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Brazil Ends Monsanto Linked Pesticide Use to Fight Zika After It’s Exposed as Cause of Birth Defects


On Sunday, the Free Thought Project reported on the recent information released by the Physicians in the Crop-Sprayed Towns (PCST), who revealed that the Brazilian government’s assertion that microcephaly was caused by the Zika virus was not substantial. PCST exposed a popular larvacide pyriproxyfen to be the actual suspect.

The chemical, pyriproxyfen, was added to the state of Pernambuco’s drinking-water reservoirs in 2014, by the Brazilian Ministry of Health, in an effort to stop the proliferation of the Zika-carrying Aedes aegypti mosquito.

The report by PCST revealed that the pesticide, sold under the commercial name SumiLarv, is manufactured by Sumitomo Chemical, a Japanese subsidiary of Monsanto.

“Pyriproxyfen is a growth inhibitor of mosquito larvae, which alters the development process from larva to pupa to adult, thus generating malformations in developing mosquitoes and killing or disabling them. It acts as an insect juvenile hormone or juvenoid, and has the effect of inhibiting the development of adult insect characteristics (for example, wings and mature external genitalia) and reproductive development. It is an endocrine disruptor and is teratogenic (causes birth defects).

“Malformations detected in thousands of children from pregnant women living in areas where the Brazilian state added pyriproxyfen to drinking water is not a coincidence, even though the Ministry of Health places a direct blame on Zika virus for this damage, while trying to ignore its responsibility and ruling out the hypothesis of direct and cumulative chemical damage caused by years of endocrine and immunological disruption of the affected population,” according to the report by Physicians in the Crop-Sprayed Towns.

In a move that would never happen in America, the Brazilian government actually listened to the group of doctors and suspended the use of pyriproxyfen, pending further study.

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In a communique, the state government said that “the suspension was communicated to the 19 Regional Health Coordinating Authorities, which in turn will inform the respective Municipal Monitoring services” in all cities in the state, according to Fox News Latino.

Up until now, Brazilian scientists have been attributing the increase in microcephaly to the Zika virus. However, on Sunday, Rio Grande do Sul Health Secretary Joao Gabbardo said that, despite the fact that a relationship between the larvicide and microcephaly has not been proven, the “suspicion” that there may be a linkage had led the organizations to decide to “suspend” the use of the chemical.

“We cannot run that risk,” Gabbardo said.

Of course, this news is being met with backlash by those who have advocated adding this larvicide to the water supply.

“That is a rumor lacking logic and sense. It has no basis. (The larvicide) is approved by (the National Sanitary Monitoring Agency) and is used worldwide. Pyriproxyfen is recognized by all regulatory agencies in the whole world,” Health Minister Marcelo Castro told reporters Sunday.

Also, the Monsanto affiliate, Sumitomo Chemical also claimed that “there is no scientific basis for such a claim,” adding that the product has been approved by the World Health Organization since 2004 and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency since 2001.

The fact the WHO has officially gone on record and stated that microcephaly is not linked directly to the Zika virus has been of little consequence to the Health Secretary. Also of little consequence to the Health Secretary, is that there haven’t been any cases of microcephaly attributed to the Zika virus in past outbreaks.

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According to the report by PCST:

Previous Zika epidemics did not cause birth defects in newborns, despite infecting 75% of the population in those countries. Also, in other countries such as Colombia there are no records of microcephaly; however, there are plenty of Zika cases.

The caution and proactive response by the Brazilian government are noteworthy and should serve as an example to officials in the United States who continue to expose citizens to a myriad of toxic chemicals banned in countries across the planet.

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  • not even in the news

  • Adam McNally

  • Tony Debl

  • Monsanto needs to have their asses sued and shut down for good!

  • Should be at least forced to immediately shut its doors and cease trading until the owners get investigated and head to jail without passing go. Should also be tried in an international court where greasy palms cant be filled with rotten money.

    • Those greasy palms will just pay off the judges. Pointless. Wish it worked that way

    • It would never happen. They own everything.

    • MONSANTO needs to be stripped and every single person involved on every level Gaoled For LIFE!!!! At the very least.

    • Johnny DeSimone oh no no no no not anymore. The People are rising up. And ALL THESE BASTARDS will be dragged out of their hiding places and murdered in the streets. SOON…

    • The USA made Zika in 1957 educate your self

    • The whole world hates monsanto so why cant we as a collective do something about their destruction and poisoning of just about everything? Any poliiticians that have anything to do with that company or take any kind of ‘donation’ need to be voted out immediately….that would be a good start.

    • Except voting doesn’t work as the average American thinks it does.

    • True Candise Roark we also need to vote with our $$$. And be careful what we consume. I really dont understand why people aren’t turning out to mass protests and taking out massive class action law suits.

    • I think justice is coming, just slower then anticipated sadly.

  • 2 words 😛

  • Ember MacDonald

  • Lucky for Monsanto Obama signed the Monsanto protection act. There’s your hope and change.

  • Don’t get banana! This is how the world will come to an end as predicted by Einstein; the most stupid being the most powerful!

    • They’re not stupid, they’re plain evil. ☝

  • and suddenly, just like that, zika disappears from the news

  • Kimona Segerlöf

  • Monsatan once again. Hang their execs

  • Witmon Eisenhower David Pickard

  • Holly Vinson

  • Loni Owens

  • Funny how I, a Brazilian, see this from outside sources before anything is actually here… And not as swift as you might think.

    • I have been asking the same thing, why is this not being discussed here in Brasil or on the news….

    • May I ask what your news is saying there in Brazil?

  • Paty Ayres

  • Now if our own store bought politicians would have the gonads to do the same w/all of Monsinko’s garbage…

  • wonderful.

  • They ploy to stop the perceived “overpopulation” is being hampered I see, did Monsanto’s stock fall today?

  • good news.

  • Down with Monsanto!

  • Kweezy Rox

  • Dustin Lucas

  • Gretchen Holl-Potter

  • Brazil is the country with the most pesticides/chemicals in use in its agriculture.
    A step in the right direction, but a small one at that.

  • You may now thank the Voters for this gift.

  • Please let this be true!

  • Yes that is only part of the cause look out this is def another distraction from the Gates vax program gone tarded! Keep pushing for the TRUTH PEOPLE!!

  • The United Nations should issue a global ban on the use of Monsanto’s chemicals until it can be proven that they are safe. Yeah I know…Never happen. They would just redefine the word safe.

    • It will never happen. Do you have any idea of the amount of money Monsanto gives to political causes?

    • UN is fucking useless…

    • Sheila about a quarter of what Google do.

    • Is that true about google? Whats their caper?

  • WHO are known liars.


  • I found NO evidence that they are a Monsanto subsidiary. The company was founded in 1913 way before Monsanto came on the scene.

    • Is it not possible they were purchased by Monsanto?

    • I couldn’t find any evidence of that but could be. Monsanto is evil but so is ANY chemical company. They’re bottom line is profit no matter the cost to human life.

    • Ellen Marie That isn’t evidence they are owned by Monsanto only that they work together.

    • If any one person fails to find relevant evidence that does not mean that it does not exist.
      Irrespective of who or when, a company was founded that has no bearing upon the current ownership.

      It is often the desire of corporate owners to be under the public radar in order to avoid being accused of impeding free trade or market manipulation.

    • The company is a partner meaning they use Monsanto products. Monsanto does not deal with larvicide so in this case it’s only misleading information to point a finger.

    • But they deal in insecticide. And other nasty agents

  • Joe Brennan

  • who decided to add it the drinking water?

  • Can you please cite sources?

  • Give me a fucking break….Wouldn’t happen in the U.S….IT IS Fuckhead……Fucking Monsantos the NEW FRANKENSTEIN….Same in Canada….Fuck them!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Are there any credible news organizations reporting on this? Because the story you’ve written conflicts with a variety sources naming Sumitomo Chemical in Brazil as the manufacturer and questioning the plausibility of Pyriproxyfen being the cause.

  • They need to sue monsanto off the planet. This is genocide and murder. Production should be stopped immediately and this poison recalled.

  • Why is this company still in business!!!??? Of course that’s a rhetorical question… Government corruption is the answer.

  • You can’t poison drinking water and not expect it to have an effect on those that drink it!

  • Monsnto is poisoning the whole world with it’s pesticides and gmos.

  • For those questioning the legitimacy of this article….keep in in the collusion between these monster corporations and mainstream media….they won’t report what they don’t want us to know..never have…

  • Get rid of Monsanto and pesticides and provide free birth control and sex ed class win win

  • Why are people grilling the WRONG company? Pyriproxyfen is manufactured and distributed by the Japanese chemical manufacturer Sumitomo Chemical Company which is NOT owned by Monsanto.

    • Because blaming Monsanto for everything is hip and cool.

    • Did you read the article?

      “The report by PCST revealed that the pesticide, sold under the commercial name SumiLarv, is manufactured by Sumitomo Chemical, a Japanese subsidiary of Monsanto.”

    • Andre Suazo ….no, it isn’t. Have you bothered to check the facts? Or are your just relying on what is in the article?

    • Who gives a shit. Monsanto is run by a pack of assholes who deserve the negative hype.

    • People interested in truth.

    • I looked at multiple references – they appear to be a long standing “business partner”

  • Roll on The Haig

  • Alyssa

  • Kimberly Dawn Ikenberry

  • Sumitomo Chemicicals is a Japanese company founded in 1913 and is not owned by Monsanto. Your core messege regarding the link to larvicide use (which is looking increasing likely to be correct) would be much stronger if you stuck to the facts

  • While I won’t say it’s not the pesticides, it still doesn’t explain why NOW. This article states that this chemical has been used since 2004. Where are all the other cases? I just don’t think we should put all our eggs in one basket just yet.

    • They are all still just grasping at straws trying to find someone to blame. It could be caused by any number of things including vaccines or maybe anti-nausea medicine or something that these pregnant women were exposed to.

    • Right. However you will never see them look into vaccines as a possible cause. That’s why the Zika virus was blown out of proportion so drastically and quickly.

  • I wonder how long would this move last? I’m sure they will spray all again in a blink of an eye…. sorry but Brazil as most Latin Countries (including mine of course) are full od corruption, sorry to deflate your bubble…

  • Now it will take at least 6 – 9 months to find out if it’s effective, in mean time all other avenues need to be continued in case that’s not the cause.

  • Rachel Feiler

  • they should off free in utero testing and assistance in termination if requested.The struggle for the rest of these children’s lives and the parents and who will care for the children when the parents are gone.

  • Philippe Dupre

    • Fuck Monsanto ! What else ! Bro? It s thé Kiss of BRICS ! I called im blessés god save us ,

  • Let’s hope some decent law firm can start a class action suit against Monsanto.

  • looks like someone figured it out

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  • Patti Alexandre

  • Clare Hogg

  • ok, i know its sad, but im getting tired of seeing this kid.. should american parents be taking pictures of their autistic child??

  • Great news, now make them pay compensation and life long income to those damaged by thier product!

  • look how fast a poor country like brazil can act. we still havent given flint clean water.

  • Monsanto…..poisoning the world slowly since 1901! It was not the zika virus that caused birth defects it was the poison used to kill the larva of the mosquitoes that was added to the water supply. Never trust any chemical that kills things as it will kill you also.

    • Dihydrogen Monoxide?

    • Stop playing like you’re smart dude. Water, btw that’s what you’re talking about, can be deadly. It’s a very real thing to overdose on water. Haven’t you heard of drowing the flowers in a garden or pot of soil?

  • Alan Alexsander Silva , Thiago Negrelli , Pedro Cyrino

    • I don’t know if this is true history, but the Brazilian government they have a big problem about zica! we haven’t choice, just try protection by yourself!

    • Keep my updated. I want to know if it is real or not. It is so hard to tell . too many lies in the world these days.

  • Monsanto. (Sigh.)
    Why am I not surprised?

  • I sense major lawsuits!

  • Kate Melville and we worry about fluoride

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  • According to the commercials, Monsanto is here to help us. Have they been lying?

  • Maybe you wanna reconsider the veracity of this nonsense you’ve posted.


  • Except it’s not a Monsanto product and they found the largest population of the microcephalic population is in an area where this problem was found years before they started using the larvicide.

  • thank you for sharing – love your page xx

  • While I’m no fan of Monsanto, we must keep our facts straight. The scientific community is stating that there can be no link between these birth defects and the pesticide released. What well sourced evidence is there to oppose this?

  • If this is the cause of these birth defects what is going to happen to us if we have to eat GMO modified foods ,time to STEP UP WORLD dont allow Monsanto to make money at the cost of our health

  • Alvaro Ros Penche

  • Awesome, now if only our government and the FDA would start caring about us.

  • I would not want to Monsanto in a dark alley. Pure evil

  • Ryan Lemmey

  • Never expect a very poisonous chemical to do any good.

  • Wishfull thinking Jayne, They haven’t cared ever, I seriously think they are not going to start now.

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  • Not true. This larvicide is still being used here in Brazil

  • The article says this stuff is used worldwide! What other names does it have?

  • Another day, more children hurt with contaminated water

  • man all those pro gmo’ers must be feeling salty af now

  • Lisa Marie

  • Stop Monsanto now!

  • Can we get a different fuckin baby posted please!!!! If there r so many, lets see them!!!!

  • So while not yet proven definitely a viable theory

  • Alguna vez se tomarán en cuenta todas las calamidades y desastres que dejan las acciones de los que estan detras de las grandes compañías….que sólo se benefician a si mismas….
    Y las supuestas excusas que dan los estados y gobiernos para entrar en guerras(que esconden las verdaderas razones por las cuales tantas y tantas vidas humanas se pierden)y al parecer a los manejadores que esconden sus rostros no les importa un ápice ….y todo por acumular mas riqueza y más poderrrr…..
    Dolor por los afectados….y oraciones en su favor!!!

  • Jamás los daños a otros humanos serán ignorados…ya sea por industrias inescrupulosas…que son manejadas por personas sin criterio ni valores…
    O las guerras cuyas muertes humanas son llamadas “daños colaterales”…por personas sin conciencia ni amor al prójimo….

  • Monsatan, killing one person at a time.

  • Magen E. Walts

  • SURE MAKES SENSE———–IF it works on mosquitos, WHAT WILL IT DO TO PEOPLE and animals ?????

  • Where are we heading? Land of mentally retarded unable to take care of ourselves?

  • We are dispensable. too many humans alive..all they need is to kill off as many as possible legally.

  • Ainsley Ainsley Micallef

  • Yah, Brazil smart Government, lmao.

  • Alex Meilus

  • Why am I finding this hard to believe somehow…

  • Iddle no more

  • They need to be sued!!!

  • Adrian Baldwin

    1. Monsanto doesn’t own Sumitomo. It has conducted business with them (as have thousands of other companies)

    2. Monsanto does not, nor has it ever manufactured or produced Pyriproxyfen

    3. Misinformation like this actually hinders finding and preventing the actual cause of microcephaly, and ending the lavacide program will lead to instances of dengue fever returning to the pre-2014 epidemic levels

    4. This article amounts to slander, and if Monsanto was the evil money driven company that it’s portrayed as, it would sue everyone who posted this misinformation and bankrupt them.

    • WarriorMama

      Actually, Monsanto is in partnership with Sumitomo, which is a bit more familial than simply ‘doing business’. And many companies manufacture Pyriproxyfen under that name and many others. When reports stop naming Zika as the cause, then the truth might come out. A disease that has been around for 40+ years and is relatively benign cannot be the cause of microcephaly. Lets begin by debunking that myth. It serves one corporation’s purposes and that is Big Pham. #TheresAVaxForThat

    • J Rodd

      Why don’t you call Monsanto – “divine”? And start worshiping it?

  • A bit late!!!!

  • Get up stand up ..stand up for your rights, lovely!!!

  • Just as we expected. However I need that virus for certain tasks on the physical plane.

  • How much did Monsanto pay them?

  • Obvious if you think about it!

  • Misty Dawn Scheller

  • monsanto death in every product.

  • Neo Amine

  • Unfortunately, no science behind this.
    Much as I dislike Monsanto, I believe Tyson.

  • They should go to prison, all of them. They knew the dangers.

  • It’s high time someone pays attention.

  • Ashton Morris

  • Well done Brazilian government for acting so swiftly. Thank you!

  • The truth begins to emerge.

  • Renee D Callope

  • Premeditated Murder

  • Monsanto evil? The true evil act here is knowingly & maliciously spreading outlandish lies. Pyriproxyfen is manufactured and distributed by the Japanese chemical manufacturer Sumitomo Chemical Company which is Not owned by Monsanto…period. People…quit being so gullible!

  • Louise Longtime

  • Chumpy

    Yeah just like sodium chloride kills slugs. It will definitely kill humans.

  • Makka

    As usual the “conspiracy theory” turns out to be true.
    when will the indoctrinated get it finally?