jail you if you don’t pay. Not that I agree with Leon at all, because our government already does what he is saying socialists want to do. He kind of makes the case for socialism though – allowing the majority to choose – how is that a bad idea? We let the minority of wealthy & powerful individuals choose most things for us now with the current system

    • Leon Li Better yet how bout you enlighten us to support your view… give us a concrete example of this bullshit claim!

  • #BernieOrBust

  • If not Bernie, then who? Who is more qualified for the job that actually has a chance? Who appears to be the least corrupt?

  • The policies haven’t even been developed yet. WTF? Are you working for NGP VAN?

  • Wow. A little bias or did the republicans write this article? Complete bullshit

  • Lol failure. #feelthebern

  • FTP proving again that they’re clueless in everything other than cop watching…. And half the time they get that wrong too

  • This is factually untrue. Lemme guess: “Free Thought” Project is Libertarian.

  • I like Bernie just for the fact its showing the statist kids, just how screwed up and corrupt campaigning is.

    Like how Ron Paul showed the liberty kids, the last 2 cycles.

    • I am glad for all three politicians we have now as primaries. People are losing faith already faster than ever, and now they have to face this. They have nothing besides their zealotry and worship of the state.

  • Finally someone says it lol. #smelltheBS

  • Haven’t you heard TRUMP’s got it sewn up. Bad luck Burnie

  • Smear article.

  • The Free Thought Project.com you need to give up attacking U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders. This whole article is straight propaganda.

  • really? wow so fucked ur thoughts

  • Gee–isn’t this insightful? Isn’t it one of the “benefits” of socialism that small business concerns are stifled in favour of state or greater corporate concerns?

  • what a load of horseshit.horribly narrow thinking, accusatory and divisive. my dog could debate this nonsense.

  • Is it April 1st?

  • “Free thought project” ha ha ha ha ha Heil Hitler!

  • Keep posting shit like this and you’ll see your readership disappear.

  • Yes! Thank you The Free Thought Project.com for doing your homework. 🙂

  • Crap….total crap

  • weve got to start somewhere!

  • Isn’t this group the same site that says presidents are selected, not elected?

    No matter how honest a president may be or how corrupt, they will either serve their purpose or be promptly removed or at least obstructed. Done in plain sight with a message essentially or mysteriously or better yet in today’s world, in a manner that creates distracting pointless debate.

    Presidents are puppets whether they be formally heroes or villains or patsies.

  • This is BS from a FRIGHT WING ‘think tank’ that does very little actual thinking !

  • None of this matters. The establishment has already chosen…they’re not feelinthebern.

    The establishment chose Hillary to be our ruler! It’s cute that so many of you think we have a say in the matter.

    If voting made a difference, they wouldn’t let us. a smart and funny fella said that

  • presidents are appointed NOT elected STOP wasting your time thinkig an irrelevant ‘vote’ is going to change anything! Get out and CHANE something!

  • You mean like how the “affordable healthcare” act empowers insurance corporations?

  • Cris Dieppa

  • And… we’re unfollowing this page. The only candidate sticking his neck out against police corruption. You guys can fuck off.

  • Ah so this is an libertarian site, never noticed that before. No wonder you dislike Sanders so vehemently. 😛

  • Bullshit… is this a Libertarian site?? Is that what’s wrong??

  • The taxes only apply to people making a certain amount a fair share for everyone, small businesses won’t really be effected as they already do that, mega corps dont…. get n ur shit straight.

  • This whole article read like thing u’d see on cnn, is free thought project bought media now too?

  • Bernie is the most anti corporation politician up there.
    No tax breaks for big Corp is his slogan .Don’t know where you heard he was proposing more regulations and taxes on small business. Hope they pay you well to write this BS based propaganda

    • Sorry, but you’re mistaken. Jill Stein is the most anti corporation politician out there. #VoteGreen

    • Note I said from the ones up there. I like Jill but she doesn’t have a chance. Most Americans don’t who she is.

  • They forgot to mention that this is sponsored content from the Koch Foundation

  • trollin, trollin, trollin; keep them jackals trollin…

  • no

  • Sorry Benie, as long as you have Obama’s support, you won’t have mine…

    The HOOD Votes (NO) to:
    1.)GMO “Food”
    4.)FedStream “Media” like CNN, FOX, NBC
    (WARNING: Be aware of Lying FedTrolls)

  • So instead of using this as a point of contention how about we ask for a different solution? Or are we pitching for Hillary now?

  • You guys are full of it. You lifted the def right out of Wiki. It’s complete bullshit. You wanna kill Bernie and install another stooge. Go away.

  • Whatever floats your boat, champ.

  • “But, but, but…Bernie is for the little guuuuuuuy!”, cry the bleaters.

  • I love how the good little sh-I mean socialist (democrats, like that makes a difference) scoff at those of us that find the idea of “more government means more freedom” to be total bullshit.

    • I scoff at the brainwashed fools who buy the false narratives & propaganda espoused by right wing politicians and groups. Republicans (plutocrats, corporatists, oligarchs) love big government as long as it gives money to their favorite donors. Like the MIC, farm subsidies, tax breaks to the highly profitable corporations. I hope you learn what is really going on someday and throw off the shackles of indoctrinated ignorance.

    • Oh, yeah, because I am SUCH a Republican. I love the false intellectuals that complain about indoctrination, all the while regurgitating the same party line bullshit. How sad.

    • Hey dipshit, where did you go? Tell me more about how my statement about not wanting more government translates into me ACTUALLY wanting more government? Fucking moron.

    • What more government? What less government? Actually make a substantive point to discuss. Who is calling for more government? That’s just your straw man argument, nobody is saying they want more

    • So what was the upchucked garbage up there, then? Just your usual word vomit? The ones that claim to know “what is really going on” tend to know the least, in my experience. Especially if they continue to push the “Democrats and Repiblicans are working for the people, one more than the other” fallacy, and assume someone who is against both sides is truly for one or the other in the first place.

  • It’s free thought, but it’s not good thought. This looks like some Koch sponsored Teabagger libertarian bullshit.

  • Welp, time to unfollow this page.

  • Talk about irony.

  • Let me know if I understood? The corrupted capitalists pigs (corporations, judges, lawyers, politicians) who already are a pain in the ass to economy will make every effort to continue being so if Bernie wins and goes ahead with his taxation plans? Was that what you mean?

  • Such a sweetheart. Vindictive old fossil.


  • Without removing a secret government no one will admit exists some aspects of policy will Never change. The current oligarchy serves global corporations, and as always the Military Industrial complex. The best we can hope for from any ‘Election” in America is a rogue like Bernie to shake it up for a generation. But make no mistake, Bernie is not the peoples last chance for restoration of freedoms and accountability from bankers. Bernie is this broken governments last chance to reverse the abuse or become extinct. The people are through with the arrogant destruction of our freedoms, rights and even our very health. There will not be a revolution of armed maniacs marching on DC. It will be a tsunami of people walking in arresting CEO’s who murder for profit. It will be the EPA directors and the corporations they originated from. It will be the bankers and the Rothchild family. We WILL take our country back. It is called compromise. The government quits fucking us so hard and we will not round you up, throw you in jail and use asset forfeiture to seize all personal and corporate assets.

  • Kevin Black

  • Sick of the BS going on?? A free world is waiting for those in need. The technology is here now to supply the necessities we need to survive, we only have to create this free world. Out with the old and in with the new. Its time for change. Join this group to be part of the change>https://www.facebook.com/groups/265603456982790/ .

  • How do nonsense articles like this make it onto this page? Are the ones in charge asleep at the wheel as republican weasels sneak in?

  • I feel truly sorry for all people that believe anything coming out of a politicians mouth…when they know they’re being recorded.

    Bernie, Trump, Hillary…they’re all full of shit! Spewing well designed lies, to get naive idiots to believe them.

  • this fucking shill

  • socialist thought project. IT HAS BEEN DONE A MILLION TIMES. Einstein’s DEFINITION OF insanity!!!

    • Do you deny yourself education or…? You do realize that when socialism was initially implemented in the US it worked phenomenally and we prospered, and it wasn’t until it was battered back down that our country began to crumble again. Are you aware that the majority of European countries are enacting socialist laws and they’re all fairing better than the US in far more than just a few ways. Regardless of personal opinion on what may work, we are left with the 2 facts, capitalism hasn’t, and socialism has. And America KEEPS doing CAPITALISM which KEEPS failing because it’s far too exploitable. Einstein would be ashamed of this ironic misuse of “his” quote. Which again if you truly were educated, you’d know he more than likely didn’t say nor write this “quote”. It’s Ben attributed to both mark twain and Benjamin Franklin as well, with no evidence supporting any of the 3.

    • Socialism, because we can’t have nice things without them being paid for with stolen money. Makes so much sense.

  • BRIBING… just shows that corruption is more in power. Integrity is what the government needs. There are a lot of people that would make better workers than owners.

  • How is it in one article , FreeThought supports sanders and praises what he is saying, and then turn around and post anti sanders stuff as well and cry about him. Stick to just covering the judicial system

  • They all crooks anyhow

  • Free thought, you are sounding VERY right wing lately.

  • You didn’t think there was free lunch did ya ? These side wants to give you something. The other side wants to take something from you. Eather way were are **uk’ed LOL SOS..

  • Unfettered free market led to the great depression. Government stepped in and made rules for corporations and wall st to abide by. American saw tremendous growth. Then in the early 70s the corporations started getting all those laws relaxed to the point that 30 years later, the average worker is fucked again. Corporations are beholden to wall st, not main st.
    They care more about profits than employees. In the 60s the biggest employer was GM and the average worker made the equivalent of $28 an hour. Today its walmart and they make $8 while the CEO rakes in $10,000 an hour 24/7/365

  • You wanna continue getting fucked? Keep voting for big money.

  • FeelTheBern

  • This is bunk.

  • Rubbish.

  • Kind of like we have now, where the mega corps have all the leverage. This is no damn good at all but has been in place for ever.

  • He is also a socialist and not far from a communist so he can kiss my white ass!

  • This article is full of shit

  • Unions love this idiot for a reason.

  • His economic policies only work in like ALL the Nordic countries. But hey, the Free though project told me socialism was bad.

  • Is the The Free Thought Project.com Republican?

  • i thought this was one of the good pages?

  • Bernie is a complete FOOL.

  • Your weak propaganda is no match for Bernie’s plan or record of encouraging small business and holding large corporations accountable. Learn more. #Bernie2016 #FeelTheBern

  • Your arguing is pointless. Only 2 things are worth fighting. Political corruption and market manipulation. Until there’s equal justice, and money is out of politics, this is all hot air.

    It’s actually funny that Bernie supporters want to give more control and power to the same corrupt ass government they whine about.

  • Regulations don’t kill industry.

    There is a product that was introduced right in the middle of the worst recession since the great depression. It has also been subjected to the most stringent regulations in the history of America. And amidst all of this it has by everyone’s estimation thrived and grown quite well.

    What is this industry that defies the conservative Libertarian B.S.? Marijuana.
    That’s right Marijuana.

    Because it’s not regulations that determine whether a business is successful but supply and demand. Remember, thats what we were taught in elementary school.

  • This article makes me some very valid points. Especially about the Red Tape for small business. But the environment they are proposing Sanders would create, ALREADY EXISTS!

  • Only a blind person would not see that the corporations overpower small business and regular individuals the issue is that it must be changed, you can lower the entry bar for small businesses as this article says and then we still have to compete with a huge non level playing field corporation, sanders proposes a change that it is outstanding in it’s going against big money so please do not waste time telling us you could do better.

  • So this is why everyone in the US with power, and immense wealth are actively campaigning for Bernie Sanders, right? Perhaps he should send the Koch brothers a gift basket?

  • More bullshit stories. This page is obviously a Trump supporter, so I’m unfollowing.

  • Dear Bernie, where is the law that says, YOU HAVE TO PAY TAX OF LABOUR?

  • The premise of this article is clearly flawed. Not only does it fail to correlate the reasoning behind the premise of the article to Bernie’s policies, it fails to offer any solution.

    Also if the premise of the article were true, why isn’t every large corporation supporting Bernie?

  • I rather doubt it. You know, I recall seeing an article posted here that credited the evil slaver Calhoun-making me wonder if this is another conservative front like Intellectual Takeout is.

  • The unfounded assertion in the third sentence shows how quickly one has to divorce themselves from logic to believe this. The fourth is utter pap. It never gets any better.

  • Angel Young

  • Yes, because calling for higher taxes for the rich will make them richer

  • Isn’t he the stupid coward that allowed the Black LIES Matter thugs to take his microphone away from him… ?!

  • Who would be the WORST out of these 3?

    Please ‘Like’ (y) + Comment + Share! Thank you friends

    • Hillary is a MURDERER. She should be hung, with Jane Fonda right behind her!

    • i think trump is the worst, he will give the expresion fucked up world a new mening! #voteforberniesanders

    • Trump will be assasinated a la Kennedy. May be. Hillary might be arrested after winning they say.

    • Clinton has a proven record of bad decisions.

    • there are no ‘good’ people in politics ffs

    • Is this even a real question? Obviously trump.duh

    • Kt June Stokes and how many thousands of people Bush killed with his two wars built on lies.

    • Trump, he is a nazi.

    • #TRUMP 2016 !

    • Clinton, definitely clinton.

    • Why you are the worst by far Troll news that you are crawl back to that low place where you live we will think of you no more.

    • Clinton.

    • Clinton would be the worst. Sanders would actually have a good outcome, because all of the morons that think socialism works would have it thrown in their faces that they’re completely stupid. Maybe it would even propel us toward a libertarian age after they recovered from the shock of their own ignorance.

    • Sanders !!

    • That’s really a question? You guys must not get out from the office enough…..

    • Taran Luciphyllous Bainter 1st – democratic socialism is not the same as “socialism.” 2nd – do you have a Social Security card? 3rd – not sure what your definition of a “libertarian” is, but that term mostly used to describe tea-totallers and other rightist smart guys. So Sanders and Libertarians don’t really mix. But good try.

    • Nathan Mcclellan

    • Clinton is the worst choice…. and it aint even close

    • Hillary is the worst choice. Charlie how exactly is Trump racist or bigoted? Everything he points out that needs changed is objectively true. He may not be the best choice to bring about change but he is the only one who had a chance to.

    • they are all equally the worst, all liers and puppets, it’s all smoke and mirrors

    • Taran Luciphyllous Bainter you are an idiot. All the countries with democratic socialism are doing way better than us in standard of living, healthcare, education, and freedoms, get a clue you show how big of a moron you are. Right now we have socialism for corporations and the rich known as tax loopholes and tax credits. That’s why we pay 30% to their 11%. Before the scumbag Reagan the rich paid 70% and had to invest in their companies and their workers.

    • Before deregulation and trickle down on your head economics.

    • As i read Again how democratic socialism doesnt work…..yawn. take a Look at this list. Seems to be a trend here….


    • Adam Martin you can’t possibly be serious can you…? His entire platform is based on hatred toward minorities, immigrants, refugees, and women as a whole. Fact.

    • Adam Martin

    • Hillary. She is a liar. I can’t believe anyone is even voting for her. Do you trust your spouse once they lied to you? No? Then why would you trust a liar for a president?

    • Charlie that is a dank meme brah, I’m sure none of that is taken out of context or changed to make him look bad.
      1. He didn’t say all Mexicans are rapists he implied that criminals flee justice in their home country to hide here, which is true.
      2. Take a look at Europe, letting in every Muslim that asks bit them in the ass.
      3. The Pope aplogized after it was pointed out that the Vatican is protected by walks.
      4. He disavowed the KKK, the first time he was asked he couldn’t hear why the interviewer was saying, which is obvious if you watch it, he kept saying “what? Who? I don’t know who that is?” He clearly couldn’t hear.

    • Hillary!

    • You Bernie worshipers ever heard of “statism”? Look it up. You people are the most hateful people when it comes to the whole election/politics. You hate trump because “he’s hateful and racist” (give me facts to prove it) yet I see more hate directed toward trump and his supporters than anything anywhere. You all need to reevaluate your thinking. The hypocrisy is mind numbing. I am not a trump supporter by the way. I refuse to back/worship any of these POLITICIANS like you do. My eyes are open and I don’t need to follow the masses and believe whatever my favored news broadcast has to say. Sheep. Smdh

    • thanks for the like, no one ever hears me.

    • Where’s Cruz? Don’t tell me that’s your guy….

    • m.huffpost.com/us/entry/donald-trump-blacks-lawsuit_n_855553.html
      Just for you Jonas Sabins.

    • Trump, hands down ! Every time he speaks puts another nail in his coffin of defeat. By the time Nov. rolls around the American voter will wise him up !!

    • killary

    • clinton hands down war monger and elitist puppet

    • Well Jonas Sabin’s an idiot

    • Adam Martin not taken out of context- he literally said on camera “Mexicans? They’re all criminals and rapists”
      He did not say some of them are, he said they all are.

    • well said Jonas

    • Amms Ferrell I’m the idiot? Maybe reread your comment.. and please show me where trump said Mexicans are all criminals and rapists. Pleeeeease enlighten me since I’M the idiot. You’re a joke.

    • You believe everything you see on Occupy Democrats Amms Ferrell. Your credibility is gone. There are millions of brainwashed robots just like you who are too close minded to see what’s REALLY going on in this country.

    • Mere sheep

    • And I see on your profile you say you’re an atheist.. how can that be true when you worship Bernie. It’s actually very entertaining to go peek at what people like you post. If we just replace Bernie’s name with Jesus you look like a bible hateful, thumping religious extremist. YOU HATE religion, HATE hateful people, HATE opposing candidates and are too close minded to accept that people have different opinions (especially political ones). Can you think for yourself??? Educate before you spread hate.

    • all need to sit back down

    • Adam Martin i know it is, thanks brah. No. None of it was. Those are all direct racially oriented quotes he has said in public forums.
      1. Yes he did. Listen to the speech. “Maybe some of them are ok” is what you’re referring to.
      2. Look again. The majority of people who act in extremist ways are usually natives to their country. Just look at our own. Why look at Europe?
      3. No the Pope didn’t. Thats some fanciful republican thinking. Trump actually apologized and, as usual, flip flopped his statement saying something to the effect of “i wasn’t referring to the man, Pope Francis, but the position of the pope.”
      4. No. He didn’t. The video you are referring to is not the first time he was asked, and as in that instance, he defers and deflects the question without answering it, which to most educated people is an admission of guilt.
      Thats’s all you got? Wow. Your mother must be proud of you. Or not. Either way, your dumb. Here, is this better to understand Drumpfs outright racial hatred?

    • Jonas Sabins yup. We have. We are educated. Way to use Google to try to seem smart. You’re hurting your own argument by trying too hard and using fancy words. Heard of the word “demagogue?” Their is no hypocrisy in fighting ignorance, fear mongering, mysogny, bigotry and hatred. You obviously are not paying much attention to what is going on. Here’s some facts. Use google harder for the right things.

    • Jonas Sabins talking about sheep? Get a job and leave nature alone. Maineiac.

    • Trump is part of the problem.
      The rich tell the middle class to hate the poor, they’re the ones not pulling their weight and keeping the middle class where it is.
      The rich then tell the poor to hate immigrants, because they’re taking all of the jobs and keeping them poor.
      Then the rich sit back and rake in all of the money.

  • is this another April fools joke??? knock it off already!

    • No, just trying to wake up bern victims. I live in a small farming community. I don’t want to lose my job at the local grocery store and have to drive 10 miles out of town to Walmart because only they can afford to pay $15/hour. And Walmart can only hire so many people. We need a president who actually stops funding wars, not just say they will to win over the gullible. Force banks and corporations to start earning money in a fair market… not get tax payers money for a never-ending war on terrorism. Socialism = Corporatism. Only the wealthy will benefit off the idea. Adding the word Democratic in front of socialism means nothing.

    • so let me make sure I understand you correctly…you don’t WANT to earn a living wage? you want to continue to receive poverty wages that make/keep you eligible for government programs that the tax payers have to pay for rather than your employer??? you’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you? if you actually want to stop funding wars, as I do, you’ll get your head out of your ass and realize Bernie is the ONLY candidate on either side of the aisle who isn’t beholden to the military industrial complex and therefore has no obligation to continue “feeding” it!!! in this day and age, when information is literally right at our fingertips, there is no excuse for being ignorant of the issues and the truth about what’s really going on. you obviously have a computer-GOOGLE for gods sake!!!

  • If you #votefornobody you are giving a vote for whoever you least want to win.

  • Which is why citizens need to step up to remove corruption in all levels of government. It is there because we let it be there. Lobbyists at state and federal levels ensure the mega corporations have control of our government.

  • Oh wow. This is pretty lazy reasoning

  • I respectfully disagree. Although, your assumption takes heed.

  • I can’t stand this false prowess wanabe proxy idiot, he tries to talk the talk, but never walks the walk, and all you idiots fall for it.

  • This is assuming Bernie would get past Congress to get these things done. I still think he would do more good than the rest.

    • Don’t forget 7 seats are going to be empty very soon. With in the next 5 years. It’s reasonable that if we can change how Congress operates, and get better people into those seats Bernie could do everything he’s aiming for. Term limits and salary limits are a good way to start.

  • Coughbullshitcough

  • Under Uncle Bernie, you’ll be giving a fuckload more to the government, but sure, you go ahead and feed the machine.

    • I won’t, but I will know that what I do pay gets reinvested in education, healthcare and infrastructure instead of corporate welfare and dumb wars.

    • If you’re a millionaire or big business you’ll pay more, otherwise you’ll be fine. I think a 6th grade kid can work out Bernie’s message, which leaves you where now? But don’t let facts get in the way of your fear mongering.

    • Don’t let reality get in the way of your fantasy. You keep thinking good ol uncle Bernie has a chance of winning and if he does, will be allowed to do 1/10th of what he says.

    • Jeremy Swift Ya, throw more money at slavery indoctrination (gov. education) and forced poison administration (healthcare). That should make it better.

  • Can someone please explain, when was this page taken over by ignorant 12yr olds?

  • Bullshit! The article tries to spin reality to fit the corporate narrative. The Free Thought Project is nothing but a PR platform for the oligarchs.

    • lol

    • If anything, they’re anarchists.

    • When you’re doing the bidding of corporations that makes you a puppet of this plutocracy.

    • The article tries to blur how regulations work. It basically tries to say that if we regulate large corporate entities that those regulations will stop small business. WRONG. As it stands now the corporations have made it really hard for small business to thrive. Regulations protect small business.

    • Article totally ignores the fact that big businesses already have many of the advantages discussed and Bernie wants to take some of them away.

      For example, small businesses in America currently pay tax, big businesses don’t. Bernie talks about closing tax loopholes exploited by mostly only the largest company, net effect, exact opposite of what is suggested.

    • imbecile

    • yeah dude welcome to the page. astroturfing for dumbass highschoolers

    • Is this guy some kind if new age guru? Check out his website. Terrible.

    • I vote Ken Keeton in 2016

    • Quit drinking the Kool-aid. Wake up, you’re in a cult. Quit being a bern victim and understand what will happen if small businesses had to compete with corporations. To start off, Bernie wants to double the minimum wage to $15/hour within 1 year. You think businesses are setting around ~$7/hour for each employee? Most small businesses have a very thin profit margin. Millions of small businesses will die and take 10s of millions of people out of work. Walmart, 10 miles out of town, can only hire so many people for $15/hour, per store. You are living in a fantasy work to think everything will work out because its a utopian world. Wake up, were still in a recession… that some may call a depression… recovery is hard, almost impossible when government supports a central bank that controls the “free market”. Everyone will be paying a minimum 2% tax, not just those who make over 250k… they’ll pay even more. Socialism is an easy solution for corporations to get what they want, because it works out for them. Ex: Banks and corporations that have 2 options will choose the easy way. They can work in a free market, exercising capitalism to make money… or they can pressure people in power to start wars overseas, like the never ending war on terrorism, to feed off the tax payers… and make 10x more. Socialism is for corporatism, aka crony capitalism. Its not for the little guys… its all about taking more money out of the private sector and redistributing that money under the terms and conditions of the government, congress and president. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather decide where my money should go… not the freaking government. War bonds? Screw that, if we had war bonds, we wouldn’t have a never-ending war on terrorism… i have an idea, lets elect a socialist liberal like Woodrow Wilson and start a central bank called the federal reserve and creating an agency called the IRS and tax the fk out of everyone… tell them the idea of taking up to 50% of their money will do good for the country… punish those who want to advance society. Because government, that’s whay.

    • Ken Keeton Not totally correct. Small businesses do have to jump through many more hoops than the megas. The megas get free tax money even though they suck, and the small businesses don’t. There are regulations that make it almost impossible for small businesses to get going. The idea however, that this is a difficult thing to fix is the real lie. It’s not. It’s very easy to fix. Roll back the free subsidies and eliminate most of the fees and regulations small businesses have to pay. This article is misleading for so many reasons. That’s just a few. But your assertion that “regulations help small businesses” is a generalization that does not bear itself out in real life since it stops them from getting off the ground.

    • Robert Run Large corporations need stronger regulations… this in turn will help small business.

    • Ken Keeton !00% right on the point of how difficult it is for small business to operate. All you need do is look at how many small businesses have been forced out by walmart not to mention all the other big box stores. When they first open everthing is cheaper but as small businesses fall by the wayside their prices slowly increase as quality slowly decreases.

    • Allen Anderson Exactly!

    • We need regulations that allow small business to compete with large corporations, otherwise the small businesses will get destroyed every time.

    • Ken Keeton regulations ARE written by the oligarchs! You’re clueless!

    • Ron Harmony Hey genius, you act like all regulations are the same. Some regulation are written to rig the system for the corporations. Those are written by the oligarchs. We need to replace those regulations with ones that even the playing field. That’s why we say this is a rigged economy. Why don’t you read and learn something before making comments.

    • Ken Keeton why don’t you move to a socialist country instead of destroying this one. Anarchy/voluntaryism all the way.

    • Ken Keeton freeloader

    • Ron Harmony I would love to live in a democratic socialist country since they have a higher standard of living, better healthcare and are way happier. Unfortunately I was born here in this country that has been dominated by morons like yourself who have turned this country into a nightmare. BTW, I work full-time as a Librarian but I also think we all work way to much. Technology is replacing human labor at a very fast pace (and it’s accelerating)… sooner or later we will have to come to terms that human labor will no longer be needed on any large scale.

    • i dunno Brian Steward in Australia where I’m from minimum wage is much higher than $15, like $21 for casuals, and our small businesses have a much higher share of the market than America

    • Complete and utter BS. Let me go to the Democratic Socialist wiki page. Ken Keeton

    • Lowest standard of living countries in the world. With a mix of PIIG nation thrown in there… and Brazil who’s going through major protest trying to get the social president out of office.

    • Next time fact check instead of getting all your information from the Bernie website, social media memes, and the occupy fan pages. A lot of those european countries that you believe are democratic socialists, nordic nations… embrace capitalism to the point where minimum wage is not enforced by the government. Sadly, these countries are facing economic problems, as socialism are getting out of control. Greed from the government.

    • Chris Burger So your country jumped from 10.50$/hour to $21/hour in 4 years? Or was it a steady inflation. — You need to understand this. If I worked 10 years of my life for $7.50/hour minimum wage to save up $20,000 so that i could put a downpayment on a duplex apartment to rent out… AND THEN the government comes along and raising the minimum wage to $15/hour… my buying power, due to inflation, gets cut in half. Meaning, what I could get for $20,000, I now have to pay $40,000. This is how an economy works. But instead of happening over a 20 or 30 year period… Bernie wants this to happen in 4 years. How the hell is he going to make the economy better if it goes into CHAOS. It’s not like every single business has $100,000 stored away in their bank account… and be able to easily adjust to inflation that Bernie has caused… Small businesses have to raise the price so they can pay more money to their employees. When a small grocery store raises its prices, its noticeable. If Walmart raises prices… its a penny or 2.

    • Brian Seward Check this out, the U.S. ranks number 12 in the quality of life index right behind a bunch of democratic socialist counties. Time for you to do some fact checking. http://www.numbeo.com/quality-of-life/rankings_by_country.jsp

    • WTF does that have to do with democratic socialism…… climate? Politics can control Climate? Seriously…

    • Seems like the article is trying to say the system is already so corrupt there’s nothing we can do and even considering the ONLY candidate who sees the problem for what it is would be a mistake and only make things worse. So, let’s stop even trying to regain our own government and economy and continue shoveling money to the big corporation. Am I missing something?

    • I really can’t stand when people get on here defending corporations and crying about the the taxes Bernie wants to raise. Also do some of you realize our country already has a lot of socialist programs in place. Socialism is nothing new. People really don’t care about the people who were once the backbone of our economy.

    • They don’t care about the middle class.

    • Jonathan Crowther Amen.

    • Like unless you make a shit ton of money why are you tripping about taxes, CLEARLY the system now is not working.

    • Ken Keeton Still waiting for the evidence. If you are going to ignore the basics about corporate subsidies and the very real fact that those corporations have legislated small businesses out of competition, there is no point. The faster way to success is to roll back subsidies.. it makes them have to compete, which they can’t do without government intervention and regulations on small businesses that don’t apply to them. That thing you’re talking about has never worked. All that has to happen is to take the clout they have away from them. Those of us in the small and medium, business world will take care of the rest by simply outcompeting them with superior technology and th loyalty that comes from putting local people to work. but ok.. whatever.. i already know your approach will be a minor component.

    • Voting for a socialist or a fascist almost makes no difference to me… but I’d rather have a fascist that benefits everyone, than a socialist that will only benefit the rich. And the people that believe your taxes, whether you make $10,000 a year or $50,000, is not going to rise… you need to get your head out of your arse. Too bad Bernie isn’t transparent on everything.

    • Social Security is a socialist program. Remember when we bailed out the banks? Socialism. Rich conservatives are ALL for socialism when their bank is in trouble or they are too old to work and nobody likes them enough to take care of them lol

    • Ken Keeton Government has made it impossible for small business to thrive at the request of mega-corporation lobbyists – you hate the player when the anarchists hate the game.

    • These people that talk so badly about socialism need to wake up.

      If your house catches on fire make sure not to call the fire department unless you got the money to foot the bill.

      If your house gets broken into or if your car gets stolen or if a family member gets assaulted or murdered just make sure not to call the cops unless you’ve got the money to foot the bill.

      If your kids want to go to the park you better come up with a plan right now of how to tell them they’re not allowed to because it cost too much money for entry fees.

      When your mom and dad get old and decrepit and can’t take care of themselves just make sure you have enough money saved to cover the cost of having to stay home from work and care for them or to pay someone else to take care of them because you didn’t like the socialist programs of ‘Social Security’ and ‘Medicare’.

      And you might as well go ahead and sell your car because where are you going to drive since obviously no one person can afford to build all the roads.

      And if you have any family or friends in the military you might as well tell them you don’t like them because they are socialist whether they know it or not. They are/were given a paycheck from a socialist system.

      Socialism needs to be expanded not shut down, and it should not be controlled by just a few people that are megalomaniacs that want to control everything, that’s what gave socialism a bad name to begin with. If socialism were to operate like it’s supposed to, there wouldn’t even be any need for money.

  • Where I live, you can see the exactitude of this theory, in nearly every single village in our county. It is so depressing and there is no hope of picking up the communities out of the “regulatory capture”. If a “small business” is not a designated corporate franchise, there is little to no hope of it being successful and countless small business open/close within a one year span because all the dollars that are fetched from the consumer over at “Dunkin Donuts” instead of “Mom and Pop Coffee Shop”. Best hashtag I’ve seen yet for the political presidential election year 2016 #VoteForNobody2016

  • Kevin Starks

  • An entire article of pure speculation, not one number or fact, with a large amount of complete bullshit mixed in as well.


  • This is a load of garbage. The things you say would cause small business to not take off because of regulations are already in place. You should get educated in the field of the business you are running and getting licensed is a matter of going to city hall, filling out a form and paying a small fee. The problem right now is that there are corporations who are too under regulated or what I should really say is they are regulating themselves with bribes to our politicians who are exploiting everyone in it’s path. All this article said is in order to keep it easy to open a small business we need to keep the same b.s. system in place that is sucking our society dry but who cares, when it all comes crashing down again the American people will step up to the plate again and bail the rich out as we did 8 years ago!

  • kind of a little bit of a stretch sorta maybe. [ahem]

  • freeclintonpropagandaproject

  • alrighty…./unfollowing. not only are you wrong about this.. youd rather have trump or hillary?… or wait.. youd rather have…??? cruz? at least bernie is a civil libertarian. and has good foreign policy and isnt an authoritarian fear monger… WTF freethought project? do you even economics?? i loved you guys.. but im really starting to suspect that you are just another one of the heads on the hydra.. bernie is the only person who will get money out of politics.. the only one who will end war.. and the only one who will improve our economy and restore democracy. he is consistent and his record of commitment is 40 years long.

    • Bernie is against capitalism. He’s for crony Capitalism, aka corporatism. The thought of him destroying millions of small businesses and putting 10s of millions of people out of work is making me cringe. Corporations love the idea of Bernie killing off competition by not giving small businesses mercy, especially in smaller communities that won’t be able to cover cost of doubling minimum wage in 4 years. And corporations, along with banks that love this never-ending war BS are happy to have bernie win… because they make more money under a socialist than they were under a capitalist motivated president. Why would banks and corporations work hard to make money, when they can get it from government, which gets it from the people through taxation. To have universal programs, means supporting corporations. And screw all the candidates that are on stage… this election year was a reck and nobody is interested in joining your Bern victim cult.

    • Brian Seward, LOL… dream on. Keep spreading lies all you want because it won’t matter one iota… we see through your bullshit.

    • That’s why all the big corporations are backing Bernie, oh wait that’s right THEY’RE FUCKING NOT.

    • What lies? You are the liar. See how easy it is to say something and not back it up? Typical Bern Victims… starting an argument must be a real challenge for you.

    • Because they have priorities. Clinton and Cruz are there top priority. Bernie doesn’t want to accept money from rich billionaires like George Soros who’s single handedly fkin up this world… but he’s happy to fund the rallies you guys attend to. He’s no real threat to the establishment. He’s second priority. Why would they spend millions, when he’s doing such a great job squeezing it out of people like you who want hope and change.

    • you know nothing brian steward. gws.rip.

  • Lol. That’s funny.

  • Narrow minded article. Doing nothing is the best solution for this author.

  • this seems like the “agenda”…. you support Hillary? lol

    (except anyone that has done their research knows that he speaks on the money and the loopholes… so very, purposefully, misleading)

  • Vote libertarian! Voting nobody is quitting and not even trying to make change. Be better than that

  • MORE LIES to keep the 1% happy..

  • Careful of these sites with names like this, as big money is behind them. Name sounds good but just propaganda.

    • There is an actually ideology behind it. It is not about big money, it is about freedom.

  • Stop using their money just pick a bloody date and walk away together. The system is breaking; they aren’t fixing it so we don’t want it.

  • Hey free thought project so what about Clinton and her unjust Wars that are about to be coming our way if she is elected

  • It is common sense to anyone with basic math skills that all regulations hurt small business in favor of big business as they increase costs. I mean this is economics 101.

    • no no no no. not even fucking close. did you ever even take an economics course? regulations on big bussiness do not effect small bussiness. the two are completely different as far as their systemns

    • Martin Sunter oh please. Even a regulation that limits net profits hurts small business. Why would anyone invest millions to get into an industry to have a limit on how fast they can make their money back. its overhead. Besides the fact all the regulations you have in place that you must comply with to keep us safe raises the costs of entering into business. That in itself favors the rich over the poor. My friend spent 18k in California just to be able to sell liquor at his restaurant. Does that favor the poor or the rich? Its called common sense man. You raise the cost of doing business it will automatically favor those with money over those without. Think man think.

    • Do you think they wrote that liuor legislation with big business in mind? How does a tax on investment specualtion effect my tobacco business? Fucking goon

    • No liquor legislation was written by stupid fucking liberals who want to protect us from ourselves who dont have a fucking clue as to basic economics. Then when big government creates a problem by creating big corporations…then their solution of course is to not end what started it in the first place…it is to give us more of the problem. Fucking idiots.

    • and yes regulations do effect your tobacco business in favor of big business…..only a fucking goon wouldnt think so.

    • James Sheppard “Even a regulation that limits net profits”? Please specify these regulations.

  • I fully support your right to hold your totally erroneous opinion

  • politicians are just doing what theyre paid to do … by whoever is paying them to do it .. nothing new here really … buncha people sold their souls for the mighty dollar … and a bunch more ready n willing to do the same when and if they get a chance

  • Hatem Kaak fuck bernie and fuck clinton

    • Nah

    • Yah. Same as the rest of them lad

    • Money grabbing back stabbing J word

    • Wanting to base polices around equality rather than competition obviously alienates entrepreneurialship because corporations are cap eends. Not the fault of Sanders, but the system he operates in. Consider it a positive freedom.

    • No?

    • He wants to change it. But he can’t do it by himself.

  • this article is so incomplete and clearly meant to mislead people. first. Sanders does address regulatory capture. But that’s not the biggest concern. Taxpayers in the US pay 3 billion$ per month in corporate welfare. This is a free-ride preemptive bailout for the lousy business models they employ. When those companies have to compete without all the special treatment because Americans decide there are better ways to invest that money, the corporations are going to have to raise their costs and prices in order to please their shareholders. When they do that it will create a natural vacuum in the economy for small and medium sized local and regional businesses to fill. A more full and robust system, and unlike what we have today, it will more closely resemble a free-enterprise system. As far as the regulatory capture issue. It is true that small businesses are crippled with these hoops they have to go through. But if Americans are allowed to elect a President who will start rolling back subsidies for these talentless losers, then fixing that problem will be an even easier thing to do. It should also be noted that Vermont has one of the strongest small business climates in the Country. I’m not talking about startups and fast money, but actual, long-term stable economics.

  • well ive done my own lookin into Sanders plans on a small scale i wouldnt accept it either just look , i work in fast food and make about 16K a year and sanders wants to take more than 1,600 form me a year (135.83 a month) right now im saving for EMT school to get out of my pay check to pay check, With Trumps plan im getting (66.66 a month) more back that can go towards food and saving for my own schooling. Sanders to me has the worst economics plan but what do you expect from some one who was a bum before he started making 300K a year?

    • If you are going to look at how his policies would affect you personally, than you need to look at his platform as a whole. Did you factor in that you would be getting $15 an hour under Sanders, completely changing your math? Did you factor in that you would have health insurance with no PREMIUMS? Did you factor in that public college tuition would be free?

    • Maybe you need to take more maths classes dude.

    • Jeremy Swift “would be getting $15 an hour”– or more likely lose his job. “health insurance with no PREMIUMS” — forcing others to work for free. Great platform.

    • Jeremy 15 an hour ? So I make more than an EMT , firefighter or a cop? Then who would want to be a cop or an EMT or a firefighter? That’s dangerous work for so little when everybody can just flip fries for a living, get real min wage min skill or just a job to get you by. Right now WV raised min wage to 8.75 an hour and people bitched Becuase work hour got cut across the board thankfully 2 pansies quit which opened up more hours to work, now images what is going to happen when 15 an hour is federal, everything and cost of living will spike, you want change? Then work for it don’t take the easy way out, I’ve had health care trying to get it now is way to expensive. And fining people for not being able to afford it that’s madness! Sanders ideas are dangerous and a pipe dream.

  • Rich people hate Bernie and his peace efforts , also he social platform is repugnant to them . My question is why on earth do the poor flock to the status quo with Trump and Clinton , it boggles the mind

  • Considering the options: I love Bernie Sanders!

  • Bullshit article. I’m half tempted to unfollow this page.

  • Bernie is going to take the power from the corporations.

    • How?

    • with his death ray, so watch out fuckers

    • Campaign finance reform.

    • Campaign finance reform is going to be the first step in taking our country back.

    • You can trace so many of our problems back to our corrupt campaign finance system: mass incarceration, environmental destruction, rigged elections, corporate tax loopholes that shift the tax burden to the middle class and small business, the poor quality of our medical system, it’s effectively the root of most of our problems. It’s also the major barrier standing in the way of us correcting those problems.

    • Bernie is the real fucking deal, let’s not waste our opportunity.

    • Statism is not the answer. It is the problem.

    • I think that you may have Democratic Socialism confused with regular Socialism.

    • Elections are rigged. If you think Bernie or Trump stand a chance I’m sad for you. Hillary is gonna win because she’s another Obama and more of the same only helps big govt.

    • The whole election isn’t rigged, just parts of it. We just have to bring large enough margins, we are clearly bringing them already. And I prefer participating over sitting and whining like a little bitch any day. If we all work together, we can take charge of the process and fix this.

    • I like your enthusiasm, a lot of people have said the same thing for the past 50 years, but, alas, look where we still are.

    • 2/3 of eligible voters don’t show up to vote. This is different, trust me. Whether he wins or not, the beast has been awakened. We won’t taking inches on this one, I promise you. I am a part of the largest generation in the history of this country. When we stand together, we can make this happen.

    • Enthusiasm is how you get shit done. Resigning to your fate is how you get fucked, as we have been.

    • Bernie means well, but the fact is you can not give the gov more money, they are the reason we are in this spot, giving them more power is nothing short of feeding an already raging fire.

  • am just to unlike this news source cause its no way legitimate

  • The only thing Bernie is accountable to are the millions of individual donors. Crappy hit piece.
    The idea that Sanders is out to help Exon, Monsanto and multinational corp is ludicrous.

    The example of cosmetology out of the home, there’s a reason for the training and licensing. It’s not just the cutting. It’s sanitation, understand scalp disease and a host of other issues.

    • And the corrupt mega unions. Checkmate.

    • I used to feel that way about unions. Lost work to not being able to print a union bug. What I see though if it wasn’t for organized labor, kids would be in sweat shops and wages would be dismal.

      Not saying corruption doesn’t seep in but if we get campaign finance under control we have a chance.

    • Very shallow points in this article. It’s so short it’s an editorial and the subject is too nuanced for that. It’s making too big a leap in saying because there is a plan for industry reform and rebuilding infrastructure it will automatically be co-opted by corporate lobbyists. I mean.. yes it’s likely that Bernie’s “New Deal” could be approved by Congress because Halliburton was the one given the contracts to rebuild infrastructure, but the author states too authoritatively an outcome without proving it.
      Couldn’t the reason be for the suppression of his campaign and supporters because he has every intention of being a massive pain in the ass to the corporations potentially NOT getting those fat contracts because his administration was not paid for by them? Or the New Deal having the potentially saving grace of shovel-ready jobs for millions of people and reinvigorating US manufacturing. Who knows what could happen with these types of initiatives but FDRs policies created a better, more egalitarian society for the US and having a leader who at the very least has effective political will with these values makes him the only candidate, clearly.

    • ???

    • Richard Sills ????

  • Is this an argument for gig economies? Bernie Sanders should frighten those in power. If you are frightened by this, you should be. Ethical practices and a belief in doing right within our govt will prevent your fears from becoming reality. The Clinton name is synonymous with a lack of ethics. Trump… Don’t get me started. Feel the Bern.

    • The gov. is what gives corps power over markets and people. Bernie, who may mean well, but obviously does not understand economics and the relationship of gov regulation and cronyism, will not solve any problems. He will make things worse and sooner or later just perpetuate the probs we already have. I actually question his sincerity, because his proposed policy is so bad. Reduction of the gov and expansion of freedom is the answer. Try to think outside of the gov for answers to societies probs. Gov is notoriously bad at solving problems. The incentives are just not there. We have been taught that it is ok to shirk personal responsibility onto the rest of society through the collective (gov). This is a bad habit that society needs to break.

    • Ro Dan you are wrong , Bernie understands exactly about cronyism and the tilted economic playing field and economists have put his plans to pen and paper and unlike the right wings policies , that will cause a massive increase in the deficit and the debt in succession , Bernies policies for healthcare and the economy will SAVE taxpayers $15 trillion dollars over ten years . I would be happy listening to your reasoning but you gave nothing that is reasonable , just because you say so .

    • James Buchanan “I would be happy listening to your reasoning but you gave nothing that is reasonable , just because you say so.” I could accuse you of the same. Nevertheless, I will give you some reasoning. Do you not see how, for example, the FDA and FCC, are used to monopolize the food and drug, and communication industries. Big players in that industry lobby those regulatory agencies to dictate policy to help their specific organizations. Do you agree with this or disagree? What do you think the Berner will do to stop corruption in regulatory agencies?

    • As the free market diminishes and the government takes over the economy rich people need to get in the system by using political favors and political power. I think that is true but the solution isn’t taxing those who are already using the power of the state to gain unfair market advantage. But to eliminate the capacity for the state to use that power and rig the economic gain.

    • Bernie is against wide spread political corruption, so how does this apply to him.

    • Jimmy Hart : Policy can enable corruption. Bernies policy actually encourages it in the way that when you tax (which is theft) people and business’ too much they start to look for ways to rig the system back into their favor. Big corps have the money to do this. One thing that many people are not understanding is that 99% of bureaucrats have a price. It’s just how people are. Thinking that one possibly ethical dumbass will change or inspire others, all the while strengthening the very system that takes advantage of the public is very short sighted, imo.

  • I couldn’t have said it better myself: “When it comes to reigning in mega corporations, lowering the barrier to entry for small businesses is the real solution, and nothing Sanders is proposing would lower the barrier to entry or make it easier for people to become independent and own businesses of their own. In fact, it would make it harder.”

  • ……………….. voteanonymous2016.com

  • Unfollow 🙂 It’s been fun, but I really don’t agree on your political agenda.

  • TROLLS, nice try – feel the Bern!

  • “free thought” that’s a laugh. If this is the worst scary story you have for Sanders then even you guys are digging rock bottom. It’s fucking pathetic.

  • Ironic the same policies that limited the growth of mega corporations during FDR are now claimed to promote them…

  • You have GOT to be kidding..

  • I’m now not so sure about this “free thought”page. How are we even questioning who is worse with trump on the list? Anyone thinking that trump makes a good president is obviously not thinking.shame on you guys

  • Bernie Sanders can do no wrong at this point because most of his followers are emotionally invested. This is a very rational argument against Sanders’ policies but you wouldn’t realize that if you read through these comments. The general vibe is, “fuck you for talking shit on Bernie Sanders.” The fact that people have an emotional response to someone criticizing their favorite political candidate ought to tell them something. Whenever emotions are involved, rationale is absent. I think it’s very fair to say that most of Bernie Sanders’ supporters are blindly following their leader at this point.

    • No doubt there is plenty of emotional attachment to Bernie at this point, because for a lot of people out there he is saying things that seem like common sense but are so far from the narrative being spun by all of the other candidates. However on further reflection I don’t think that the argument in this article even comes close to being valid. Small businesses don’t benefit from free trade agreements. Small businesses would benefit from antitrust laws being written and enforced. How many small businesses has wal-mart shut down at this point? Small businesses are not hampered by the EPA or the FDA, at least not nearly to the extent that big businesses are.

      On top of this if people were paid a living wage and had decent benefits, they might have some extra cash to spend at Mom and Pop’s antique store, or have an addition put onto their house by a local construction company or something of that.

    • Something like that*

    • Hey, if you can rationally come to terms with the idea of paying an additional 10% of your income to federal taxes then more power to you. I’ll stick with whoever the LP nominates.

    • Nowhere does Sanders say taxes will go up by 10%. Unless you earn over $250,000 it’s doesn’t change.
      The article makes a good point and it’s an issue to be wary of. The issue people have is that it doesn’t say what of Sanders policy would trigger it and how exactly that specific policy would cause it.
      Aptly named the Free Thought Project, most people need to see a little more evidence to be convinced.

    • “On a static basis, the plan would lead to 10.56 percent lower after-tax income for all taxpayers and 17.91 percent lower after-tax income for the top 1 percent. When accounting for reduced GDP, after-tax incomes of all taxpayers would fall by at least 12.84 percent.”

    • Richard Hadlock Taxfoundation.org is a funded political lobbying group, and not, in ANY way impartial or subjective. It was founded by captains of the auto industry to lobby for lower corporate taxes…

    • You’ve got that backwards…Rationale is what brought about the emotional investment.

    • John Leland I’m not emotionally invested in any political candidate and I may not even vote depending on who the LP nominates…and I need to free my mind? Nobody is perfect, least of all politicians. If you think your political candidate is perfect then it is you that need to free your mind and think.

    • “The plan would raise taxes across the board, by an average of $9,000 overall, lowering households’ after-tax income by about 12%.” http://money.cnn.com/2016/03/04/pf/taxes/bernie-sanders-taxes/index.html

    • Hilary Clinton Was A Wal-Mart Executive And Their Lawyer 86-92 How many different sources do you want to see? Would you care to refute any of this information?

    • Right and the left owned colleges have misinformed millions of people over the last thirty years.

    • Come on, Vox and CNN. One of the first principles of English & History class was to evaluate the source of information. Both are very anti-Bernie and pro-Hillary.
      I’d rather listen to a more bias free analysis of Sanders economic plan. And it makes perfect logical sense too

    • Michael O’Neill It’s a video of an investment banker talking in platitudes. No facts, no figures, no numbers. I’m convinced that this is the only way that people can buy Bernie Sanders’ socialist garbage. If you try talking actual numbers, it just doesn’t add up.

    • Trumps on his way out. He can’t keep his big mouth shut and thank God he’s not going to be president. Putin would call his bluff in a heartbeat and the nuclear exchange would begin.

  • I thought this was a good page. Now I realize it is just another mouth piece for the 1%ers. Bye Felicia!

  • Yeah vote for nobody! Unless its someone like Ron Paul! He is amazing and would fix our world 🙂 not empower every single mega corporation until they are all thats left 🙂 Think about the damage your astroturfing is doing to all the young kids seeing this and becoming misinformed. I know you might get paid for it and all, but the rest of us expect Free THOUGHT. Not thoughts that have clearly been paid for.

  • What a crock of shit. Bernie is the only person willing to stand up to the corporations/big money interest and the Free thought project is trying to spin this into a positive for the corporation. What a joke and I will now immediately unfollow this page.

    • I’m following your decision. Fuck these sell outs. They’ve been bought out by something. They weren’t like this.

  • BS article = No longer following your feed

  • IMO… International Maritime Organization or the International Mathematical Olympiad?

  • I love how nearly all the Sanders supporters here attack this, saying it’s false; but few even attempt to explain what is false about it…

  • This is bullshit. If the government did it’s job and enforced laws against the 1% like they used to these things will not happen. But we people have to stop letting others do our thinking for us. We need to speak out!

    • Please stop dreaming that the gov will ever do it’s job correctly. It does and will always do the job of whoever is the highest bidder. It is just how humans are right now. Maybe one day we will not be so corruptible. Prob not very soon.

  • This page pretty much sucks during election years, apparently.

  • This article fails to cite the specific “taxes and regulations” Sanders is proposing that could pose potential harm to small businesses. Referencing “regulatory capture” but failing to provide direct Sanders policy that encompasses such practice is not an effective argument against him. Anyone can give an opinion without backing it with any proof, which is exactly what this article has done. #feelthebern

    • Straight up. This article is so full of holes I can see the pile of crap on the other side.

    • It’s actually a really good artcile with a great perspective on how the mega-corp are bullying all the small ones via the governement BUT it DOES NOT oppose or debunk Mr. Sanders view or politics.

    • I have a very rough grasp on economics but wouldnt this only be true if you taxed and regulated small business in the same way you did mega corporations. This article was informative on ways that corruption happens but in my opinion this sounds very unfamiliar to senator sanders policies. I dont see how the model of not taxing and regulating mega corporations destroys small businesses and doing the exact opposite also destroys small businesses. Anybody care to explain?

    • Garbage I’ve owned three small businesses in my life and this author is full of shit.

  • The internal logic in this article is flawed. It reads as an outlier piece for the endorsement of the current right-wing Establishment. People who promote this kind of spurious reasoning are enemies of the general populous.

  • another april fools joke?

  • How much did they pay you “The Free Thought Project” … ? Im dissapointed of you,didnt think you would be selling yourself so cheap.And all of you smartheads are very good at writing articles and explaining stuff,but seems like you still dont fucking get it : you WILL have one of these 3,and the more pathetic articles like this come out,the bigger the chance you WONT get Bernie,but instead Hillary,or God forbid Trump… Start fucking thinking freely as your name suggests before its too late you fucking idiots, you still dont realise that Trump or Hillary will be the fucking end of this country,dont you ? … 🙁

    • All true..well said

    • Yea sorry about the rant part though 🙂 I feel calmer now

    • You realize none of these candidates are the ones holding the reigns right

    • And even if so,especially knowing this(if i get you correctly),are you telling me you actually prefer anything other than Bernie?

    • Cause for me (im not an american,but i actually care) seems like you have to make a choice between these 3 while you still can,cause otherwise the choice is already made,and i really doubt it would be better than the first scenario …

    • Hillary yes, Trump no.

    • If you really think she is something much more different than Trump,you have drunk the cool aid,dude… why do you think they are on the opposide sides…

    • Thinking freely involves the conclusion that any one of these three would be a disaster. Choosing between them is like deciding whether you’d like to be stabbed, shot or gassed.

    • Thats exactly what they want you to think… and its so far from the truth you cant even grasp it i guess… you are actually trying to compare mindless corporate puppets with a real person with a big heart who is actually trying to bring them down…so sad to conclude that the cool aid is working and i guess you will deserve it if Bernie doesnt win (god forbid),but if that happens you will ALL be PRAYING for Bernie,but it will be too late… choose wisely,while you still have the choice in your hands …

    • Its actually like choosing between killed,killed,and a chance to be saved, and not only that you dont even realise it,but the most shocking part for me is that you actually dont realise you’re gonna be ”stabbed,shot or gassed” ANYWAY YOU FUCKING IDIOTS ! And there’s a real chance for this not to happen with Bernie,and you’re like ” nono i like the cool aid im a stupid pessimist who cant even see when he is actually being given a chance to be saved” … Blue pill or red pill ? America’s choice…

    • They all suck, shithead. The red and blue kool aid they sell here are both poison.

    • They all suck, shithead. The democrats and republicans are the ones guzzling the kool aid. Those of us that can still think for ourselves despise them both. Bernie’s heart may be in the right place, but I’m not voting for someone that’s going to raise my taxes or anyone else in this race.

    • No they dont ”all suck” … you suck ,cause if you were really ”still tinking for yourself” you wouldnt feel things like despise and therefore you wouldnt be blind to the truth and saying the same lame and pointless excuses over and over again(which are not even true and thats the saddest part)…,but how can i explain that to someone who has drunk the typical cool aid for the masses – ”they are all bad,so lets just only pointlessly complaint with the pretense ”we are free and thinking ” ( 😀 ) and wait for the very worst to happen,and then pray for Bernie when its too late” …

    • And also you have absolutely obviously NOT watched Bernie a lot,i doubt you even watched what he is saying… he is the first person in your sadly enslaved country who is really offering opposition to the global elite since JFK,but thats what cool aid is for … for you not to even recognise it 🙂

  • It appears many bern victims on here either didn’t even read the article or believe him to be their “messiah.”

  • Sanders was the deciding vote on Ron Paul’s audit the fed bill. He voted against it. Therefore I will never support him. Don’t get fooled again people. This may be the best time ever to vote 3rd party. Of course the election process is rigged.

    • That’s not true he voted for it not against it.

    • Ron Paul’s bill in 2010. He did vote for Rand Paul’s bill in 2015.

    • You’re free to be ignorant…. It’s a free country….

    • Thanks for showing me the way. Just because I do not support Sanders you assume I am a Hillary supporter . She should be in prison. I’m more of a Libertarian. I don’t support any of these clowns. You want to change the world you have to change yourself first. You don’t like Monsanto rhen don’t buy there products. Grow your own food . Theses corporations are not going to reform themselves. You are living in a dream if you think theses politicians are going to save you. You have to save yourself and lead by example. Peace and much love.

    • Jorma Pinette nice! I agree.

  • This is Bullshit !!

  • Free Thought Project did you just fall and hit your little head??

  • Employer should not be separated from employee, and producer should not be separated from consumer, by a corporation. Corporations are graven images, occult entities, and the only reason they exist is to absorb the responsibility that should belong to the man who created it. This assures that the person hiding behind the corporations will be less responsible than they would be, were the corporation not there to protect them. They should be outlawed.

  • Funny… That’s not what happened in Burlington, VT… Bernie was and is a champion of small business… He turned the entire city into what is regarded as one of the best places to live in the US…

  • April fools

  • Best april fools yet.

  • April fools

  • Ayyyy another piece by the free thought project that holds no water and is just more bullshit! Yeah. The guy with a record fighting for the people is totally gonna let corporations be empowered. You got it guys. Good work. This page is really struggling to keep the tin foil people’s attention. This is what they have to resort to LOL.

  • Soooo the best way to curb big corporations is little to no government regulation???? self police????? Like Now????? How is that working out for us right now??? ( I rest my case, just more fear mongering on why ”we can’t afford change” )

    • No, just very little government will do.?

  • Garbage. Conservative GOP Koch brother funded.. Don’t fall for
    this BS

  • Sure, most of the newly created wealth goes to the top .00001%, but of all the candidates, it’s Bernie Sanders who will make it worse.

  • i am voluntarily unfollowing your shithole page

  • This article doesn’t have much logical flow to it. It’s like a high school essay someone wrote the night before it was due.

  • This is propaganda.

  • Crap article. Written to push HRC…I’m un-following this faux-liberal BS.

  • This an April Fools joke, right?
    hopefully…. if not you guys have no hope.

  • If this where true big corporations would be behind them.

  • April fools?

  • Bernie left his balls in the toaster and it fried his brain communist piece of crap

  • on the payroll already? so called free thought? how much did hillary pay you?

  • Min wage raise is a disaster. He must set a max wage. Well, earn as much as you like, but at some point one will tax 100%

  • Pay more and buy from your local small businesses…quit looking to others for solutions…but just keep shopping at Wal-Mart…

  • Free thought, you have been bought. You did not think about this article it was handed to you to post more BS about Bernie. Clinton loves her cronies.

  • Inaccurate bullshit article.


  • Jill Stein for president

  • APRIL FOOOOOLS!! (suckas…)

  • Total bullshit article. Reasons? 1) Sanders isn’t going to stand for the corruption now; let alone let it get worse
    2) smaller businesses are NOT subject to the same things mega businesses are-that’s simple fact. While some things are the same like acquiring a license; others such as restrictions on emissions don’t effect them.
    3) lowering the barrier to entry for small businesses does absolutely ZERO to reign in big corporations as a new small business is NOT going to be able to compete with a big box store on prices. Lowering the barrier isn’t going to change that! Higher taxes & more regulation can. It would require more of the cost of taxes to be passed unto consumers & possibly cut off their source of cheap labor/products-both of which WOULD help small businesses.

  • omg … the bernie bots are ruffled … i swear it’s like a de ja vu … reminiscent of the obama “epiphany” crowd. they just can take it, they can’t deduce logical reasoning and equate it with their newly found prophet pope sanders. maybe he can ask gov cuomo to be is vice prez, who just passed the $15/hr min. wage and we can all collectively “feel the bern” when the economy totally tanks into the trash bin of “socialist standard” economical policy forced thru the quasi-fascist state usa presidential elections. the rep party is represented by the tea party. the dem party is represented by the occupy party. and they still think a vote for bernie is going to “make america great again” …

  • I was excited when I saw the headline but this is a really weak argument against taxes and regulation.

  • So basically it would be business as usual in Washington no matter who gets the office. A big businessman with no actual business acumen just a lot of bluster, a christian idiot who is no better, a white woman who cut her back teeth with Walmart, or an old Jewish man who has worked ceaselessly for civil rights. Hmmm. Or maybe just maybe, you all have already picked who you want in that office and are in league with the DNC.

  • the free thought project needs some free stuff liken to a brain to determine this article as oneauthor trying to be published… pffft lol

  • There is nothing about this article that promotes free thinking. This is not accurate in the least according to the plan laid out by the Sanders campaign. Of course why would anyone be motivated to argue against the only candidate trying to hold corporations accountable.

  • Hello Everyone, I constantly see the argument that the government should be smaller, not bigger. And believe me when I say ‘No one abhors government more than I’, But I got to thinking about it and the reality is that I just don’t like government the way it is. If the government were to be what it’s supposed to be then it would be the biggest government ever.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong but if our government is supposed to be ‘We the People’ and if we the people become more involved doesn’t that naturally make the government bigger? Because ‘We the People’ are supposed to be the government.

    Again, Our government is supposed to be ‘Of the People, By the People, For the people’, So it’s simple mathematics that tells you that if we became the government like it’s supposed to be, the government becomes bigger.

    Once again, with a True Democratic Government, ‘We the People’ are the government, which would bring the number of people in government from thousands to millions, In other words, America’s Whole Population. Just a thought.

  • Disappointed in Free Thought lately…Bernie has always supported small business

  • Where the hell are you getting your information?

  • That is what government does best, manipulate the market and play favorites.

  • His Ideas would help small business, They wouldn’t have to cover their employees healthcare, so they would be able to use the money they save from that alone, would encourage small businesses to thrive.

  • Ryan Wiltse Cody Kelly read this article.

    • This article makes points; points that prove the writer has done little research on his policies.
      1. Removing the requirements set by Obamacare to provide full time workers health coverage which is costly and time consuming for employers both small and large. This current regulation is horrendous for small businesses and often is taken out on the employees by restrictions to their hours worked so that they are never allowed full time work because of the cost of health coverage. All replaced by single payer medicare.
      2. Removing funding of politicians by corporations currently allowed through Citizens United. Bernie is at the front of the ‘overturn citizens united’ movement. This is legal bribery as the article suggests, but has ch osen to ignore Sanders plan to root out this corruption.
      3. Bernie sanders is in opposition of the current trade agreements which have shipped a multitude of manual labor and factory jobs by putting americans Ina position to have to compete with south asian workers who make dollars a day.

      I’m aware he has plans to “increase government ” but do some research as to where he chooses to do this before tagging me in a bullshit article full of holes.

  • controlled opposition – ordo ab chao – hegelian dialectic – divide and conquer….

  • Actually, I’m voting for Deez Nuts or Vermin Supreme

  • Bernie for president ???

  • Bs

  • If we “lower the barrier to entry for small businesses,” they will compete with mega-corporations? Are you kidding me? You think that, if we just free the markets, small businesses will take down mega-corps such as “Monsanto, Exxon, or Bank of America”? Oh yes, if only “hairdressers” could “[work] out of their home or office,” then we would have true liberty. Who the fuck wrote this article, Mitt Romney? The main issue with this article is that it equates government regulation generally with regulatory capture. On the contrary, regulatory capture denotes only certain types of government regulation, not regulation in general. Quoting George Stigler, the article defines regulatory capture as occurring when the policies of a regulatory agency specifically “[advance] the commercial or political concerns of special interest groups.” After quoting, the article proceeds to assume that ALL forms of regulation, by definition, serve special interests groups. But that was NOT Stigler’s point. This is a mistake of the article. You can accuse Bernie of planning to impose regulations, but you would need to take a step further to somehow deem those regulations to qualify as “regulatory capture.” And if you did suggest that the regulations he’s proposing serve “special interest groups,” that would be really, really stupid. I’m getting more and more concerned about the influence of Voluntaryism on anti-establishment thinkers. 

  • These people that talk so badly about socialism need to wake up.

    If your house catches on fire make sure not to call the fire department unless you got the money to foot the bill.

    If your house gets broken into or if your car gets stolen or if a family member gets assaulted or murdered just make sure not to call the cops unless you’ve got the money to foot the bill.

    If your kids want to go to the park you better come up with a plan right now of how to tell them they’re not allowed to because it cost too much money for entry fees.

    When your mom and dad get old and decrepit and can’t take care of themselves just make sure you have enough money saved to cover the cost of having to stay home from work and care for them or to pay someone else to take care of them because you didn’t like the socialist programs of ‘Social Security’ and ‘Medicare’.

    And you might as well go ahead and sell your car because where are you going to drive since obviously no one person can afford to build all the roads.

    And if you have any family or friends in the military you might as well tell them you don’t like them because they are socialist whether they know it or not. They are/were given a paycheck from a socialist system.

    Socialism needs to be expanded not shut down, and it should not be controlled by just a few people that are megalomaniacs that want to control everything, that’s what gave socialism a bad name to begin with. If socialism were to operate like it’s supposed to, there wouldn’t even be any need for money.

    • Tell me you realize that people, ie, the government would never, ever operate anything the way it should be, you get that right.

    • of course

    • That’s why we need the ‘right’ people in government with us standing by them by the millions.

    • impeach the one’s who don’t fall in line to the greater good.

  • Propaganda…

  • John Parmigiani

  • Article is poorly written, where is all of the data and FACTS surrounding his plan? Once again, avoid the internet on April Fools day . . . .

  • Derrick Michael

    • How does increasing taxes on Wall Street speculation and penalizing corporations for storing their money overseas to evade taxes hurt small businesses? This article echoes the idea of “trickle down economics” and the fear of big government. Someone could also argue that increasing taxes and eliminating loop holes for corporations could help small businesses. For example, if we make the barriers of entry harder for large corporations, small business would have a better chance to survive against large conglomerates.

    • People love to act like they are pro small business. That they are for the middle class yet they shop at Walmart for everything, whilst taking their news directly from corporate puppets who want to keep shoveling the manure that is “trickle down economics” on top of our heads despite OVERWHELMING evidence that I’d does not work.

    • Interesting input Derrick. Trickle down economics has a proven record of failure.

      I would say that trickle down economics is a failure regardless off if the “trickling down” comes from a large corporation or the gov’t… It doesn’t work.

      If trickle down economics doesn’t work from a corporate standpoint, and our gov’t and country being ran like a corporation, how will it be any different?

      This article expands on that theme from what I read…

      Don’t expect a trickling down effect from anybody which would include the gov’t.

      Instead of waiting for the crumbs to fall from the rich man’s table, or crumbs to fall from the gov’t table, or waiting for the gov’t to take from the rich man’s table and give out to the poor man… Allow the poor man the ability to build HIS OWN TABLE, and produce his own food without unnecessary bureaucratic red tape, gov’t regulation and interference and taxation without representation.

      Allow the poor man more liberty by making it easier to start a business, and not harder to do so…

      Allow the poor man to produce more easily, which would break down the long standing monopolies due to competition.

      The biggest threat to a monopoly is competition, not higher taxes.

      We can agree trickle down money doesn’t work. I would hope we could agree that $hi%^ rolling down hill however is evident; taxing mega corporation is like $%^ rolling down hill. In the end, the lil guy will be the one covered in it.

      The best way to avoid that would be to make it easier for the little guy, not harder for the big guy… And not because we love the big guy, but because the lil guy is where the focus should be and how to empower him.

    • Chase, my humble opinion, Walmart is a cancer to our nation and I recommend boycotting them to anybody willing to listen.

    • Agreed!

  • This is exactly what Ron Paul told us perhaps the people should’ve gotten behind him a little more than they did

  • Hating on the one man who thinks for freedom. Unfollow.

  • Well after the April fools joke about Obama signing new drug pardons….and now this garbage You The Free Thought Project.com are officially in need of some psych meds. Done with you. Hopefully everyone else will follow suit.

  • Truth. Plain and simple.

  • This was a terrible article! How can anyone say Bernie is responsible for unethically keeping wealthy corporation owners monopolies in power? He hasnt even taken office yet. Monopolies are already a problem to small business owners, it wouldnt be something new if Bernie were to take office. This article is shit

  • There are many nuanced similarities between trump and sanders, if you against both your probably funded by the establishment

  • Bullshit!

  • Moron, such dam stupid nonsense, you do not hink that this will work do.???

  • Bullshit !!! he just wants them to pay “SOME TAXES”

  • I agree that Sanders or Clinton would be disasters. I don’t agree that Trump is terrifying, not at all. You know you can trust him when he says he wants to “Make America Great Again” because he is predominantly invested in American real estate. His interests as a businessman align with ours as citizens. Clinton is a traitor, and Sanders policies will actually collapse the country.

  • There’s only vague reference to some obscure economic theories in this. This is libertarian dribble. Bernie s policies for healthcare, infrastructure alone will create many opportunities for small business and jobs for individuals. Getting out of the regime change business will free up previously wasted resources and money for new jobs in education, roads, bridges, water, power distribution just to name a few.

  • Vote For Nobody?
    That’s a fucking stupid idea.
    How about Jill Stein if you don’t like any of the major three.

  • what a load of grade a horse shit. i don’t even know where to begin unpacking this monstrosity of an article.

  • This article is very sloppy drivel

  • Ps. I’ve unliked “the free thought project” cause this is just waaay too thin on rationality.


  • it’s a none topic as he is out of the race, that much is obvious!

  • BS

  • The “article” fails on it’s own logic. The ONLY example give of the hair dresser doesn’t even make sense. Requiring a hairstylist to get a license and training somehow is the reason that are forced to work for a corporation and not independently? WTF kind of mind fuck is this? There are ZERO examples of this “Regulatory capture” bull shit, and I’ve heard of no new regulations outside of the financial sector involving wall street and banks from the Sanders campaign.

    • Bernie didn’t have a full time job until he was 40 years old.

    • If you can’t see regulatory capture all around you, you have no business discussing economics.

    • ^ Cody and Brian are examples of what happens when you are completely lobotomized by the establishment.

  • This entire hit piece is based on out dated writings of George Stigler (10/17/1911 – 12/1/1991) who wrote in 60s-80s. It’s OFFICIAL: This page is super PAC funded by a conservative organization.

  • “Economist Deirdre McCloskey later referred to Stigler as “among the worst historians of economic thought in the history of the discipline” who “read a lot but was defective in paying attention.”

  • How the hell does this tie into Bernie Sanders?

  • Is crap like this what one can expect from a flood of super PAC money? This page is funded garbage.

  • Bullshit!

  • Your spin will not work this time. You would have to read or listen to the plan put forth by Bernie and how it will be implemented before you start to condemn.it..

  • Bernie Sanders’s tenure as chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee was characterized by glaring neglect of his oversight as chairman even after whistlebloowers came forward. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Veterans_Health_Administration_scandal_of_2014

  • What a load of bullshit

  • I can’t read this site on mobile anymore for the big ad at the bottom asking me to like the page I’ve already liked… And the damn thing won’t close no matter how I click on it.

  • If you actually read his policies and plans you would know this post is propaganda https://berniesanders.com/issues/ Mabey before you start assuming the worst of a person because of a word you have been made to fear. He has been an advocate for equality throughout his life. Lincoln and Roosevelt both had socialist policies. And I believe Bernie Sanders will succeed them in progressive presidents. #Sanders2016

  • Free thought? You guys are establishment trolls – FUCK YOU!

  • Running low on material? Trying to bash Bernie is a great way for you guys to lose your audience. I would ditch this one quick guys.

  • Every agency is already captured.

  • This story is a double edge sword because there is some logic to it but if the Glass-stegal is modified the monopoly would be harder for big corporations to infringe on the smaller companies. The politics have to protect the people from a greedy capitalism that seeks to consume all the resources and disenfranchise the working people.. But I do agree that Mr. Sanders would even benefit even the rich…. That is why I am voting for him…

  • Is Bernie one of their puppets?

    • Absolutely NOT! Don’t listen to these fucking asshats – Check his record for the last 40 years.

  • Free thought you are a government plant – You worthless assholes –

  • Really? Making the rich give back the money they stole from the poor and middle class is helping the corporations? They should be arrested not just taxed at a higher rate. From the bought and paid for politician all the way I the top level bankers… That’s the only issue I see with his campaign.

  • If you must vote, vote #AP4LP2016

  • Oh look that old Laissez Faire argument…

  • You guys are fucking retarded

  • Elections are billion dollar farce- everyone serves the same master- change this sytem

  • love bern

  • Trump will set you free

  • This is not responsible reporting at all … kind of like casual journalism

  • BS…Another Clinton lie!

  • I only read specullations in this article. …and supposing the regulatory agencies will ‘corrupt’ them selfs to the best bider doesn’t it’s just what it’s happening with gov agencies and congress right now? wouldn’t Bernie deserves the benefit of the doubt?

  • your an ja

  • Fear is a lie.


    Under Sanders, income and jobs would soar, economist says

    Why the Critics of Bernienomics Are Wrong

    170 Economists Endorse Bernie Sanders’ Plan To Reform Wall St. And Rein In Greed

    Politifact Confirms Bernie Sanders’ Healthcare Plan Will SAVE Every American Family $1,200/Year

    The Political Revolution Is Close To Fruition In Oregon

    Agenda for America 12 Steps Forward


    How Does Bernie Sanders Plan to Pay for all this “Free” Stuff?


    Unless the Democrats Run Sanders, A Trump Nomination Means a Trump Presidency


    http://www.facebook.com/HoldThatLine.org – *SHARE*

    • Oh look, you did a better job than they did when they wrote the article!


      Fact checking?

      My gods!

      It’s like you care if what you say is true!

  • We aren’t friends anymore Free thought Project….

  • I just hope Bernie isn’t another puppet

  • I’m going to act under the assumption that you posted this as some sort of April Fool’s joke, because so far my experience with this page has been positive, and I’d hate to see such a great page fall for this kind of bullshit this late in the game.

  • Sick of the BS going on?? A free world is waiting for those in need. The technology is here now to supply the necessities we need to survive, we only have to create this free world. Out with the old and in with the new. Its time for change. Join this group to be part of the change>
    https://www.facebook.com/groups/265603456982790/ .

  • Bernie the Trojan horse

  • freethought or paid for thoughts?

  • Matt Laferriere

  • John Stone I knew Bernie was to good to be true

  • Free thought, you are so full of it!

  • What a stupid question.

  • Sweeping generalizations are a dead giveaway that your article had no substance. Specifically, small business stand to save a lot on healthcare. How does calling for a national negotiation with the pharmaceutical industry and the medical industry play into corporate plans? The only plan I can think of which suits your narrative is the fight for 15. However, this plan is often misrepresented and portrayed as an overnight change rather than something which happens over 6 to 8 years. Small businesses have the most to gain from people earning good wages. I believe you call them consumers.

  • April Fools.

  • He wants to empower mega corporations by taxing the shit out of them and breaking up the big banks? I’m confused. lol

  • Travel gate
    Vince Foster’s Death
    Hillary Care Disaster
    Filegate scandal
    Whistleblower investigation
    IRS abuses
    Chinagate scandal
    Senate Campaign Finance Conviction
    Pardon Gate scandal
    Senate Rules Violation
    State Department Scandals
    Clinton Foundation Conflict of Interest
    Benghazi coverup. —————————————————————-These are all Hillary’s scandals since the 90s…a vote for no one, is a sure way to get her and her criminal family back in the white house

  • I would bet money I do not have that Trump payed for this trite! We are not talking about socialism damnit! Stop trying to classify it! What he stands for is fairness for the people! Socialism is not actually in the peoples interests. While some of his ideas may share some common ground with some socialism we are not talking about becoming the former Soviet Union we are talking about educating our young people creating a sustainable economy that pays fair wages is less reliant on public assistance and overall create a happier more productive society!! That is not socialism!! IDIOTS!!! Just look at Denmark Norway Sweden etc. they overall are happier safer more fair places to live! Spending tax money that we are already collecting on things other than war and corporate laws is not SOCIALISM!! The repugnicans started that whole socialism idea to scare people into voting for Cruz but those sneaky ass Clintons talked their BUDDY TRUMP (yes they have been kissy face friends for years in case you did not know) into running because they thought that the public would pick hillary over chump! But they were not counting on the WILD CARD GENTLEMAN candidate that Bernie has become and the youth of this country will decide this thing in the end!! BERNIE ALL THE WAY!!!!

  • What happened to this site? #FreeFromThoughtProject

  • Ridiculous ! The barrier for entry is only a small part of the question of competition.

  • Oh really! So then where are Bernie’s ‘Mega-Donations’ from those Mega-Corporations and where is the corporations-owned mainstream media at ANY of his events? I would like to see what Tulsi Gabbard has to say about this opinion (Jai Gabbard).

    • I’m not too sure exactly where he’s coming from. As far as I know, Bernie’s just trying to get big corporations earning mega$$$ to pay their fair share of taxes by shutting down the loopholes, subsidies and tax havens they currently exploit. These said new taxes would not affect small businesses as much because they are bracketed by the amount of income/profit a business makes. I feel that Bernie would support small business just as much as he’s fighting to raise minimum wage.

  • One of a 2 yr old favourite expressions, “fuck maaaann”

    • Hes going to help giant corporations by taxing them more and raising the minimum wage.. Right. Elitist or republican wrote this, without a doubt.

  • Trump…the lesser of 3 evils. .guess its trump then.. ‘merica? !!

  • the greed continues !!

  • What is this garbage??

  • The free thought project is free of thought. They’re starting to sound like fox news, ignorant and childish. Not including uneducated.

  • Poorly cited and ridiculous conjecture. Seriously?

  • I am continually appalled at how bad this page is. Who the hell are you people? Any idea how many leading economists back Bernie’s economy plans? Did you miss the godfather of Wall Street also backing his plans? You lot sound like a bunch of teenagers somewhere Ina bedroom posting shit after a joint and a bottle of Woodpecker cider before Mum comes up and knocks on the door to tell you to make your bed and come down for dinner. Twats.

    • You liked their last article!

    • Ewan Mitchell stop tracking me weirdo. I know where you live.

    • JM Mac hahhahhaah.

    • Ewan Mitchell my hypocrisy is mine alone in this online world.

    • I took a view on both your fb sites and taken a conclussion..
      Jm you’ve got something to say and it shows a that a part of your family has a inportant factor in your life you got a healty Job and you a explainable meaning in life and thats beautiful JM Mac and for yoy Ewan Mitchell it is meaning fulltime to explain your thoughts because you may and you can and I have a difficulty with your commants because its not open and it shows no collars its Black and your page on fb I dont know you and by looking on your page its like a Wall why dont you show nothing why….I can immediatly understand JM Mac you stop..because finale you re getting lost in you re cloud come out of the smog…please and pease

    • After the fourth April fool’s story they posted yesterday made me think they were children. Only my children prank all day.

  • BS = “like + comment ” + Your bias is showing .

  • John Vibes, author of the article is a clueless jackass…. This could not be further from the truth…

  • Lost all respect for you guys.

  • Rubbish

  • He reduces competition. Competition: the most honest regulator. Keeps prices down and wages high. Wake the fuck up people, government cannot force it’s will on business. Business needs FREEDOM to compete and create honesty in someone threating to always do it better for cheaper!!

    • Yes agreed! Free market capitalism creates the best element for competition. Competition gives us choice which is what drives us forward. Way too many people want free shit and think the rich will pay. It ain’t gonna happen. The middle class will be Fucked yet again.

  • WOW Free Thought, More like NO THOUGHT You sold on Trump? Your whole argument is invalid, You havent stated what if anything Sanders is going to do that will have a bad effect on anything, Come on guys wake up, We can see right through you

  • A brilliant economist once said, “Not everything about capitalism is good, and not everything about socialism is bad. Why not take the best of both systems and make a new, better system”.

  • So Billy Bob is going to start up his own oil and gas exploration and service station business? What an inane example.

  • This is a valid concern. Unfortunately, the middle class has been so decimated by decades of bad economic policy that the priority now has to be rebuilding the middle class through the existing structures because that will be the fastest way to do so for now. Once a cycle of spending, hiring, more spending, more hiring really gets ramped up, the ability to put enough money away to risk on starting a business will be there for many in the middle class.

  • Trump is terrifying?? That’ so funny I forgot to laugh….

  • It proves that no one is free from the power of the elite!

  • Article is a poor opinion piece that cites none of his specific policies and analyses them. This is none sense.

  • Bullshit !!!!

  • funny how its what one would attribute to the clintons. after all Sanders voted against NAFTA but the clintons signed it

  • I’ve been spending too much time on Facebook locking out and blocking too many of these bullshit sites lately.

  • This post is pathetic bullshit, Burnie is a legend & the only one against the mega corporations greed don’t try and twist it around.

  • The Free of Thought Project. This piece is shite. I’m dropping you off my facebook.

  • Absolute garbage story I have had three small businesses.

  • Mega corporations already control everything. Sanders is the only candidate that is outspoken on trying to level the playing field to help everyone else. I do agree that we need less government intrusion in many areas of our lives, but there needs to be more control over market monopolization and the health care industry. If Sanders is trying to do that, I’m in.

  • Perhaps this guy could volunteer his services to Sanders administration if he feels passionately about this.

  • Vote for nobody? good luck with that… better vote for sanders than risking ending up with the other two.

  • Sorry, I’m a “Bernie Sanders” Man. Most of my fellow countrymen are Big Bernie fans. We hate our own NZ Primeminister “John Keys” but we love” Bernie Sander”s here. We hate “Donald Trump” &”Hilary Clinton”.

  • Free Thought Project: you’ve really been slipping lately. I’m about to unfollow you.

  • These feeds have just started cropping up on my facebook and they are utter utter garbage. Free thought my ass this is no thought, no perspective,no clue

  • Meredith Parrott Mattimoe “Minds are like parachutes. They only function when open.”

  • What a load of shit. Guess YOU are in Hillarys’ pockets, too.

  • I hate even going to your site…it’s like a disease.

  • Who?

  • Wtf…

  • One of your worst articles yet.

    Full of false conclusions and inaccuracies.

    Fact check, guys.

  • How long do people think we can ride this wave?

  • Bull shit Bernie is for the People he owes No Big Business or Wall Street . Ordinary Citizens are donating $40 at a time to pay for his Champagne.

  • So now the problem becomes, who do you believe and who do you vote for? Same problem facing the UK. In or out of the EU? Ultimately the middle and lower classes feel the same level of frustration, the same sense of injustice the same powerlessness. But until they stop blaming each other nothing will change

  • This post is BS.

  • TL;DR: Big companies have lots of money and power. Also, we don’t like Bernie and we don’t understand economics.

  • Robert Burnell