Chandler, AZ — In May 2014, Luke Hein was arrested after officers accused him of interfering with an officer’s investigation. However, recently released body camera footage shows that Hein was asked by police for help, gave them help, and was then assaulted and charges fabricated against him.

The incident began after Hein’s ex-girlfriend, Zoe Shunick, had crashed a car into a tree at the couple’s apartment complex while driving drunk. Shunick was uncooperative with police and refused to exit her vehicle. At this point, Hein, who was inside his apartment, had come outside to see what was happening.

As Hein talked to police, they asked him to help talk Shunick out from the car. After successfully calming her down and getting her out of the vehicle, one officer who apparently couldn’t wait to escalate the situation, shoved Shunick.

Seeing a cop brutalize a woman like this prompted Hein to say, “Hey.”

When the cop’s violence was questioned, the situation became even more chaotic. As the body cam shows, officer Brian Hawkins, then grabs Hein, slams him into the hood of the car and chokes him — for helping them.


Quickly realizing that his temper got the best of him, Hawkins immediately said, “I apologize things went the way they did.” Shortly after, he said, “I’m not charging you with any crime.”

After Hein is told that he will not be charged with a crime, several more officers arrive on scene, one of whom is Sgt. William Nocella.

ABC 15 reports what happened next as Nocella discusses falsifying charges against Hein:

When getting briefed from Officer Hawkins about what happened, Sgt. Nocella said, “So he can go ahead and head to jail, right?”

As Hawkins responds by saying he doesn’t have a problem with letting Hein go, Nocella interrupts and said, “Once the handcuffs go on, he goes to jail.”

Nocella continues, “If you date an animal, this type of (expletive) happens. So if he decides to help an animal and not act like a law-abiding citizen, his sorry (expletive) goes to jail.”

“Hindering?” asks Officer Hawkins, regarding what charge they should place on Hein.

“Hindering, uh, not following or obeying, whatever,” Nocella answers. “You were here. If you can make a stretch, if he raises his voice above what mine is now, he goes for (disorderly conduct). But he goes in a patrol car going to jail in the next five (minutes).”

Hein was subsequently arrested and charged with a crime that he never committed.

It took months for the department to complete their “investigation,” and once the video was finally shown to prosecutors all charges against Hein were dropped.

For lying on video and falsely accusing a man of a crime, Nocella was given a single day of suspension. However, as police records indicate, falsifying charges was only the tip of the iceberg.

As the body cam footage later revealed, the police report was entirely false. According to their report, Shunick “charged” officers prompting the attack, but the footage shows that never happened.

Also, after the footage was released, an investigation revealed that Nocella approached the two officers and reprimanded them for wearing body cameras.

In an interview with internal investigators, Hawkins said Nocella “pressured” him to stop wearing it.

“He told me that these cameras will never help us they will only hurt us,” Hawkins said.

As for Nocella, ABC15 asked Chandler Police if Hawkins’ claims against Nocella were investigated further. A spokesman said, “There has not been a subsequent investigation; it is closed.”

Nocella remains on the job and a danger to public safety — entirely financed by the citizens of Chandler.

Below is a perfect example of why there is a growing mistrust of police in America.

Here is the raw footage.

  • Tony Iocca

    This is a hot mess, Supervisor worried about getting sued, “take him to jail for dating an animal”
    A He said She said domestic disturbances, sorted out with hand-cuffs. Right, wrong, or indifferent if anyone calls the Police looking for a solution you could find your problem is not as large as the problem they will gladly put you in. The Major Pain approach to problem solving. Your broken finger hurts, not so much after we break your arm…

  • qweztionz5

    cops are called filth in the UK. no 4 legged pigs need be affronted,

  • borderraven

    And they wonder how revolutions are triggered. At some point the Declaration of Independence will be rebooted and a new government formed.

  • n4zhg

    Imagine what will happen once “Back The Blue Act of 2017” is passed and signed by Trump. You won’t even be able to sue in this circumstance because they’ll be able to state “potential felony” and eliminate all punitive damages and attorney reimbursement.

  • n4zhg

    And what happens when an officer asks for help and you refuse?

    AZ 13-2403. Refusing to aid a peace officer; classification[6]

    A. A person commits refusing to aid a peace officer if, upon a reasonable command by a person reasonably known to be a peace officer, such person knowingly refuses or fails to aid such peace officer in: 1. Effectuating or securing an arrest; or 2. Preventing the commission by another of any offense. B. A person who complies with this section by aiding a peace officer shall not be held liable to any person for damages resulting therefrom, provided such person acted reasonably under the circumstances known to him at the time. C. Refusing to aid a peace officer is a class 1 misdemeanor.

    Keep in mind with respect to B that as a private citizen you are not entitled to Qualified Immunity and that this is only an affirmative defense with respect to being sued in state courts. Normally you would be sued in federal court under 42 USC 1983.

  • n4zhg

    Google “Back The Blue Act of 2017”. Real bad idea that is going to make cops our overlords.