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Bill Grants Churches the Power to Make ‘Soldiers of God’ Who Can Legally Kill Citizens Like Cops


As if police officers kidnapping, beating, and killing innocent people in America with impunity wasn’t enough, the state of Mississippi just passed a Bill that will grant churches equal protection from acts of violence.

Mississippi House Bill 786, the “Mississippi Church Protection Act” legalizes killing people while acting as a participant of a church or place of worship — seriously.

According to the bill, its purpose is:


The Secular Coalition for America calls House Bill 786, the “Worst State Bill” in America.

The “Mississippi Church Protection Act” would allow churches to empower designated members of their congregation as part of a security team with a “shoot to kill” authority equivalent to a police officer but with less government oversight. The bill contains few restrictions regarding where one may act within this capacity, allowing a church’s volunteer security personnel to exercise this authority in public and private venues outside of the church.

The Bill passed the Mississippi House in February and, on Wednesday, the Senate approved it, making one minor amendment. It is now scheduled to go back to the House where it will then find its way to the governor’s desk.

This Bill legally recognizes actual “soldiers of Christ” and grants them the power to kill. What’s more, there is no justification for granting churches extra rights that other citizens do not have.

By passing this bill, the state of Mississippi effectively recognizes churches as their own sovereign entities — mini-states that are tax-free and immune from their acts of violence carried out in their official duties.

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“The ‘Mississippi Church of Protection Act’ is well deserving of the title for ‘Worst State Bill.’ This legislation would put ‘soldiers of God’ above the law, allowing them to act as judge, jury, and executioner,” said Larry T. Decker, Executive Director of the Secular Coalition for America. “Religious institutions are already exempt from taxation, financial transparency, and many civil rights laws. The Mississippi Church Protection Act would constitute an unprecedented and dangerous next step. Belonging to a church should not afford anyone the same rights and protections as law enforcement. This legislation emboldens extremists by creating a legal means for radical preachers to enlist their congregants into ‘God’s army.'”

  • Bigun

    They will mess themselves when mosques start popping up everywhere and Mississippi starts breeding muslim enclaves.

  • Larry Wilson

    Don’t go to church in Mississippi.

    That was easy.

  • UnPolitically Correct

    That’s not much different than someone holding a concealed and carry permit in the name of self defense. Good for this church to to allow security to preempt threats from outside forces looking to rape and kill Christians. Nothing politically correct here, time to move on !

  • William Dinwiddie

    I am sure that these churches would require some minimal training, CCW class or maybe both armed and unarmed security so its not as simple as shoot to kill. Even police must meet a standard ie a person is wanted or involved in a crime and is considered armed and dangerous. Nowhere in the US has a shhot to kill order been given it seems some people are watching to many cop shows or believeing to much BLM rhetoric

    • David Tyler

      The point is not about the training you Neanderthal. Why are these people given this power at all.

      • William Dinwiddie

        they are not giving anybody free licence to kill you moron read the law not into it. they are just empowering churches to have armed people on hand for self defence. oh and just for reference honor killings are all ready happeing in the states it don’t make the national media because it don’t fit the liberal agenda you idiot . google it some time.

  • FredAlex Madyand Aleyna

    The way it reads, it paves the way for Sharia law and honor killings.

  • Sarah Benton

    Coming soon….

  • Christopher Williams

    The Church of Satan, Various other “Satan” churches, The POEE, and even Islam can use this according to the language. It cannot be restricted to Christianity. Still stupid and wrong, but even if passed I’m sure the Church of Satan will do something to catch interest in repeal where there isn’t previous interest.