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BREAKING: Dashcam Video Just Released Shows Cop Murder Zachary Hammond

Seneca, SC — On July 26, Seneca Police Lt. Mark Tiller ran towards 19-year-old Zachary Hammond’s car with his gun drawn as Hammond’s date, Tori Morton, allegedly sold a few grams of marijuana to an undercover cop.

According to Seneca Police Chief John Covington, Hammond drove toward Lt. Tiller in an attempt to murder him. Fearing for his life, Tiller shot Hammond twice at point-blank range killing him. But according to witness statements and Hammond’s autopsy, the teenager was not attempting to run down Tiller in the moments before his death.

Hammond’s autopsy revealed that the teen was shot in the back of his left shoulder and his side.

In a letter from Hammond’s attorney to the FBI, a witness has recently come forward describing officers planting evidence under Hammond’s body and high-fiving his dead hand after the shooting. Although police found no weapon or drugs on Hammond, Chief Covington claims that a white powdery substance was found at the scene.

Tuesday, the much-awaited dashcam footage was finally released and it shows that the officer was indeed not in danger as he murdered Hammond.

As Tiller exited his vehicle, he ran to the side of Hammond’s car. Hammond was only attempting to leave the scene when Tiller acted as if his life was in danger and began firing as he screamed, “I’m gonna shoot your f*cking ass!”

Immediately after falsely claiming that his life was in danger, Tiller screams, “He tried to hit me.” This statement, according to the video evidence, is a blatant lie.

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This teen was only trying to avoid having his life ruined for being caught with an “illegal plant.” Or, he was actually scared by a crazed maniac running toward him with a gun, screaming that he is “gonna shoot your f*cking ass.” Either way, the end result is tragic and unjust.

To add insult to this cop’s murder, 10th Judicial Circuit Solicitor Chrissy Adams released a statement Tuesday, announcing that officer Tiller will not face state charges. 

Below is a statement for City Administrator Greg Dietterick on behalf of Solicitor Chrissy Adam’s decision not to file charges against Seneca Police Lt. Mark Tiller in the shooting death of Seneca teen Zachary Hammond.

The past three months have been extremely difficult for the residents of Seneca, its city employees and the 45 members of its police force. While the effects of outside agitators to tear apart our community lingers, we are thankful the investigation has come to an end and shows Lt. Tiller was acting in self-defense. The night of July 26 was a tragic event for this community and I personally will always grieve for the Hammond family. I would like to thank the hard work of the local and state investigators who handled the cases expertly and professionally. I would like to thank Solicitor Adams, who suffered numerous personal attacks, for her diligence. I thank Chief John Covington for his courage and strength during these trying times as he and his family have been repeatedly maligned.  I thank our Mayor and City Council for standing with us during this tragedy. It is now time to start healing Seneca.

The Free Thought Project is disgusted with the outcome in this case, and we are voicing our discontent. If you’d like to let them know that you are unhappy with their decision to watch a murder happen in broad daylight and on video, and still decide to let the killer free, please peacefully do so.

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10th Judicial Circuit Solicitor: 864-260-4046

Seneca Police Department: 864-885-2718

Below is a shorter video with sound.

Update: Tuesday afternoon a second dashcam video was released showing the heartbreaking aftermath of the shooting. Police can be heard telling the dead body of Zach Hammond to “get on the ground.”

His date can be heard crying in disbelief after watching this young man die for trying to purchase a plant that is legal in 5 states.

  • Tired of police investigating themselves only to find they did nothing wrong…. ever? Help us spread the word and help us reach more people by clicking ‘like’ + commenting (even 1 word)

    • Those cops need to be locked up over there, this is terror !

    • this cop will loss his job no jail time u people no this then he will go to the next town over and back to work as a cop doing the same shit

    • Now if the kid would be Black, it be whole different story.

    • Can’t believe he was cleared of all wrong doing! And we wonder why youth of today challenge authority instead of complying. A better system needs to be put in place for these officers that use excessive force. That kid was trying to get away, not hurt anyone. Officer shot to stop him. Period.

    • I hate having to “like” something like this in order to agree that it is a very important wrong that needs to be righted.

    • Magdalena Waldvogel So WHY??? did he not listen, stop and do the right thing???? How stupid can you be??? Of course he got shot….DUH!!!

    • Lori Regan So WHY??? did he not listen, stop and do the right thing???? How stupid can you be??? Of course he got shot….DUH!!!

    • Hugh Culliton So WHY??? did he not listen, stop and do the right thing???? How stupid can you be??? Of course he got shot….DUH!!!

    • Igor Boretsky So WHY??? did he not listen, stop and do the right thing???? How stupid can you be??? Of course he got shot….DUH!!!

    • Spot on Aj Don that is what I’ve been saying!
      Stupid people are out defending the MUDER instead of thinking Common Sense on how to stop a person.

      They Cheer for & Defend A MURDER & that is what is wrong with this country it’s almost the same as Supporting ISSIS instead of the innocent people.

  • Arseholes!!!!

  • Murder. Call it anything else, you are lying to yourself.

    • So many people in denial until it happens to them.

    • People make mistakes… The trick is to let them live long enough to learn from them.

  • Legal murder when officers play a part in the cover up.

    • what I seen was a cop doing his job. All the man in the car had to go was stop. To see what it was the cop wanted with him

    • Verdana Speakman : yes, you are right about “a cop doing his job.” I agree that the kid should have stopped. But think about the offense: the offense was a few grams of weed and trying to escape prosecution. The cop acted as judge and jury and chose to give the kid the death penalty without due process. Let that sink in for a minute before you respond, if you intend to respond.

    • Verdana Speakman idiot

    • So WHY??? did he not listen, stop and do the right thing???? How stupid can you be??? Of course he got shot….DUH!!!

    • James Davenport : Who knows why? The bigger question is if you honestly believe that he should have been killed for what the cop KNEW were the minor offenses of selling a few grams of weed and trying to escape prosecution. Yes, the kid acted stupidly, but so far as I know, being stupid is not a death penalty offense. You would have been dead many times over if this was the case.

  • Why do they show a picture of him when he was 12? He was 19 at the time of this incident, and he did drive the car at the cop.

    • The cop was never in front of the car, was never in danger.

    • The cop’s proximity to the vehicle was his own doing. He placed himself there

    • Are you watching a different video the cop runs to the car

    • Yes, cops place themselves in the proximity of those they are apprehending. What a shocker.

    • He wasn’t in danger though ! He shot the kid to death as he was walking by the car !

  • Officer Farva!


  • If he turns the wheel the cop could be dead. I’m not usually on the side of law enforcement, but this is clearly a good shooting. When you’re behind the wheel of a vehicle you’re behind the wheel of a potential weapon.

    • Your dumb

    • Will, you’re an idiot !

    • He already had the wheel turned as far as he could theres no way he would of hit him and the cop put himself in the position of trying to get in front of the vehicle intentionally making it seem like he was trying to hit him. And if there was any reason for him to shoot the kid he could of shot him in the leg or hands on the steering wheel. And not his fucking head. So yes you are dumb

    • Yeah they pretty much covered it thou have no fucking brain

    • What’s it called when the cop steps in front of the car unnecessesarily.

    • Your an idiot…what if it was you in that car and some maniac came screaming at you and pointing a gun…I woulda took off too

    • Will Ebert you misspelled you’re

    • Tab Martin if I was in the car would of put it in park and put my hands up.

    • Whether you like it or not a car is considered a deadly weapon. It’s sad, but it’s the facts of the situation. Name calling really? You guys need to grow up.

    • He didn’t try and hit him though .. he walked by the window as he was driving and shot the kid to death ..

    • Cops are not meant to be judge and executioner, he could of easily wrote his plate number down.

    • Don’t get me wrong I see where you are coming from, but the cop is protected on this one. It’s fucked up yes but he won’t do any time.

    • He shouldn’t be protected .. the video clearly shows he didn’t handle the situation very well and ended someone’s life because he’s an idiot .

    • It situations like this, that is the reason the cop will be cleared. If you are behind the wheel and not following orders you are a threat.

    • Totally different situations.

    • teenager behind the wheel of a car and not following direct orders

    • Same situation this cop just waited too long.

    • So if the officer got in front of the car and got ran over then shot the kid you would be ok with it?

    • The cop was never in danger when he shot the kid to death . The other cop walked right in front of that car that still had a suspect in the drivers seat.
      Both idiots shouldn’t be cops is what I’m seeing.

  • Murder

  • The cop didn’t have to get so close nor towards the front of the vehicle. Even still his life clearly was NOT in danger! It also happened so quick that kid probably thought he was being robbed, I would have drove off too! And all this over a little marijuana, what a joke and a piece of shit cop!

    • It was more the marijuana. The kid also had cocaine and toxicology results showed he had been using it himself within the 6hrs prior to this. Stop with this whole Politically Correct bullshit and understand that he was ordered to stop by an officer. He refused to follow those orders and put himself in this situation. The only person to blame is Hammond himself.

    • His life wasn’t in danger. There was no reason to murder the kid. The cop has also had issues in the past.

    • Forrest Gladden stop sucking the COP Dick so damn hard I can hear you through my phone!!

      Who cares if the kid had drugs in his System it still gives no reason or right to shoot the kid!
      The COP is a MURDER plain & simple.
      Shoot the tires make an arrest it’s how it’s done not shoot to kill.

      But just like the COP you can go fuck yourself.

  • Murder

  • Murder.

  • I do not understand how this is not murder. SMH

  • Clearly
    The occifer was in the path
    He had no time to react .
    Yet he’s standing on the side
    Was able to Unholster
    Slide a round
    Disengage the safety

  • Looks like a damn soldier not a cop, weapon drawn before hes even out the car, smh

  • It doesn’t matter.
    Every single cop you know, will self-righteously and honestly believe with all of his or her “heart”, that they too would have chosen to murder that kid and any other human being, for trying to escape like that. They will each swear, they too don’t have the intellectual capacity to simply get the fuck out of the frigging way, or shoot out the tires…but none, not even one, will identify that it is because they have been improperly and wrongly trained, to not comprehend non-compliance effectively. Each cop will explain to you however, that YOU, must avoid such idiotic impetuousness and ironically cite public safety reasons.

    • It’s only because they are genuine cowards

  • This was murder. Judges prosecutors n cops are all buddies n protect one another even from being prosecuted for crimes. This was murder

  • “He tried to hit me”… Are you serious!? He practically jumped in front of the kids car. This is the senseless and disgusting result of the drug war. Sell a plant = go to a cage or die

  • We must end the police and their families. Their families are not innocent bystanders, they encourrgae these evil vermin to continue.

    • Little extreme -might get the point across

    • Everything those evil vermin do to us affects our family why shouldn’t this evil affect their family in the same evil manner

    • cop suckers just go to your nearest precent and bend over the counter with ur trousers down to ur ankles and await a good old bacon frisking , cause we know u enjoy it , for this post , it was clear murder , the cops mosly used words i feard for my life is used to justifie there behaviour with a bullet to sumone rather then useing the thing in there head called a brain and shud of poped his tyre not the kid , use ya fucking head , cops suckers , just go pss off and shoot yourself , and cops , shoot ur own family and not inncent people that py your wages u fucking tards

  • m

  • post

  • That was murder. He could have shot the car tires to stop it. What a senseless death of a young man.

  • OK so based on ALL the evidence available, the prosecution is satisfied that it’s a closed case. How the fuck you gonna say in a repeat scenario with a civilian, that we would reach the same conclusion? If it wasn’t so heartbreaking, this would be a fuckin joke!

  • Does anybody think it’s protocol to go running up all cowboy style on a suspected drug dealer’s car? Is that how he was trained to handle the situation? Run out, guns drawn, no cover, fully exposed, get right on top of the drivers window. If this situation would have been prevented had he followed protocol shouldn’t the officer be in trouble for breaking it?

    • Right and he is all undercover not police clothing nor a marked vehicle seems like a robbery at gun point

  • No Kidding, most of us all ready had figured that out, he just wanted to kill him because he defied him!

  • And that is enough for those that call themselves Cops!

  • I see someone who I’m sure was asked to stop , and didn’t ! And then got shot, this child’s parents should have taught him better than that ! I blame the parents !

    • And for that he gets executed –

    • Yep use your car as a weapon and you can die !

    • He can clearly see the cop has his weapon drawn , just fucking stop .

    • This whole situation would have had a different result if he would have , stopped and let the officer do his job . Quite obviously someone called him on this suspect.

    • This wasn’t just a random stop .

    • Wow glen u obviously didn’t read or follow this story. The cop set this teenager up for a couple grams of weed!! He knew what he was doing and he did shitty and lazy police work. Also FYI he is in an undercover vehicle and not in a police uniform the kid thought he was being robbed at gun point!

    • And just as I said if he would have stopped he would be probably be alive ! How many times have you been robbed , this was clearly nothing a robbery, blame the cop the kid should have stopped . That’s funny I’ve been busted by Plaine clothed police officers and never been shot cause I knew I was doing something wrong and I paid the fucking price , well so did he ..

    • Yea it sucks that someone child is dead , but it won’t happen to mine …

    • I highly doubt the cop ran up to the car and said this is the jack mother fucker don’t make it a homicide , I’m pretty sure we went up to the car and said freeze get out of the car turn the car off just like they always do but you know !

    • “I’m pretty sure we went up to the car and said please get out of the car.” Yep, that is exactly what happened (sarcasm)

      Are you a comedian? Cause that is some funny fucking stuff right there.

  • When will this end?

  • Over and over and over and over and over

  • Off with his head

  • I’ve been stopped numerous times and have never been beaten or shot !!

  • The flashing blue light blocking his exit from the back, and the cop with the gun aimed at him should have been more than enough information to stop. Maybe the young man was stoned and had on a headset? Cops killing someone over selling a joint and being stupid is certainly not good.

    • Mayb anyone can go buy blue lights and put them in their vehicle and act like a cop as well… He needed marked a car and a uniform… I will never stop for an undercover vehicle ppl have used them to pull women over and rape and rob them

    • Dennis Croteau And they were usually cops

  • This is it,,the police state where police can kill anyone and get off freely,,,,these trigger happy criminals should not be armed.,,take away their guns and maybe they will learn yo speak with their mouth instead of their guns.

  • Sorry, but you don’t get to murder people when they’re driving away and you don’t get out with your gun drawn and scare the hell out of a kid! No justification here! NONE!

  • Lauren Fitzgerald

  • Umm, that’s clearly murder…

  • How many pounds of crack was he in possession of?

  • it dont give them a right to block you in then got out and put a gun in your face for being in your car the kid mite be eating so what if he mite been doing something wrong hell it a free county the kid in his car he one it not the cops but all cops do this or win the pull u over the git out off there car hand on gun bull shit yes cop do git shot but thay kill more people and cop r dick all cops even if u a nice thay are an ass to u

  • No wonder they fought the release of this video..no way to justify this as anything but a cowboy murder

  • That cop should not be a cop. He should be in jail!

    • Actually it was premeditated, he already had his weapon pointed at the young man. I was always told; don’t point a gun at someone unless you’re going to use it. Point being, murder with this video is indisputable. Death Sentence

    • Give him Life, no parole, in general population.

    • The only problem with that is he might not last long enough to feel the regret of his actions

    • Oh well….

    • So WHY??? did he not listen, stop and do the right thing???? How stupid can you be??? Of course he got shot….DUH!!!

  • Cops are a disgraced to educated, civilized human beings.

  • Did none of you look at the video? he used his vehicle in an attempt to run the officer over. It does not matter for what reason he was fleeing the police. They made a legal stop with reasonable suspicion which was verified after the fact and he had every right to defend his life when the kid attempted to run him over trying to get away. I would have shot his ass too. Stupidity is no excuse, I’m going home to my family. Respect to the officer for not being afraid to do what he needed to do to get home to his family

    • I never saw a single second in which the officer was in danger. The kid was driving AWAY, not AT. Big difference.

    • So what was that 3000lb object pushing the cop back several feet?

    • Makes no sense getting run over from the side!!!! The cop ran up on this teen it was a sting for a few grams of marijuana and the cop butchered it and fucked up and killed a teenager he was setting up! Shitty aggressive police work should not b tolerated! They knew who he was they could have gone to his home or got him at school but instead the cop had to resort to deadly force in an instant. It’s training pure and simple this officer obviously wasn’t trained to protect any1

    • Again, the second that car pushed the cop in any way, he had authorization to use lethal force legally.

    • It was a car moving away from the screaming officer, who was not in uniform and trying to shove a gun, which he had drawn before the car even started moving, into the driver’s window.

      The cop was never in front of the car, the car was never moving towards the officer, the tires were already at the maximum angle there was no room to turn tighter, which would have had to happen if the officer were to be in danger.

    • Attempted to run over the officer? Really? You are gonna stand on that? That gives you an excuse to kill someone? The cop certainly feared for his life and was unable to step one foot out of the way. Disobey a cop and you die? Wtf? How does that make sense. He had a right to kill that kid? Listen to yourself! You guys scare the shit out of me.

    • Don’t whine to me guys, if you really have a problem with this, whining about this on Facebook solves nothing and helps nobody. All it says is “I like to complain about things I am unqualified to speak about, have no experience with, and I am unwilling to actually do the things that help to prevent and resolve these matters”. Enjoy your Facebook law degrees kids.

    • Well William .. I hope an undercover cop doesn’t come to your window with his gun drawn and you panic and you think you are being robbed and try and get away and then get shot to death .

    • Who is whining? We are just refuting your perspective and offering details that you obviously overlooked.

      Discussion is a good place to start looking for solutions, it is also a good way to spread awareness, and to get people to see problems where they might be overlooking them, or just plain ignoring them.

      FaceBook is a platform that reaches many many people. It might surprise you but hundreds, maybe thousands, of people are reading these little conversations we have. There is some amount of impact there, deny it if you like, it is no less true.

      And why do you suppose that none of us “Whiners” are doing anything outside of FB? That is a pretty strong assumption. My concern does not stop at FaceBook’s comment sections.

      But what do you care? Somehow I doubt that you, who dismiss concerned people as “kids” and “whiners,” would accept an invitation to one of the organizations in my area that aim to alleviate some of our own community’s ills.

    • William Martin here thinks laws and regulations r morally correct because he has a degree up his ass and he apparently thinks the nazi’s weren’t criminals blindly followed horrific rules/laws and in his beliefs slavery was morally acceptable as it was law that one person could own another

    • Lol, you guys are such extremist haters. You can’t even help yourselves.

    • Berlin Fuller, I’m not a dumbass, when a cop turns his lights on(clearly visible flashing lights in video) I don’t run. I respect the fact that they have restricted my travel. If they have just cause, then I am in the wrong, if they don’t, I can either walk away from the incident or fight it in court. Trying to run away while shoving a cop back 8+ feet with my vehicle will NEVER be a viable option. That’s how you get shot…like the dumb ass kid in this video did.

  • Theyll get a job at another police station if this one let’s them go.

  • You fucking Coward

  • Take that fat piece of sh-t and hang him from the nearest light pole.

  • Time to clean house.

  • I thought this only happened to blacks? That’s what liberals told me…

    • That’s what I said 3 months ago when this came out

    • Apparently to “BLACKLIVESMATTER” It does only happen to blacks. Not whites not Mexicans not Asians not pollocks not Jews not Indians not Italians not Hebrews not aliens ONLY BLACKS! SMGDMFH…..

  • ftp

  • I knew that the cop wanted to shoot somebody. He was probably made fun of in high school for being a moron

  • So let me guess what the pro police murder people are going to say. The right thing to do when someone is trying to flee the scene is kill them instead of writing down their license plate number and find out where they live and then charge them.

    • Yup they even know who this kid was as they were doing a sting operation

    • That would require some real police work…come on now what you think

    • Then when the kid drives off high as a mother fucker and crashes into a parade killing numerous women and children this stupid trash site along with its followers would be calling for this assholes badge because they let him go and we’re going to arrest the poor harmless high like a mother fucker kid later in the evening after he was able to shit shower and shave. Oh and ditch the drugs he had. SMGDMFH!!!!!

    • Steve Sickel And how do you know all this is going to happen, I hear you are going to do a school shooting next week, I guess we had better have a cop shoot you before you can do it.

    • Steve this is the problem. If a solution can’t be thought of on the spot murder must be the only reasonable solution? Is calling for back up, setting up road blocks, pursing the suspect with his vehicle, throwing spikes at the kids tires disabling the vehicle you know without killing the driver all out of the question? And not only that if the officer really did the only thing he could do he wouldn’t have to lie about the situation to justify his actions he could you know maybe be honest if he had nothing to cover up or hide.

  • Police Brutality, BREAKING: Dashcam video just released shows cop murder Zachary Hammond. 100% the cop and prosecutor they have secret and hiding their crimes.

  • Thats what happens when you break the law, then try to run from the Police.

    • Unjust laws are ripe to be broken, and cops are not to be judge, jury, and executioner.

      The warrior cop mentality needs to be diminished, and the supporters of that mentality need a wake up call.

  • Looked like it was justified. He felt in danger. Wheels turned towards officer. And fleeing felon. Use of force to include deadly is authorized. The law is based off of the cops point of view at the time.


    • Who said he was a felon?

    • He bought drugs from an undercover. Read the story. Felony committed in officers presence.

    • And resisting by driving away.

    • What if that was your baby you’re holding. Don’t be a fucking retard

    • Your smoking crack mate

    • My baby wouldn’t be buying drugs from cops and fleeing…. Know the law and how it works before you make stupid comments.

    • A few grams of pot is not a felony. What would your reaction be if that was your son that made a stupid mistake and died over it?

    • First he should not have tried to flee but if u have the plates of the car. They would have got him in a few days. The girlfriend would have turn him in too. He was dumb for fleeing. The cop went overboard too.

    • Ur all smoking crack if u think that is right he wasn’t threatened he could of left it for another day. He had the license plates and saw who was driving that’s it. Not he’s escaping I’m going to blow his fucking brains out are you lot mad or just stupid as fuck?????

    • Where did it say he was a fleeing felon, he had’nt even been arrested yet. Oh yeah, I forgot, the cops are judge, jury and executioner. God, where do people like you come from?

    • Gun drawn why? Before every talking to suspect

    • Bullshit cop side stepped the car and it continued in same direction at that point he’s no immediate threat they knew the identity of the suspect could’ve just as easily filed charges and issued a warrant initially yes it was technically an attempted assault just by driving in officers direction but once out of the way he had time to think and make a choice. That’s like say you punch me in the face and run I get up shake it off and chase you down and shoot you that would be murder I shoulda filed a complaint and let it be handled in the court system is this not a double standard and murder if going by the letter of the law Brandon Briskin?

    • Bottom line use of force is dictated by the perception of the officer at the scene and how he articulates and justifies it. Good shoot.

    • Brandon Briskin People with your kind of outlook make this one fucked up militarized country go fight ISIS or something get out, and stop breeding!

    • Brandon Briskin fuck you

    • Brandon Briskin, he very easily could’ve issued a warrant for his arrest and caught him soon. What he bought is not a felony charge. The law states that you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. You also have the right to a trial for your crimes. Did the kid get his rights read to him? Did he know he was being arrested? Or did someone with a gun in an unmarked car get out with his gun drawn and yell at him to stop? This was not due process of law. This kid was not given his basic rights, over misdemeanor chargers. In an entrapment scenario. With police using unmarked vehicles. And these cops are being allowed to use deadly force over misdomener charges. Despite our due process of law. Does that not scream police state to you?

    • I haven’t said once that it was right or wrong. Simply stated that it was a justified use of deadly force based on the laws and training taught in academies across the states and federal departments. And for your information Paul Joseph Goodwin I happen to currently be in the Middle East on a base that is the main headquarters for the bombing of ISIS in Iraq. God bless you too.

    • Brandon Briskin, I am glad someone has some damn brains on here. These idiots want to start a war on cops. Who will they call if their life is threatened? I have to say all you dumb people who are saying Brandon is bad or cussing at him are just proving that this whole “Free Thought” idea being promoted by this page is s farce. You people are preaching hate and promoting violence against police officers like you are some crazy mob. Maybe one day you will all be put in a situation that you have to choose whether to take a life or risk others. It’s not about what he was being detained for it’s the fact he was fleeing. He seriously may have fled at a high speed after clearing the officer and then hurt some truly innocent people. Thank you again Brandon for speaking rationally amongst all these hate mongers.

    • 🙂

    • I guess I go back to protect and serve. Who was this officer protecting and serving?

    • Martin Nohl, where do I call for violence against officers? All I stated is that officers did not follow due process of law here, which is kind of how we founded our legal system. So if they aren’t following due process, they aren’t doing their jobs and they aren’t protecting the citizen and their rights. That is the job of a police officer. And that job was not done here.

    • And if my life is threatened, I am allowed to use deadly force myself. I am allowed to defend myself. I will call police if need be and hope they come to help me and follow due process, not murder me, but I will also defend myself to the best of my abilities. Martin Nohl you would have a citizen sit helpless until police arrived, wouldn’t you?

    • Brandon Briskin, I believe that the training you speak of in academies all across the u.s. is wrong. If officers are being trained to jump to deadly force this early before due process of law has been followed, then cops are being trained wrong.

    • Brandon Briskin Some how I don’t believe you, by being on facebook aren’t you jeopardizing your position, and wouldn’t you have more important things to do? I’m against war mongering as well as police militarization and the erosion of amendment rights. Really sorry for you being put in the position that you are in, but you probably joined the military. Police murders are covered up by using the ‘My Life Was In Jeopardy’ BS defense constantly, it’s time police are subject to the same rule of law as the rest of us! And I also pray for the innocent people who are not ISIS member that will be killed. And I think you got your stories mixed up buddy “Umm the school officials that called him to remove this disruptive student ?” when you answered Ronnie Hoover Taylor

    • Yep that comment was meant for another post….. I’m allowed on Facebook. My work here is not classified nor is this base. In fact our mission here was just aired on 60 min two days ago. Believe me or not it’s the truth. And I love my job and being in law enforcement. This officer did his job, and when out in danger used authorized deadly force. Case closed. We are all entitled to our opinions,….part of the reason why I joined….Anything else you feel you need to put out there?

    • 60 minutes use to be good but now it’s all fluff. Military is not law enforcement. The officer was never threatened by the 19 year old who had no weapon and was not the one with the pot. And who authorized deadly force, himself? I don’t think the case is closed I’m sure the family will pursue it further. And even Vets are abused, so justify that. http://filmingcops.com/80-yr-old-army-veteran-who-survived-cancer-now-beaten-to-a-pulp-by-cops-ribs-broken/

    • God another idiot, you’re a cop aren’t you, fuckin coward

    • Sean Michael Person If you really need help, call a methhead, you will get much better results and probably live to tell about it

    • Don, I only say that because police take a while to respond and apparently are into shooting teenagers over misdemeanors. Not everyone is totally helpless and I’d advise you to take some self defense classes so you don’t have to rely entierly on someone else to protect you.

    • You can’t be serious. This kid should not be dead.

  • Liar liars murderers

  • another one of those propaganda videos where you only see what the video maker wants you to see!!!!

    • What more did u want to see? The cop is doing a sting operation so he pulls up and kills this kid who tries to get away. It all happened to quickly the police weren’t even sure if it was the kid they were setting up

    • This was a dash cam video ..

    • DUH! but what is going on when they are out of view of cam

    • Good question ! Maybe they should have had body cameras.. or maybe they did and won’t release them ..I mean it took how long just to get this video from the police ??

    • He had already shot the kid..before they went out of view..you didn’t watch video with sound..

  • I wonder what would have happened if he hadn’t shot the kid? Do you think that just maybe they would have been able find him at another point? Or were they worried that he was gonna go out and sell a few more grams before they found him again? Definitely want to kill someone for that.

    • I appreciate your sarcasm. But seriously, what would have happened if they just logged the incident,, and let the charges pile up until a warrant was justified?

      It isn’t like this boy was a killer, or child predator… He bought/sold petty amounts of weed. /shiver in fear.

  • need to do something they are few you are the many stand up for each other

  • Officer won’t face charges? No wonder they act like this! The judge and everyone involved with that decision needs to be investigated. Crooked cops need to be put away. That being said we can lay a lot of the blame squarely at the feet of our state and federal legislatures that keep marijuana illegal! What a total waste of life and resources keeping marijuana illegal!

  • If I’m standing in front of a car, and the driver tries to hit me, I’d open fire too. One must understand that the vehicle, operated in the way that it was being operated, is considered a deadly weapon.

    • Or the cop should use his brain for a second and realize he can’t stop a car with his body like he was trying to do .. he stepped in the way of the car .. most of the time if someone runs they get back in the car and chase them .. he walked with the car and shot the kid to death .

    • If you try to run over an officer, you’re asking for it.

    • He didn’t try and run him over though so… ???
      The cop walked by the window as he was driving away and shot him to death .

    • Also … no one asking to get shot to death so stop being an idiot for 2 seconds and really think about what happend .

    • Ad hominem attacks are seldom effective in changing someone’s mind. I suggest you take a moment to think about this before you make yourself look more foolish.

    • I think it’s pretty foolish to sit there and say this kid deserved to be shot to death.

    • You are welcome to your thoughts; be prepared for people to disagree with you.

    • Oookkkkk??? Lol

    • Let me help you. ADW (assault with a deadly weapon) is a felony. Deadly weapons include any object utilized in such a way as to inflict mortal or great bodily harm. Driving a car at someone, for instance, it utilizing it as a deadly weapon. When a deadly weapon is utilized against you, you have a right to self-defense. If one pulled a weapon on an officer (also ADW), the officer is well within their rights to open fire. In this case, the driver of the vehicle escalated the use of force by utilizing his vehicle as a deadly weapon. The officer had 3 choices: be run over, jump on to the vehicle, or let a suspect who is willing to use deadly force go. It seems to me, that, given the circumstances, he did not make a poor decision. While the outcome was unfortunate, the suspect is the one that decided to escalate this. Perhaps if he had shown deference to the officer and followed his lawful order, it would have been a different outcome.

    • He didn’t drive the car at him .. are you just ignoring the video ? He shot him as he was walking with the car .

    • Believe as you will. Logic obviously eludes you.

    • Where is the logic in what you are saying ?
      According to you this kid deserved to get shot to death because he tried to run the cop over but the video shows that he was just trying to drive away .. if he was trying to hurt the officer he would have swerved into him when he was trying to drive away .. he didn’t though .. the cop tried to stop a car with his body like a total idiot when he was turning to drive away . He didn’t need to shoot him .

    • At no point did the kid aim the vehicle at the officer, who was in an unmarked vehicle, not wearing a uniform, and already pointing a deadly weapon at the suspect before the car even began to move.

      Zachary was not using the vehicle as a weapon, he was using it to escape a fearful situation. If the camera were in Zachary’s car, and we did not know the other party was a cop, like Zachary, this would look like a criminal carjacking, or a robbery.

    • The officer put himself in the situation, not the kid. Your reasoning means I can jump in front of any moving vehicle and the driver is immediately committing a felony. Can’t fix stupid.

    • If you jump in front of a moving car, I can almost guarantee the driver will be arrested for involuntary manslaughter.

    • O wow. No they won’t .

    • ^can you? Can you *almost* guarantee that? … Almost.

      What a meaningless thing to type out. Besides, the officer was NEVER in front of the vehicle.

    • There are no guarantees in life.

    • Ms. Fuller, are you a DA? Can you actually say that with any authority aside from an armchair lawyer?

    • Nick Clark..go Jump in Front of a Car..or a Semi Truck..and Prove YOUR POINT..PLEASE..

    • So Nick, your saying the cop did the right thing? Playing Judge, Jury and Executioner to what was initially a misdemeanor? If so, you admit that human life means nothing to you.

    • Assuming your implicit question is did he do the *best* thing? No.

    • What thoughtful commentary, Mr. Long. Thank you for adding value to the conversation. It speaks volumes about your character that you wish someone dead because they disagree with you.

    • ^^ nick ur unreal. If u get run over by a car u r still likely to live he is just asking u to prove ur point because if u intentionally jump out infront of a car it is ur fault! If some1 jumps off a fucking bridge to commit suicide and aim so a car hits them so it’s a guarantee that drive isn’t getting charged w. Murder!

    • “Involuntary manslaughter usually refers to an unintentional killing that results from recklessness or criminal negligence, or from an unlawful act that is a misdemeanor or low-level felony (such as DUI).”

      If you cannot see the person rushing toward you, or if you do and are unable to evade them, you are driving recklessly; one can argue at an unsafe speed for your visual field or are too distracted to control your vehicle properly.

    • The dumbest part is that this was a drug sting. The undercover knew the kids were not a deadly threat and the cop didn’t just stumble upon a drug deal where he didn’t know the buyer or dealer. It stinks to high hell and you know it, Nick.

    • Truly, it is an awful outcome – regardless of guilt or innocence.

  • Holy shit holy shit HE’S NOT BEING CHARGED?! THIS IS MURDER


  • Murder. Cop apologists stfu.

  • Karma will collect!

  • Wow it doesn’t get any worse than that. How could anyone say that was justified. A true travesty

  • Murdered for a handful of pot!

  • Good people CAN’T enforce bad law. Back when cops were decent folk they’d shoot tires. This was a luciferian undercover set up. Lucifer’s “war on “drugs” claims another victim, the real criminal gets off.

    • All they have to do is make the decision to walk away, instead of giving someone a death sentence for a misdemeanor.

    • So WHY??? did he not listen, stop and do the right thing???? How stupid can you be??? Of course he got shot….DUH!!!

  • It’s clear watching this that the cop had an ultimatum to stop him while on foot, by any means necessary. So when he tried to take off further, the cop put himself closer to the front before discharging his weapon at a 100% lethal proximity, after he was clearly safe… All details aside, this was a premeditated homicide no matter how you look at it.

  • Perfect example of what not to do when confronted by a cop with gun drawn. The fear this page creates does nothing but cause people to act irratically when in a police situation. “I just got busted, I’m blocked in, and I’ve got a gun pointed at me…..I’m gonna run for it!” Darwin award should go to the person driving.

    • So he deserves to be shot in the face ? Yep, from Texas. The asshole of America

    • For fleeing and further escalating the situation….you’re damn right!

    • Run from the cops=get shot. That simple.

    • I think it’s already gone to you

    • follower!!

    • Call me what you will. I still won’t be the dipshit getting shot for running.

    • Don, the fact that you’re as old as you are, and a 23yo has more sense than you is truly terrifying.

    • Go ahead and escalate your next traffic stop and see how well that goes for you. Better yet, send them on a chase since you seem to think that if you stop, that makes you a “follower”. Show off some footage of this working out for you, and I’ll gladly eat my words. Your mentality is the problem here.

    • The cop said himself the only reason he shot him was because he “tried to hit him”, not because he was fleeing. He obviously knew an unarmed fleeing suspect does not constitute him shooting.

    • And feeling you’re above the law doesn’t merit a reason to run. Which came first?


  • Ya! Know! my free thought tells me that there is good and bad in this world witch ever you seek out you will find!

  • The Cop is a killer. period. Sick of the double standards. What happens to some police officers that they become so eager to shoot citizens, over nothing? I understand its a stressfull job, BUT facts are facts. That kid, like many other people, did not deserve to be gunned down by that senseless and blood thirsty officer. The message I take from this is that if an officer stops you, you must obey him, or risk being killed, no matter the cause. THAT IS WRONG!!!

    • Go ahead and escalate your next traffic stop and see how well that goes for you. Better yet, send them on a chase since you seem to think that if you stop, that makes you a “follower”. Show off some footage of this working out for you, and I’ll gladly eat my words. Your mentality is the problem here.

    • One might expect more sense from someone that studied psychology.

    • Too each his own Corey. I hope attacking my character online makes you feel better.

  • So WHY??? did he not listen, stop and do the right thing???? How stupid can you be??? Of course he got shot….DUH!!!

    • apparently he can’t be as stupid as you seem to be

  • After the officer said: hands up! The suspect drove away. Of course you’d fucking shoot him?!

  • That cop needs to be forcibly parachuted into Kabul with a T-Shirt that’s says “Fuck Allah Ya’ll” and only a spoon for defense

  • Terrance here’s another white cop on white murder where the cop is getting away with murder. your Tim wise post is on point!!

  • We sure do need Civil War 2, guys.

  • Wow. That was some yippe ki yea stupid cowboy shit.

  • Next time I see a cop smoking a joint, yes it happens, I’m just gonna pull a gun and shoot him. Gotta obey the law, right cop lovers?

    • You just advertised to everyone on Facebook you intent to harm a police officer. I would expect a visit from one shortly and rightfully so.

    • ive seen em get blowjobs under the desk while they were talkin to thier wives…. take valiims and give their buddies some….snort cocaine and help sell it ….then bust their buddies for doin the same…. pull people over taek the drugs and be sellin them the next day… get blowjobs from underage girls to tear up a ticket…. etc…etc…etc…. so good cops….. they are a handful and that is allllllllllllllllllllllllllll !!!! the rest……scum murderers…. and anyone sayin it was ok to kill this kid is seriously fucked in the head !!!!!

    • You are rite beside him you stupid ignorant fucking trash!

    • Listen, the law must be enforced. I’m super sorry but you have to take any action I might take to uphold the holy law of the land in context. If you don’t allow me to and support me while I enforce the laws, all society will break down. The next thing you know, cops will be doing all kinds of illegal things with impunity. Obey the law and none of this will happen. I’m just doing my job. If you don’t like it, move to another country.

    • Don’t break the law by being involved in peaceful, harmless, voluntary activities and I won’t shoot you. It’s as simple as that.

    • Jeffrey Coolidge You are a real dumbass, probably a cop huh

    • Mark Scerbo I think you are the one that should move to another country

    • Mark Scerbo And you are even simpler

    • Shit. You mean it doesn’t work both ways? And that I should just accept the authority of psychos, murderers, and the thoughtful apologists who worship and excuse them with willful ignorance?
      That’s methed up. You the sthuper sthimpler. Dumb Don Sthears.

    • None of these actions would not have put in motion without breaking the law by selling drugs.

    • That’s exactly what I’m talking about, Michael Dupe, if cops don’t break the law, we won’t have to shoot them.

      Anybody notice that teenagers commonly sell each other dimebags of weed all the time and most communities wouldn’t support their children being shot to death for it? Ever notice how it’s tragically senseless for a child to be shot to death by a psycho for a dimebag of a plant that’s legal in some states to grow acres of?

      Micheal, by your logic, we should also shoot up the liquor store for selling huge amounts of a substance that destroys millions of lives every year. But you probably drink alcohol regularly you hypocritical boot licker.

    • Mark, I might be the only one who is fluent in sarcasm here, besides you.

    • Fluent in troll bait too ?

    • Facebook made me pretty sick today. In all seriousness, and from my heart, why must so many believe that the best way to solve all our problems is ruthless violence? From the rotten top to the ignorant stinking bottom, the amount of people who find it perfectly acceptable to initiate deadly violence against peaceful people to get them to do what you want is staggering. From bombing whole nations into nightmares of disaster, to throwing little girls around like a rag doll for chewing gum, to shooting kids to death over a few crumbs of weed, as above so below. Remember, you reap what you sow.

    • Michael Dupe right so If I jay-walk and a cop attempts to stop me and I run it’s ok for him to just go ahead a shoot me Right! That’s the stupidest logic I have ever heard!

  • The best way to deal with bad cops is to comply. Then take them down in a courtroom.

    • Yeah, right, they investigate themselves and find that they did no wrong and you sheep believe them. The prosecutors and judges are as corrupt as they are. Fuckin follower!!

  • The lesson learned is the kid would still be alive today if he had not drove towards an officer with his weapon drawn…

  • Far to often we see and hear of police officers killing citizens for no reason, this is another example of murder by police officer. The badge and gun do not allow for special privileges regardless of what police officers believe. The city attorney who is refusing to prosecute this office is now an accessory to murder. If this would have been a citizen firing under these exact circumstances charges would have been laid. So we ask where is the justice for Zachary Hammond? The obvious route is a wrongful death lawsuit or the justice department may consider other alternatives. Due process and the violations of Zachary’s constitutional rights are apparent here. As citizens in this county you have two alternatives as remedy, under the constitution, you can take the law matter into your own hands and at gun point and remove the people who refuse to charge this man for murder and afford him the same consideration he gave Zachary Hammond. I would argue against this type of action. The second is move to disband the police force and hire a private police force that must ensure all officers carry liability insurance. Recall the council and city attorney and fire them all. Launch an investigation into the police force and the city attorneys actions and hold them accountable. It only takes one community to band together and destroy the corruption. If the police use force and the “color of law” as an excuse to violate your rights, then go to point one and use the full force of the constitution to to effectively remedy the situation.

  • All they have to do is make the decision to walk away, instead of giving someone a death sentence for a misdemeanor.

  • shared

  • This is sad.

  • No, he didn’t try to hit you. You scare him and he tried to drive away.

  • Sickening

  • horrifying!!!!!!!

  • Flat out murder.
    And police wonder why, Nobody likes or thanks them?

  • Shoot his fucking tyres ya moron.

  • The good that police do outweighs the bad by far. This fucking site FTP is not attempting to spread the word their aim is the HATE AND BASH ALL POLICE. How bout some stories of all the good that they have done and are doing at this very moment across the world. What a jagoff site!!

  • White privilege at its finest!

  • This country has gone to Hell.

  • Because this is what they do.

  • And they want us to believe that they are heroes

  • Murder!!!

  • murder , plain and simple, power hungry do not disobey me cops . havent got two brain cells to rub together , and for what? a poxy plant.

  • from australia this looks like a clearcut case of killing an innocent boy, no way was the cops life in danger.

  • The problem is we are being conditioned to accept United Nations Police on our city streets.
    The Obama administration has partnered with the United Nation’s to have Global Police Forces and this is what that will look like.
    Do your research, at the beginning of Oct 2015 the United States Attorney General gave a speech and layed out the details of what is about to happen.
    She makes it sound so nice and beneficial to the American People!
    We were being distracted by Hillary Clinton emails and college shootings that this was being finalized behind the smoke and mirrors!
    Look it up!

  • When will people realize that the only language cops speak is violence. Peaceful protest wont work

  • Har amerikansk politi bonus for hver en de dreper?

  • This is heart breaking … And over a few grams of pot? This officer was clearly not in danger!

  • Zach Kent holy fuk

  • Another video showing guilt, yet he won’t do time……Shame on the judges, they should be a bit smarter than cops….

  • Innocent boy killer……

  • So sad RIP ZacharyHammond

  • That is abhorrent. Wow, this should be all over every news channel.

  • they just want to kill US

  • what the hell is wrong with people they cannot see that this kid died because some idiot cop thought he was a badass and killed the kid. We are letting him get away with murder because the kid was trying to buy pot the justice system there sucks sorry

  • Cops with fat-saturated brains….. and stone cold hearts.

  • Listen to the f&cking police when they stop you. Don’t act like a dumb sh17 and do not do anything that would make the officer believe their life is being threatened. don’t be a menace while drinking your juice in the hood.

    • Stop shooting people for doing human like shit. Regards

    • Stop acting like a brainless ass. Regards…..

    • We need to teach our kids to respect our men in blue and everyone else.

    • You must not care about anyone at all to see this kid back up carefully and try to drive off and get shot by a maniac. You have not evolved at all and have the mentality of an animal to think this was ok. If you had a heart you would be shocked and disturbed at seeing this.

    • What I think about this is meaningless. Obey the law, follow officers instructions and do what the hell you are told. They are fearing for their lives as well and as the generations get more bold and disrespectful the more dangerous their job gets. Do I think the force was excessive, yes but all could have been avoided if he listened. Don’t tell me how to feel, go grab your sign and go protest in traffic. I will not shut down for fear of being labeled…. Call me an animal but the people out in public calling for the end of cops lives are the ones stoking this fire not me.

    • In other words SUBMIT BITCH! I think Submitting time will come to an end should this type of killing continues.

    • Submit nothing, it’s pretty simple, obey the law, respect the cops as enforcers of the law and understand that resisting is only going to make it worse especially if they meet one of the few who have issues and should not have a badge. The way you act when you are either being approached or being apprehended has direct influence on the treatment you receive and the ultimate outcome of many different things. Again bad people are everywhere and we must always be mindful of who we are dealing with and our blue bloods deal with more of these kind of people than we do.

  • Fucking pig cold blooded murdered this boy with absolutely no rational reason.

  • These south carolina cops are out of control idc if you’re black,white purple whatever they’re trigger happy and everyone is at risk

  • Murder

  • Plain clothes.

  • OMG …. This kid got shot and killed for what ? Smoking a weed in the car !!!!

  • Stop resisting and you won’t get shot lol

  • Committing a misdemeanor violation does not warrant or justify a death sentence, A death sentence issued without benefit of a trial !! This was obviously a reverse drug buy, which is where the cops sell you illegal drugs, and that is a crime of in and of itself. This has become to common place and it has to stop !! We are human Beings not Animals and the pigs have been trained to kill !! The Shits about to Hit the an in this Country. If these Fucks wanna treat people like Animals they are gonna start to see the real animal in us

  • Jesus – over a plant… I hope that cop gets raped and dies of hepatitis in prison!

  • BASTARDS America is becoming a NAZI STATE.

  • Cold blood murder.

  • wow….when is enough enough???

  • Why in the Hell didn’t the kid STOP

  • Killed for selling a plant that should not be illegal in the first place.smdh

  • Where is the main stream media outcry?

  • Clear as day that was murder.

  • Sold drugs and tried to run over a cop….how about follow the law

  • How can you run someone over who is standing on the side of your car? What a waste of life, to kill someone over a few grams of pot, and he wasn’t directly involved in the transaction and was unarmed. The cop is clearly a trigger happy murderer. This should be taken to federal court!

  • This has got to stop. Smh. They are killing our kids!!!!!

  • Kill someone over weed? What the fuck

  • Tattooed Grease Monkey, Fing coward!

  • if the cop had to fire the weapon why not aim at the tyres instead of the kid

  • Was That Cpr

  • Crazy.

  • This is absolutely disgusting behaviour.. Legalised murder and a corrupt system has been the go since forever. It’s time we changed the system.

  • Here’s 1 for all you cop haters and racist bastards out there keeping this shit going. FTP How bout you post something like this for a change and not all that bullshit you keep pushing. Just a thought..

  • All that is required is that the officer “feels” or “believes” he is in danger, and facts are not relevant. A license to kill with impunity in most all cases.

  • This is disgusting. This is 100% proof, Zachary was not trying to run down the officer at all, he was trying to drive around him, and away from the scene. This police officer executed him, simply because his ego could not handle that his order to stop and get out was not followed. He lied on official record by claiming his life was in threat, and murdered a boy, who at worst had some pot. And he faces no charges.
    He could have easily shot the tyres, or detained him at a later time, the world is going insane.

    • Sure, pot isn’t a huge deal. But fleeing is a felony. You’re right, the world is going insane. Fucktards get shot thinking they’re above the law.

  • Fucking Disgusting Entrapment and Murder !!!! Get rid of this egotistical Pigs !!

  • This is so awful I feel so bad for that kids parents, what a world when this is the norm. It makes me sad

  • Appalling. That 2,500 pound vehicle moving toward him didn’t pose any threat to the officer!

  • Even more unfortunate, if lawsuits were ever filed and won. Big if.. The taxpayers would eat the bill, lowering money available for services. Ensuring more trigger happy shithooks get badges. Its a sad shitty cycle.

  • Why did the cop have his gun drawn to begin with? And why did he directly put himself in front of the car? Just so he could get his murder fix in I guess.

  • Freeman Muniya

  • After watching the 3 Videos, I feel like everyone of these BRave Cops would have loved to plug this kid. Can you imagine a Real Cop confronting a real criminal (with a gun) like this. The cop would have been killed right away. He knew he was not going to have any resistance and wanted to MURDER this young man.

  • Fraza Langford

  • Errr… tap the brakes here people. There is no sound here, therefore you don’t know what was said. I am no police officer but I know a few. This kid started to drive away when the officer obviously wanted to detain him. He basically forced his way out of the spot the officer had been trying to block him from leaving. He then rolled toward the officer with a look of I will run you over if I have to. At this point the officer had no choice but to react quickly. The fact he didn’t seem to mind harming the officer means he might not have minded hurting others. I don’t deny that there are officers out there that make unjustified decisions to take a life and while taking this young man’s life may seem extreme it may have saved many. Imagine this kid flees the seen and a chase ensues. You and your family are out for a drive and this kid blows through a light and hits your vehicle killing everyone in the vehicle except you. He may not have needed to kill this young man but when you have only seconds to react and possibly save lives then you do what has to be done. Please don’t promote hate. Promote education and free thought. Think for yourself don’t just blindly accept this as police brutality. Rant over.

    • And you are a bigger idiot, you’re probably a cop too. Fuckin coward

    • cops mumder people every day unhamed

    • I’m not a cop. Don, move to a different country pussy! Gerald, learn to spell before you try to talk to me. You are both sad examples of human beings and your families should be ashamed. You’re not men. You aren’t even women. You’re sheep…

  • Welcome to NAZI AMERIKA and still the sheeple of the united states of zion sleep.good luck

  • And no matter how much evidence you that he was killed in cold blood, the police department’s investigation will almost 100% of the time find that the officer committed no wrong doing and given a promotion/or a raise for a job well done! How can we as citizens expect the various police departments of this nation to police themselves when every judge and jury finds them not guilty of committing any crimes?

  • Clearly the drug dealer put this police officer life in danger. With almost running him down, if it wasn’t for quick reflexes of a well trained officer of the law. We could have witnessed a sure run over.

  • horrible.

  • People should just start putting hits on the dodgy corrupt coppers that are trigger happy,Obviously the law doesn’t justify their murders, why not give back What they have been giving!

  • That cop belongs in general population in a prison

  • Makes you wonder, if we came up on a situation similar to that, should we use the same force. As civilians.

  • Has nothing to do with Color….All Lives Matter…Smh

  • hard to watch! That should never have happened!

  • NOW it’s a problem.

  • Dam these bastards are trigger happy.. Killing any & everyone

  • Hey stupid if you are so against the cop why do you always call them when you’re in trouble

  • Note that the car’s reverse lights were on the whole time!

    Note that at no point in time was the cop ahead of the front left wheel!

    Note that the cop moves laterally approximately 15 feet during the aiming and firing sequence! At this point he is adjacent to the driver’s door and in no possible way in the path of being run over.

    Straight up murder.

    Between the tattoos and the physique, I want this cop tested for roid rage.

  • Not only is the cop a murderer but the cops that showed up, the state {so called} inspectors, the judge and anyone else who foolishly deemed the cop involved was inocent, all these corrupt officials should be brought up on murder charges and more, accessory to the fact ect. This is wrong in so many ways, it was stupid what the cop did, it was a calamity of many stupid people. These thugs need to be marched out of their posistions on oficiality, physicaly, not this wamsy pamsy slaped gently on the hand. Leting the cops get away with this is giving them permision to do it over and over as long as they know they don’t have to take responsibility for any of their actions this will continue through out our nation. Till we stop it like we had to years ago in England, only now we have no where to go, we can’t get away from these devels, God take pity on us all for we are sinners and don’t know any better. Shame on them.

  • Is there no room to appeal the decision?

  • This is absolutely disgusting

  • Very sad and meaningless as much as I support policeman. What ever happened to shooting the tires out? If the cop thought he was going to get run over why is he grabbing the door handle while it’s moving, and running along side with the car. I know they don’t have much time to think but this guy was not thinking or improperly trained. Not to mention it’s a Civic. You would have time to get back in the car and pull him over or spin him out. So many options other than a point blank shot. Very sad and at least 2 families are devastated, the kids and the cops.

  • One very, very sad f–ked up world we live in here in the NEW USA…. F–KED UP KIDS !… YIKES

  • Since #alllivesmatter won’t speak about this; #blacklivesmatter had to stand up for this boy and his family to get justice

  • BS!!!!

  • Mario Moreno

  • i wouldn’t be able to look myself in the mirror if part of my job was to punish or kill people for enjoying/sharing/selling a plant. I don’t know how these robots do it… very sad.

  • the boy was not trying to run the cop over the cop got on the side of the car….an mumder that boy for runing away the same thing they do when u runing away on foot they shot u for runing from they this is a 100 per cent cold blooded mumder

  • cops have mumder 1.901 unharmd people in one year….runing away from them an standing with there hands in the air.

  • Take his badge and drop in him in gen pop and let nature take its course. I’d say death penalty but I don’t like tge government say who lives and who dies. So Gen pop it is.

  • Jonathan Mckeever

    I saw a cop run up on someone with a gun drawn. Pretty sure that alone is illegal and against policy.

  • Jonathan Mckeever

    That’s a pretty ignorant statement

  • William McBrayer

    What video are you watching? He almost ran over the officer. That’s assault with a deadly weapon. That’ll get you shot. And who cares if the “plant” is legal in five states. It isn’t in this particular state. If you commit a crime, whether it should be legal or not, which brings the police, and then you assault the officers as they attempt to apprehend you, don’t be surprised when you’re met with force. Stop being an apologist for criminals. Black, white, brown, it doesn’t matter. #noncriminallivesmatter

    • NLH

      Almost ran over? What video were you watching? He put himself into harms way (if sidling / following alongside a moving car can even be considered that). The officer was about to take the 5th when deposed and there was more dirt to be unearthed. Why else would the city pay out to end this all if he was truly in the right?

      Stop being a LEO apologists. It’s perfectly fine to expect better from authority figures.


      • David

        I’m no cop hater and think the vast majority, while often too puffed up over their position, certainly aren’t interested in murdering anyone. This one need to not only lose his job, he needs to be jailed. What a POS

    • Olivia Charlton

      Assault with a deadly weapon? Sorry, but bullsh**t to that. The kid is probably scared as hell that he just got bombarded by police while out on a date and now has one running at him with a gun!! I don’t blame him for reacting according to his fight or flight response- he RAN because he was scared. Yes his date was doing something illegal and he was probably in on it somehow, and I do not condone breaking the law. But it’s not like they were out there threatening people with guns or attacking people. The officer put his own self in harms way by running in front of the car, and even then he didn’t seem to be in harms way…. and REGARDLESS, the teen was simply trying to get away from the officer who came out of nowhere waving a gun. He wasn’t trying to hurt the officer, and if you can’t see that then you sir are totally incompetent.

    • David

      Fuck you, you fucking Nazi, just fuck you. A life over weed? Fuck you dead, since you think life is so worthless.

    • ?Sandy Shore?

      These are the tactics police officers play just to have justification to shoot/murder someone by putting themselves in harm’s way, everyone knows not to try & run along side or in front of a moving vehicle unless you are a dumbass cop, they need one more training course in the academy it’s called common sense! Where are the “All/White Lives Matter supporters….you all sure are quiet!

  • NancyDL

    The police are totally out of control. It`s not about race, as these videos demonstrate, it`s about the police.

  • loolootwo

    …and the cops look as if it’s just another day. Ho hum.

  • Rameen


  • Dee4mine

    They surely don’t discriminate on who they kill, Karma is a bitch, just like this cop tasered a kid for a traffic violation nothing serious until this kid went into cardiac arrest the kid happened to be another officer’s kid you just never know your child could be over in a different County and the same thing happens to there kid you never know. How do you shoot a kid in the back 7 times for having majuana in Texas these Renegades cops are out of control.

  • chris kramer

    Fuck you! He was trying to drive away like any other 19 year old would. That fucking cop tried stopping the vehicle with his car FAT bald ass!!!!!! Is that the in thing to be in this county!?!? A fat bald cop! What a bunch of faggots!!!!!