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Conspiracy Theorists Vindicated: FBI Docs Reveal “Shadow Government” Protecting Hillary Clinton

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As the torrent of Podesta emails from WikiLeaks continues to expose the crimes of the Clinton dynasty, the FBI on Monday, began releasing their own documents. Buried inside 100 pages of heavily redacted interview summaries from the FBI’s investigation into Clinton are a series of allegations that are nothing short of a bombshell — documenting an ultra-secret, high-level group within the government, who were actually referred to as ‘The Shadow Government.”

This Shadow Government has long been kept in the dark realms of conspiracy theory. However, thanks to these newly released FBI documents, the truth has now become stranger and even more corrupt than fiction.

The document sheds light on the reason Hillary Clinton has been able to escape any and all accountability — she was protected by this ‘Shadow Government.’

According to the document, any Freedom of Information Act requests, in relation to Clinton, were sent to a secret group for review.

Within the FBI documents, an unidentified person describes how FOIA requests having to do with Clinton were routed through these special channels.

“There was a powerful group of very high-ranking STATE officials that some referred to as ‘The 7th Floor Group’ or ‘The Shadow Government.’ This group met every Wednesday afternoon to discuss the FOIA process, Congressional records, and everything CLINTON-related to FOIA/Congressional inquiries,” the FBI’s interview summary said.

According to a report in CNBC, that group, according to the summary, argued for a Clinton document release to be conducted all at once “for coordination purposes” instead of on a rolling basis as would normally be the case. But the “Shadow Government” did not get its way, and the agency in charge decided for a rolling release, the FBI summary said.

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However, the summary does not go on to note how many other instances in which this Shadow Government was called in to protect her highness. Also, as the Free Thought Project reported last week, Clinton had help from the FBI, according to a high-level agent who blew the whistle on what they say was a politically motivated, top-down decision to not recommend Hillary Clinton face criminal charges for her mishandling of classified intelligence.

As Heavy notes, a State Department official, Patrick Kennedy, offered a “quid pro quo” if the FBI would flip at least one email from “classified” to “unclassified,” so that it could be released to the public in response to a Freedom of Information Act request. The FBI denies that it acted on any such“quid pro quo,” which according to the documents would have involved allowing the FBI to place agents in countries where they previously were prohibited from doing so — namely Iraq.

The FBI also quickly released a statement denying any such arrangement.

On a separate yet similarly corrupt note, according to CNBC, one claim from the FBI documents that was receiving attention online was that one interviewee said there was a “stark difference” between Clinton’s “obedience to security and diplomatic protocols” and that of former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Clinton, the interviewee said, “blatantly” disregarded such protocols, including her frequent refusal to attend foreign diplomatic functions with the local ambassador.

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“This frequently resulted in complaints by ambassadors who were insulted and embarrassed by this breach of protocol,” the interview summary said, adding that the subject claimed that “Clinton’s protocol breaches were well known throughout Diplomatic Security and were ‘abundant.'”

When the FBI is releasing documents that refer to a ‘Shadow Government’ that protects who will likely be the next president of the United States, the paradigm is shifting. This willingness to expose their own corruption likely means one of two things. Either the government is being more transparent because society is demanding it — or, they know the people can’t do anything to stop them, so secrecy no longer matters.

Either way, 2016 is quickly becoming the year conspiracy theorists were proven right.

Hillary Clinton FBI Investigation Released Oct. 17, 2106 by Jonathan Vankin on Scribd

  • T. Mohr

    Time to grease the guillotines.

    • Rev. Walking Turtle

      Errmmmm… Guillotines…? Meant well in the saying, no doubt, but the Luciferian contingent of the NWO power structure actually favors those devices… Blood EVERYWHERE with EVERY use! And spilling blood is an intrinsic part of upper-level Luciferian religious ritual… Someone maybe just didn’t know?

      IMVHO, though, yer’ still at least half-right at minimum. IOW, methinks it’s gettin’ onto time to BURN the NWO slavers’ guillotine installations (now mounted-up in virtually every FEMA Camp across the continent) and start twistin’ up a croppa’ honest American Hemp Fiber into 5/8″ diameter DROP-HANGIN’ ROPE. For as surely as the wages of sin be death, the sentence for TREASON is HANGING by the NECK until DEAD.

      Suggestion: Let it be the “Quick-Drop” method and not the “Slow Hoist” favored by various Middle Eastern regimes and the occasional American State Penal Code. Let ALL the torturing STOP NOW. And LET LAWFUL JUSTICE HOLD FULL SWAY.

      Tip: Catch the viddy titled “Pierrepoint” on YouTube for details. IMVH&well-studied_O, Masterpiece Theater did THAT one exactly RIGHT! (Good show too, despite all the conceptual gruesomeness of the topic.) And that is all. 0{:-|o[

  • T. Mohr

    Put the shackles on these criminals and throw away the key. They have driven this jalopy(our country) so far into the ditch, that even a tow truck may not be able to pull it out.

    • cheryl-johnson-92

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    • Rev. Walking Turtle

      From hand-crafted custom-built Lamborghini to rusted-out jalopy in 60 years or less! GOT to be a new World Record for National Degradation, don’t it? THANK YOU ABC, NBC, CBS, NYT, WaPo, BK, MikkeeDee, BK, Federal (Scam!) Reserve, AIPAC, ADL, Clinton Foundation, Carlysle Group and ALL OUR SLEEPING_WHILE_BLINDED(tm) FRIENDS for making all that follows… necessary.

      Wouldn’t have been but for them all and especially them what OWNS ’em – and more, and more, and more… It ain’t over until it’s over, though. And that is all. 0{:-|o[

      • wac4761

        This has been going on much longer than sixty years!!!

        • Stan

          There was q book written in 2008 called the Family…..all about this.

          It on Amazon

    • Benjamin Durka

      Who is going to arrest them? They ARE THE GOVERNMENT.

      • morsextenebris

        NO “they” are NOT! They are a corporate entity presuming to be our legitimate government…and you can take that to the bank!!! It should be the responsibility of the States Militia’s ( that’s us ) to keep these traitors in check.

  • Keysbum

    well it’s not an omnipotent shadow government if they are overruled, now is it. there is no doubt one exists, but it’s not this group.

    • iLLuSioNaTi

      But it IS part of it! 😉

  • Daniel Alexander Lugo R

    The government has been hijacked by the Elite. Illuminati fucks with their stupid ass NWO crap. They think they can force the world. The entire world… pff.. to make their dreams true.. a true matrix.. a lie of a life. People are free in their minds as soon as they see the truth… as soon as they realize that they have been lied to over and over and over again by the people who are suppose to be serving them.. the government is no longer functioning. It no longer represents it’s people. It no longer deserves the position of government. They must be judged and condemned to serve the rest of their lives. Their sentence:
    1) Community labor
    2) Help 8 hrs a day with the children that have been poisoned with the fracking water waste.
    3) Help children in person with all the calamities they have to go through to make the last days of their lives better.
    4) Should be forced to go to each one of the funerals that families in this country have to go to because of the lost soldiers abroad fighting for domination of OIL and RESOURCES.
    5) Distribute all the resources of this planet and make them all common heritage of all humans and forms of life on Earth.
    6) Say they are sorried for all the harm they did and recognize all they have done through education centers.

  • Roy

    Not surprised about the shadow govt’s actual existence. It’s in the protocols of zion.

    • Stan

      It’s fundamentalist Christian.. read:

      The book –
      The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the heart of American power

      It’s on amazon

  • OldUncleDave

    “Conspiracy theorist” is a pejorative coined by the CIA to discredit those who said there had been a conspiracy to kill JFK. We need to find a better term to refer to those of us who pursue the truth.

    • Razedbywolvs

      No we don’t. Conspiracy theorist have been proven right so may times the title is now a badge of honor. Wear your tin foil hat with pride.

    • Jeff Conner

      I much prefer the term Free Thinker, myself. Conspiracy theorist is our N word.

  • Lorenz

    I say We The People have a revolution and swarm the White House and line them all up and put a bullet in their head. Hillary First

    • disqus_75khJZ6RgX

      Lorenz-YOU first….we must find a way to make the world a BETTER place….you are offering NOTHING of value…..

      • Lorenz

        Not trying to offer anything of value. Just making a statement which im free to do. Besides i live in Canada and dont have our government trying to rape and pillage every country in the middle east for their resources and instilling fear into the entire world with their bullshit policies.

      • Lorenz

        And before you comment im not saying Canada is so great either. We have a retard for a prime minister and our government is just as corrupt but us canadians are to weak and lazy to rise up and do anythng about it. So same shit here, just different piles.

  • fgt4urights

    Your shadow government and all it’s treasonous intelligence agencies including your local corrupt police department have been here for a very long time operating in secret and staging events. Cointelpro/Gangstalking/Zersetzung all happening right under the American publics nose.


  • wac4761

    Bankers and Lawyers friends we let them in government this is what we get!!!!

  • SteveDave123

    >2016 the year of conspiracy

    No wonder we left 2015 with the talk of ‘conspiracy thinking’ being likened to a mental disorder.

  • Art0fWAR

    Execute them all for treason!

  • jeffrey

    Ain’t, I say, ain’t nothing ever gonna happen to the “Untouchables” Period. Next.

  • KD

    Anyone know the specific pages out of the 100 there this article is referring to?

    • Stan

      No but on page 26 of release #4 is where the FBI agent tells how he is pressured to declassify Hillary’s emails….and I thin 56 is about protocols and humas power

      It’s really worth the read. Rush Limbaugh has a transcription his radio show about it……brilliant with links

  • Benjamin Durka

    Are there any “Conspiracies” that are untrue. They all seem true with the single exception of the Flat Earth Psyop….

  • Stan
  • j b

    Wow! This really shows how only retards support Donald Trump that they actually believe this bullshit.

  • L O

    Easy enough fix.. you deploy a group of LE that are loyal to the Country to the 7th floor, kick in the door and haul them all away to jail.

  • The Ozarker

    Crooked Hillary is NOT “likely to be the next president” as you surmise. And polls that are consistently oversampling dems, women, and college grads are not evidence of the inevitability the media would like the masses to believe.

    • Andy

      The “polls” are there for a good reason,if Hillary is able to get away with stealing it,the lazy masses won’t even question it.Obama says election fraud doesn’t exist and gets away with it despite all the verified truth to the contrary.In reality Trump is miles ahead,Hillary can barely fill a phone booth at her rallies,but the masses are so propagandised they’ll believe whatever the hot girl on CBS tells them.

  • Jim Steele

    It’s a shame we can’t find out who is a member of this shadow government. Since this would be a violation of the Constitution, we are entitled to track them and their families down and use executive action against them. Yes, such a shame……..

    • Andy

      Great point,your Constitution expressly warned of such threats.

      If this lot doesn’t awaken and mobilize the US citizens to take the necessary action then you’re truly beyond help.President Soros/Clinton will bring in Chinese style net censorship and sleepwalk your asses into oblivion,it’ll be like the war of independence never happened.

      If there aren’t mass demonstrations against the Globalist cartel,if and when Shillary steals it,then as the saying goes,you’ll have the government you deserve.

  • Ron

    The 7th Floor Group = CFR; Will someone please grow some balls and finally call these bastards out.

  • archiebird

    This info was ‘purposely’ leaked. The questions are who and why? Whoever leaked this info had a motive, if it is indeed even true. I’m guessing it was leaked by Obama loyalists.