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BOMBSHELL: Declassified Memo Proves the Pentagon had ZERO Evidence of WMDs in Iraq


Thirteen years after the invasion and occupation of Iraq, it is common knowledge that this war of choice was based on fabrications and slick propaganda. There were no weapons of mass destruction, the country posed no real threat to the U.S., and it was not a hotbed of terrorism until after Saddam was deposed.

Now, a bombshell has dropped in the form of a leaked classified report—a “smoking gun” if you will—that confirms the utter deception carried out on the American people to support the invasion. It demonstrates just how far the cabal under George W. Bush, making up a group known as the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), would go to prey upon fear in pursuit of global hegemony.

While Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and others were proclaiming their certainty about the imminent threats posed to the U.S. by Saddam’s Iraq, the leaked documents reveal that they knew almost nothing about any actual weapons or capabilities.

On August 16, 2002, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld asked Air Force Maj. Gen. Glen Shaffer, head of the Joint Staff’s intelligence directorate, for a report on “what we don’t know (in a percentage) about the Iraqi WMD program.”

The findings, titled Iraq: Status of WMD Programs, were underscored by this statement:

“Our assessments rely heavily on analytic assumptions and judgment rather than hard evidence. The evidentiary base is particularly sparse for Iraqi nuclear programs.”

Regarding the actual programs, it says:

“We’ve struggled to estimate the unknowns. … We range from 0% to about 75% knowledge on various aspects of their program…

Our knowledge of the Iraqi (nuclear) weapons program is based largely—perhaps 90%—on analysis of imprecise intelligence.”

When forwarding the report, Air Force Maj. Gen. Glen Shaffer answered Rumsfeld’s original question by noting, “We don’t know with any precision how much we don’t know.

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Rumsfeld apparently believed the report had some significance when he sent it to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, saying, “Please take a look at this material as to what we don’t know about WMD. It is big.

Considering that this was a summary of all that the U.S. intelligence apparatus knew about Iraq’s WMD capabilities (or lack thereof), how could any responsible leader try and sell the invasion to the American people?

Yet that is what happened, perhaps no more fervently than Vice President Dick Cheney. There are countless examples of Cheney stating in no uncertain terms the nuclear, chemical, biological and ballistic missile threats that Saddam’s Iraq posed to the U.S.

Cheney asserted that Iraq was secretly reconstituting its biological and chemical weapons programs, but the report stated:

“We cannot confirm the identity of any Iraqi facilities that produce, test, fill, or store biological weapons.

We do not know if all the processes required to produce a weapon are in place. [The Iraqis] lack the precursors for sustained nerve agent production…we cannot confirm the identity of any Iraqi sites that produce final chemical agent.”

While Cheney and the gang issued repeated fear-mongering about “mushroom clouds,” the report stated: “We do not know the status of enrichment capabilities. We do not know with confidence the location of any nuclear-weapon-related facilities.

Days before Bush claimed that Iraq was developing ballistic missiles that could hit Israel with WMD, the report had found: “We doubt all processes are in place to produce longer range missiles.

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The secret report was kept from the view of key players in the propaganda campaign, including Colin Powell who was made to look the fool. Just before the invasion, Powell said before the U.N. General Assembly: “My colleagues, every statement I make today is backed up by sources, solid sources. These are not assertions. What we’re giving you are facts and conclusions based on solid intelligence.

With thes lack of factual evidence for their yearning to invade Iraq—a goal of PNAC since 1998—the war-mongering officials with deep ties to the defense industry proceeded to fabricate their own tales to justify the propaganda campaign.

They turned to a parallel intelligence apparatus that they created, which relied on a network of Iraqi defectors and exiles, most notably the late Ahmed Chalabi who admitted he provided wrong information.

Back home, Cheney and Rumsfeld had set up something called the Office of Special Plans, run by Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith. This Pentagon office sent raw intelligence from Chalabi and other nefarious sources directly to the president, unvetted by intelligence analysts and uncorroborated.

If there was ever a smoking gun, this is it. If there was ever enough reason to bring charges of war crimes and other abuses of power against George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, this report provides it.

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  • war criminals .they all need to be rotting in a jail cell

  • I’m shocked!!!

  • As if mainstream Americans even give a hoot. All the invasions, murders, and war crimes for NOTHING.

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  • Old news

  • And yet they found them in 06

    • downplayed by both the administration and liberal media…. didnt want to thumb their nose at the naysayers…

    • Tis true.
      Some mild chlorine based chemical weapons were in fact found. I have it on very good authority.
      Having said that, the invasion was still wrong.

    • perhaps, but I see it this way…. Take it down a notch… Police get a search warrant on a house looking for a meth lab. They didn’t find a meth lab, but they found bodies in the basement… So, they didnt find what they were looking for, but what they found was shocking. Mass graves, rape rooms, Saddams henchmen stealing young women off the streets never to be seen again. Saddam and his family living in solid gold luxury in numerous palaces across the country and his people living in abject poverty, starving and dying of disease…. When Bush left office in 2009, Iraq was a safe place with a manageable occupation force that could have kept the peace for a long time.. There was no sign of ISIS. I was there in 07, 2010 and 2011. Huge differences. We left in a hurry and didnt care what we left behind. Sure it is arguable that we shouldnt have gone in, but in leaving prematurely, we created a power vacuum and a situation worse than the one we got rid of.

    • I was there in 06 with the 1st Armored.

    • Actually they found obsolete weapons that Saddam had disposed of in the desert, as he said he had, and they were unusable. Bush covered it up because they were US weapons and they proved that Saddam was in compliance.

    • By the time they were found,,,they were unusable because they had been exposed to humidity and harsh conditions. and what saddam “had said” is irrelevant… thats like saying “hitler said”…. or “hillary said”

  • Yeah, but any war is a good war, right? As long as the “defense” contractors make money, and the politicians don’t actually have to do any of the fighting.

  • Only problem is that was there defence on the topic as well. “We need to inspect your wmd’s because we have no info on them”

  • So, what are you going to do about it?

  • I was under the impression that the entire world already knew this ???

  • I often wonder what the elite are putting in the food and water to make the citizens of America so compliant and subservient. And better yet, why is it NOT working on me?

  • And these bastards did more to give us 8 years of Obamanation than any other group of people.

  • Hang bush

  • it was for the oil

  • Gee, you must be talking about Vietnam!

  • “The Skull and Bones” is not a Bible Study and the Bush Klan has caused more destruction and fatalities then Hitler! The Dixie Chicks called it right!

  • But it wasn’t for nothing. Some people, including our war criminal ex Prime Minister made a fortune out of it.

  • Lock them all up Blair too !

  • Too many. :'(

  • War Criminals

  • Think I’m having election PTSD .

  • This program aired the night before the Boston Bombing:
    “It’s now 10 years since forces led by the United States invaded Iraq and overthrew Saddam Hussein. The reason for the invasion was made clear: Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (WMD). But it’s now accepted there were in fact none. So where did the original “evidence” come from and why was it believed?”

  • Halliburton made alot of money

  • WestlicheWerteVerteidiger

  • War, Religion, = Money!!

  • Time to start using Gitmo for what it was intended for Terrorists…Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld!

  • can you spell “OIL”?

  • Oh no, you mean they lied for personal gain? Who would have thought.

  • This is so years ago news.

  • andmnothingwillbedoneaboutit

  • Fake article

  • Well let’s look at North Korea, openly admits to having nukes. Russia and China the same. No one is invading these countries.
    Iraq never had any. All about the oil

  • If he was prosecuted outside of the US, he would be put to death.

  • That would be a no shitter!

  • How about another Nuremburg trial to Hang tthese Criminals?

  • Espero tener vida para ver a estos tras las rejas….

  • old news

  • Smdh!

  • That was why the US invaded. We didn’t know if Sadamm had WMDs or not. 14 UN resolutions said that Iraq had to let UN inspectors inspect the locations where we thought the Iraqis manufactured WMDs. Sadamm kept the inspectors from doing proper inspections. I thought the 2003 invasion was stupid but it was handed to Bush 43 on a silver platter. You Bush haters need to get over it. The invasion was legal.

    • Let us not forget that legality and morality are two different things.

    • Let us not forget that Kevin’s statement flies in the face of the facts.

    • Fact: U.N. resolutions stated that Iraq will allow inspections. Iraq did not. Fact: Sadamm, himself, said that he wanted everyone to think that he had WMDs. Fact: There is no “hands on” evidence that showed Iraq did not have WMDs. As David pointed out, the 2003 invasion was not moral but it was legal.

    • It was not legal or moral because they did nothing wrong. Thats like saying a police officer can invade someones house on a hunch that they have drugs and no real evidence. A court would not allow that, why would a country be allowed to invade and kill innocent people on a hunch?

    • When government does it, it’s legal but rarely moral.

    • Bush said they DID have WMDs, not that we needed to invade because we didn’t know. They were even specific about what they had….yellow cake, mustard gas, etc. They were also specific about where these weapons were. Facts are, they ginned up intell, then lied to the American people to scare them into supporting the invasion. Wake the hell up man. Turn off Fox news and join the masses who realize the corruption we are dealing with here. These evil SOBs had been planning this invasion before 911. They wanted Sadam because daddy didn’t finish. They wanted the global positioning. Finally, they wanted the resources, and they murdered a million plus innocent people to get it done. #HangTheBastards

  • When are these mother fuckers going to prison?

  • We gave Saddam WMD’s…we knew he had them.

  • We can’t, and they won’t wtf

  • The mainstream media has trained everyone to focus on the WMD’s, I guess nobody recalls the additional facts except myself, Saddam had been in defiance of the UN resolutions for over 16 years, for 16 years he said I will not let you come in and inspect for the WMD’s, so, the true justification came from his non-compliance and not the actual having of these WMD’s or not. Now, was that a justification for going to war? Not for me to decide or judge, it is important that we the people do not forget all the facts of the matter though…

    • There were inspections which confirmed that there were no WMD’s but Bush ignored them and ended them.

    • Pierce McDowell Quit sleeping, here, even the CNN (Communist news network, LOL) shows they were not doing what they were supposed to…http://www.cnn.com/2013/10/30/world/meast/iraq-weapons-inspections-fast-facts/

    • Then why was is so hard for UN to be told they had full right to inspect. But when they got to a certain area.Saddam wouldn’t let them in for a week to a month…this happened more than a year in several spots… Maybe to hide the evidence… That’s what I think about their inspection

  • Its been known for years the Pentagon didn’t have active collection in Iraq. COMINT and HUMINT collection on WMDs was from CIA.

  • The USA government is the most vile evil organization in the history of mankind…..Lies..deciet…deception. …based on greed and power for the elite…..

    • I’m not sure about the most “vile evil,” but damn sure the most indebted, overstaffed, and disorganized in history.

    • Well add those labels as well…..

  • The illegal invasion by the US government of Iraq under false pretenses caused all these terrorist groups to become into being, Saddam Hussein was a very terrible man, but he was the policeman of the middle east. He eliminating these terror groups from forming and becoming powerful. Now instead of one their are tens of thousands of terrible men. The US needs to stop interfering into foreign country affairs. They create far more bad then good. Bring all the soldiers home, stop wasting American lives, stop giving tax dollars away as foreign welfare, stop all immigration and make a policy to only allow only good and decent people to be allowed into America as immigrants. They must develop a fool proof vetting process or that person can’t come in. We need Kates law to become a law and enforced. WAKE THE HELL UP YOU STUPID,BRAIN DEAD AMERICAN PEOPLE AND LETS START DOING THE RIGHT THINGS. REFORM OUR VERY CORRUPT GOVERNMENT.

  • Any critical thinking individual didn’t need released documents to know they didn’t have shit.

  • Bush should be tried for treason for 9-11.

  • Bombshell, Clinton was already setting the stage for this in 96…

  • So when will they be charged with war crimes?

  • the 3 assholes above should be in JAIL OR ???”

  • don’t even start on this again. its a lie. they were there,

  • What else would they be willing to completely fabricate?

  • Hang the criminals for genocide, and Blair

  • No WMDs you say? What about those 400+ chemical attacks on US troops between ’02 and ’08? I guess those don’t count. Or what about the numerous times Saddam went on national Iraqi television a said he planned to detonate a chemical weapon in a major US city? All of this after he killed thousands of Kurds with a chemical weapon.

    • Problem for you is that none of that is true except the attack on the Kurds while he was still our ally and was provided those weapons by the USA.

    • We put him in power. The reason we invade is because he traded his oil for euros instead of the “petro dollar”

    • The US and Britain sold Saddam Hussein the technology and materials Iraq needed to develop nuclear, chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction.

      Reports by the US Senate’s committee on banking, housing and urban affairs — which oversees American exports policy — reveal that the US, under the successive administrations of Ronald Reagan and George Bush Snr, sold materials including anthrax, VX nerve gas, West Nile fever germs, botulism, tuberculosis, pneumonia, brucella melitensis, clostridium perfringens,

      Classified US Defence Department documents show that Britain sold Iraq the drug pralidoxine, Pralidoxine can be reverse engineered to create nerve gas.

      Other instances the U.S./U.K. were involved in include:
      E coli
      clostridium botulinum
      an unknown shipment went from the US to the Iraq Atomic Energy Commission on July 11, 1988.

      So yes they had “WMDS” but the UN inspectors destroyed much of the stockpiles. Those that remained weren’t a huge threat to the U.S. and finding any of the remaining stockpiles would have incriminated the U.S. & U.K.

  • It has always been about the Resouce . In this case ‘Oil’ and who is Standard Oil . The Bush Cartel… Did you know that when J.F.K. was shot by Hinckly presumably on accidendt . Bush Sr. help cover it up. He worked for the C.I.A. at the time .Sr.’s dad helped emplament the Federal Reserve Bank cartel . Whitch would turn out to be one of the Greatest CRIMES against the American people . Her’s the kicker. When Nixion took the Dollar off the Gold standard and change it to the Petro-Dollar . Ultimatly Dissiminating the value of the dollar down to the equivalant of around .38-.42 cents .today. Bunch of CRIMINALS .

  • When do these guys do their time in jail. You just want to wipe that smirk off of bushs face. He needs to be somebodies bitch in jail

  • arrest them !!!

  • Too many to count and still counting – they ushered in ISIS.

  • This goes back and forth, willyou STOP???

  • And. Nothing will be done. The people sleep.

  • All those bastards need to be scent to Gitmo for the rest of their lives

  • Big surprise, Bush, had a vendetta, and if it meant killing millions of innocent people, he did not give a shit, because it also, helped him and his buddy, Channey, get even richer.

  • War Crimes Tribunal. They all deserve to stand in the Dock and face the music for what they’re done.

  • It’s significant – yes. But bombshell?? Unless someone’s been living in a cave, deep in a jungle, on a island, far far away.

  • ….and don’t forget people 9/11 is part of the same lie …..those fuckers need something to shake the moral of American people from there foundation and 9/11 was that ………and the sad part is that , those fucker are still in control with other puppets

  • arrest these war criminals

  • war crimes and no jail time, yeah thanks DICK&BUSH together you can both go screw each other!

  • Which means they had ZERO evidence of WMDs in 1998, when regime change in Iraq was made official federal policy.

    That’s not to exonerate Chimpola Bush and the neocon-for-lunch bunch, just that the entire American body politic was in on this scam.

  • Well, no s-word Sherlock.

  • This bombshell brought to you by Cpt. Obvious…

  • Duh,no shit.

  • They knew it. We knew that they were probably lying about WMDs. They lied about everything. Nobody would listen. They still won’t listen. They are war criminals.

  • No shit

  • Were there really people who believed they had WMD’s? What kind of an idiot would you have to be to actually believe that?

    • One who believes the crud they have been feeding us for the last 50 to 60 plus years now

  • What a stupid revalation. How could anybody have proof of something that didn’t exist .

  • Not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslim.


  • A dead horse, his daddy had Kennedy assassinated and became president….

  • Hummmm they also have 0 evidence that Assad murdered 250K of his own .. but we know they arm militants globally to over throw countries because they can .. No look at the mess they have made of the whole world :/ Iraq was not the start .. but they hoped it would bring them closer to their NWO .. They all need to be held accountable .. just like German leaders after WWII 🙁

  • What a F*CKING MORONIC article.. No WMDs… Geezus Weeps!!

    Why don’t you ask some of the EOD folks who were exposed to those “non-existent” chemical weapons?

    “From 2004 to 2011, American and American-trained Iraqi troops repeatedly encountered, and on at least six occasions were wounded by, chemical weapons remaining from years earlier in Saddam Hussein’s rule.

    In all, American troops secretly reported finding roughly 5,000 chemical warheads, shells or aviation bombs, according to interviews with dozens of participants, Iraqi and American officials, and heavily redacted intelligence documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.”


    • Ron, pull your head out of your ass and look at the black and white evidence you obviously didn’t read nor watch. Ignorance is bliss, but idiots like you are who keep this country blind, ignorant, and stupid. Can’t even accept a government report which disputs everything you say. One last thing, if the Bush admin had the evidence you claim, why didn’t they scream it from the mountaintops? Answer, just as the report says, they didn’t have it. Go back to sleep and save us from your stupidity.

    • Fred Byers Sorry that I can’t see your point of view..

      There’s no way I could manage to get my head that far up my @ss..

      Again, the evidence was uncovered AFTER the Iraq Survey Group was shut down in 2005 (I spent over a year working there with them.. where were you?)

      After the ISG shut down, suddenly ALL references to chemical weapons was classified S/NOFORN, which means such information was no longer shared with our coalition partners..

      Even I, after spending my time with the ISG, cannot answer why, SUDDENLY, the classification rules were altered and no longer shared. As you correctly point out, suddenly the Bush administration didn’t want to discuss WMD anymore..

      But that NYT article clearly demonstrates that we found THOUSANDS of warheads, all of which were supposed to be disclosed in 1991 as a condition of the cease-fire..

      Btw, the Mission of the ISG was to “uncover the truth” about Saddam’s WMD program.. Technically we did not have to find any WMDs. All we needed to do was uncover the actual facts about whether they existed or not.

      There was really no way we could know that truth, without overthrowing Saddam’s regime.

    • Ron Reece Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla, yeah right Ron. What does the report say? WWhat was Rumsfeld’s question directly answered by the Defense Report to his question? The report shows clear as day We had questionable, low percentage, info we extrapolated and guessed at, and the Bush administration presented a full proof case that mobile weapons chemical labs ect ect ect was all definite and none were found. Talking with people like you is always a challenge and a waste of time, cause you can even read actual reports resoundly eviserating your position and you hold pat to your ignorance. Our forefathers would jail you for stupidity.

    • Fred Byers My goodness.. you really seem to take all of this rather personally.. I take it personally, because I was actually there.. But you? You seem to be upset that we overthrew a totalitarian police state and attempted to give the Iraqi people a chance at a new future ( which doesn’t mean they actually grasped that opportunity).

      Perhaps you’re a closet Bath party member who would’ve love nothing more than to have seen Saddam remain in power? Perhaps you’re now a dedicated ISIS member, since the primary security and intelligence leadership are former Bathist Intel operatives/officers..

      So what is really your beef? You preferred Saddam in power?

      But you want to know the authority for the overthrow of Saddam? It lies in UNSC 687, which was the cease-fire that ended hostilities after the Iraqis were thrown out of Kuwait. Specifically Paragraph 8 and 9.


      There was never any peace treaty signed with Saddam. Only a cease-fire.. And when one, or both, side(s) break, or fail to comply with, the terms of that cease-fire, it defaults back to the previous state of hostilities.

      Saddam failed to comply.. This was clear when he threw out the UNSCOM inspectors in 1998, when they discovered an Iraqi Air Force inventory list that showed that they had ACTUALLY only expended 2/3rds of the WMD inventory against Iran that they had “officially declared”, which lead everyone to believe that 1/3 of that “expended” WMD ordinace was still lurking somewhere in Iraq.

      That was the CLEAR proof that Saddam’s military were keeping “two sets of books’ on their WMD inventories.. Saddam knew the “jig was up” and kicked the inspectors out for 5 years.. (until UNMOVIC in 2003)

      Technically speaking, that was clear violation of the cease-fire. Kick the inspectors out.. cease fire is over, and its back to a state of hostilities.

      Did we have to have “proof” of WMDs left in Iraq? No. All we had to do was cite the evidence that demonstrated that Iraq was not complying with the terms of the cease-fire, requiring full cooperation and disclosure.

      The mission statement for the Iraq Survey Group, which replace UNMOVIC after Saddam’s ouster was to “discover the truth about Iraq’s WMD program”..

      And as that NYT article definitively points out, it was ONLY AFTER the ISG was disbanded in May, 2005 (I was personally at the closing ceremonies.. where were you?) that caches of Chemical rockets started being uncovered..

      Again, I personally would ALSO like to know why the Bush administration decided not to share those discoveries. I want to know why they suddenly reclassified discoveries of WMDs to Secret/NoForn, when previously we shared such information with our fellow ISG partners..

      Now.. I know that you really could care less about listening to logic, or even being able to comprehend it.. But I’m wriiting this for the benefit of others who might find theselves confused about the facts on the ground.

      There were Chemical stockpiles in Iraq, which could be rehabilitated and used again (we’re currently worried that ISIS took possession of some of them)..

      We know Saddam was ready to recommence his WMD program just as soon as the sanctions were lifted.. He HAD TO because he felt the threat from Iran, which we only later discovered was pursuing nuclear weapons, based upon technology and information sold to them by the Pakistanis. Saddam could not permit Iran to have the upper hand.

      But based upon international law, as expressed in UNSC 687, Iraq was in violation of the cease-fire, which really provided all the rationale for finally doing what should have been done in 1991.. ousting him from power.

    • Ron Reece Like i say, it is like talking to a wall.

    • Fred Byers I would imagine that, given your underwhelming level of comprehension, a wall is probably the most intelligent thing you can understand..

      I’m sure this was an emotional defense mechanism you developed in pre-school, when you first became aware that you were educated beyond your intelligence.. 😉

  • WOW. You really can’t be that stupid. We had guys on the Ground that found the kurds gassed by Sadaam. NERVE GAS. WMD. Get it yet?

  • WMDs were found in Iraq. Even the NYT reported it.

  • this is just simply not true as it was quite public knowledge that sadam had and used mustard gas and such, even against his own people, however who put him in power….who gave him such weapons… and whose foreign police has and continues to perpetuate war and conflict….

  • DUH!

  • So.Iraq needed a good ass whipping anyway…

  • Know second hand from friend that guarded these weapons
    I think they were called the dragons eggs

  • Let me reiterate (to the WMD “Illiterate”)… using this Army EOD Sergeant’s DIRECT quotes…

    “Jarrod L. Taylor, a former Army sergeant on hand for the destruction of mustard shells that burned two soldiers in his infantry company, joked of “wounds that never happened” from “that stuff that didn’t exist.”

    ****The public, he said, was misled for a decade. “I love it when I hear, Oh there weren’t any chemical weapons in Iraq,’ ” he said. “There were plenty.””***

    Now The Free Thought Project.com, the REAL QUESTION is WHY the existence of those chemical stockpiles were covered up?

  • Why are these 3 stooges in prison for sedition?

  • They should be tried to treason and war crimes…

  • they are still dying actually

  • But think about the HEAPS of money that war made them

  • War criminal all

  • well,there were weapons of mental destruction in the minds of these warmongers and profiteers…

  • what the hell did Iraq have to do with the controlled demolition of the towers and bldg. 7? cheney made 12 million in haliburton stock, that is what Iraq was about

  • This is nothing new, unfortunately!

  • um knew & felt that the minute they decided to go to war

  • Georgy Porgy, kiss the Iraqis and make them cry….the world knew he was lying…..but we did nothing about it….and we will continue to do nothing about it.

  • What’s really amazing is that now Jeb! and his supporters and sponsors think we’re dumb enough to vote for him. Really?

  • No shit. “Conspiracy theorists” have been saying this since day one.

  • so what’s new, they’re a bunch of liars

  • Don’t think we needed “evidence” We all knew.

  • Old news, we already knew this.

  • How is this bomshell? Everybody knew

  • The truth has been out there for years,and the american people,hell the whole world got played.The ones involved will never face any charges,a crooked goverement is not going to charge their own.

    • Why didn’t our military protect us from this?

    • Americans don’t understand YET that they only serve false-Jews ?

    • There is always 2 sides of the story. Here is our side: https://youtube.com/watch?v=T2tbpUqNwRU

    • Alexander De Vera you are a tool…

    • I’ve watched Alex’s link. Wow what a load of rubbish, lies and untruths .. America had to go in because of the war between Iraq and Iran ?? America had been funding Iraq for years against Iran ! It was only when they started talking peace America panicked and invaded after all Iraq and Iran as friends would drive the price of oil high.

    • Alexander De Vera

  • I have been banging on about PNAC for years these fckers need to go to the chair

  • Since I am a powerless citizen, I’ll just sit quietly. Isn’t that what I’m supposed to say?

  • every one knows there were NO WMD In Iraq, Bush want regime change, he ordered for military invasion of Iraq. he is a war criminal and responsible of death of more than 1,50,000 Iraqis . he should be prosecuted by International court.

  • There are NO innocent people from the American side. – Stop the genocide on planet earth! – Throw your government!

  • JALE

  • Watch incontrovertible by Tony rooke

  • Sick of the BS going on?? A free world is waiting for those in need. The technology is here now to supply the necessities we need to survive, we only have to create this free world. Out with the old and in with the new. Its time for change. Join this group to be part of the change>https://www.facebook.com/groups/265603456982790/ .

  • Cheney, Bush and many others should be rotting in jail for these lies and wars. The world is in such a mess now because of these guys…

  • Another report for the ‘No Shit Sherlock’ website pages!!

  • They should have just told the truth: There is a maniac that has tons of oil and money that is terrorizing the people he rules over and is threatening to destabilize a region of the globe that is crucial to our energy supply. As such we are sending over troops and equipment to neutralize the problem.

  • Hang them where they hung Sodom.

  • this was determined many years ago and ignored 🙁

  • How many innocent people all over the world have died because of “politics as usual?”

  • Oil, gas and the machines of war!
    Money, power and greed. This is how those men sow their seed.

  • Imagine that…

  • it was obvious from the start

  • Is that supposed to be new news?

  • this was a known lie from the get go……cheney,bush world conquest

  • Why are they still free? They are” CRIMINAL’S “and need to pay .

  • This is not a bombshell. The world knew this from the beginning. This is why Colin Powell walked out of the U.N. and into obscurity.

  • surprise surprise we knew all along anyway it was for the oil!!

  • i would like to say that i am leaving you page. though your information and questions are well put. i clicked on a link to read a article about the rainbow gathering being terriost activity. shortly after reading a few lines a pop up blocked the page, and demanded that i do what i already have. click “like” & subscribe. Demanding that people do something for information is not “free thought” good by.

  • EVERYONE needs to read this, sadly few will…

    • Even those who do read may not believe this.
      Governments have convinced people that if you research and believe they are evil that you are a “Conspiracy Theorist” and against them.

    • Those who believe are made out to be crazy! Well call me crazy then! I’d rather be nuts then a naive fool lol

  • As an American hispanic, I’m tired of how all of these coward racist liberals that hate America like Obama, Clinton, and their supporters are trying to turn this great country into a 3rd world one. Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems we have right now is the media and entertainment that are always trying to tell us how to think. They have created enough imbeciles that would re-elect a failure like Obama. Even more, I’m supposed to bow down to anti-American Obama, love liberal policies no matter how destructive they are, love bigger enslaving government, and be in favor of illegal immigration because of the color of my skin… disgusting. That’s why I and others created “Chepo Team”, the first true pro-America, comic strip. Please support our cause by liking our facebook page at:www.facebook.com/chepoteam . Thank you

  • Many got fooled, many are trying to make up for that foolishness by staying informed to the max, making no money, only an agenda of truth

  • Still love Obama yeah?

  • Man Donald Rumsfeld didn’t age well at all

  • It was for “Israel” and their “Greater Israel Project”
    Terrorist religious extremists!

  • Haha if another country don’t let us borrow we attack. ..haha

  • Conspiracy?????

  • We have to pay for bad leadership , I hope the refugees can forgive .

  • It was obvious from the beginning. If you believed the lies you were asleep

  • You need to update the meme – how long have they been out of office. How long has Obama been invading countries illegally based on lies, – tortured and killed people.

    • How many countries did Obama invade?

    • Hasn’t Obama just been finishing what Bush jnr and snr started?

    • It’s not bout a politician. They follow the Fed plan so they can raise money.

    • 8 years of “finishing”? Not taking up for those dumb fuck Bush’s but stop acting like Obama is any damn better.

    • libya, syria, ukraine (privateers), yemen (drones), pakistan (drones), egypt (privateers). somalia (drones) to name but a few.

    • Afganistan , Iraq & Somalia as well

    • Obama inherited all the shit and wars that Bush Cheney and Rumsfeld started, ffs read some history some time

    • Pull your head out of your arse Daryl. Just because he’s a democrat he doesn’t get a get out of jail free card. he’s worse than bush. and the next one will be worse yet

    • Daryl no one is denying that he inherited a lot of it but are you denying that he hasn’t started any of it? I mean really 8 years later and it’s still all the stupid cow boys fault?

    • and 8 yrs later gitmo is still open

    • Anyone seeing a difference between the two parties at this point in time is right where they want you. Pure subterfuge from the oligarchy.

    • not about party – they are all corrupt. but where are the antiwar protesters from the bush era . hypocrites .

  • Axis of evil

  • Started for a lie. It has been done before.

  • Now playing around libya !

  • And they knew it and kept it quiet because then they would not have been able to get the population behind them to invade Iraq to attempt to secure middle east oil. Also makes you wonder if the British knew also.

    • there’s no wondering there mate

    • All of NATO knew.

    • No we dont want war, but few seem to want to deal with the muslim extremist problem either, that has been around for hundreds of years. Maybe the whole truth needs to be told?

    • Are you retarded!!! Christians and white Europeans are responsible for global genocide, land stealing and resource theft… But it’s the Muslims that are the bane of humanity. Jesus fucking Christ the stupid is rampant

    • Jeff Jacobs shut up before you start, let me guess christians are responsible because of the crusades? And how many years ago was that? Exactly! It isnt a religion or a race of people who are responsible its the elites

    • It’s been pretty widly known that Blair/Bush colluded with each other knowing there were no WMD, they had plans months before hand to invade. Hanns Blix loudly asserted that Iraq had no WMD but was ignored.

    • Crusades? Are you a fucking moron??? Did Muslims turn native Americans into Muslims by killing and torture??? No Christians did. Did Muslims invade the Americas, Africa, Asia, Indian and pacific islands steal their resources and make them take up their religion or kill them?? No Christians did. Do Muslim armies constantly cross oceans to war with other nations? No supposed Christian nations do. Do Muslim nations control the UN Security Council!! No Christian nations do with one exception … China, still not Muslim. So before you start, you complete and utter moron filled with no facts… Read a god dam book or two

    • You’re absolutely right, Jeff! Thank you for not being afraid to speak the truth.

    • Jeff Jacobs you are a punk, why don’t you just go live with them? See how long they let your ass live. Fucking idoit.

    • You are a typical American idiot thinking because I’m telling the truth I want to be a Muslim. You too are a complete moron. Screw all religions jack ass. I’m just stating facts… Wtf are you talking about?

    • Suzanne Holmes thank you ?

    • Jeff Jacobs In response to your retarded comment, start here. Our two hunderd years history doesnt hold a candle to the the number of time europe has been invaded. People there were worried the iraq invasion would result in the current disaster unfolding now in the EU. Its very troubling how many people are not informed about what is going on or just dont care. Sad situation at least. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7y2LRcf4kc

    • Suzanne Holmes Muslim americans have been trying to wake up the american population to the real threat. Here is your opportunity to listen if you can allow yourself to. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSPvnFDDQHk

    • Jeff Jacobs Even if W was wrong and I was not a supporter and I have fought against him too, isnt it possible to have a severe muslim extremist problem anyway that may be expanding world wide with an agenda that includes propaganda? Just look at the indian culture, pakistanis are not allowed into their country for that reason and tell me where a 100% muslim country exists that is peaceful where you would like to live or even approve of? If islam is the answer to all your problems then where is this so called solution without the goal of sharia and world dominance? Just asking.

    • Fucking low brain functioning, ignorant cowards!

    • Wow, a random page called ‘Explore The Truth’ MUST be an authority on everything! Another bigoted right wing propaganda FB page that uses Clarion Project (a far right wing think tank funded by well moneyed Israeli dual citizens) as one of their sources of what Muslims believe. LOL. You people believe everything you see on the internet. 😛 I’m a former Christian turned Muslim who has actually read Quran and see right thru your ignorant BS.

    • Who is they?

    • Your energy is precious, your reason is sound. You speak from experience, while some speak from the ego. Let these comments inspire change, not bring us down to the base level of ignorance. Thinking for one’s self is a life long mission for some. Be blessed that you have at least gained awareness

    • There is no wondering if the British knew, and oil was minimal in the equation. The British led this entire thing from the back through Baroness Symmons and Blair.

    • Suzanne Holmes Dream on, you wish, your delusions run deep. Maybe you need to experience this first hand rather than just talk about it. People have known this since the 1980’s but now its a disaster again. Your name calling speaks loud and clear 😉 Are you intentionally supporting evil? Salman Rushdie has a lot to say about that but christopher hitchens is much more fun… enjoy if you dare https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEYD95_DvEw

    • Suzanne Holmes Your page is revealing and does show where you are coming from….the MUSLIM end of the world thinking….GREAT!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4TTd-gOYkQ

  • You forgot his predecessor Obama and his toppling of Libya.

  • I’m a veteran of the American initiated Bosnian war. My book is about the events and the following shame.

    • what a scumbag

    • I would be interested in reading it

    • I was in the navy in the 90’s. Our battlegroup was deployed to the area in the first half of 1996.

    • Jeremy, you can check it out on Amazon or go to the website – ahenchmanshonor.com

    • Dennis Young so the Army was wearing UCP ACUs in the 1990s? Your cover art is as inaccurate as your political beliefs.

    • So you are one of the retarded

    • Asshole… now you make money out of your crimes against humanity…. what a piece of shit ….

    • Dennis Young shame on you… you pathetic excuse of a human being.

    • Santiago, the publisher chose the cover. How do you know what I believe?

    • Jinzaek, it’s called whistle blowing. Do you think Snowden is a criminal? Also, It’s the Bosnians themselves who murdered their own neighbors and committed heinous crimes against each other. If you have a problem with all the carnage that happened over there, you need to look into a mirror and maybe a few family photos.

    • You have NO shame to bear my dad brothers and daughter all went to war an feel guilt yu never meant to deal with and do the shit yu ended up in was never yr intent now yr suffering with the guilt don’t believe its not yr fault yi can’t bear the fkn guilt of those who put yu in this situation in the first place!!! We all love yu and yu ARE heroes just for comin home wen maybe yu cud not have god love and bless yu all!!?

    • America initiated the war but religion fueled it!

    • Dennis Young because you write a book about your bullsh*t views.

    • Dennis Young Snowden spied fir the Russians you p8ece of filth.

  • I never fired a round

  • Tony Blair. Jack Straw. War criminals.

  • I feel like, we forgot that Bush is the reason for all of this… I understand Obama played a part… but the blame should not just be on him. That piece of shit Bush… did a whole lot bullshit…

    • Bush, Obama, what difference does it make. They’re all puppets.

    • They all played a part, Obama is just the latest puppet there’ll be another one

  • But we have a terrorist threat, one does not negate the other. Both are problems.

  • Dont forget the rape, some wouldn’t of been blind to it they were for it disgusting people.

  • Ouch

  • It’s the core to the survivor guilt in PTSD sufferers, feeling, suddenly, such a leech, decides suicide. 22 military personnel daily take their lives. i believe this meme is the message their deaths resound. My viet nam dishonorably discharged dad came back mentally crippled but i heard what he was saying.

    • That many , shame on the V A.

    • They have known this for years .

    • I couldn’t agree more.
      When what you are doing and what you believe are two different things.

  • Are voting for a leader of war or what. It’s like we are passing the buck .

  • They were amongst the worst politicians ever.

  • And now you live on the street because it’s too expensive to give you what you earned.

  • Rebecca true,look at him trying to take out the president of Syria,to put in a Muslim president just like Libya

    • Russia won’t let it fly, they’re doing the right thing for the wrong reasons

  • The people in England knew that when Blair stood up and used it as a pretext to go to war and support the U.S. agenda, and a brilliant man called David Kelly had to die for telling that truth…immovable (other than his murder) in his resolve, for sticking to his principles on the fact!

    • We did indeed – We suspected it all along and even parts of the media (the Guardian and the Independent among others) were (to the least) highly sceptical – plus David Kelly (a weapons expert at the ministry of defence) – plus the attorney-general wrote a legal opinion doubting the legality of war …. before changing his mind 2 days later … Tony Blair wanted his moment of shared glory and is now wallowing in shared guilt

    • David Wells Indeed….and being incredibly well paid for it though!!

    • David kelly that name sounds familiar wasent he like an Edward snowden type guy for the Brits?

  • This Is The Way I Felt And Believed After I Got Out Of The Military Back In 1969 During The Vietnam War and I Being A Part Of That War In 1967, 1968 & 1969 !!!

    • You should share your stories! I was born in 1975, so I hear conflicting stories about why we were even in Vietnam. Same is true with the War on Terror!

    • Back then we didn’t have the access to information that we have today,

  • True!!!

  • Bush is just as guilty I agree Khosto,he’s a war monger they should face international war crimes committe,but that will never happen

  • If only the murderers weren’t protected by Obomer ,the non white muppet in the white house.But, he knows if they get done …so will he, and all the rest.

  • Do not put this on the Individual American soldier (as this meme seems to). The soldier is doing a job that most do not want to or won’t do. And please don’t come back with some lame assed, pussified comment like “They could refuse to fight”.

    • If they hadn’t volunteered to invade a country that would be different. But they did and they are responsible for their actions.

      The center-right picture showcases a member of a hunting party proudly posed over his noncombatant prey, is he not responsible for that?

    • Nobody point a gun on their heads to join the military. lol

    • I didn’t see that at all. I see a soldier realizing he was deceived and dealing with the pain of what he has done.

    • Fiona Lovesee, the individual soldier does not volunteer to invade another country. He volunteers to serve his country. It was the politicians who, in the case of Iraq, chose wrongly. That picture you point out is of a dead enemy combatant. Do your research. Christopher, I see a soldier in pain because his buddy was probably killed. Are you guys really under the impression that soldiers are monsters? None of you have any idea, do you?

    • Rodney, I may have included what he has seen and been through as well. I in no way said the young man was a monster. You seem a pompous fool when you you speak the way you do to others. If you want people to truly consider your ideas, I recommend you not behave as if you are better than everyone else. 🙂

    • Me thinking that I’m better than everyone else?? How do you assume that? I was once that lowly soldier that most of the posters are looking down their high and mighty noses at.

    • Shut the fuck up you hipster cunt.

    • “individual soldier does not volunteer to invade another country. He volunteers to serve his country.”

      So did the Nazis. So, do you disagree with the findings of the Nuremberg Trials that say that every man is responsible for his own actions in war?

    • Nathan Grieg 95% of the people on the Nuremberg trials were top Nazi officials and commanding officers of the concentration camp not the soldiers. My grandfather on my mothers side fought in the Nazi army because he had to or they were gonna kill his family. So you statement is misleading. There is a difference between ww2 and the Iraq war.

  • They should be tried for war crimes under, “The Geneva Conventions”!

  • Soooo why are they finding those weapons being used by ISIS in Iraq ? British intelligence confirmed as well

  • Read, “State of War”, by James Risen. These fkrs knew ,they knew, and Thousands died,and are still maimed, or sick, These POS belong in PRISON, with the rest of the Murderers.

  • Alex

  • All 3 of those men at the bottom should be blown to dust with massive explosions as they are burned alive….and when the people take over~I think you fuckers should be prepared for what the people are gonna do to you. Torture for all the participants in 9-11 is OUR DUTY, to the people that you fools killed.

    • We Will NOT forget 9-11, especially the people who have learned who is responsible, we will NEVER forget.

  • These 3 Vermins destroyed the world to pocket billions into their pockets. Hell will have a very special place for them

    • Cant wait that long… We need to make it hell on earth for them.

  • Wow

  • OR they just believe all the THREATS against the non muslim world that are written all over the quran…

    • Those threats are specific to those who are ATTACKING Muslims. Context is important in anything you read! Of course, you have not read Quran. All you know is 109 verses taken from a hate site, with no context whatsoever. Try reading Quran and you won’t sound so freaking ignorant! Here, in any language you choose. Yusuf Ali translation is one of the best…. Quran.com

    • LOL

    • actually 219 verses of hate and threats and killing…

    • mohommad was a pedophile criminal who wrote said fairy tale book to justify his crimes and lust for power…

    • <- PROUD to be a infidel.

  • That awkward moment when you realize you are protecting the freedoms enjoyed by assholes who post this crap.

    • The Awkward moment when you realize you don’t fight for anyone’s freedoms but for corporate greed. Your fantasy world sounds awesome though.

    • Fighting for my freedom my balls, nobody has attack the U.S. ever..

    • You all come on down to the VFW – any VFW – and explain your position.

    • Tom Cavallero Typical pussy response. Come on down to a place full of brainwashed morons so that the odds are fair 1 vs 30. To show how dimwitted you are. You took an oath to defend the constitution. But threatens my right of free speech. Henry Kissinger — ‘Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.’

    • I’m the pussy – you can troll the internet with your anarchist bull shit but are not surprisingly quiet in front of a couple of veterans. Real brave.

    • I hate the wars. I support the vets and soldiers always. This meme sucks BTW. Disrespectful. The things Vets had to endure are NOT a joke.

    • Thanks for some reality. What these fools don’t understand is that every combat vet hates war.

    • As far as I know, nobody point a gun on your head to join the military, its people’s choice.. so anyone who joins the military are responsible for its consequences..

    • Obviously you are too young or too stupid to remember there was a draft.

    • Not as stupid as those who join the military.. 😉

    • Your best come back ? Idiot.

    • You calling me stupid? What do you expect? There’s no need for fancy words, just being clever 🙂

    • Clever ? You’ve the poster child for the Dunning – Kruger effect. You’ve obviously not smart enough to know you’re an idiot.

    • I imagine if Facebook existed in the late 1930’s this is what the post of a Nazi would look like. Once again the pussy has to have a “couple” of vets. Can’t do shit on your own. Hopefully you do another tour and come back in a box or even better come back limbless or brain damaged. Actually looks like the brain damage thing can’t happen because you need a brain to damage. Again thanks for killing innocent people to make rich people richer.

    • You can call me however you want, you don’t even know me, but its a fact those who join the military are the most arrogant and brainwashed people out there..

    • Shelby Michelle This is what your post sounds like if you lived in Germany in 1940. I hate wars but I support our Nazi vets. All they had to endure.

    • Tony Smith I don’t need shit asshole. I’m a Vietnam vet which probably puts me at your grandfather’s age and I will still kick your anarchist ass all by my self you ungrateful shit.

    • Kissinger was a useless shit who gave into the North Vietnamese for political reasons. He then – like you denigrated the US serviceman to – like you – justify his cowardice. Give me an address and I will arrange for a Vietnam vet to come by and discuss the issue, you little prick.

    • Ah hell – since you are a little prick – I’ll contact the DAV, Disabled American Vets, to explain your ignorance and educate you as to how to properly appreciate the patriots who provide you with the freedoms to be such a dumb ass. Your address ?

    • You know how I know you are a pathetic low life. You follow a page that you completely disagree with its ideals just so you have someone to argue with. Just do the world a favor and die already.

    • Let’s make life easy. Address and phone number or S T F U.

    • We’re done, You have no honor, just coward’s rhetoric and a troll’s provado. Back to your hole.

    • You dare speak of honor hahahaha that was the funniest post I have seen all day. The only troll here is you. Don’t you have a brainwashed military page to comment on. Get the fuck out of here you loser.

    • You are an entitled young punk who doesn’t realize if it were not for the American veteran’s sacrifice, you would have grown up speaking German or Russian as your native language. Enjoy your blissful ignorance. Sleep well because American veterans are on duty.

    • What’s wrong with speaking German… lol.

    • brainwashed toy soldier

    • Morons like Tom will never understand this concept.

    • Tony Smith, you’re a waste of air buddy. You’re opinion is, “hey, let’s wait till someone has the capabilities of dropping a bomb on America, then let them drop it, then we can go fight.” You clearly know shit about global politics

    • Marc Vitro It’s been the same since the Neanderthals fought the Homo Sapiens – There will always be cowards who claim any conflict is wrong so they can justify letting others fight for their freedom. Let Mr Smith and his kind stay with the women and children while men protect his freedoms.

    • Smh. What is wrong with people these days. America is not the same anymore…

    • Marc Vitro You are as big of an idiot as Tom. Then Hitler was doing the same thing. Making moves before someone made a bomb to drop on Germany. Oh no but he was the bad guy unlike America. Blind fucking Americans.

    • Hey you guys are pathetic for attacking Tom. The thing is the propaganda machine had brain washed him just like they do to almost everyone to get them to join like myself. The point is when veterans join the military their intentions are generally pure and they are blind to fact that they represent a criminal government. Instead of insulting someone you should prove your point using intelligence and facts but you should not insult the service members EVER!!!! Not everyone is awake so to speak. Service members deserve respect. You may not know Tom personally but he would die for your rights. Why insult him?

    • Protectin freedom from WHO?? WHO tf is trying to enslave america besides the US gov???

    • Paul Patterson Look I appreciate that you are awake and know the truth and I agree with what you are saying if we still lived in lets say the early 90’s where information like this wasn’t available. I was the first one saying what you are saying back then. “They don’t know better. They are brainwashed” but we now live in the information age. Where you can research and read about anything and everything. With that being said I no longer give the excuse of brainwashed. Information is at there finger tips and they choose not to research it. That is not a legitimate excuse for me anymore. Sorry if you still buy that excuse but I don’t.

    • Vietnam vet?? You invaded a country, killed innocent people, nd demand respect?? Did the rice growin, poor Vietnamese invade US?? So whose freedom were you protecting?? How can someone who is proud of his wrong doings ‘educate’ others?? Sorry pal, I dnt see u as anythin more than a dieing piece of shite

    • There’s nothing to be proud of when you are a murderer piece of shit..

    • Marc Vitro it’s called security like police at a airport but invading and bombing cities only to find nothing know that’s Bullshit

    • “It’s been the same since the Neanderthals fought the Homo Sapiens – There will always be cowards who claim any conflict is wrong so they can justify letting others fight for their freedom.”

      The US has dropped from 1st most free country in the world to the 20th most free country in the world, just in the past few decades, and we’d been losing more and more freedom every year before that, it’s just that we were still more free ‘relative’ to other countries, but now that has changed.

      Being the 20th most free country in the world, and with at least 5 of the top 10 countries being countries that either are the UK or didn’t even bother to ‘fight for freedom’ against the UK, that is absolute proof that soldiers do not ‘fight for freedom’ and that the US has lost so much ground in freedom, that basically having a Constitution with a Bill of Rights and having fought a War of Independance for freedom was meaningless.

      Your claim is PROVABLY false that you fight for freedom. I suggest that you go into a law library one of these days, or even just try to fight a traffic ticket in court and see how ‘free’ you are. There are literally MILLIONS of laws against being free in the US, and the US has a larger prison population than China and Russia combined to prove it.

    • You HONESTLY are trying to say that you ‘fight for freedom’ when you work for the only people who are taking it away? That is literally just retarded, and provably a false claim.

    • I honestly think that if it weren’t for veterans you wouldn’t be able to be the entitled winy shit I believe you are.

    • Tom Cavallero How so? How did working for politicians taking away our freedom and allowing the country to drop from 1st most free nation in the world to 20th allow us to ‘whine’ about our loss of freedoms?

      Please explain how people living in Hong Kong (number 1 most free country in the world) or Switzerland (number 2) aren’t able to be on Facebook and whine about their government. Oh, wait, they are… because they are more free than the US… and didn’t murder a bunch of foreigners to achieve that freedom.

      In fact, Switzerland’s military is almost EXACTLY the military outlined in the US Constitution! And they are more free than the US. IN fact, they are 19 countries more free than the US.

      So, do tell how US soldiers murdering people for politicians ‘allow’ us to ‘whine’ about our loss of freedoms that they do nothing about.. unless of course you are just repeating nonsense.


    • Do you know what is REALLY ironic is that at least 4 of the countries that are more free than the US are in the British Commonwealth, or ARE the UK. Soldiers have been SO bad at ‘fighting for freedom’ that the advantage in freedom the US had by having a revolution against a tyrannical dictator has been lost.

      Soldiers have been SO bad at ‘fighting for freedom’ that the US is LESS free than even the tyrannical country they fought a revolution to free themselves FROM! OH, the irony.

      If soldiers ‘fight for freedom’, they have been miserable failures, but I guess you fought for freedom SO hard, that we should just shut the F up until we have fewer freedoms than North Korea, right?

    • The country of MAURITIUS is more free than the US. Who in the hell has even heard of Mauritius? They certainly don’t have any military that’s been rampaging all over the earth ‘fighting for freedom’. So how the hell did the US lost out in levels of freedom to Mauritius, if freedom is won by murdering foreigners and colonizing the globe?

      I wonder what THEY say about their freedom. “Don’t complain about not being the number one most free country in the world. Why? Because MEERCATS fought for your freedom”. It makes just as much sense as soldiers murdering foreigners makes us free, when we are #20… below MAURITIUS for god’s sake.

      At what point of our loss of freedom is it FINALLY OK with soldiers to be so bold to MENTION that maybe murdering foreigners and creating terrorists doesn’t win any freedom?

      I guess dropping to 20th most free country in the world, below frigging MAURITUS and just above the Czech Republic and Estonia, is STILL not a loss of freedom sufficient to merit mentioning it without soldiers making ridiculous claims that murdering foreigners is the only thing that keeps Facebook up and running?

      I swear, you guys must just have no ability to think for yourself. You just repeat “Soldiers fought for freedom’ over and over without even having thought even once about what that even MEANS or whether it’s true or not.

    • Tom Cavallero oh boo hoo you shouldn’t of joined the military then. Nobody should!

    • Valente Hernandez Ketchersid well put. FUCK THE TROOPS

    • There is an invisible draft today… called student debt.

  • Kyle Peterson, you’ll like this one

  • Who all made an obscene amount of money out of the death and misery of people fuckin putrid pack of cunts

  • To the OP,

    You have no idea.

  • We call on the United Nations to sanction. #NoWeaponsAcrossBorders.

  • So you became one, sad no?

  • as a veteran myself…i think it’s bullcrap

  • If my son or daughter went to war and got hurt in any way shape or form (and they all do), God help the scum who sent them there so that they could get more money and/or power. There would be NO PLACE TO HIDE for those human garbage then.
    Make no mistake, I am waking up as many people as I can so that other people’s children will not have to get hurt as we are all one.

    • It’s a great sentiment but real parents have already suffered. No one feels the same, you are powerless on your own but United you can change the world.

    • That is exactly what I am doing now. On a mission to wake up as many people as possible. Working my butt off. I know that I am just one person, but till now I have already awakened few hundred. Most of them are young people as they are a lot easier to awaken than older folk, I found 🙁

    • So you’re trying to stop people from doing what they want to do, in this case joining the military? You know it’s an all volunteer military…

    • Of course I do. I am not trying to stop them joining military at all. I am working to open their minds to start questioning things. Thinking people do not just go to another country and shoot people just because a politician or a big corporation wants them to. They question and research the reasons why they would even dream of doing such thing and also research other ways of fixing the problem. There are ALWAYS more than one way of seeing things and just to go in with all the guns blazing and bully people into submission is a win-lose outcome which will always create resistance and anger.

    • “So you’re trying to stop people from doing what they want to do, in this case joining the military? You know it’s an all volunteer military…”

      It people want to work for politicians to kill people in their own countries, they are idiotics. Bozena is doing the right thing trying to discourage young men from being idiots and being used as political tools to politicians.

      Anyone who has done any actual research on these wars would be on her side, not discouraging her from keeping young men from being cannon fodder for the profit of politicians and their cronies.

      Bozena, you are one of the few people here who seem to care about soldiers at all. Everyone else gives lip service to caring about soldiers.. then demand we support them to go off to die in corrupt wars. Thank you for your service Bozena.

    • Nathan, they are not idiots. They are simply not awakened yet. I used to be the same, but when you really awaken you just cannot remain a bystander in face of a monumental tragedy.

  • If only people realized this before signing up for the military…

  • There is a reason the government has an age limit and recruits right out of high school… School children are used to following the rules and not disrupting the status quo. They do what they are told without asking questions.

  • Say what you want about WMD and the reasons for finishing the Iraq war. I see it like this: Take it to a smaller scale. If a police department gets a search warrant to enter a house looking for a meth lab and finds bodies in the basement, maybe some would lament entering without finding the meth lab, but all would agree that stopping the murders was worth entering. What was found inside Iraq after the invasion is quickly being forgotten and stricken from spoken and written history. Numerous mass graves with hundreds of thousands dead, both from the Iran/Iraq war and from ethnic cleansing or just political convenience. Rape rooms. Stories upon stories of young women being taken from the streets by government thugs and never being seen again. Opulent palaces for Saddams friends, family and henchmen while the rest of the country wallows in abject poverty, lack of medicine, food, water and basic services. Iraq in 2009 when Bush left office was a far better place than in 2003. I spent a couple years there in 2007 and 2010 and interacted with many Iraqis. All agreed with the above. As for what happened after our premature, underplanned, hasty withdrawal….Huge mistake…no excuses for that….

    • I think this guy was W’s speech writer.

    • Adam Binckley , that number of 1.5M is suspect as many of the dead are insurgents and those killed by insurgents and killed by actions provoked by insurgents.

    • Tony Smith Thanks

    • Sounds like bullshit to me.

    • Ed Borden Yeah your bullshit is almost believable. That is if you are dumb American. Which you are and which who you are pandering to. Which country should we level next. I know of one that has the largest prison population in the history of the world. It is also the only country to ever use nuclear weapons on civilians. They should be next, right?

    • Sad….u r sheep

    • Ed Borden Says the sheep lol the irony. Only thing that is is sad is that this country has people like you living in it. What a great country this would be if you and people like you were wiped off of it.

    • Nice, espousing violence to promote your liberal agenda

    • Ed Borden Actually I am a conservative. Just not a crazy one like you and your bunch. But thanks for proving that you are an even bigger judgmental asshole.

    • Nice, name calling

    • Then the funny part is accusing me or espousing violence when that is what your entire thread is about. My god your an idiot. No point in going back and forth. Either you are moron or a troll either way you are still a loser.

    • Lol…^^^^spun up^^^^

    • We live in a world with bad people….evil people who want to kill you just because of the flag you live under. In a perfect world, like the one you espouse, we could all live together peacefully, like the lion and the sheep frollicking in the meadow playfully, but that is unrealistic. You can take the war to the bad guys, or you can sit back while they get stronger and wait for the slaughter…. I prefer the proactive approach.

    • I also prefer interactive, calm dialogue rather than a name calling competition with insults…that is unproductive and gets us nowhere.

    • “but all would agree that stopping the murders was worth entering.” Nope. Iraq was a sovereign nation. Invasion was simply unjustified, and illegal. now proven….again. sorry u went to go and fight, but that doesn’t justify it. are you kidding me!!?? they are better off with their cities blown to pieces? so u were there so long, any of these scenes look familiar? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bC4EJ8Jlck0

    • agree to disagree…. most importantly, this debate and debates like it will frame any future thoughts of invasion (hopefully). Any leaders should think long and hard and be ready for the long haul if they plan something like this. It was heartening to see our current CIC commit to a longer keeping of the peace in Afghanistan to prevent an ISIS like occurence or the spread of such into AFG. I can see both sides of the argument on the invasion of Iraq, but I have mine and my time there has shaped my opinion.

    • Steve Holbrook , well said and good video

    • One mans insurgent is another mans freedom fighter. True

    • You see it how you see and speak your opinion…thats great and one of the reasons it is great to be an American.

    • Get out of zanesville (mayberry) and come into columbus every now and then…. Get some perspective…LOL…JK.. When I get out of Korea, I will be moving back to Dayton…

    • The bottom line is that we invaded a sovereign nation and allowed its leader to be publicly hanged. The nation(Iraq) never attacked us, was never any kind of serious threat to us in any way, and the after effect of our actions left the country in ruins.

      The only authority we used was authority we gave ourselves…..what gives America the right to physically enforce their policies on other cultures and other countries?

    • Gah! Agh.

    • William Eckhoff …most intelligent comment on the thread

    • Steve StevGreeky Kromray …thats your bottom line..and your right to see it that way…..

    • (country was in ruins prior to 2003 invasion)

    • I “grasp” it. I, however, do not want our nation to sit back and watch despots fund terror, enrich their personal life and starve their own country out…. Just the way I see it. I respect your “namaste”…

    • Sigh…..

    • typical “agree with me or I will insult you and call you dumb” strategy…. nice

    • case in point^^

    • Boo hoo

    • there are reasons we cannot have peaceful dialogue on here… anonymity and distance give people license to degrade and insult all day while refusing to address issues…it’s ok.. i am not falling into it… u must be a trump supporter

    • haha..not really.. Actually Iraq on January 20th 2009 was a much better place than it was in 2003. Upgraded utilities and services and no mass murderer dictator……..

    • #JEB2016 or #WEBB2016

    • Anger…I like it…lt it all out …cry it out..you’ll feel better later….

    • History will look kindly upon the great presidency of GWB

    • <<

    • If Adam Binckley had it his way, we wouldn’t have fought in WW2

    • “these types” “bitch” “pissed” “pissed” Good night

    • Ed would have made a great Nazi.

    • Good one! Zinger! That’s the spirit!

    • Ed, If you were there, then you KNOW that the withdrawal in 2011 was negotiated by GWB, not the current administration. Nothing “hasty” about it.

    • Actually, it was a rough target date negotiated with the Iraqi govt and the caveat, “if conditions on the ground allow”… Military leaders advised against it and the Obummer admin proceeded with reckless abandon…. The Iraqi govt contributed with their unwillingness to negotiate SOFA. They regretted that decision.

    • With that lesson learned…at least BHO has conceded that we will need to stay in AFG for the long haul…. I am hoping to return for a tour or two.

    • Ed knows alot about meth labs

    • Sergio Marquez . not really. Not my thing. ..ooohhhh..the ol’ “put down the crack pipe” thing….LOL

    • “freedom isn’t free”…..

    • You’re delusional! Iraq was destroyed by us! What Fucking brainwashed information have you been digesting? The whole damn reason ISIS was able to get a foothold was because Iraq was in ruins. We left so we weren’t killing our own sons and daughters over lies and greed, and so we would stop murdering Iraqis! We killed wayyyy more innocents than saddam. You’re an idiot. Omg I can’t even write anymore I’m so disgusted with you. Get a clue. I was so against the war. Which for people like you who think patriotism is about sending troops to fuck shit up and protect our liberty, no sir I’M A PATRIOT BECAUSE I DON’T WANT MY TROOPS DYING OVER BULLSHIT AND HAVING OUR BOYS AND GIRLS COMING HOME ALL FUCKED UP AND GETTING THE SHORT END OF THE STICK! THEY WEREN’T PROTECTING US OR OUR LIBERTIES, THEY WERE SENT INTO HARMS WAY FOR GREED! WAKE THE FUCK UP!

    • Such anger…LOL… My statements above stated that Iraq was peaceful and better than at the beginning of the war on 20 Jan 2009. I don’t expect you to understand or even know because I doubt you ever went there and your statements are that of someone who has been educated by left wing mainstream media. One could arguably attribute millions of deaths to Saddams bullets, gas, and neglect. As for the rise of isis,,, they came about because of a power vacuum after our hasty and poorly planned withdrawal. That is fact and has even been alluded to by the BHO admiinistration. Really..all the cap, cussing and insults do nothing but negate and degrade your already unintelligible comment.

    • Ed Borden , I agree w/ Your feelings regarding the horror of all that, but Ed, it’s none of Our business, just how Our ForeFathers felt, yes? They knew all about the Insanity over there … all over there! Their endless WAR. Greedy, Cowardly, Politicians did this.

    • There are two sides to every story….yes, and each of us has to think to themselves how they feel about it. The things we’re talking about should be part of the conversation next time someone wants to put forces in harms way. – Is it our business? – risk/benefit ratio? – are we willing to stay for the long haul? lots of questions… we can all look in hindsight and pick it apart, but rather than all that backwards blame and finger pointing, I would rather just learn from it, have civilized dialogue and move on….there is lots of blame to go around….both parties…all administrations….agencies…..leaders……you name it….

    • What they found was oil tho

    • Adam Binckley wheres your resources for iraq being number one tourist destination

    • Number one for terrorists?

    • Fucking civilians think just because it hasnt been put out on the media that it isnt true, how many of you fuckheads ever been there?

    • The war literally destroyed their country Dom. They had good hospitals, a low child mortality rate, excellent hospitals and health care, and all that has been utterly destroyed. PLUS now they have isis to deal with.

      Your supposed ‘good intentions’ (they weren’t, they were just lies) were for shit.

      If you went there to help (you didn’t) you failed- utterly and miserably. Not sure how you are defending those actions.


    • “The whole damn reason ISIS was able to get a foothold was because Iraq was in ruins.”

      Yes… after the war in which the US failed to ‘help’ them in any way.

      Iraq was in no way ‘in ruins’ before the US invaded. That is idiotic propaganda they tell you to justify destroying a country.

    • “maybe some would lament entering without finding the meth lab, but all would agree that stopping the murders was worth entering. ”

      Uhhh, except that the US doesn’t give one shit who kills who, they invaded because Saddam wouldn’t be their butt boy any more.

      How in hell do you think Saddam GOT the weapons to kill his own people? From the people who gave him gas to kill Iranians.

      So we need to ‘stop the murderers’ when those murderers AREN”T doing out bidding, but we support them when they are?

      Good justification for war. Saddam would never have even been IN had it not been for the government installing him. And he woudln’t have had any poison gas if it were not for the US.

      Sounds like principled opposition to murder to me. Oh… wait. It’s not.


    • Steve StevGreeky Kromray the UN didn’t agree either

    • What a shock that another brainwashed solider disagrees. Critical thinking skills are clearly not required to join the military.

    • Google “wmd’s found in iraq” hundreds of stories about our troops finding them. I dont understand what bush lied about. Typical liberal response though. “I dont agree with it so you lie and are a racist”

    • Evan Mantell i can agree that we shouldnt have been in iraq. Fyck them. But isis got a foothold in iraq because we left too early. Iraqi troops were not ready to fend for themselves. They fled once they heard the first gun shots. Every senior military official told obama that but he knew better. He decided they could handle it themselves. They ran like cowards and isis took over.

    • Jeff Santello we went into iraq because our intelligence departments all told bush that iraq was storing weapons of mass destruction. Bush went to congress and got approval. We went there and found the wmd’s. Google it.

    • Nathan Grieg can u tell me what you mean by “lies” who lied and wjat was the lie. Just curious

    • So not having served in iraq means I don’t know what I’m talking about? And because you were there it makes yiu an authority on the matter? Yeah, because they tell you guys everything, and you go around researching the before and after and survey the entire spectrum of people places and things that make up iraq. Sure buddy, keep telling yourself that. Obviously your views are biased and slanted, otherwise you wouldn’t have thrown the whole “liberal” thing out there. You don’t know shit about me. You don’t know that I’ve talked to tons of servicemen who echoed exactly what I’m saying, in fact that’s where I get most of my ideals about the whole situation. I live in San antonio, military city u.s.a. I’ve got plenty if people to talk with about these matters. If you found my comment unintelligible, I’m sorry for you. Let me try to spell it out for you.. we didn’t care, nor ever cared about saddam regime until we wanted what they had. We put saddam into power. We went and destroyed Iraq for greed. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 …nothing. isis took over in the vacuum, because we destroyed iraq and for no other reason. We create these organizations by destroying countries and occupying them. Let’s pose a hypothetical here…let’s say, we were invaded, had our country blown to smithereens and was occupied by that country that had dome the damage….what would we do? Start up guerilla style groups to spread terror in that occupying force, and the countries allied with it? Would we die to reclaim our land? Why and how is it different?

    • Its not.

    • Evan Mantell, that was a clear response that makes more sense than the angry rant you posted earlier. Good points. There are a lot ov varying viewpoints on the subject and these are the types of duscussions that need to take place before committing forces. Also if we are going to do it, we need to be willing to see it through.

    • So we bomb the shit out of any country with a bad government? Killing 1 million innocent civilians in the process and created the worst terrorist organization ever? Wow, fuck your ass backward logic, fuck you too. Why dont we go bomb north korea and china too? You idiot. If you cant find a better way to help them, other then to bomb them, DON’T FUCKING HELP then.

    • Wow…. Are u making a point? Or just spewing hate?

    • Ed Borden no it will certainly not!! It already doesn’t!! What is wrong with you

    • Thomas Enright you are delusional

    • We gave them wmd’s. That crap was going on for years and years before we got there and we knew it. If that’s such a great reason why didn’t and haven’t we invaded Africa when they were wiping out entire races and religions? Your argument has no merit and only gives you and them excuses for getting our men and women killed and injured and spending trillions of our dollars as well as lining the pockets of friends and family. The big picture is money and power not human suffering.

    • We put/kept Saddam in power in the first place. So there goes your bullshit story Ed Borden. We caused/allowed it from the get go. He was there to keep Iran in check. You are just another dumbass that refuses to accept any blame in the matter. Just another tool-bag that finds away to try and justify our actions, no matter how wrong they are.

    • What we give, we can take away

    • Like it or not, we live in a dangerous world. We have a choice. We can be Sweden or Denmark or another door mat or, we can be the USA, the baddest mother F%^#ers on the block. U want to be the best, that cones with a cost . Freedom isn’t free. U want to be a peacenik code pink woos, go vote for Bernie or Rand Paul. I choose the Bush name or Jim Webb. Unfortunately the tea party D-bags will push for Cruz or Trump and we will end up with Hillary,,,,I digress , tangent , sorry. Like it or not, the gulf war happened. We can sit back and cry about it or use it as a teachable moment.. Regardless , the military today is a more formidable force because of the lessons learned from it.

    • Ed Borden is a troll….why do you keep letting him chant on with his bullshit..he wouldn’t make a good pimple on my ass

    • Mr Ed Borden you are talking a bag of ahit, but i dont argue i do facts, i can show you survivors from iraq and afghanistan that are living in the UK without parents i showed them what you said and they would love to speak to you and others to make you look silly for telling lies. you were hitter and trying to defend your caucasian leaders but not trith in what you said once again, we can arrange for you to speak to survivors rhat were there and we can broadcast it if your sure if your info…holla. otherwise respect yourself make some toast and stop lying…your leaders murdered raped and destroyed a 3rd workd country because it was apparently creating weapons of mass deatruction which after the destruction of a huge part of the middle east still hasnt been found..respect yourself anddont try to defend something that laughable, animals like you are the reason himnity isnt moving forward. you cant acknowledge that there is a problem how can anyone move on? but hey i geuss its alright cuz its all white, but yeah stop telling lies

    • Race baiting is ugly

    • Ed, I dnt understand your point about Sweden nd Denmark… Peaceful nations with a great economy… What’s the deal about being the best?? Besides how do u presume US is the best… Also, ‘badass motherfuckers’ isn’t really a good trait tae have… Anyways, I’ll tell u about someone who believed his nation deserved all the glory that the world has tae offer… He believed his race was supreme nd in your words, he was ‘the badass motherfucker’ of mankind ever… You know he raised a nation from ashes nd made it a world power… A supreme motivator nd propoganda expert, this man could convince anyone tae commit any crime nd still feel proud of it… He led a whole nation believe he was right…. It took all the developed world at the time tae get him down… His name, Adolf Hitler…. We were lucky back then cause this man had the balls tae admit tae what his plans were whereas your nation’s corporations’ motives nd the oil companies’ nd the weapon manufacturing giants’ motives are not clear tae normal public like yourselves… Wake up mate…. Being a bully ain’t what human race needs.. Dnt be proud of being a warmonger..

    • Good points

    • Err, you Americans killed over a million Iraqis , al for oil.

    • Jeff Robbins we gave the wmd? You are a arguing apples & oranges

    • Dami Harper your a idiot.. He used wmd on his own people. Just cause we didn’t find them doesn’t mean they weren’t there.

    • The trouble with this analogy is that the US are not the world’s police

    • ” But isis got a foothold in iraq because we left too early.”

      ISIS got a foothold because:
      A) The US fomented radical Islam for years in order to have a fighting group that was opposed to communism so that communism didn’t ‘get a toehold’ in the middle east
      B) The US armed, trained, and funded the radical islamists who would never have had the means or opportunity to do anything but take potshots at their neighbors
      C) Murdering Iranians made many of the families of the dead go to ISIS to act out their now Anti-american position that they did not have before US bombs destroyed their country.
      D)The US put Saddam in… gave him the poison gas and weapons to kill Iranians, then the US took him out because he wouldn’t be their butt-boy any more.

      To say that ISIS got in because ‘we left too early’ is actually speculative to say the least, because staying longer could VERY WELL have created lots more terrorists, and it COMPLETELY ignores the fact on how and why ‘we’ (The US) was there in the first place.

    • “He used wmd on his own people. Just cause we didn’t find them doesn’t mean they weren’t there.”

      Poison gas is not ‘WMD’. And he GOT the poison gas that he used to kill his people because the US gave it to him to help him kill Iranians. The US has no principled opposition to anyone committing mass murder, it’s just that Saddam stopped sharing his oil with the US, which is the reason they installed him in the first place. They had to get rid of him to show the rest of the world that you don’t double cross the US.

      And then, in order to get Saddam to stop killing his own people.. the US put in place an embargo that starved 500,000 children to death. Yeah, starving children to death to stop a madman from killing people with poison gas. Sounds principled to me.



    • Nathan Grieg chemical weapons, per u.s. code of federal regulations are defined as wmd. https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/2332a

    • I find it hilarious that you think comparing the US with the police station of a town to be remotely valid. ‘Team America: World Police’ was a satire movie for good reason. The proposition of a world police nation is incredibly ridiculous.

    • Thanks Riad Trent….

    • So my comment was mostly facetious in nature, but still made a real point. Are you just going to act like that point is totally lost on you?

      The US relationship to Iraq has not been good for any party involved. What lasting effects do you think our intervention will bring to them? Do you think theit culture will now be thrust in to the 21st century? Will there be a new, enlightenment culture that prevails amongst the people of iraq? What about the enormous drain it has had on the US and our economy. What made this entire ordeal worth it?

    • Well, anything positive that came out of the intervention, was blown by a premature withdrawal. That sudden power vacuum created an opening for ISIS.

    • I see, so after 15 years of sustained war and sanctions, resulting in the deaths of literally millions, costing literally trillions, our biggest mistake was that we didn’t spend enough time and effort in the war. So we toppled a regime that was responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands, maybe a few million, and in the process killed a few million more, and now what replaces the old dictatorship is a brutal, cult-like theocracy, which has been armed largely by munitions that were left over from both our intervention, and the old regime. It sounds to me like every single step in this process has been a dire mistake.

      The US is completely inept at waging war. It is inept at “rebuilding” the nation’s which it destroys. The evidence of this is overwhelming. There is no reason to believe that any move we make in the middle east will end well for anyone.

      How can you look at this outcome, and suggest that anything we’ve done there was a good idea?

    • I have spent a big chunk of my life over there, both in the military and as a govt civilian. We have done great things for the people and fir the most part they are grateful. Lots of convenient amnesia hides the atrocities that were taking place.

    • No, I’m not saying no atrocities took place under Saddam. I’m saying the result of our intervention was trillions lost from our economy, millions more Iraqis dead, and a different brutal totalitarian group fighting for power in the absence of Saddam. Things were bad for them under Saddam. They are worse now.

    • I dont disagree with u there. The BHO administration turned success into failure.

    • Wrong. There was never any success to be had there. Of course BHO exacerbated the situation by drawing it out further, but that is besides the point.

    • U been there?

    • Absolutely irrelevant.

    • If I was u, I would say that too.

    • Yeah, just like if I were you I would claim that by being there I’ve gained some profound insight on the matter, when in reality it has probably only served to strengthen your confirmation bias.

    • Perhaps

    • Sorry Ed, a bunch of idiots in our country don’t appreciate people like you going over there to help protect our freedom. Obviously they didn’t have WMDs that’s why they attacked us with planes. But somehow they still think there’s no reason for us to be over there.

      I support you and all other veterans and wish idiots that live here in the states would quit taking out their political displeasure on the veterans who have risked their lives for us.

    • TJ, we were talking about iraq. Iraq never attacked us with planes, or anything else.

    • Riad, it was not a “war on 9/11 terrorists”. It was a “war on terror”. Saddam Hussein, in addition to the horrendous things that he did to his own people that resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths annually, contributed millions to Hezbollah and Hamas (terror groups).

    • No the country did not attack us. We did not have bad relations with their “government” but the terrorist groups that we went after are there and other countries in the Middle East. The reason he US wants the new form of government over there is to help keep the terrorist heads out of political and influential spots of power.

      But the point in my comment had nothing to do with fighting the country Iraq…the “war on terror” happened to take place in Iraq and surrounding countries to try preventing similar attacks from happening in the future to us or others. Whether you do or don’t think we need to be over there does not mean we should bash our veterans who put their life on the line every day out there. Obviously it would be better if none of our citizens in the service ever had to go over there, but when a group of people with messed up ideologies kills thousands in our biggest city, how else would we handle it? The terror groups are not just in Afghanistan or Iran or Iraq, they’re all over. And those people have access to some pretty heavy weaponry.

      But, like I said before, whether you agree with the current war efforts or not, there’s no reason to tell our veterans that everything they’re doing is pointless and stupid and so forth.

    • The act of risking life for a cause does not make one virtuous by default.

      The war on terror happened to take place in Iraq, and we ruined them. There are more terrorists now, by far, than when we first invaded. I bet orphaning children and killing people is the absolute best terrorist recruiting tool available. Those orphans grew up, and saw that we left behind weapons caches and armed some people they knew, and now we have much larger problems than we did before we invaded. The best way to keep terrorists out of power is to not make terrorists, and not destabilize entire regions by removing dictators.

      That’s what you “put your life on the line” for. And i’m are supposed to be grateful? No. At best I feel bad for you.

    • All good comments. Good discussion points for the next time we consider putting our troops in harms way. I assert that if we r not willing to see it through, then we shouldn’t inject ourselves into a situation with force. Perhaps it can be used as a case study in why not to invade or more importantly why not to leave prematurely.

    • It’s not the troops fault what the idiots in Washington DC decide to do.

    • It is the troops fault what the troops do, unless the troops are unthinking, unconscious automatons. In that case, then they deserve no praise or excoriation for their actions.

      If the troops are actual human beings though, then they are responsible for their own actions.

    • Ed, I counted up all the people you got angry and how many times you got them to curse and call you names plus how many people responded multiple times to single comments you made…..your troll golf score is 32, we’ll played mate. Most troll golfers are in the 40s this week. Not bad for the short time frame.

    • Lol, I like passive aggressive trolling

    • I can’t believe this one is still going. This will go on my greatest hits album

    • Eventually too many people are going to start realizing the facebook is an illusion and getting all worked up about what everybody says is completely and utterly pointless. Until then we have troll golf, have fun.

    • I will be looking out for you my fellow troll. Especially on the “Free Thought Blog”, where opinions other than theirs are frowned upon. Wear the troll badge with honor…”stay frosty”

  • notice they never have their hands over their hearts (hint- they don’t have one)

  • All of whom should be hung.

  • I’m an O.I.F Vet brainwashed in believing i was defending freedom. But the the truth i was defending political agenda

  • Awkward indeed

  • After you read that report take the time and read the report that has been out for more than a decade. That WMDs in the form of dirty bombs, chemical warfare to include but not limited to Sarin gas that was used in Syria. But hey let’s stay on this page and see what all the keyboard generals have to say…, Do proceed…

  • Surely this is the main cause for PTSD. Realising you’ve killed innocent people for a bunch of greedy old cunts who claim to be on a mission from God

  • Shocking ain’t it

  • Its all about greed

  • And they are taught to believe that they are fighting for our freedoms back home…

  • The USA has dropped more bombs in Obamas presidency than any other term

  • Yup.

  • Yeah, tell it to the Kurds, u know, civilian townsppl who were GASSED by Saddam, I bet THEY thot Saddam had WMDs

  • makes sense

  • too bad there is nothing I can do about it without money or influence.

  • Craig Anthony DePuy


  • Setu Fevaleaki

  • That ptsd moment…

  • Our current administration also supports the invasions.

  • When listening to the vets below , I am literally brought to tears. These people comited themselves to what they thought was an act of patriotism for their country. To see them throw out their recognitions, realizing how duped so many of us are, breaks my heart, undermines my belief in the structure that is to “care” for us. Instead they have found themselves to be used as pawns in a larger game of greed and power. May we all learn from this. Thanks to those who took this bold step in casting away their perceived brass rings. I admire you.

  • that you killed for god, gold, oil, drugs

  • b4 you vote republicans please evaluate your brains with doctor phil

    • Why? So the fake doctor can make you vote Democrat? Democrats and Republicans are the same people. A bunch of rich bastards that don’t give a flying fuck about you. I bet you have a Hilary Clinton sticker on your bumper.

    • i have never vote in my life and never will i dont belive in politics i velive is time for usa to have diferent kindo of politics not a circus

  • Ed stark, these guys aren’t scumbags, they learned the hard way and want to teach the witless rubes. Heed them.

  • Yet everyone followed the herders as Americans are supposed to do. I love were I live but I don’t have to like the people in charge. It’s like a job you can love your job the work you do there but you usually hate HATE your boss.

  • #chriskyle

  • Show the world……lock them up.


  • Neil Skilling Chad Bailey Nick Palumbo Chase Bailey Jordan Finley Tim Louck

    • Lame

    • And?

    • Chad you’re proud!

    • Chase look at the pot calling the kettle black!

    • well for one the bottom part is bs, it wasn’t their lies it was intelligence failure and not just on our part but other countries as well. but the rest of the meme no i don’t have a problem with that its called WAR. and i have no problem with our military getting shit done.

    • Attacking Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria etc. etc. when the people solely responsible for it is Haliburton stock prices, Saudi Arabia and Israel is far from just a intelligence flaw.

    • I have no problem with an Islamic terrorist taking the ice bucket challenge 435 times. think of all that money being raised for als.

    • I have no problem with Donald Trump having a hot toaster lodged in his poop chute and a goat fucking his wife

    • Trump 2016 baby

    • ill make a donation on your behalf, to trump and your local law enforcement.

    • lol

    • Don’t forget Obama and IsIs

    • Anson if this type of stuff gets you all worked up I can only imgaine how you feel about hitler? Oh wait you would probably come up with a excuse about how it wasent our war and that our boys are dyin over there…

    • A great example of a conversation with anson

    • Chase Hitler? How is Obama, Bush, or Clinton any less guilty of genocide? Because they use technology and do it to the people who pay their salary? If you do some research rather than aimlessly running your mouth you would find out their are plenty of Nazis that are still receiving SSI. Your cognitive dissonance is over the top. LoL

    • How many people has Obama killed?

    • You wouldn’t believe me if I told you…? Try the internet. Its amazing what you can learn from it?

    • Yea because everything is true lol

    • I really want to know. How many people has Obama killed

    • I want you to look up how many firemen alone are now dying from asbestos exposure from the twin towers over 10 years later?

    • That would be bush not Obama. Try again buddy, I know you can come up with some logic since you brought it up

    • So your saying Obama is as evil as hitler man you’ve been on the deep web for too long Anson LOL.

    • He’s been on something for a long time lol

    • Chase as long as I have been in political debates with Chad you have no included once piece of information I wouldn’t consider wiping my ass with. Sly remarks. Misinformation. Trump reach arounds. Pull your head out of the sand you arrogant statist!

    • War, war, War. Impoverish. Ammo, ammo, ammo. Police, police, police.

    • You smoke too much man

    • Can’t I am not a resident, patient with a script in NV! Plus CCW > Dr. Note… I think you have been dabbling in too much MDMA, keeps you needing more war and law enforcement!

    • maybe i should so i can come up with some whacky conspiracy theories and make youtube videos for sheeple to follow

    • MDMA sheeple don’t do whacky conspiracy theories, they touch each others faces and buy a bunch of accessories with lights…

    • right thats just people that smoke too much pot

    • Like I said Anson stay off the deep web the FBI are gonna be on your ass about Obama being the new Hitler LOL

    • Chase get off 4chan, there is more to life than cosplay and counter strike

    • Anson get off the internet. There’s more to life than conspiracy theory and Facebook lol

    • I am on craigslist scouring; I am pushing my hardest for a 8 figure take home this year. You buffoons and your educated opinions are the least of my concerns.

    • I’m not knocking you man more power to you. Just stating this meme is bullshit and giving my opinion since YOU tagged me in it.

    • Is that why you continue to keep tagging me in these posts and starting arguments? Because I am the least of your concerns?

    • I love you all… Its a debate not a parting ways fight… I get the best rise out of you Neil thats why I love tagging you in it. I still want to kick Chase ass ever since he decided to be a self proclaimed mexicant back when we used to skateboard in the that i eeeeeee

    • Yeah how are we the least of your concerns when you tag us in these posts and then cant handle the heat? You should move to San Francisco LOL. Also I am Mexican just because I dont dress og anymore doesnt mean im not mexican lol. And btw you never really skateboarded lets be honest 😉

    • I handle the heat baby boi, I tear ya’ll up till this keyboard on fire. You should move to SF, settle down with a nice guy and call it a day. I didn’t know you dressed like an “OG” bahahahah! I still don’t know how to ride a skateboard, but I am really good at holding it and looking cool!

  • Do you guys know that regime change in Iraq was made official policy in 1998, on the same pack of lies?…There’s more than enough blame for that debacle to go around.

  • they need to be tried by the World Court

  • And even worse is that none of these criminals are in jail……………

  • Jessica Garcia

  • This imply’s that its only those three…It would have been more actuate if the photo of those three was replaced with just a photo of Washington D.C.

  • So, how much oil did we get along with England?

  • the soldiers or criminals like the ex presidents knew it , there were no wmd, they just followed orders , otherwise they get no shere of what they took,,

  • That’s not true

  • Greed we are better than this good will prevail


  • How the fuck can you paint with such a broad stroke! You are accusing every service member of these acts. I have read some of your posts before and thought to myself you had gone off the deep end well now you proved it.

  • No one is going to do anything. If anyone does they will be labeled a lone wolf nut job terrorist and whatever they do will be used as an excuse to take more freedom and liberty away from the masses.

  • Although I do agree that we had no business going there, I never tortured anyone. That is a ridiculous statement. I was there in the invasion, and I never witnessed anyone in my unit torture. Nobody in my unit was jumping for joy when they forced us to go to Iraq. I will always advocate for peace, but that blanket statement on Iraqi vets is inaccurate and unnecessary.

    • “I will always advocate for peace… unless someone tells me to go shoot people in their own country”

      That is really an idiotic statement. You in no way advocate for peace by going to a foreign country and assisting politicians in killing people for oil.

    • Damn Nathan, there we go with the assumptions. I was a medic for your information.

    • Oh, and their is that jail thing too.

    • You went to a war zone for politicians, and you patched up guys to send them back into an unjust war to kill people who they had no business killing.

      That is not something a peaceful person does.

      Not only that, but you are denying torture existed because you didn’t do it or see it. You do realize that the meme is not saying that EVERY soldier did those things, right? It’s saying that those are the atrocities that the military committed over there, and that the US military, as a whole, was responsible for that.

      Tell me this. If you joined the KKK, but you were a doctor and your only part in killing blacks was to be the doctor to the KKK members who got hurt in the raids they were doing, would that be honorable? Could you claim that you had no part in those killings or that you ‘advocate for peace’?

      No. Honorable people don’t join the KKK. They also don’t work for politicians and go to war to help those who are killing others.

    • “Oh, and their is that jail thing too”

      Well, I guess it’s cool to kill people for politicians if you might go to jail if you refuse. OH, wait, you willingly signed up to do those things. Last I checked, we had no draft for the Iraq war, everyone willingly signed up to do the bidding of corrupt warmongers who have kept the US in virtually constant war for over 100 years. But hey, you advocate for peace by signing up to do the bidding of warmongers, right?

    • Damn Nathan, there you go generalizing again. Like I said, I was a “Medic,” and people join the military for multiple reasons. I joined during peace time as a 17 year old kid. Obviously too young to understand the political system.

  • You can say the same thing about Vietnam,Gulf of Tonkin resolution,domino theory concerning communism,all bullshit excuse to go to war in Southeast Asia .

  • Well they did so…
    They found sarin gas and other chemical warheads.

  • this is why i cannot join the military. I would love to serve my country, but i cannot take orders from people that kill innocents more than the real criminals

  • your conscience bothers you… and they have none!

  • John Carter

  • I have never supported the u.s. in ANY of its endless terrorizing wars. I support whoever the u.s. is opposing.

  • I don’t pretend to know what that feels like. I will say that it sucks, & I feel like shit, that we (still) haven’t found a way to stop them.

  • When America falls & burns(yes it will) the rest of the world will be applauding (enthusiastically)

  • A lot of people do it because it’s human to fight and kill

  • Drop bombs and kills thousands of Innocent people just in order to kill 5/6 members of terrorist and then they receive silver star for actually mass murder and they are called heros!!! This is fucking ridiculous!!
    And if I say that I was awarded silver star in Afghanistan this actually will mean that I am expert in murder of Innocent people !!!


    • Millions of pounds? I’m gonna have to read facts to believe this, If you know of reports to verify this that would be great.

  • #EverythingIsaRichMansTrick

  • You’re a disgustung loser. Not a surprise you support ‘patriot’ militias who break the law and threaten the lives of law enforcement officers.

  • Pray these criminals burn in hell.

  • Paul

  • Geneviève Vézina-Tardif

  • Poor Saddam was the true victim of their lies. He was railroaded!


  • Read dreaming war by Gore Vidal….

  • It’s funny how presidential candidacy is rich people’s gambling haha

  • Who ever wins on thier bet they get stuff while it increases homeless funny stuff..

  • Its a unbelievable trap,,,,, yeah its ,,,,,,,

  • Since I was little I knew all the “fighting” was just a slaughter for money.

  • I fought in the first Gulf War. Didn’t fight for politics or some higher concept. I fought for the members of my fire team, the man next to me who depended on me to watch his back. I fought for my Brothers in Uniform.

    • Connell, that is one of the stupidest arguments that I hear on these pages. It’s total nonsense. You didn’t go to the recruiter and say, “I’d like to sign up for voluntary servitude for 4 years so that I can protect men that I wont’ meet for another year”

      That is utterly idiotic. YOu might have TOLD yourself that you fought for your brothers so that you could justify murdering people in their own country, but what you DID was work for politicians and their cronies to keep their oil profits flowing. How heroic.

  • These wars are driven by the bottom line.

  • actually I think they got ugly when they saw little boys getting raped in broad daylight and the oppression the women live under. They dehumanized themselves that way and these are kids who have never experienced war in their own back yards so it was really hard on them. the goal was to kick it’s ass into 21st century and they’re free to speak up – no McDonald’s.

  • Don’t forget Tony “War Criminal” Blair in the picture!

  • IT was true even in Viet Nam. Just different politicians.

  • Can’t stop truths✌✌

  • For me that was when it was happening.

  • You wouldn’t believe what they did to the guy that saved them and 1,000s of there troops lives. There was a reason why bush said people sent in the strategies, then showed some of the strategies on TV for all to see….Not the smart 1s or setting up traps. Looks like 1,000s of people sent them in, at the same time 2 years into the disaster. Looks like some body made a video of a strategy as they did / before and he set them all up knowing what they may do to him in the future. The GFC is connected to the gaywalking strategist.

  • And the best part is…. that we in Europe have to pay for their mistakes!

  • SAD…….

  • Such an A******* country US is. :/

  • add Tony blair to that lot as well

  • I know this is important kinda but, this kinda post is really shitty for a veteran that’s had issues dealing with the things they did.

  • Soldiers dont have enough intelligence to realize this…they are dumb as fuck

  • Just like religion, no hard evidence would awaken some (actually many) people. They will not see what they don’t want to, or even if they see it, they will turn a blind eye to it. And those in power know very well this is what most people do. -_-



  • Soldiers are not unintelligent, they are just duped by men with A LOT OF MONEY to convince them of a false reality. Don’t be so harsh, they were singing up with good intentions

    • Good intentions are for shit. They are adults. You don’t get a pass for being duped into MURDERING people just because you happen to be an American. You’d NEVER say that about the Nazis, yet it’s almost certainly equally true of them.

    • “Soldiers are not unintelligent, they are just duped…”

      Being duped into murdering people for the profits of politicians makes you unintelligent. Especially when all you need to do is to use Google for 5 minutes to find out the real reasons why wars are fought in this country.

  • Technically the soldiers did it but w/e

  • .
    Military Industrial Complex has killed more people in the last hundred years than pre-industrial wars killed in thousands of years..

    Military Industrial Complex = War and Terrorism.
    War = Terrorism.
    War is the biggest act of Terrorism.

    If you kill one person it is Murder.
    If you kill a few hundred it is Terrorism.
    If you kill a few million it is War.
    If you kill the entire planet it is Progress, Growth, Development.

    Weapon industry came with industrialization…….War industry came with industrialization………Global wars came with industrialization……..Global terrorism came with industrialization…….. Global wars and terrorism cannot be stopped without eradicating industrial society.

    Lockheed Martin…….Boeing………Raytheon……….Northrop Grumman……….General Dynamics……..And hundreds of other weapon manufacturers………These are the real terrorists whose weapons have fuelled war and terrorism all over the world……….Weapons produced by these corporations have killed millions of people.

    How many global wars and global acts of terrorism happened in pre-industrial society???………They were not possible In the absence of Weapon Industry, Transportation Industry and Communication Industry.
    In a non-industrial world NATO couldn’t have meddled in the Middle East or Afghanistan………ISIS, Taliban or AlQaida couldn’t have attacked the west because guns and explosives did not exist before industrialization……..The one and only cause of all problems is industrialization.

    The nonsense of Cold Wars and Hot Wars came with industrialization……..NATO created Taliban to fight Russian forces in Afghanistan………NATO is responsible for the emergence of ISIS………NATO attacked and flattened Iraq……..NATO toppled Saddam Hussain who was holding the country together……..The chaos and violence that resulted from American invasion of Iraq led to the emergence of ISIS.
    What is being used for war and terrorism???……….Are flowers being used for war and terrorism???

    The more weapons you produce the more war and terrorism you will have.

    Do you see war and terrorism in millions of other species???
    Millions of other species never produced weapons.

    War industry came with industrialization……..Weapon industry came with industrialization……..All the war, violence and terrorism in this world has been fuelled by millions of tonnes of weapons produced and sold by the weapon industry.

    Countries that have produced and sold weapons are the biggest terrorists.

    Corporations that have produced and sold weapons are the biggest terrorists.

    All problems have been worsened by industrialization……..In pre-industrial society more than 99% of population was producing food……..The armies of kings consisted of just a few hundred soldiers……..How much war and violence would you expect in such a society???

    In industrial society 50% of population is not producing food………It is doing destructive work………Millions of people are working for the Weapon Industry……..Millions of people are employed in the Army, Air Force and Navy……..Millions of people are working for the Intelligence Agencies.

    Largescale war, violence and terrorism is a natural outcome of this.

    Technology is the biggest terrorist………All the guns, weapons and explosives came with science and technology.

    Pre-industrial wars were fought face-to-face, on foot or horse-back, with swords and spears………Industrial weapons can kill from thousands of kilometers away……. Bombs and missiles can decimate people from a distance.

    Wars have happened on earth for thousands of years………But there is a world of difference between pre-industrial wars and industrial wars.

    Comparing pre-industrial wars with industrial wars is like comparing the Lamp with the Sun.

    More people have died in hundred years of wars after industrialization (20th century) than in thousands of years of wars before industrialization.

    World wars happened only after industrialization………World wars were not possible in pre-industrial society.

    In pre-industrial society war and violence was mostly localized…….In pre-industrial society countries in one continent could not have caused war and violence in countries of another continent.

    Even religious conflicts have been aggravated by industrialization and urbanization………..In pre-industrial society people of one race and religion mostly stayed in one region because of the absence of industrial transportation……..This minimized religious conflicts.

    America is the biggest manufacturer and supplier of weapons in the world which have fuelled war, violence and terrorism everywhere that has killed millions of people.

    America has bombed every continent in the world…..Killed millions of people with smart bombs, depleted uranium bombs, carpet bombing, drone attacks, economic sanctions and embargoes..

    America has toppled governments…..Installed puppet regimes…..Destabilized the entire world.

    3000 people died in the World Trade Tower collapse……..America created a big ruckus…….It attacked and flattened Afghanistan and killed hundreds of thousands of people directly or indirectly.

    More than 10,000 people died in Bhopal Gas Tragedy in India in 1984…….Half a million people were maimed for life……..Genetic disorders will continue for generations………The worst industrial accident in the world caused by American company Union Carbide………America resisted the extradition of Warren Anderson , chairman of Union Carbide for 30 years…….He died last year…….No american got punished for the biggest industrial crime in the world.

    The entire industrial society is a terrorist……..Industrial society has destroyed forests, rivers, oceans and atmosphere…….Industrial society has tortured, slaughtered and decimated millions of species.

    Industrialization was the biggest act of terrorism in this world.

    Hundred years of industrial activity has destroyed what was created by nature in millions of years.

    Industrial society has destroyed the planet with Mining Industry, Logging Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Construction Industry, Electricity Industry, Oil Industry, Automobile and Rail Industry, Airline and Shipping Industry, Meat and Fishing Industry.

    All problems of industrial society have either been created by industrialization or worsened by industrialization………All problems of industrial society are unsolvable because industrialization itself is the cause of problems………Problems of industrial society can go away only when industrial society goes away.

    Man has spent more than 99.9% of his time on earth in non-industrial societies.

    Man lived in hunter_gatherer society for one million years……..Man lived in agrarian society for 10,000 years……..Man has lived in industrial society for just about 100 years during which he has destroyed the entire planet.

    If Urban Society stops its supplies to Rural Society it will live forever.
    If Rural Society stops its supplies to Urban Society it will die within a month.
    That is the worth of Urban Jobs, Consumer Goods, Growth Rate, Economy Rate and GDP.
    Industrialization was the biggest crime on earth.
    Agrarian society was the limit for man on earth.

    Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment

    • The comment thread under the original post is quite lengthy. There are many inane comments to be found. This one is by far the most asinine so far.

    • .
      says the one who writes a stupid one line comment that says nothing about the topic of discussion.

    • In that one line, there is more meaning and truth than your entire tirade above.

    • .
      As true as Iraq having weapons of mass destruction.


  • ouch

  • Maybe it’s time to change the world?
    Check this out. http://www.amazon.com/Alkuajatus-Original-Thought-Hannu/dp/9522865303/

  • Accountability. ..

  • So when will they be prosecuted?

  • Fuck off turd.lol

  • You can add our current commander n chief….

  • They don’t care as long as they get a paycheck.

  • For these 3 false-Jews being a war criminal is “normal” to serve their “God of Wars” and lies, the “God of Moses and Abraham” false-Jews born in Ur, Iraq, Babylonia, a city-state founded by Cain sun of Lucifer as per Genesis 5 written in double-talk (to divide us) by Moses.

    • Matt Azazel Solar : What a positive SOLAR energy for lies :). Stupidity is refusing to use our own intelligence to find truth in which case our intelligence is automatically used by liars and lies (or the satanic determinism) against us and those around us… so liars then can claim we are stupid and even accuse us of THEIR terrorism, right ? Well I don’t buy your LIE above … you can NOT and will NOT use truth to try to prove that I lied or was in error… but please try so I can prove what a liar you are again 🙂

  • Some guy told me that all these things Bush and Chaney did never happened, but were products of my big imagination, and that these two were being blamed for something someone else did. He went further and called me a Liberal Democrat who was falsely blaming innocent Bush and Chaney.


  • This is why those “at the top” must be prosecuted. Our soldiers must know they did as best they could with the lies they were fed. It’s time for justice.

  • Not a bombshell at all. The US Military and Army along with the Joint Chief Of Staff were the first to resist and stand up to Cheney Bush. If you recall they even got rid of Gen Shenshiki to start the war. It was the cowardly Republicans and Democrats who let us down.

    • Huh? So you are saying that they DIDN”T follow orders and go to war? So, they might ‘resist’ by saying, “hey, we don’t like this’, but when they are ordered to commit atrocities, they’ll do it anyway? Sounds like they are principled freedom fighters.. not.

    • Nathan Grieg if we expect that level of courage from others then we ourselves should enlist and do it. Generals lost their jobs. They got fired. And a lot did stand up. That’s why we didn’t attack Iran.

      The question isn’t what others aren’t doing. You are asking them to give everything up. What are *you* willing to do is the real greater question.

      Edit: I see you did enlist as a Marine. Thank you for your service.

    • If we expect others to be courageous and NOT murder people in their own countries for the profit of politicians… then we should sign up to murder people in foreign countries for the profit of politicians?

      That is literally retarded.

      ” And a lot did stand up. That’s why we didn’t attack Iran.”

      There is zero evidence that the US didn’t attack Iran because so many military members opposed it.

      Hmmm, a few minutes of searching does not show any articles on anyone losing their job over the opposition to the Iraq war. Care to bring some of these articles about all these principled people losing their jobs standing up to politicians and refusing to do their bidding?

      There’s an article about high ranking guys, only one of whom left the military anytime around the time of the Iraq war, and the others who stayed in and only spoke out later. So, where are all of these principled people that were so against the war they lost their jobs?


    • Nathan Grieg Google General Shenshiki who stood up to the insane Rumsfeld and was kicked out of the military. He was Joint Chief of Staff of the Army. Doesn’t get higher than that in the armed military.

      Then check out “The Generals Revolt” when was with Iran was on the cusp. The 9 generals revolted 2x, signing a letter of immediate resignation if war with Iran were to be started by the US.

      Regardless, the duty to kick out horrible political leaders rests on us, the citizens. Not the military. It is up to us as the citizens to protect our constitution and the people in uniform by getting rid of horrible leaders.

    • “The question isn’t what others aren’t doing. You are asking them to give everything up. What are *you* willing to do is the real greater question.”

      Literally, another retarded statement. It says that people who are murdering people are not doing anything wrong unless those who criticize them can meet some arbitrary standard of ‘doing something’ that you will never allow to be ‘good enough’ to qualify as having ‘done something’. Therefore, the soldiers are blameless.

      It’s an idiotic argument that is merely meant to apologize for the actions of immoral people. It doesn’t pass my ‘you would never say such a thing about the Nazis’ test, because it’s a retarded argument.

    • This is what you are saying, and it’s literally retarded. Moral people don’t commit war crimes. And it’s perfectly reasonable to tell people they should stop committing atrocities without having committed those atrocities oneself. It’s the OPPOSITE of reasonable to think that no one can criticize someone for committing atrocities if we are not willing to commit those atrocities themselves. That is idiotic.

    • “From then on, Shinseki’s influence on the Joint Chiefs of Staff reportedly waned.[18] Critics of the Bush Administration alleged that Shinseki was forced into early retirement as Army Chief of Staff because of his comments on troop levels; however, his retirement was announced nearly a year before those comments.[19]”

      Geesh, the guy RETIRED, he was neither forced out, nor did he leave on principle. It’s great that he spoke out, but it’s not like he quit on principle or went to the media or anything.

      He didn’t even PRINCIPALLY oppose the war. His opposition with Rumsfeld was HOW MANY TROOPS to commit to postwar Iraq, not some principled opposition to the war. YOur comments are silly.

      And the ‘General’s Revolt’ against war with iran was an AD taken out in a newpaper by a bunch of RETIRED generals. This was not a bunch of military guys risking their career to protect the American people from pointless war.


    • It is up to the citizens to overthrow a tyrannical government. Nathan Grieg when you took an oath, was it to uphold the constitution or to defend the commander in chief? It is to the constitution.

    • “Regardless, the duty to kick out horrible political leaders rests on us, the citizens. Not the military”

      A) For one thing, the Military ARE citizens.
      B) They CLAIM to be protecting our freedoms. That is why we criticize them for not ‘kicking out’ the politicians. They work FOR them, not against them.
      C) If you believe that the politicians NEED to get kicked out, then you should also believe that their enforcement arm should be kicked out. They are the ones ENFORCING the bad policy.
      D) If we try to ‘kick out’ the politicians, the soldiers will kill us. It is their job to protect the government, not allow us to overthrow it.
      E) The Founding Fathers OPPOSED a military for the very reason that we have now. We will have an overgrown government, with their own military who will kill us if we try to regain our freedoms.

      But you STILL want to support them as they enforce policy for what you admit are corrupt people taking away our freedoms? That is ridiculous.

    • Excuse me but the founding fathers in no way opposed a military. The history of a citizen soldier is deeply rooted in our history as shown in the example of cincinatus.

      The military personnel are not civilians. They are citizens. If we overthrow the government with our vote and non violence we are practicing our due diligence and duty.

      We are way too far apart on this topic to come to any agreement I feel.

    • Yes, Ali, the Founding fathers PRINCIPALLY opposed a standing army. YOu have obviously not read the Constituion or why they wrote it the way that they did.

      You said, ” The history of a citizen soldier is deeply rooted in our history ”

      Yes, meaning a MILITIA, not a standing army.

      There were MANY safeguards in place to PREVENT a standing army, all of which have been chucked. From the writings of the founding fathers and others who influenced them.

      “It is always dangerous to the liberties of the people to have an army stationed among them, over which they have no control … The Militia is composed of free Citizens. There is therefore no danger of their making use of their Power to the destruction of their own Rights, or suffering others to invade them.” ~ Samuel Adams

      What, Sir, is the use of a militia? It is to prevent the establishment of a standing army, the bane of liberty. Whenever governments mean to invade the rights and liberties of the people, they always attempt to destroy the militia, in order to raise an army upon their ruins.
      Elbridge Gerry

      “Keep within the requisite limits a standing military force, always remembering that an armed and trained militia is the firmest bulwark of republics – that without standing armies their liberty can never be in danger, nor with large ones safe” ~ James Madison “Standing armies are inconsistent with [a people’s] freedom and subversive of their quiet.”- Thomas Jefferson

      “I am for relying for internal defense on our militia solely till actual invasion, and for such a naval force only as may protect our coasts and harbors from such depredations as we have experienced; and not for a standing army in time of peace which may overawe the public sentiment; nor for a navy which, by its own expenses and the eternal wars in which it will implicate us, will grind us with public burthens and sink us under them.” –Thomas Jefferson

      “A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty. The means of defence agst. foreign danger, have been always the instruments of tyranny at home. Among the Romans it was a standing maxim to excite a war, whenever a revolt was apprehended. Throughout all Europe, the armies kept up under the pretext of defending, have enslaved the people.” – James Madison, Father of the Constitution

    • They also prohibited INCOME taxation, something that we had to have an amendment to have, for the VERY REASON that taxes would encourage the creation of a standing army, and that a standing army would require income taxation, and thus would be a violation of individual rights to force citizens to have an army over them that was controlled by the government.

      A standing army is literally EVERYTHING that the founding fathers fought to PREVENT, not create, when they wrote the Constitution.

      A soldier taking an oath to protect and defend the Constitution that was meant to prevent his service is the ultimate irony.

    • I can give you more ways that the Constitution was intended to prevent a standing army. For instance, there is no provision for the government to own ANY land except DC. Yet, there is no amendment to allow them to own land permanently.

      This was INTENDED because without the land to quarter and house a standing army, you could not have one, unless such an army was limited to the environs of Washington, DC, which would automatically keep such a standing army small and contained.


    • “What, Sir, is the use of a militia? It is to prevent the establishment of a standing army, the bane of liberty.”

    • Thomas Jefferson’s writings on a standing army.

      “There shall be no standing army but in time of actual war.” –Thomas Jefferson: Draft Virginia Constitution, 1776. Papers 1:363

    • Nathan Grieg that’s fine, and Jefferson was an outcast to Washington, Hamilton, and Franklin. Arguing with them all the way from what a national army is, banking, infrastructure, paying back our loans, and raping slaves.

  • Someone who just read articles and never been overseas made this meme.

  • Not necessarily that they believe the lies, if they were lied to. But they followed orders. Enough making our veterans feel like villains. They might just have to follow orders to save your sorry ass one day.

    • So you disagree with the findings of the Nuremberg trials then? You think that Nazis were blameless for their actions then because saying they are responsible for murdering innocent people might hurt their feelings?

    • So, we are supposed to respect them for committing murder, helping corrupt politicians, accepting stolen money from the people they claim to be protecting, and helping make us LESS safe by creating terrorists… becauase SOMEDAY they MIGHT have to save us from the terrorists they armed and trained? Excellent logic.

    • Well for one I had no idea this post was about nazis. I don’t see how you’re getting that from the pictures posted but your obviously way higher intelligence than I.

    • So, you obviously believe that soldiers did bad things, if you are saying that they ‘just followed orders’ and they were lied to, right?

      So, you are saying that those ‘bad things’ are JUSTIFIED because they followed orders? And that we should excuse them doing BAD things because SOME DAY they MIGHT be ordered to do good things?

      That sounds like the excuses of the Nazis in WWII, doesn’t it? The Nuremberg Trials rejected that defense. But you seem to disagree with them.

      This is not about Nazis, it’s about LOGIC. LOGICALLY, if you think that US soldiers should not be held responsible for their actions because they were just following orders, then you should believe the same about the Nazis, right?

      So, do you disagree with the findings of the Nuremberg Trials? Or do you just think that US soldiers should be held to different standards than the Nazis because.. well…. MURIKA!!!!?

    • If it takes a trial to prove guilt then I’ll wait till there’s a trial

    • According to you, we shouldn’t villanize the Nazis because they MIGHT have someday saved their people from invasion by someone else.

      For you to make an argument, it needs to be logically consistent. YOur logic is that we should not villanize US soldiers for ‘just following orders’, regardless of what those orders were, because they MIGHT someday save us from being hurt by the terrorists they created through their actions.

      LOGICALLY, you should also tell us the same about the Nazis. But if you think that the Nazis should be villanized for their actions, then your logic is inconsistent. You are just making excuses for US soldiers because you have an emotional attachment to the US and not because they are not villans doing immoral acts.

    • Do you even understand what the Nazis were told? Why they carried out the duties they were given? Probably not. I don’t villanize them at all.

  • Hey they kept us safe pal….wait no they didn’t did they? Yeah fuck those guys!!!

  • 🙁

  • Blame Blame Blame,Democrats & Republican,Liberal & Conservative they are all Crooks and Liars so stop this Shit and move on okay.

  • I support our troops in their awakening.

  • Usa is a lie

  • Okay people we need to wake up out of our slumber and run our country before there’s not one

  • They need us way more than we need them

  • Sadly, the majority of the American public does not give a damn. That angers me

  • President Obama is an accessory to the war crimes committed by George W. Bush; Richard B. Cheney; Donald Rumsfeld; et. al. because he has not prosecuted these war criminals for their war crimes: viz. war of aggression against Iraq (tens of thousands killed and maimed); acts of torture (in violation of International treaties proscribing such barbaric conduct); and other possible war crimes against humanity.

  • “One way or the other, we are determined to deny Iraq the capacity to develop weapons of mass destruction and the missiles to deliver them. That is our bottom line.” –President Bill Clinton, Feb. 4, 1998

    “If Saddam rejects peace and we have to use force, our purpose is clear. We want to seriously diminish the threat posed by Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction program.” –President Bill Clinton, Feb. 17, 1998

    “Iraq is a long way from [here], but what happens there matters a great deal here. For the risks that the leaders of a rogue state will use nuclear, chemical or biological weapons against us or our allies is the greatest security threat we face.” –Madeline Albright, Feb 18, 1998

    “He will use those weapons of mass destruction again, as he has ten times since 1983.” –Sandy Berger, Clinton National Security Adviser, Feb, 18, 1998

    “[W]e urge you, after consulting with Congress, and consistent with the U.S. Constitution and laws, to take necessary actions (including, if appropriate, air and missile strikes on suspect Iraqi sites) to respond effectively to the threat posed by Iraq’s refusal to end its weapons of mass destruction programs.” Letter to President Clinton, signed by: — Democratic Senators Carl Levin, Tom Daschle, John Kerry, and others, Oct. 9, 1998

    “Saddam Hussein has been engaged in the development of weapons of mass destruction technology which is a threat to countries in the region and he has made a mockery of the weapons inspection process.” -Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D, CA), Dec. 16, 1998

    “Hussein has … chosen to spend his money on building weapons of mass destruction and palaces for his cronies.” — Madeline Albright, Clinton Secretary of State, Nov. 10, 1999

    “There is no doubt that … Saddam Hussein has reinvigorated his weapons programs. Reports indicate that biological, chemical and nuclear programs continue apace and may be back to pre-Gulf War status. In addition, Saddam continues to redefine delivery systems and is doubtless using the cover of a licit missile program to develop longer-range missiles that will threaten the United States and our allies.” Letter to President Bush, Signed by: — Sen. Bob Graham (D, FL), and others, Dec 5, 2001

    “We begin with the common belief that Saddam Hussein is a tyrant and a threat to the peace and stability of the region. He has ignored the mandate of the United Nations and is building weapons of mass destruction and th! e means of delivering them.” — Sen. Carl Levin (D, MI), Sept. 19, 2002

    “We know that he has stored secret supplies of biological and chemical weapons throughout his country.” — Al Gore, Sept. 23, 2002

    “Iraq’s search for weapons of mass destruction has proven impossible to deter and we should assume that it will continue for as long as Saddam is in power.” — Al Gore, Sept. 23, 2002

    “We have known for many years that Saddam Hussein is seeking and developing weapons of mass destruction.” — Sen. Ted Kennedy (D, MA), Sept. 27, 2002

    “The last UN weapons inspectors left Iraq in October of 1998. We are confident that Saddam Hussein retains some stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons, and that he has since embarked on a crash course to build up his chemical and biological warfare capabilities. Intelligence reports indicate that he is seeking nuclear weapons…” — Sen. Robert Byrd (D, WV), Oct. 3, 2002

    “I will be voting to give the President of the United States the authority to use force — if necessary — to disarm Saddam Hussein because I believe that a deadly arsenal of weapons of mass destruction in his hands is a real and grave threat to our security.” — Sen. John F. Kerry (D, MA), Oct. 9, 2002

    “There is unmistakable evidence that Saddam Hussein is working aggressively to develop nuclear weapons and will likely have nuclear weapons within the next five years … We also should remember we have always underestimated the progress Saddam has made in development of weapons of mass destruction.” — Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D, WV), Oct 10, 2002

    “He has systematically violated, over the course of the past 11 years, every significant UN resolution that has demanded that he disarm and destroy his chemical and biological weapons, and any nuclear capacity. This he has refused to do” — Rep. Henry Waxman (D, CA), Oct. 10, 2002

    “In the four years since the inspectors left, intelligence reports show that Saddam Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological weapons stock, his missile delivery capability, and his nuclear program. He has also given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists, including al Qaeda members … It is clear, however, that if left unchecked, Saddam Hussein will continue to increase his capacity to wage biological and chemical warfare, and will keep trying to develop nuclear weapons.” — Sen. Hillary Clinton (D, NY), Oct 10, 2002

    “We are in possession of what I think to be compelling evidence that Saddam Hussein has, and has had for a number of years, a developing capacity for the production and storage of weapons of mass destruction.” — Sen. Bob Graham (D, FL), Dec. 8, 2002

    “Without question, we need to disarm Saddam Hussein. He is a brutal, murderous dictator, leading an oppressive regime … He presents a particularly grievous threat because he is so consistently prone to miscalculation … And now he is miscalculating America’s response to his continued deceit and his consistent grasp for weapons of mass destruction … So the threat of Saddam Hussein with weapons of mass destruction is real…” — Sen. John F. Kerry (D, MA), Jan. 23. 2003

  • How do you know what I believe in or why I went??

  • It wasn’t a secret… Was anyone paying attention to the whole Schooter Liby ordeal?

  • This is why going to war should be a democratic decision, not veto by some asshole shithead motherfucker politicrooks. If they want pointless wars so much, make them go there first. Soldiers are our peacekeepers, not your personal fucking army on minimum wage and expendable. Politicians should be on minimum wage and expendable.

    • Anyone who wants to go kill foreigners in their own country should not be paid by tax dollars. Let them go door to door to collect money and get paid by donations if they want to go so much and feel so strongly about it.

      Funny that they are all principled against innocent people dying, yet there are zero former US soldiers going to Africa to help this guy keep African kids from being turned into slaves for war.

      And in fact, no one even demanded we all support this hero when the FBI raided him and accused him of gun running. But HE”S fighting for the lives of innocent people, not soldiers. And the US government doesn’t give a shit about the problem because there are no resources involved.


    • The title of the article is not what the article is about. Not sure why it has that title.

  • You sign a contract you do your job. Just like any other soldier in any other country would. That’s what soldiers have been doing throughout the history of man kind. Pussies

  • Dez LA

  • Such a shame to denigrate bringing freedom to an entire country.

  • Jar T. Amama

    • Would you have preferred we invaded with a bunch of unloyal idiots? The military is NEVER the issue. They didn’t make that decision, and they shouldn’t. They follow orders. Those orders aren’t always right, but its not the job of each individual soldier to question that.

    • Amama T. Jar fair enough

  • Very sad and true.

  • Only In The. U S A.!!!!!

  • All 3 Made. MONEY. It’s. ALL ABOUT. MONEY.!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh bull crap… Saddam killed Kurds with chemical weapons, go look at the pics on the internet of every man woman and child dead in the village he gased.

    The guy we bombed the shit out of invaded an innocent country to steal its wealth to pay for it’s war with Iran. No other country in the world had the fortitude to say no to that “war crime”. We went in and destroyed the army that did the invasion. We then gave the leader the option to leave. He chose to be removed and was.

    Use your freaking brains and learn history. I guess we should of let Iraq run ramshot over the entire Middle East and invade any other country he wished until he became a global power of hate. War is dirty but no other country in the world has a military that tries to avoid civilian casualties as the US. Freaking liberal policies are to blame for the rise of ISIS. Hell Obama paved a golden path for them. Then they lie to your face and blame a terrorist attack on a stupid you tube video when they damn well it was a terrorist attack from the get go. Then they give Iran the path to the bomb. Libs have crippled this nation with their policies and pansie ass line of thinking.

    • Saddam got those chemical weapons from the US to kill iranians There is no principled oppositiion to Saddam killing people, it’s just that he stopped allowing the US access to his oil.

      “The guy we bombed the shit out of invaded an innocent country to steal its wealth to pay for it’s war with Iran.”

      Kinda sounds like why the US deposed Saddam’s predecessor and put him in in the first place. To do exactly the same thing you say that we needed to go to war to stop him from doing. Oh, the irony of those who have not actually read any of the history of the conflicts they are discussing>


    • So, tell me, why is Saddam killing KURDS an offense that needs to have him killed, but killing IRANIANS deserves your help and support?

      Please explain this phenomenon?

    • Let Iran have the bomb. It is of no consequent to the US. Maybe to Israel, but not the US.

      Although I’d like to see the evidence for Saddam’s plans for middle Eastern, and then global conquest. Actually, nevermind. That idea is laughable, even if true.

  • It was for freedom though smh

  • You mean the banks. The banks are the war criminals

  • of course Iraq had weapons of mass destruction we f****** sold em to them fer christ sake

  • And we always vilify those people for defending their country against our military. If we had invaders here, we’d be defending our country from the INVADERS too!

  • Nothing to say.. American General ppl also hate muslims and supports the war because they never wanted to understand us.. all they believe on Criminal media and their criminal leaders

  • I hate this

  • I knew what I was getting in to, now I’m almost done with my degree with no debt and have a check for life.

  • and that other awkward moment when you realize every other war campaign was based on the same pretense 🙂

  • Fuck USA

  • Fuck it I made a pretty penny off it

  • That’s not the fucking reason people took the oath and I can say as I did. You do it for the man next to you and your country. We all hate the government since it fucks us over daily. Quit fucking saying every single military personnel believes their shit

  • Good been to long since the world had a proper empire

  • Well.. then why did they find WMD’s recently… Burried int he sand forgotten? Why did so many Soldiers get sick of sarin gas? Liberal media wants to demonize those guys.. It will not exonerate the lies and misdirection of the liberal slant!

    • Show us the real article that WMD were found? Don’t be a pathetic old conservative that the world is laughing at and show me any crap website either

  • Mean while some years laters WMDs turn up and are used in nieghboring Syria, but no one stops to think where those came from?? Even drug dealers know to get the drugs out of the house when they know the cops are coming, but the half of world is to stupid to think that the iraqis would not figure that out. Why do you assume that Sadam was stupid, and wouldn’t know to get them out of the country. After all, he knew the Cops were coming to lok for them. True free thinkers at least try to think of all the possibilities. I’m not saying the Iraq war was right, I’m just saying that this post says alot and it hasn’t been proven true either.

    • Right, wrong..meh. It was still fun.?

    • LMAO!

    • Why would he move his product and not relocate himself a little better? Tell me where they found him and tell me where they found the nukes?

    • Nukes?? No one ever said Saddam had nukes. They were chemical weapons that we were looking for, not nukes. Come on you gotta be smarter than that Josh. And they found him in a hole, near Tikrit. I guess you prolly think that he would be carrying all those WMDs in his pocket, right? LMAO

    • The US invaded Iraq because he would not allow them to have control of his oil any longer. That was the reason they put him IN and deposed his predecessor. They GAVE him chemical weapons in order to kill Iranians. There was no principled opposition to Saddam having chemical weapons or killing his people, we wanted control of his oil, and he wouldn’t let us have it.


    • Nathan G, So he also used those chemical weapons on the kurds in northern Iraq, I guess you think we shoulda just forgot about that. I believe some of your arguement is true Nathan, but there were humanitarian reasons for it too. It’s about the totality of the circumstances, not just your conspiracy theory. Now go put your foil hat back on so GW Bush doesn’t read your mind.

    • Jordy, the US doesn’t give one shit about the Kurds.You completley ignore the fact that they SUPPLIED HIM with the gas to kill Iranians. Are you HONESTLY trying to say that Kurd lives are more important than Iranian lives? The US doesn’t give a shit. They gave a shit that Saddam went rogue and stopped doing their bidding.

      Then they get dumbasses to help kill for them and pretend that they are principally opposed to killing people to get you to do what they want you do for the profit of their cronies.

      Do you even have the slightest awareness that the US helped Saddam murder iranians? Do you even have the slightest awareness that the US blocade of Iraq killed 500,000 children?

      If they were opposed to him killing people, would they HELP him kill Iranians, and then starve 500,000 Iraqi children?

      Think about it. Soldiers were pawns used to do the bidding of politicians for the profits of their cronies. You didn’t help stop a murderous tyrant, you ASSISTED the worse murderous tyrants.

    • I definately disagree with you about the kurds. We rescued a couple of thousand of the kurds during the late 1990’s. If the US didn’t give a shit then why did we do that? As for the Iran Iraq war, of coarse I know about that. I know that we backed Iraq during that time as well. I would hardly call it murder though. Iran had it coming, and they still do in my opinion. Perhapps you forgot about them and our embassy there. They were the among the lead sponsors of terrorists back in the 70’s and 80’s. And still play an active role to this day. Reguardless of what the current adminstration thinks. Back then the US had a choice to make, and that chioce was to try and pick the lessor of two evils. Maybe it wasn’t the best choice in hind site, but I believe it made sense at the time. Like I said before, it was about the totality of the circumstances at that time. As for you, there are always folks like you to judge after the fact, when all the facts that the decision makers didn’t have when the decisions were made. I don’t think you could have decided any better than they did back then. But you’re here to citique them for for it huh. I’m sure you’ve got all the answers that would have made it right. -“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”. Edmund Burke

  • Sam Nash

  • You forgot to add Condoleezza Rice to that list and the present administration Washington is a cesspool of liars and criminals until we the people make a stand it will never change but obviously judging by the reaction of the people to the Patriots in Oregon that will never happen America is a stupid country with stupid people not me of course and that does not include any other American that is a true patriot

  • It is the first time the world’s history that leaders would lie so much and not just once but somehow it has become a trend.Thanks Tony Bro.

    • Really? First time in the world’s history? Yeah. Ok. Naive might be too small a word to use here.

    • You do realize that the US leaders:
      A) Set up the Lusitania, a civiilan cruise liner, to be bombed and civilians yilled so that they would have an excuse to enter WWI
      B) FDR antagonized Japan until he attacked Pearl Harbor. FDR KNEW Pearl Harbor would be attacked and let it happen so that he would have an excuse to enter the war
      C) Tonkin Gulf Incident, the excuse to enter Vietnam, never even happened.

      You probably should read some more history.

  • smh!!!

  • I’ll come out and say it (im a patriotic American) Its not relevant what country your from, or what skin color you have. What is relevant is, WHAT PLANET DO YOU LIVE ON? Oh yeah? Me too guess what? We’re friends. Us humans need to get over our insignificant differences, and get along with eachother!

  • Fuck America

  • Carlos Miguel Pires

  • You mean to tell me that the soldiers of the US don’t have a conscience of there own?

  • Yup, figured it out during my deployment. Everyone hated me for speaking out. Fuck it. Im for truth.

  • The truth hurts sometimes. Fool me once, shame on you. But fool me twice…

  • None of whom served in the Military.

  • Those three thugs should be charged with war crimes. Period.

  • I think that a lot of the PTSD that these veterans are suffering is influenced by this.

  • We did it because we wanted to, not because of lies and brainwashing.

  • Robert Kaich Jose Tejada

  • Its common knowledge or at least SHOULD BE that you dont throw this shit in the face of the military,,,YOU/WE the people are responsible for it…..duh Now that its been done, hold the electoreate accountable and stop bashing the military…..ignorance is bliss on this crappy page.

  • Henry Kissinger- “military men are dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy”

  • Lenah Al Azzawi

  • War hasn’t been fought for “freedom” in a loong time, folks.

  • Exactly. Which is why I don’t feel necessarily proud on Veterans Day and such because they “fought for us”. I’m surprised so many people still see it that way.

    • For what it’s worth….the term ” fought for us” means that other people volunteer to do the fighting so that you would not be drafted and compelled to fight. That is going to be pretty relevant to you next year when women will be required to register for the draft. So long as the country has a volunteer army then there will be no need to conscript people like you to go fight. So on Veterans Day when we remember the men and women who fought for us it’s more and respect for the fact that you didn’t have to go or were not compelled to go. Does that make sense?

  • and that an English weaponexpert was killed by an OK from Tony Blair. k

  • Marty Feroli

  • 3 very bad guys

  • do you know the number of the Iraqis victim before and after US came in Iraq?

  • My whole family is military dad to brothers to my daughter and yes this is so true they are ALL only used as pawns of the administration

  • Emily McGuigan

  • Where’s John Howard’s picture?

  • I’m sure if we wanted they’re oil we would’ve taken it bet if we did everybody would be happy about gas prices and not just that they rape and murder kids and families what’s wrong with stopping evil

  • It’s a rough moment.

  • Every. Damn. Day.

  • It’s a shame, and always it’s too late to realize it.

  • What can happened if we all help each other.

  • Instead of fighting. Add

  • No regrets

  • “War criminals have to be dealt with – convict Bush and Blair as charged. A guilty verdict will serve as a notice to the world that war criminals may run but can never ultimately hide from truth and justice,” the statement from the Perdana Global Peace Foundation read.


  • ov course dey knew WMD’s wea not dea it was about OIL

  • Pobres almas Las que les toca asistir a la guerra.

  • It was never about W.M.D it always about O.I.L

  • US the biggest terrorist country in the world. . .

  • When I was in the military we had a phrase to describe it, “We the unwilling, led by the unqualified to do the unnecessary for all the wrong reasons”

  • …despite the millions of people telling you you were listening to lying war mongers.

  • This is all coming from somebody that don’t have a clue what they’re talking about:(

  • Memo shemo what war is “Justified?” Saddam is one thing 100,000 INNOCENT IRAQ’S. 5,000 TEEN AGED AMERICAN SOLDIERS QUITE. ANOTHER.

  • You for got one

  • Anyone who posts shit like this needs to just leave this country we don’t want ya here, this country has enough pussies.

  • Roger Carpenter

  • The sooner the normal ignorant Americans liberate their corrupt media from their corrupt military corporate politicians, the sooner our normal ignorant Australians will stop following our corrupt media and corrupt military corporate political puppets

  • .
    The sooner people stop endorsing this insanity with their votes, the sooner humanity will have a decent social contract, instead of a fraudulent one which represents the interests of its corporate sponsors, instead of both humanity and the God who created humanity, whose intellectual property we are, and under whose law our rights are guaranteed.

  • Your clogging up my news feed with this hot garby

  • EeYup

  • 80 nations will fight against us Muslims….. This is written and happening. People are used for war against us Muslims but later regret it…… If any other religion was attacked this bad it would have perished a long time ago……. America is jus a empire which is getting weaker ….. How could u win against people who are innocent and see heaven through the barrel of ur gun?

  • .
    it isn’t about islam. It’s about power. It’s just Islam’s turn to be a pawn in the power game. God will win, in the end. Not Islam. And not politics. God.

  • .
    Every culture has its maniacs, and Anglo-America is no exception. War is treason against God and humanity. Stop acquiescing your consciences. Stop assigning power of attorney of your free will over to the state. Your morality is YOUR responsibility. To contribute to immorality, is to bear guilt. Politics, finance and man-made religion is the unholy trinity upholding an immoral system. Stop voting for satanic vassals that partake in institutionalized mass slaughter. There’s more than one kind of jihadism. Stop supporting its constant supply of cannon-fodder.

  • Still a more meaningful sacrifice than that Jesus fella I mean what kind of sacrifices that dude comes back to life it’s like a middle finger or something lol

  • .
    Clayton Toth, do you not understand the idea of a ransom sacrifice? Jesus already paid the price of perfect human life (his) for perfect human life (Adam’s) and, since Jesus wasn’t deserving of death, he didn’t remain dead, because death is the penalty for sin/lawlessness. Jesus was sinless/obedient to God, therefore, after sacrificing his perfect, sinless life in exchange for Adam’s sinful one, the ransom had been paid, and Jesus’ own life was restored to him, ie his pre-human spirit existence.

    What Jesus did was from love. What soldiers do, isn’t. They’re told to kill, not themselves in sacrifice, but others in slaughter, just to protect the corporations of the military industrial complex’s bottom line. Not cool.

  • WMD? They found tons of chemical weapons including mustard gas Saddam used some on his own people killing thousands in the north… WMD isn’t just nukes…if it was they’d just said they were going after nukes not weapons of mass destruction…mustard gas is a WMD…did they think he had nukes yea but that’s wasn’t all…

  • .
    Who sold them the weapons in the first place?


  • And the war criminals are still around , WHY ???

  • Gerald Marshall

    It doesn’t matter whether they had proof at the time or not. common sense dictates that they did have weapons of mass destruction and i’m sure most of those islamic countries have weapons of mass destruction. Guess what they found those weapons of mass destruction over there didn’t they