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Massive Child Sex Ring Busted in CA — 474 Arrested, 28 Children Saved

Los Angeles, CA — In a massive statewide operation targeting human traffickers, hundreds of people were arrested and dozens of sexually-exploited children were saved.

The bust was part of a statewide operation to combat human trafficking, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department announced Tuesday.

According to KTLA, more than 30 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and task forces, as well as the Los Angeles Regional Human Trafficking Task Force, participated in the third annual “Operation Reclaim and Rebuild” enforcement operation, according to a sheriff’s news release.

The operation resulted in 474 arrests including 142 males on solicitation charges, and 36 males for pimping.

It is important to note that some of these arrests included people trying to simply pay another willing adult to have sex with them.

In the Land of the Free, it is against the law to get paid to have sex, unless that sex is filmed, distributed on DVD, and taxed. One of the least talked about systems of oppression in the US is that of persecuting prostitutes.

When referencing prostitution, it is critical to point out that we are talking about the mutually beneficial exchange of sexual favors for money by two or more consenting adults; not forced human trafficking.

That being said, however, during the operation, officers rescued 28 children who were being sexually exploited and offered services to 27 adults they said were victims of sex trafficking. These victims were not part of a voluntary process and instead were bought and sold as commodities to sick individuals without their consent.

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As corporate media writes off talk of ‘pizzagate’ as if it’s some tinfoil conspiracy theory that couldn’t possibly happen, this scenario shatters their claims. In fact, Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell says the arrests represent a “very sad commentary on the condition we’re dealing with.”

“Pretending this issue doesn’t exist only makes us more complicit in it,” newly elected San Diego City Attorney Mara Elliott said.

While it is currently unknown if any of these charges involve high-level government officials or law enforcement, the fact that it existed should not be ignored. Throughout the first and second weeks of December, since the mainstream media first reported that Edgar Maddison Welch, of Salisbury, N.C., fired a shot inside the Comet Ping Pong Pizzaria in Washington, DC, the mainstream media has been declaring the so-called child-sex “Pizzagate” child-sex ring, a false conspiracy theory based on lies.

Welch was reportedly searching for child-sex slaves inside Comet Ping Pong based on stories he’d read online involving pedophilia and the Washington elite. Ironically, and without any real investigative, Chris Hanson style journalism being conducted, the mainstream media and its pundits have declared all the claims found in the conspiracy theory to be false, lies constructed by “fake news.”

In fact, The Washington Post simply declared, “None of them were true.” That may, indeed, be the case. But if it can happen in California on such a large scale, it can certainly happen anywhere else in the United States, and all such claims must be investigated thoroughly by properly trained police officers with the tools necessary to uncover such deviant sex crimes involving children. We applaud the California authorities for their investigations of child-sex rings. May justice be swift to the sickos involved in exploiting children.

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  • Jill M. Halbert

    Good Job.

  • J Coleman

    Wasn’t it amazing how fast the Washington Post declared all the stories about the Washington perverts fake news. Did they have time to investigate themselves? No. So obviously they are hiding something l wonder what

  • Michael Saenz

    John podestaphile, in one email which was very vague but rather ambiguous he talks
    About making a pizza. Really!?!?

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    Comet on Podesta.

    From:[email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Date: 2008-10-04 20:41
    Subject: Comet on Podesta.

    Great show! Great speech.

    Raised over 40 grand. My only regret is I did not make you a nice
    pizza. When can I?

    • Paulmatthew22

      The LEFT looks the other way,.They won’t even protest for an investigation,.They are protecting these sic people,.This is the people we are up against,.Pedophile defenders

      • Gordon Klock

        I do not subscribe to either “left” or “right” politics, but I have noticed a massive degree of serious hypocrisy recently, on the part of the “left”….
        (Their arrogant disdain for “conspiracy theories” is almost suspicious in itself)…

  • dachshundsrule

    Meghan Kelly interviewed Alefontis on her show, and basically did everything she could to play the situation down. She asked no hard questions, made no attempts to act like a journalist, then favored him with her best commiserative smile. I had read some weeks earlier that Ms. Kelly is a Christian…I wonder if that interview comes back to haunt her.

    • Milk Man

      Kelly Christian ….you have got to be kidding ? Maybe at best a TEMPLE WHORE ….

    • B Roberts

      Meghan has Kid’s of her own, but that doesn’t mean a thing. Who knows what she could be up to.This is why all Democrates are so against President Trump this is all coming down, it will be kinda nice to see how many that in all of this..Probably all that has run him down and still running him down. As long as there somnething else going on in the new’s this sex ring will be on the back burner. God I can’t believe all the Dim-Wit Democrate’s.

  • palvadore

    So they busted a bunch of guys and galls on Craigslist or Backpage. I want to know how many real sex traffickers and pedophiles did they get? I bet they spent 10’s of millions of dollars getting less than 10 sex traffickers and pedophiles.

    • Andy White

      yeah and 28 kids..??? ….that has no price….

    • Keepingitreal

      and how many kids have YOU saved palvadore? ANY child getting rescued is worth ANY price. If it was YOU being trafiked or your own KID, you’d give them kudos and not “what have you done for me lately” bs

  • Sherry Ann

    Please keep the arrests coming and bring more children home!!! Please look into #pizzagate and the washington pedophile ring!!!!!

  • Brian Harr

    Trump going to get them all

  • Paulmatthew22

    Pizzagate is REAL,.The difference is the high ranking Democrats that have the political where with all to get away with it,.as of now,.I mean who ( but pedophiles) would EVER say the things in those emails? ,.It’s happening,.and the LEFT looks the other way and denies it,. Where are the PROTESTS in California for the children being RAPED?,.at a Milo sermon beating people up for listening to free speech

    • tvsgael2

      The beautiful thing about it is that we could find the information on it on You Tube, and then save that information for a later date, should something else help to validate it. It’s very suspicious, with the sick paintings in Podesta’s house, to the other people associated with him that have sick images related to them, like that woman, forget her name. The code words were very troubling, and I consider Podesta a closet, at the very least, Podestaphile. But he’s in that untouchable circle around Hillary, and the liberal media give them a ‘pass’ on serious investigation..

  • novictim

    Well done! Please also focus on Dearborn Michigan and every other larger Muslim community. Islam is particularly good at hiding the abuse and at intimidating law enforcement from looking into child sex-grooming as the Alexis Jay Report makes clear from Rotherham, England. Yes, all sorts of people commit pedophile offenses but only the Muslim community sees it as not being a crime.

    • KilltheBank

      Cops are born sellouts.
      Youd bet your life on a slob who lets the real evil roam while “citing” you for minutae?
      The fact that pedophile rings are all over the beltway, everyone knows it, yet john law as always sits on his hands.


      They dont “protect” me and I wont give them deference.
      They protect bill clinton. They protect dennis hastert. They protect jeffrey epstein. They protect those ILLEGALLY SPYING on all of us.

      Obviously, they value the pedopolitocians. Not us.

  • Hilly’s Hunny Huma

    Pizza Gate is REAL! Look into it for yourself. Stop depending on the MSM to tell you what to think

  • Noah

    Drain the swamp!

  • rtb61

    Legal prostitution is a lot more problematic than people think. So a reasonable job, huh, how about your employer starts demanding it, it is legal after all, yes you keep your job, no you lose your job. How about a rapist shoves the normal amount paid for prostitution in the victims purse, what complaint, they got paid and it is legal.
    How about unemployment benefits, please bend over for you payment, once a day, every day (in Germany a woman was denied unemployment because a pimp that wanted to screw her said she denied employment). Accept the fact, that in the US legalised prostitution would be horribly abused.

  • KimMooMoo

    Please watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9eZnwTjCtI&feature=youtu.be
    It may be connected somehow.

  • maralina

    How are the adult women in this not victims and merely prostitutes? Most of them entered this horrific life as children and know no way out. It’s easy for someone who has never had that kind of life to think that the perspective of the prostitutes is the same as your own, but they have been drugged since youth. They don’t know how to get out or can’t.

  • Suomy Nona

    ARE u fucking kidding me….This is fucking retarded…Because pedafilai exist. maybe “PizzaGate is real” …We dont know any high ranging officials are involved. but we dont know they wernt..WTF!!!!!!

    Maybe Trump was arrested in the sting and maybe law enforcement is covering it up..Who can say

  • Mtpage


  • Rick
  • Idiots

    i read that Sen Schumer, Pelosi, are supposed to be arrested as well

  • Idiots

    CNN is still harping on KellyAnne’s gaff about the clothing line endorcement, not a word about the child sex ring arrests. amazing. they are talking about this for days and fantasizing about her getting fired and really asking every talking head their opinion on her violation. not a word about the 400 arrests and children being rescued. It just not be news. they need more kellyanne,

  • Paulmatthew22

    I couldn’t even find one report from CNN on this HUGE story,.They are OBVIOUSLY not interested in pedophiles being brought to justice ,.They think speaking gaffes are more important,. CNN is complicit with these sic fucks,.THE MEDIA LIES,.Do your OWN research!