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BREAKING: Shots Fired! Oregon Militia Raided by Feds — One Confirmed Dead

(RT) — Ammon Bundy, the leader of the armed group occupying a federal wildlife refuge near Burns, Oregon, and three others have been arrested by law enforcement amid gunfire, according to local media.

According to KATU News, Bundy and the others were arrested near the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Shots were fired after FBI agents and Oregon State Police made a traffic stop.

Oregon Live has reported that two people have been shot, citing a “self-styled journalist” named Pete Santilli. Reports of shots fired, injuries, and arrests have not yet been confirmed. 

The outlet also cited Santilli when reporting that the FBI has told the protesters at the refuge to leave immediately. 

However, investigative reporter Les Zaitz, who was reportedly at the refuge, cites a protester as stating that there is no police presence there.

Images posted on social media purport to show a Bundy militia supporter being arrested by law enforcement.

According to OPB News, Bundy and other protesters were scheduled to meet at the John Day Senior Center in neighboring Grant County, but Bundy never appeared.

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Highways near Burns have been shut down by the Oregon Department of Transportation and the Harney District Hospital in Burns is also on lockdown, OPB stated.

Bundy and his band of protesters have been occupying the refuge for weeks now. The group is protesting federal ownership of wide swathes of land in the West and wants to see control of it returned to local and state jurisdiction.


  • It’s up to us to keep each other informed. Please (Y) + Comment + Share this story.

  • This would have been over a long time ago if the mainstream media were not bought and paid for. They would have brought to light all the mafia style tactics being used by the BLM in their illegal quest to take land, they would have reported on all the discrepancies, the double jeopardy, the over 400 actions they are currently involved in, yes, the blood is on the mainstream medias hands for failing to report the truth. The mainstream media and social media now gets paid from the feds as part of the education act that was passed back in 2012, paid to be one sided and to sway public opinion towards the feds. Proof is easy to find, in 2013 congress/senate passed a law making parts of our free speech a felony, the President a constitutional Attorney knew this law was illegal yet he signed it anyway, if the government were not paying all these news media outlets then they would have been screaming from coast to coast as the constitution says congress will make no laws infringing on our rights to free speech. Yes, the people in Oregon were fighting to restore America and some of her freedoms, but instead of the news media doing their jobs they sold out the country even more, RIP America, sad to see you go, it’s been fun, welcome to the police state people…

    • nailed it

    • next time they want to fight for our freedom let them attack our opressors directly or else join our comrades protesting on city streets. Let them provide security for the other BLM against criminal attacks, from police and otherwise. Let them put their cammo and rifles to use and become an urban sniper squad watching for criminals (in whatever costume) who scare them by unlawfully endangering their fellow citizens and can only be reasonably stopped by a hail of bullets center of mass in accordance with the law. Let them do anything to stand with our opressed nation, and not just with white ranchers like themselves. Maybe then we’d believe they care about rights and freedom.

    • did the BLM behave malfeasantly, maybe criminally? Pretty clearly so, and that is SOP for government agencies in USA. That much is true. these guys’ pure-snow freedom-loving idealism? Not buying it.

    • Thomas Raphael Hyle That has been a trick of the mainstream media by the way, take your eyes off the ball, look over here, don’t look behind the curtain, instead of placing their resources on the mafia style tactics of the BLM and other agencies they take you to the patriots. I read someplace once this guy said, let those without sin cast the first stone, maybe you can refresh my memory of where I read that. Now that being said, the mission was one of honor, one that was meant to help all Americans great and small, when the BLM wants your house one day or some other government agency, you say no, I worked hard for this house, I built this house, my father built this house, then maybe you will get it, a thief is a thief no mater who they are, person or government, have a nice evening

    • Omg YES!!

  • A meaningful of life is not being rich, being popular, being highly educated or being perfect. It is about being real, being humble, being strong and being able to share ourselves and touch the lives of other. It is only then that we could have a full, happy and contented life.

  • Updated January 26, 2016 at 8:22 PM
    Oregon standoff spokesman Robert ‘LaVoy’ Finicum killed, Bundys in custody after gunfight near Burns

    BURNS – Oregon standoff spokesman Robert “LaVoy” Finicum was killed and other top leaders of the wildlife refuge occupation were arrested Tuesday after law enforcement officials stopped vehicles about 15 miles north of Burns.

    Authorities did not release the name of the person who died at the highway stop, but two sources told The Oregonian/Oregonlive that it was Finicum, 55, of Cane Beds, Arizona, one of the cowboy-hat wearing faces of the takeover.

    State police later confirmed that troopers were involved in a shooting about 4:30 p.m. along U.S. 395 about 20 miles north of Burns.

    Ryan Bundy, 43, of Bunkerville, Nev., suffered a minor gunshot wound in the confrontation and was arrested.

    Also arrested were his brother, Ammon Bundy, 40, of Emmett, Idaho, Ryan W. Payne, 32, of Anaconda, Mont., Brian Cavalier, 44, of Bunkerville, Nevada, and Shawna J. Cox, 59, of Kanab, Utah. They were charged with conspiracy to impede federal officers, a felony.

    Finicum’s daughter said her father was to be part of the entourage going to John Day.

    Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore said that Ammon Bundy called his wife, Lisa Bundy, from the back of a police car on Tuesday night.

    Fiore, a vocal supporter of the Bundy family, said that Ammon Bundy told his wife that Finicum was cooperating with police and had put his hands up. Then, Fiore said, Bundy told his wife that he watched police shoot Finicum three times. She said that Ammon Bundy also said Finicum was on the ground when he was shot.

    Finicum on Monday said in a radio blog interview that he sensed heightened activity from federal law enforcement.

    “Definitely a lot of saber rousing going on around us,” Finicum said on America’s Freedom The Right to Bear Arms. “I do believe they’re positioning themselves. There’s definitely a hardening of their postures. They’re bringing in more assets. They’re doing a lot of saber rattling. … We’re just moving forward.”

    In Burns, Oregon State Police also arrested Joseph D. O’Shaughnessy, 45, Cottonwood, Arizona. He is known in militia circles as “Captain.”

    Several hours later, Jon Ritzheimer, 32, a key militant leader, surrendered to police in Arizona on the conspiracy charge. He gained national fame for complaining on a video about the delivery of sex toys to the refuge in response to the occupiers’ plea for supplies.

    Police also arrested Pete Santilli, an independent broadcaster known for his aggressive manner and live streaming refuge events. He also faces a conspiracy charge to impede federal officers.

    Kristen Grainger, a spokeswoman for Gov. Kate Brown, declined to comment on the arrests. Earlier Tuesday, the governor told reporters she thought “there needs to be a higher level of federal engagement around federal management of federal land.”

    Brown also repeated her insistence that federal officials take steps to end the occupation and said “it’s extremely important that wrongdoers be held accountable.”

    “Until we have the opportunity to be fully briefed,” Grainger said, “I need to defer to the FBI’s spokespeople.”

    No details were available about the dramatic finish to the free-roaming ways of the militant leaders. The FBI has been in charge of the refuge occupation, but it wasn’t immediately known which police agencies were involved in the arrest.

    The militants seized the wildlife refuge on Jan. 2, insisting they wouldn’t leave until their demands were met, including the freeing of two Harney County ranchers jailed on federal arson charges. One militant on Tuesday afternoon posted a video of Ammon Bundy talking earlier in the day with an FBI negotiator identified only as “Chris.” The two have been negotiating since last week, with Bundy dictating the circumstances under which he would talk and what the group wanted.

    The leaders were on U.S. 395 bound for John Day, where they were scheduled to participate in an evening community meeting set up by local residents. A crowd of several hundred had gathered at the John Day Senior Center, who were subsequently told the the “guest speakers” would not be appearing.

    The highway was blocked for a 40-mile stretch between Burns and John Day. Police were stationed near Seneca, a small city of 200 south of John Day, with long guns. They said they didn’t know how long the roadblock would be place. Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer was there.

    Palmer two weeks ago had met with Payne and Ritzheimer. He later publicly declared that Dwight Hammond Jr. and his son, Steven, should be freed from federal prison to help end the standoff. Palmer also has recommended that the FBI leave the Harney County scene and turn the matter to local police.

    The armed militants took over the vacant headquarters compound at the refuge, about 30 miles southeast of Burns. They have been using refuge buildings for meetings and lodging, posting armed security guards.

    At the refuge Tuesday evening before officials issued a statement, occupier Jason Patrick reported no unusual activity. The only word he had about a possible arrest was from an independent broadcaster allied with the militants.

    “It’s pretty quiet here,” Patrick said. He said no one was leaving as of 6 p.m.

    The occupiers have been moving without police interference between the refuge and Burns, even attending a county-sponsored community meeting at the Burns High School a week ago. Police estimated at least 50 militants scattered through the crowd of about 400 people.

    The dramatic event came days after public officials had gone public complaining about the apparent inaction by law enforcement. The governor had complained directly to U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey as well as the White House. On Monday, Harney County Judge Steve Grasty, who chairs the county commission, also publicly urged police to resolve the occupation.

    Payne and Bundy have been in and out of Harney County since November, aroused by the sentencing of the Hammonds. In October, they were ordered back to federal prison to finish five-year terms for deliberating starting fires that burned federal land in 2001 and 2006. Bundy and his followers had demanded that Harney County Sheriff David Ward protect the ranchers from having to surrender, a demand Ward rejected.

    Payne and other militia met local residents in an informal meeting on New Year’s Day in Burns, vowing they had peaceful intentions. The next day, about 300 people – a mix of militia and local residents – paraded in protest through downtown Burns, stopping at the sheriff’s office and then stopping at the home of Dwight Hammond and his wife Susan.

    That afternoon, a splinter group of militants drove out to the refuge, left vacant after federal authorities warned employees to stay away over safety concerns. Later, Payne confirmed in interviews with The Oregonian/OregonLive that the group had long planned to seize the refuge.

    Besides demanding freedom for the Hammonds, the Bundy group wanted the refuge turned over to prior private owners and to the county. They insist that the federal government has no constitutional authority to control land in Harney County, a county that measures 10,000 square miles. The federal government controls 76 percent. The Bundy group also has encouraged ranchers to renounced their federal grazing permits, showcasing a New Mexico rancher Saturday at the refuge who did just that.

    This post will be updated.


  • I actually expected more dead.

  • Lavoy hinicum went out with his boots on

  • Ignorance

  • Darwin award…….:-/

    • …for what? Standing up to a tyrannical government?

    • You have the Bootlicker Award…congratulations.

    • Darwin’s for all of them, they wanted this.

    • Yep….. No more guns for them…. LOL…..:-)

    • Guess they can stand outside mosques with their hands in their pockets now! Hahahaha

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    • My grandpa shot nazis like them in Normandy. He warned me about hateful people preaching patriot before he died.

  • A meaningful of life is not being rich, being popular, being highly educated or being perfect. It is about being real, being humble, being strong and being able to share ourselves and touch the lives of other. It is only then that we could have a full, happy and contented life.

  • A meaningful of life is not being rich, being popular, being highly educated or being perfect. It is about being real, being humble, being strong and being able to share ourselves and touch the lives of other. It is only then that we could have a full, happy and contented life.

  • Go get a job you fuck wits… living off the dole….

  • I thought it would be worse, really.

  • Bundy’s fought the Law & The Law Won!

    • So did Anne Frank. Doesn’t make the law moral or correct.

    • Bundy’s are nothing like Anne Frank. They are law breaking Criminals.

    • ???????

    • Sympathizers thought the same of Anne Frank when she was considered a criminal too.

    • Anne frank, young author, victim of the Holocaust. Ammon bundy, greedy criminal man baby, victim of his own ego. No comparison.

    • Lest Oberg So True!
      There clowns thought the were hero’s. It’s laughable!

    • Liberal trolls, having a ball. Please bring back dueling, for a kinder America

    • Bundy isn’t a criminal, and you know nothing about his personality so you can’t make claims about an ego or being a baby.

      The criminals are the people that own the land and the people that tried to charge him twice for using the land that is owned by the government illegally.

    • Ben Walburn Liar

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  • feds have to make an example of these people and make sure no more american insurgencies ever happen again… “Do as you’re told and nothing will happen to you.”

    • Yea go be a sheep

    • It’s hard to detect sarcasm through print, I hope to god you aren’t really in favor of a totalitarian regime.

  • Before people start spewing out hate and uninformed biases on this comment feed, let’s keep one thing in mind. We are being oppressed by an out of control government who will stop at nothing to continue their power grab. I may not agree with everything these militia men did, but at least they did something. If we all stood up together there wouldn’t be a need to take over a wildlife refuge. We could take over our government and put it back in the hands of the people. Of coarse the powers that be want you to think that this scenario is more dangerous than any, but let’s look at history and how this nation was conceived. Let’s all stand united!

    • The gov’t worst fear is a people united!

    • What they did was stupid , and unconstitutional . you know these nutbars carry a copy of the Constitution with them everywhere they go , the problem is that the Constitution they cary isn’t the real Constitution , it was written by a right wing nut job . they are upholding a Constitution that doesn’t exist . the very difinition of insanity . and you are a nutbar for supporting them.

    • Chris cunliffe, you are entitled to your opinion, but I must insist that I am far from a “nutbar.” To me, blindly following a government that is only worried about imposing its power to obtain more power falls under the classification of insanity. Let’s not forget that the very people who founded this country were once considered crazy. As I said in my comment, I don’t necessarily agree with everything these men did, but the fact is that something needs to be done. My point is that if we all were to stand united instead of sticking to general assumptions and name calling like yourself, there wouldn’t be a need for these kinds of incidents. I truly believe it is time for the people to take a stand, but until we do it together these kinds of scenarios will continue to play out all over the country.

    • Chris Cunliffe you’re a pretty dumb troll, grammar is horrible, no facts or anything to support your obvious angry trolling. How about this, go suck some more cop dick, while you watch the news and shut the fuck up. God you’re fucking ignorant.

    • Where are your facts and sources ??

    • And why would I need sources when talking to intelligent individual’s ??

    • Because intelligent individuals require proof. They don’t just blindly believe what they’ve been told like you…

    • As any intelligent individual can see my posts are my own opinion, which I didn’t know I needed facts and sources for. Also, I never said anything about citing facts from credible sources, you were the one to bring that up. However, the one part of my post which could be considered as me stating a fact is when I spoke of the government oppressing the people in order to obtain more power. There are many examples of fact to support this idea, some of which include the patriot act and obamacare. I could give you my sources for them but if you don’t know what those two are than I will gladly ignore your trolling from here on. Lastly, I believe you are missing the point of my post. It is people like you who blindly hate and judge that allow us to continue in this constant circle of ignorance. It is through responsible, mature discuss that we will arrive at a place of understanding and eventual unity!

    • Hey Ryan , I agree with you 92.5% , ( I have my own calculations for determining truthiness ) , and I never follow the govt line unless there evidence leading that way . but I also don’t blindly follow anything some nutbar posts on line . I don’t post sources because I’m actually pretty lazy ( plus my only internet device is a small ass slow phone which as you probably know ( being that I consider you somewhat intelligent) is quite cumbersome . I am not a conspiracy theorists nor am I a govt troll . but I also don’t believe anything someone says just because they said it with Passion . I am actually on the mailing lists of many right & left wing propaganda leaflets and publications , and to tell the truth most of it bullshit . sorta like my mom , they take a little bit of truth and twist it to support their position .( sorry mom but your full of bullshit and propaganda ) . which is why I don’t believe anything I read from right or left wing outlets and like to read at least some stuff with credible sources . unfortunately , nothing on the internet is unbiased or creadable which leaves everyone wondering what is real or the truth .

    • Chris I suggest you check up a little more on the background of the case as well as what the constitution allows. Remember that the constitution is in place to limit the government. The government obtained these lands illegally in the first place. And the ridiculously horrible things they did to obtain these lands, as detailed in the link I provided, are downright evidence of an overbearing a power abusing government

    • I read these link you posted like a week ago , I still think it is bullshit . with a link that says anything like ‘ conservative tree house watch ‘ I’m not going to believe it , its biased from the outset , though it makes a good case actual Constitution lawyers who I have spoken with think it is bullshit and has no actual base in reality . it’s just propaganda and I’m sorry you believe this tripe . have you actually talked to a professor who teaches Constitutional law ?? I mean an actual professor ?? I can get you right off the bat that about 85% of think what you believe is tinfoilhatery .

    • Well said Ryan. And Ryan 🙂

    • If only the rest of the sheeple saw it too, half of them are cheering big government on.

      “Go Feds! I don’t like freedom or my rights, please control my entire life!”

    • I don’t understand why we denounce the government when they’re killing us, but then praise them when a group is standing up to them? I’m pretty liberal on most issues, but I gotta say, the hypocrisy on the left is astounding. The government they’re standing up against is the same government who kills and jails blacks at disproportionate rates.

      Also, part of their protest involves the draconian tactics that keep prisons over populated: mandatory minimums. If the left would take their heads out of their assholes for a minute, they’d realize there’s a common ground here on which to build.

    • Ryan how the f#ck are you oppressed

    • The Free Thought Project.com Yeah well…they just censor me for trying to look for answers.

    • Andy, I encourage you to take a screenshot and show me where I said “I am oppressed by my govt” go ahead I’ll wait because it isn’t there

    • You’re right Chris. Nobody but a college professor can interpret the constitution. So much for thinking for yourself. You can’t say I didn’t try though

  • I had hoped not but…
    Not surprising. This is the feds. S.O.P. !
    It was a set-up!
    They were ambushed on their way to peacefully try to resolve it with local authorities who informed the FBI.

    “Members of the group had been scheduled to appear at 6 p.m. for a meeting with authorities in the town of John Day in Grant County. ”


  • Lets see what Oathe keepers have to say..

  • hell yer first the CIA red flag to try to bring all the real Americans out of hiding ,then the bullshit stories ,yep looks like obamas crowded no doubt

    • Luckily preschool is free in the USA ( socialism ) , you should go back as you are dumb as shit .

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    • man and their going to kill their pets before people in middle class so it can not come back on them

    • i would never been seen dead in a backwards hole like america with all the women and baby killing lying torture of humans but i see your there

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  • Whatever, fuckin cops shoot innocent people, dogs, children and here they are “arresting” these so called militia men. I call bullshit

    • They shot one in the face with both hands over his head. He was killed.

    • Source, saber?

    • It was in all likelyhood that it was the militia who fired the first shots. The police probably tried to enter and they shot at them because they’re paranoid hicks

    • They were pulled over and I hope what happened was caught on camera. They arent paranoid hicks when 2 men are sitting in jail for accidentally burning federal land. Men who served their time, but had years added to their sentences.

    • Thommo Frazer “in all likelihood”, then “probably” ending with “because they’re paranoid hicks”. No facts backed up by even a questionable source, but rather a possible scenario that is only possible if you AVOID every situational fact. Pure genius, thank you for sorting that out…..

    • Kevin VanGelder posted:

      ABC News There are reports that you have the full video of the Bundy arrest and Finicum murder. If that is true, please release it immediately. DO NOT allow the federal government to intimidate you into keeping it hidden. The whole world is watching. Will you do the right thing and stand for justice or will you help the government subvert justice?

      Although it wouldn’t surprise me if all the body & dash cams were malfunctioning last night.

  • This Cowboy fantasy finally over. Maybe the rest of those welfare recipients that are living on the refuge will stop trying to rape and pillage the land like their forefathers.

    • You know you wouldn’t be able to speak those ignorant words freely if it wasn’t for our forefathers right?? You should educate yourself before you make an ass out of yourself next time..

    • Tj, it is Indian land dumb dumb

    • This whole country was once all Indian land. Probably where you live now and for sure where I do. Can you guess who took it from said indigenous people? The government did, not just your average everyday white folk.. But I’m sure your sleep just fine living on your stolen land AJ Church.. And I’m sure the rocket scientist whos comment I originally responded to has no problem living here either. So I guess I don’t see the validity of your comment, wish to elaborate?

    • Indians are from India AJ Church, you fucking idiot. Native Americans, like my Cherokee ancestors, fought lost and died over that land. What we stand on now is conquered land, no different than Every. Other. Country. The absolute voluntary ignorance on this issue and every post about it if astounding. And Richard, you can just shut your fat homoerotic Mexican looking ass the fuck up. You look like a hipster twat waffle who skips along with his gay hipster buttfucking groupies who get all angry and pissy about whatever bullshit your fucking screens feed you. Go catch aids and die.

    • Tj, the the reason we have states and federal government is to protect the land from over use, gangs and malitias like these fools. If you want to justify taking the land from the Indians in forming a country, you have to support the rule of law.

    • From up here it’s hard to figure out what’s going on, there’s no news in the truth, and no truth in the news.
      So I read the comments to try to piece it together.
      I can see why America always needs a foreign boogeyman.
      Without a common enemy, you guys turn on each other.

    • It’s a play right out of the socialism playbook, get us to turn on each other, so we’ll be to busy to see the actual enemy.

    • This guy just said we have government to protect us from militias. Lmao are you serious?

    • Right haha this gentleman don’t know his ass from a hole in the ground! The real reason we have government is to protect the country as whole from foreign threats. The states are supposed to manage the land of each state.. God damn man read a book!!

    • If you want to change the government, you have to be part of the government. Bitching on Facebook and joining petty militias just hurts the cause, and discredits the principle of true rebellion. Grow up

    • You are naive my friend. This day and age, that’s the same as saying become a Nazi to beat a Nazi. Who said I joined any militia or anyone else here? I said educate before you spout ignorance. Further more from what you have stated thus far it is pretty evident you have no clue what the cause would be and in fact are part of the problem. More government is never the answer sir. So take your own advice and grow up and educate yourself and learn what the real cause actually is.

    • Tj, it is obvious you get hurt when your own beliefs are intelligently challenged, so you dig in with emotionally charged taking points as an ego defense mechanism. That’s none of my business, but I do recognize its pattern in public discourse

    • Also

    • AJ if this is what you consider intelligently challenging someone’s views I suggest you step your game up…

    • Ryan why the hell are you typing?

    • The same reason you are. Now you’re going to attempt to sit here and act like you have more rights than I do? Lol why am I not surprised?

    • You have in no way challenged me intellectually.. I debate far superior minds on a daily basis. Don’t flatter yourself. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but not their own facts. You obviously have minimal knowledge of history or politics. As Ryan has recommended, if this is how you challenge intellects you need to step it up a touch.. Or just not speak it is clearly not your strong point.

    • Dumb^ but I agree… AJ Church you should educate yourself, and quick too.

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  • Took em long enough? ??

  • I rarely side with the government, but these guys are idiots. not much else to say. theres rules I dont agree with as well, but If I tried to express that disagreement with armed occupancy, on federal land. I would be buried in an unmarked state funded grave. they took their white privilege for a magic carpet ride.

    • Stfu about white privilege lmao there’s one dead goof there’s no racism involved in this

    • Jordan the adults are speaking, go back to bed.

    • You supporting government makes you an idiot!

    • Jordan Watson I’m not here to argue. if you think any other race would have gotten this far, no matter what I say will matter to you., You win. racism doesnt exist, the holacaust was fake, no moon landing… all that…

    • Lmao chill out John, knowledge comes with experience not age. Unless you have an argument then gtfo

    • Why the qualifier/disclaimer “I rarely side with the government”?

    • Isn’t it wonderful to be white

    • Racism is always a part of everything. If you don’t agree with that well then you’re racist. No doubt in my mind.

    • Jamaal makes it about race because he is himself a racist. Plenty of Black Panther party members opened carried while protesting.

    • Watch the video. The federal government is breaking the law. Federal government has no authority to control YOUR land: https://www.facebook.com/tiffany.house.96/videos/1070795146273987/

    • Kodi unless u have actual proof of that then please gtfo. Name one way race is involved with this

    • Not federal land you twit. They can’t by law own that land.

    • Jordan Watson. If they were other than white they all would of been dead a month ago….

    • Jordan if you can’t see how race was a factor your tiny mind will never be able to understand.

    • Not to mention rifling through Native American artifacts on display. Is that for the taking as well?

    • No Korey McFarland it isn’t. It’s not black and white it’s wrong and right. United we stand and divided we fall. You get it?

    • Says the one who turns a battle over land into a race issue. Wah wah play the race card more and look for more sympathy and pity. Pathetic

    • They want you to make it a race issue to divide us that is what the powerful do. They are shooting everyone now a days. See the real enemy don’t be there tool!

    • Bruce Sharp why does it matter? Analyze the delivery instead of addressing the issue #trumplogic

    • John Simmons I posted a question on her FB page and have yet to receive a response. The feds manage the land of a territory. When the territory becomes a state, the land goes to the state EXCEPT if the state signed away their right. The Enabling Act of 1910 bestowed statehood to Arizona and New Mexico IF they agreed to let the feds keep the land.

    • Only racists find ways to make things about colour of skin…

    • Also still haven’t had a valid argument from John. If talking down on someone cause their age is your only defense then that’s pretty damn sad lmao

    • Might as well have said ” I’m rarely racist, but….”

    • Would it be in bad taste to drop the WHITE POWER right now? Not that im completely white but i think its hilarious.

    • John O’Brien

    • John Simmons I don’t side with procrastinators of Roman theology or Mormon extremists.

    • David , you’re absolutely right, but that doesn’t mean double standards aren’t present

    • The ONLY place you can be sure to rid the world of hate and racism is IN YOUR OWN HEART. Hate, like love, must first exist in the hearts of men before it can exist in the world. If you want to change the world, change yourself! Be an EXAMPLE for others to follow… you cannot force Love and compassion on others! First, that isn’t love, it is control. Love is sacrifice, not control.


    • the real out post is at 1600 Pennsylvania ave. that is the head of the snake..and we all know those pussies will run and demand their puppets to fight for them

    • Tired of comments from idiots like this. The government and feds are not your daddy. You dont owe them anything nor do you have to obey them just because they say you do. These are people just like you and me. They can stand up for whats right. So lets say people start walking around armed trying to protect themselves from a radical tyrannical government and the government takes them out. Are you going to be ok with that?

    • Black Panthers created Wic what these dudes do for everyone??

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    • U are so right. And they damn sure did. If they had been black, they would have killed em all the first hour, and they would have been “thugs” according to the government! We all know this. Whole lotta ppl know it. But for some reason just can’t admit it. But why???

    • Sandra Simmons Did they kill all the store looting fools in Fergus ? Come on now get a grip and progress a little . For goodness sake people it is 2016 . Evolve just a bit ?

    • Does anyone have any proof or examples of situations that prove these wild claims. Everybody claims if it were another group it would’ve been over months ago with everyone dead. Can anybody give me one example that occurred in the last 30 years or are you just regurgitating propaganda.

    • Kota Reeves we have a right and a duty to stand up against a government that operates out side of the constitution. you are right more need to stand up.

    • “Federal” land? It sounds like your masters already have you by the balls.

    • Duane Weimerskirch the government isnt in the wrong here these douche canoes are. They not only already get huge amounts of financial help from the governmemt but they also had the nerve to start destroying native artifacts at that site. They threw a tantrum and used guns to do it.

    • Jamaal Aikens Idiot the constitution clearly states the federal government is not suppose to own any land so fuck off boot licker

    • Terry Ciano I posted a question on her (Krisanne Hall) FB page and have yet to receive a response. The feds manage the land of a territory. When the territory becomes a state, the land goes to the state EXCEPT if the state signed away their right. The Enabling Act of 1910 bestowed statehood to Arizona and New Mexico IF they agreed to let the feds keep the land. Arizona and NM signed away their right to whatever land the feds held at that time, so why is that a violation of the Constitution?

    • You sir are a racist, and a moron.

    • Lol I got some white privelidge for all u racist assholes…. lollollollollol

    • Ferguson………enough said for your racist ass you dumb piece of shit.

    • Larry Brown yah yah at least the government has never slaughtered natives to take land..i mean were there approx 297 natives at wounded knee..and the story of thanksgiving is a joke.

    • How many black Panthers used guns to occupy feudal buildings ?

    • It is all about population and they are going to cull us way down and put in martial law in planet wide. Put us in camps and put in chips in us and kill the old rape the woman and your kids!!! We are all the slaves to the new world order.We are one race, the Human race. We the free peoples of earth , rise up in one voice at the same time and say,” WE ARE NOT TAKING THIS SHIT NO MORE!!!” People of the world this is all very true!! All of the people have to stand as one, and do it at the same time.,do not go to work, take to the streets . you all have the numbers on your side. take your country back. Time for talk is over, BEFORE it is to late. Stand Strong!!!!!
      Protest peacefully, Do not riot , dont rob stores and dont hurt any people. Do that for a week and demand action, and if they start shooting first then you know where your government stands Then your going to have to arm yourself and get your country back.

    • Some peoples kids. Sadly there is no pill to fix stupid. Fuck the government and anyone who stands beside them they are corrupt and emotionless monsters

    • David Weitendorf I know this. I’m white. I was merily being a smart ass because Jamal was being racists

    • I’ve posted on other threads that all the pistol packing gangs, biker clubs, and freedom fighters need to get on the same level. I believe they could do major damage to our bullshit police force.

    • Lamon Ra Williams Jr. They paid for it haha

  • Poor guys shot dead with their hands up

    • That’s bullshit. Still good though.

    • Not true.
      The dude who died bragged about going out in a blaze of glory

    • Passing on first hand account information

    • Murdered by uncle sam

  • I have been critical of the feds for their inaction, but I think there is one important reason. The Nuts wanted the feds to martyr them, so as to rally all the other nuts in a fight with the federal government.

    • That’s what the nuts have been saying for years, they keep saying the US government is going to start a civil war, when its they who are the aggressors.

    • You two should read some history books.. Our founders did these same kind of things to stand up to the king so we could all be free men. Educate your selves before you make yourselves look like a couple jack ass’..

    • Tj Anderson is right. You people seriously need to educate yourselves and learn true history of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION.

  • “Ammon called his wife from the back of the police car to let her know he was ok. He told her his body guard got out with hands up and was shot 3 times in the chest. The old rancher was thrown to the ground and shot in the back. Typical fbi MO just like other events of their past.”

    From an Oath Keeper site

  • Good! Open and shut case, save tax payer money, some anyways, because that felon is a deadbeat that has cost more money than he could ever pay if he lived three lifetimes.

    • Fucking moron.

    • John Simmons He is. So was tarpman..he’s no longer a problem though.

    • This guy must be a fucking cop. Listen to his anti freedom hate speech

  • Our rogue government does what ever they want, obviously. Police state, nwo, blah blah blah.

  • Andrea Nava

  • Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore said that Ammon Bundy called his wife, Lisa Bundy, from the back of a police car on Tuesday night.

    Fiore, a vocal supporter of the Bundy family, said that Ammon Bundy told his wife that Finicum was cooperating with police and had put his hands up. Then, Fiore said, Bundy told his wife that he watched police shoot Finicum three times. She said that Ammon Bundy also said Finicum was on the ground when he was shot.

    Finicum on Monday said in a radio blog interview that he sensed heightened activity from federal law enforcement.

    • So if the plan was to kill them, why didn’t they hose all of them and leave no witnesses?

      This is just right wing spin. You want to play cowboy, you need to remember that there is always a loser in a gunfight.

    • Yeah, every time a person is killed by the police, I hear people say the victim did not do everything asked of him/her. So, I’ll repeat the mantra of “Blue Lives Matter”.

    • Sounds like a good reason to have body cams. But that has to be enforced for EVERYBODY. http://www.wptz.com/news/police-shut-off-body-cameras-before-shooting-colchester-man/36232282

    • Jesus Francisco Javier Partida Isn’t it strange that the police would let Ammon Bundy make a phone call from the police car? Not saying it didn’t happen, but that doesn’t sound like standard police procedure.

  • Hahaha dumb fucks

  • Fuck those assholes, both sides are ridiculous.

  • Okay.

  • Feds should have droned the whole nest of them into pink mist on day one

    • Wow lady. With a face like yours is hate men too.

    • Toni you fat soulless ginger. People like you are the reason the world is a nasty place. Go ride a donkey dick and hang yourself you fat cunt.

    • Toni thinks it’s cool to be charged twice for the same crime. She loves tyrannical governments because they keep the criminals away, just like they told her.

  • #YouDontFuckWithTheRepublic

    • Here skug, lies snug, under a tarp, no more!

  • Good. Kill the terrorist.

  • Govt business as usual. Nothing new since the beginning of this country, just the face of the people being attacked is different and the year.

  • All the fucking trolls come out of the wood work. You all will be the first ones loaded on the death trains…little girls…hiding.

    • Because they don’t support mormon extremists? Your a tool sir, and your either a mormon as well, or never heard of the mountain meadows massacre.

    • Troll.

    • I was hoping for a Waco.. Break the law and you will be dealt with.

      They should have shot all of them.. No Trial!

    • God bless the ignorant hearts of the sick ass government boot lickers comenting on hear.and lord please let them and their familys be the next ones who the government steels from.

    • Smoke em out that’s what I say ???

    • You old fat bitches ain’t done shit for this country who in the military who was a police officer who were marines my family not your fat mad at the world you guys created a giant noose for the whole planet ..so what have you done ??? Foh Stfu gfys

    • Jason DeFreese so you are ok with no due process..you are no better than the fucking government. that is what the constitution guarantees..due process. but it has been stolen because people are too afraid to stand up.

    • I wouldnt waste my breath on Lamon…all he does is sit around and play video games all day. Nobody in his family has done ANYTHING for this country besides make people dumber.

    • Actually it’s been proven that playing video games makes you smarter…

  • All these things have followed from the want of a constitution; for it is the nature and intention of a constitution to prevent governing by party, by establishing a common principle that shall limit and control the power and impulse of party, and that says to all parties, thus far shalt thou go and no further. But in the absence of a constitution, men look entirely to party; and instead of principle governing party, party governs principle.

    An avidity to punish is always dangerous to liberty. It leads men to stretch, to misinterpret, and to misapply even the best of laws. He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.


    July, 1795. PARIS

  • Bullshit!!!

  • Yep

  • And that’s post on Facebook lmao. What kind of a credible militia has a Facebook page?

  • Dipshits like they are proving anything and you ain’t gonna win again the government .You will just end up dead and people will forget about you or what you were trying to prove anyways

    • that is what the government wants us to think. the government only has as much power as we give them and we have been slacking

  • All these things have followed from the want of a constitution; for it is the nature and intention of a constitution to prevent governing by party, by establishing a common principle that shall limit and control the power and impulse of party, and that says to all parties, thus far shalt thou go and no further. But in the absence of a constitution, men look entirely to party; and instead of principle governing party, party governs principle.

    An avidity to punish is always dangerous to liberty. It leads men to stretch, to misinterpret, and to misapply even the best of laws. He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.


    July, 1795. PARIS

  • It is about time. They should have taken them all out in the beginning. Those psychopaths are terrorist and they thought they could use their guns for intimidation and they did for awhile. They were insane to even think they could take over federal property and continue to get away with it. Everyone of their kind needs to be rounded up and imprisoned or dumped in North Korea. They were all lazy, lowlife, lying grifters that wanted land that wasn’t theirs. Many of them lived off the government and many lied about being in the military. I thought it was funny that one of the outspoken Oaths Keepers was a pretend solider. Those men are worthless human beings. Many of them are criminals. Lance and Ryan Bundy are both felons. Lance broke into a house and robbed it because he was too lazy to get a job. He blamed it on being a drug addict. His freak brother Ryan stole a horse from an animal shelter and then resisted arrest. Their father, Cliven, is a con artist. His family didn’t own crap. His dad came there to hide out because he had several wives and it was illegal. They own no land until after the BLM was established. They have a 160 acres and couldn’t afford more but thought they should have the right to thousands of acres because they lived in that area for a long time. Well, my family has lived in my state for a 100 years but that doesn’t give me the right to expect to use land or property that isn’t mine.

  • Wow, I can’t believe the liars on here making up crap and taking up for those freaks. You are a bunch of pussy, gun thugs.

  • The government gave too much privilege time.. Taking action finally.. Privilege begat privilege.. Smh…

    • Exactly. This tempest in a teapot ‘takeover’ should have been ended within a day of its inception.

    • Hahahaha stupid… I can’t wait till cops start shooting all the black lives matter people… oh they didnt?? I geuss they have immunity = black privelidge

    • Cody Sibrel you need to take your stupidity and go trolling to Hicktown.. Turd…

  • Shoot that fucker then

  • Easy … Give him his wish … Problem solved in a millisecond 🙂

  • Well, then the dude should get his wish

  • Cowboy Billybob ain’t done. Fuck it drop a bomb on Billybob and call it a day!!!

    • So , you calling them Billy Bob would be the same as me calling you Cotton pickin George . Or glass dick pipe smokin Leroy . Feelin me .

    • To Tim Joseph I don’t give a fuck what u call me idk u don’t give dam and I’m a big black dick nigga. And they need to blow Billybob to hell. U pice of shit u little white bitch U Feel ME ???

    • Never pick cotton too busy fucking ur mom ur wife and ur sis ??? U Feel ME

  • Yes the only surprising thing is that the feds didnt claim self defense & kill them all

  • Heroes

  • So be it. If it is not yours you do not belong there. Can I come take over your house and business?

    • Only if you have a clever hashtag…….

    • It was there’s long before the BLM was formed

  • How moronic, people on this page constantly whinge about infringements made and how the police/government have too much power blah blah racist this n that but if they were black this or white this.. N now everyone condones this because they are privileged whites?? Call in swat to these rednecks exercising their rights peacefully but defend others who have committed crimes because oh that officer was rough. Bunch of flippers n racist themselves, this is actually one of the most biased hate filled racist, race baiting pages out. Spreading misinformation not at all encouraging social cohesion or education. Just Whinge whinge.

    • That’s some good meth you smoking huh???

    • You are a fucking fluoridated retard! fucking useless poor excuse for a human! bet the government supports your ass eh …

    • I agree shay, this page is full of fucking idiots. You could hand them a gun, tell them people are standing in the way of freedom and they would hand the gun back because they’re too pussy to actually fight for something. And then turn around and say the ones that did fight are terrorists, you can’t win with these morons.

    • The ones cheering the government are the same fuckheads crying about government abuse of power when some inner city urbanite gets killed. The government sucks apparently, but not when they’re killing white people resisting the same enemy.

    • If they just would have followed the police officers orders then this wouldn’t have happened.

    • It kind of seems like the same can be said for people that cheer on the police and think protestors deserve to be arrested – despite their constitutional right to do so. They don’t seem to care too much about government overreach at that point either.

    • Shentell JL Ross arrested? Lol if there blocking the road fuck arresting them… I’d just run em over

    • Yeah, that’s a crime as well. Making your commute a little harder isn’t against the law.

  • Yes the state cannot stand to be challenged! This si the reason for militias.

  • Fuck Mormon extremists, fuck Muslim extremists… That’s all this is about, they just tried to tap into the heart of Murica with their bs. Getting support from the Christians to overthrow their Roman Christian government. Lol. Stupid shit. The rest of us just laugh, just don’t kill us pagans, heathens, and atheists in your religious wars.

    • Im Muslim and even I agree with you???

  • it’s like the thrilling end to a good movie

  • Just dumbasses


  • ‘I’m not coming out alive!’ How many westerns did you hear that in? And that’s all these failures are doing…playing Cowboy. Note to idiot ‘Militiamen’: the Feds aren’t using play bullets. You might want to get your asses out of there while you still -have- an ass.

  • more or less

  • Buh bye

  • Matters will only get worse as Hyperinflation nears. Widespread famine will be the real shocker to many Americans.

    • And the Feds will control all the land and food.

  • Of course

  • Well it’s about damn time

  • As long as sheeple are willing to be paid to violate the constitution and rights of fellow countrymen this will continue. Mindless followers are what empower the gov’t dont be mindless, wake the fuck up sheeple!

  • Good! It was ridiculous to begin with. They kept running off to go to restaurants and motels. Spending donations on beer…. No one gives a shit about your cause. Yawn. Especially the 2 guys you are protesting for! If these men had been black they would have been dead on day one. Just go home.

    • martyr huh

    • Me a martyr?

    • Can you imagine for one day if those armed men taking over a federal building were black? It’s happened before, look it up, it was over right away. This silly shit has gone on for weeks.

    • Wow John Schmitt, you sound like a racist idiot….. Your mom must be so proud of you!

    • Sonya Hronek Nicholson it compares to you being happy that someone was shot ? See how ignorance works two fold ! The fact you sound terribly rediculous trying desperately to immerse yourself in a culture which isn’t your’s .

    • I’m not happy anyone got hurt at all! But if you are going to go around waving your gun ….. You just might get shot.

    • Yep and wen they bend u over and shove it up ur ass don’t come crying to us to save u from the government… k…

    • Cody Sibrel you are directing that at the wrong community .

  • Whether you agree or not you can’t just be taking over federal buildings without some kind of shit going down.

  • …only one?

  • I guess they finally did something right?

  • The government drew first blood, Tag and bag the fuckers while they are still in Burns ,,,,,,,Let the bodies hit the floor

  • Save a life that matters, Tag and bag a FED today

  • i see so many who r badmouthing these heroes who stood up to the evil federal government…i wish we could split realities & let all the haters end up victims of ISIl or fema camps & let us who wish to escape the tyrranny start anew

  • about time weak ass obama do something about these terrorist

  • Yes I did actually. It’s the US Federal government. At this point I’m staggered that they shot the guy instead of just drone striking the area.

  • Good kill that one too.

  • Damn took long enough for them to act, if it was anyone else shots would of been fired first hour

  • https://youtu.be/pzMKdJgnxGM explain this shit.

  • For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us… Romans 8:18 NKJV

    Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?

    As it is written:

    “For Your sake we are killed all day long;
    We are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.”

    Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.

    For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord… Romans 8:35-39 NKJV


  • So because it is not your land rights being abused then it is ok for the government to steal it .

  • (Y) I’d share but there’s no share button

  • David Reyes

  • Absolutely this is how it was going to turn out. Frankly I’m surprised they didn’t kill all of them… Can you say Waco Texas?

  • there americans doing american shit. When the english pushed us to hard we declared independence. When will we have to do it again. Guns don’t make a militia having a government to fight against for basic land rights that takes being a militia. If thwy arwnt fighting for something just makes them armed americans.

  • Wish they were all dead or in jail.

  • Save it and repost it. Or go and share the original from Bundy Ranch.

  • Hang them high lol

  • Christian terrorism..

  • You dumbfuck statists. “The cops are racist rapists, blah bitch blah, but the federal government is the shit, they should kill people, as long as they’re white and we don’t agree with their politics.” I don’t care what their political motivation was, they were a pain in the ass for the government and they did so without hurting anybody. I’m sure all you commie pig loving pussies consider yourselves against animal cruelty, yes? Type BLM burning cows into youtube and watch the shit that comes up. The Feds set people’s land on fire, 100 feet from their houses with no intention of controlling the blaze. They burn millions of acres every year, including homes fencing, and livestock, often for the purpose of intimidating ranchers who have the audacity to question them. Obviously this stop and murder were a setup, because they aren’t being charged with assaulting a federal agent, resisting arrest, or anything that would imply they got out of the vehicle shooting at their attackers, just the federal conspiracy threat whatever charge. If you’re against the police and for the government, you should be lobotomized for harboring such dumbshit contradictory opinions. Suck it filming cops, for choosing to repost an article that calls those guys right wing militants. They’re just resisting the overreaching authority of the government, which is something everyone in this country who’s not employed by the gov should be against. Fuck yourselves.

  • If these folks weren’t white they would be dead by now

    • They damn sure would have. Probably the first hour. But no one wants to admit it. ..

    • Please. Waco? Ruby Ridge?

    • Things have changed since then I guess

  • Couple months late….

  • Yep, totally called it, my guess is the feds started the shooting, but we’ll never hear the truth of it.

  • Bout time they did something! If it was anybody else, they would have all been dead the first day!

    • Does that truly make sense to you ? ?? If so look at the site you are on ? Fighting so heavily against the man ? Stop the government movement . That is of course as long as it serves a purpose for you ! You sound so ignorant it’s beyond me .

  • Right behind ya

  • Well at least the comments aren’t bleeding hearts this time in support of a very corrupt system–government. Remember Waco?

  • It’s not federal land it’s the Creators land and the Indian was here before these alphabet soup agency’s was here.

  • It’s the native American land!!! It was took from them! !! How can you fight over land took from someone else! ! Kill them all!!

    • I can’t wait till the government and cops come to kill u and ur family… don’t worry… us white devils won’t save u

    • Awe shit dawg trigg blood has spoken .

  • Carson Lengvary Cool! THANKS!!!!

  • Please make it happen.

  • who wrights your headlines they have to be in CO. where its leagle

  • I don’t care what anybody thinks. These guy’s did the right god damn thing standing up to the government. What need’s to happen was done an now we lost a man. I’m going to do everything I can to get more people down there along with my self.

    • They were standing up to the government for their own selfish reason..not sure if that’s considered “doing the right thing”. They also set fires on federal land; They are criminals

    • Now, if only people fighting for a just cause would stand up to the government then that’s something I could support.

    • doesnt matter the reason AT ALL, all we need is a reason to fight an we got it along with a thousand others. a man is dead now. Btw you got it wrong they were gonna return the mines to the family that owned it before the feds stole it back in the 50s so know ur facts before you speak

    • any cause is a good cause to fight tyranny idgaf if they were robbing the federal reserve id still support them. The crimes of this government speak for itself an if nobody will help those men then i will help

  • yes.

  • I knew it would come this. Damn shame.

  • Well thern that clears that up! “Let’s Roll”

  • “… I shall date the ruin of this country. a politic minister will study to lull us into security by granting us the full extent of our petitions. The warm sunshine of influence would melt down the virtue which the violence of the storm rendered more firm and unyielding. In a state of tranquillity, wealth, and luxury, our descendants would forget the arts of war and the noble activity and zeal which made their ancestors invincible. Every art of corruption would be employed to loosen the bond of union which renders our resistance formidable. When the spirit of liberty, which now animates our hearts and gives success to our arms, is extinct, our numbers will accelerate our ruin and render us easier victims to tyranny. ”


  • Yes…idiots with guns, someone was going to die. Surprised it took the feds so long to take care of this, but I guess they didn’t want another Waco-like incident.


  • It’s about time. Destroying and rifling through Native artifacts while there. I hope those rednecks are cursed now.

  • I see these posts in which people are in support of killing Americans for civil disobedience. If that’s the case line the fuck up and take you turn. Traitors every fucking one of you.

    • They typically all have one thing in common, skin color. I wonder why?

      Just sayin…

    • Oh yeah? Most people shot while protesting are white invade you weren’t aware. Musta never heard of Kent state. I’m talking about the guys in Oregon. You’re talking about white guilt. Big difference. Go bury your head in the sand and just hope one of these new immigrants doesn’t like white meat.

    • WTF ???

  • Bye Felicia

  • It’s about time they sent all those thugs home! It’s a shame we give them food stamps and free health care and they still wanna take over the park. They need to get jobs and buy their own land.

    • Man they didn’t get food stamps! Dumb azz! They were well to do buddy they were ranchers!

    • Racist azz punk!

    • Lol… could say the same for all the retarded fucks burning down and looting their own city over a guy who was a “gangsta” wannabe

    • Sounds like trump supporters are here. I’m glad my tax money is no longer paying for them to occupy the park. If they where not white most of them would have been killed in the 1st week of their invasion.

  • ” carpet bomb” this terrorists…reps should show us and practice on them to make it a real option.

  • ShortWave radio had Burns citizen talking. Said there are military vehicles in all of the streets. They are jamming communications. Only information coming out is HAM radio

  • “Isn’t coming out alive” Promise?

  • Fuck the FBI and every other 3 letter department of this over reaching, BS excuse for an organizational government; the members of the Constitutional Convention that worked so hard to draw up the document must be pretty pissed at what their perfect embryo developed into.

  • Yep only sooner

  • Revolution time it has begun watch them try to take the guns now more then ever

  • Hopefully they all feel that way less work for the system and not wasting taxpayer money on these idiots

  • I would brace yourself war maybe coming.

  • Cant believe the non existing i.q. of half you flamboyant fucktards. No clue whatso ever.

  • you go in with guns pointed at people, what the fuck do you think is going to happen ??

  • “Blue lives matter” {sarcasm} Same people supported the killing of unarmed minorities but now the feds are killing the the white militia and the comment section explodes.

    • Youre going to compare hardworking white folks to hoodified black people that are either banging, or wouldnt think twice about robbing and killing anyone? Please talk a walk with that we all know the main reason black get shot is because they do some dumbass suspect shit. Maybe the crap AfroAmerican culture thats been spewed and forced down Americas thoat for the last 20 plus years is the cause?

    • When was the last time black folks took a stand to help whites or others? Hardly EVER. But them white folks comin a runnin when blacks complain about somthing thats for damn sure! There’s plenty other races that rise up from nothing in America and in 1 generation become doctors lawyers etc and NEVER GET SHOT or in trouble with cops. So lets be honest in 2016 is it that cops are all awful, or that most NOT all blacks in America are raised shitty from broken homes immersed in a culture they created thats selfdestructive and negative?

    • johnny blazer SHUT THE FUCK UP you are clearly the product of your racist devil worshipping gay ancestors when the FUCK have white people ever came to our defense those bitch ass slave masters had children who had children etc racism is alive and well and you are the living embodiment of it don’t ever refer to all of my people as gang bangers or thugs don’t ever act like you understand wtf we go thru cus your coward ass never will so continue to sit behind your keyboard and type coward

  • Only 5 arrested? Where the hell is the rest of the “militia” and why aren’t they shooting back?

  • Not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslim.

  • These guys are doing their patriotic duty, those who dont see they are on the good side are just as bad as the government and should be dealt with accordingly. Time for those guys to dig down and hold position. Call in some Texans… Nobody fucks with those crazy basturds

  • Yes, because it was a group of conservatives peacefully standing up for the rights of all Americans, instead of a group of young thugs creating mayhem. Of course.

    • You don’t need a gun to be peaceful. Dr. King (Martin Luther King?) actually practiced peaceful protesting. He took beatings from the police and from presumably decent upstanding American citizens like yourself. He accepted being arrested without ever using violence to defend himself or his freedom, and it goes without saying that he by far accomplished more for everyone than these militia nut jobs.
      Dr. Kings methods may not be for you, but thats what a peaceful protest Is.

    • Dick Johnson, are you accusing me of (presumably) being willing to personally use violence against another person? My comment indicates no such thing. Interesting how you are presenting yourself as ‘peaceful’, yet read violence into my comment. How sad.

  • You mean the government wasn’t happy with people who illegally took control of government property with force??? these guys were lucky thru got away with their BS for as long as they did. Duh people duh. Shit like this doesn’t help you rightys win any kind of favor in the country.

  • Of course! It was only a matter of time.

  • about time they need to be tried

    • They? The people owning land illegally? The guy that got shot for no reason? Or the the guy that lived out his illegitimate sentence and was charged for it again? Be more precise.

  • No surprise.

  • Good for them lol.

  • It’s about time!

  • I’m amazed to see the difference in conversation between “sheep” pages and intellectual pages like this one online regarding this topic. Though pages like this are few and far in between, it’s reassuring to know that there are some people out there who use common sense and understand right and wrong is not dictated by a book of laws created by governments that are only out for personal gain.

  • … was a matter of time before our corrupt regime sent in brainwashed armed and dangerous half trained lackies to take care of the problem of protesting and armed citizens…

  • Cool..no problen.

  • They took over public land, made it an armed encampment then dared LEO to get them out of there. That is my land too, I pay taxes. Those outlaws chose to bar you and me from it, no different than a public park or library. They wanted BLM to continue letting them graze public land at a loss to the people(us). They could have just simply collectively hired a smart attorney and let the court decide. Sorry that it had to end in violence, they forced the issue.

    • You pay taxes? So do I, but I don’t brag about how my money gets stolen.

    • Nobody loses money by letting people animals graze, at least on land that is illegally held by the federal government.

    • Have you been out there? What would naturally be arid land prairie is mostly sagebrush because ranchers and sheep herders have overgrazed it for decades. Each claimed it was “their” right. After all, their families settled it after the natives were slaughtered.

    • Paul. Pay off the property you live on and then give it to a Native American family or stfu

  • Yes, who didn’t would be a better question

  • Turned out pretty much as expected. Why didn’t they just comply with police orders and not be so uppity?

    • Because the police are wrong. It’s your right to ignore illegitimate orders. Every cop involved should have been shot and left to rot there. Along with the politicians.

    • We desperately need a sarcasm font out here in commenter land. It was reference to how white people talk about black victims of police abuse

  • If you wish for the deaths of these men in Oregon just do the world a favor and eradicate yourself.

    You are not American.

  • These were all actors, fake story…..

  • They shot an old man with his fuckin hands up..if he was black it would be huge eric garner type shit but everyone is cool with a dead whiteboy

  • Live feed from the facility right now, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAKQcMb8RNc

  • Good for these guys! I am beyond troubled that the people of the nation did not stand behind this group. So now how long does everyone wait before the next brave group of people try it? Next time bring an army of people

  • Government is way to powerful…it’s so sad…why are they on all four corners of the fucling earth

  • And it only took how many MONTHS??!!

  • Kill them all.

  • No one is going lose money yes,yes the bottom line of the WASP is always MONEY

  • Help us spread the word and help us reach more people by clicking ‘like’ + commenting (even 1 word) + sharing. Thank you! (y)

    • Not by shooting one bird sanctuary squatter that publicly claimed death before surrender and charged Federal officials with a gun. But yes, I agree Police are going to be the reason for a revolution against police. Not a civil war. You’re page is creating hysteria by posting such dribble. And more so it’s not the officers, it’s the commanding powers over them signing their paychecks and giving them facist training and donating military gear as long as they use it.

    • Every man is accountable for his own actions. Wearing a uniform and being a drone for a authoritarian regime was their choice. Just following orders is not a valid excuse for anything. Pointing and saying “they told me to” didn’t work for children and it doesn’t work for grown men who know better.

    • I agree. However, if you test too high on the IQ portion of the application, you won’t be hired. Purposely hiring drones just complacent enough to follow orders and replaceable enough to be in fear of termination.

    • You should adjust your meds or commit yourself to a mental institution.

    • How are so many people missing the fact that these guys just want to evade taxes and are mad because we have a black president that’s going to go down as one of the best in history…

    • Jacqueline McCurry thanks. Your rebuttle is stellar.

    • Blue lives only matter when they are shooting minorities.

    • Blue lives matter, Hands up don’t LaVoy.

    • You are fucking retarded.

    • Who says they didn’t try everything? They offered peaceful terms and were ignored. The Sheriff did too.
      The FBI has a right to shoot back when someone threatens them with a firearm. I’m sure more information will come out in time. The FBI doesn’t run to push stuff onto YouTube right after it happens. They’ll do their debriefing and release what they have to as things continue to progress.

    • J Scott Hartfield. Great rebuttle.

    • So much for “Fighting for your country”…
      These pussies folded faster than a Chinese launrymat worker…

    • Not the cause, but certainly part of the problem.

    • The government is the problem.

    • Finally… the police actually honor their oath and fought against a domestic threat instead of one of us! lol…

    • Shaymus Bogman Amen!

    • I am certain the cops will start ACW II.

  • That’s messes up

  • Get over yourselves, cowboy wanna be’s !!! Wanna die….great….outta the gene pool!


  • The 2nd Civil War was just started when the FBI shot Lavoy Finicum in the face while he was unarmed and surrendering.

  • Shoot him then

  • Seems like you guys are against cops unless they are killing white people! Fu-ck you! This movement of yours is bull sh-it! I will now work against your cause and call you what you are a race baiter!

  • No i expected militia to shoot back but whatever

  • Should go to jail for long time probably won’t too soft on right wing criminals

  • Too bad he dont have an native buddy he was protecting…your not billy the kid dude. But get your resistance on!

  • How come they didnt go to the big city and take over a REAL federal building?

  • SAD!

  • They ambushed them, why didn’t we se this in Ferguson and Baltimore, oh i forgot black lives matter even when they are burning the town stopping ppl from going to work and shopping, then they are looting and rioting and not to mention robbing store’s, these ppl was doing none of that, just standing up to the government like other ppl are scared to do

    • The looting could have been stopped if cops had tried to at all. Sadly, they were way too busy attacking peaceful protesters and chasing away journalists by firing tear gas at them so their terrorism won’t be recorded.

    • Where do u get your News, Fox News, or CNN cause all i seen was looting rioting stealing and burning, i don’t call them protesters i call them terrorist

    • Besides that, ur opinion doesn’t even matter coz you don’t even live in the United States

  • Maybe this could be the start of the second war of independence, Freedom civil war of 2016.

  • What do you expect from a bunch of thugs with Skittles and Ice Tea

  • Federal government has not respect for Constitutional law. They believe that they are above the law. Threat of deadly force by free citizens is the only way to force government to respect the law.

  • Yes. It was the inevitable end from the very start. There could be no other outcome.

  • Fuck the FBI

  • and while they have every one fighting over this , what is actually going on in the Government they are trying to push through and don’t want us to be paying attention ..

  • Yes the feds like to kill as many people as they can, they will be total wankers and give them 200 years in jail, good on them for standing up and speaking out, there is not many left like them

  • If they were black they would have already been killedTrue story

  • i would like to say that i am leaving you page. though your information and questions are well put. i clicked on a link to read a article about the rainbow gathering being terriost activity. shortly after reading a few lines a pop up blocked the page, and demanded that i do what i already have. click “like” & subscribe. Demanding that people do something for information is not “free thought” good by.

  • This country doesn’t need a civil war. We need a revolution!

    • See the comment right below your on why America will get a civil war and not a revolution. We’re only fighting ourselves.

    • Jason… in a civil war, we the people are divided and both sides fight each other. We don’t want that. In a revolution, we the people come together… band together and fight the oppressors. End of class. We don’t need a civil war, we need a revolution.

    • John Marceneck preach

    • I don’t want it either. In fact I prefer peaceful protest and civil dialogue to both civil war AND revolution. But lets be honest, the best we can hope for is a situation like the French Revolution, and we don’t want to go down that road.

    • “The best we can hope for … ”

      If we abandon the Central bank’s currency , they are done . Not one shot need be fired to suffocate the Democrat and Republican parties to death .
      The best we can hope for is a future that includes The Bill of Rights .

    • John Marceneck , I agree a rvolution is what is needed to end corrupt government policies and procedures. But they (who ever you want to say is in charge) have already divided us. Although I do not see one side arming themselves to fight, but it would still be a civil war.

    • Mike, that’s why I tried to correct Jason. We can’t have that idea that we’re already divided be perpetuated. That serves “their” purpose… divide and conquer. We the people can’t allow that. We all need to come together and fight who’s doing the oppressing, NOT each other.

    • Agreed, but too many are too stubborn/stupid/brainwashed, not to mention the media portrays anyone with the idea of revolution is a crack pot

    • John Marceneck, though I agree with you John, it will be a civil war, because there are those that don’t oppose the police and agree with what the government

    • Jonathan, go to YouTube and search on 2 words, POLICE BRUTALITY. There’s 499,000 results! If anyone that spends 30 minutes watching those videos still agrees with what the police and government are doing, they are the “stubborn/stupid/brainwashed” people Mike mentioned above. They’ll need to be locked in a room and forced to watch all 499,000 videos to break through their brainwashing.

  • Something has to CHANGE

  • Screw those terrorist.

    They’re nothing but a bunch of confederates that should face terrorist and murder charges.

    These confederates got what they deserved for breaking the law and deserve whats coming to them just like those idiots in Waco.

  • I’m pretty sure a small cult of yahoos is not going to start another civil war.

  • They defended themselves from a gun wielding imbecile.

    • What evidence do you have that Finicum was a “gun wielding imbecile.” None?

    • Buck Kracker Well, you would need to be pretty paranoid to think that they shot him in cold blood. Eye witness counts report him running the blockade, and jumping out of his vehicle while armed. So I get my information from more than one source. Are you convinced?

    • So your ”sources” are accurate and have no special agendas? Oh, they’re copsuckers, I see.
      An eye witness on scene disputes your sources and claims the man was gunned down with his hands raised in surrender.
      Now what you got?

    • Buck Kracker Okay, I agree. The American Police are incompetent. Can’t even tell that a man is unarmed in broad daylight. What would you expect from a country like USA?
      Still think there will be evidence, since a bunch of paranoids already know he was unarmed based on their guts.

  • Awareness

  • That question is like what came first the chicken or the egg? Perhaps the militiamen started the next civil war when they took over the federal building? If in fact, any of this will lead our country full of passive aggressives to stand up for anything like a civil uprising.

  • ye’ll find out…. he’s just the next victim of the police state who should have heeded Malcolm X’s advice:

  • na already be bodies on the street and computers would not be working

  • Quit

  • No.

  • No

  • Please tell me you aren’t pro-terrorist. These nut jobs need to be put away.

  • Oh for god’s sake. This guy was another martyr wannabe. He died. It’s sad that he was so stupid that he wanted to die. He was an idiot.

  • Swear to fuck if some white cunt getting shot starts a civil war then i give up on america…

    • I hope you die.

    • Matt Jackson You seem nice, Matt. Is that your standard greeting for people you don’t know?

    • Haha, someone took it a tad personally… I just meant after all the not white people that the police shoot every day, it’d be a bit of a piss take for THIS of all things, to be the straw that broke the camels back…

    • Look at the statistics. More white people are killed by the police than any other race.

    • [repost]
      Answer: NO, and if you have to ask a big ‘dislike’ to you!

    • Honestly the number of conflicting statistics i see it hardly even matters. Mostly it’s the fact that this bloke would’ve been shot weeks ago if he wasn’t some white guy. But he’s managed to make it this far… How many people get fucked up at totally peaceful protests?

    • who cares what starts it so long as it starts. what we have sucks ass

    • …the race issue is BS, only clowns fall for it anymore.
      This was a terrorist act, these people are NOT patriots.
      (not even the locals wanted them there)

      The real shame is why something was not done sooner.

    • It would be nice if people could stand together rather then continue to allow the elite to trick us into ripping ourselves apart by race. For the elite it has to do with power and they let the slaves fight amongst ourselves and be distracted by genetics and social class. Do you think the revolutionary war was really about race??? Wake up ppl. Stand together.

    • It’s not the rebellion part that i’m against, it’s just that if it all starts because some right wing “patriot” terrorist got shot, then you’re gonna end up revolting for the wrong cause! That’ll lead to re-shaping America into something equally as bad

    • Make it about race “white cunt” that’s how you play into the divide and conquer tactic, good job.

    • I do admit that it was poorly worded. But the idea of these people being seen as the cause of any kind of revolution is a very upsetting one, only because it gives people that do support them something to harp on about. At a time of revolution, that’s not what you need.

    • I gave up when we didn’t lock up our politicians after the banking collapse

    • Well yeah but that’s a different problem. That’s the money tree…


  • No because Americans don’t care about an issue until it affects them personally

  • Ok how does one guy die and one end up grazed in a car full of people? If the cops were shooting wouldn’t more be hurt?
    But that’s no ones business.

    • He was out of the car with his hands up, when they shot him down, according to an eye witness.

    • Still questioning

    • Buck Kracker an eye witness who is most likely a militia member since I don’t random people were just wandering around checking it out. Which calls his credibility into question.

  • in my opinion…the government and police have been gearing up for this for a while…they wont start the “civil war” themselves….they will let the angry public start it then declare “MARTIAL LAW” and FORCE people to obey or be shot…IMO

    • sounds about right

    • Agreed

    • Social Engineering, works every time.

    • Nail on head

    • Can’t wait. Declare it, I dare them. No way you can enforce a nationwide curfew.

    • People are already in that position: obey or be shot, it has been so since this nation was founded.

    • I really think this will happen before the next election.. Which will be “postponed”

    • Bill in Congress right now to push martial law as we speak

    • They just had a meeting about it 2 days ago

    • The government can declare marshal law whenever a national crisis calls for it. So what is new?

    • Hurry Up, THEN !

    • Fuck a civil war. This is revolution II

    • The age old “divide and conquer” strategy. They have already won.

    • Andrea Jaber was going to comment that too.
      that bill is not even bound by us borders, it’s a global martial law.

    • Indeed make us look bad for their evils.

    • Exactly!!!!

    • I’ve been saying for years it’s going to happen.

    • Paul Venneman your right I forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me.

    • The wack jobs are pouring out of the woodwork now.I’ve been hearing this crap over 55 years.These guys broke the law,plain and simple .Now they are forcing the government to do something.

    • Gregory C Smith : Damn, dude, thanks for your comment. I was about to post something very similar. I too have been hearing about a “revolution” for over 50 years, but I’m getting close to being an old dude and it ain’t happened yet.

    • Totally agree

    • Agree

    • If you want to see a revolution go to the voting booth

    • They want blacks and white to fight. So we don’t rise up against them.that’s what they fear

    • Lonnie Mack on point.
      It’s called divide and conquer. It only works when the people are divided! … We see too many differences between eachother.
      But “look at all the things we have in common. The same Earth, the same Air, the same Sky. If we started looking at what’s the same instead of what’s different.” We can change the World. (Paraphrasing a little)
      Meowth from the Pokemon Movie.
      I know sounds childish, movie, but if we can all think like that… Peace, could happen.

    • That’s why many police went through homeland security training . To be part of a controlling army ; Which would include NATO forces . Welcome to the New World Order ! Been in the works for 100 years .

    • Are you really saying the members of this so called militia were honestly justified to continue doing what they were doing? Tell me what these people were after? What was their end game?

    • It’s already started.

    • Richard Vance to the voting booth where you can select the lesser of two evils? Where third party options are excluded? They are the SAME!

  • They shot a criminal who charged law enforcement. Let’s not blow this out of proportion…. I’m not sure Tarp Man represents anyone except other suicide-by-cop wannabes, and dudes who look good in blue plastic.

    • You’re so full of it.

    • Authoritarian Loyalist

    • Is that right, Daniel? You’re a follower of Tarp Man, then?

    • Michael — Does that make you a dirty anarchist? No laws or law enforcement for you?

    • “They shot a criminal who charged law enforcement” If the police had WANTED to kill people, they would have shot Ammon the Ass, or just everyone. Most people would have no idea who this Lavoy Speculum and still don’t.

    • “All tories are cowards” -Thomas paine

    • Where’s your evidence this man “charged law enforcement”? Don’t have any, do you?

    • Since when are anarchist dirty?

    • Dana Curtis Kincaid please get facts before placing your thoughts out there.

    • Witnesses say different, that rancher was murdered.

    • Talk out your ass much Lisa? The height of ignorance is condemnation without investigation. Investigation will get your head out of your ass I hope it don’t hurt too bad!

    • Cmon guys you can’t possibly think she has a firm grasp of reality when she needs to use liberal labels as insults with every single post she makes.

    • No, it makes you a scumbag statist.

    • they killed him to make an example it is pure bullshit the government is always the protagonist they are always wrong. there will be no saftey no security no hope for any of us as long as this piece of shit government remains in control of the instruments of state

    • So the government can burn peoples land, killing livestock and not owe ranchers a dime..and then try to sell american land to China..and when citizens refuse to give up the land they get prison time or are shot. Yet the ranchers are the law breakers? Please research what’s really going on…

    • The killers are chicken shits but dead men tell no tales.

    • Not point arguing with Lisa, she is loyalist and love people telling her what to do. Plus she’s a liar,just making shit up.

    • What’s wrong with not wanting someone to rule you? That’s anarchism.

    • After George Washington won the Revolution he deported 400,000 loyalist regardless if they were born in America, hopefully this will be Lisa’s fate as well, stick her fat ass in a dingy and it’s bon voyage tubby!

    • Lisa, have you ever even read the Constitution of the United States? It gives a full outline and legal framework for how the government is to be constructed and how it is to operate. It does not mention police or law enforcement, not even once. It is also a document that protects the Rights of the people and limits the powers of government. So you believe that police have authority to kill citizens who are freely exercising their 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights because why?

    • George Washington and others were in favor arming Americans to protect themselves against an government gone awry just like now!

    • It isnt about not wanting a government in control…its about not wanting CORRUPT government to control you.

    • Where is the Proof, Lisa ?

    • I have rented land from the government many times. But I had to pay the rent. That is how this works.

    • Lonnie Lenth did they kick you off the property and give the house to China? Cause that’s the government is doing in this case.

    • The proof is the eyewitness accounts from the woman who was in the car with him ,who said he charged police after a heated argument with fellow milita men

    • Brady Hopkapuu source?

    • Heather Reid The government is out of control. Taxation without representation. There are no checks and balances.

    • Yes I agree the government is out of control..

    • Oregonlive.com video by another militiamen

    • Oh please, so they decided to kill this one person, who said he wasn’t going to be taken alive, and let the other ones live? You faketriots are tragic. He probably believed his fellow Yeehawdists when they said they were prepared to die. All that trash they talked and they gave up without so much as a struggle. By the way, how did Ritzheimer get home? He abandoned his post? He was the main one claiming he was prepared to die, but he ran home to hide behind his wife and daughters. They’re a bunch of freeloading cowards.

    • There are still several malitia in the refuge. They didn’t get all of them.

    • What are statists like Lisa and Angela doing on this page? No free thought from those two, just programmed trolling.

    • Angela Wilson Bratcher The timing of Ritzheimer’s departure is curious, isn’t it? He just happened to miss out on the denouement….

    • Josh Bice I guess you skipped the Preamble. There are 6 important points there, including the need for a judicial system. Because we are a country of laws. I understand some of them are hard for you to follow and you prefer an “every man for himself” approach. That’s not uncommon in people of your overall developmental level.

    • Lisa seems like a good sheep ? baaa baaa

    • You can write your laws and justify your actions but at the end of the day execution without trial is and will always be MURDER.

    • Here’s the FBI video.
      He wasn’t openly armed, and not rushing police.

  • no

  • no, just asswholes.

  • No. Not enough people cared about this “militia.”
    Even anarchist pages were making fun of them.

    • And? Anarchist are just a bunch of pussies.

    • Awww did an anarchist fuck your girl?

    • Lmao hating because you take the bus. Im on my phone but when i get on my comp im going to troll the fuck out of you.

    • Oooo. Do you suck your mom’s dick with that mouth?

    • Did you get one of the militia dildos stuck up your ass?

    • Lmao you are way out your league if those are the best insults you got.

    • I can troll just fine on my phone. So far your insults are lacking. But hey, I guess you can’t multitask trolling and fucking your sister as well.

    • Weak…

    • Awwww. Calling mine weak is so brilliant and though out. I got nothing on that.

    • #tarplivesmatter oh wait no they don’t.

    • I guess your local library is really far away to get to this supposed computer.

  • No way. Sensationalism of the media is going to try and create the story. It’s just not going to happen from this incident.

  • Hmmm Possibly.

  • No, this is not a good reason to overthrow our government.

  • The war has been on since the 70s Americans refuse to resist

  • The federal government has been trying like hell to instigate civil unrest for awhile now. I’d rather NOT give them what they want. Instead, let’s unite together and boot every single one of them out of office.

    • I agree but after reading many of the post here; it seems there is a great divide on what liberty really is.

    • Maybe not but we can’t allow ourselves to be engulfed in civil unrest our government instigates so that then they can declare “state of emergencies” and then take away more of our rights like they are doing now in Europe. We have to outsmart them and a lot of the fight will be within the states themselves, as many states are now standing up for states rights. I wish more states would!

  • no..

  • POLICE AN their Master US FED Government ARE THE TERRORIST but government is collapsing so they want to manufacture control over the people with this False flag controled oposition BULLSHIT

  • Nothing will happen, people relax and go back to your iPhone.

  • Nope

  • It’s close.

  • Forgotten in five minutes.

  • Hammond Ranch, and the real story behind the corrupt government land-grab!
    Check it out before its redacted entirely!
    This is tyranny for hire!


    #URANIUM (sold to China!)
    #COAL (energy)
    #OIL (Big$^^^^)


    Otherwise…,This has to happen. This is going to happen. Because there is no honor or integrity in the “vote.” Such has given way to greed, tyranny, power, and corruption. There is simply nothing left of any semblance of a Republic. Now, many are left with no choice at all.
    Everything at the disposal of these few families has been exhausted. They’ve taken every avenue possible to preserve their land right, under grandfather law.
    They’ve “voted,” played to win, cooperated diplomatically, legally, and financially. They’ve been ruined, broken, run off their land and into prison. (Illegally…without due process in a “fair” hearing. They were railroaded!)
    What is happening there, “has to happen somewhere.”
    “They” know it, WE know it! This inspires real discussion of both revolution and civil war.
    Two real time elements in play, that will tip the axis of power!
    As the paradigm shift unfolds, everything relative to a sovereign nation lay on the line.
    This leads me to wonder, (especially after the presidents response) who will sound off first?
    It’s one thing to destroy the ranch. It’s another to crush a Resistance Rising.
    America needs to fully understand and comprehend the underlying intent of these red blooded patriots. NOT ONE OF THEM IS A TERRORIST!
    This is simply cause and effect. Action taken in a constitutionally justifiable stand against a faulty government guilty of countless crimes and absurdities! The Government has perversely overstepped its boundaries! The Fed knows this, and will stop at NOTHING to save face! Therefor,
    “They” are going to get what “They” (the Fed) want.
    This is cast and molded for a third term nobody wants to “allow.” Yet, this has to happen. This is going to happen. Outside of the capacities of the “law” or not. Due process has been whitewashed over and over again, to arrive at this fulcrum point. Though they are few in comparison to the fed, this is a #resistancerising.
    They need numbers, as it’s clear that diplomacy and “conversations” mean nothing. Point and case?
    The only peaceful endgame is to return these families to their land immediately! They are to be restored rightfully, and IN FULL! No fences, and no meddling.
    Anything less is horseshit and more of the same.
    The slate should be wiped clean.
    “It ain’t gonna be that cut’n’dry?”
    So be it.
    Lock and load.
    This will prove the constitutional metal of a dying nation. WORLDWIDE!

  • Naw, he was mormon

  • They want martial law!

  • What really? Cops had killed hundreds of black kids last year but one white militia mans death is gonna set everything into motion? Bitch please

    • Cops killed more than just black people last year dumb ass dont make it black and white

    • Andrew, are you calling for “equal injustice?”

      I honestly never really understood that position…

    • I know that, dumbass, but that’s not the point. This one incident is not going to cause a national revolution against our own government, it’s going to take much, much more than this shit.

    • An injustice to one is an injustice to all

    • This is this page just showing their right wing racist roots that’s all ….

    • Kent, since when is an anti cop stance, right wing?

    • They shoot John Crawford for holding a BB gun in an open carry states Walmart and this page didn’t use the words “civil war” …. This idiot trying to take land by force points a real gun at police and suddenly there is a war being waged …. The hypocrisy is strong with these ones

    • Actually mike the right wing has taken a “stance” against the police state warning of civil war and martial law for a long time now … Maybe you should do some research

    • If you think this page is neutral you are trippin balls …. They don’t mention how trump is dividing the country more and more everyday he runs but they want to constantly talk shit about Bernie Sanders …. They’ve made their position pretty clear in my eyes

    • Americans are too fat, dumb and easily distracted. The government has already won

    • The cops actually killed over one thousand black people last year this year they are ahead of scedule with over 50 in January

    • JS why not just post the fuckin photo instead of a stupid link??

    • So now we have a guy supporting thugs lol

    • Sometimes Free Thought Project actually looks like an agent of the people they claim to be against. #provocateurs #secretagents

    • Kent Alexander Lahti It is showing up as a photo on my computer. Sheesh. Somebody needs a midol and a nap.

    • If total freedom is letting companies like walmart pay their employees an unlivable wage while at the same time telling their employees to go on welfare and other forms of government assistance while all of us tax payers foot the bill and they rake in billions then no thanks i’ll pass …. And that’s the america that conservatives want …. All they vote in favor of is big business …. Just look at citizens united and that bullshit …. If you were truly in favor of freedom you wouldn’t support corporations having more rights than humans …. So save your libertarian anarchy bullshit for somebody that doesn’t understand how the world works

    • And police didn’t kill over 1,000 black people …. They killed like 1,200 people …. For 1,000 of them to be black is statistically impossible

    • Cops usually kill more white people than they do black people annually.

    • Shawn Teeter, if a 12 year old black child with a BB gun in an open carry state is shot for being a “thug” but a middle aged white antigovernment militant with a loaded sniper or assault rifle unwilling to leave refuge of a bird sanctuary on federal land is a “hero”, you sir are very skewed on what interpretation you have for what it means to be an American.
      It’s not supporting “Thugs”, it’s criticizing our view on what our definition of a “Thug” is.

    • Two witnesses said he charged the police. So he is not a hero he is a madman

    • Exactly Brady Hopkapuu

    • If you try to shoot cops, they will shoot you. If you look like you may shoot cops, they will shoot you. This is the society weve built. Never get why people are shocked by this….from what i read, he charged the cops. Maybe maybe not but hes a fleeing felon in this system, armed, and he got shot? Big surprise

    • Kent Alexander Lahti Closed minds learn nothing & seek out only information they agree with. Open minds think, research and investigate all the different viewpoints. If someone doesn’t like the job they are in, perhaps they should seek out alternatives & educate themselves. Working for walmart is a CHOICE. People who take out huge student loans to pay for stupid majors, made a choice…I agree that they (Washington) mostly vote for banks and big business and the people suffer for it. I think that is wrong but the representatives get into DC and they don’t care anymore about right or wrong.

    • Kent Alexander Lahti not true, conservatism stands for free market. By creating jobs with a competitive workforce, the companies are forced to compete by offering employees higher wages. Republicans are the problem, they prey on conservative minded people to get elected, once in office they abandon the principles, and do what politicians do on both sides of the isle, they look out for their own interests, and the interest of their friends who fund their campaigns. Most conservatives are not against social programs, they’re against the abuse of tax payer money within the system. I’m a conservative, I just want to see the people who need the help helped, while simultaneously stopping needless spending on people who trade out their food stamps and welfare for drugs and gambling.

    • Aaron Fricker, you’re probably one of the only conservatives I can agree with (myself being an independent that leans both liberal and libertarian).

    • Andrew Oliviere to me it’s all a matter of what you personally believe on minor issues, but I think on major issues most civilians agree with each other, but we’re not properly being represented in congress so it looks like we’re a nation divided.

    • You’re absolutely right

    • While I completely understand your argument, do you know what the differnece between kids and a militia is? If not I suggest you look up the definition of militia. It now completely depends on the mindset of the people in the militia, if they are as provocative as this guy, it might just end in a bloodshed.

    • Valid half-counterpoint

    • It says cops. White or black genius

    • ?

    • Cops kill twice as many white kids than blacks. Per police encounter, white people are 4x more likely to be shot. And youre a racist asshole

    • Kent Alexander Lahti noone uses the term civil war about black protests because black people wont come together to fight for freedom, only burn down stores and act mad

    • Laura Mercer what? There were only 1100 people killed by cops last year total, 250ish were black

    • That’s exactly what’s wrong and the very problem with our media, they don’t give us real numbers like that only 30sec-1min and a half segments of headlines that really don’t go into detail or depth about this. Thank you, Michael Sheppard, you’re helping prove my other point of false pretenses from our media.

    • Andrew Oliviere he wasnt open carrying, he was brandishing a weapon and committing the crime of aggravated assault

    • Brady Hopkapuu he didnt charge the police

    • Wait who?

    • Tamir rice was brandishing the gun and pointing it at people. Thats aggravated assault

    • A BB gun

    • Good job make it about race. divide and conquer just what they like to see.

    • Not the point but okay

    • Yes it was a bb gun. Who knew except the kid? “Maybe a toy” from a dispatcher doesnt mean shit. I dont condone it. But he wasnt “open carrying” either.

    • O great bring race into it you fucking idiot until now no one mentioned a fucking race shut the fuck up!!!!

    • You immediately make this about race…you are part of the problem,sir

    • What about Kelly Thomas?

    • Wtf!? All you are crazy if you think anything like this will start a war. Most people don’t care. Most people don’t even know what’s going on or that this even happened. America is far to lazy to start a war lol. And all you guys are being lead by your hands.

    • well done make it about race just like they want you to – not the gravity of the whole situation in oregon

    • Aaron Fricker the free market is a cult.

    • Kent Alexander Lahti – See the video. No gun, not rushing police.


    • Well said

  • War on “authority” would be one that I would support

  • Nope. They just arrested some domestic terrorists.

  • probably not,.. media isn’t making it a priority,.. and they are all sheep

  • Prediction:

    Nothing will come of the standoff in Oregon. People will continue to wave the government’s flag, sing the government’s songs, and thank those who would gun them down for their service.

    • this isn’t service. This is destruction of property, theft, DUI, occupation, and racism. Lavoy died after being a terrorist, not a service man.

    • I don’t think that you understood my comment.

    • Ari Davalos Technically our founding fathers were terrorists

  • Most of America thinks they were fools. No one is starting anything

  • Who cares? One less dick head.

  • NO, and if you have to ask a big ‘dislike’ to you!

  • Lol . No .

    Do you have a permission slip in your pocket ?
    Do the people doing this use the same currency as you ?

    The public is quite content with it’s chain’s or it would cast them off .

  • Nope, they brought down a domestic terrorist, should have taken down the entire nest day one. Their delay could embolden more of these low-lifes into the open

    • It was “low life’s” such cases as these who started this country. The definition of Liberty is not being a complete statist

    • These are enemies to our country the same way the traitors in the south durring the civil war were. Our country’s biggest mistake was not executing every one of those traitors when we won the war.

    • Toni is right genocide is the answer

    • Wow.. People like you really do exist. Thankfully we still have somewhat of a republic where are rights can’t be voted away by the angry masses.

    • Toni Boutwell my great uncle x3 ,did not start the civil war, he was a farmer ( not a slave owner) next thing he knows his little town in Mississippi is sacked by union soldiers who are historicaly known for theft,rape, murder of women and children after occupatio, so my family should have be executed for protecting their family and propearth?

  • Next Civil War? We have not finished up the last one!

  • Are you retarded? Don’t answer that. No this isn’t going to start a civil war. I shouldn’t even need to tell you that. It’s so obvious

  • Dude, some people have to work.

  • America is in sissy mode , they are more interested in having sex with someone of the same sex .

  • tbh it was only ever gonna end one way….Ruby Ridge, Waco, countless others….these idiots should have known better. I doubt (and hope) that America isn’t full of these kinds of people….although the amount of support Trump has, has me wondering! I don’t think this will cause a civil war, it’s just a few lunatic hillbillies…hopefully the majority of the US population has more sense!
    Now the US Police shooting unarmed civilians….that’s a whole different kettle of fish…..

    • This is the police shooting unarmed people bro. It’s the same fucking thing. LaVoy was unarmed and surrendered

    • Ah, I was under the impression shots were fired.

    • Because you watch mainstream news

    • Actually I don’t watch the news at all….well, occasionally RT, but not for a few weeks. I just saw a couple posts about it, but didn’t look into it very much

    • Why don’t you Google Democide and think about it for a while.

    • I know what democide is, and politicide.

    • The trash will be taken out when the time comes. Many Vets see what is going on. A lot of them are torn apart and see how coming back from wars has done nothing to better their homelands for people and only benefit certain ruling institutions. The serious patriots will fight to the death as warriors, the rest that falsely label and accuse people as the enemy like they did during 911, will be dealt with when the time comes if they step out of line and really have no back bone. These are the same people that will be calling for big government to kill innocent people but won’t be doing any fighting because they are already following a narrative. Unless that same big government puts out the propaganda like they do now for their boy Trump.

    • Shaymus Bogman and where do you get your so called facts?

  • What about ISIS/ISIL/IS?

  • There are allot of other issues at hand that will lead to this kind of war… Bit by bit more and more people are going to be pissed off by the militarized police.. The black community is already very close to this breaking point considering the persecution they’ve endured all along.. But there is a reason the government is arming the police in this way, there is a reason why the police continue to poke and prod the various communities of this nation. There is a reason for the media subjecting the public to the divisive tactics that they have been as well.. They want this war as a means to an end of our freedom. They cannot have us unify as a people, they are banking on a chaotic resistance, a controlled resistance that they have been preparing for (look up jade helm if you don’t believe me)… All you need to do to see this is true is to look at the big picture with an objective eye. They are going to start this war eventually, and if we do not react correctly against this aggression they will have their way, and we will no longer be living in the current illusion of freedom we are, our enslavement will no longer be subtle as it is now. Many people will then see the truth but it will be too late.

    • if it comes out this dude had his hands up like the hands up dont shoot thing… and some enterprising radical leaders use it to unite factions… well… if i see that happening im headed to mexico 🙂

    • Lol can’t say I blame you.

    • Lol that’s just about perfect!

    • Well said

    • Thank you brother

  • Until people can pry themselves from sports and reality tv….doubtful.

  • It will be by people who truly believe in our constitution, not by wannabes on this page picking and choosing when to support the constitution when it supports their political ideology.

    • Which CONstitution? Korean? Chinese?

    • Run along troll. Don’t you have a Bernie Sanders Tupperware party to attend to?

  • You mean to tell me the shot the armed guy who said he would not be taken alive? Incredible.

  • I certainly hope that the next Civil War won’t be triggered by these geniuses. Can you imagine how history will judge us?

    • History will judge you as a loyalist and these men as patriots.


    • These men aren’t patriots. They’re freeloading losers, hiding behind woman and children, begging for Cheetos, jerky, throw rugs and French vanilla coffee creamer.

    • ^you have no idea. You aren’t there… haven’t been there… stfu.

    • Patriots? That’s hysterical. What is their noble cause? I get that they’re pissed off at the government, but where is their better idea? A true patriot fights for a result, not for air time. These guys are a joke.

    • Their better idea is for our government to follow the U.S. constitution. It’s not hard to understand.

    • Even funnier. I mean I’m sorry for openly laughing at this, but which part of the Constitution is the government not following? If this is happening, usually the judicial branch of our government eagerly gets involved. You gave to be a lot more specific if you think these guys are going to incite a civil war.

    • If a revolution did break out, most of the country would have no idea why and would call those fighting for freedom crazy. Trust me, the rest of the world is waiting for us to rise up and take back our Government from the sick sociopathic elite that run it. They have brainwashed people on both sides to think their side is the only side. Truly they have fooled an entire nation.

  • I sure hope so, I’m sick of religious terriost, the christian ones are the worst, because they act like they are doing good, but they are not…

  • No, not yet

  • No. these fools were fighting for their own selfish reasons and didnt have support from most smart people. I wouldnt be surprised if half of those militiamen were from the CIA or FBI placed to incite civil unrest to get us all amped up to fight so they can declare martial law and do what they’ve been meaning to. Thats when the incremental change stops and the complete NWO starts.

  • Those bastards wanted free land after getting money from the government along with a 93% discount on the land they wanted. They are “The Handout Riders”

  • what will spark a civil war is when the government decides to ban IPhones and cancel the Kardashians.

    • SO TRUE. SO SAD.

    • probably right sad as fuck

    • @Tony Garcia – – And beer. Tax beer trucks and stand back… It won’t start a revolution, but a helluvva lot of rioting. There’s a big difference. Buy stock in companies making plate glass windows. And plywood.

    • They will never ban the smart phones. That is how they track the public’s movements. Until That day When martial law shows up at your doorstep

    • Haha ive been saying that for years

    • LMAO! Sad but true!

    • That will never happen it is what is used to dumb us down like in Roman times with gladiators. Enjoyment to numb the mind of what is happening around you.

  • Do NOT start spreading this kind of rhetoric. My God wtf is wrong with you.

  • No

  • IMO this is no different than Ruby Ridge or Waco. It’s not a civil war. It’s just people who were too stupid to see that they were asking to be shot. This guy even SAID he wanted to die for his cause. He got what he wanted, right?

    • Asking to be shot? Getting pulled over doesn’t justify a death sentence. Regardless of political position, that is just a Facists statement. “People go against the state, the state should then be allowed to shot them.” I could careless what their position is, police should not be allowed to gun down unarmed people who are not a threat. Did you have the same position with Michael Brown? Or did this not politically align to your beliefs?


    • *shoot, not shot

    • Ron Jason Phillips – you *almost* got my point. No, I don’t think the police should be able to gun down unarmed people who are not a threat. My point was, it’s THESE ARE THE KIND OF PEOPLE who say that black men should just do what the cops say and they won’t get shot. But when THEY want to defy the cops, they think they should get special treatment. You can’t have it both ways.

      Black unarmed men get shot by the police as a routine in this country for doing nothing illegal, but armed white men think they can take over a federal building and defy the cops with the expectation that they won’t get shot. I call BS on this stance. I have zero sympathy for these losers. And again…he SAID he wanted to die for his cause. He got his wish. Too bad the rest of Y’allQaeda aren’t smart enough to learn from this fool’s mistake.

    • He wanted to make himself a martyr, suicide by cop was the best way to take this to the next level. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with some of what they say, and there is a civil war already taking place but these guys are taking all the wrong steps. It’s almost like this whole thing was staged to give “rebels” against the government a bad name…

    • Yeah, but who gives up their own life to *stage* something? No, I just think they were full of themselves and never gave any rational thought to the consequences. And all of this civil war talk is only coming from the extreme right wing. Most of us want change through thoughtful conversation with a bit of compromise from all parties. If you think armed civil war is a good idea, you are in the minority and you had BETTER be ready to die just like this bozo did. Because the big bad gubmint isn’t going to put up with that ammosexual bullshit. Right now, the notion of taking away our guns is just a right wing wet dream of a reason to start shooting people. Keep this shit up and it just may come true, but it will not be because of a tyrannical government, but because a bunch of yahoos thinking they can pull off a coup d’etat. Not gonna happen. And that is what I meant by asking for it. They are…and they got it.

    • Damn Gretchen, you have no sympathy for human life. I don’t know what time say other than America is fool of partisan idiots and oblivious hypocrits

    • *what to say…. damn auto speller

    • Gretchen Watkins Curtis. You cant use “These are the kinds of people who say blah blah blah….” Thats prejudging, labeling, assuming, steriotyping, and all other kinds of no good things. You cant prejudge anybody regardless of how they talk, their skin color, the fact they wear a cowboy hat or their pants around their knees. Jumping to conclusions is one of the reasons people like you are fucking this country up.

    • And he said HE WOULD RATHER DIE than go to prison. I would rather die then let a corrupt govt I dont agree with (WHETHER IT BE ISIS OR OUR OWN) decide to force me to live a meaninless life in prison or worse because I dont have the same opinion on the way things should be as them. NOW NIETHER HIM NOR I SAID WE WANTED TO DIE.

    • It’s not about opinions Jonny – it’s about the law. We are ALL expected to live within the laws of this country. It’s fine if you don’t like the laws. Work to get them changed. But in the mean time, you MUST obey the law or face the consequences. It’s really just that simple.

      And I call bullshit on you saying I have no sympathy for human life. How you (Ron) got that out of what I said, is ridiculous. If you’re going to do something that is against the law and you wag your guns in the face of the authorities who’s JOB it is to stop people from breaking the law, then you’re an IDIOT and you are asking for a bullet. Yeah, I have sympathy for human life, but I have very little sympathy for someone who deliberately provokes a gun fight.

      And Jonny – I’m not “jumping to conclusions”, I’m merely evaluating these people on the words they use and the actions they take. I know who they are by observation and I have drawn an informed opinion of them. I believe I’m entitled to my opinion, as are you. And I most DEFINITELY am not one of the people fucking up this country. The people fucking up this country are the ones who refuse to move into the 21st century and work toward progress. We can’t “go back” to the way anything used to be. The universe doesn’t work that way. You must take what you have and make it better. You must move forward or risk losing everything. If you don’t want to go to prison, you don’t have to agree with other people, but you DO have to obey the law. There are plenty of laws I disagree with, but if I decide I don’t want to follow them, then I must accept that I will have to pay the consequences if I break them. It’s a choice. This guy made his choice. He got what he wanted. You should be happy for him.

    • What law gives police officers rights to gun down unarmed men in a traffic stop….

    • I highly doubt that they were unarmed. Show me a report that claims that, and maybe we can talk about it.

    • And don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of the cops…AT ALL.

    • Look… I could care less for partisan propaganda. If you have a peace protestor (one that has not commit violent acts), and they are killed by the State, that should through up red flags regardless what your political affiliation is. If you can’t understand that, or if you want to make that political…. then you don’t understand the problem.

    • Gretchen, you said “I have zero sympathy for these losers.” So the “I call bullshit,” statement is a bust.

    • That’s the point Ron. I AGREE with you. But these guys not only were armed to the teeth, but they took over a federal building. THAT.IS.AGAINST.THE.LAW. This is not a bunch of unarmed people standing in front of Wall Street demanding that bankers pay for their crimes.

      I don’t think cops should interfere in unarmed civil protest. That is NOT what is happening in Oregon. It’s not about politics, it’s about the law. I’m thinking perhaps you don’t understand the problem.

    • So you think I should have sympathy for people acting out a death wish? No, I don’t have the patience for that. You can if you like. No, I’d rather save my sympathy for people who want to live a good life and work for the betterment of our world. If you think that’s what they were doing, then good for you. I don’t though. I think they’re a bunch of redneck, testosterone ridden cowboys with an itch to try to prove to the world what big dicks they have. I detest that mentality. If they want to put their lives on the line for that, not much I can do about it. IMO – a good cleansing of the gene pool. Darwin strikes again.

    • “If you have a peace protestor (one that has not commit violent acts), and they are killed by the State, that should through up red flags regardless what your political affiliation is.”

      Peace protesters??? Is that what you think was going on in Oregon? Peace protest? Um no. I’ve been to peace protests. No one had guns. That’s your first clue.

    • It seems that in this particular case you are.

    • Gretchen, all human life is precious. When a person is wrong fully gunned down by a Government Official who supposedly is their to “protect and serve,” you shouldn’t ridicule them for being murdered. It doesn’t matter if you opinion differ. Besudes, their are open carry laws in Oregon, and federal property is public property. They were also occupying an empty building. I’m not justifying what they did, but I’m not sure what laws they broke that were so severe it justified their murder. We should embrace different perspectives, not kill those who think differently. And being legally armed in no formal is illegal in Oregon. Can you at least understand that? Injustice has now favorite target other than “we the people.” If what he did in your heart was so wrong, he payed the ultimate price…

      So why add insult to injury? Are their deaths not enough for you to let go? Should we desecrate his grave? How about lock up his family? Gretchen, when is it enough? Is protesting only ok if it aligns to your political beliefs?

    • Waco for sure and I believe Ruby Ridge occurred on private property. That’s a big difference. The Waco people had been there since 1935.

    • Ron Jason Phillips – I disagree with you on so many levels. I don’t even know where to start.

      “All human life is precious” – is it?

      “When a person is wrongfully gunned down…” Was it wrongful? By who’s standards? Was he an innocent? Did he break the law? Did he stand down when confronted by the police?

      “Their are open carry laws in Oregon” – yes there are. And while it’s your right to carry, brandishing in public is against the law. Do you understand the difference between carrying and brandishing? Look it up.

      “I’m not sure what laws they broke that were so severe it justified their murder” – funny that…it wasn’t the occupation that got him “murdered”, but rather his armed defiance of the officers that pulled them over. So if he hadn’t been armed, he wouldn’t have posed a threat and most likely wouldn’t have been shot. Of course, his being white was an advantage he didn’t take.

      “We should embrace different perspectives, not kill those who think differently.” I agree with you on that. So let’s stop with our love affair with the gun, which will help ease the tension with the police, which will give them incentive to demilitarize. What a concept. If we stop threatening to be violent, the violence will end.

      “Being legally armed is in no form illegal in Oregon” – that’s true. But it sure didn’t help them when the confrontation occurred, did it? Just because you “may” be armed doesn’t mean you “should” be armed. There is a time and place for that. A “peaceful protest” is not one of them.

      “So why add insult to injury?” – Because he’s an idiot who made it dangerous for his comrades and himself.

      “Are their deaths not enough for you to let go?” No, they are not. Because these “armed militias” are making this country dangerous for ALL OF US. Why? Because they are freaking the FBI and all of law enforcement out. They are giving the government MORE reason to be domestically militarized. They are creating the very thing they say they are against. A tyrannical government. So no, not until these ammosexuals figure out that, in a gun fight with the government…they will lose. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. Is that necessarily right? Maybe not, but it’s a fact. Reality check.

      “Is protesting only ok if it aligns to your political beliefs?” No, protesting is perfectly fine if it doesn’t put other people’s lives in danger. Why? Because this nutbag may have been ok with playing the martyr, but he has no right to put anyone else’s life at risk. (See above for why I think he’s putting ALL of us at risk)

      “When is it enough?” – yeah…good question.

    • Ron Jason Phillips, you are awake; some people will fight irrationally to stay asleep. Sad, but true. It is exhausting trying to convince people who are so heavily invested in their own narrative. Save your energy andgood truth for those who want to be awake

    • If being a pragmatic realist and understanding that there are consequences to be paid for armed defiance (deserved or not), and in turn, not having sympathy for those who choose martyrdom rather than making rational decisions to stick around to fight the good fight another day, is what YOU consider being “asleep”, then you and I have extremely different dictionaries.

  • Nope.

  • Nope. The people that are posting this and taking over govt head quarters are trying to! Pretty convenient time and considering that the economy is going towards Democrats right now. Wonder who’s behind it. Nope. Pretty obvious it’s the same people that support Fox news.

  • No they didn’t

  • I do not believe so. The Militia groups have been heavily infiltrated by gov’t agents.

    Like the honorable Native American who attempted to defend his land and failed, so to will the new Native American; The American Patriot fail in their attempts.

    Nobody is united anymore, and that would include the 50 states.

    Homes and families have been divided, religions, political parties…

    The ONLY thing that unites us from what I can see is the Federal Reserve note, which isn’t even ours.

    If the ONLY thing that unites us is the Federal Reserve note, we should just call ourselves “The Federal States of Enslavement.”

    • Well said. I only hate it because it’s true

    • He wanted to make himself a martyr, suicide by cop was the best way to take this to the next level. There is a civil war already taking place but these guys are taking all the wrong steps. It’s almost like this whole thing was staged to give “rebels” against the government a bad name…

    • From where many are sitting, these folks do not have a bad name.

      From what I hear (I don’t watch it myself) the mainstream media has twisted this whole newsworthy story from the beginning.

      The facts so far are, an unarmed man was shot and killed by what appears to be FBI agents.

      Regardless of their motives or Mr. Finicum’s motives, that is what is known.

      Other facts, the long standing fire chief responded to reports that militia men were intimidating people, upon realizing that it was under cover FBI provocateurs disguised as militia, the honorable fire chief resigned.

  • There won’t be a civil war in this country until there hasn’t been anything for sale at the grocery store for a long time.

  • Cops kill lots of people every day, why would this victim be any different than the others. It is silly to say that the death of this next victim would cause a civil war.

  • I hope so, had enough of this rogue murdering government

  • Stupid!

  • No

  • Hahahahahahahaha what a dumb question! Nope

  • No

  • If a civil war starts because of this , then the lawbreakers who took over government property started it.

    • That’s debatable

    • If the law was not broken ( by illegally occupying government property ) if the bundy bunch would have stayed home then none of this world have happened. ….no debate.

    • The government doesn’t own property, the citizens do.
      You really don’t know much do you?

  • I hope so

  • Should of killed them all

  • Clinton had Waco and Ruby Ridge. Obama had to have his.

  • Well, is anything happening?

  • After a couple months on Facebook I have really lost my faith in people. In particular American people. They are so divided and hateful, so quick to call for death of those that don’t fit there comfort or agenda. This and the black lives protest were prime examples. The left calling for the death of the “rednecks” and the right calling for the death of the “thugs”. It is so sad that we have became so desensitized to life and death and how permanent death is and that their is always someone grieving for these deaths that people are so quick to call for. I don’t feel that they will truly understand until it is right in their face and they are dealing with it in person. The only thing that will bring humanity together is when they have no choice and that is indeed sad. We are truly a plague to our own species.

    • We never look at others as human! If you don’t agree with what I believe then you must be a bigot- a left wing nut- so on and so on.
      The Trojan horse of America.

  • A person who is illegally occupying a federal building was shot. Civil war my arse~

  • I certainly hope so

  • just leave them alone.there not hurting anyone,

  • No, people are not ready to jump yet.

  • Nope. The media will spin him into some kind of lunatic with no cause or purpose. And the majority will fall in line with that narrative. Much in the same way they jump all over racism when the media spreads it everywhere.

  • In more ways than they know.

  • Careful, last one killed 620,000 participants, not to mention the many civilians who had no wish to participate. Think real hard on this one.

  • Didnt something come out about these “militiamen” from the real militiamen saying that thats not them? Werent there speculations that they were military

  • Once people find out that most pro football games are fixed, there’s going to be hell to pay

  • Yes, absolutely, but only in the smallest minds in America.

  • Nope! lol

  • nope, because no one cares about these guys

  • Its not going to start a civil war. Too few people see the problem is as big as it is. Too many think the country is fine and the government will pull through for the people and not fuck them over

  • No, they delivered Justice.

  • no they can kill black people, white militia, many other innocent people, the only way to startt a civil war is for them to kill someone everybody likes.

  • Not for the sheeple of this country.

  • Civil war means no presidential elections so the illuminati were right in saying obama would be the last president of the usa

  • Not that anybody deserved to die, but I’m just happy I don’t have to hear about those asshats in Oregon anymore

  • The people that run this page are half stupid. No, the answer is no.

  • The use of a Bill to determine precedence and authority is not a valid use of deadly force.
    Official statement made by the FBI of the USA Administration.:
    [ The investigation will be conducted in compliance with Senate Bill 111 which outlines protocols to be followed when deadly physical force is used.] ( 1 )
    A Bill must be approved by signature by the President of the USA or the Governor of a State then ratified by the appropriate Senate to become a law that is enforceable. Article 1, Section 7, USA Constitution ( 2 )
    So, to kill an unarmed person before they are given due process of law by the proper jurisdictional court with a sentence to conduct a death penalty is premeditated murder by the person making the arrest UNDER GUISE OF LAW regardless of their jurisdictional limits.
    ( 1 ) http://m.ktvz.com/full-text-of-fbi-statement-six/37655210
    ( 2 ) http://www.archives.gov/charters/constitution_transcript.html

  • they are crisis actors and they are laying a trap for you all

  • It started long before this.

  • Civil war? No….. revolution is more in order since it’s government vs the people!

  • No, they spared us one of the long drawn out trials for these wretched criminals.

  • No

  • Yes

  • Don’t need civil war need a REVOLUTION!!!! WAKE UP! they want us divided!

  • The men who took the time and effort to pack up their big guns and hang out at a wildlife refuge in the dead of winter got the outcome they wanted,,, I am not saying anyone deserved anything I am saying no citizen walks around armed to the teeth to spread rainbows of sweetness and joy.

  • Click-bait hate mongering at it’s finest.

  • Oh yes.

  • when people realize living under constant duress is an existence worse than death then maybe people will turn this country back right side up. only problem is the problem will still be here. it will never be completely removed. thats what black ops and covert ops is meant to do

    • what needs to happen is the entirety of government be removed for good (death or otherwise) every senator, every party member, every lobbyist totally removed from government for good and their children not allowed to partake in any government for the next 200 years … will it happen ? i sure fuckinghope so

  • More like a revolution than a civil war.

  • never seen a bill of sale from goverment.they think they own everything.

  • No, because all the men in the U.S. are a bunch of feminized sheep. They watch Friends and Big Bang Theory and think that pacifism is a virtue. Throw away the Constitution. It’s not like anyone is using it anymore anyway.

  • Rick Snyder is a better candidate

  • Have fun with that

  • This man said he would die by his choice! “Live by the sword die by the sword!” “Thin the herd” one more demise to DARWINISM! Yesssss!

  • Peace and diplomacy are good when they work… but when they don’t…. only rebellion and anarchy will achieve the results that peace wasn’t able to accomplish… only after rebellion and anarchy can there be peace… not before.

  • Amazing how many Obama loyal trolls come out on this issue…time to do what our forefathers would want us to do

    • Then why weren’t you in Oregon fighting for your freedums? You FB faketriots are hilarious, your “militia” rolled over just like we knew they would. Everything is a game until bullets start flying.

    • Troll …

    • No wonder you work for the tyrannts ….shes a FED

  • Another civil war–yes, making these jackasses slaves for 250 years–talk about white privilegd? These guys wrote the book on white privilege–trouble is, they can’t read. If they were not white, they’d’ve been arrested a month ago.

    • They?

    • Make it about race, that’ll help the divide and conquer tactics that they like to see. Go you!

    • Chris Hodge I agree it shouldnt be about race. But think about it. If this were a bunch of pants sagging, wearing flat bill caps instead of cowboy hats black people with huge t shirts and guns in their pants rather than in a holster, this might have been over before it started

    • I feel like whoever more closely represents the image of the people that founded this country has a better chance at success when it comes to something like this.

    • Back in the 1800s when it was white guys in cowboy hats with guns in hip holsters robbing trains and having shootouts, that is exactly what the people being shot by cops looked like.

  • Who committed this killing? pollice ,BIM, Forest ser. FBI, Who pulled the trigger?

  • Hey can I take out life insurance on the rest of them??? That would be great!!!!

  • might have if folks find out if he really was unarmed!

  • No

  • Would have been a lot easier to just pay the government the rent he owed.

  • No. People aren’t yet awake enough or care enough. And that’s a good thing. The current administration wants a revolt or civil war anyway, all they would do is declare a state of emergency, suspend the elections, disarm and jail the people, and institute a new order. Before starting anything, make sure you can win. A revolution wouldn’t win yet.

  • Johnny Cerda??

  • Nope, just ridded the world of another piece of scum

  • Nah…they just killed some loser

  • Should have killed all them stupid racist ass holes!

  • No one gives a shit..sry

  • No.

  • There will not be anything civil about it.

  • No.

  • These Bundy morons are just rich pantywaists looking for free land at public expense. If they are the revolution it will be a pity. They aren’t though.

  • Nope!

  • No

  • It won’t. I don’t imagine anything will overcome the apathy in this country enough to revolutionize a significant amount.

  • It would be a revolution civil war is against each other revolution is against the government!

  • He was on his knees, hands in the air.
    The Fed fired three shots to the face.
    Deliberate, calculated, and paid for! Murder in cold blood for hire.

  • Nobody gave a shit when natives did in 1973 at pine ridge.

  • No, but nice try though

  • Probably !

  • A domestic terrorists death will not be the cause of the “next civil war”.

  • It could be a good thing…. Weed out all the dangerous morons.

  • they wanted someone to die. they got their wish..move on.

  • There’s too many ignorant people in this country. As long as it’s not a wrong in their bubble. They don’t care.

  • Hope so..

  • It was a test of reactions.

  • Probably

  • Anyone who supports their cause obviously isn’t interested in facts….

  • No this will not be the start of the next civil war. But if the government tried anything like this with the militia working in Flint Michigan right now it would indeed start a civil war.http://www.thedailysheeple.com/militia-shows-up-in-flint-michigan-to-protest-toxic-tap-water_012016

  • OK. I guess it will be the idiots vs the rest of us.

  • Shoot them back. What did they take weapons for?

  • Nope, the good guys with guns killed the bad guy with a gun.

  • yup

  • Those assholes aren’t important enough to start a civil war, give me a fucking break.

  • No

  • The human brain cannot differentiate between reality and what it sees on the telly…….we don’t rebel…..because we think we already have……Thank You Miss Everdeen……

  • did his father say loot and burn this place down?

  • Depends, can you tear them away from the X-Files?

  • Fuck him

  • Fucking a they did

  • If Edward Snowden didn’t start a civil war, what’s brokeback mountain gonna do?

  • These guys weren’t part of a huge inspiring movement. They are a joke to everyone in this country, except a small group of wanna be so-called patriots who wouldn’t stand a chance of surviving a battle against the swat team. Remember, they are only known for needing snacks and holding dildos.

    • So what’s your point? You want the government to kill them all?

    • This was so poorly reasoned, who cares what his point is?

    • Who said anything a out wanting them killed? I’m just speaking from a side that isn’t pro domestic terrorist.

    • There’s over 300 million people in this country, do you really speak for them all, or are you being rhetorical?
      Maybe you disagree, but you don’t speak for anyone but yourself.

    • Obviously they wouldn’t stand a chance dipshit. Only you are saying they thought they would.

    • Should check your usage of the word terrorists. Dont just go around labeling people as such. And yoy should clearly familiarize yourself with the constitution and actually try to see what this Oregon thing is about. Its much bigger than one would assume.

    • It’s almost like this whole thing was staged to give “rebels” against the government a bad name…

  • No one in this country is gonna fight against each other. We’ll bitch, piss and moan about it online before anyone goes after the “government.”

  • West vs east or what? What would be the sides of this war

  • “Best president in history”…this is highly debatable. Considering how he has consistently attempted to act outside of the powers granted to the POTUS by the Constitution (which isn’t much. Sam Adams, the second president, said that the office was practically useless in terms of power…it was made that way by design. The office of POTUS today is an abomination with effectively zero checks and balances.

  • fuck dem hicks……. Damn privileged fucktards.

  • how is this the start of the revolution and the continual protests and violence involving Black lives not?

  • Civil war is the wrong term, “Revolutionary war” is correct.

  • Not even close.

  • I highly doubt it. The vast majority of the population is likely cheering.

  • Police kill innocent black people all the time, kill 1 white person (probably by a white cop at that) it’s civil war? Lol gtfo! This makes no sense. You want to end racism? Then stop fucking talking about it.

  • Nope.

  • The real issue should be Citizens vs Police/United States. That’s what the civil war is gonna be, if anything. This pisses me off just reading. Fuck.

  • It’s not already?

  • If anything… I’d say the terrorists… err, sorry, “militia men” started it. And the police took way to fucking long to do something about it, like a bunch of down home, good ol’ boy cowards.

  • got a better question . . . when the shoplifter at walmart got busted, did it start the next civil war?

  • lol no i didn’t even know it happened until i went on facebook today. its not in the news and no one knows about it

  • Why is this website for violence? I thought this website was of a higher source than violence. A civil war might keep the controllers at bay, but a civil war will only breed more violence and more hate.

  • No this is just a bunch of rednecks with guns. They are basically just criminals and they belong in jail which is where they are all headed. You will never see a US civil war as long as the public is so dependent on the government that they claim to oppose.

    • He wanted to make himself a martyr, suicide by cop was the best way to take this to the next level. There is a civil war already taking place but these guys are taking all the wrong steps. It’s almost like this whole thing was staged to give “rebels” against the government a bad name…

  • Maybe

  • If only.

  • No

  • That would be great, but there’s a ball game on.

  • Look the police are just citizens as well people. Their are a great number of them who arent considered human due to their actions but bottom line this isnt a movie they are not out to “get us” be more worried about the military and controling Gov then the police….trust me.

  • The white revolutionary heroes of the past are dead and their ideas are gone , today we have so many mixed ideas and mixed races , it so different from the founding people’s idea , good luck with your revolution when you finish your beers.

  • Most people have enough sense to know better. Let’s hope anyway. We have the best military in the world. They would never win.

  • It should be but there’s still to many brainwashed zombies with no balls out there

  • Heavily armed retards will cause it. You seem to have plenty of them on each side!

  • yeah, right.

  • Hands up don’t LaVoy

  • Uh, no. That won’t happen until a good majority of Americans can’t afford tv, cell phones, Internet and transportation. Then watch everyone suddenly get interested in politics and economics

  • No, we’re to fat and entertained, want to start a war, remove one of the two from The majority.

  • This is not a civil war! They killed a terrorist!

  • I doubt it, a lot of folks think of them as whinny spoiled brats. Although they are right, and there is no constitutional federal right to own land, no less loan it out for rent to ranchers.

  • Do believe so.

  • I am really surprised blacks have not started one.

  • Some of these militia guys are suicidal and might be triggered. I think they will stand on the side lines and keep yelling hoping some of the faithful are left to hear the sermon.

  • One white man’s death due to law enforcement = onset of civil war. Hundreds of minority deaths due to law enforcement = minor discussions if that. I’m not going to fight America’s ignorant ass wars that manifests more suffering than it hopes to heal. Definitely not taking part in a civil war or any war while real issues and challenges require our attention. Civil war. Wow. How about we set our focus on civility in hopes to avoid any wars of any kind? RIP to the militia man but if we seriously even consider a civil war despite all the suffering on the part of families of victims taken by gun violence then I can safely say RIP to our values and principles as a country as well

    • Make it about race so they can divide and conquer, great idea

    • Chris Hodge lol what. Read and respond again please. Focus more on war, real issues/challenges and civility while reading. Our single minded approach through racism is a big part of the problem

  • Nope

  • Errr? Nope?

  • Eyewitness account from a fellow terrorist. TarpMan was not on his knees, hands in the air. Like the dumbass that he was, he charged at the FBI.


  • Civil war is already started.

  • Lol….. no. They weren’t cops at the Oregon site.

  • Rogue , and I stress the term Rogue, members of various law enforcement agencies execute citizens on a daily basis. As we are finding out, many times on a technicality. It should therefore come as no surprise when a backlash ensues. Sniping has been found to be an effective deterrent to abuse of authority and is an efficient low tech strategy.
    Let’s hope that the situation in our country does not degenerate to that of a third world country.
    Those in power should use intelligence and common sense. There is no need for violence when law enforcement controls all resources, communication and mobility. Time is their ally.
    It is better to be thought of as wise rather than strong in many cases.
    This country does not need another, or several, Timothy McVeigh.
    In my opinion there is much frustration in this country and it cuts across race income and educational segments. The one common ground that could incite a common front would be the continued overuse of violence by authorities. Just sayin…

  • No, they did not, a bunch of idiots are still a bunch of idiots.

  • Look up the Overton Window. Then we will talk.

  • This is a stupid question, except for a few deadbeats wanting to play Rambo and some radical greedy ranchers everyone else in American wanted them off of public land which they had broken into, was destroying property, intimidating the city’s residents and destroying their property, while threatening law enforcement. They have no cause that would pertain to other Americans. In fact the man who was killed had paid his money and obeyed rules on the Fed land he ran cattle on till Bundy radicalized him. Old man Bundy is getting people shot, his son’s in jail all because he doesn’t want to pay the money all other ranchers pay to use the land. I’m usually against or doubtful of the cops but this time they have gone beyond the call of duty to give these thugs and terrorist every chance to end this peacefully. Now even some of the Bundy supporters who were there are saying he charge at the cops. He had said he would die before being arrested, seems he made good on his word.

    • Old man Bundy never made those decisions for those people. They chose to follow him. Thats like saying drug dealers are getting people killed and spoons are making people fat.

  • Its time

  • No they didn’t. The Ameirican public is so wrapped up in themselves to be interested in what is happening to them in the political arena of the murderous government.

  • LMAO! uhh no!

  • Don’t know but if he were black they’d be rioting in every city in the nation

  • Nope

  • Didn’t expect anything other than for the men to go home to their families and for the story to fade away so we can focus on issues and not tabloids. Let’s use media to do something positively purposeful and not to rile up the ignorant who find it unpleasurable to think for themselves

  • This country is dead.
    3%ers are cowards, oathkeepers are spineless, and the militia was so weak they left when the arrests happened.

  • white man holding building at gun point, is killed by police…Outrage and possible civil war to avenge him, Innocent and law abiding Black citizen Men and Women and Children murdered by police for no reasons other than racism….police officers gets vacation time and no one is moved…No civil war !!!

  • No, the militia is creating the seeds of martial law.

  • I hope so, the people against the government that oppresses them, I’ll fight

  • No.

  • They want us to revolt violently. That way they can call in martial law

  • Pssh, of people really cared there’d be open revolution every day

  • They were traitorous swine

  • They want us divided. And we are doing exactly what they want. 🙁

  • With 300 people a day being shot, this is just a drop in a bucket, In totality, nobody cares except for a few that want an excuse, any excuse…

  • He should have never been theer to begin with!

  • No, people have a football game to watch.

  • I’m down

  • No.

  • No. People don’t care…

  • Who murdered this man?

  • Nope

  • Yes they did start a civel war, you will hear of FBI vaginas getting assissinated

  • David Bird I’m so glad to see the idiots have been arrested. Even more gratifying, the loudest mouth of them all got shot dead.

  • Who knows a forest fire usually starts with a tiny spark then things heat up and after a while you have a raging fire. Only time will tell

  • The civil war has been going for a while, it’s just now getting out of the cold war and starting to heat up.

    • Well, if the “Resistance” are as pussy as these fake ass patriots, then we’re all fucked. lol…
      Actually we’re not. Only white supremacists think a civil war is coming.

  • Report on this! There was NO EXCHANGE OF GUNFIRE! ONLY GOVERNMENT FIRED SHOTS!!! Witnesses of UNARMED WITH HANDS IN THE AIR!!! Mormon LaVoy’s MURDER!!! Don’t expect any help from Obama or his DOJ. To them, peaceful demonstrators are terrorists while violent rioters are hero’s. They will do everything they can to claim these people are liers. https://www.facebook.com/bundyranch/

  • This is scary though, if a revolution broke out all these cops don’t have to wear a badge, they’re still crazy and will kill you, but how would you discern

  • Civil Bore

  • That’s what Obama wants, then he can call Martial Law and then no elections in 2017.

  • They might have.

  • I do believe the time has come…..true, but sad.

  • Maybe the dildo Civil War

  • Yep…they sure did

  • I bet the admins of the page sure hope so. Terrorism is terrorism even when you’re a white conservative.

    • you are implying that the Oregon militia are terrorists?

      the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

      They have not resorted to violence. They have weapons and have stated that they would use them for defense, but how is that any different from anyone else that owns weapons?

      They aren’t intimidating anyone, they are in the middle of nowhere staging an armed protest.

    • Their political aim is to disestablish the federal government, and to abolish taxes and public nature reserves. Their intimidation tactic was when they forced their way into a federal building fully armed, causing the employee to leave for their own safety. And they threatened violence against anyone who dared stop them. Thats terrorism bud.

  • It already is here. Your part of it…

  • Really ???????

  • F.ck No They are not worth shit. You Broke the Law and the Law Won.

  • Lol it would be the police state that start a civil war people will only be policed to a point and then revolution that’s why we must demilitirize the police and retrain them to community policing where the police are actually from the community that they police

  • I hope.

  • the civil war started overtly when Kennedy was killed.

  • Unlikely. Too many people out there that consider the Constitution & anything related to it, as terrorism or terrorists. Murica.

  • Most of you are uninformed.

    A Civil War is a war between the people.

    A Revolution is the people standing together against a government.

  • lol

  • It should.. period.

  • im ready,lock and load,obama ass clowns in the white house we are coming

  • A civil war??? Against the USA??? That would be a suicide mission. No doubt..

  • THESE HONKEYS were given every chance to stand down ,100 times more than any person of color !!!

  • Nope.

  • Possibly…most of us are waiting for the details to come out. Would not want to act rashly. They should have take The Oath Keepers advice…


    • I’m so sick of Americans and kids my age being pussies not standing up for what’s right! Get up stand up & fight!

  • Arm up! Lock and load! Especially the dumb ones that want to call any innocent bystander a terrorist for not playing the game of a group of con artists. These are the people that create more problems than anything for the rest of societies everywhere. Take out the trash and protect your communities when the times come because those standing by government abuse of power are no different than what came out of Germany during WWII.

  • the irs has a plan to collect taxes after a nuclear event do you really think they consider us a threat they haven’t already implemented defences against.

  • it is ongoing,, underground mostly.

  • It is just law enforcement cleaning out the vermin.

  • No , because they lack a Leader , let me rephrase that , a Smart Leader , when they collapse this economy for good the next time and whats left of the Middle Class loses everything they own then it’s Civil War time

  • Lets hopeth so!!!

  • And putting their hands in your pockets

  • No, just escalated it. Harder to prove we are not at war with the occupied “government” when their uniforms start killing people.

  • No

  • Hopefully

  • from what i heard lavoy was unarmed….and if that is true….well then it dont matter about politics no more

  • Hands up, walking to the Feds, shot and killed.

  • But it’s war on terror isn’t that what you crazy fuckers wanted

  • Jazmin Emma people are compeletely ignorning what the militia are standing for and just focusing on skin color. These idiots are hopeless.
    Yeah it’s sad black and brown people die by cops, but they weren’t in a militia opposing feds.

  • hope so

  • Lol no it started long ago

  • There is no militia in America that can stand against government forces. They have neither the numbers, the firepower or the technology. Any militia that tries will have the same fate. Resistance is futile. Only the government can destroy itself, because it is made up of people who complicitly serve its deeds, until then we remain its victims.

    • Thats exactly what they said about Britain. You can thank them for understanding that you are wrong

    • I’m a realist. This is the modern world. Technology used by DoD is 20 years beyond the publics imagination. Cellular surveillance has been routine since the 90s. The public have no idea what resources the government has in place, we do like to pretend we know, but 90% of everything is secret. And boy do they have secrets.

  • I think armed men in bunches taking over federal land are more likely to cause the next civil war.

  • The liberty revolution started awhile ago. We are in it. It’s not an event. It’s an idea. It’s this time. It’s our time.

  • Are you f*cking serious? No, really, is this supposed to be a serious question?

  • No.

  • Answer: No, because Amerikans have been neutered, castrated and dumbed down to the point of mental retardation.

  • No because we’ve been strategically and systematically pussified.

  • The comments that are taking place on their fb pages prove that disdain, ignorance, and apathy has infected this country. People can not think or feel anything without their righteous government and media first telling them what is right and what is wrong!

  • We shall see.

  • Dam near and bull shit, we still out number than by hundreds.

  • No. They dealt with a terrorist as was appropriate.

  • What these guys are doing is despicable…All the insurrectionists involved should be executed. They are doing this for selfish reasons and Bundy family isn’t exactly known for being good people.

  • No

  • They wanted “access to resources” from a wildlife reserve that the government was trying to protect. Not saying I completely trust the government l, but these guys are idiots.

  • No. But, if you tell the cops you’ll die before going to jail and then when they stop you, you fail to follow directions, you then drive through a road block and crash, then get out of the vehicle and once again don’t follow directions, you’re partiality responsible for what happens.

  • No

  • No


  • No one cares enough anymore

  • No they didn’t. People don’t seem to upset when a bunch of stolen valor cases and some agent de provocateurs get shot up.

  • I side with Captain America. #CivilWar

  • In behalf of other countries that has been harassed by USA forces I shall press LIKE

  • Connect. The. Fucking. Dots!

  • They should not of responded with violence. matters will only get worse from here

  • Where’s this militia at I’ve been looking for someone to join with the right head on their shoulders

  • Nah! Super Bowl is coming. And tax season. After those I’m sure some celebrity will do something. And of course Game of Thrones season.

  • America lacks the balls necessary to start another civil war. Our leaders could wipe out a whole city and I swear America wouldn’t do shit, just change the channel.


  • Stupid fucking question.

  • Was it local law enforcement or federal law enforcement?

  • Please, most of us are happy that dumb fucking goober is dead. Fake ass patriots…
    “We’re ready to die for our Country!!!”
    “Oh shit…! We give up! We give up! Please dont shoot sir!!!”
    No, there will be no revolution because most Americans dont support traitors… Especially inbred sister fucking trailer trash with guns.

  • Most of you don’t realize we truly are living in an age where government is strangling real freedom and becoming ultra tyrannical. We do need to push back the government peaceably if possible violently if not possible.

  • Go in and take them out by any means necessary 😀

  • NO . Only if dumb asses are going to take over my fed buildings .

  • Civil War is in the future for sure. But was it the police that started it? NO. Idiots like Lavoy Finicum will.

  • I wish

  • Nope. Wrong again.

  • They killed a terrorist. There are laws about that.

  • Hope so.

  • I was going they would take each other out.

  • The answer to that question is Hell No….this dude was a ticking time bomb, those Federal agents want to go home to their families too. He would have killed one of them in cold blood and not blinked an eye. What this shows is that the Federal agents are worlds apart from these local law enforcement idiots.

  • “We, The People” need to take this country back!! Government has gotten out of control.


  • No, because the media has done a great job at painting these men as modern day American terrorists than people who are fed up with the the government.

  • The real war is against homeless, and poor people. They put america in debt. God willing the next president will heal our country, and deal with the threat. How dare they be jobless.

  • Support Oregon!

  • As if the American public are ever going to stand up against their masters…….Lol 😉

  • its not murder. theyre cops, this is the world you built. now live in it.

  • This seems desperate, I’m starting to wonder about this and similar pages, but you got 300 plus comments, so win win I guess

  • Nope

  • Umm no they didn’t start a civil war! Because not one person out side of those inbred hillbillies circle gives one fuck this guy is dead!

  • No.

  • If people are willing to risk everything in the name of freedom,,,, yes it’s the beginning of a revolution,,,, not civil war

  • A “civil war” is the people divided fighting each other. The People vs the government isn’t civil war. It’s revolution. And according to Jefferson, we’re long overdue.

  • Fuck the police

  • no

  • Man died for nothing & will soon be forgotten!

  • If they did it was planned..

  • Here comes another WACO without the little toy cars.with ramming devices

  • Is this a satire site?

  • I have been to Malheur Wildlife Reserve. I am Canadian. I do not understand people against these reserves. Where do they get the idea that they can just do what they want? Why are there so many ignorant blowhards in your country?

  • There’s NEVER been a Civil War in the United States. A civil war is by definition two or more factions fighting for control of the same central government. People who don’t believe in unconstitutional central government, but just simply want to be left alone, are revolting, and not fighting a civil war.

  • When shooting a terrorist who has not only broken the law, attacked the law and has stated that the law would have to kill him before he would let them take him is the wrong thing to do starts a Civil War, but poisoning a whole town doesn’t. Our country has it’s morals backwards!!!

  • Killing a man for the propaganda value of saying “see how bad they were, we had to shoot one of them” is a huge mistake because it only confirms for many that our freedom is under threat and a revolt must be in our future. A wise government would have held talks and listened to the people to defuse the situation that has now escalated.

  • Nope

  • No because the majority of us understand just how absolutely ridiculous their actions were! Come on people; they armed occupied a federal building demanding land back they claim the government stole-which they ONLY had possession of in the first place BECAUSE it had already been stolen from Native Americans. Oh & the fact that nature photogs had evidence of their YEARS of poaching on federal lands. There really should be an IQ test before you’re allowed to buy weapons. Just sayin

  • Oh, for heaven’s sake. No. If the Flint water scandal didn’t start one, nothing will.

  • Naw every body to worried bout there pills and fighting the fellow with the other color skin.

  • This fucker was one of the feds insiders that’s been trying to stir shit. The faked it all.

  • NO!

  • Yes

  • ridiculous paranoia

  • It’s been going on for awhile now..Since 9-11 and the Patriot Act..Only people were not aware of it for some reason…

  • No, It’s kind of funny how you take over a place that was stolen by white men years ago who are just like you…

  • No

  • No because the sheeple are to intwined with what they are told to do

  • Silly

  • nope, they put down a rabid dog, thats all.

  • No… Federal structure is way more strong…

  • How does the FBI decide to get involved and shoot people in one case then allow other people to burn and loot another town and do nothing.

    • Generally along racial lines. Don’t believe me? Look at the facts.

  • Who cares, they’d already broken the law, shoot em all !

  • Yes

  • Hidden agenda is coming they need to keep us busy haha.

  • I am glad he’s dead. He should be dead.

  • And the Nazi’s win!

  • No, a real civil war would spark off in each state thru out the whole country relentlessly. When people come together U r fucked!

  • A bunch of stupid, forest burning dear poaching scum that make regular gun owners and hunters look bad. They deserved worse in my opinion.

  • Yes

  • Nope. Domestic terrorist dead, the end.

  • Not yet. But it’s coming

  • Look at pbs’s mine wars. We’re a long way from changing this country. Fight on for you freedom!!!!

  • There will be no Civil war. Too many people still have a lot to lose. Government hire thugs, sociopaths and psychopaths gives them guns and impunity, and call them Police. A war implies armed forces from both sides! By definition what is happening is mass murder by the State… not a war.

  • Anarchists unite! Oh wait…. nevermind. Lol.

  • No… today’s society is brain washed sheep … they won’t even blink at this

  • White on white crime.

  • Not sure race has a damn thing to do with this,but I do not think if he would have been black it would have made a difference. Oh wait maybe they should burn and loot buildings and so on,and beat up innocent people. But you see this is why America will fail,we have destroyed her from the inside and we have destroyed one another and we are so busy worrying about race and other bs to be able to stand together,no one should be arguing over a color but standing together anytime your Government does this,but keep on and we will be like the Jews someday and then it will not matter at all what color your damn skin is. We bettered stop hating and stand together

  • Depends on what initiated the pulling of the trigger?

  • No. The people of the area would have eventually had enough regardless of the fbi.

  • Let the militia take care of there own shit…

  • I don’t think even 1% of the American people give a crap…should they is a totally different question

  • Yes

  • Be grateful it’s coming into motion. STOP MAKING THIS ABOUT RACE! It doesn’t matter what your color, gender, style, status is. We are all HUMANS, we are all EQUAL. Imagine what would happen if we could get over the past, band together, like the brothers that we are, and not worry about the fact that we “appear” different. The people in power would shit themselves.

  • Nope, no one gives a shit.

  • Not a “civil” war but a war against radical civil disobedients .

  • “Revolution”

  • Yes

  • They made every gun owner and patriot parinoid.

  • violent revolution leaves soldiers in charge.

  • play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  • Thier “leader” Cliven Bundy is the real POS. He has his own private land, but lets his cattle graze on public property, earns a subsidy, and refuses to pay taxes. #Thief

    I forgot to mention he thinks “blacks would better off as n*gger slaves “, as he so eloquently put it…

  • Law enforcement created a situation so they could kill.

  • No. He charged the cops.

  • The Re-birth , of a great Nation !

  • No, partly because too many people don’t know what is going on.

  • Doubt it.

  • No, because blacks and whites are too busy calling each other thugs and terrorists, too busy keeping score for how many of “my side” has been killed by the government to realize that we-black & white- share a common enemy. In this respect the government has already won this battle. The war isn’t over yet. In truth it’s barely just begun but the citizens of this country better un-pussy and figure out who we are really fighting.

  • Let’s hope they did!

  • No. Lavoy and others went about their protest in the wrong way.

  • No. They started a police state.
    Yesterday I got into a Stryker convoy in Hawaii, on H3, all with “Student Driver” flags hanging.
    These are not needed in Hawaii, unless they are planning assaults on civilians.

    Not civil war, but just possibly revolution.

  • I Hope so

  • No, because not enough people understand nor care about what is at stake.

  • That might depend upon whether the feds can clearly show that it was truly a necessary shooting. Law enforcement doesn’t have the best record where it comes to killing citizens. Just saying he was committing a crime won’t cut it. The police haven’t the right to be executioners, and supporters of the movement will take a whole lot of convincing.

  • Hope so cause we need one. Things get worse before they get better.

  • Plus there will be no north vs south just us vs them…

  • A civil war is what Americans needs. Man the Fuck up.
    Start with police stations.

  • NO!

  • yes they did

  • Never happen

  • No.

  • Hell no

  • What your saying is we need a war within the United States ? So we should we start shooting cops and the military because they are part of government that’s against the people right? I’m not saying I’m against it but just wondering cuz if you guys are so for it go do it if not shut up and stop typing a revolution over Facebook

  • Possibly.
    That was a very ill advised move.

  • Yes it is time to stand up and fight

  • What an insanely stupid question.
    This is simply, click bait

  • I hope so

  • You guys talking shit and asking for it is what will start it.

  • Sometimes I wonder about this page. You guys post some good free thinking stuff but then you turn right around and basically spit propaganda in our faces. Same with the extremely disrespectful David Bowie post. You guys are one stupid post from not existing to me.

  • Thinning put the Idiots.

  • Soon…

  • If a civil war starts up, I’m fucking in!

  • No, because not enough people give a Flying F*** – too many still in hibernation!!!!

  • Nope. One nut job’s life isn’t worth more then thousands of others

  • That’s why I laugh a bit when Americans say “Well we have our guns so we can stand up to the government”. I don’t think anyone can stand up to the US government, so don’t try to bullshit why you have guns. Just say “F*ck I love my guns”. Enough said and you’re honest. Nobody will fault you for that.

  • Fuck no. It’s not OK in this country to take federal land or buildings hostage with an armed militia.