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It Begins: First Man Charged with Hate Crime Under New Blue Lives Matter Law for Offending Cops

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Exactly as many suspected, the overly judicious first use of Louisiana’s new Blue Lives Matter law proves the measure will be abused to give police the status of protected class — as a man who verbally insulted officers has now been charged with a hate crime.

Per the ridiculously unnecessary Blue Lives Matter legislation, the voluntarily undertaken occupations of police officer, emergency responder, and firefighter are protected against hate crimes the way historically persecuted categories like race, gender, creed, religion, and sexual orientation have been — making crimes specifically targeting cops hate crimes with enhanced penalties in the eyes of the law.

Raul Delatoba, however, did not specifically target police because they’re police — in fact, the 34-year-old homeless man committed only a minor act of non-law enforcement-owned property destruction.

Around 5:15 a.m. Monday morning, an inebriated Delatoba pounded on the window of Bourbon Street’s Royal Sonesta Hotel, catching the attention of a security guard who worked nearby. Leston Smith, the guard, approached Delatoba and told him to stop banging the window — to which the drunken man, according to the arrest report cited by the Times-Picayune, responded by “calling him a n____r.”

Smith and a security supervisor for the Sonesta then flagged down two Louisiana State Troopers, who brought the ornery man to the New Orleans Police Department’s 8th District station — where he called a female officer “a dumb c__t” and another officer “a dumb n____r.”

Police charged Delatoba with “simple criminal damage to property, disturbing the peace, and a felony-level hate crime” — by ineptly and incorrectly invoking the new law to grossly enhance his otherwise minor charges.

Simply put, police charged Delatoba with committing an act of hate speech — which the legislation’s sponsors never intended and the law doesn’t allow, but which critics warned overzealous police would attempt.

“The hate crime charge stems from Delatoba’s attack on individuals based on their race, sex, and occupation,” the arrest warrant contends.

Realizing the absurdity with which Blue Lives Matter had been administered in this case, NOPD backtracked on Thursday, with spokesman Tyler Gamble stating the law was applied incorrectly.

After an initial review of the case, Gamble said “it is clear that the responding officer incorrectly applied the law relative to a hate crime in this incident.”

Delatoba certainly yelled bad words in the commission of a minor crime, but the offense he committed was against a window — not police, and not their official property.

Astonishingly, what amounts to bureaucratic red tape has prevented the felony charge from being abandoned thus far. That decision, despite the patently obvious misapplication admitted by police, ultimately falls on the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office, which — equally as astonishingly — plans to conduct a review of the police report and interview witnesses before determining whether the charges under the ludicrous law are warranted.

“Based up on [sic] that review,” said spokesman for District Attorney Leon Cannizarro’s Office, Christopher Bowman, on Wednesday, per the Times-Picayune, “the office will make a determination whether or not to initiate formal charges, and which charges to initiate.”

As the New Orleans Advocate noted, “Hate-crimes laws may be invoked only when a more serious criminal offense accompanies verbal slurs.”

Offensive speech, unaccompanied by additional crimes to back it up, thankfully remains thus far protected by the Constitution — but because Delatoba’s charges are still being considered at all shows a troubling portent for how the law could be abused, if not now, in the future.

Indeed, the man’s $10,000 release bond for the (nonexistent) “hate crime” of “yelling bad words,” as Reason aptly put it, is twice that for the actual crime of vandalism.

Even the notably picky Anti-Defamation League spoke out against charging Delatoba under the hate crimes statute, and, as Allison Padilla-Goodman explained, the case shows the need for greater understanding of what constitutes a hate crime.

“I mean this for law enforcement as well as for community members,” the Advocate quoted Padilla-Goodman. “We just have a lot of catch-up to do.”

Louisiana’s Blue Lives Matter law served as the model for similarly irrational proposed legislation now awaiting deliberation in Congress — but the preposterous first attempt to apply the model in New Orleans gives every indication it can and will be abused.

Offering enhanced protected status to a freely-chosen occupation comes with the innate risk of transforming an already notoriously trigger happy group into pre-victims treasure hunting for the perfect excuse to exact harsh punishment unnecessarily — and without just cause.

Although Delatoba used offensive words to garner felony charges, the legislation would make it simpler for police to felonize undeserving people in record numbers.

As alternative media and anti-police brutality activists have repeatedly advised, police already artificially bolster charges by tacking on things like assaulting an officer or resisting arrest — for contact which wouldn’t warrant a second glance were it not for a gun and a badge.

Should the legislation pass, a cop would need only write in his or her report the arrestee shouted “fuck the police” — whether or not they actually did — to brand the person permanently with a felony, and all the negative consequences therein.

And, if we’re being honest, shouldn’t someone who chooses to be a cop have thicker skin than to be intolerant of an insult?

  • truthseeker53

    Yep, “life” in dimmercrap land. Dimmercraps HATE freedom.

    • scarletspider

      This is a Republican state and a Republican law, hoss.

      • nick98514

        I suppose your the local political commissar are you! dumbass.

      • truthseeker53

        New Orleans?? Republican?? LOL!

        • James Michael

          Yeah where they armed robbed Americans of their arms when they needed them and snipered innocent Americans…..Bunch of fucking inbred traitors there like on Texas…..

        • Vincent D’Emidio

          You sound like an ASS!

    • Vincent D’Emidio

      “Dimmercraps HATE freedom”
      Really, Bubba? When the Democrats were in charge in the GLORIOUS 1970s, people felt free to smoke herb, have pre-marital sex without apology and associate with people of ALL ethnicities. What happened after the Republicans SEIZED power in 1980? I’ll tell you what happened…they expanded the War on the American People — oops! I meant the “War on Drugs”. They cracked down on sexual freedom. They promoted tribalism, y’know, the “stick with your own kind” Bullshit.
      What happened to OUR forms of freedom, hmm? Oh, you don’t approve, eh? Well, we don’t approve of you. The Revolution is here!

      • truthseeker53

        I’m as against the “War of Drugs” as anybody. We NEED Cannabis freedom. I graduated with honors from the ’70s “School of Foolishness” but as my eyes opened I began to see the problems caused by anti-God behavior. Call me what you will, I’ll go with God.

        • Vincent D’Emidio

          First of all, I regret using such foul language toward you, forgive me. I had no rights to criticize you. The problem is that I have been having this same argument, with some people who CLAIM to be “Christian”, and the argument always ended the same way…with the other person, and myself, at each other’s throats!
          If they, the so-called Christians, just backed off a little bit and let us live our lives as we wish, just as long as nobody gets hurt, then we will back,off, and leave them alone. Now, that’s a reasonable request, isn’t it?
          Their problem is that they favor “States Rights” — but only for themselves. They won’t accept that the people of Colorado and other States, favor THEIR brand of “States Rights”, which differs from the Bible-thumpers version.

          • truthseeker53

            Apology accepted. I VERY highly recommend E.G. White’s “The Great Controversy”(between God and lucifer) for understanding why everyone/thing is as it is. Guarantee you’ll be amazed.

  • RS

    Time to charge “them” with malicious abuse of process.

    • Tyrannicus_Rex

      Or, go off grid and start removing the tax base that supports police harassment of citizens. It’s all about the money.

  • nick98514

    Unbelievable!…WTF will these thin skinned, liver lillied snowflakes cops come up with next?… “I’m arrestin you for breathing to hard, near a fragile police orifficer, now put your hands behind your back before I break your arm, leg and or spine!..Comply!.. don’t go for my gun!”…and we all know what happens next…don’t we?…….”BANG”..”I wuz in fear of me life, honest”.

    • Ibcamn

      sounds about right…..this country’s tyranny has raised faggot jellyfish for cops….

      • nick98514

        Unfortunately the US is not the only country this is happening in!.. it’s creeping in everywhere!… and we have to “stomp” it out before it takes too much hold! or were all gonna be f-cked, scuse my french! but thats the truth!.

        • Ibcamn

          i hear ya man,with ya all the way on it,correct……

    • Vincent D’Emidio

      I hate cops.

      • nojack


    • Joe J

      Some Free Staters in Keene, New Hampshire were charged with following police orders to leave. They got it on film and apparently the police didn’t like the fact they were leaving walking backwards while filming. I believe in court they won, but the whole thing was absurd.

  • Vincent D’Emidio

    This is a perfect example of why I DESPISE pigs –oops! I meant, “cops” — no, actually, I meant, PIGS!!!

    • James Michael

      Don’t hate on pigs, they are honorable creatures unlike these murdering ass traitor scumbags…..BLT’s are awesome…..

      • Vincent D’Emidio

        Who are the “murdering ass traitor scumbags”? Please be specific. Oh, and by the way, not all cops are “pigs”, but too many cops put up with the bull that comes from the pig-headed ones. That needs to change, along with this evil, disgusting “War on the American People” — oops! I meant, the “War on Drugs”, which needs to end NOW.

        “BLT’s are awesome”?!!! The only BLT that I know of is a sandwich, “Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato”

        • James Michael

          ALL cops are scumbag ass treasonous felons….That is because a good man cannot remain a cop…because the entire organization is a treasonous extortion kidnapping and murder racket……

          I do not trust any of the ignorant retarded treasonous scumbags…what you get when you murder, extort, rape, terrorize and kidnap and falsely imprison innocent people in treason of your sworn oath.

    • nojack

      I’m On Board!

  • Prince

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  • Ibcamn

    W.T.F…..really,this will be abused,the criminals[aka;cops]will use this in every stop,watch,it will be they said something instead of the ”stop resisting arrest”….or”stop reaching for my gun”….now it will be”what did you just call me…”,watch,this will be the new rage for criminal cops,it will be a tool to get people into prison who would never be in that erea before….the cops just have really thin skin and can’t handle any type of name calling and they break down and cry,cops can’t do their job with tears in their eyes….sad isn’t it,what cops have become…cowards and pussys behind a badge,like when they were little hiding behind their mommy’s apron’s from anyone who stared at them or flinched and made them jump…what faggots we have raised to be called men and what cunts we have raised to be called women[corrupt cops]working for a corrupted system,willingly….this is what tyranny breeds.

  • gunslinger2112

    While I agree that the gentleman has his first amendment right to free speech and I agree that the police may have been over zealous in applying this law….how about the journalist report the facts instead of editorializing within the article? I think just reporting the facts as is would of been a much more powerful statement of just how bad these policemen screwed up.

    • Vincent D’Emidio

      Cops aren’t “overzealous” — they are SELF-SERVING!!!
      Oink, oink, piggy piggy!

      • nojack

        I LIKE Your Style!!!

  • Richard.

    Time for the body cams to show who abuse’s who Every day ..And no more paid vacations for abuse on the public or slap on the wrist ..Jail for them as well .It only fair concerning there law that it go both ways for them as well as the public..and no pds bull by either..

  • Mark Paulson

    All of you here need to target the right people which are the your local senators, your House of representatives, the law makers, get them to fear the tyranny of the people. Maybe one tenth of you here will actually try to get involved to spread the message or do something. My sentiment is this if you have a history of being a bad egg you probably deserve what you got. It’s the NON history offender that gets caught up in this mess and thus be Abused. Like i said the real targets are the law makers, the District Attorneys, the judges, the prosecutors. you target them, they become fearful,l the police will fall in line. what we all should be thirsting for is true righteousness and justice for all administered with compassion however compassion can only be extended so far. Right now we have a totally corrupt justice system with corrupt people as it’s leaders.

    • James Michael

      NO the treasonous scumbags with the badges are liable for THEIR actions…..

      • FaithFromHell

        And they can only do those things and get away with them thanks to their superiors. Taking down a cop is just taking down a grunt. What’s one grunt to a fucked up system? They’ll just send more grunts to antagonize the public.

    • Vincent D’Emidio

      Lawmakers, DA’s and the rest are all cops. I hate them all equally!

  • James Michael

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  • Gunny Thompson

    I have no respect for Racist, Jack-Booted, Goose-Stepping Brown Shirts, but would your comments be the same if the Brown Shirts were Jewish and not Black?!!

  • Little_Caesar

    A revolution starts with words. The words come from an inate knowledge of right and wrong. We have been speaking words of truth for years now. Interestingly, rather than assuage the public’s demand for more justice and accountability, the “State’ has doubled down. No government power is given up willingly. It is unfortunate that force is the only recourse, as Frederic Bastiat so eloquently explains.

  • Misty Johnston

    I’m amazed at the comments I’m reading, sounds like the city of Ferguson & their lies. The ONLY reason they had to come up with such a law is due to the disgusting, ignorant folks in BLM & America hater Obama, & Lynch. OBAMA is racist & DOJ defending all blacks solely on the color of their skin. Obama is dispacable & defends Mike Brown more than 5 slain officers. What a shame a bullet didn’t have his name on it. If u believe blacks are being slaughtered by cops, u too, refuse the facts. Yes, some bad or trigger happy & do make mistakes, it’s human. Should cops post 100’s of videos demanding to ‘kill all ‘blacks, Show me ONE video of cops or whites demanding we should kill all blacks. ONLY blacks, & their groups or leaders are allowed to so be vile. The repugnant fools who refuse to cooperate with police & stand there & argue or pull a weapon, dumb ass is wasting air. They hate ANY cop, especially black ones & act like they are above the law & use it as excuse.

    For fear of being called racist & having their community burned to the ground or voted out of office, no speaks a word negatively towards blacks even while cops are targets. But the DOJ, will send 20 FBI to the hood to investigate one dead thug. These nasty, vile people scream, spit, taunt & actually ask cops to shoot them. When a cop won’t wear a uniform in public with their children for fear of their safety because Obam-ass lays blame on the cops for everything, I say give them any law that will help them. Show me 1 black just sitting in a car where cops just sneak up & murder them.
    I’m really NOT racist, but I say what & who they are no matter the color. If the Mafia was terrorizing the country, or large groups of Aussies, whoever they are, I call them by name. BUT THE MAIN ISSUE with this law which you don’t understand & you think cops will be using it daily, is ludicrous. You cannot, or maybe .01% of the time can it ever be used against a white victim, or cop in this case. Hate crimes are only for protected classes!! So, no, get a speeding ticket they can’t use it as a hate criminal people wake & stop the thug mentality. This example, you notice the cop was black. I work for the federal govt & whites are told by our EEOC, they cannot do anything to help them with issues because not a protected class. Again, not racist, just speaking facts, never in yrs working there have I ever seen behavior from whites as blacks. Not all, but many, many of them abuse so many things & get away with more crap all because they scream

    • Vincent D’Emidio

      Only in your mind, asshole!I’m really NOT racist”
      Only in your mind, asshole!

    • John Moriarty

      I feel so bad for you. I how life is better for you now that a white only loves the “alt-right” America is in office.

  • David Kempton

    If we are going to be arrested for bad words, may as well just shoot first, because if YOU don’t, they probably will.

    The Police State IS here, make NO mistake. We are at war with our government. They started it, and WE must FINISH it.

    Read Von Clausewitz – NO prisoners, NO mercy, NO possibility of ANY survivor (wife, child, dog) that could retaliate later. And the ONLY way to stop this madness. They KNOW they are at war with you. When YOU know you are war with THEM, things can be changed, until then – they win, you die.

    There ARE good cops – probably. But when three of them are in a pack, ALL the rules go out the window, and it is a pissing contest – who can rack up the most young unarmed children?

  • magormissabib

    its an upside down law. we have a bill of rights to protect citizens from the government not the other way around. Hate crimes laws especially when applied in favor of police which are the governement are unconstitutional they are nothing more than thought crimes. All men are equal under the law that means cops ”nl—-s” and ”c–ts” do not get special protections.