Video Shows Dad Had ‘Hands Up’ When Police Murdered 6-yo Jeremy Mardis: Lawyer


Marksville, LA — More information is coming to light about the two Marksville City Marshals who ruthlessly shot to death a 6-year-old boy as he was buckled into the front seat of a vehicle.

Officers Derrick Stafford and Norris Greenhouse, Jr. were arrested and charged with second-degree murder of Jeremy Mardis and second-degree attempted murder of the father, Chris Few. 18 bullets were fired into the vehicle, with five striking Jeremy in the head and torso.

During the announcement, Louisiana State Police Col. Mike Edmonson said, “It is the most disturbing thing I’ve seen, and I’ll leave it at that,” referring to the unreleased body cam footage.

A likely reason that Edmonson decided to “leave it at that,” has been revealed today by the attorney for Chris Few, the father of Mardis.

Few’s attorney, Mark Jeansonne said Monday, that the body camera video shows the father of this 6-year-old autistic boy who was shot to death in his car, had his hands in the air and did not pose a threat.

“This was not a threatening situation for the police,” said Jeansonne after watching the likely gruesome body cam footage.

Every day, new details emerge about the tragedy that paint a horrific picture of these Marksville cops.

On Saturday, the Free Thought Project reported on the brutal and criminal history of officers Stafford and Greenhouse. The duo has been accused of everything from rape to beating handcuffed suspects, yet they were allowed to continue being cops.

A source close to the case told the Free Thought Project that the reason Greenhouse has escaped liability for so many of his previous incidents is because his dad is the DA. We have been able to confirm that Norris Greenhouse Jr.’s father is, indeed, Norris Greenhouse, Civil Assistant District Attorney for Avoyelles Parish, where Marksville is located.

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The fault for the death of Jeremy Mardis does not end with Greenhouse and Stafford. Everyone who’s been complicit in allowing these maniacs to keep their badges is culpable of aiding and abetting murderers.

  • Sad if he had his hands up.

    • ?
      even if he didn’t….You don’t kill his child for it.Or,anyone
      Murdering those they are chartered to protect is murder..


    • The good police need to weed out the bad so this doesn’t reflect on the whole department

  • Sam Jameson

  • I think we’re starting to understand why the police don’t want body cams.


    • Exactly the truth big brother has cameras everywhere watching the citizens now let’s see how it works on themselves

  • I believe this classifies as a HATE CRIME as well.

  • I wonder will be any protesting about these two or it just becuase thier not black, well thier be a form about this sedution how will this be fix this and I say all lives matter the color.

  • Not sure what to think about this, as a father I’m furious, as a skeptic on most things I see on the internet I would like to know more, this is the first I’ve heard of this!!

  • Ten to one they get aquited.

    • Guaranteed they get acquitted

    • Doubt it, not after all the others things surface. They have to go to jail.

  • Bless these souls

  • #Autisticlivesmatter as all other lives should be 🙁

  • Again people are using the actions of a few people to generalize an entire group of people. You people are no better than the people who call all Muslims terrorists. Let’s have some consistency in our views please.


    • We don’t pay Muslims to protect us. We do pay law enforcement. Holding them to a higher standard is expected.

    • Shontonio West I CONCUR

    • Agreed. But the same generalization issue is still going on. By all means, shitty and abusive cops should be fired and or jailed, but, the majority of our boys in blue are good people/cops. Don’t treat the good ones poorly.


    • You say the shitty, abusive cops should be fired? Well, thats not the case. And i dont see any of you “good” police standing up and showing that you guys wont take it either.

    • And if you dont, youre a coward.

    • I’m a civilian buddy. Just giving my two cents. I’ve seen people here in Boulder Colorado assault our police officers over something some other officer did in another state. And it’s vile. You don’t see other police personnel talking about it because it’s politics. They are there to do their job, which is to keep the public safe. not join a debate.

    • Well, its a matter of debate. If im paying their damn salary, there better be top notch service. Not punk bullies who didnt get their fix in high school. im seeing tons of these new videos everyday, and that means there is a problem

    • Doing there job?????? By murdering innocent unarmed people?????? U call that doing there job!? Those fucken pieces of shit need to be 6feet under and quick!!!!! NO MERCY on those fucken cowards that pray on people because they think there badge is a pass to do what they want!!!! And people wonder why people are starting to view cops as the enemy????? U wonder why cops are turning up dead???? There getting exactly what they derserve!!!!

    • I dont agree with him, just for the record.

    • Damn, Victor Lopez, you are an embarrassment to the Hipanic community with your bizarre spelling.

    • Don’t like gang violence, don’t join a violent gang.

    • Its not a generalization issue, its a systematic problem. It’s easy to confuse the two for obvios reasons. There is no denying the whole police force needs to be revamped to put greater emphasis on protection of life and a higher standard for those allowed the privilege of authority granted by citizens. Less policing for profit, taking advantage of the working class from laws passed solely for that purpose by equally tainted officials. Even the “good ones” are forced into this system or face consequences for poor performance. The gang/military mentality needs to be eradicated. Maybe a 4 year min. of studying law and tactics before being allowed to take a test. The funds raised from there can be used on things like mandatory monthly psych evaluations, an independent internal investigation department, and body cameras. I’m sure if they put a small amount of care into it they can come up of many clever ways to improve. This is the result of the government not having the ppls best interest at heart. Brother will keep killing brother and never realize why they were pitted against each other. Cops need to protest as well and demand change. Our judicial system is one big joke.

    • I wonder how this little boy or any of the other deceased victims of police brutality would feel about this? Like it’s been said before. “Good cops” who stand by and stick up for these bad apples or simply just do nothing about them are just as guilty.

    • I haven’t seen anyone sticking up for them. In fact their chief said the footage was the most horrific thing he’s seen. The officers are facing charges. Who’s sticking up for these cops?? I’m certainly not. I’m just saying to group all the men in women in blue with these wastes of space.

  • What we allow….

  • Both officers are being held on $1000000 bail each. I don’t care what color you are, ALL lives matter. And not all cops are murderers.

    • To call these to pieces of SHIT “officers ” is a slap in the face to that family who they shattered!!! Those to fucken cowards need to be taken out to a field and BEATEN TO THERE FUCKEN DEATH for carrying out such a PUSSY evil cowardly act!!!! Fuck those to PIGS fuck having a court trial give those motherfuckers a bullet to the head!!!!

  • These are two cops that should be hanged.

  • They let white officers off for the same criminal act not the black officers?

    • Is this a joke?

    • They have kept doing crazy things from rape to beatings because one if if the guys dad is the DA. but they have it on camera now. No getting out of that

    • Thata exactly wat i was thinking

  • That Pig that fired that fatal shot should be taken out to a field and BEATEN TO HIS FUCKEN DEATH FOR DOING THAT!!!!! Fucken coward PIG!!!

    • If it were my child that is exactly what would have fucking happened.

  • I am in no way diminishing the loss of this little boy’s life when I say this. But I have to wonder, if it weren’t for his death, would these cops even be charged? Would anyone even be mad? If this man was black and alone would these cops have excuses made for them? If this little boy was black would these cops have been charged with a lesser crime? I know these are fucked up questions but how is this shooting much different than others? Take away the little boy, and the fact that the man was white, and you have the Dubois shooting, and countless others. Or just take away the little boy, and leave the man as he is and you have countless others where the cops are not punished at all, not even fired. Other guilty cops had a past, other guilty cops weren’t in danger, other guilty cops were the aggressor, other guilty cops were caught on film. It’s fucking disgusting that it takes the death of a six year old white child to grab the attention of the country FINALLY!!!! Maybe if people realized this shit to being with and demanded accountability when they should’ve then these cops wouldn’t have been on patrol, or would’ve at least thought twice about firing their weapons into a car so recklessly and murdering this poor child! What’s what saying? All that evil needs to survive is for good men to stand by and do nothing? As far as I’m concerned, this boy’s death is on the conscience of anyone who covered for these officers through the years, and anyone who has made excuses for these fucking cops when they’ve murdered someone. Maybe next time they’ll kill some kid you know.

  • If there is a war cops are definitely winning. Murder after murder!

  • God it just keeps getting worse!

  • These cops need to die.

  • This department and the state need to be fined 100 MILLION dollars, no less. Set an example.

    • That would just hurt the poor citizens of the state because the money would be cut from a needed program and not the salaries of those responsible directly or indirectly

  • The good police need to weed out the bad so this doesn’t reflect on the police departments nationwide because that’s what’s starting to happen this is a law enforcement problem and they need to address this problem now!!!

    • Unfortunately they keep covering for eachother instead of serving justice which pulls the good cops down with them. If the issues were actually taken care of instead of excuses being made the good would shine thru the bullshit instead of being sabotaged to be hated.

  • What a terrible thing to happen and to lose an innocent child because the police were overzealous! The body cams can’t come soon enough!

  • they will get away with it they always do

  • Where is this video? Anyone can claim something, proving something is what convinces people

  • Black cops can not go around killing little white kids. Where is these cops go fund me account?

  • shot 18 time over kill this is why people hate cops this is capital murder on the cops thay shot 18 time thay needs death

  • Where is the video?

  • RIP little buddy .

  • Andrew Varey… we’re beginning to shift the tide

  • These cops should get the death penalty.

  • While i agree with them being charged I think if they were white cops and a black victim I don’t think there would be any charges laid.

    • tired of that shit..a boy died who fucking cares about color …seriously..

    • Michelle Choate Exactly the point I’m making. Have you said the same thing when they shoot a black child?