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Cops Boil Schizophrenic Man to Death in Hot Shower, Burning Off His Skin — NO CHARGES

Dade County, FL — “Please take me out! I can’t take it anymore!” screamed Darren Rainey, a schizophrenic man serving time in prison for cocaine possession — as he kicked the door of the scalding hot shower repeatedly — while four guards stood just outside for fully two hours, laughing sadistically at his agonizing pain.

Neither John Fan Fan, Cornelius Thompson, Ronald Clarke, nor Edwina Williams — guards at Florida’s Dade Correctional Institution, who forced the man into the 180-degree shower as a demented punishment — answered the frantic pleas.

“Is it hot enough?” inmates say one of the four cruelly quipped.

Rainey died.

“He was found crumpled on the floor. When his body was pulled out, nurses said there were burns on 90 percent of his body,” the Miami New Times reports. “A nurse said his body temperature was too high to register with a thermometer. And his skin fell off at the touch.”

This would, for all intents and purposes, appear to be an open-and-shut case of homicide — or perhaps manslaughter or negligent homicide — since the aforementioned are the facts of the case. For charges to be brought against the vindictive killers would be the natural course of events.

But, in an iniquitous move befitting the deplorable dearth in value the system deems the lives of those in State cages, Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle’s office announced Friday none of the four who took it upon themselves to boil Rainey alive — and laugh about it — will face charges.

“The shower was itself neither dangerous nor unsafe,” the report states. “The evidence does not show that Rainey’s well-being was grossly disregarded by the correctional staff.”

News of this abomination of justice came intentionally just before the weekend — the end of the work week being typical timing for announcements making naked the State’s unseemly and unconscionable decisions. Given Rundle’s background,  sneaking the ludicrous lack of charges against corrections officers into Friday’s news dump is likely a familiar pattern. New Times explains,

“Rundle took over as Miami-Dade’s top prosecutor in the 1990s, after then-State Attorney Janet Reno left to join the Bill Clinton administration. She has remained the state attorney every since. In that time, she has never charged a Miami police officer for an on-duty shooting.

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“It’s important to note that all Rundle had to do to show that she cared was to charge the prison guards with a crime. It is up to a jury to assess guilt. Despite the fact that a man died in a shower, and that multiple witnesses said they saw burns on his body and heard screaming, Rundle didn’t think there was enough evidence to bring criminal charges.”

Where the state attorney failed to equate searing a man’s flesh with scorching water to the point skin slipped off upon contact has investigative reporters and whistleblowers baffled.

“They’re gonna cover this up,” a nurse told Harriet Krzykowski, a psychiatric technician, on the nature of Rainey’s death the morning after the fatal shower.

Krzykowski, the New Yorker reported, ultimately blew the whistle about what had happened — and faced bullying, harassment, and had to seek therapy over abuses suffered by embittered prison staff.

Having smeared excrement all over his body and cell on June 23, 2012, Rainey — who had a history of this behavior — was escorted by guards and told to clean up. According to testimony quoted in the state attorney’s memorandum, guards checked several times and found Rainey backed into a corner, away from the water — not bathing.

That specific shower abutted a janitor’s closet, whose sink connected to a hose inserted through the wall to provide water — controls in the stall weren’t operational so guards could ensure those who refused to bathe themselves would not shut off the tap. With tiled walls and floor, a steel door with a window, a lip at the edge to prevent water running into the hall, and a single drain, the institutional shower lacked sufficient ventilation to siphon off excess steam.

In January 2013, Krzykowski gained a new patient — convicted burglar, Harold Hempstead — and appalling new details about the excruciating death of Darren Rainey.

Hempstead’s cell, being located directly beneath the aforementioned shower, made him captive spectator to the torture occurring above — incidentally, Rainey wasn’t the first victim of this shower torment, and Hempstead kept a diary of the names. Throughout the ordeal, Hempstead could hear Rainey shrieking to be freed.

Then, he heard the man beg for forgiveness.

“I can’t take it no more. I’m sorry, I won’t do it again,” Rainey cried, as Hempstead recounted in his diary.

“Eventually, there was a heavy thud, followed by the voices of guards calling for medical help. A short while later, Hempstead watched as a gurney with Rainey’s naked body on it was wheeled past his cell,” the New Yorker noted.

Rainey had collapsed from two hours in the squelching steam of the confined space — but he landed on top of the room’s only drain, causing water hot enough to cook ramen noodles to flood the space sufficiently to cook most of his body — boiling the man like one would a lobster until there was no struggle left.

Rundle did not find this sufficient grounds to press charges — in part because she turned mostly to a fraught autopsy report “that has been roundly criticized by civil-rights advocates. The report claims Rainey was not found with burns when he died.  Howard Simon, executive director of the Florida American Civil Liberties Association, has said in the past that the autopsy, which was leaked to the press during the investigation, showed that a federal investigation was needed,” the New Times notes.

Additionally, Rundle’s office loudly discredited Hempstead’s diary of names as ‘inaccurate and unreliable,’ and dismissed witness accounts from other inmates as “inconsistent,” and therefore moot.

“Accordingly and in conclusion,” Rundle stated in the disgraceful memo, “the facts and evidence in this case do not meet the required elements for the filing of any criminal charge.”

This is the treatment given most often to the mentally ill and nonviolent drug offenders. This is the State laying bare the complete lack of worth it places on those unfortunate enough to be caged in its horrendously inadequate and inhumane facilities. This is the State gifting Get Out of Jail Free cards to torturers — yet another case where a badge grants impunity of steel — even when a murder is in question.

This is the Injustice System of Police State, U.S.A. — and it’s literal Hell for people like Darren Rainey.

  • Heather Soper

    And Trump insists Cops should be Respected.

    • LindaFromNewYork

      Hey stupid Soper. They were correction officers. Get it? CORRECTION OFFICERS at a jail. Do you know the difference? I guess not.

      And one more thing, Stupid Soper, not ALL cops are crooked. And YES they should be respected.

      Now run along and worry about your own stinking country. You will be wearing a burka and with your big mouth will be stoned and beheaded.

      • Tim Peyton

        Hey there LindaFromNewYork, hate speech much you racist?

        • LindaFromNewYork

          LOL, Racist.

          These f****** who did this to this man? ALL four of them should have
          been arrested tried and convicted and should be sitting in prison.

          As far as my comment to Soper who is from England: Damn straight she and the rest of the citizens of the UK and other countries in Europe (and even in the U.S)…the way things are going, Britain will end up under Sharia law…MY opinion. Call it what you like.

      • TOPDOG1

        It says “COPS” idiot. Being what is called ‘under color of the state’ means just the same as cop’s. I strongly recommend you get a better education, perhaps you would then know what you are talking about.

        • LindaFromNewYork

          not ALL cops are crooked. And YES they should be respected.From the article:

          “while four guards” stood just outside for fully two hours, laughing sadistically at his agonizing pain

          Guards. The “headline” says cops. The article does not, idiot.

          Now ‘under color of the state’ means just the same as cop’s’. Then I guess you are more versed…maybe you’ve been in an out of jail or prison? And have more experience with the lingo. I don’t know.

          As far as my reply to Soper: She is a troll. And I and others have a long history with her..

          As far as these f****** who did this to this man? ALL four of them should have been arrested tried and convicted and should be sitting in prison.


          I absolutely stand by my statement that.. not ALL cops are crooked. And YES they should be respected. I have family and friends in the NY/NJ area that are policmen and firefighters.

          • TOPDOG1

            As a matter of fact, Yes. I have been through the Federal system as well as several State systems.I am a multiple police abuse survivor. I was a paralegal in several. I do admit I have very little patience with naive people. My IQ is plenty high.

          • In your “not all cops are crooked” theory, where are the non-crooked cops in this story?
            I have friends and family in India that are computer phone technicians and pizza delivery people and they are not all computer geeks. And YES these geeks and delivery men should be respected because I said so.
            Character and integrity aren’t issued with the badge. Respect is earned based upon a man’s actions and character and not his/her job title.

        • Michael Riely

          People deserve respect when they earn it and it is not granted to them in the form of their job or a badge. Respect is a two way process based on a mutual interaction. Cops walk up to a man and talk to him like shit leaves no room for respect. This is one of the many reasons that Western civilisation is almost run it’s course. The very foundation upon which it was built is crumbling. We are controlled by evil, perpetuated and condoned by people like you. Who is the real stupid one?

          The correct context of the original poster’s comment was proportionate to the content of the news report which embodies the corruption of those in power and the police state. They’re all mechanisms of this corrupted system which clearly has you subdued and fully brain washed.It is clear what your motives are and where your loyalties lay. *Ppffft*

          • TOPDOG1

            What horse krap. e.s.a.d. . IDIOT. What a f**king moran.. One without a clue. Go climb back under your rock. Who are you anyway, one of the guards that did this to that poor man?
            I invite you to stay off post.
            ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
            ……….”…………. _.·´
            I suggest you go to the corner market and tell them you need a clue.

        • LindaFromNewYork

          One more thing Mr. better educated: Almost every single comment here says “guard”.

          Or did you just read the “Headline”? LOL

  • Brian

    Too bad there’s not a real-life Dexter in Miami to right this wrong.

  • G’ma G

    Yet another example of why we have turned our attention to preparing notices of non-consent for those convicted of crimes in which no one or property was harmed. The notice alerts our courts and police the convicted will not be reporting to jail. We simply cannot trust the police not to torture and kill us in their custody. Every time a prosecutor or judge fails to hold these murderers accountable adds to the weight of the notice. When we can show 100 cases of death by abuse while incarcerated the evidence becomes too overwhelming for the courts to ignore without backlash. Politicians do care about appearances (when caught) which we can use against them.

  • Dennis Stotlemyer

    It didn’t happen. There was no indication of burns at the autopsy. This story was ginned up by the press to indict the guards.

    • G’ma G

      Source please. We definitely need to weed out false reports.

    • Guy

      What ? Do you live in La La Land ? Or perhaps you work for the Criminal Justice System Yourself, resulting in, you are part of the problem !?

      By you closing your eye’s, putting cotton in your ears and tape over your mouth, you think it will go away as a spin off of fake news, you sleez boy !

    • Liz O’neill

      so the nurse who said the poor mans skin rubbed off at her touch, your saying she just made that up to bad mouth cops, I cant wait for the day when they do this to you or one of yours, but then for you to say this never happened, your either a P.O.S cop yourself, or you work for them or the government.

      • raz-0

        Lack of prosecution here isn’t the problem. If you believe it happened, and you believe you don’t have sufficient evidence to win, that’s the right thing to do at this time. As bad as it seems, that’s the situation given double jeopardy. The problem is if there isn’t a further investigation into this. Be it a federal investigation or a civil suit.

        • Bill the eighth

          Please stop with the excuses. This vile prosecutor has a long sordid history of protecting the cops at the expense of the populace. She needs to be fired.

      • junktex

        Probably a civil servant.

    • Ronpaul1960

      You would have been saying there was no indication of gas poisoning during the Nuremmbug trials. You would have said the doctors all said they died on natural causes, the witnesses all lied and nurse lied. BTW, how the fuck do you think someone just dies in a shower? Both HEAT and Zyklon B can kill you, MORON.

      • Guy

        I understand that there are still *Flat Earthers* who refuse to believe anything else at all, except what other flat eathers tell to believe as being gospel truth !

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      *eyes him disapprovingly* You’re about ten pounds of dumbass in a five pound bag!

    • Dezri Dean

      Please post links to the autopsy report. I’d like to read it myself. You must have a link?

    • Gordon Klock

      I heard about this story from multiple (& often opposing,) sources, & you are the first person out of them all, to make this claim, I’d really like to know your source for this information….

    • Bill the eighth

      Yes, the press, as vile as they are, doesn’t go around “ginning up” stories to indict the guards. The police and prison guards don’t need any help indicting themselves. Problem is, it is rare in the extreme that they face any consequences for their evil actions. Please stop lying.

    • Tony Brown
    • TOPDOG1

      Your one of the guards, Right? I have been in the system. They have torture techniques you never dreamed of. Many die.

  • Raimundo Gant

    ethnic cleansing, post nazi era