Ever wonder where your Christmas tree comes from? I bet you didn’t think they were picked by hot rod, stunt driving helicopter pilots! Well that’s exactly how the largest Christmas tree producer in the US does it.

Christmas Tree harvesting at Noble Mountain Christmas Tree Farm in Oregon is akin to watching an air show.

Oregon is the nation’s biggest producer and exporter of Christmas trees, selling about 7.3 million trees a year, more than twice that of No. 2 North Carolina.

The largest Christmas tree producer in the state is Holiday Tree Farms of Corvallis, shipping about 1 million trees a year. Manager Dave Silen says a shift toward more family gatherings this year could help sales. The holiday trees represent a $101 million industry in Oregon.

Now for the amazing part! Enjoy.

And how about from the inside of the helicopter?

According to Mother Nature Network, there’s long been a debate over whether real trees or fake ones are the more eco-friendly holiday choice, but plastic trees aside, can large-scale tree farming be sustainable?

The 1 million acres of Christmas trees growing in the United States produce enough oxygen for 18 million people per day, according to the Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association. And for every tree harvested, an estimated three new seedlings are planted.


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