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BREAKING: Without Providing Proof, US Retaliates Against Russia for ‘Election Hacking’ — Russia Responds

President Obama just amended a previous Executive Order allowing the United States to tangibly respond to Russia hacking the 2016 presidential election — but that claim has never been proven.

However, according to a statement from the White House,

“The increasing use of cyber-enabled means to undermine democratic processes at home and abroad, as exemplified by Russia’s recent activities, has made clear that a tool explicitly targeting attempts to interfere with elections is also warranted.”

To wit, the Executive Order, “Blocking the Property of Certain Persons Engaging in Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities,” has now been updated to include the following:

“Tamper with, alter, or cause a misappropriation of information with the purpose or effect of interfering with or undermining election processes or institutions.”

Obama has now ordered 35 Russian diplomats — declared officially persona non grata — expelled, issued sanctions against five entities and six civilians, and will close two Russian compounds in response to allegations American diplomats were harassed in Moscow. All of this to retaliate against Russia, despite no solid evidence ever proffered indicating The Russians interfered with the U.S. election, much less hacked anything at all.

According to the White House, the named persons and diplomats will now have just 72 hours to leave the United States, and,

“In addition to this action, the Department of State has provided notice that as of noon on Friday, December 30, Russian access will be denied to two Russian government-owned compounds, one in Maryland and one in New York.”

A joint report has been issued from the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI purporting to detail how, exactly, The Russians performed cyber attacks in order to sway the election in favor of Donald Trump — but that report comes with a telling disclaimer:

“This report is provided ‘as is’ for informational purposes only. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) does not provide any warranties of any kind regarding any information contained within.”

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In other words, although the DHS seal is emblazoned on the report, it doesn’t guarantee the information therein to be true. Worse, the report itself provides no proof Russian State actors hacked anything — the premise for Obama’s actions against Russia, today and going forward.

Indeed, the list of organizations “likely” associated with Russian Civilian and Military Intelligence services (RIS) listed by DHS and the FBI includes — in all seriousness — Fancy Bear, a group affiliated with the activist collective, Anonymous, dedicated to sharing anti-doping information about the Olympic Games.

Further, though the report appears to provide technical details which enabled The Russians to hack into the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta’s emails is rife with trepidatious language suggesting the FBI and DHS still harbor doubt.

Wikileaks reviewed the joint report, and noted it covered the hacking of voting machines, for which there is no evidence:

“Cyber threats pose one of the most serious economic and national security challenges the United States faces today.  For the last eight years, this Administration has pursued a comprehensive strategy to confront these threats.  And as we have demonstrated by these actions today, we intend to continue to employ the full range of authorities and tools, including diplomatic engagement, trade policy tools, and law enforcement mechanisms, to counter the threat posed by malicious cyber actors, regardless of their country of origin, to protect the national security of the United States,” said the White House.

A U.S. official, cited by Zero Hedge, asserted, “By imposing costs on the Russian diplomats in the United States, by denying them access to the two facilities, we hope the Russian government reevaluates its own actions, which have impeded the ability and safety of our own embassy personnel in Russia.”

But the claims of Russian government-led hacking and cyber attacks still aren’t unassailably proven in this threadbare report — so, apparently, we’ll have to take Obama’s word for it, as he stated, “data theft and disclosure activities could only have been directed by the highest levels of the Russian government.”

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Russia immediately responded to the aggressive move by the Obama administration.

As IFX reports, Russian Commissioner Foreign Ministry on human rights, democracy and the rule of law, Konstantin Dolgov, declared “any anti-Russian sanctions are futile and counter-productive” and “I can only reconfirm this hysteria demonstrates the complete lack of orientation by the outgoing U.S. administration.”

Dolgov added that such “unilateral steps” would “damage relations and complicate their recovery in the future.”

Leonid Slutsky, head of Russia’s State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs, warned,The US sanctions against Russia and the expulsion of 35 diplomats in 72 hours are the signs of a real paranoia. Without any grounds for it another round of extremely aggressive steps towards our country are being made basing only on mere assertions.

Then, on Twitter, the Russian Embassy in the U.K. tweeted an appropriate response to today’s stunning announcements:

Nonetheless, sanctions have been imposed, alleged wrongdoers named, and Obama has acted punitively against Russia — without providing solid proof the Russian government meddled in the U.S. election at all.

“All Americans should be alarmed by Russia’s actions,” Obama implored, adding he only took these actions after “repeated private and public warnings that we have issued to the Russian government.”

And although he characterized today’s actions as “a necessary and appropriate response to efforts to harm U.S. interests in violation of established international norms of behavior,” the American public — and Russia — deserve to see tangible evidence of those efforts. Yesterday.

  • David Daisy May Boldock

    And still no proof. Much like his birth certificate.

    • cold340t

      More like AWOL Bushjr.’s service records you mean.

  • nick98514

    What a complete and utter insane imbecile Barry Obama is proving himself to be, in front of the whole world?….any vestiges of sanity or dignity this Muslim President ever had, if he had any to start with? is gone forever!, the only legacy he is leaving behind him is one of failure and that of being the worst President of the United States in the whole history of the United States of America. Let’s all hope that when President Trump takes office he will rescind the very first Presidential Executive Order that Obama made, the one that buried Obama’s true history and the proof of him being an ‘actual’ “Manchurian Candidate”, which will also, as many of us believe prove beyond doubt that Obama was “Never eligible” to be the President of the United States in the first place, this will thereby enabling President Trump & his hand picked legal team to roll back every single Executive Order and all the attacks and infringements to the Constitution & Bill of Rights that Obama & his team of “Treasonous scumbags” from the ‘swamp’ have made during the last 8 years. So that it will in fact be as if the impostor Obama was never in office at all, It will of course take a little time to put things to right, but at least Americans will once again be on the right track and hopefully in control of their Great country instead of the Globalist elite and Banksters who have been trying to take it away from the American people & destroy the United States of America as a Sovereign country for at least the last 60-70 years. These are all verifiable facts that can be researched and confirmed on the internet.

    • Gene

      Hyperbole, Bush was much worse than Obama.Had to stop when you got delusional.

      • Why not make a point with some degree of value?? The Republicans and Democrats are the same party. Bush only continued what Clinton had done before him. Neither are worth a sh*t. Obama is firmly in that group as well. Trump I won’t speak on until I see what he actually does, but taking shots at either party is a worthless venture, and is highly inaccurate, completely missing the truth of the matter. Washington warned against anyone supporting party politics in his farewell address. No one listened or remembered…

        • Isla Hendricks

          Well said.

      • cold340t

        Another Voice of reason here, thx.
        Bushjr./Cheney set this whole thing in place. The GOP/Teapotty/BlueDogDems then proceeded to make sure these ALREADY in Place polices were carried through. Somewhat like Forgetful People here dismiss as irrelevant. It is a FACT that those named above MET BEFORE Obama was even in Office to DESTROY HIS LEGACY at every turn. As Bushjr. would say: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
        Yes, I am disappointed in Obama but , for NOT BEING the ANGRY BLACK GUY PRESIDENT I had hoped for. Instead we got the Grand Bargainer, some CHANGE.
        To put this ALL on Obama is part of a meme to denigrate and discourage other Minorities from even thinking of being Presidents. Nothing more.

        • chris

          i don’t think your last sentence is accurate at all. lil barry was not placed to discourage minorities at all. he was placed to allow the most outrageous policies be implemented so that opposition would be countered with cries of prejudice and racism. obama was placed to destroy this country using alleged guilt etc to bypass common sense.

          • cold340t

            We can disagree, thx. But, I believe you have point regarding the useful diversion of Race in this situation. It is/was a calculated move. You are correct. I agree with you on this. Which makes blaming Pres.Obama, as if he has done EVERYTHING WRONG ALL by Himself. Also calculated and patently FALSE. It couldn’t happen without GOP/Teapotty/BlueDogDems pushing this crap or as they say “leading from behind”.

    • William Jordan

      William Peter Jordan
      >>[[[……trying to take it away from the American people & destroy the United States of America as a Sovereign country for at least the last 60-70 years. These are all verifiable facts that can be researched and confirmed on the internet.]]]>>
      Your accusation that Obama is responsible for all of the above is nullified by your absurd statement that I have pasted above!
      Mr Obama wasn’t born 60 – 70 years ago.
      Do you include Ronald Reagan in your conspiratorial theory?
      Does the shift towards “Globalism” benefit the extreme wealthy or the extremely poor?
      Which of the two categories above does Mr Trump and his transitional Govt team fit into?

  • Jim Mooney

    Obama is hot to keep his dangerous new cold war going. He didn’t wreak enough destruction in Libya.

    This is really only to bolster the pathetic Russians Dunnit excuse for the miserable losses of the worthless Deadocratic Party.

  • DeplorableDonna

    Hope the lame duck (or should that be dick?) moron is kicking out Homeland Security too – at least 3 states traced their hacks back to DHS.

  • cold340t

    Yep! Pres.Obama is doing ALL this By Himself! No support from ANY GOP/Teapotty/BlueDogDems or ANYONE ELSE for that matter! Yep! Must have sent EVERYONE in Senate/Congress to Guantanamo for disagreeing too right? No support from CIA/FBI/DHS/NSA/TSA? Just Pres.Obama acting ALONE! Sure.
    True though, they have NOT shown ANY PROOF! That is a fact. But, Pres.Obama doing this stupid crap on his own, not. It takes a Whole Village of complicit Idiots for this to happen. Pres.Obama is not a Dictator, yet. Despite Bushjr./Cheney leaving that as possibility for future Presidents. Thats a fact. Pres.Obama acting alone…. utter and complete BS! It’s just easier for racist Americans to say: The Black Guy did it!

    • Excuses are like assholes….everyone has one and they all stink. No one is a racist for stating a truth, and Obama is a traitor by any standards. Cry me a river.

      • cold340t

        I will pour some of that non-toxic fracking fluid in your river if you like. Your truth is that you have a rectum and fail to keep it clean? The elegance of you response is utterly devastating to my fragile psyche. The REAL TRAITORS are the ones who put forth these egregious Policies in the FIRST PLACE. GOP/Teapotty/BlueDog Dems et al. This Lone Ranger Pres.Obama meme is just that. It takes a pretty low iq not to recognize this. No tears.

        • You poor sad little person….stop waving your flag against conservative and defending liberals and notice that BOTH are 100% responsible for the entire mess….Obama is a piece of shit regardless of which excuses you’d like to make defending him. Perhaps you are too scared to look at anything from outside of that little box your perceptions and “understanding” lives in. You have no place bragging about your IQ either. Try again…

          • cold340t

            Defending who? Both are responsible…What are you uttering here? Who lives scared? What is this a response too? No need to brag. Yours is on full display, thx. Again, what are you talking about? Do you even know?

    • chris

      oh please. i see you also fall for the lie that is and has been used to shield the fraud from justice. the entire corrupt govt has to go and should have been gone over 30 yrs ago.

      • cold340t

        Fell for what lie? Clearly not the ONE where Pres.Obama is doing ALL these stupid War Provoking maneuvers All On His Own? Not I, for that lie.
        And only going back 30yrs.? Maybe add more years and I could agree. But only 30, very short memory you have. With the Mission Accomplished Guy topping the list as WORST EVER! At least of the 9 Presidents in my lifetime.

        • Isla Hendricks

          Yes Barry did start this because the left cannot accept that people are awake and know what they have been up to since the election….as for Barry, he is so P.O.’d that his “legacy” was rejected by the REAL American people not the indoctrinated ones! Please watch this video..

  • Jim Rittenour

    For you who have such a limited understanding of what the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. does, and what “product” they deliver, you’ve obviously disregarded the context.

    The FBI, doing it’s job of law enforcement, is required – eventually – to provide proof to support a charge.

    The CIA’s main job (outside of assassinations and subverting foreign governments) is to produce information; intel.

    If the president is acting on the intelligence gathered by the CIA, he doesn’t need “proof.”

    get a grip.

    • Then how do you explain all of the so called intel being completely false??? You who claims to have such an expanded understanding of the FBI, CIA, and NSA and what they do? Perhaps you ought to take your own advice for a change. Your pride is doing you no favors.

      • Jim Rittenour

        No pride; but how can you assert the intel as completely false. Perhaps you have expansive knowlege of the falsities?

        • It is a very simple thing, being that Snowden said the Russians didn’t do any of it, as well as that there was no hack to get the information that was made available by an insider. Add to that the fact that the US gov’t has given not even a single shred of evidence to support their claims, proves that they are full of shit. But you go ahead and believe otherwise, I have no problem with that. Be not surprised when no evidence is ever given. It doesn’t exist.

          • DB

            Wait, the guy living in Russia said the Russians didn’t do it? You don’t say..

          • Michael F Yoder

            He doesn’t live in Russia. He’s in a foreign embassy in the UK. You’re uptodate on the news, aren’t you?

          • DB

            Snowden is in Russia. He’s lived there for years. Why would someone need news for that?

            So, are you trolling or just hilariously wrong?

    • Callen Fields

      You need proof for any accusation. It doesn’t matter who says it is true if you can’t prove it. He is making decisions for the entire country that will negatively effect the entire country. If we’re lucky, Trump will undo this the moment he takes office, and I hope Russia is thinking the same.

      • Jim Rittenour

        I’m only saying, when has the CIA ever cared about proof? As far as foreign policy goes, the CIA carries a lot more influence than the FBI.

        • Untrue. The CIA only attempts to manipulate foreign influence and policy. Claiming that to be influence is an untruth. Comparing them to the FBI is ridiculous. The FBI’s jurisdiction is only within these United States and its territories. Claiming either have influence is a bit of a stretch.

    • Stuart H.

      I agree with your characterization of “intel.” It is not necessary fact or proof, simply actionable information gathered. The NSA is in charge of online communications, hacks, online Intel and similar info coming in or out of the U.S.. That is not the CIA’s area of expertise…so who cares what the CIA says about online hacking?

      If the President is acting on cyber hacking allegations made by any agency other than the NSA, he is being negligent in his duty. That is the NSA’s territory. CIA is supposed to be overseas and is busy hacking other country’s elections (like Israel as their media reported last year). Of course, CIA is everywhere and is domestic despite their mission. But the point is, NSA gathers information of this sort.

    • chris

      you seem to have missed the part of how the subverting goes on even in this govt.

  • tamajam10

    Most of us with a smattering of intelligence know this is really just another attempt to manipulate Russia into an act of agression in order to initiate WWIII.

    • Candice White

      It’s to bad you only have a smattering of intelligence and not real common sense.

      • Isla Hendricks
        • David Daisy May Boldock

          Leftists are anti-individualistic… They are not the sort of person who has an inner sense of confidence in their own ability to solve their own problems and satisfy their own needs.

        • David Daisy May Boldock

          There’s nothing more frightening than a half-baked do-gooder who knows nothing of the world but takes it upon themselves to tell the world what’s good for it.

        • David Daisy May Boldock

          Those indoctrinated by leftist thinking become largely incapable of making accurate moral judgements.

  • FiuToYou

    Please someone in the military with some balls, go into the White House and arrest this illegal, non American, imposter that’s about to cause a war for no reason other than being a psychopath! This bullshit has to stop NOW! It’s not funny at all. Obama was obviously put into power to destroy America. He’s been doing a great job, but it’s time to stop and be charged with treason at the least!

  • Kullen

    Ultimate thing would be if Obama ended up on guantanamo…:D

    • chris

      that should be his destination ,exactly.

  • Sean Faulkner

    Get the fuck out of office already, Obama, and don’t let the doors to the White House hit you on your warmongering ass on the way out in a few weeks – Trump doesn’t want scuff marks on his new doors.

  • chris

    sanctions are acts of war. this proves pussy obama needs to be hauled out of the white house and sent to the nearest federal prison or insane asylum. trying to provoke a war, so blatantly is a sign of an unstable mind.

  • magic1114

    Just more proof that he really is a petulant child. Somebody PLEASE change his poo-poo pull-ups and give him a pacifier…

  • Dani

    The FBI has released their investigative report. Funny how people could care less that there is espionage.

  • William Jordan

    William Peter Jordan
    “Without Proof?”
    Don’t be so stupid.
    The assertion the the U S Govt would act in such a public manner is absurd.
    They have the evidence but YOU are no privy to it. An international incident such as this is not taken lightly.
    Your assertion that this has occurred tells us more about you and your biases I’m afraid.
    Please write about verified facts. Leave the speculation and half truths for the ‘village idiots’?

    • Isla Hendricks

      People who live in glass houses should NOT cast stones….
      Let’s see how many elections the obama tried to “influence” other countries’ elections….Canada, Britain, Egypt, Israel, etc. Oh and remember this one BEFORE the 2012 election (yes even our own government hacked our election system NOT another nation.

  • Army Vet 4444

    This topic has been burning my a$$ for a month now. What is really aggravating, is that mainstream meida is treating this issue as though the “Russian Attack” was real. I just saw a clip from Fox News “The Five” where they were talking like this whole “hacking” was a done deal, and totally real. That is soooo infuriating!!! The ONLY thing the media should be doing right now, is shoving the fact they haven’t gotten any proof from the white house about the so called attacks. AND NEVER LET UP on it.

  • Geoff Moseley

    The simple solution is to revert to paper ballots, innit.

  • brooks_patty

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