Bend, OR — Late Tuesday evening, it was announced that an unnamed FBI agent involved in the killing of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum has been indicted. The agent is accused of lying about shooting at Finicum in 2016 when officers arrested the leaders of an occupation of a federal wildlife refuge in rural Oregon.

In March of 2016, it was announced that multiple FBI agents were under investigation for their role in the death of Finicum. For over a year, Finicum’s family has waited for answers, and on Tuesday night, they received a glimpse into the corruption surrounding the death of their beloved father and husband.

An FBI agent now faces allegations of making false statements with the intent of obstructing justice. According to reports, he is to be named on Wednesday.

According to the Oregonian, investigators concluded that one agent fired at Finicum’s truck, hitting it in the roof and missing on the second shot. A state trooper later described to investigators seeing two rifle casings in the area where the FBI agents were posted. But detectives called to investigate didn’t find the casings, police reports indicated.

The Deschutes County sheriff alleged as Finicum left his truck, an FBI agent shot twice at Finicum, but none of the FBI hostage team members said they discharged their firearms. It appears that the agent attempted to hide the fact that they shot at him and now they are being called to task for it.

Federal law prohibits “knowingly and willfully” making any false, fictitious or fraudulent statement or representation or concealing information — yet that is exactly what happened.


Since the shooting, which was captured on video from the FBI’s birdseye view, there have been many theories surrounding the death of Finicum.

According to the official story, Lavoy Finicum was killed by officers because they had no other choice as he was reaching for a gun in his left pocket. Officials later found a loaded 9 mm semi-automatic handgun in that pocket.

It is evident from the video that Finicum never presented the handgun. However, we can clearly see him reaching for his left side.

In a photo of the autopsy report, taken by RT’s Simone Del Rosario at the press conference last year, and the video from inside the truck, there is a now an alternative reason, outside of going for a gun, as to why Finicum was reaching toward his left side — he was shot there.

The video proves that officers or agents opened fire on the vehicle prior to Finicum exiting it.

The footage from inside the vehicle shows that Finicum could have been shot with his hands up as he was exiting the vehicle.

Seemingly, Finicum’s intentions were to draw fire away from the truck — and that is exactly what he did. This cost him his life.

The last scene in the video shows a terrified little girl, Victoria Sharp, the 18-year-old gospel singer emerging from the SUV, her hands upraised, and her body painted by laser sights.

One targeted her head, the other the center of her chest.

Last year, all the police officers involved in the shooting of Finicum were found to be justified. Coincidentally, also last year, the standoff leaders were acquitted for the takeover of the refuge.

The group of men who seized the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, in rural Oregon were found not guilty last fall, vindicating brothers Ammon and Ryan Bundy after the 41-day standoff that brought national focus to the long-running dispute over federal control of rural land in the Western United States.

According to a report in by the Oregonian:

Ammon Bundy, older brother Ryan Bundy and five other defendants were acquitted last fall of conspiracy and weapons charges. A second trial of four other occupiers resulted in split verdicts earlier this year, with defendants Jason Patrick and Darryl Thorn convicted of conspiracy and others convicted of damaging government property and misdemeanor charges, including trespass.

Finicum’s widow, Jeanette Finicum has announced plans earlier this year to sue both the Oregon State Police and the FBI for violating her late husband’s civil rights.

The suit will allege that the FBI fired at Finicum “when he’s getting out of his car to surrender,” Finicum’s attorney Brian Claypool said. “What’s critical is he’s not even out of his door and there are gunshots blowing through his windows. That’s excessive force 101.”

This indictment will most assuredly be used by her attorney in making their case.

  • Damiana

    Oh, what a tangled web we weave…

    • Guy

      No Cat ! Not a tangled web is woven, as far as the FBI Or Sheriffs being concerned with it. Finicum was the souirce of the problem, and they chose to eliminate the source. Deniable Plausibility & Reasonability is the key words that would be at play here. Later only having to justify it, by making force seem reasonable to thouse concerned, with thouse famous words spoken “Fear For Life* that makes it so !

      • Vicky Davis

        You must not be an American. I suggest that you save your opinion for websites in your country – where ever that happens to be because you don’t know anything at all about the legal use of force in the United States.

        • Dan Quixoté

          It’s ok, Vicky. He’s a Wise Guy, a Sarcasm Jedi. Which we welcome here.

          • Guy

            Thank’s Dan. At least a few here that recognizes sardonic wit when they see it !

        • Guy

          If I was a cop Vicky. Then I could look you up here in America, and show you directly, what *Reasonable Force* is all about, on any *Trump-ed* up charges I care to invent, and there would be nothing you could do about it, because I am reasonably fearful, while wearing a badage and uniform that say’s I can, while being backed up with the Court’s and Jury’s that agree with me.

          But since I am not a cop, not wishing you harm in any way, and just a 68 year old old fart, that is completely harmless, who also enjoys poking bears for reactions from time to time. Why bother with it !?

      • Ken

        Finicum was not “the problem.” He was threatening no one. He was just the most visible and eloquent spokesman, and I think they wanted to make an example of him for that reason alone.

        Frankly, I think they wanted to kill the whole car load, I just think that, by stepping out of the car and drawing attention to himself, he took away their plausible deniaibility.


        • Guy

          I’am sure that thouse cops that assaulted the Branch Davidians in Waco Tx, and Ruby Ridge, along with the National Guardsmen at Kent State, were all thinking the same thing, about *Public Safety* at the time too.

        • Guy

          As far as I am concerned. The man died as a hero, who thought nothing about himself, but everything about the child in the truck along with him. And the feds executed him for it !

  • Ken

    The FBI loves to try and goad people in to action by covertly harassing and threatening them. If people rise to the bait, then they shoot them and claim it was self defense.

    They were shooting at the truck when it stopped the first time because they wanted to drive them into the ambush they had prepared up the road.

    Hunters of wild game will do this all the time. They have people out walking in a line, beating on drums, and driving the lions or tigers ahead of them so that the hunters waiting in ambush can kill them.

    That’s what they did to Finicum.

    When Finicum got out with his hands up, they shot him low (remember, these guys are marksmen with rifle scopes, they are hitting what they want to hit), so that he would drop his arm, and give the Oregon State Trooper a plausibly deniable reason for killing Finicum.

    It was a planned murder.


    • Michael Coon

      Yeah, he should have stayed in his car and told them he had a gun. Then the shooting would have been legit. Oh yeah, he should have been black too!

      • Guy

        So by your take. The little 18 yr old girl, (white) gospel singer, would have just been collateral damage, hmm ?

        • Dan Quixoté

          I think he’s saying she would have been icing on their cake.

      • Ken

        It makes you wonder why the government will go out of its way to set up and kill a man with no criminal record and no threat to anyone, and yet will stand idly by while rampaging mobs of leftist burn down neighborhoods, destroy public property and assault people right in front of the police.

        The government is complicit in this leftwing assault on America, and Trump can stop them.

        • Steve Rusk

          Most of those pulling the triggers are “Right wing”. If these extra judicial law enforcement executions had anything to do with the “Left” there would have been a noticeable decrease following Trump’s election. That hasn’t happened. There appears to be agreement about the growing body count from police executions, neither side is rocking the boat on the issue of police killings. The cops continue to be a class protected from effective prosecution for their crimes.

          • Ken

            I think the managerial class in these organizations tend to be left. After all, government is where those SJW types love to go after college.

            The guys pulling triggers, may be “right wing,” but a lot of them are just psychopaths looking for their next “thrill kill.”

            I think all of them are more loyal to their paycheck than the country or any ideology, so in the end they really don’t care.

            The government finds it useful to keep a cadre of these characters around because occasionally the normal people get upset at being raped by the govenment and they need to be put down.


          • Steve Rusk

            We don’t actually have a “Left” in the country, America is a republic which operates Right of Center. We usually have Liberals instead of a Left, these days we have Neoliberals which is as far from the Left as they can get and still be called some kind of a Liberal.

            I agree with the rest.

        • Jim Kopecky

          All that burning and what not was also the foreign feds.

      • Vicky Davis

        They were shooting into the vehicle. He was trying to save the others by getting out and giving up.

  • John C Carleton

    Remember that the FBI participated in the murder of and use of chemical weapons, the burning to death of children, in Waco Texas, and lied their asses off about it.

    Remember the FBI was founded by a pervert cross dresser, who along with LBJ, used to listen in the oval office, to illegal recordings of ML king, and his wife having sex in their own home.


      They murdered a family at Ruby Ridge as well.

      • John C Carleton

        Murdered the teen age boy, who caught strangers in camouflage uniforms murdering his dog. Fired a shot over their heads to try to stop them, they turned around, started shooting at the boy and young adult friend of the family with him. Sho the boy in the back, and one of the murderers, being law enforcement, shot his buddy in the back and the=feds tried to blame that on the boy they murdered. But the caliber wound, and the slug itself, did not match anything the weavers had. The round killed the fed was done with a round which was manufactured for the feds.

        Then an FBI sniper, shot the mother standing in the doorway, plainly unarmed, holding her baby.

        After Weaver was acquitted on trumped up charges, the government, while saying they had done nothing wrong, just handed the widowed father of the murdered son, three million dollars.

        This all started because the feds entrapped Weaver in a scheme to force him to spy on the Arian Nation, and he did not want to have anything to do with the Arian Nation, or the feds.

  • Dan Quixoté

    Feral Bureau of Instigation

  • Not pro Israel

    Regardless of this outcome, if the FEDS ever show up at your location, “LAWYER” is all you say, PERIOD.

    These are the same people that recruit homeless mentally ill people and shape them into “terrorists” so they can “BUST EM'” and save us, thereby false flagging their way into a perceived necessity.


    FBI: Fucking Buncha Idiots