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Black Oregon Militiaman Bridges the Divide — Asks Black Lives Matter Activists to Join Them

Harney County, OR — As the standoff in Harney County continues, so do the calls for government violence as well as the support for the occupiers.

Whether or not you agree with the armed protesters at Malheur national wildlife refuge, calling for them to be ‘disemboweled’ or ‘mowed down’ by agents of the state is a horrible idea.

There is the notion that if these protesters were black, they would have already been killed, but, for the most part, that notion is false.

In September of 2011, hundreds of protesters took to New York City, erecting tents and breaking the city’s loitering laws. None of these protesters were killed despite many of them staying for months on end. Yes, some arrests were made, many of them horrifying and violent, but no one was ‘disemboweled’ or mowed down.

In Ferguson, Missouri, 2014 was a monumental year for raising awareness to police brutality. Outside of the riots, thousands of peaceful protesters gathered day in and day out. Many of these peaceful protesters were armed and black, yet they were not met with violence. At one point, the Free Thought Project’s Rebel Z, who was live streaming on location, documented the protesters storming the police station in an effort to take it over. 

Again, no one was killed — and this was a good thing.

Because of the location of these protests being in highly populated areas, the protesters, while not being killed, were certainly met with plenty of police violence. Gallons of pepper spray was blasted into the faces of countless protesters and media alike over the course of Occupy Wall St. and Ferguson.

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Up until now, many argued that because the Oregon protesters were all white, they haven’t been killed or arrested. However, one of the occupiers, who’s been there since the beginning, spoke with the Guardian on Saturday, and he smashes this paradigm.

Brandon Davis, 31, is one of the several dozen protesters involved in the occupation of the wildlife refuge — and his skin color happens to be black.

For the first time since the occupation began, Davis has been interviewed by the media and what he has to say may cause some heads to explode.

Davis is encouraging Black Lives Matter activists to travel to Harney County to learn about the Constitution.

“I would encourage more black people to come here to get educated,” Dowd said on Saturday. “They could learn a lot being here and talking to these constitutional lawyers.”

According to the Guardian,

Dowd, who said he mentors youth, has been camped out at the refuge for about a week and frequently does armed security rotations. He rarely attends the militia’s daily press conferences, but decided to stand alongside leader LaVoy Finicum on Saturday morning, because he said he was passionate about Finicum’s complaints about the FBI allegedly spying on the occupiers.

Dowd said he was first inspired by Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s victorious standoff with the federal government over land-use rights in 2014. When he saw that Cliven’s son, Ammon, was leading a similar battle against the government in Oregon, Dowd decided he wanted to experience the protests in person.

“I just had enough of … seeing others being mistreated,” said Dowd, who grew up in Detroit. “I just felt like it was time for me to be a part of it.”

Dowd proposed a potential solution for Black Lives Matter activists that is similar to what the Oregon occupiers are trying. It’s called a “common law grand jury.”

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The idea behind the common law grand jury is that locals can operate outside of the court system and hold corrupt government officials accountable.

Dowd told the Guardian that he would like to see the Black Lives Matter activists research the ‘grand jury’ model and apply it to the corrupt law enforcement in their areas.

“Go to the sheriff in your county, and if he is corrupt, then you need to raise a grand jury on your own and outline the documentation of the wrongdoing,” he said. “This is what this is about – finding a better way of doing things.”

“It’s time for our generation to wake up,” Dowd said as he encouraged more young adults to come out to the refuge. “I have to stay here until justice has prevailed,” he said.

As people use this standoff to promote their agendas on different sides of the political spectrum, the fact that police have yet to move in and initiate violence is not only something to be pointed out, but it should be praised. Cops not killing peaceful people, regardless of race, is a good thing.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

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  • They should

  • Most relationships fail because we spend too much time pointing out each others mistakes and not enough time enjoying each others company.

  • The people in power would hate to see that blacks n white become fighting against them together

  • Oh great, more retards with guns…

  • Don’t let the narrative be drawn for you. Most, not all, militia members don’t care about race, it’s freedom for everybody or tyranny for all. Watch the videos from the 90’s militia movement, they were bridging the gap before the propaganda tried to paint the scene for people.

  • Based on past history i would say this is a recipe for disaster. BLM supporters are pretty aggressive lot that tend to willfully and intentionally terrorize any who get in their path, even those who support their movement.

    • Would you like to restate? Because, unless you have not been watching, there were police officers in crowds that beat, started fires,fights, and looted before the actual thugs did. But the thugs used this as a time to break the law without the risk of being singularly caught. It is the police as well, so if you bring into account the violence, remember the police had men who started fights lit fires, and broke the law all the same.

    • No, sir i do not want to restate. Bringing in BLM is dangerous if the usual crowd of hostile and aggressive groups show up. They endanger everyone around them, and even attack people who support their position as we saw in countless colleges this year. bringing in known criminal elements will justify outright increased aggression on the part of the government. The risk outweighs the potential gain unless it is an orderly lot that come. Them men, out there protesting by peaceful sit in like standards do not need this becoming some huge riot. That is already being falsely produced by the authorities. think gas and fire.

  • No I don’t think the black labs matter movement will join . They don’t want anyone getting getting shot.

  • common law grand jury is no joke

  • Jamie Petitt

  • did they join the black lives matters protesters when they was marching for freddy gray or tamir rice dont know just asking? just seems like desperation you want them to risk their lives and freedom for some land but when they are marching for peoples lives what is your stance on it then let me guess all lives matter

    • The Oath Keepers showed up to Ferguson to protect people. They had FBI snipers warn them and they trained their rifles back onto them. Remember, the Feds had people there as well trying to start things so they could stomp them down. That’s why the militia are important. Nobody else was willing to do it.

    • There are plenty of white people that have joined and supported black lives matter movement and Tamil rice I’ve worked in countless petitions for both we are all fighting this oppressive government

    • once again not accusatory I literally said I don’t know just asking and I am not grouping all white people in this literally just talking about this particular militia

    • There on to something here that’s all you could say now

    • They’ve been asked to leave by the Paiute people. It’s disrespectful http://www.reuters.com/article/us-oregon-militia-tribe-idUSKBN0UK1FS20160106

    • Yes some of them were in Ferguson

  • If a brother is protesting guess who’s doing the cooking?

  • Also, there’s a guy named Pete Santilli and another named “Bubba”who have been accused of being a federal snitch and provocateur. The same thing happened in Ferguson.

  • I have been telling people since the beginning that these supposed “militiamen” should have brought Apache’s, who had their sacred lands in Southeastern Arizona given to big oil, and had them be a big part of the protest. Those on the left that are calling for these guys to be killed would likely change their tune when it’s minorities that are ones being wronged by our government. I don’t really see how black lives matter would care about the government’s land grab, but if they can explain how the land grab is no different than civil asset forfeiture, which is used by the government to steal money and possessions from people without having to prove any wrongdoing, they might have something. While the land grab mostly targets white ranchers and native Americans, civil asset forfeiture mostly targets young black males. Theft is theft, no matter who is doing it or what skin color the victim is.

    • It’s not just about the land grab, all across the spectrum, the government is targeting and persecuting citizens, color is irrelevant, the Constitution is color blind, we as Americans need to all stand up together.

    • The Apache can do this, right now. Howbout the Navajo? Since the EPA poisoned their whole exo system ON PURPOSE. How about Black Lives Matter, for a Million reasons, targeting the black community with crack cocaine for example?

  • Hey,so far the blacks have let the fight against this corrupt police state ! This is a good thing.We all need to come together and unite.This is what they fear the most in Washington

  • they better watch themselves Yesterday it was online that the fire Marshall said that one of the militia men was an FBI plant and it turned out he was.Seems to me that the government is just attempting to turn as many citizens into enemies of the state as it can. Playing on the outrage and disenfranchisement of the common people. but thats just my opinion

    • Then they will label them “domestic terrorists”

    • Ty for ur perceptive & thoughtful opinion. I feel u r very right

    • Thats exactly correct. The government seems to be staging a war on its citizens. So we dont or cant vote and we have no say even in our own personal matters.This is aggressive dis enfranchisement.

    • Your opinion is about as real as it gets. Your government picked a fight with its people decades ago. It is only now that it is becoming obvious.

    • WE are a citezenry of considered casualties.

    • Thank you, that is the core of the matter.

  • Yea this is awesome. I’ve been wanting this for awhile.

  • Please talk about immigration
    Tell him no more promise
    Time to fix immigration they started tearing up families

    Yes I will vote for Bernie but address this !!!

    As of January 2 ice police is everywhere and nobody has our representatives has called Obama !!!

    We Hispanic help him win
    Which no one talks about!!!

    No more promise!!

    I pay so much taxes
    For rich people’s war
    I rather spend it on humans

    Mexico don’t ship people this way
    And Mexicans are not the only family they are tearing apart.

    What do you this those new orphans will do in the future with their lives or even to society
    We are probably building the next generation of killer or terrorist
    We are building them!!!

    No more promises
    Find a solution now

    No more promises!!!!

    • Why would you believe Any promise made by a politician? Want to make a difference? Then make a difference. Stand up.

  • I don’t think the people who are shot at most want to give the authorities any MORE “reason” to attack them….

  • black people always take up GOP slave owners on their offers

  • this is what government fears most

  • Anthony Lattanzio

  • AFRICA you neght jaay bless

  • They’ve been asked to leave by the Paiute tribe. This is not true unity and should be avoided. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-oregon-militia-tribe-idUSKBN0UK1FS20160106

  • wouldnt that be a beautiful thing?

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  • I was wondering how long it would take to find at least one UNCLE TOM!!!!!

  • Wow

  • BLM vs. BLM? This could get confusing.

  • This is one of the reasons the far Right, via Sarah Palin’s machine, has been using church groups to infiltrate BLM. Marissa Janae Johnson, central figure in the stupid divisive stunt pulled at the Sanders rally in Seattle supposedly in the name of BLM (the real BKM denies affiliation with that act) is an evangelical fundamentalist who was an activist for Sarah Palin. This is another obvious subversion attempt.

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    Let the ruling classes tremble at Revolution. We, the people have nothing to lose but our chains. We have a world to win. Who’s with us?

  • I certainly hope that Black Lives Matter takes him up on his offer.

    Very excellent article by Mr. Argorist. I have saved it for future reference.

    I think the post below with the “only power that scares the establishment” meme is fantastic.

    I can not believe how fast some that consider themselves to be “liberal” people turn on those that while fighting for the same fucking thing, but are considered to be some how wrong, because they are Mormon, or because they have guns?

    Guess what? This is fucking America, and we are allowed freedom of religion. Whereas, I am not religious, I do not instantly demonize those that are.

    What these people are doing by hollering for their deaths is no different that Trump, and his anti-Muslim rhetoric.

    …and it plays into the hands of those that would keep us divided for such trivial bullshit.

    Matthew Cooke – RACE BAITING 101

    • We’re not all of one religion. I’m pagan, there are atheists, baptists, spiritualists, mormons, agnostics… the msm tries to make us look like a cult or some shit, Goebbles could not run a better propaganda campaign.

    • Oh, sweety, oh, oh, oh. lol, Goebbels was a fan of Berclays who was a friggin’ American. He learned from the best

      Edward Louis James Bernays (/bərˈneɪz/; German: [bɛɐ̯ˈnaɪs]; November 22, 1891 − March 9, 1995) was an Austrian-American pioneer in the field of public relations and propaganda, referred to in his obituary as “the father of public relations”.

      In Propaganda (1928), Bernays argued that the manipulation of public opinion was a necessary part of democracy

      Fahrenheit 451, anyone?

  • Don’t join the terrorist in Oregon.

  • okay, for us who are not black – not white but of native heritage should prove a point by taking up arms and make a stand for the land that the militia is on. LET SEE WHO GETS SHOT AT FIRST

    • Howbout the Navajo land that the EPA POISONED a few months ago? Howbout that? Not mad about it? Never heard of it? I’m White, Native and Here. The place aint hard to find. Ojibwa, Redcliff.

  • Hope so

  • nope they wouldnt becuase the evil white man in there. sorry but ive seen the black lives matter group for who they are , racist, hatemongering , race baiting assholes.

  • it’s a trap

  • He should have asked for his ” 40 acres and a mule”. It just goes to show, dumb comes in all colors.

  • why didnt they ask the Native Americans whose land it really is….

  • They will only use the Black Man, then kick him out when they’re done with him. Watch out Black Man…!!!! They’ll put you cotton fields quick smart.

  • I am almost sure his great grandparents were ranchers or at least farmers . So this is his heritage too, , right?

  • Why would they ask a bunch of racists to join there standoff?

  • No


  • Jordan Skinner

  • They will have to ask George Soros if its o.k., remember it’s his dime

  • David Robertson

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  • White lives matter!!!!!!!!

  • This is weird…something is off.

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