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What Bribing (aka Lobbying) Politicians Looks Like in 2016 – Sex to Be an Official Lobbying Gift


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (CN) – Sex between lobbyists and lawmakers or lawmakers’ staff members will be defined as a gift that must be reported to the Missouri Ethics Commission, if the Legislature approves a bill introduced Wednesday.

State Rep. Bart Korman, R-High Hill, filed the bill after state lawmakers promised to reform ethics laws following a pair of scandals that rocked the capital last year.

Under Korman’s bill, relationships between married people or people in relationships before election or hiring would be excluded.

And, reporting such a relationship need not have a dollar valuation attached.

Missouri is the only state in the country with no campaign contribution limits, no lobbyist gift limits and no law regulating when a lawmaker can become a lobbyist.

“If an activity like that occurred, at least citizens would know about it,” Korman told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Korman is chairman of the House Telecommunications Committee, which drew heavy media attention after being treated to dinner at the Jefferson City Country Club by the Missouri Cable Telecommunications Association. This led to former House Speaker John Diehl to ban committees from meeting for dinner outside the Capitol.

Diehl resigned in May last year after revelations surfaced that he and a freshman college intern sent each other sexually suggestive text messages. The scandal caused the temporary suspension of the Missouri capital internship program.

This story was originally published by Courthouse News.

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  • Government officially so bad at sex that they only get it as a gift.

    Although, the point of declaring lobbying gifts is that there’s an assumed quid pro quo.

  • So this is “news”… as in something new?

  • And bribery and prostitution are bad?

  • but commoner go to jail for buying sex…fuck their corrupt bullshit

  • This will backfire. It will lead to acknowledgment that sex IS by decree of biology a currency for men, and that will lead to questioning why a working class woman who faces a life of high-stress service industry jobs also faces imprisonment for prostitution when the courtesans of the master class can actually buy laws with their services. I see feminists pointing this out any minute now.

  • Mostly so it can be declared a tax deduction

  • did not think prostitutes were tax deductible, or legal tender.

    • The system has gradually been establishing for 35 years that for members of the nobility, who provide the campaign donations, can do whatever they want and it’s the rest of us who can be punished for any little thing, even “sin”.

    • maybe it’s time that the potential gifts found some self respect and refuse to be treated as commodities. fat chance of that. in the USA, everything and everyone seems to be up for sale.

  • Lobbying is undemocratic, leads to corruption, and should be banned.

  • Thats prostitution, the last time I checked it was illegal.

  • and they will asses the value of said gift how ?

  • What? Did you sleep through Clinton’s 8 years in the White House? Missed his antics since?

  • however it is completely illegal for slaves like me to hire a prostitute.

  • At what point do all of you people out that realize that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

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  • the end is in sight!

  • lobbying should be illegal—————-ELECT DONALD_____________________but I find nothing wrong with gift of sex instead of money or a dinner in Tim Book Too

  • Oliver Daniel

  • saw this in a news story on The Young Turks I couldn’t stop laughing at the same time I Thought WTF