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BREAKING: FBI Releases Video of the Killing of LaVoy Finicum in Oregon

Burns, OR — The FBI just released video footage taken from a surveillance craft of the killing of Robert ‘LaVoy’ Finicum. The footage clearly shows Finicum with his hands up and not charging at any officers, as has been alleged in numerous media accounts, but making movements that law enforcement claim to have interpreted as him reaching for a loaded firearm contained in his pocket.

The footage was shot from an FBI plane flying above the strategic ambush on Tuesday that ended with the shooting of Finicum, one of the spokesmen for the armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. The video was shown during an FBI press conference in Harney County held by Oregon FBI Special Agent in Charge Greg Bretzing.

The intense footage reveals Finicum attempted to swerve to avoid a roadblock, with him ditching the vehicle onto its side in an attempt not to hit an agent who jumped out in front of the speeding truck. At this point, the truck becomes stuck in a snow bank. Finicum can then be seen exiting the vehicle with his arms raised above his head, he then makes a movement that the authorities claim was an attempt to reach for a 9mm weapon on his person, but which could also be interpreted as him attempting to open his coat to reveal his waistline or even him being shot and clutching at his wounds.

The footage reveals that when OSP shot Finicum, he wasn’t actually facing the officer that he was shot by, as he appeared to turn back toward the vehicle and it’s occupants who were being flash banged by the law enforcement. Two agents had him bracketed in a cross-fire position when he was gunned down, with one coming out of the woods after having been lying in wait for the planned ambush.

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There was certainly no firefight, as alleged by nameless law enforcement sources, and Finicum had no weapon in hand when he was shot. What is clear is that Finicum was gunned down in the snow and left to die, sprawled out in the cold with his hands up, without being rendered any medical aid.

Finicum, a foster parent and rancher, was killed after being stopped by the FBI and state police, as he drove in a two-car convoy – including occupation leader Ammon Bundy – while driving to a meeting with a county sheriff.

Bretzing said that the video showed Finicum getting out of the car and reaching for his waist, and showed that he “made a movement” and reached his right hand toward a pocket on the left inside portion of his jacket. Bretzing said Finicum had a loaded 9 mm semi-automatic handgun in that pocket.

“Actions have consequences,” Bretzing said. “As the video clearly shows it was a reckless action that resulted in consequences you have seen here today.” However, Bretzing would not say whether Finicum had pulled or even partially pulled a gun out of his pocket.

Regardless of how reckless Finicum’s actions may have been, the man was not holding a weapon when he was shot and the loss of life was not necessary in this situation. Whether the agents truly feared for their lives in the midst of a fast-paced assault, or simply gunned Finicum down out of a combination of adrenaline and fear will remain speculation.

Below is the video, so you can judge for yourself.

Jay Syrmopoulos is a political analyst, free thinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay’s work has been published on Ben Swann’s Truth in Media, Truth-Out, Raw Story, MintPress News, as well as many other sites. You can follow him on Twitter @sirmetropolis, on Facebook at Sir Metropolis and now on tsu.

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  • Clearly this is MURDER!! I watched this video! I was in shock!

    • In the video, the guy clearly reaches for his gun.

    • No! No HE DID NOT!!

    • he sure didnt keep his hands up!

    • Get some glasses, Marla.

    • they shot him in the back! Do you really believe that a father of 11 would try to have a shoot out with with a bunch of FBI shooters?? REALLY!! THEY WERE PROBABLY SHOUTING, AND GIVING ORDERS AND HE DIDN’T KNOW WHICH ONE TO FOLLOW,so they shot him! It’s heartbreaking! He had 19 grandchildren…..

    • Yes I do believe that. They are an armed militia associated with people who burned shit ton of acres. He also said he would rather go down dying rather than being taken to a cell. So, the intention is clearly there for a fight. Okay, so if you have 19 grand children, grow up and stop playing cowboy militia.

    • SOOOOO….. You believe what the Obama EPA says?? Look for the real story. I come from a state that the Feds lay claim to! Try to go into a federal forest without permission. 65% OF alaska is off limits!! They tell you its “public” property, but it isn’t . Where do you think meat come from?? The grocery store?? They didn’t illegally burn anything.

    • Marla Worman then if he was as good of a guy as everyone wants to claim he would’ve be “HOME” with his children and grandchildren. From the very first interview I saw with this dumbass I told my wife he was gonna be the first one to die. Cocky & Stupid with his nose in business where it didn’t belong

  • shot him in the back low life cocksucker FBI

  • Several seconds later though he’s clearly reaching for his gun. The admin posting this crap must be brain dead lol.

  • Didn’t see the part were he reached for his gun tho right?

    • The only guns I saw was those of the fbi.

    • You’re right. But did you see him reach under his coat/beg to be shot?

  • Bye Felicia

  • From the footage that I saw, after Mr. Finicum raised his hands in surrender, he reached with his right hand into his coat. Then he was shot.

    • How do you know he wasn’t shot while his hands were up, then went for his gun?

    • Perhaps he was looking for a kleenex to blow his nose?

    • I saw that as well

    • Or he was shot and was grabbing the wound?

    • Every report before this claimed there were no guns in the truck.
      Eyewitnesses and media.

    • They said he had a 9mm in his pocket…..kinda hard to reach with opposite hand to draw a pistol out of your pocket. Hmmm….

    • He reached after he was shot!!

    • there is no proof of that, he wasn’t forced backwards. People, are you really saying that when the police have showed amazing restraint the past month that suddenly after a man attempts to run a barricade that he was gunned down? He should have dropped to his knees with his hands up, instead he reached into his jacket. Seems to me he didn’t want to go to jail and of anyone knew the consequences of not surrendering. Sorry for the families loss but this confirms for me that the police showed restraint until the risk was there. We have no idea what was being said either… just the mute video

  • I just watched all 26 minutes, and I have to be honest.. it did look to me as though he didn’t keep his hands up, and in fact twice lowered his hands to his waistband.. Bad move when dealing with trained killers like these, and it clearly cost him his life.

    • The fact that his hands lowered multiple times tells me he was trying to keep them up but it’s a natural reaction to bring your arms in to protect your vital organs while being shot at.

    • And that’s a very real possibility.. He could have been clutching a gunshot. It’s very difficult to tell for sure.

    • Or he could have lost his balance walking through the snow. With cop issue rounds 1-2 shots even with a 9mm your going down quick. I don’t think he was clenching a gunshot wound I think he lost his balance his hands dropped and they shot him. He should have never tried to run the roadblock. You never run from the police unless you know you can get away. When they catch you it’s either a bullet or a ass whoopin that your gonna get

  • you are full of shit I saw the video he reached inside his coat ,I’m no fan of the cops but bullshit is bullshit,besides the cops went to a lot to not have it turn deadly only to shoot a guy that was surrendering give me a break

    • Ditto

    • Watch the video again. He was right handed. Wore his holster on the right. He grabbed for his left side after he was shot… His gun was left at the compound.

    • It was in his waistline idiot

    • Anna Boehme Reynolds total second amendment guy and in a armed standoff with the feds and he left his gun in camp yea right,and how do you know he wasn’t reaching across to pull his coat back so he could get his gun

    • How do you know it wasn’t a natural reaction to protect his vital organs from bullets ripping through his body?

    • He was heading to a meeting with the Sheriff. He carried his gun on the right. He left his gun at the compound. Do you really think he was heading to a shootout, as far as he knew???? JFC

    • He had no gun!

    • Anna Boehme Reynolds yea right he was a second amendment guy in a armed standoff with the feds and he left his gun in camp,hey wanna buy a bridge in Brooklyn because you will buy anything I guess

    • Tamir Rice 12yrs old with toy gun shot 2 seconds after police arrive. This guy basically said he wouldn’t be taken alive and said for all to hear that if need be he would shoot at Feds

    • Martin, HE HAD NO GUN ON HIM!!- JFC

    • Roxie Phillips these guys are second amendment fanatics and hes in a armed standoff with the feds and we are supposed to believe he left his gun in camp yea right

    • Cuz the cop has the time to think about which of his hands are prominent

    • Anna Boehme Reynolds and your getting all your info from where ,the same people that will do anything to make the feds look bad right

    • Who would begrudge law enforcement for assuming this particular gentleman in this particular group of gentlemen in this particular situation is armed?

    • yes he did have a gun….. he had a loaded 9mm in his waist band…

    • Martin, why don’t you go outside, load your gun and have your wife shoot you and see how long you hold your hands up!

    • He had a loaded 9 on him

    • Jill, LOL A 9mm can’t do anything except piss someone off. LOL

    • Anna Boehme Reynolds A 9mm was found on Lavoy It may not be much But it is still a gun.

    • That’s what the feds lied about. He carried a colt 45!!! Do any of you follow what’s going on??? I don’t think so. He had no gun !!!! Quit listening to main stream media… HE HAD NO GUN ON HIM…..

    • still hes heading for a meeting why were they stopped?? answer that,nuff said

    • You people are either young, uninformed, have no knowledge of firearms or all of the above. A MAN does not use a 9 mm. LOL

    • Stephen Sutherland I already answered that for you bud

    • I don’t care if he was armed or not, when his hands go from up into the air into his jacket, he was asking to get shot. If you wait for the guy to pull out the gun, it’s too late. His violent rhetoric didn’t leave the benefit of the doubt in the minds of the officers either.

    • And who said he had a gun? Oh ya the feds cuz they are always honest right.. Couldn’t have jus tossed that lil fucker by him cuz that don’t happen either haha no one knows and prolly never will.

    • Tj Anderson these guys are second amendment fanatics and in a armed stand off with the feds and he left his gun in camp yea right

    • Martin, there was never an armed standoff. They freely went into town. Town people came to the reserve. Where the heck did you get ” armed standoff?”

    • Martin, I didn’t know that if you love America and hate a ruthless, unjust tyrannical government and stood up for what is right and just, while not looting, burning businesses, blocking roads and attacking police,,,, that somehow you become a fanatic… Either you are young or you’re just acting mentally incompetent. Have a great night.. WOW

    • Anna Boehme Reynolds Some of the videos posted from the retards in the compound on youtube you can see Lavoy’s revolver. I carry a 380ACP. Bigger gun does not mean bigger dick.

    • No, you read that he reached inside his coat. Try walking thru a deep snowdrift with your hands in the air while someone shoots you in the back. Look at all the shots fired after LaVoy was gunned down.

    • Kiall Gage Sorry about your bad luck with the dick. Why do you carry a gun?

    • Kiall, no,,, it’s pretty obvious you don’t have a big dick at all. Have a great evening.

    • Anna Boehme Reynolds If a 9mm is no big deal and nothing to worry about then go take one and shoot yourself with it and let me know how that works out for you too.

    • Barb Troublefield I do not carry a gun in public but I do keep it in the night stand. I have no kids so no fears of them finding it.

    • You may want to rethink your story about him only carrying a .45, Anna. He posted videos while he was wearing a 9mm in a shoulder harness. You obviously haven’t been following very closely if you don’t know that.

    • Anna Boehme Reynolds shit think that if you want to. Just from that comment alone it shows your a fucking idiot

    • Martin Thomas how do you see that clear on poor quality footage.?

    • Anna Boehme Reynolds Oh and I forgot to add I have seen a person be killed with a 22lr.

    • Ok guys see it however you want. The truth always comes out in the end. ” Hands up don’t shoot” LOL

    • Why would a right handed guy in a serious situation put his gun in his left pocket? Especially when he had a shoulder strap…..I’m confused makes no sense!!!!

    • Anna Boehme Reynolds The truth is out. Just cause your to stupid to see it we have to suffer for it.

    • Sammi Jay Wright If you holster a gun at the chest it becomes very hard to draw from the right side if you are right handed. Many people prefer to cross draw with a chest holster. Not a uncommon practice.

    • Ahh contrare Kiall. If LaVoy were black, you would be wanting to loot Wal Mart…

    • Stephen Sutherland. Because there were federal warrants for the arrests of 6 of the 8 people in the 2 vehicles. Nuff said.

    • Anna Boehme Reynolds So you’re saying the members of the US Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines aren’t real men? The Beretta M9 has been the standard issue sidearm for 30 years. Quit talking out your ass.

    • Tj Anderson And Ryan Bundy and Ryan Payne.

    • He grabbed where he had been SHOT FOOL.

  • We will probably never know if he was actually reaching for a gun in his coat I guess my question is this… If you’re obviously right handed, why put your gun in your LEFT coat pocket? He was reaching across his body to his left pocket. As I said we’ll never know. All that said, don’t lower your hands unless you want to die in that situation.

    • He was reaching to his WAISTLINE because when you’re right handed and have a gun in your waistband you don’t pit it on your right hip like a holster, you put it where your right hand reaches to naturally, left side front.

    • This is an interesting point.. The pictures I’ve seen of him, he always had his pistol on the right hip. Not the left. All the same.. Look like you’re doing something like that with this group.. Expect death.

    • You can’t reach a pistol on your hip with a jacket covering it. Put it in your waistband and problem solved. Only he wasn’t as fast a draw as he thought.

    • Or he was grabbing at a gunshot wound.

    • Thank you Matt.

    • Have to agree.. He could have been clutching a wound as well. It’s not easy to see.

    • Jason Keating The Feds story NOW says that he was reaching for his LEFT COAT POCKET not his waistband.

    • Seeing as how he had just been driving, it’s possible he switched carry positions for his Colt .45 pistol. Many people do that, as it’s very dangerous to drive with a loaded, hammered handgun on your right hip where the seat belt connects. Could easily lead to a discharge and a shot leg. So it’s feasible he had pocketed it.

    • You know if you watch that video closely it sure as heck looks like the LEO on the bottom of the screen the first to confront him shoots while hands are up, Watch from about 5:55 then at 6:02 his handgun kicks you can see it raise then drop.

    • I’ll take a closer look, gruesome as it is to watch a man die..

    • Damian Nix 1st, the feds say it was a 9mm not a 45 Colt. 2nd. If he meant to fight wouldn’t he have grabbed it immediately on exiting the vehicle? Sorry man the story isn’t adding up.

    • Retard wanted to die, got just what he asked for. Sucks he didn’t give a damn about his own children.

    • Well he was known to carry an old Colt .45 so where the 9mm thing is coming from is beyond me. It’s not impossible for him to have another gun for concealed carry purposes. Who knows.

      I watched that shooting at least 15 more times and what I’ve determined is a possibility now, is he gets out immediately, hands in the air and begins walking away from the vehicle. As we can see from the other side of his truck, how deep that snowbank was.. It looked to be probably about 6 to 10 feet where he was walking… It looks, like he was walking deeper into snow, and when he lowers his arms for the first time he looks like he has lost his balance a bit. Don’t know if you’ve ever tried to walk through snow but it’s difficult and requires balancing.. Perhaps he tried to balance himself through that snowpack, and lowered his hands long enough to get shot. Then he reaches for his wound, which makes the guy in the woods take a shot. He is shot, and enraged and attempts to reach for his own gun, and utters what Victoria Sharp heard, you want to kill me? Fine! And he attempts to go down in a blaze of glory, getting shot once more, wherein he falls, and is still alive… And then the guy in the bottom of the frame lowers his gun, and the guy coming from the woods finishes him off with a shot to the head? It’s hard to see what woods boy was doing cause he’s obscured by the black bar of the ‘aircraft data’…

    • Woods guy looks like he was wearing a short sleeve shirt (in the snow in the middle of winter?), and his extended arm looks… impossibly out of proportion to his body. Did you notice that?

    • Damian Nix Yeah I noticed both parts of your post. No answer to the long arm unless he’s carrying very long firearm or something similar. Possibly a rifle extended in front of him. But yeah the whole short sleeve thing is a mystery to me as well.

    • If you put something in your right coat pocket, such as a gun, with your coat unzipped, and you reach to pull it out, do you not grab the zippered corner of your jacket with the other hand to make its removal a lot easier? Again, this video does not prove anything to me. There is no audio to indicate when shots were actually fired. When the examiner indicates how many times and where he was shot, we may have a better idea of what transpired here.

  • Straight-up execution.

  • I hope you are all OK…. that about face was rapid :-/

  • The audio would probably tell the true story of this poorly filmed ‘proof’. If they want you dead you will die. So keep your mouth shut, your eyes down and accept this shit.

    • What kind of an American would allow this shit to happen let alone accept the shit that has been on in OUR country?

    • What are you doing about it Dave?

    • Preparing…


  • They could have met those people at the camp. they set up an ambush with fed and state after the governer brown gave her blessing. He has a right to a TRIAL. DUE PROCESS. They show up guns blazing and TANKS. WTH is wrong with people ?

  • It doesn’t matter whose side you take, without sound you have no idea when the first shot came, how many shots were taken, and who was doing the shooting. Did he reach for a gun or did he reach for a shot into his guts? Without sound, we can’t tell.

  • He totally went for his gun

  • They first said they didn’t know who shot first….then they said he rushed them and now you people wait for the same liars to tell you how it went.

  • Let’s party!!

  • Murdering Cowards and this shows it .

  • It’s as simple as this if he wanted to have a shootout he wouldn’t of waited till they were locked on to draw.
    He was shot, grabbed his wound and then shot again in the head, dropping him, eyewitness claims he was shot again on the ground.
    Did not reach for a gun in his pocket. There was not a gun in his pocket.

  • Dude he was reaching for it. I support a lot of things you guys do, but this is retarded as fuck.

  • I’m extremely outspokenly anti-police wrongdoing; just scan my page. However, that man was apparently reaching into his waistband when he was shot. I don’t know how this could be interpreted any other way. I’m a pacifist, but knowing who this guy was, if I was an officer on the scene, I’d have shot him.

    • Usually when you get shot your body reacts, and you grab at your wound…
      Being anti police doesn’t teach you science apparently.

    • As I’ve said, I’ll wait for audio from all the nearby dashcams before making a final analysis.

  • thats assassination or a cold blooded murder by a gang of criminals..not fbi or cops…criminals…if normal people just shot anyone theyd b arrested and jailed or shot dead themselves…that was a unarmed man who was surrendering and the cops murdered him in cold blood

    • He also stated numerous times he would go down dying before being caged he also reached for his jacket in the video. Still don’t agree with one person being judge jury and executioner, but that man made a bed he shouldn’t have lied in.

    • I cry!!!

    • Lmao this coming from a guy who posts pics like this on his profile. What an idiot the guy reached for his gun.

    • If you don’t break the law you don’t have anything to worry about. Isn’t that what a lot of people say when this shit happens to someone if color. Smfh.

    • He was a terrorist, the world is safer today.

    • How were they to know he was unarmed?Cops get shot all the time by guys right after their hands move toward their jacket or pants.

    • He wasn’t “unarmed”. He had a loaded 9mm……

    • Juan Manuel Balandra Should you really care that your government just murders who they want when they want? Yeah, I kind of think so. Maybe you don’t agree with these people, but perhaps next time it will be your personal ideology at stake.

      Think big picture; power breeds corruption. If you let the government trample the rights of others, it just creates precedent to trample your rights too.

    • keep smoking that Kool-Aid….

  • He clearly has a drawn weapon … don’t you even watch your own video …. it’s in his left hand…. besides the video is 8 minutes not the full 26 that FBI released … what liars you are … thug got plugged … simple

  • Robert Eloi
    I can see two different instances where he appeared to be drawing a weapon. We need the dash cams with a better angle.

  • doesn’t look like much of a “gunfight” to me

    • Consider the source in the upper left hand corner

  • according to passengers he went whacko and was arguing with them … they wanted him to stop.. he said that is how he wanted to go anyhow. Look at gun in his hand …

  • It also proves that the eye witness reports of died on his hands and knees from Amon Bundy are a lie as well.

    Dude runs a police blockade and you clearly see a cop dive out of the way and his hands went up, to his coat, and then he was shot.

    When guns are trained on you leave your hands in the air. Don’t move them to your jacket.

    • His hands were coming in as a natural reaction to protect his vital organs from bullets ripping through his ribcage.

    • Austin Mackillop this clearly doesn’t show him being shot then moving.

      But ignore the fact he had a chance to surrender and then almost ran a cop over.

      Ignore the fact he had said he’d rather die than be arrested and had made threats to spill blood.

      Ignore that PINAC released the full swat video which shows the witnesses lied.

      Ignore all that and you are just ignorant.

    • The cop looked like he was diving toward the truck, not out of the way.

    • Right because the cop is so corrupt he’s gonna dive into a car and die/cripple himself just to justify this guy being shot -_-

    • Vince Brown once again THATS SO RIGHT. The cop is going to JUMP IN FRONT OF A MOVING CAR. On purpose because he’s so corrupt that he wanted to justify his other cops shooting the guy.

      what this grainy video proves without a doubt though is Amon Bundy is a lying sack of shit. “Died on his knees” my ass

    • Well… terrorists often have those willing to sacrifice themselves for the cause…

    • It was reported here as a routine traffic stop

    • FBI murdered him.

    • Jonathan Anderson by definition the ranchers are terrorists too

    • Stephen Sutherland they were dumb for believing it was “peace negotiations” of course what happened was gonna happen

    • Roxie Phillips after he blew past a police blockade, almost ran over a cop, and then while his hands were up reached for something.

    • Either way if they were travelling to an organized meeting with FBI why was there a rd block.it sounds like they never intended to have a peaceful outcome with these men.

    • It was an ambush

    • Vince Brown Vince open your eyes and realize that for just once this guy gave all the cops reasons to shoot him

    • Stephen Sutherland yes because the really wanted a shootout. Or they tricked the idiots into a meeting to cut the head off the snake.

    • Yea that’s the way I’m seeing it.lure them out claiming a peace can be reached..I’m glad I don’t live there .there is only one conclusion to this and unless things change from the powers that be that conclusion is either bend over and get anal raped or blood and lots

    • Mike Kinnally ambush implies lying in wait and popping out to shock and awe your enemies. Not a highway roadblock but nice one.

    • #2

    • Stephen Sutherland these guys aren’t noble patriots. Their WellFare queens who were fine and dandy with the government tyranny until it didn’t go their way

      “Us uncut 5 taxes the Bundy ranchers get”

    • Mike Kinnally #2?

    • still gentlemen honor their agreements and they were going for an arranged meeting,,,,,theres no other way to see it other than an ambush…i understood they were farmers??

    • Shane Miles road block implies the same thing

    • Stephen Sutherland it wasn’t an ambush. Bonnie and Clyde now they were ambushed.

      These guys were just plain stupid and duped.

      This is you “tyrannical evil government” and you expect them to be honorable?

      No wonder they’re just farmers. Lawyers and Doctors wouldn’t be that fucking stupid to believe that.

    • Stephen Sutherland it doesn’t though because a legal road block isn’t an ambush

    • Stephen Sutherland your wasting your time trying to argue with this liberal Fuck he already knows everything. He know the are on welfare some magical way.. Yet is from California the welfare capital of the world. Prolly never seen a ranch or a gun in his life.

    • That they are. I agree that both sides are terrorists. I take no sides in this fight… normally I would take these ranchers as idiots, but in this situation… there was too much suspect action taken by law enforcement.

    • Almost every militia group in the Western States were mobilizing when asked by a few National groups to stand down until more info was gathered, now that info is coming in, just watch what happens

    • routine police stop is completely different. and considering who these people were meeting up with they should have had a clear passage all they way,

    • Why is shooting the only option.Could have just pushed him over in the snow.US law enforcement are beset with clinical insanity brought on by institutionalized paranoia. All that military grade steely lantern jawed look and posture and they are really just pissant pissies.

    • Barry Doyle because it’s the government? Are you new here? Don’t act like the ranchers were entirely peace loving though.

    • Shane Miles still why were they stopped?? if you in your self answer that.please tell me

    • Again he has already decided! Its a closed case this dude has got it nailed! Best cop who isn’t a cop ever! Go lick some more boots there Shane.

    • Tj Anderson you realize you prove such stupidity by calling me “liberal fuck” which shows you go for cliche impulse insults

      Also, look up the us uncut article “5 wellfarethe bundy ranchers get” welfare doesn’t have to be just one type genius.

      The welfare capital? Cute.

    • Jonathan Anderson just as much idiot actions taken by this guy. If you are going up against a tyrannical government and know they’ll kill you don’t give them reason to

    • Stephen Sutherland I never said it was “routine” traffic stop

      Road block and traffic stop aren’t the same thing p

    • Stephen Sutherland I’ve said like 10 times. The FBI tricked their dumb asses. They wanted to arrest them and cut the head off the snake

    • Tj Anderson if you had an inch of intelligence you’d know on multiple posts on these pages I am vehemently against police.

      Yet on one instance im not in unison with the popular vote and assholes like you turn on me with insults and shit talk.

      You are no better then the morons with cop dick in their mouth.

    • Shane Miles 1) Almost ran a cop over? He swerved to avoid the police. Don’t pretend like you don’t see the cop jumping toward the vehicle 2) People often talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. It’s easy to make bold claims but when put in the situation things often change. This is normal. 3) This is irrelevant to the video and my comment. 4) Ignore this and you are just ignorant. See doesn’t make sense when someone else does it right?

    • I have a pretty sharp mind if I felt you were worthy of talking to like a adult instead of some know it all Fuck tard I would have done so haha I didn’t say I am goin either way with the whole deal but you don’t know shit and keep acting like you do. I’m better than some Fuck tard who acts like he was there! Butt hurt much puss cake?!

    • 1. Yes because cops try to commit suicide so others can shoot the guy. Right.
      2. Either way it shows the police he’s dangerous potentially and puts them on alert
      3. It’s related because they aren’t jumping on the “hate any cop” bandwagon and are remaining objective
      4. No still you being ignorant so it makes perfect sense.

    • Tj Anderson I love how people like you go all over talking shit on anyone who doesn’t agree with you. Shows what kind of keyboard warrior you are.

      And I doubt your “sharp mind” ever comes up with anything but the bullshit that spews from your hick looking mouth.

      Be honest. The Down syndrome chick in the dress is your sister right?

      See? I can shit talk too about someone I don’t instead of being an adult.

    • He got shot.. You’d move your hands there too..

    • Zane Stovall Since we don’t have audio it’s an assumption that he was shot and then grabbed instead of reaching for a weapon.

      Also, it isn’t some scientific fact that you grab your wound

    • Haha I said I can’t say either way! Your acting like the case is closed smart guy! Oh ya my wife is my sister good one bahaha you don’t deserve a legit debate you already took aside with out facts.

    • To those who disagree about the Bundy WellFare Queens

      UsUncut is very anti police as well so it isn’t some biased MSM outlet.

    • Keyboard warrior haha your so cute when your mad 😉

    • Tj Anderson I never said anything was cut and dry. I never said case is closed.

      Maybe she is your sister because so far everything you accuse me of is made up in your small tiny little brain. “Sharp minded” good one.

    • Tj Anderson thanks but I’m not gay man. Ask your sister wife to slip a finger up your ass. You can be like Kanye West.

    • So millions of people take food stamps while bitching that the government holds them back so what’s the validity of your point?

    • I read more on a daily basis than you probably have your whole life thanks but I know a thing or two haha I just like making people like you all butt hurt! Shows how easy it is to break your resolve haha

    • Tj Anderson there’s a difference between “bitching that the government holds you back” and then full on calling them tyrannical and rallying people to rise up while mooching off those same people acting like patriots just because the government didn’t do what they want one time.

      It makes them fucking hypocrites.

    • Tj Anderson I’m sure you read so much. And oh you got me. So butthurt because I am still answering every dumbass rebuttal you have. Some resolve is better than none because you have yet to show any signs of intelligence. Just mindless shit talk from an inbred mouth.

    • What do you call Ferguson and Baltimore smart guy?! They found out that the whole reason they were fighting was horse shit cause dude never had his hands up at all. I’m sure there was a few people in that mix who were still asking for some help. So they would be just the same.

    • What the fuck are you talking about?

      This has nothing even remotely to do with Ferguson or Baltimore.

      Hands up don’t shoot became much more than whether or not he had his hands up. It became a movement.

      These guys aren’t down on their or poor. Their wealthy ranchers living off of the people’s money. Read the article since you “read so much”

    • Oh who is assuming shit now haha. You wouldn’t know any of you seen it!

    • Have fun lil buddy this was fun thanks princess haha

    • I’m sorry since that second part isn’t comprehensible English I’m going to need you to edit it or make a new one so I know just exactly what you are accusing me of assuming

    • Tj Anderson have fun fucking your sister wife. And like I said just have her stick a finger up your ass to satisfy that gay lust of your. Just tell her you want to be like Kayne.

    • Put the pig peter back in your mouth and STFU…sfp

    • clearly, he lowered his hands and reached to something in his jacket, they had no option but to shoot him.

    • Tamra Louviere right because I’m such a cop suckers because FOR ONCE I’m saying it doesn’t seem unjustified

    • A policewoman ran in front of a stolen car in west London and got run over. Some of them really are that stupid.

    • Shane if you look at the video you see the cop jumps out at the vehicle at the last moment causing the crash.

    • Vince Brown so you don’t see him reaching for something in his coat? really?

    • Brandon Johnson in the end him still driving and trying to run a blockade almost killed the cop

    • Fuck a cop

    • Brandon Johnson say that all you want but let’s add it up

      -said he’d rather die than be arrested
      -ran a blockade/evaded arrest
      -almost killed a cop
      -reached for something

      They knew this guy as an armed fanatic willing to kill.

      He gave them all the reasons to shoot him

    • Shane fuck your system and it’s servants.

    • Brandon Johnson was that meant to make sense? Haha

      You people are fucking hypocrites.

      You claim all cop lovers attack you if you cross the thin blue line but one time I don’t automatically hate cops and you assholes do the same thjng

    • I didn’t claim anything I simply stated what to do with your cops

    • Shane miles, they did pop out of the woods. They had been there awhile waiting to get thru that snow and to the woods. If he wanted to go out in a blaze, why didn’t he ram them, if I wanted to kill, I would have. He was shot then grabbed his abdomen. He wouldn’t have reached for a gun unless he wanted to die, in which case he would’ve rammed them. They set up a meeting but killed him 60 miles out, not an ambush? If I can prove they have killed before, used the news to make people like you believe they didnt, would you do the research? I can prove they use you, as a fool to kill.

    • Where is the shootout that was first reported?? The official story was a lie.
      Why FBI release like to release poor quality footage?

    • this was clearly an ambush.. they set up a blockade on an icy road just around a sharp bend so he has no time to react. instead of ramming the police cars, he goes to literally the only place he can to avoid a collision, not to ram the police officer. the way he throws his hands up IMMEDIATELY instead of maybe unloading a rifle tells me he wasn’t trying to be combative in any way. the way the officer comes running out of the woods shows me that this was set up as an ambush. he had no other reason to be that far away from the road block. he raises his hands, still gets shot and then reaches to where he was just shot out of reflex. when you’ve just been shot, you’re going to instinctively see what the fuck just happened. once he brings his hands down he is then unloaded on. lavoy was dead the second he left the compound..

    • Shane Miles you are an idiot. Ranchers are some of the hardest working people in Merica. How are they living off the peoples money? They collect entitlements? Or do they run a business. Take that Ignorant bullshit elsewhere troll

    • Jimmy Saetern so they can dispute what is obviously cold blooded murder

    • Brandon Johnson my cops? Haha alright?

    • Jeff Campbell what’s Funny is you think I’m a fool because why? One time I don’t side with the evil murder by cops this time?

    • Jimmy Saetern if this was private footage you’d be all for it

    • Chris Barbe look up Bonnie and Clydes death. That was an ambush

    • Kaleb Ball calling me a troll yet I doubt you’ve read the article I posted

    • After watching Making a Murder, hm! Cops are cold blooded killers I’d say and ways quick to fire the gun.

    • 1. He made public declarations of his willingness to kill and said he’d rather die then go to jail.
      2. He evaded arrest and drove through a police blockade
      3. He almost runs over a cop
      4. He makes a quick motion for his waistline

      He gave the cops plenty of reasons to shoot him.

      I 99.9% do not side with the cops and I’m not even fully on their side this time. The fact is these video disproved 2 of the eye witnesses who were on the militia side saying “died on his knees”

      And since we have no audio there’s no proof he was “grabbing his wound”

    • Agreed! Couldn’t of put it better myself

    • Look carefully. The video is EDITED at 6.00 to 6.01.

    • If this guy was on a rampage why didn’t he just go through the cars would have caused more damage an I saw him go round them I also see a cop run towards the car not the car go toward him….amercains easiest people to brain wash!!!! I mean even a child can see this is cold blooded murder!!

    • Very well said Shane Miles

    • I’m sorry but u can’t clearly see that….maybe u think u can because they told u before the clip was shown….what I saw was his hands were at his side to help run through the snow….an after his comments the day before he knew he was cornered if he wanted to kill them he would of come out firing a gun….an I have to ask why were there flashes of light an Movement in the snow like the cops were shooting the van after the guys death…..trigger happy if u ask me…..an that has a lot to do with many deaths in The states just lately no one trusts them

    • Shane Miles no you have no credibility in my eyes now having seen some of the comments you’ve made

    • Wow it’s funny to watch people finally have the reaction black people have when “one of our own” is “wrongfully shot”. This is RICH with irony I love it.

    • I’m seeing the same type of things I hear black people say when defending a “victim of police brutality.”

    • Try walking through knee deep snow while keeping your hands up. Next to impossible, without adding the extra excitement and adrenaline. Dude was murdered.

    • He was clearly murdered and people still try to say he put up a fight. And your mainstream media said there was a shootout…. All part of the plan to confuse the masses and have them point the blame towards the ranchers.

    • Okay so you are going to continue to pretend that the cop did not dive toward the vehicle. Well if you cannot even tell which direction the cop was moving then there is no way you could tell what the guys hands were doing.

    • Sammi Jay Wright When guns from ANY cop are trained on you in a tense situation,Raise your hands and STAND STILL.When they say don’t move,that’s what they mean.

    • Hands were up then he opens coat and goes for something in it. This guy already said he would shoot before being locked up. To bad so sad.

    • Sammi Jay Wright because he would have risked the lives of the passengers in his vehicle.

    • Gregory C Smith he did raise his arms an only dropped them when he was shot in the back to the left side his hands were clearly high in air until then….he then went to raise them again after he was shot until he was shot in the face

    • That pig tried to run in front of the truck not dive out of the way ….

    • Michael White did u carry on watching the video after his was killed they were shooting at car u can clearly see light flashes an the snow moving….yet no movement from inside the car

    • Bob Coombs his hands were up until he was shot in the back on the left hand side he checked his wound….please look for truth not what u were told to see

    • It’s hard to keep your hands in the air as you’re getting shot…

    • if he was reaching for a gun, why did he put his hands BACK in the air?

    • Sammi Jay Wright every non biased person can see it isn’t enough to go on. With no audio there’s no proof of one side being right.

    • Sammi Jay Wright the police admitted to flash banging the van and then firing sponge rounds to arrest the other occupants.

      You CLEARLY didn’t read the article and just watched long enough to justify your biased opinion.

    • Kaleb Ball I care about what you think?

    • Jeremy Hensley right so we should totally call murder despite NO AUDIO and TWO OF THE EYE WITNESS ACCOUNTS BEING LIES

    • Austin Mackillop the cop dived because he saw a car coming at him. Either way if the guy hadn’t run the blockade he r never would’ve almost hit the cop.

      It’s like the guy who j walked and a cop had to slide off his bike. The cop was going to fast to go around which made him a reckless driver.

    • Marta Palermo all eye witness accounts are militia members which highly calls into question their credibility and 2 of the accounts already got proven lies by the video

    • Michael White all the passengers were the “willing to die crowd” he risked their lives by running the blockade

    • Sammi Jay Wright with no audio once again you are just focusing on your version to prove you right

    • Sammi Jay Wright there were other people in the car for the last time. If you READ THE ARTICLE you’d see they flash banged then shot sponge rounds into the car

    • Jonathan Tz no medical/scientific proof that you clutch a wound

      He reaches twice. Look at the article and it does a timeline.

    • Shane Miles I clearly saw the cop shot him on his left side of the body then he got shot again in the face….open your eyes for God sake!!!! It wasn’t my opinion it’s what I saw with my own eyes

    • Sammi Jay Wright no it’s clearly your opinion because there’s no audio so there’s no proof of when the shots are.

      You say clearly grabbed his wound

      Others say clearly went for a gun

      And a gun was found on him.

      There’s not enough proof to go off either way.

      What doesn’t look good for him is that 2 of the eye witnesses in the car flat out lied one of which being Amon Bundy himself.

      Also don’t tell me to “open my eyes” when you didn’t even bother to read the article which told about the flash bang and sponge bullets.

    • Chris Barbe and you don’t think the cops should plan at all when doing a road block? He should have STOPPED period.

    • Kaleb Ball do you have any clue on all the suppsedies that ranchers and farmers get?

    • The lives off the American Taxpayers and were totally cool with the “tyrannical government” as long as it worked for them.

    • Also, look at the hypocrisy of lots of you guys. If the video proves a cop lied everyone condemns the cop.

      This video raises questions but does prove that the eye witnesses who claimed he “died on his knees” straight up LIED.

    • Sammi Jay Wright he was shot once. It’s been confirmed he had a loaded 9 MM where he was reaching. As soon as he was hit he went DOWN and the cop moved away. No second shot to be seen. I’m sure they will confirm all of this but do you seriously thin running from the cops in hopes of a high speed chase, trying to hit an officer and running at cops and grabbing at your gun is a smart?

    • Video shows Finicum getting out of the truck. He reached his right hand toward a pocket on the left inside part of his jacket before being shot dead by an OSP trooper.

      Finicum had a loaded 9mm semi-automatic handgun in that pocket.

      Flash bangs were then used about 30 seconds later to “disorient any other armed occupants” of the white truck. Authorities then used sponge projectiles with “OC capsules similar to pepper spray.”

      After a few minutes, Ryan Bundy, Shawna Cox and another woman — who was not arrested or named — were taken out of the truck and into custody.

      To ensure there were no remaining threats, the FBI and OSP waited about 10 minutes to provide Finicum with medical assistance.

      “Agents and troopers did find 3 other loaded weapons inside the truck. They included two loaded .223 caliber semi-automatic rifles. There was also one loaded .38 special revolver,” These people are used to solving everything by waving guns around that they didn’t have the common sense anymore to know that it is in fact not normal. Unless you back in a time machine to the wild west which this 2016 is not.

    • Where is this witness account saying he died from his knees? I’ve heard statements from Victoria Sharp and Mark McConnell. Sharp’s account closely mirrors the video. McConnell’s account, which he claims was told to him by Payne and Cox, was clearly refuted by the video. Where are you reading about Ammon making a statement?

    • Chris Martyn in the few PINAC articles it claims he called his wife and told her the details I said.

    • I realize that Floyd always carries a holstered weapon on his right.

      However, look at it this way.

      They were probably told to come unarmed. The FBI did this to make it easier to arrest them with less blood shed.

      It’s very likely he had a hidden 9mm in his waist since he was quoted as saying he’d rather die then spend time in a concrete box.

      If as all of you say this was an FBI ambush to murder them all then why did the FBI even have non lethal rounds to take down the other occupants.

      Look up Bonnie and Clydes death by FBI. That was a real ambush.

    • JonathanT that was my thought

    • Ryan Bundy got shot in the arm. Meaning the police opened fire on the car and LaVoy jumped out to draw the fire away and was murdered.

      Plus government exists to initiate force. Being opposed to a certain application of that renders you in a defensive position. You literally cannot initiate force on a system that initiates force on you.

      But that’s a fundamental of political philosophy so naturally over everyone’s head.

    • Rob Graylow right because you are sooooo much smarter than everyone else.

      People who act like that tend to be close minded ignorant assholes.

      Also, you realize what website you just used as a source right?

    • He jumped out to draw fire? He ran a police blockade and only got out because he crashed.

      Also, please show credible proof of Ryan Bundy being shot in the arm.

      Because in the video you see a flashbang and then sponge rounds shot into the car.

    • Ryan Bundy suffered a MINOR SHOT to the arm from which honestly could’ve been a rebound.

      No bullets were purposefully shot at the car and the video proves that.

      Rob, you are manipulating details for your own narrative

    • “Government exists to initiate force…renders you in a defensive position…literally cannot initiate force on a system that initiates force on you.”

      That’s not a fundamental of political philosophy and is just your subjective opinion on it.

      Don’t act so high and mighty when the pillar you stand on is shitty and crumbling.

    • And right at the most critical moment the pictures go out of focus ?

    • But at 6:03 he is reaching for something

  • Admin post the full 26 minute video. Stop hiding the truth.

    This guy clearly didn’t “die on his knees” like your hero Amon Bundy said

    • I just had to go to your FB page to see what kind of a fool you are. So you are about 24 years old and think you know something. I’ve got fucking underwear older than you. Your a punk fucking troll. Living in mommy’s basement and stealing her change for beer money. Just STFU!!!!!

    • So you had to stalk my Facebook page to come up with an insult instead of any form of intelligent response making you an uneducated old twat.

      Good. Thanks for confirming that Shirley.

  • Looked like he was reaching for something before he went down.

  • Traffic stop? That looked like a tactical ambush to me

  • Looks like he grabbed at a wound from being shot the first time then the pig came out of woods and shot him in the back

  • Very sad!

  • I’ll wait for audio from all the dashcams before making a final analysis. If such audio never surfaces, then we have a problem.

  • They released this shitty footage to drive a wedge between people. Where is the dashcam footage.. Seems like a set up with the dude in the woods though.. Like they expected to get em in a kill box position from the get go..

    • not a set up, just good tatics…that was where the road block, if he ran, the fbi probably had another guy in the woods on the other side also…

    • Well it obviously worked so you are correct. It looked to me that there was a whole in the windshield on the drivers side so the question I have is, did the fbi shoot before he put the truck in the ditch and was that why he jumped out so fast? The only reason I suspect they did is if you watch he was on the brakes well before he went In the ditch so I don’t suspect he ever planned on ramming through or around the road block.. So what cause do they have to shoot at him through the windshield.. Just a observation.

    • Tj Anderson interesting observation

    • There is just to many variables at this point but a lot of things seem odd. He was on the brakes for a good amount of time before he hit the ditch.. It could have been icy on the roads but he still avoided the road block so I don’t know about his commitment to the whole suicide by cop deal.

    • Tj Anderson I heard they started shooting at the first stop and that’s why they ran. I haven’t confirmed it but it makes sense to me. My question is why did they continue to fire on the vehicle after Lavoy was down?

    • I wouldn’t doubt it. It just seems they were out to kill that dude in particular. I don’t think they really wanted to take any of them alive if they didn’t have to but the people in the truck complied after dude was shot so they had to take em alive. Just my opinion.

  • See what America stands for….. what a joke
    To the officer who has a happy trigger finger do you feel better now ?
    Perhaps seek some counselling before you kill someone else
    shit you will fit right in with the Chicago Police Dept but first I would hope you go before the courts

  • He did say he’d rather die then get arrested. I guess you do get what you wish for sometimes.

    Also, think about this. No one knew the FBI had video. All we had was witness statements.

    When before does authority release a video of a shooting this quick? When it exonerates them.

    • Look out the authority on the whole situation gots this shit solved. Sit back he’s got it folks.. You don’t know anymore than anyone else.. That video don’t prove shit either way.. He could have been getting shot or reaching for a piece who the fuck knows certainly not you. Have you ever even seen a real life gun?

    • Yes I’ve own and shot many.

      I didn’t say the video proves he had a gun but it’s very likely he could’ve been reaching for one.

      And your sarcasm is just sad and immature

    • Well quit acting like you know the whole story bro no one does.. Well I own a bunch and shoot pretty often and can tell you he could have been hit no prob from the wood line. Not saying he wasn’t reaching but be real you can’t tell shit from this video. He was a human life don’t be so fast to shit on his life.

    • Tj Anderson I’m not shitting on anything.

      I’m just not going to blindly go with the status of quo and mummified everyone’s else comment of “cold blooded police murder”

      This story does prove that Amon Bundy is a fucking liar though. He claimed the guy died execution style with his hands behind his head on his knees.

    • Boot licker!!!

    • Lucas Conner either your being sarcastic because I said I’m not blindly hating cops or you really are that dumb

    • I’m not dumb enough to believe that he had a 9mm in his left pocket when he was known to wear a Colt .45 on his right side and was right handed. His hands were up and he was clearly giving up. The passengers in his vehicle said he was giving up and then said “jus shoot me then” and they shot him leaving him in the snow with his hands up. Just like how the footage shows. Reaching for his left side could have been where the first bullet struck him before being shot in the head by the cop hiding in the trees.

    • Lucas Conner either way he gave them plenty of reasons to kill him during that instance.

      There’s no proof he reached for his “wound” just that he reached.

      Also, seeing as the witnesses were other members of the militia it’s calls into question their credibility

      Like Amon Bundy who said he died on his knees

    • Amond wasn’t near the shooting and how did you get this exclusive right form Amond’s mouth? With that kind of exclusive you should be a reporter. You must mean Lavoy’s daughter who said he died on his knees.

    • And the 18 year old female passenger was released. She was the one who said this.

    • Lucas Conner Amon was in the car. He was arrested. You see them flash bang the car and shoot sponge bullets at it.

      Also, you must not have read the multiple PINAC articles which listed what Amond said to his wife about Floyd dying on his knees.

      If you are gonna use sarcasm at least try to be accurate.

    • Anon was in the Jeep, Ryan was in the truck. Ryan was shot when they were getting flash banged and tear gassed, or did you see the flashes going off in the video?

    • And no I don’t read PINAC articles. I actually live in Eastern Oregon.

    • Lucas Conner You can see the flash bang go off. I mixed up the cars but Amond still told his wife what he saw.

      Also, yes he wears a holster on his right hip. Yet a 9mm was recovered tucked into the left side of his waistband WHICH if he put it there would be where he’d reach.

      He wasn’t holstered up when he died. Because he probably left it behind for the “peace negotiations” but if they want bad had a stowaway weapon.

      “Reacting to being shot” isn’t medical fact.

      You living in Eastern Oregon doesn’t make your more knowledgable on the subject which is the only reason you’d bring that up.

      Also, if you don’t read their articles then why are you on a page like this which frequently posts and gets information FROM PINAC.

    • These are the 2 testimonies that have been proven a lie

    • This is a timeline from the PINAC article

    • The FBI says that LaVoy reached twice for a 9mm gun inside his jacket on the left hip area. However, LaVoy carried a revolver on his right hip in a holster. The video shows that LaVoy’s jacket was closed at the time he was shot. Why would a right-handed man who carries a revolver openly on his right hip choose to leave his holster behind and instead hide another man’s 9mm gun on the inside of a jacket around his left hip? It’s as preposterous as the FBI’s thoroughly debunked claim that federal agents did not start the fires that burned 80+ men, women and children alive at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas.

      The FBI is lying. LaVoy’s vehicle was shot at one time at the first stop when Ryan put his hands and head out the window to speak to the feds. LaVoy’s vehicle was shot at several times as he drove away to seek the help and protection from the Grant County Sheriff. LaVoy’s windshield was shot from the front by an agent who jumped out in front of the vehicle at the second stop.

      LaVoy was transporting an 18 year old girl with him who was visiting with her family to sing gospel music at the town hall they were traveling to. To save her, Shawna and Ryan Bundy, LaVoy jumped out of the vehicle with his hands in the air. He yelled out that if they were going to shoot someone, to shoot him. With his hands in the air, that is exactly what they did.

      The first shot struck him on the left side of his body. His body began to buckle and his hands went down to the wound but he was ordered to put his hands back in the air. He tried to do so, but naturally returned his hands back to the wound. He turned and pointed at the vehicle, yelling out that there were women in it. Rushing up behind him, another agent put a laser pointer on LaVoy and shot him in the face. He was still moving on the ground when they shot him three more times.

      It was cold-blooded murder. And the American people will not forget it. LaVoy is a martyr for the cause of justice and liberty. We will not stop fighting for our freedom. Harney County Oregon is our Bunker Hill. This is only the beginning.

    • Lucas Conner wow. I can smell that bullshit from here.

      You have zero proof for basically everything you just said.

      You more than likely have a very large bias and got all your information from the 2 debunked witness testimonies saying he died on his knees and was shot 100 times

    • Even PINAC gives the timeline that Lavoy reached for his waist twice.

      Lavoy was not holstered when he died. The assumption could be made they were told/asked to come unarmed to the “peace negotiations” the FBI most likely did this hoping they could arrest them with little to no incidence. However, it’s also a good assumption that Lavoy had a stowaway piece on him. A small 9mm stowed in his waist is a good place to hide it. That would then make sense why he was reaching across to his left to pull it from his waistband. This can be backed up by his multiple claims of rather dying then be arrested.

      No one was shot at the first stop what so ever. This is even back up by Amon Bundy himself. Amon and his passengers exited the vehicle and surrendered. Instead of doing that Lavoy whether on his own decision or his passengers tried to evade arrest and escape. The FBI had probably planned for this and set up the blockade. Lavoy tried to run this as well and crashed into the snow bank. This is all proven on film dude.

      The officer saw a car coming and jumped to avoid dying and in a panic which happens when a cars coming at you jumped the wrong way. Please show credible proof that his windshield has any bullet holes in it.

      The 18 year old girl has also been shown lying as well as the other witnesses in the car because they claimed over 100 bullets were shot at Lavoy and he died on his hands and knees calling for help. This explains where you got your information from. Video proves their testimony isn’t credible.

      All your claims of him shouting are either backed up by non credible witnesses and your own opinions.

      If it was just cold blooded murder then why did they then take the rest of the vehicles occupants peacefully. They had guns in the car. No one else was around. They could’ve easily killed them all and claimed they were shot at. Instead they flash banged the car and used non lethal sponge rounds. Explain that.

      Explain why the FBI would release footage of it shows them cold blooded killing someone?

      The mere fact you believe he is a martyr backs up the fact he went for a gun purposefully to become a martyr. He made multiple claims of rather die than live in a concrete cage and that he’d lived a good life.

      They aren’t fighting for anyone’s freedom but our own. They live off of government subsidies and welfare paid for by the taxpayers. They have no problem with the “tyrannical government” until something doesn’t go their way.

      There’s also been quite a few oath keeps who posted on Facebook which the PINAC article screenshoted backing up my claims. Not yours. That’s his own oath keeper friends. Not some dude on facebook(you).

    • Us uncut isn’t some government loving source and actively speaks out against them so don’t try some “biased unreliable source” crap.

      Read it on how the Bundy ranchers are welfare queens.

    • That’s cause your a boot licker. Blindly believing everything the mainstream media pushes. You watched the video. His hands were up, out on the open with no cover stumbling in the snow and was executed. Boot licker

    • Nice cliche insult. 98% of the time I am against the story of the police. This time there’s not enough actual evidence to support your claims.

      So, PINAC, Concurrent News, US Uncut, etc are all mainstream news now?

      Yes I also saw TWICE that he went for his waist. Without audio there’s no proof he was “grabbing for his wound”

      Just because I don’t ALWAYS go with the status quo of “arg all cops are evil” does not mean I’m a boot licker.

      Just means I don’t blindly accept any anti-authority story that pops up.

      Your refusal to admit that the witness accounts that said he “dies on his hands and knees” show your bias and ignorance to this subject.

    • Lucas Conner looks like he has a 9mm in a shoulder holster. Awkarddddddddd

    • There are more of us then there are you, you speak as if you know what its like to live in eastern Oregon. To have a majority of the state vote go to outsiders new to Oregon. Out of state individuals who think they know now what’s best for Oregon family’s that have lived here since the Indian wars. Liberal minds that want more and more Government policies. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PhYaCAJJ-m0

    • Oh now you claim to be with anonymous. You do realize the oath keeps hate anonymous right?

      That a lot of them openly speak out against groups such as freethought project for being anti police?

      No because you are a true idiot

  • A grand jury needs to be convened to investigate this and indict those involved, government agents or not!

    • This will be shot (no pun intended) in a court of law. Sure he had his hands up but then he appears to begin to reach into his coat. That would lead officers to defend themselves by saying that therey thought he was reaching for a gun. This alone would clear the law on the basis of Probable cause giving them a green light to use deadly force if necessary. I don’t like how the Feds Handled this whole affair but sad as it may be, this video will help clear them of any wrong doing.

    • And waste tax payer dollars on a f’n redneck suicide terrorist???
      Pull your head outta your ass!!!
      He got what he wanted.

    • Mari-Ellen Cain You seem to have acceoted the propaganda of the executioners. I would like to see our taxpayer money used to investigate this matter rather than wasted on ne’er do wells and derelicts.

    • Jim Dunlap, this situation does not require any investigation.This group took over a Federal Preserve, they armed themselves and told the world they were willing to die for their cause. They trespassed, they broke the law and they were dealt with. I have no sympathy whatsoever for a group of out of control rednecks making threats!!!!

    • Mari-Ellen Cain I am willing to hear all sides through the due process afforded by law. Until then I will be unlike you and reserve my judgement. I have heard many rumors from both sides but will not let bias determine guilt or innocence.

  • from Gregg Dorsett… I’ll address a few things. They seemed to be complying, at the initial stop, until something happened that made them speed off…..hence being shot at. Prior to that, they had their hands out the windows and so forth. There seemed to be a dialog happening. Then, whatever it was that made them drive off. Being shot at would explain that.

    Here are a few points about the roadblock. The supreme court, several (as in close to 20) years ago stated that the setting of an impassable road block is the same as the application of lethal force. Hence, the officers doing so should expect that should the driver they intend to stop, could likely lose his life should he have no way out. So, before, he ever leaves the road, the officers (in the courts eyes) have already applied lethal force, all while they have NOT been resisted to even close to that level. The force continuum is a long explanation but in short, you can go one level up for the level of resistance being offered. At the point the truck is attempting to escape, they are at escape resistance. Lethal force is 4 levels above that.

    Then, you see the officer dramatically diving out of the way. The issue is that he put himself in the path of the truck. An officer can not claim self defense, at least in the case of a vehicle, when he put himself in the path of the vehicle. It is a completely different story when a suspect intentionally drives toward and officer but it was very evident that he was trying to avoid striking the vehicles or anything else.

    You see him exit the vehicle with his hands up. He was not running toward the officer. I can’t say for certain that he didn’t know that the officers were in the trees bmut it didn’t appear to be such. He appeared to be moving out into the open of the officer that came out from behind his truck. You see something change in his stance before he puts his hand inside his jacket, as if he were shot in the back. He then reaches in, they shoot more and he goes down. It appeared that he shot once he was on the ground.

    From the aerial view and as much as you don’t see, it is hard to have a great interpretation of what happened but there are some glaring issues with how this went down from the view point of my law enforcement experience.

  • Nazi Police in USA

  • he kept putting his hands in jacket so no the office story is not a lie.

  • Approached the video with an open mind, he reached 2x for something in his coat, I’m not sure in that situation they were wrong to shoot someone who proclaimed they wouldn’t get taken alive.

  • If your guna shoot it out you dont put your hands up from the get go …you come out blazing….when we hear sound if we ever do i bet he grabbed at the first bullet wound then got shot in the back by another worthless pig…..and if any of you say you would keep your hands up after being shot in the stomach then your a meth head….oh and the pig that tried to jump in front of the truck did that on purpose to make it look like he was being run over to give them a reason to shoot….MURDER PLAIN AND SIMPLE

    • They were going to a meeting with the sheriff if they wanted to arrest them why didnt they just do it there instead of this crap the pulled …it was complete nonsense.. the FBI was under orders to kill him by the administration

    • Shawn Teeter I not defending the feds action but maybe they didn’t want anything to go down in town

    • Poor baby died just like he said he wanted to, fuck that worthless piece of shit

    • Haha Ryan Carlson your a joke go troll else where the grown ups are talking here!

    • My thoughts exactly!

      When you get shot you get a bit of a shock & reach for the source of the discomfort..

      They have their trigger happy psychos that they call upon when someone needs to go..

      It’s called ‘Killology’ & only 2% of all people will shoot-to-kill another human being..

      They have a license to kill

    • Your right Mike Bishop then there would be more witnesses….

    • Ryan Carlson go lay your head on your mommy Hillarys boob and have a drink

    • Ryan is an agent…boast like a coward over the actions of cowards, must be a coward..

      The great equalizer never did anything for a coward’s empty ballbags. It just made them think it did

    • The fool doesn’t have his wall on ‘Private’..

      He is mos’ defs an idiot agent

    • I have blocked so many trolls it getting fun

    • Had a lady troll yesterday i went to her page and bam ..she worked for the feds

    • Ummmm…are you a Trump supporter or is your profile pic a sarcastic joke?

      Trump is an idiot that doesn’t know his arsehole from his piehole..

      He is a buffoon, a comedian,a showman, & makes the USA look like a bunch of morons..

      I feel sorry for your children in Murica because life is gonna get real ugly, real fast..

      Civil War, Race War, & Class War…choose a side for your own protection..

      Gun owners will be targeted..

      “Smoke ’em out! Don’t harm the firearms!”

    • Yep this looks just like the kind of idiot who would say some shit like this.

    • Maybe puttkng the hands up first to fake them out. He still reached for his pockets.

  • With out viewing the video, there is no doubt the FBI was out to kill them all. Heck, they kill puppies out of fear.

  • Watch the entire thing!!!

  • He earned that.

  • not a single cop stomped on him after he was dead… getting lazy bitches?

  • The Zionist US is dead

  • the goverment can’t have people fighting for the rights of the npeople so they gunned them down.it’s time to wake the fuck up people. we have the power to take them out of office and give it back to the people. this is turning into a comunesium. we all need to stand together.

  • Like always

  • Shameful

  • My question is this, being military I’m trained to search and disarm combatants once the threat has been neutralized so why wasn’t he searched and disarmed… Oh wait because he was murdered

  • murder

  • Brian Bentley Jr

  • What if, one side vigorously believes they are the “good” guys defending Freedom for all! And on the other side the people believe fervently that they are the “good” guys standing vigil for Liberty for all….
    Not so cut and dried as you would like…. The way I see it Mr.Finicum was an American Cowboy, he said if cornered he would fight, he tried to run, when that failed, he got clear of his passengers and tried to draw…. A man of his word who died on his feet…. And in mho anyone who tries to make him a victim is robbing him of his last stand!!!!

  • I don’t understand. ..what started all this?

  • Come on now, any reasonable apologist would see he reached for something, and even if it wasn’t a gun, it was disobeying, which means all of this is entirely justified by them EVERY time. Fair is FAIR, and these fools have been treated with kid gloves unlike ANYONE else.

  • The guy with his hands up in the photo looks like one of the Bundys.

  • If you watch that video closely it sure as heck looks like the LEO on the bottom of the screen the first to confront him shoots while hands are up, Watch from about 5:55 then at 6:02 his handgun kicks you can see it raise then drop. Then you see Finicum grab near his waste.

  • Did you even watch the video ? It shows Finicum getting out of the SUV after it crashed into a snowbank and walking about 30 -40 feet away from the SUV with his hands in the air , but as agents approach him , he reached inside his coat like he was going for a weapon . I suggest you go back and watch it closely all the way to the end .

  • Awww, that’s so sad that looney tune welfare moochin queen got killed just like he wanted, just pay your goddamn grazing fees like real ranchers do. Jumping around erratically and trying to grab your gun will get you shot, not to mention almost running over a state trooper. Guess he didn’t give a flying fuck about his children, what a piece of shit, got exactly what he was asking for. Glad those state troopers got to go home to their families. Thank god we don’t have to pay for that moochers housing and legal fees. Cry me a fucking river,wah wah, boo hoo…

    • EXACTLY!!!

    • You are still on the bend about grazing fees? Watch the video again and forget what you read and just watch. Of course you won’t because dammit yer mind is made up cuz a them grazin fees. You are a moron.

    • Far as I’m concerned they should a shot all those sister fuckers a while ago, and yeah this is all about using public land for private profit whenever and however they see fit

    • Ryan Carlson sad life you live

    • For real. Ryan Carlson what a joke of a human

    • You guys need to sign up for Bundy’s next Brokeback Mountain “Patriot” retreat, bring your own snacks (Lube and bags of dildos will be provided by the internet)

    • Ryan Carlson, you have a few issues with the anger, don’t you? The first person I’d take a gun from would be the person who talks about how he wants to eat vegetarian humans.

    • Douche can’t show his face in his pictures and talks mad shit.

      I’ll be sure to celebrate when one of his friends or relatives dies.

    • Welfare mooching queen… Lol oooh nooo

    • So the fact that you disagree with/do not like a person makes their murder justified? Interesting. Sounds a lot like fascism to me.

    • It wasn’t murder that’s suicide by cop

    • Ryan Carlson you realize before their vehicle went off the road the police stopped them down the road, and the police open fired first. That’s why they ran. ask yourself, if you know police are going to try and kill you and they fire at you first without readon what would you do? Drive away? or keep getting shot at?

    • Also where are the body cam videos? doubt those will ever surface.

    • Barb Troublefield, the man was a crazed, redneck, suicidal terrorist. Bang, bang, he’s dead! No sympathy!!!

    • You’re all making my point for me very well. Thank you.

    • Dave M West Jr, when they break the law, heavily arm themselves, say they are willing to die, well, that’s when someone gets killed. These were Radicals, law breakers, terrorists pure and simple.

    • When Native Americans rose up in 1973 at Wounded Knee, they were instantly met with heavily armed FBI and local Law Enforcement. Natives were upset about their poverty living conditions and the fact that our Government is still not honoring treaties. Their land was STOLEN!!!
      I have sympathy for the Natives.
      I do not have any sympathy for this group of privileged white, gun tottin, crazy ass lunatics!!! I wondered why they weren’t dealt with IMMEDIATELY on this situation! Because they’re White, sickening! These men all suck off the government teet. They want to graze their cattle for free on government land. Then they want to declare war and say they’re taking their land back. This is such a crock of bullshit!!!!

    • Funny because when this country falls apart and sweetheart it’s already well on it’s way. Who do you think will be the ones fighting? People are so ignorant brainwashed by media still believing that the police and government have our backs or anymore backs but their own for that matter. We are no longer a free state we are a police state and slowly one by one they are taking our freedoms. And when shot hits the fan and it will. Don’t expect those “radicals” to protect you and ha ha good luck with your officers and officials.

    • Hey Kala Hope Pederson, don’t you feel like an idiot? Obama never came and took anybody’s guns!!!! F’n idiot!

    • Says the fucking psychopath.

    • Mari-Ellen Cain this is sick

    • Pay a million dollars in unfair grazing fees? Like it’s just that easy huh? Fuck you guy!

    • Mari-Ellen Cain quit watching CNN you old hag. They tried the legal channels. They tried protesting peacefully, they tried all that shit and none of it worked. They aren’t extremists, they aren’t terrorists, I’m sick of that stupid yarn. Pull the syndicated IV out of your arm and realize it’s the cops terrorizing people in this video. And if that man went down trying to fight can you blame him? After decades of threats? After an obvious attempt on his life? It’s not a justified shoot if the whole fucking stop is unjustified to begin with.

    • mari-ellen cain if you take the time to watch the video you can see that he was not heavily armed when he was killed.

      Fact is, you’re only happy with the FBI’s actions because the victim was someone you don’t like. It’s called extreme bias and I hope you never feel the sting of your own venom.

    • If the FBI had wanted to assassinate those guys they’d all be dead by now, but they didn’t because they didn’t want to turn these moochers into martyrs for legions of gullible keyboard warriors everywhere. That sack of shit abandoned his children and wife and got killed for nothing, hell all the real ranchers in Oregon don’t want nothing to do with their freebies from the government, not a single local rancher took up their call to arms in fact they’ve been asking them to please leave. For that matter, Bundy, their leader is asking them to go, he’s gonna have to live with his friends blood on his hands forever now.

  • How do we know who the crisis actors are and who aren’t?

    We’ve seen them at Sandy Hook.

    We’ve seen them at the Boston Marathon.

    …just saying…

  • Obamas stormtroopers

  • Shame on you FTP – your story is bullshit, and you clearly didn’t even watch the video. It’s shit like this that gives the copsuckers ammo – fucking STOP it.

  • You reach, the FBI will teach.

  • looks like he tried to run the roadblock and almost killed a police officer with the vehicle he was driving, reason enough to use deadly force. But then the idiot gives the police another reason to shoot him dead, when he moves his hand to reach in his jacket. He wanted to die, maybe he should have been careful what he wished for.

    • Wish he had killed that officer. The whole stop was uncalled for to begin with. It isn’t a justified shoot if the stop is bullshit to begin with.

  • What if he just had a cramp in his side ?

  • It’s just parasites killing parasites

  • the assassin in the tree line was precious

  • Let’s hear the audio

  • This just makes me sad it came to this. The people who lead others to this kind of end are the criminals here.

  • It shows how fake and controlled our society here in America is when people blindly stand by propaganda over the reality of the situation.

  • without audio its hard to tell, if he was reaching to DROP his weapon because they told him too, but another was saying dont move,……running in the first place wasnt a good Idea, thinking you can run a road block, not a good idea, he left his vehicle and kept walking, perhaps being given 3-4 different directions at one time,….but clearly he gave them something to go on and did not exercise the best judgment. The beginning of this video is missing, where they get pulled over, they claim he left because he was being fired at, which, again you cannot tell with no audio. It could have been prevented I feel by both sides, they could have winged him, but that plays to marksmanship which is sorely lacking in todays LEOS, let alone a hired death squad from another country

  • I thought that was a mighty long FBI camera shot to determine just what the moron’s hands were doing when the fed took him down. Lawmen are impatient, and they are quick to take down someone.

    Cams can help but not always. Wonder if any of the others on the scene had cams, or dashcams? We dont know yet. Police are usually slow to show their video.

    I remember that one shooting these site came on, a San Antonio shooting with long distance, partially obscured video from KSAT-TV. Looked like a hands up killing. I watched KSAT closely for a few days and they seemed to retract to claims the guy was holding a knife. And he was far too far away to be an instant threat to the closest cop who shot him dead. So yes, absent better rules of engagement, people get killed. And US lawmen have pretty lax rules.

    I stand by what I said earlier…if you dont’ have airtight evidence, best not to jump to conclusions. They learned that in Ferguson. But yet the week before, when the cigarette onsie salesman was choked to death in NYC, airtight video murder footage didn’t get anyone charged with his gang murder.

    We have a long ways to go and I’m not sure the POLICE shoudl be the one to define lawful rules of engagement. Maybe it should be a civilian decision what the legal rules should be. I know some miltary rules hold that you can’t fire til youre fired upon. Obviously police have no such rules

  • Cleaning up the gene pool

  • Yeah he shouldn’t have try to run that agent over & then reach for his pockets. I give this one to law enforcement.

  • I’m surprised they didn’t shoot each other in that crossfire they created.

  • I think he just didn’t wanna goto jail. Death by cop. No one wants to waste in jail over anything. Just saying.

  • To me it looked like out & out murder!

  • Rick Goddard

  • when he left the truck he was heading towards the trees, not toward the road. when the cops came out of the trees he turned toward the road and reached to his waist. it looks like suicide by cop to me. if he was giving up he would have headed to the road where he knew the cops were, not toward the trees like he was trying to escape.

  • He was reaching for a loaded gun

  • killed in cold blood

  • He reached for his waistband twice. When people have weapons trained on you DONT REACH FOR YOUR WAISTBAND. Simple as that. In my opinion he deserved to be shot…

  • he was not murdered.

  • MURDER..!!

  • They the Stinking Sadist PIGS had it in for Him they had Hit-Orders to take him down…. What Fu_king …. Bend-Over-Bob > Pussy-Boy > Mafia-Thug-Law Enforcement idiots …. This Man died a Brother in Arms for us True Freedom Loving Patriots ….

    • Bullshit!!! He died a crazy f’n redneck, suicide, terrorist!!!!

    • Its time to cut the B.S. and Wake Up… Oh Yeah … I was a COP many years back and most happily Quit only because they all were Control & Power Freaks mostly on Steroids … Drugs and Sodomite Bi-Sexuals …. Total Maniacs and Freaks!!! Po-‘LICE’ >>> Picture Proof >

    • I’m not gonna pick on you for the simple facts that you support scottish independence and like toblerones. Also I agree on your view of the cops.

    • Everything most people think they know is pure Mass-Media and Corporate-Government Education B.S. Most People are Willfully Dumbed Down idiots!!! enough said….. Pigs aka Po-LICE Judges & Prosecutors, do the Dirty Work for the Plutocrat owned Organized Crime Cartels / Syndicates!!!

  • I say they executed him. In no way was this peaceful as the main media spun it. Total BS.

  • All I saw was a person, evading capture then gets shot after making several attempts at going for his waistband. Clear as day. What part of “keep your hands up” did he not understand? Don’t try twisting the clear events that the video shows!

  • Boo hoo! He got what he wanted.
    Now the other lunatics can go to jail!!!

  • I support standing up for your rights and most of the decisions of the Bundy movement. But i think I might have shot him too he totally looked like he was frantically looking around, assesing the threat, and NOT having his hands up or making any attempt to lie down on the ground or show compliance.

    • What!?

    • Jeremy Hensley I support standing up for your rights and most of the decisions of the Bundy movement. But i think I might have shot him too he totally looked like he was frantically looking around, assesing the threat, and NOT having his hands up or making any attempt to lie down on the ground or show compliance.

    • Jeremy Hensley he had his hands up for only seven seconds before he dropped them for whatever reason. They either shot him first and he grabbed the wound, he drew for a weapon, or he instinctively swung his arms to keep balance while walking through the snow. Regardless he did NOT LIE DOWN AS SOON AS HE EXITED THE VEHICLE. Instead he chose to walk towards the FBI agent.

    • With all due respect to a great man who died while standing up for my own beliefs.

  • Reached for something and that’s what got him killed!

    • He was shot he reached for his wound….why are Americans so easily brain washed!!!!

  • Let’s not forget this was the same dude who said he was ready to die for their cause. Do you really think he would let them arrest him? I think he was going to try and take at least one with him, he was just too slow on the draw. And those cops were not gonna be fucking around with tasers or multiple warnings when this group made clear threats of deadly force if authorities attempted to detain them.
    What’s wrong in this situation is some equivicacting this with Tamir Rice’s case and the other unarmed civilians killed by police. The majority of which never made deadly force threats with assault rifles.

    The Bundy clan screwed this movement from the start. The blood is on their hands.

    • The blood is on the hands of the uninformed masses that called for action, them and Kate Brown.

    • Does that make the extortion and gang stalking from the police more or less important?

    • I believe it’s an unchanged importance. With that, this group knew the risks of leaving their compound. They knew cops were on the road hoping to arrest anyone from this group. If they were, in fact, clear thinking and sane individuals then I can only assume they did assessments of the risks of some of their actions. As far as the cops are concerned, well I would say they were simply doing their prescribed jobs. The morality of that I’ll leave to individuals but tactically I believe evertything was done well in general.

  • You can clearly see that he was reaching his pocket,so come on,don’t find any excuses and claim that he was shot for no reason.

  • yup that was straight murder.

  • So The Free Thought Project continues with the fear mongering lies. No surprise. So why do actual witnesses disagree and why did law enforcement shoot only one person.

  • I am no commando in any shape or form, but if I was surrounded by armed blokes who look menacing with THEIR guns pointed at me, I would be reaching for a gun if I had one. I cannot understand why he left the car though, if he wanted to fight he would not be getting himself so exposed.

    How many people has he murdered before? I actually do not know a lot about this case since I live in Australia.

    Those cops never even tried to talk to him. I mean, the guy stopped his truck and waited for them to talk to him, but they just were not interested. He even tried to reverse his truck to meet THEM, but they did not want that either.
    Looks to me like they wanted a certain outcome right from the start, they never planned to take him alive.

  • After watching the video about 4-5 times it looked to me like suicide by cop unless they told him go for your gun buddy that was suicide by cop the police officer never tells you to unholster your weapon in your weapon and drop it . You are told to leave your weapon in its holster and keep your hands up put your face down in the snow don’t worry about that weapon we will take that weapon

  • He could very well be grabbing at a gunshot would to his stomach. Theres no way we can tell without a slowmotion edit or some other helpful way of figuring it out. But he was definitely not lying down on the ground. And he was walking in a direction toward an officer. He wasnt armed or seeming dangerous in my opinion (until his hand position changed for whatever reason) but I wasnt there either so I dont know who shot/drew first. I havent heard any information if he had a weapon but I would assume he did. I wasnt informed to have a biased, dangerous, opinion of these men like I’m sure a lot of the FBI agents were.

    • It’s reported he had a loaded 9MM in the right pocket of his jacket. However, both sides have already told blatant lies as to what he was doing when the police shot. Audio, dash cam, and medical examiner reports will shed light.

  • after reviewing he really shouldn’t have put his hands in his jacket however they should have waited to see a gun. they would have had time to take him down. in this day and age though it amazes me that we don’t use less lethal means to take people down. like whatever happened to rubber bullets, stun guns, stun grenades etc?

  • This is why they killed a protester

    A document released by the U.S. Army details preparations for “full scale riots” within the United States during which troops may be forced to engage in a “lethal response” to deal with unruly crowds of demonstrators.
    The appearance of the document amidst growing unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, with the National Guard now being called in to deal with the disorder, is an ominous coincidence.
    The 132-page document, titled U.S. Army Techniques Publication 3-39.33: Civil Disturbances (PDF), was written in April 2014 and recently obtained by Public Intelligence.
    The document makes it clear that the techniques detailed therein are to be applied both outside and inside the “continental United States (CONUS)” in the event of “unruly and violent crowds” where it is “necessary to quell riots and restore public order.”
    The training manual outlines scenarios under which, “Civil unrest may range from simple, nonviolent protests that address specific issues, to events that turn into full-scale riots.”

    The most shocking aspect of the document is the fact that it describes the deployment of a “lethal response” directed against “unarmed civilians,” including “sniper response” and “small arms direct fire.”
    Under the heading “sniper response,” the document states, “Ensure that target leaders or troublemakers are targeted,” in addition to a passage which states, “Exploit the psychological effect of an attack.”

    Under the heading “small arms direct fire,” the manual states, “Escalate gradually, starting with a small caliber, single round and work up to a large caliber, automatic.”
    Another graphic which depicts “escalation of trauma” directs soldiers how to use “riot batons” in order to cause the necessary level of injury or death to the subject. “Deadly force final target areas” include the back of the neck, the solar plexus, the neck, the spine and the head.

    In light of events in Ferguson, where a predominantly black community has faced off with militarized police, it’s interesting to note that the manual makes reference to civil unrest that can arise out of “ethnic hatred” and, “Community unrest (that) results in urban conflicts that arise from highly emotional social and economic issues.” The document also mentions how rioters target “retail stores,” as happened during the looting in Ferguson.
    “Significant ethnic differences in a community can create an atmosphere of distrust, even hatred…… (and) can cause an eruption of civil disorder that can lead to full riots,” states the document.
    Although the document makes reference to the Constitutional rights of American citizens it goes on to stress that such protections are null and void under a state of emergency, asserting that Posse Comitatus, which is supposed to limit the power of the federal government to use military personnel domestically, “does not apply” under declared “emergency authority” or “When the need for the protection of federal property or federal functions exists.”
    It is important to stress that this training manual applies to U.S. Army operations in foreign countries as well as domestically on U.S. soil. Indeed, section 2-18 of the document goes into detail about domestic protests such as the 1999 anti-WTO demonstration in Seattle.
    The emergence of the document as National Guard troops prepare to descend on Ferguson, Missouri to deal with looting and civil unrest that follows a report we published just a few weeks before the outbreak of the Ferguson riots which documented how National Guard troops were training to detain unruly African-American citizens in prison camps before handing them over to police.
    In a special video report, Alex Jones documented how the story was part of wider preparations by the government for domestic disorder that have been ongoing for years.

    We have reported previously on similar documents that outline how the U.S. Army would be forced to resort to lethal measures in order to deal with unruly Americans during times of emergency within the United States.
    In 2012 we covered FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations, a U.S. Army manual that describes how political activists in prison camps will be indoctrinated by specially assigned psychological operations officers. The document makes numerous references to how government agencies like the DHS, ICE and FEMA will be involved in the domestic internment of U.S. citizens during “civil support operations.”
    A second US Army Military Police manual that was leaked months later also outlined how military assets would be used domestically to quell riots, confiscate firearms and even kill Americans on U.S. soil during mass civil unrest.
    U.S. troops and National Guard also worked with local police to incarcerate Americans in detention camps during drills Alex Jones covered in 1999 in Oakland, California.
    A report produced in 2008 by the U.S. Army War College’s Strategic Institute warned that the United States may experience massive civil unrest in the wake of a series of crises which it termed “strategic shock.”
    “Widespread civil violence inside the United States would force the defense establishment to reorient priorities in extremis to defend basic domestic order and human security,” stated the report, authored by [Ret.] Lt. Col. Nathan Freir, adding that the military may be needed to quell “purposeful domestic resistance”.
    Rex 84, short for Readiness Exercise 1984, was established under the pretext of a “mass exodus” of illegal aliens crossing the Mexican/US border.
    During the Iran-Contra hearings in 1987, however, it was revealed that the program was a secretive “scenario and drill” developed by the federal government to suspend the Constitution, declare martial law, assign military commanders to take over state and local governments, and detain large numbers of American citizens determined by the government to be “national security threats.”

  • Ambush.

  • Hmmm, I wonder why this kind of force was used for a traffic stop and a peaceful protest over Constitutional violations by the Federal government, but in Baltimore and Ferguson where there was all kinds of theft and property destruction taking place and the FBI

    • Of course not, a bunch of racist, butthurt, hypocritical assholes are showing their true colors.

      People celebrating the deaths of Americans at the hands of police deserve no freedom. Michael Brown attacks a police officer half his size, and the same people crying murder are the same people fucking celebrating the death of this dude, why? They are racist hypocrites filled with hate and they won’t admit it.

      If bullets ever start flying in this country, I will show no fucking mercy to those people.

      We are all american, we are all being controlled by big brother, but you small minded racist fucks are celebrating police shooting of a white man, which actually happens every day in this country. Nice.

  • Just another murder by the thugs in blue…nothing new…

  • Shot with his hands up, and apparently pumped full of holes after the first rounds of assassin bullets according to an eyewitness, who hopefully is still alive.

  • Come on people, the dude was reaching in his jacket for something AND it just happpens that he had a loaded 9mm in that jacket pocket AND had already threatened law enforcement…he mast certainly did not LEAVE his hands in the air, and he most certainly was not ON his knees. This thug got just what he was aksing for!

  • Whole lot of nutcases on this feed

  • LaVoy will forever be remembered as a hero and a patriot who defended the Constitution and died with honor standing for liberty and attempting to draw fire away from his friends in the vehicle. A peace maker to the final breath.

  • FBI Released it?

  • looked like he reached for a gun. twice. given he’d vowed not to be taken alive, and was being chased by police, and was running away from the vehicle, sorta towards the cops, knowing the cops were going to shoot at the slightest wrong move, i’d say the shooting was justified. sucide by police.

    • It is somewhat difficult to keep your hands up when you are being shot by two shooters.

    • Thomas Carver i bet you think the planned parenthood videos aren’t edited, either

  • I think the 9 mm was planted after the shooting to make it all justified. Lavoy was known for wearing a colt .45 on his right side and was right handed makes no sense to put a 9mm in his left pocket.

  • More BS. If you watch it you can see him putting down his hands and reaching for his belt area. Whether he was reaching for a gun or not he sure made it look that way.

  • Kaleb Ball

    • That is cold blooded murder, most likely premeditated. If you speak out against the state, you will be silenced

    • Kaleb Ball yup. Before I saw the video, I figured he had pulled a gun, but it looks like he just moved his hands reflexively after being shot. Then they kept shooting into the car for minutes???

      Time to wake up.

    • KP Padgett mainstream media will cover it up, probably make up some bullshit like they have already done about this group. The real terrorists have badges and work for the federal government

    • Kaleb Ball sadly, we are in the minority in that opinion. The founders are rolling over in their graves as we speak.

    • KP Padgett they ganglang style executed the man. Set up an ambush. Had guys in the woods come out shooting at an unarmed man.

  • He clearly reaches for his pockets at least twice after almost running over an officer.
    We need to hold police accountable but this was clearly justified.

  • The guy was reaching for something. You don’t hold your hands up,then reach for something.

  • So much for an routine traffic stop as reported…. They were out to get them from the get go.

  • This is horribly disconcerting. & so is the fact that few are outraged. Or even care. This attitude does not bode well for us as a nation.

  • Both sides initially given were blatant lies. While it appears he was reaching at his coat in a manner constant with trying to get something from his pocket, I will reserve opinion forming until there is an official report from the medical examiner as to how many times Finicum was shot and where he was hit. While I also understand it is unlikely any of the officers present had body cams, I can imagine most of the vehicles had dash cams and there should also be some audio to accompany them. There is a lot of information the general public is not privy to, and if you believe everything either side of the media is reporting, you are a fool.

  • I suppose there was no one wearing body cameras .?

  • He did lower his hands and start to put them around his waist like he was fumbling around for something.

  • You clearly see the guy reaching for something on his waistband. The video proves the official story is true. People see what they want to see at times.

  • I see his hands up, he gets shot from far left, and that is when he holds his hands to his body as if in pain and they shoot more…that is what it looks like to me…

  • Love how Bundy has been talking on video for the last few weeks like he was the second coming if Uday Hussein. But when the chips were down and one of his guys was getting shot ten feet away from him, all that he did was cower in the truck with his hands on the dashboard.

  • The FBI want you to think that Lavoy reach for his gun.
    Can public see the 1080p version of the footage?

  • They will spin their usual lying story and nothing will be done about this murder…just another star in their stats!!

  • See 09:22 – 09:25……Mr Finicum had hands RAISED OVER HEAD when Agent in the street then opened fire on a surrender causing Mr Finicum to drop his hands. Agent in the trees then delivered a FREE SHOT to the face…..WAKE UP AMERICA…!

  • they are with the new world order, they lie they steal and they murder any one who is a threat to them. WAKE THE FUCK UP

  • Good. The terrorist got what he deserved.

  • no it doesnt.. it supports the FBI story.. maybe you need glasses..

  • If you play games like that you should be trained and ready. More inportantly you should know your enemy a d what they may do. Being naive got them shot. They should never have made the run. What did they think was ahead, an open road ffs!

  • Seems to me if he was looking to kill the officers he would have rammed the roadblock. It would have done some serious damage to the gang calling themselves law enforcement. Hindsight’s 20/20. He wont but maybe someone watching will learn from his mistake and run the roadblock dead on!

    • If he wanted to kill officers he would have gone straight through not stear round them….if he wanted to kill officers he would have come out the motor with his gun in his hands shooting!!!

  • Who? And why do I care?

  • Stop spreading misinformation like a diseased prostitute.

  • Clearly an execution style shooting; Unarmed man, arms away from the body, surrendering to the “representants of the law” (hahahaha lol “representants of the law” hohohahaha Rotflol …i’m sorry to laugh), afterward his body is found pierced by more than a hundred bullets…..the “Representants of the law” “FEARED for their lives” ….hahahaha haha hohohoho ..this is Never getting old !!!

  • Watch video close. Somebody runs in front of the truck. I never saw anybody get out of the truck. I think its staged

  • If they hadn’t occupied the land illegally and armed none of this world have ever happened.
    Neither is right, killing someone wasn’t necessary.
    Now they can leave our home.

    • “Our home.” A government building in the middle of nowhere?

      I hope you never stand up for your rights and get killed man, God forbid you ever protest like an American.

  • Police is murder.

  • Of course they lied! Who is the unconscious animal that believed they wouldn’t lie

  • where do they find these officers???!! ..They are so weak its sad..No communication just pull and shoot

  • Clear case of murder. No one comes out with raised hands and then tries to take his gone out. I belive he was shot in the body and putting his hands on his wound.

  • They were traveling lawfully, having committed no crime to a community meeting to meet with the sheriff. FBI ambushes. What about this whole event is not screaming Police State? This was a planned attack on US citizens who were within their rights to practice civil disobedience against governmental overreach. Wake up.

  • This was a spokesperson for the group. An old man, a grandfather who just wanted to see a good resolution and go home. But not this way. Stop dehumanizing people, what the hell is the matter with all of you?

  • The video is edited at 6.00 to 6.01. It looks like he was shot and stumbled at that critical (edited) point. This re-interprets his arm movements as a reaction to being shot in the abdomen (by the guy who came from the woods). Why would he surrender for many long steps away from the truck with ten snipers on him, only to reach in full sight for his ‘waistband’.

  • I believe that standing your ground in protest to provoke a police state into proving they are tyrants is part of the point… but reaching into your lapel pocket twice after running a checkpoint filled with stressed-out agents is more suicide than protest. my regrets to the Finicum family and everyone else involved.

    • Are you sure he was reaching into his pocket? There film is grainy, there’s no sound, are you sure they didn’t fire on him first? Can you tell that without sound? Are you sure they didn’t shoot at him at the first stop?

  • Criminal violence needs to be punished as a crime evn if done by police, Deadly Incompetence needs to result in the firing of incompetent individuals who are not cappable of handling the responsiability of carrying a gun. In this case it looks like incompetence, the problem is the system protects incompetent mmorons and murderous thugs if they wear a badge and allows the to keep operating normally .

  • 99% sure this video wasn’t even filmed anywere near Oregon. Don’t even match what FBI said happened.. just FBI covering there tracks with a old video. So sad. Took me 2 seconds to figure that out.

    • really? I bet you are one of those that thinks we never went to the either

  • So when he tries to reach into his coat that must just be a dance move.

  • I can’t tell exactly when they opened fire, but at 6:03, he puts his hands down and from that angle, it looks like he actually might be reaching for something. He’s certainly not “charging” as the official reports claimed.
    Was he left handed or right handed? It looks like his left hand is down by his torso right about the time he’s shot.


  • Is this why they call it an adversarial system?

  • I don’t stand for a damn thing these people in Oregon stand for. They are as bad as the cops in many ways. The difference? The cops have license to kill while they want license to kill.

    • And that’s ok with you?

    • Not at all. Where did I say that? What you infer is not what was said at all.

    • That’s the most ignorant statement I’ve seen in these comments. Our freedoms are being taken away from us. The cops shot at them long before this roadblock that’s why they fled moron. And no I would not give up my land or my guns either. Good luck when the country goes to shit…hope those licenses to kill save your ass

    • I love you too, Kala. I’ll take care of myself, protecting my ass from people like you!

    • There is no such thing as “A licence to kill” under our system of justice. Every citizen has a right to trial by a jury of their peers and those who violate this most basic of laws have blood on their hands.

    • In theory, Thomas. But some are more equal than others. Still These guys said they would die for their cause. Guess he meant it.

    • Kala Hope Pederson thats right some sheeple need to wise up, they will be singing different tune when they are sitting in a reducation camp somewhere.

    • ROFL, Adam, you sad lil man. You’re welcome to test me. But first find me.

  • He clearly did NOT obey the officers and reached under his jacket. Suicide by cop

  • A lot of people are happy this guys dead? An American is dead standing up to big brother, and you people are happy?

    Are you really that sick of people or are you still butthurt about Michael Brown and you just need to spew venom at white people? Is it racially motivated?

    It’s sad, many of you people disgust me. Hypocrites running wild.

    I better not see anyone on here who’s celebrating this protest the next Michael Brown, cause you would have no right to say anything and not look like a hypocrite racist.

  • So….this was really reckless behaviour on the part of the driver. When first pulled over, he should have out his hands out of the window and left them there. But without audio, we have no way of knowing if the police were ever going to actually approach him or not or were just goading him into driving off. Next, he CLEARLY DID NOT run a blockade. His brake lights are on the moment he rounds the bend and spots the blockade, as if trying to stop, but couldnt. So he drives into the deep snow. He comes out with his hands up. Something tells me he knew he was being filmed from the air and wanted there to be a record of everything. He drops his hands towards a wound, or many. There is no legitimate purpose for the guy in the woods. He’s not a sniper, he is a dude looking to pick some one off from behind.
    And then there are the numerous flashbangs (?) That light up the front of the truck. And numerous shots fired at the front of the truck after the driver is down. What are those about? Now that I’ve seen the video, I’m going to go and look at the reports. I wanted to have a clear picture of what I was going to be reading about first and see how it jibes. Wish me luck on that.

  • Damn.. well I’m telling you now this can’t be stopped, only worsened. The stage for the antichrist is being set, and the absolute best thing people can do is get right with God and repent in the name of Yeshua, Christ Jesus.. hes the only one who can stop this. it’s all been written. If folks truely knew their bibles, they would know exactly what comes next and exactly how to prepare for it.. prayers for his soul, and his family. #InGodITrust

  • Not that I condone or agree with anything any of these guys were doing and there was a lot in this video alone that he did wrong. What is clear is this :

    ~ As soon as he sees the road block he brakes – slows and skids – brake lights are on all the the time
    ~ He tries to avoid the road block while still braking / skidding
    ~ The policeman jumps out in front of the vehicle – he’s not being run down – and there is no way that vehicle can change course
    ~ He comes out with his hands up and appears to be shot at before moving his arms
    ~ There has been no evidence to suggest he was even in personal possession of a gun (I find this hard to believe but still)
    ~ He was murdered

  • Straight up murdered him!

  • You’re all fucking mad you yanks

  • I wonder if any of those people who said “if they were black, they’d be dead now” have any comment?

  • They told him to put his hands up, and he reached to his waistband. It was unfortunately justifiable.

  • He went for his gun. Now he is done

  • This man did not try an kill any officers….he skip around the cars an into snow to which a cop ran towards the car….then he got out with his arms in the air….then he is shot by the cop he puts his hands on his wound an turns around to be shot in the face!!! Ignore the lies fbi told u to see before watching an look properly for yourself!!!

  • Law enforcement created a situation so they could kill.

  • He ran toward the police and was killed.. He wasn’t running away unarmed. No sympathy or fucks given by this guy.

  • The cops claim he was “reaching for his waistband.” Looks to me like he was just try to keep his balance in the snow. Did they FIND a gun in his waistband?

    • why not get out of the car, hands in the air and drop to your knees.. instead he wandered around and reached into his jacket more than once.

    • Hands in the air is enough. Shouldn’t have to drop to his knees to avoid being killed. Hell, with MY bad knees, I don’t think I could do that very easily. It is by NO MEANS evident that he “reached into his jacket” at all. You’d do well to look up the law on the use of lethal force, and what constitutes the (affirmative) defense of self-defense. Cops should be held to the same standard on that as anyone else. This “license to kill” bullshit has gone on long enough.

    • LaVoy famously had the gun in his shoulder holster the day before and always wore it during this occupation. They knew he was armed and the gun was under his jacket on his left.

    • Martha Warnock Kyzer Not good enough. Possession of firearm is not an IMMINENT threat. And the cops said he reached for his ‘WAISTBAND,” not inside his coat.

  • Why are they releasing this?

  • Wow it’s funny to watch people finally have the reaction black people have when “one of our own” is “wrongfully shot”. This is RICH with irony I love it.

  • I’m seeing the same type of things I hear black people say when defending a “victim of police brutality.”

  • Black folks be like, “they’re intentionally killing” these people “it’s an agenda”, so funny I’m seeing the same stuff.

  • Guns don’t kill people ….. Eh!

  • Im not so sure this “proves” anything, can you see his or anyones face, plates, or anything to identify him?
    This could be a video of anyone, from anywhere, at any time, how do we know its legitimate?

  • hahaha.. really..?! the official story is a lie. is anyone surprised.? im surprise only one was shot and killed.. the government lies, the police lie.. plain and simple.

  • Even if he had a gun, not a crime. To me it didn’t look like he was reaching for a gun, more so trying to keep his balance in deep snow. It’s hard to walk through deep snow, even more so with your hands up. That was government sanctioned murder.

  • Im always critical of the official version but he got up with his hands in the air and instead of dropping to his knees and putting his hands up, he starts moving around erratically and puts his hands in his pockets. the one move looked like he was into his jacket at the very end.

  • Nice “pause” on two seconds his hands were up. (Snark) Maybe you should have paused when he reached into his coat/waist (or whatever). People who didn’t care enough to watch the video need to STFU and sit the hell down. Watch the video. There’s a 12yr old who was killed for less. Give me a break. At least you got the video in less than a week! Oh so NOW it’s not right? So NOW officers need to use restraint? Nice try…. What’s the line again that gets used all the time? Was it: “He shouldn’t have sped away” or “Then don’t break the law” or “He should have kept his hands up.” Want sympathy? Show it first! (And you thought your indifference wouldn’t eventually reach you and yours) Want it to change? Care EVERY-TIME a fellow American gets killed by the hands of an officer, not just when they look like you. #rantover

  • A lot of these justifications I’m seeing for murdering this guy sound and awful lot like the ‘do as you’re told and you won’t get shot’ rhetoric I hear pretty consistently from conservatives every time a black person is murdered by cops.

    Interesting…I would think many of you would want to differentiate yourself in behavior from people you think are so damned evil, but I guess not. How silly of me…

  • pardon my sticker but I know you value me

  • How many times did his hands move down towards his waistline?They should have used local cops instead of feds.This is exactly what these guys wanted.

  • Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t I see guns drawn on this man? He seem scared to death trying to decide if he needs to protect himself or not. If I have several people coming towards me with guns I would be considering the exact same thing!

  • Watch the video.

    I like this page but this fabricated and you know it.

  • Nathan Nelson

  • Hands up don’t shoot!!!


  • Your headline claiming that ‘the official story is a lie’ along with the screenshot you included, makes you no different than the government. The unedited video shows pretty clearly that he reached for ‘something’. It doesn’t matter what it was, considering that he has just fled from one roadblock and attempted to drive thru another one. Also factor in that he was part of a group who had clearly broken the law (doesn’t matter what ‘you’ think of the legality of the laws either), he was armed, he and the group he was part of stated over and over again that they were prepared to use violence and and die for their cause. This was not some run of the mill ‘traffic stop’ either, as some other idiot pointed out. They were all in the process of being apprehended and arrested as a result of ‘their’ actions.
    Your intellectual dishonesty in your headline completely destroys any credibility you had. You are the same as Fox News.
    Worse is the way you hypocritically advocate for personal freedom and responsibility out of one side of your mouth and whine and complain and blame the government out of the other side of your mouth.
    These were grown ups who made a choice. They don’t deserve sympathy any more than the government does.
    Grow the fuck up.

  • They murdered him in cold blood

  • Wow shot in cold blood so crazy must watch

  • Well done FBI. fish in barrel…

  • if you watch closely his hands were in the air until he was shot

  • Had a firearm in his pocket… so it really doesn’t matter which side he wore his sidearm on. Try this sometime if you think it is within your “rights.” Run a police blockade that was made for you. Jump out, put your hands in the air and then go for the firearm in your pocket while police are giving you orders and have their weapons pointed at you. Let me know how it goes.

    “It [the video] shows Finicum getting out of the vehicle and then lifting his hands in the air as Oregon state troopers approached him with their guns drawn. The video, which is shot from a distance, shows him then lowering his hands toward his body, then falling into the snow as he is shot.

    “On at least two occasions, Finicum reaches his right hand toward a pocket on the left inside portion of his jacket. He did have a loaded 9-millimeter semiautomatic handgun in that pocket,”


  • It proves that the witnesses that claimed they saw him get shot are lying.

  • Dennis Steil

  • No trial , you are guilty

  • Bull Shit. The asshole comes out with his hands up and at 6:03 on the video reaches for the gun in his waist band and gets shot. He vowed not to be taken alive and wasn’t. No bitch, no fowl.

  • You can plainly see his hands go down then he gets shot… Smh

  • Clearly he was resisting. Had he followed commands, he would still be alive today. I don’t know why these people think resisting and fleeing police is going to equate to a peaceful resolution. He fought the law and, the law WON. Case closed

  • In this report, he did have a loaded 9mm on him. He did not keep his hands away from his pockets. Hate to see a loss of life, but this is not nearly as controversial as some reported. http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/jan/28/oregon-militia-standoff-lavoy-finicum-shooting-dead-police-malehur-national-wildlife-refuge

  • MURDERS, the police are nothing but murderers. When will we the people put an end to the tyranny???

  • And for all you ‘he was trying to keep his balance which is why his hands moved towards his body’ dumbfucks, realize this: when a person is losing their balance, or trying to regain their balance, or stay balanced, their arms go ‘away’ from their body, not into it or towards it, hence the principle of ‘balance’… Go walk on a ledge or on big boulders or down a steep hill, or in a deep snow drift 🙂 and see what your body reflexively does to stay balanced.
    Fucking idiots will believe anything.

  • The “official” story is ALWAYS a lie

  • Henrick Alexander told you it’d be the Feds.

  • bullshit….it does not disprove one f&cking iota of the FBI story…this piece of sh*t ran a roadblock, and reached into his jacket for a loaded Glock. Kiss my ass with your “official story is a lie” crap.

  • Got to love the authority worshippers.


  • What about this do you idiots think was unjustified?? He reached inside his coat to grab a gun and that’s when got shot. He could have just surrendered

  • Lavoy was shot in the side which is why he is reaching down. Placement of first bullet was to make it look like he was reaching for a gun to justify the murder. He had plenty of time to reach for a weapon if that was his intent. Nice try FBI. Now hand over the body cams and audio! Hand over the bullet ridden car. The helicopter view with no sound is not acceptable evidence.

  • A death wish often results in a death. Witness the above.

  • The Bundys and co are nut jobs…period. I hope they rot in prison.

  • It looks to me that this was a planned execution. the “cop” that come’s out from behind the three’s is the one that delivers the fatal shot. the video never show’s how he got back there.

  • This proves that a guy that said he would not be taken alive was shot. During which he was running from cops. Lesson of the day, if the cops try to pull you over, PULL OVER!

  • Idk, dude put his hands down for a second, they weren’t reaching to the clouds when he got shot.

  • You’ve lost a lot of credibility The Free Thought Project.com by freezing on this one frame. Obviously, he didn’t keep his arms out and was reaching inside of his coat for something. Let’s get real here or your postings will become just more lies like those you are accusing others of.

  • Now why would they release the footage….?
    Staged, is the only logical answer. Logical answer.

  • Sure looks like he was going for a gun to me. Or maybe he was trying to get out his Bible. I’m sure they were coming back from teaching Sunday school to a bunch of handicapped, underprivileged kids.

  • This was not a felony traffic stop or road block like they are saying it was. It’s a classic L shaped ambush. Notice the LEO in tan duck and run for cover right at the time his hands first go down? Seems to indicate a reaction to a gun shot. Notice the hands go back up again, and only go back down just prior to going down? Again, seems to indicate a reaction to being shot (and killed as it turns out). Notice 3 flashes and what appears to be the vehicle being hit with more bullets? Matches Victoria Sharps account. FBI HRT doing what they do best.

  • No. It doesn’t.
    It proves that delusional twatwaffles believe their own fictional narratives, even in the face of contradictory evidence.

  • Official report was wrong, didn’t mention him tryin to rundown the cop

  • The mean old gubmint even confiscated his herd of free range foster kids, his primary source of income 🙁

  • All the modern tech gear and this is the best they can do? I can fabricate a better video than that.

  • he asked for it and got it. crazy dumbass. could have got a real job

  • Seeing the video does nothing to support the governments version of the story. The man never has a weapon in his hand. Without sound to know what was being said, I can see nothing that make this shooting any more justified than any of the dozens of other unnecessary police shooting over the last few years.

    • How do you know there’s no weapon in his hand?

    • I can see no evidence of one in the video,and the police on the scene never claimed that he had one in his hand only that he appeared to be reaching for one.

  • Clearly this was a planed military style operation. The line in the sand has been drawn and it puts the people on one side and the government above the law on the other side forcing its agenda on us. Just submit to it, leave the country or fight for freedom are the three choices that we have. Sad end to a once great and free country.

  • Question: Given everything that you see did this man have to be shot in the back by an agent hiding in the trees? (Hiding in trees?)

    He didn’t rush anyone. As a matter of fact the agent rushed him. He was walking in knee deep snow and obviously losing his balance. (Which is probably why the eyewitnesses thought he was on his knees)

    Question: Is this what we call due process in America?

    Question: Why did no one ever attempt to render aid? (After they shot him) It can’t be because they were scared. They are standing out in the open watching the man die.

    Big Question: Why did the FBI allow them to freely move throughout the community for weeks, getting supplies, attend meetings? If they actually wanted a peaceful resolution wouldn’t they have stopped their supplies, ended their free movements, and negotiated as Ammon attempted time and time again? Did they want peace or did they want to send a message?

    Are we at the place in America where our first response is shoot to kill? Did someone have to die? Is this the best we can do? Isn’t it time we find a correction to this mentality?

    Just my thoughts.

  • My one question to all of those calling ambush and saying they planned to murder them all.

    Why did they then use non lethal means to subdue the rest of the cars occupants?

    Why even bring non lethal rounds if the plan was to kill them all?

    I’m going to hope that some of you aren’t just blindly hating any form of cop and are rational thinkers.

    Is it possible that the guy who multiple times said he’d lived a good life, would either walk away when it’s done or die fighting, and would rather die then live in a concrete cage reached for a stowaway 9mm and got shot down for it?

    I mean yes I know he carries a 45 in a holster but that wasn’t on him as far as we know when he died. However, the 9mm was recovered in his waistband meaning the reaching left to pull it out does add up.

    It could be possible that they went “unarmed” to peace negotiations but from what was recovered on him and the car came armed just in case.

  • How does it prove a lie? They said he reached his pocket and he had a gun, what did you miss?

  • Have you seen the whole of it? After he raises his hands, he lowers them as he sees people moving to him. It appears that he is reaching for a weapon. I will never support a lawman shooting without reason, but this is not one of those times.

  • He did not have his hands up when he was shot. He was reaching for something.

  • Has anyone told Al Sharpton? Would a federal investigation help.

  • he sped toward the roadblock with a deadly weapon, the truck. but yes, i did just witness a murder.

  • Murdered in cold blood. Hands were up and never had a weapon. Fuck those murderers.

  • Poor man! God his family must be so upset! FBI or not! These are just men! They deserve to feel what they did! I wouldn’t want. To be them right now! Sleeeeeep with one eye open!

  • You know, his hands went to his pockets, they did. Why is another question. But what really matters is they had zero business stopping them like this to begin with.

  • People speak of his hands dropping but since there is no sound in the video then he could have been shot and clutching at that spot. They think they are clever. No sound means no-one gets to hear the shots they fired on the vehicle the first time they stopped.

  • He reached for a gun (which was confirmed that he had one) and was shot dead. End of story. Piece of shit got what was coming to him. I’m sure if he was black or a minority, a lot more people would have been dead.

  • I’m not a cop sucker. But an experienced gun owner! And if my weapon was in my left breast area. I would have had to make the exact arm movements he made to get it out of my holster. Sorry but he Was reaching to arm himself. This one appears to be Justified. But I still wanna see and hear body cams and audio to make a full conclusion for myself!

  • Well it wasn’t murder, Im the first to blame the cops for everything, but what I saw was a man raise his hands then reach down into his pockets, what ever he reached for? He just didn’t make it! He does it 2x and his ass got pop!

  • No doubt a difficult situation for everyone involved. However, are people hearing a narrative and then seeing it? I think so. He was reacting to gun shots while stumbling through the snow, which gives the appearance of erratic behavior. If he wanted a shoot out he would’ve shot during the initial stop or came out of his vehicle with gun fire, not his hands in the air.

  • “he was reaching for his waistband”… Mfs. Seems like a legit reason to murder anyone

  • Look at his actions in the next 30 seconds – very different!

  • He was SHOT in that truck.

  • Liberals can’t decide what they want! They want the police to exercise caution and non lethal action unless it is a conservative cause, in that case, blow that dude away. Can’t have it both ways, guys.

  • Ha, ha, ha!

  • Lee Tuck

    This video proves nothing, we have no idea why he was reaching to his side. He could have been shot first then reached to his side. We do not know, where are the body camera video’s?

  • jumal jones

    funny we havent heard much about the head Head Shot they pumped into him execution style to finish him off while he was lying in the snow still moving. and disrespecting his body by throwing his hat off first so they could get a clean shot

  • jumal jones

    Was the head shot also justified after shot three times writhing on the ground?Nope dont think so think execution

  • jumal jones

    You are ignorant lady, they gave him a head shot he was or could have been still alive before that, no medical aid called or rendered, get real, if they do it to one of yours what will you call it then> Ponder

  • jumal jones

    He was driving so fast to get away and didnt know the roadblock was there it was right after a curve in the road he tried to miss it and an agent ran in front of the truck to support the murder

  • jumal jones

    pretty much

  • jumal jones

    Or clutching his chest maybe, or was he fired upon first then reaching for protection

  • jumal jones

    do you know when the first shot was fired can you hear the audio NO, if he was reaching for a weapon then there was a reason, and it wasnt to just shoot them, because he could have done that when he exited the vehicle. It all is about the ambush the sniper, the shots fired first, the shooting at the vehicle after he was shot and the head shot they gave him after he was subdued, thats what it boils down to, from a retired law enforcement point of view

  • jumal jones

    it doesnt prove a thing, it proves a cover up and why they stopped him from reaching the sheriff in the next county for safety

  • jumal jones

    Great thoughts robert thank you for great observation,

  • jumal jones


  • jumal jones

    because that would have been the first thing ringing out of the mouths of the agents, to justify the murder thats why,

  • jumal jones

    Are you serious or just blind? He didnt try to run him down, the cop ran out in front of the path of the vehicle as he was swerving to miss hitting the roadblock wow 99 cent store has reading glasses maybe you can get a pair

  • jumal jones

    Great observation thanks for posting

  • jumal jones

    exactly they never meant to arrest him in the first place he talked too much for their likeing

  • jumal jones

    So why did they shoot him in the head while he was still alive and unreponsive and subdued lying in the snow smart one