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BREAKING: DC Devolves into Chaos as Rioters Smash Windows and Police Move In

Washington DC — The briefly peaceful protests have descended into chaos as demonstrators turn on local businesses and began smashing windows and destroying private property.

To protest their discontent with Donald Trump, some people have taken to destroying the property of innocent business owners. While it is certainly a noble cause to protest one’s disapproval of the President-elect, as we have been doing here at the Free Thought Project, smashing things does nothing to get across one’s point.

Now, the peaceful protesters who set out to make a valid point are grouped in with the ones destroying property and all validity and credibility of their cause is now shattered.

Some 500 protesters were seen running through downtown Washington, with some breaking out and destroying property along the way. Naturally, this provoked a police state response and riot police are now going after ALL the protesters, not just the ones causing damage.

There have been several reports of journalists being detained and arrested as well. RT’s Alexander Rubinstein reported being hit with a flash grenade before he was arrested, along with others, while covering the protests.

The Free Thought Project has spoken with our reporter on the ground, Claire Bernish, and she remains out of harm’s way for now.

As the inauguration officially gets underway, DC is in utter chaos as riot cops deploy tear gas and kettle protesters.

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  • Dominic Blais

    corporate chains are not businesses and deserve to be smashed for electing dump

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      Naw, ’cause once you start down that road, EVERYONE gets smashed!

    • Guy

      So says someone who must have missed out on being there to join in all the fun !
      So by you and your incredibly stupid, moronic statement !
      You deserve to get the everliving shit smashed out of you !
      Sounds about right to me !

      • MarkPitrone

        Dominic is a co-conspirator, an accessory before the fact. Hang him along with the guys he

        helps to destroy innocent people’s property.

        • Vincent D’Emidio

          Yo Markie…why don’t you come to the South Bronx, or Bed-Stuy, and talk shit?
          I know why you won’t…because you are a coward!

          • MarkPitrone

            No. Not really. Just too broke to make the trip. You MIGHT kick my old ass, but that wouldn’t prove anything, youngster. Dominic is condoning tearing up a neighborhood of DC because his ‘witto feewings got hurt’. HE’s the coward. And so are you for making the challenge across the anonymous internet and hundreds or thousands of miles of real estate.

            And I am retired military with 23 years of honorable service, and that, in itself, proves that I am no coward, snowflake.

            Now that that’s settled, where did your family come from in the old country, paison? Mine is from San Peir Niceto, south of Messina, Sicily.

          • Vincent D’Emidio

            Alright, let’s begin…first of all, if somebody calls me a “snowflake”, then they cannot be my “Paisan”. And, I only make “challenges” when I am provoked.

            Now that I’ve gotten that out into the open, I will tell you that I am no “youngster”, I am over 60, although I am in great butt-kicking shape…must be all the reefer I smoked, and the Disco music that I’ve danced to all these years! I don’t wanna “tear up a neighborhood of DC” or anyplace else. If my feelings get hurt, then I say, “oh well”. I never served in the military, but I grew up in the South Bronx…174th Street and Vyse Avenue, a/k/a “Fort Apache”…and, from what I remember, during the early ’70s more people were killed in the South Bronx than in Viet-Nam, so I’m no coward either.

            If you are an Italian Baby-Boomer, then why, oh WHY would you be a “conservative”?!!! That makes absolutely no sense. We grew up during the Revolution of the 1960s, we were mostly against the Viet-Nam war, we hung out with people of different races, ethnicities and lifestyles, we had casual sex as a lifestyle, we smoked (and most of us still do!) God’s gift to mankind, reefer, we liked Rock and Disco…in short, we were very different from the WW II Generation of our parents. So, please explain to me why you would turn your back on all we were taught in the Sixties and Seventies? We were…and ARE correct, and the WW II Generation was wrong!

            As Lt. Colombo would say, “One more thing” — my father was from Abruzzi, and my mother was from Palermo, Sicily.

          • MarkPitrone

            I am not a conservative or a republican. I am a Constitutionalist and more closely aligned with the Libertarians. I see the Democlicans and the Repubocrats as flip-sides of the same socialist coin, both in the pockets of Wall Street and the international banks. I do not trust government as far as I can personally pick its bloated ass up and throw it.

            Our parents were wrong to trust government as far as they did, and I see you guys doing the same thing. You want the government to control everything, as far as I can tell. I want government the hell out of my life. It hasn’t got the right or the power to control me or you, according to the Constitution, [which was written to control the government and to leave us as free to run our own lives as possible].

            Trump ain’t “the answer”, but Shrillary was MUCH more likely to subjugate the whole LOT of us that he is. Believe me when I tell you that I will be watching for any overstepping of Constitutional authority he attempts, and I will call it out, just like I did for Barry, W, Bill, HW, Reagan, Carter, Ford and Nixon before him.

            I voted for McGovern in 72, the first election I could vote in and Carter in 76. Since then I have gone for what I consider the lesser of 2 evils, because they are ALL evil when they’ve been approved for candidacy by the PTB. I didn’t know that before 76, but I do now.

            Trump is TALKING more Constitutionally than Killery ever has, so I was kinda stuck with him, but I don’t trust him, either. He is a used car salesman.

          • Vincent D’Emidio

            I am not a conservative either, and I’m not a Republican or a Democrat. I don’t agree with you that they are “flip-sides of the same socialist coin”, but I do agree that they are “both in the pockets of Wall Street and the international banks”. To me, that is not Socialism. I am a REGISTERED Socialist, so my idea of Socialism may be different from yours. I did consider registering as a Libertarian, but they are too closely aligned with the Republicans on Economic issues.

            “Our parents were wrong to trust government as far as they did”. Really? During the Depression, the PWA was responsible for keeping a lot of people, my grandparents included, working. I don’t know why that should bother you, it was a great help.

             ”You want the government to control everything, as far as I can tell”. No, that’s not true. As a Socialist, I DO want the government to FORCE the rich Capitalists to pay their fair share in taxes. They complain now, but back in the 1960s and 1970s, they paid their taxes willingly, and you know something? They STILL made big bucks. And, there was plenty of money for Unemployment Insurance, Welfare payments, entitlements, the infrastructure, government jobs, etc. etc., to help poor people, like myself, out. I DON’T want the government telling me what to do with my body, or my mind…those things are my business. I don’t like to drink, I’d much rather smoke Herb, it’s safer and better. I guess you could say that I’m a Civil Libertarian.

             Another thing that bothers me is the continuing racism, prejudice and bigotry coming from so-called “conservatives”. you may say that most conservsatives aren’t prejudiced, but my experience tells me that MOST of them ARE. I am Italian, but I grew up in the South Bronx, a predominantly Black and Puerto Rican (at the time) area. We all got along fine…of course I had my problems with some of them, but it wasn’t about ethnicity. Like most inner city kids, I tried to be a Gangster, and that’s what got me into trouble most of the time. But, whenever I hear some racist shit about Black folks, I get very annoyed because I know what living among them is really like, and it is nothing like the way some White folks seem to believe.

      • Vincent D’Emidio

        I feel the same way as Dominic. Why don’t you “TRY” to kick my ass, so I can squash you like a bug, huh, punk?

        • Guy

          You got me shaking in my boots, Vincent ! Tuff guy from hell’s kitchen !

          Oh by the way, it’s called free speech and opinion, ever heard of it ?

          You may not like mine and I may not like yours either, that’s the bitch of it ! So I guess we’ll just have to live with it huh !

          • Vincent D’Emidio

            Oh, so telling somebody that they deserve to “get their ass kicked” is “free speech”, according to you! Interesting.

          • Guy

            Of course I did ! So what ? You all don’t like the heat !? “Get Out Of The Kitchen !”

    • IceTrey

      Says the guy using a corporately made device to post using the corporately run internet.


      obviously, you’re ignorant-

      • Vincent D’Emidio

        Why is he “ignorant”? Is it just because he doesn’t agree with you, huh, Bubba?

  • James Latham

    How do we know some of these people doing the damage are not Trumpies trying to make the protesters look bad?

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      *shrugs* Whoever they are, they’re assholes and they’re ruining things.

      • Vincent D’Emidio

        I don’t really agree. I mean, like, some of the protesters go too far, and make us look bad, BUT…instilling FEAR into these Republicans hearts usually has a beneficial effect…they usually “give it up”.

        • MarkPitrone

          Kinda like the Nazis on Kristalnacht?

          • Vincent D’Emidio

            No, not exactly. The Nazis were bullies who were in charge, and therefore could get away with murder. My people have nothing, and are in charge of nothing, so we should be forgiven for a few excesses.

          • MarkPitrone

            Have you read your own replies? The very first reply you gave me was, “Why don’t you come to my neighborhood so I can kick your ass.” That’s NOT bullying; or attempting to bully me? I called you ‘snowflake’ once to point out the lunacy of trying to intimidate

            someone whith whom you will probably never have contact. The only difference between your attempt to bully someone with your words over the impersonal internet over hundreds or thousands of miles and the Nazis actually intimidating less well prepared people in the ghettos is proximity.

            The attitude is exactly the same.

    • raz-0

      Occam’s razor? Most left leaning protests has a significant element of various groups self identified as communist helping to organize attendance, and one of the factions regularly fleshing out the roles of attendees are the left leaning anarchists. Who break shit all the time. If you are trying to make them look noticeably bad, one would think you would have to demonstrate unusually bad or notable behavior. Not the run of the mill behavior you see at most protests of this type.

      So if you screw your tinfoil hat on hard enough to call conspiracy, you will have to put it on a bigger, more broad reaching entity than trump supporters. Since this type of stuffhas happened at every G8 conference, climate summit, etc all over the western hemisphere AT LEAST for the last 20 years. Probably longer.

      • James Latham

        Go take your meds and think for yourself if that’s possible. Sure is good to see that around the world people are protesting against Trump. Trump is a national threat not just to this country but to the world. Trump does love the uneducated Trumpies.

    • A Voice in the Wilderness

      Because Trump supporters are too busy working and providing for their families. Probably some hard working mom’s and dad’s of some of these protesters worked hard so their kids could do this.

      • Vincent D’Emidio

        Wake up, you sound like an idiot!

        • Dylan Callaghan

          Look at ur own page!!! Your the idiot!!! Voilence and vandalism just drops you all into one big bucket that no one will or wants to listen to at all!!!! One who cant at least be civilised and maintain a constructive 2 way discussion as they are demonstrating in these protests will acheive absolutely nothing of benefit. If u disagree let just leave it at that and let me know how things went for you in a few months or so.!!!! I have no interest in the US so this is how you look from an unbiased position!!!!!

        • A Voice in the Wilderness

          Do I? I’m not on the news saying stupid idiotic nonsense like these protestors who haven’t done a lick of their own research. They just walk around like zombies doing what the news tells them to do.

          • Vincent D’Emidio

            Didn’t you ever think that some, if not all, of the protesters have a legitimate gripe? For example, ObamaCare…if they overturn it, then what chance does a working-class guy like me have in getting HealthCare at a reasonable cost? By the way, I am not a Democrat; I am a Socialist, so YES, I DO believe that the rich, Capitalist SCUM need to subsidize my healthcare costs through a Progressive Tax code. If you don’t agree with that, well then, TOO BAD!

            How about Women’s Rights? Don’t you understand that females, especially poor ones, need access to Reproductive Care? This is NOT a so-called “Christian” country, so why should Secular Females comply with some “christian” deity? If so-called “Evangelicals” (nincompoops, really) are against abortion, or birth control, or pre-marital sex, then they need to suck it up, and mind their own business.

            What about all kinds of Minorities? Black folks, Latins, Orientals, American Indians, Pacific Islanders, Poor Whites, Gay folks, Transgenders…they want the same thing that most White folks take for granted…RESPECT. Why can’t Republicans give it to them?

            Last, but not least, the “War on the American People” — oops! I meant the, ah, “War on”, ahem, “drugs”? Marijuana has been proven harmless AND beneficial time after time after time… The TRUE, liberated Americans want pot LEGALIZED. You know what that means? No more prosecution, or persecution, or taking someone’s children away from them, or denying qualified applicants simply because they REFUSE (as I PROUDLY do!) to submit to a barbaric “drug-screen”.

            Well, how about it, huh? Have you got an answer for that?

          • MarkPitrone

            How about we all live with the consequences of our own actions and be responsible for ourselves? How about if we give of ourselves and of what we’ve worked for and achieved to help those within our sphere of influence who aren’t able to take care of themselves?

            That’s what I do, in addition to what the government steals from me to give to freeloaders. Do you know WHY I give freely to people who are unable to help themselves? Here are 2 of many reasons; 1] Because it is RIGHT, 2] Because God promises blessings to me and my family if I do so. BTW, I give directly to the person in need and I do not ‘write it off’ my taxes.

            And the fact that I am alive and able to write this to you is one of the blessings He has bestowed on me and mine and thousands of people on 6 continents, most of whom I have obviously never met, who prayed for me when I cut down a tree on my property and parts of it fell on me and broke my neck and back in 7 places, crushed my skull from my nose and around the left side of my skull to my occipital lobe, broke a few ribs and left me with various abrasions and contusions on about 75% of my body. I WALKED out of the rehab hospital [granted, in a cervical/thorasic brace] less than 3 weeks after the ‘adventure’. Prayer [and doctors who do the proper things, possibly/probably/DEFINITELY BECAUSE of the God who hears the prayers of His saints] works.

          • Vincent D’Emidio

            Well, that doesn’t really answer my ideological questions, but okay. As far as “good doctors” are concerned…you MAY have a point about abortion being wrong, but Birth control, Pre-Marital sex and different lifestyles are definitely ALRIGHT with the God that I pray to. He smiles on those things.

          • A Voice in the Wilderness

            Re: Healthcare. There are lots of ways to get health care in
            this country if you use your resourceful brain and quit waiting for someone to save you or take care of you. America wasn’t made great by people laying around helpless. For nearly 5 years my wife and
            I had no insurance. We were resourceful though. We took care of our health, and when we had to see a dr. we went to either an inner clinic or a ministry based clinic. Either way the payment for care
            was less than a co-pay with most insurance companies. Now we have a health care sharing plan that costs us about ½ of what a regular policy would cost. It’s a $1000 deductable for hospital care
            which is far better than any Obamacare plan.
            As for Christians and abortion, well, we don’t like our tax dollars paying for the murder of innocent babies. Why don’t you “secular” people
            become more responsible in your behavior and quite using abortion as a birth control method. The choice you make is
            to have unprotected sex. No one is forcing
            you to do that. And please don’t use the
            “what about rape and the health of the mother excuse.”
            mother. And surprisingly, on the subject
            of pot, I tend to agree with you. It
            should be legal. Quit whining please…and
            take care of yourself. Use your brain to
            help yourself instead of brining all the socialist/communist crap into this

          • Vincent D’Emidio

            Must I be “resourceful” in order to get affordable Health Care? Not everybody is ambitious, you know. If you did it that way, more power to you, but I’m not you, I’m me. “Ambition” can advance a person in life, but it also can be perverted into being a terrible device. For a few to go up, many more hafta go down.

            Now, if you are against abortion, then that is your right. I somebody else agrees with abortion, then that is HIS right, as well. If you want them to respect your position, then you must show respect too. You said. “As for Christians and abortion, well, we don’t like our tax dollars paying for the murder of innocent babies”. Fine. I can understand, but conversely, as a Pro-Marijuana activist, who feels as passionate about my issue as you feel about yours, then please understand that we don’t want OUR tax dollars to pay for the Drug War in which we are being persecuted. Now, if you agree with me about Marijuana legalization, then you could understand my gripe.

            As for my “bringing all the socialist/communist crap” into the conversation, well, you forget that I AM a Socialist, so it’s not crap to me.

        • A Voice in the Wilderness

          Well those people protesting “look” and sound like idiots.

      • James Latham

        Really? What an idiot statement. All those people who showed up at Trump rallies must of all been on welfare bleeding the system? All minorities on welfare? I live in a uneducated redneck town of about 98k. Go to the store and it’s all the white women on welfare with their kids. Breeding more uneducated republican rednecks.

        • A Voice in the Wilderness

          Dumbass, I never said any of that did I? I said we are worrying about providing for our families . How you interpret
          that is your own bias.

      • Vincent D’Emidio

        Yeah, I agree with James…that comment was indeed DUMB.

  • Robert Ramrattan

    Wow! Trump only president for a few minutes and he’s created jobs for glaziers, sweepers, and insurance claim agents!

    • freewheelinfranklin543

      No! Soros and his buds did, with their NGO’s. Give credit,where credit is due.

      • Vincent D’Emidio

        George Soros is trying to legalize Marijuana, a gift of the TRUE God! What’ve you done to help people?


    The occupy wall street crowed camped out in a park across the street from my home back in 2011-12. I actually spent some time engaging in conversations with the contingent. 90% couldn’t articulate what it was they were mad about. Just a bunch of slacker losers. They were mainly there because they had no discernable skills to actually get a job. This crowd would most likely be of the same ilk-

    • Vincent D’Emidio

      The Occupy Wall Street crowd, a/k/a TRUE Americans are gonna squash your kind like the insects that you are! Are you prepared for that?


        notice President Obama didn’t prosecute one Wall Street criminal. As far as the people in the park, it was embarrassing how disjointed those clowns were. Get a job-

      • freewheelinfranklin543

        Better have size 200 million, 1 million D width to do it. That kind of statement does NOT help your cause. You gonna need some big feet.

        • Vincent D’Emidio

          I specifically said “The Occupy Wall Street crowd are gonna squash your kind”. I never said that I was one of them. But, now that I think about it, why would you be against “Occupy Wall Street”? If you’re not a Millionaire, why would you oppose Labor Reform?

      • Guy

        Oh cut it out ! Your starting to sound like Bernie and Hillary all rolled up into one.

        • Vincent D’Emidio

          Bernie, perhaps…Hillary, not at all.

    • freewheelinfranklin543

      Both groups organized by NGO’s financed by Soros and his ilk. Alinskyite pressure from below tactics. Trouble is these people are using tactics from the 20th century in the 21st.
      The more they pile on with their 1960’s street behavior the worse it is for them and their cause.
      Ole Soros looked like he was going to croak at Davos where he declared war on Trump.
      That guy threatening to squash ,”your kind like an insect”, is a great example of their backfiring tactics!

      • Vincent D’Emidio

        Yo bubba…it wasn’t a “threat” — let’s just call it some friendly advice! Oh, and by the way, Soros didn’t make me like this…I ALWAYS despised so-called “conservatives”.

    • Guy

      Why should they do that !? When it’s so much more fun to act like bleeding idiots, for the media and there hoped for 15 min of fame !?

    • Vincent D’Emidio

      You obviously don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. I can “articulate” exactly why I would be angry…you people have too much and we have too little. It’s not that we are “Slackers or losers”, or that we don’t possess “discernable skills”. That is pure bull. You people (yes, I said, “you people”) will not hire someone for arbitrary reasons…they have long hair; they aren’t “White” enough; they are Gay; they smoke pot…as I said, arbitrary, DUMB reasons!

      Socialism would END that! That’s why you people (that word again!) are afraid of the Occupy Wall Street guys…because they may win, and treat you people (!) as you have treated us!
      Revolution is coming, Bubba, and it may just WASH you away! Are you prepared for that?

  • Seth Tyrssen

    Gee, a mob of these buggers smashes stuff (and probably steals a bunch, in the process.) What a surprise. (For the record, there are no politicians I like.)

  • Vincent D’Emidio

    I am rooting for the demonstrators. They MUST do these things so they can show the Republicans that they…WE…mean business. The Revolution is here!


      Smart Vincent, you show em.

      • Vincent D’Emidio

        Well, somebody has to show these people something, or else they will walk all over us. I’m not condoning theft, but these so-called “conservatives” need a little shock to their system to show them that they’re not the only people in the World. They need to mind their own business when it comes to other people’s choices, or values. Period.

        • MarkPitrone

          Same applies to you, paison. How about we get over our hurt feelings and do something to HELP, instead of destroying what our betters have achieved?

          We are all Americans with the right to voice our opinions. Why can’t we do so without all the macho bullshit?

          • Vincent D’Emidio

            Hurt feelings are one thing; oppression and repression are another.

          • MarkPitrone

            I don’t see where the demonstrators were oppressed or repressed in any way. They had their protests all over the world. Bravissimo for them.

            Now, I want them to go back and pick up the trash they threw on the streets. They could have just carried it home with them.

          • Guy

            You ever been driving down the road Vincent, and some knuckle headed driver cut you off ? Did you just smile, blow them a kiss and wave, or in your head, thought you wished them to die in hell ? It’s sort of like that, dependent on your actions at the time.

            Me ? I am the guy who just shines them on, knowing that if I react as an asshole, the reaction will be similar, but not surprising. If I force the other guy off the road and start to insult and even maybe assault him, that is Oppression and Repression !

            Clearly it’s from our own actions and reactions, that dictate what we get in return, in most cases. I am over simplifying this of course, but think you get the idea.

            So, if you what to call me a meat head for my opinion expressed on the internet, have at it, my ego is not that overly sensitive that it can’t take a bruising once in awhile, without its recovery.

            But I should warn you also, that I bite back ! 😉

          • Vincent D’Emidio

            Yeah, I’ve been in that position a few times, but I wouldn’t call that “oppression”. Listen, we grew up in different ways, and we have different experiences in life. How we deal with those experiences defines who we are. I grew up around mostly Black and Latin, and maybe you didn’t, so our attitudes toward them were framed by our experiences. I get along well with them, and I have many fond memories of growing up in that rough neighborhood, so when I hear someone “herd” all of those people into one negative group, I will react because that is an insult to my choice of friends.
            I don’t wanna “bite” anybody, I just wanna live my life.

          • Guy

            Of course you do, as we all do as well. I grew up with a black nanny named Pearly. Who was like a second mom to me and my sister, went to her daughters weddings and they came to mine and even attended her funeral years later. Being raised by a mom who was a farmer of a Apricot and Almond Orchard here in Ca and learned field spanish early, helped me form my opinions of the Mexican workers and people in the early 50’s, just like I learned about inner city african americans kid’s as a youth counselor in the Oakland YMCA in the late 60’s did ! This all helped me to become a Landscape Contractor for many years, employing mostly Hispanic workers as the preference !

            My point ? We are only what we let ourselves to be, too much is blamed on were we have come from or raised as, and often using that as the excuse for our lot in life, some may be true, but I believe that is 90% bullshit and 10% truth, especially here. People are lazy and don’t want to use effort, rather letting themselves be the victim, because that is the easiest. It’s hard work and takes effort to not be. This is what comes from entitlements and liberal thinking, that the government is the nanny from birth to the grave !

          • Vincent D’Emidio

            “People are lazy and don’t want to use effort, rather letting themselves be the victim, because that is the easiest. It’s hard work and takes effort to not be. This is what comes from entitlements and liberal thinking, that the government is the nanny from birth to the grave!”

            I agree. Most people do not like freeloaders. The difference between my opinion and a conservative’s opinion, from my experiences that is, is that so-called “conservatives” seem to label all members of a certain ethnicity, or religion, or lifestyle, or any group with which they are not familiar, as SLACKERS. Perhaps a lot of them really don’t believe that, but the rhetoric coming from some of them, especially the politicians, seems to define THAT whole group (conservatives), leading members of the groups that conservatives don’t approve of, to hate the conservatives back. That begins and sustains the cycle of enmity between the two. For example, when Trump said during the campaign that he wanted to ban Muslims from coming here, the whole room cheered! How are so-called “liberals” supposed to take that? Negatively, I would say. Then the cycle continues…

          • Guy

            I think I rather be the elephant in the room, known as the “Conservative” rather than be known as one of Hillary’s “Deplorables !” That way, I will at least have some control over my life and family’s, rather than let myself become a sheep, who dosen’t or want’s to have any, preffering to suck off the Government’s tit, while complaining about it !

            As to the rest ? I’ll save my opinion about Trump to later, yes I did vote for him, but will give him enough time or rope in either case to see what he does, it’s to me to early to tell, but admit he does like to rattle everyone’s cages, especially giving the media nose tweaks, as he seems to like doing ! And about time it is for it ! Obama, was just to me a suck up and a fool, with a yellow streak a mile wide across his back, that gave pretty speeches, sent his family on expensive taxpayer vacations and played golf !

          • Vincent D’Emidio

            “I will at least have some control over my life and family’s, rather than let myself become a sheep, who dosen’t or want’s to have any, preffering to suck off the Government’s tit”.

            As long as that’s your belief in the system, then I could never reach you, no matter how hard I tried, because I just don’t see things that way at all. Seriously. When I watch Fox News occasionally (when I have an hour to kill), I feel like I’m on another planet, after hearing the crazy things that come out of Steve “I never smoked a joint in my life” Ducey’s big mouth! One time, some dude on that channel, I don’t know his name, started criticizing some students’ efforts at racial harmony, a LAUDABLE thing, according to most folks. He was just goofing on it, as though he knows better than us “liberals”. I truly wish that the country would split in half…you people go one way, and guys like me would go our way. Think of how peaceful that would be! On our side we could smoke a few “bones”, listen to some good Disco music, and dance the night away! On your side, you could arrest anybody who dares to smoke pot, or have pre-marital sex, or marries interracially, or does anything that bible-bangers, or racist fools, don’t like.

            As for PRESIDENT(and don’t you forget it!) Obama, you are so wrong about that “yellow streak” that you THINK is there! You have absolutely no idea. Besides which, as a White person — and I KNOW that you’re White — you are in no position to talk about anybody’s cowardice, especially those of us who grew up in the ghetto. You have absolutely NO idea about people who grew up in the South Bronx, or Bed-Stuy, trust me on this. As for Obama bowing in front of foreign leaders, I’ll tell you about one foreign, ah, “leader” (if you wanna call him that), which President Obama will NEVER bow down before…that’s the Israeli PM Binyamin “There will never be a Palestinian State” Netanya-filth, one of the biggest bullies on the World stage. However, I can’t say the same about MOST Republicans, and some Democrats…these “lawmakers” will bow and scrape in Binyamin’s presence.

          • Guy

            Wow ! You said a lot and gave plenty to chew on. Okay by me, because, according to you. I ‘am just some old, conservative, privileged white guy, born with a silver spoon in my mouth, thinks Obama sold us out to China and Israel is evil, who voted for Trump and what’s cops to arrest and jail folks that don’t think, look or act like me ! You also threw in a few lines about “Bible Bangers” Pot Smoking, Disco Music, Premarital Sex, Something About Fox New’s, More Obama and that basically, I am as crazy as a bed bug, or an conservative, which could be even worse than one of thouse, depending on which way the wind blows ! Sound about right ?

            Well you don’t know me from Adam and I’ll allow some of your misconceptions about myself, just to keep the peace.

            But I will give you a clue, to set you straight about me, to be fair about it all.
            I was born in 1949 to a liberal / conservative farming family. We worked hard, payed our takes, never took a handout and managed to keep what we earned. I grew up with the belief to give back to our community, help thouse less fortunate, support our church and never thought much, that there was a big difference between folks not like us, just because others said so ! Yes there were class lines drawn, but that was just due to human nature, not because I was taught there were, rather excepting the fact to let people prove there worth by deed and example, rather than be told there was, and believing it ! Some you allready know from previous conversations. I managed to get into U.C. Berkeley and graduated in Horticulture, along the way, I smoked a lot of grass,tripped on Acid a few times, grew my hair down to my ass and was know as the Hippy in the family. Spent a lot of time protesting the Vietnam War, got shot at and gassed by the National Guard and managed to get arrested with two joints in my pocket, went to jail and prison for 6 months and 3 years probation, meet Charles Manson, A bunch of Black Panthers and rode around with some Oakland Hells Angels I meet in Oakland Ca in 1968. To this day I am still friends with some of them and old panthers too.

            Then I grew up, cut my hair, got marryed in 73, still am and became a Dad of two son’s, One a City Planner in Alaska and the other a well know Mural Artist in San Francisco ! I started a Landscape Construction Company in 1978, ran it to about 4 years ago, sold it and retired. Somewhere along the line I became more conservative than liberal. I don’t give money to street beggars who hold signs up saying “Help Me”, but will take a homeless guy into a grocery store, that didn’t ask for it, and load him up, just like I give money to people walking down the street, that I think can use it, or take stuff into a homeless encampment and hand it out, and do free landscape job’s around my church and city library. Even served on my county mosquito abatement district for a dozen years, youth soccer coach for 15 and City Volunteer Fire Department for 20.

            So there you have it. Surprise ? Don’t be, that’s just me, an old, middle of the road, conservative, crusty, white guy, who likes to Bass Fish and voted for Trump, rather than that other person, who thinks people should be put into a box of deplorables, and that most cops are pretty decent if given the chance to be, while the other 25 % or so, fuck it up for all the rest !

          • Vincent D’Emidio

            Interesting. Now, if you did all of those things, then why, oh WHY, would you embrace the “conservative” way? Everybody who shared my lifestyle, which was very liberated, felt and FEEL the same way…conservative “values” are not the way to go. I am over 60 and my opinions haven’t changed, even if my youthful lifestyle did.

            “Then I grew up, cut my hair, got marryed in 73”

            Why is it that conservatives, and “nouveau conservatives” always have this belief that to become a “grown-up”, you must change your political beliefs? I never did, although I did give Reagan a chance after he became President. I didn’t approve of President Carter’s handling of the Iran Hostage Crisis, but that was ALL that I disapproved of…I never that this country wanted to embrace Jerry Fallwell’s “world” because I knew that it was garbage.

            As for cops, I have had too many negative experiences with most of the cops that I have dealt with that I do not wish to give them another chance. When they ignore a rape, or robbery, or shooting call because they’re worried about their own lives, and instead sneak up on me because I was smoking something that Nancy Reagan didn’t approve of, I cannot…WILL NOT…respect that! This Drug War is disgusting simply because it allows a little, ambitious cop to turn into a big, arrogant cop, just to impress his superiors, the hell with the “treasonous” pothead.

          • Guy

            Charity is not a right ! It is give to thouse that need it, not because they are standing on two feet, breathing air and feel that they deserve it because of that fact. That statement covers everybody, with none selected that seem to be more or less deserving because of race, creed, religion, or place they came from ! It is meant only as a stop gap to help temporarily, untill they are able to get back on there feet and not as a permanent lifestyle ! I have no tolerance for thouse who take advantage of any system, no matter type, or use of, and treat all that do equally ! Being rigid and uncompassionate for thouse that are and our generosity ! I don’t or won’t say one is okay and the other is not, but treat all the same way. Fine’s, repayment, jail time, or forced labor, is all the same to me ! And never tell me there is no job or work available, you can pick up garbage or sweep the street to make your daily bread, and feed the kid’s ! Your kid’s education is free, just because the parents are stupid, is not any one’s fault, but there’s !

            Bad cop’s and thouse that support them, including all thouse within the system, must be thrown entirely out, and never allowed to work again with in it. With some who should be imprisoned because of there corruption, and thouse who they have corrupted, with their lies and advantage taking for there own benefit of our generosity to the laws that are meant to protect us, this covers all government agencies, no matter type, but all emphasized !

            If that is conservatism in your book, fine I can live with it ! I am not going to change my opinion period.

            The rest doesn’t matter to a hill of beans !

          • Vincent D’Emidio

            Well, we think differently, what can I say? I still smoke herb, have sex without the burden — oops! I meant the “benefit” — of marriage, I still cheer when I hear that some big mouth, “tough guy” cop receives his comeuppance, I still date and associate interracially, I STILL WANT the RICH, CAPITALIST FILTH to pay higher taxes (and most people agree with me on this), and I still want racists and bigots to feel physical pain, maybe that way they learn. If these Capitalist Robber-Barons don’t get with OUR program, we just TAKE their property away from them! You would be surprised how effective that is!
            Cops, the vast majority of them, are PIGS, I despise them. That STUPID “aggressive” policing that “mayor” Rudy “I never smoked a joint In my life” Giuliani is a bunch of bullshit, and that’s a fact. The only thing it does is cause ANGER in a lot of people, and one day, that person gets even.

          • Guy

            They tried that in South Africa, when all the white farmers were kicked off there land and the native blacks were give it to own and manage. The only thing the farmers could take was basically the clothes on there backs. Now the land is in ruins, crops are almost nonexistent, wells are dry and the black farmers have left for the City’s, because they could not make a go of it. They got what they wanted !

            How much tax should the “filthy Capitalist” pay in taxes ? Would 50 % be enough, how about 70 or 80% maybe even 100% ? When is ever enough ?

            My farming family are filthy capitalist too, because we work hard, own our land, not the bank, drive 15 yr old pickups, own are own homes, not the bank, pay our workers what the prevailing labor rate is, now our state is saying it will approach $15.00 a hour for labor soon. which is(ridiculous), pay our taxes, (highest in the state), save our money and take care of our land ! We are in the process of going nearly all mechanization, so to cut out 90% of labor, then we will harvest our own crops, and not rely on outside labor ! My brother-in-law is a Almond farmer, the only outside labor he has, is to help with the pruning of his orchard trees, everything else is done by him and his wife and my wife(sister) and his son.

            Cesar Chavez tried that crap too in the late 60’s. He stirred up all of the Mexican workers with talks of labor strikes, had his goons come onto our orchard and broke up the boxes and picking ladders. We lost 80% of our crop, because the pickers left. After Chavez moved on, a lot of the workers came back looking for work, there was none, so a lot of good he did, except to cause trouble, he died broke, with his kids fighting over the scraps he left them and a couple of streets named after his sorry ass !

          • Vincent D’Emidio

            So, you are “going nearly all mechanization, so to cut out 90% of labor”, eh? That’s a big part of the problem…mechanization has lead to the loss of many jobs…and you are part of that problem. You don’t like a Minimum Wage at all, now do you? This is where I expose you peoples hypocrisy. You guys all say that you prefer States Rights…that is, until the, ah, “State” enacts a law or ruling that you simply don’t like. Well, you are either for ALL States Rights or you are not, and if you’re not, then you cannot call yourself a “States Rights” kinda guy.

            So, Cesar Chavez was too, ah, “radical” for you, hmm? To me, he was just average. I admire TRUE Radicals like Che Guevara. Unlike Fidel Castro, Cesar wasn’t about the “Cult of the Personality”, he was a true Socialist. I think it was he who said, “You cannot make an omelette without breaking a few eggs”. There’s a lot of truth in that.

            As I said, we think differently. I won’t convince you, and you could never convince me, strong-willed son-of-a-bitch that I am!

          • Guy

            My friend you don’t know your butt from a hole in the wall and buddy it shows !

            I have run and owned a landscape construction business for over 30 years. When the State said minimum wage was $3.00 a hour to start, I payed $5.00 and more so to assure, I got good quality and loyal workers, who wanted a career and not just a job. I trained and educated my crews by putting some through school, sending them through seminars (in spanish)and helping them get there legal messes straight with immigration, so they could stay and work here legally, and even helped a few get American Citizenship, all on my own dime ! I even helped to finance some of there kids college educations too. My men were faithful and some have worked for me for the full duration of my business. As the result they had good paying jobs for life, with wages and benefits well over the average scale.

            But now the liberal dickhead’s including the scholiast Bernie (And Our Own Governor Brown In CA) want The Government to set wages so high that companies like mine will not be able to compete any longer in my market, and some forced to go out of business as the result of, the consumer not being able to afford the higher labor prices, I would need to charge to make a nickel ! Would you pay $65.00 a hour for a guy to dig plant holes ? That is what I would need to charge for a hourly labor rate, including all the benefits and direct labor cost associated to do that work. So I recognize it, and use fewer workers to do the work, using equipment when ever I can, so I can compete against the ones who do the same.

            In the early 70’s The carpenters union and the jobs offered were some of the best in my State, with many working for a lifetime ! Now the union has been broken, the labor is 95% mexican and the developers are using the cheaper labor rates to be able to sell there houses at the higher market rates ! Why ? Because guys like Chavez came along and stirred the pot, causing trouble for the union, forcing massive layoffs, because of wages being set to high for the market price of the house vs. affordability to the consumer, and it all collapsed as the result in 2007, due to that, and the bad loans that the banks were doing to get people into the houses, while making it possible for some to qualify for a house loan, they would never qualify for under normal circumstances !

            So we modernize and mechanize to lower our labor cost, or go out of business ! That is true capitalism at work !

          • Vincent D’Emidio

            Yo Bubba…I may not “know my butt from a hole in the wall”, but at least I’m smart enough to see through your bull. You are a Capitalist son-of-a-bitch and it shows! You are talking to a TRUE pro-labor kinda guy, so I am not swayed by your little “anecdotes”. So, you paid your workers more, eh? You helped them get citizenship, did you? As you said, that was 30 yerars ago, when you claimed to be a “liberated” dude. But, now is now! I’m as Liberated as I was in 1972, and I STILL am! You, on the other hand, listened to the words of “wisdom” from Ronnie Reagan, and…you actually believed him!!!

            Bernie is a GREAT man, and so was Chavez, and Che. You keep on talking about how much you would hafta charge if you paid your men the proposed (and COMING!!!) Minimum Wage. First of all, I believe that you are exaggerating. Secondly, under a True Socialist system, there would be price controls on everything, so that way, even the little guy can live well. Your prices would be lower because your suppliers prices would be lower, and so on, and so on. Everybody would pay less, so everybody would be able to operate. Under a Socialist system, you would have the opportunity to become wealthy, but not overly wealthy. Why would anybody need ten limos, when one or two would do? Socialism eliminates greed…and unfairness, and religious indoctrination (you could believe it, but you can’t shove it down other people’s throats), and prejudice (you can hate anybody you want, but if you act on it, we tighten you up), and bullying (if we catch somebody bullying someone else, they will be severely dealt with), and most of all, income inequality…nobody would be homeless, and at the same time, no one person would own too much (We would be doing rich Capitalists a favor actually…having too much makes people lazy and spoiled).

            “In the early 70’s, the carpenters union and the jobs offered, were some of the best in my State, with many working for a lifetime ! Now !? The union has been broken, the labor is 95% Mexican!”

            Under a Socialist system, that would never have happened. If the Unions, which would be very powerful in that system, catch someone hiring unskilled workers just because they could pay them less, they would TAKE their business AWAY from them, so believe me, that would stop. And, if these greedy animals try to do something about it, they would be executed. Period.


            So, now you see why I say that I am not a Democrat, I’m a PURE Socialist! Democrats are jellyfish; Socialists do what must be done!

          • Guy

            My god man, you actually believe you own redrick and drank the magic kool aid to boot.

            Look at Russia , they collapsed ! Look at any other country that has gone socialist, especially in South America, right now. No food, lines in stores, hyperinflation, no jobs, government controls all life ! Government took over and controls all business, that were once privately owned, just like mine. With the ones top of the pile, making it off the ones on the bottom. If it’s so good there, how come the people are leaving by the thousand’s and trying to come here ? If it’s so good, how come we have had the biggest illegal immigrant population ever know to exist, here now, 11 million ! if it’s so good how come the wives and children, and in a lot of cases, just the children are coming over the boarder by the thousand’s, with thousand’s allready here and thousands more on the way now !
            Every communist or socialist system know, has collapsed ! With two exceptions, Communist China and N. Korea !
            Not 30 years ago. I started my company in 1979 and still run it
            today !

            As you said, you are a die in the wool, socialist, that firmly believes that the Government must be the nanny state, taking care of all it citizens from birth to death, With all people, just basically being a shade of gray !

            I suggest that you go and find that utopia, because you won’t here. We are built on the idea of capitalism and democracy, with christian values and beliefs, not socialism and communism ! We work hard for what we earn and keep it as well.without asking anybody for a handout ! Just like my 6 generations befor me, as I do now and my son’s will someday too ! With everyone having the same opportunities as I and they did.

            And anyone who even thinks of trying to take control my company, without buying me out, or interfering with what I and my family have built, will have to over my dead body, because I own everything that is mine and don’t owe anybody anything !

          • Vincent D’Emidio

            Yeah, yeah, Socialism collapsed, whatever you say, Bubba. The big problem with your argument is that you keep on calling dictatorships like the Soviet Union, North Korea and China, “Socialist”. True, those countries employed some aspects of Socialism, but they were hardly “Socialist Countries”. They were much closer to Fascist in their approach. Some would say that Hitler and Mussolini were “Socialists” as well.

             ”I suggest that you go and find that utopia, because you won’t here”

             Oh, you are wrong! We CAN do it here, it will just take some “broken eggs”, as Che, great man that he was, would say.

             ”We are built on the idea of capitalism and democracy, with christian values and beliefs”

             There you go again! TRUE Christianity has absolutely NOTHING to do with Capitalism. Boy, oh boy, when you said that you “tuirned” conservative when you became older, you weren’t kidding! Their BRAINWASHING of you was complete! You wanna see a REAL Christian? Then take a look at Pope Francis…watch and LEARN, because obviously you don’t know the first thing about Jesus. He said, “render unto Caesar”. That’s what you, and your born-again butt-buddies refuse to do!

          • Guy

            Fuck you ! Don’t preach to me your ideas of revolution, you’re moralistic attitudes are pathetic and a joke ! I give my tithe, so guy’s like you can suck off the churches tit, while declaring sanctuary, and holding a match ! Your type and kind have tried it befor and were stomped into the ground, just like the street rioters are now, who wear mask and destroy what others have built, are dealt with !

            If your god che, was so great, I suggest your move to Nicaragua or Honduras, wear a red shirt and they will welcome you to the collective with open arms ! I understand Cuba is real nice this time of the year also. But you may have to find some real work to do, because none of those places offer SS, Welfare Or Foodstamps !

          • Vincent D’Emidio

            Wow!!! I must’ve really hit a nerve with your monkey ass! You do sound hysterical, just like a child.

            “Your type and kind have tried it befor and were stomped into the ground”

            Well, not this time, Bubba. Look around you…demonstrations all over the World. This time, we will WIN! This time you NEED to be afraid.

            “I give my tithe, so guy’s like you can suck off the churches tit”

            Oh, so you’re one of those PHONY, “born-again”, TRYING-TO-BE “christians”. Wake up, your people believe in a FALSE, angry, little “god”. Perhaps Pope Francis, a TRUE Christian, can show you the way.

            “If your god che, was so great, I suggest your move to Nicaragua or Honduras”

            First of all, that’s Che, not “che”. That’s “Che” in caps, not in lower-case letters, like “president trump”. Secondly, he’s not my “god”, he was a Revolutionary who saw right through guys like you, just like a piece of glass! And three, I won’t move to Nicaragua…I’d rather stay here and torment ASSES like you! When I call you an “ass”, by the way, I’m not referring to that sexy bottom which Raquel Welch sits on…I’m talking about DUMB ASSES, which is what you are!

            “Fuck you !”

            Oh yeah?!!! Well then, Fuck your mother in her fat, SMELLY ass!

          • Guy

            My mom died 15 years ago ! Over a 1000 people showed up to her remembrance and funeral ! She had and has more class in her one finger, than you have in your’s and your little god che’s entire body !

            As to your supposed torment ? We here know what to do with your kind, and have dealt with you’re types befor and will do so again if necessary ! We kicked the fuck out of Chavez and his goon squad for starting trouble, sending him packing, with his tail between his legs! You and you’rs won’t even be a speed bump in the road, rather just as a greasy spot left over !

            So go now and find someone else who gives a crap about what you say or believe in, because I don’t and would say that, there are not many around who do, but you do feel stronger when a gang of like believers are around don’t you, feeling emboldened and superior in numbers, as your backup ! When in truth your types are like a scream wrapped up in a straw, as the small, naked, pathetic little men that to me ,you no doubt are ! No reply is needed or wanted, You Are Dismissed !

          • Guy

            One other small point ! What about all this racist shit ? Or, I know nothing about growing up poor, so I can’t relate to it, because I happen to be a male, conservative, who is white, middle of the road and above average, excepting Trump as my president, so that automatically makes me a racist bigot because of it !!!!!!!!!!

            Talk about stereotyping and putting people, you don’t even know, into a box full of deplorables ! What the hell did you just do !?

            I won’t even come close to a debate over that sort of stupidity and racial bias.

            Except to say. That if ignorance is bliss, you must be extremely happy !

  • billdeserthills

    Send all the insurance company bills to George Soros–He paid to incite this

    • Vincent D’Emidio

      I, and many others, support a GREAT man like George Soros! You got a problem with that? If so, then I would call it a personal problem!