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Govt Targeting Nuns for Making THC-Free CBD Oil – In a State With Legal Medical Pot


Merced, CA — Sister Kate and Sister Darcey of the “Sisters of the Valley” medical marijuana organization are fighting against the government in California to keep their medical marijuana business alive. These nuns are unlikely entrepreneurs in the marijuana industry, and they create cannabis-based salves and tonics in their garage. The products that they create actually don’t contain THC and do not create a high, but their local city council is attempting to put them out of business anyway.

We spend no time on bended knee, but when we make our medicine it’s a prayerful environment it’s a prayerful time,” Sister Kate told ABC 30.

“It’s more for me about the sisterhood and the feminist movement… to live and work with other women and to do a positive thing for the community — and obviously for the world since we ship it everywhere,” Sister Darcey added.

They sell their products on websites like Etsy for a variety of different medical conditions.

“We make CBD oil which takes away seizures, and a million other things and we make a salve, that’s a multi-purpose salve… and we found out that it cures migraines, hangovers, earaches, diaper rash, toothaches,” Sister Kate said.

However, if the Merced City Council moves to ban on all marijuana cultivation in the area, they will be forced out of business.

“Yes, it’s frustrating to me because there are all of these people with negative attitudes about something that is truly God’s gift,” Sister Darcey said.

As marijuana becomes legal in some places in the country, people are taking chances and opening up businesses everywhere, even in places where the plant has not yet been legalized. As we reported last month, a marijuana delivery service named Kush Gods was recently shut down in DC, despite the fact that it has been decriminalized in the city.

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Below is one of the many popular videos put out by the Sisters of the Valley, depicting their CBD oil production process.

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  • so they’re taking out the primary ingredient that makes it effective?

  • Because they want some of their money

  • Because it is not Profitting Big Pharma.

    • Actually it has absolutely nothing to do with pharmaceuticals. There is no THC in their products, they are not religious nuns but self-proclaimed “nuns” with no religious affiliation and the story does not give any reason at all for why they want to shut them down. There is no information in this article.

  • Fed up

  • There is way too much information missing in this article for anyone to really have a clue what is going on here. I did find out on another source that “nuns” is a bit of a misnomer since they are not “ordained” nuns, they are “self-proclaimed” nuns who do not belong to any religious order. I am beginning to rethink the value of TFTP when I see articles like this.

    • is there a copyright on the term ‘nun’ freedom of religion does not bind you to any ‘order’

    • Todd Patterson No, of course not but it makes the story misleading. The term “nun” like the term “priest” or “minister” has religious connotations. It would be no different than a headline saying a “mayor” had done something without clarifying that the “mayor” was not an elected official but a self-proclaimed “mayor”.

  • They are terrorists for refusing to obey the government! They are dressed like Klan members too! Racists!

  • I am solely busting a gut here 😉

  • Christine Meeusen is doing fine work. She is getting a lot of attention, right now, and that’s good, too. She is strong and will not fold to pressure.

  • What are they gonna charge them with?

    • Nobody is even saying they are being charged with anything: “But they are afraid their work is being threatened by a proposed marijuana ban being considered by the Merced City Council.” The story doesn’t even merit being posted.

  • Shameful……

  • They are NOT nuns. IT is a costume they are wearing. It certainly is bringing attention to the cause though.

  • well if people stand up to the Government, then all anybody does is talk about their race, and not how they are standing up to the people that everyone gets on Facebook and complains about..

  • I can’t wait for these psychos to be brought down. They’re losing 😉 Light will prevail <3

  • Still think the police state is designed to protect you? Wake up.

  • For God’s sake, Grow Your Own! 😉

  • Mans oldest cultivated plant.
    Man’s oldest medicine.
    Pharmaceutical greed and corruption

  • Bay Buyers

    This is sad and unfortunate to hear especially since they have been doing such good work to help people with their problems.

    I hope consumers out there realize the amount of effort and risk associated with producing these items. http://www.CBDOILSCIENCE.com as well as these nuns and countless other companies stick their necks out because they strongly believe in their principles.

    Support the people making and distributing this medicine with integrity.

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  • God Bless these nuns! They are only making use of Your gift to the human race. God, please bless the government too. That they should be enlightened about the benefits of this amazing plant, not just all about money and profits. With THC or THC-free, everyone deserves medicine. THC has amazing benefits too, not just the CBD.