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VIDEO: Cops Hide Behind Car, Execute Man in Firing Squad Fashion — Claim he ‘Lunged’ at Them

Santa Maria, CA — California cops offered a typical bumbling explanation after video showed them execute a suicidal man holding a knife to his own throat: The man ‘lunged’ at them.

But bystander cellphone video shows something else, entirely: Several Santa Maria police officers cower behind a patrol car, training their weapons on the man, when — following a half hour of failed negotiations — they abruptly open fire, hitting him multiple times as he falls to the ground.

Javier Garcia Gaona, according to family members quoted by local station KSBY days after the July 20 shooting, did not struggle with mental illness.

“He never had problems with anyone,” said brother Armando Garcia. “We were always together and I never saw him offend other people. Plus, he has always lived with my dad; he was never out there on the streets like people say.”

A friend echoed denial of possible psychological issues, saying Gaona had been upset about money he was owed.

“He was just very upset that he didn’t get the money that he needed,” explained friend Adan Partida, who spoke with Gaona shortly before the shooting, according to the Santa Maria Sun.

Santa Maria police had employed the ‘lunging’ narrative until the bystander’s video surfaced online, and though the moment immediately prior to cops opening fire is slightly obscured in the footage, witnesses can be overheard immediately calling the shooting an act of murder.

“You guys are a bunch of assholes! You tell me you can’t get the guy without shooting him?! Murderers! You guys are a bunch of murderers!” an enraged man screams at the police from across the street, repeatedly.

Though KSBY claimed to also have footage of the shooting, according to Photography Is Not A Crime, the station opted not to broadcast the video due to its graphic content. James Jepsen, the man whose cellphone video circulated online, first gave the footage to journalist Oscar Flores, who then posted it to Facebook.

Last week, police attempted to assuage public ire over the fatal shooting by insisting it didn’t qualify as yet another act of lethal force by police in America.

“Some people will try and make this a national issue, it isn’t,” asserted Santa Maria Police Chief Ralph Martin last Tuesday. “What we had was probably a mentally ill person that was reaching out. It usually ends where we can take and get them help. It just didn’t work out that way in this case.

“We have to put it in perspective. The force was graduated. We went from a negotiation with a negotiator that was trained by the FBI, we attempted to use less-than-lethal [force options]. One was the bean bag rounds and the other was the 40 millimeter projectiles. Sometimes the less-than-lethal doesn’t work.”

Onlookers and others have questioned why police didn’t choose to taser Gaona, or continue to try other less-than-lethal options after such a brief period of negotiations. However, Martin defended their choice anyway.

“They say, ‘Why didn’t you taser him?’ Tasers are effective within about 15 feet. They are usually effective about 50 percent of the time,” Martin said. “You can deploy a Taser, but you’d have to get very close to a person. That is something we don’t allow if the person is armed.”

However, as video appears to show, officers might have been within the range Martin describes, where tasering Gaona could have at least been attempted — especially considering a patrol car stood as an obstacle between officers and whatever ‘lunging’ the man did.

When a police officer or a peace officer perceives a deadly threat, they are trained and continually trained to shoot for center mass, Martin continuedThe TV stuff about shooting a gun out of somebody’s hand, trying to shoot somebody in the leg while they are running at you with a gun, might sound good in theory, but it just isn’t going to work.

Members of Gaona’s family remain baffled by the sudden turn of events — both by Gaona, as well as law enforcement’s response to the situation.

“Whenever I would be sad, he would make jokes or start dancing out of nowhere,” recalled Javier’s younger sister, Janet Garcia. “He would buy me toys, like dolls, when I was younger. He would buy me clothes. He would give me money sometimes.”

No matter how adamantly Chief Martin might wish this use of lethal force not to be a ‘national issue,’ the fact is, every fatal shooting, every choice to employ physical force — whether brutal, fatal, or otherwise — illustrates the epidemic of police violence in America. These incidents can’t necessarily be separated for individual consideration distinct from other acts of force because other nations simply don’t have the same issue.

Separate investigations are now being conducted by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s office.

  • Keysbum

    and then after the murder… they bring in the military vehicles. classic. anybody still under any delusions that we live in a police state?

    • 2broke4 her

      MRAP to protect the cops if the get bum rushed by the public! sad that a cop needs to lie to cover their mistakes and the Chief of Police agrees with them..

      • Glenn Gallaher

        It is not a mistake, that is what they are paid to do, they are paid to commit crimes. New York, police strike and crime drops 66%. A small town in Texas fires all police, and again crime drops 60%. Proof positive, police are paid governmental criminals. That is the bottom line, what is the old saying numbers don’t lie. No matter what you want to claim training of 11 months is no compensation for 5 years to become a baby attorney and another 3 before you are allowed to practice in front of a judge. 11 months and guns a weapons does not make someone know what the law is, it makes them a fucking moron that is a criminal that thinks they have a right to be a master, and dam if you do not do what the fucking masters tell you, it gives them reason to kill you. See the bat shit mental nuts called police that have no fucking clue as to the law, because they are not educated in the law, they are taught how to fight and terrorism of an 95% unarmed public. As numbers go. Police deaths since the end of prohibition has gone down. The deaths police cause have been on the rise. No on in the public or society has ever voted for a select group of idiots that do not know the law to uphold the law. Society did not vote to have gold and silver removed from our economy, neither did the public. It was chicken scratch from a group of bastards that have never been given the authority to write any contract to represent anyone but themselves in congress. I mean that is why we can not hold them accountable is because this contract that allows their chicken scratch to become law. No contract exist to say that I will pay off the debt of idiots in congress, no contract exists, that says I and going to pay a congress man or woman a single penny for fake representation. As for proof, it is up to them to provide proof that the elections have not been rigged, but according the the DNC e-mails, they all have. Problem comes in when you realize the truth. The United States ended at the civil war, when the contract that allowed government to exist, was made void. It did not allow for a government to be formed, and this democracy is nothing more then a puppet government for that of the bankers, Lincoln, replaced all the representatives of the people with puppets that would push the bankers agenda. Prove the election was not stolen from way back when, provide the contract that gives congress men and women the right to make scratches they call unicorn farts and laws? There is none that exist. There is none to hold them accountable for their crimes, but for some reason you are accountable to their unicorn farts, and they are not. Call it what you want, it is still the same thing, there is not authority granting nuts the authority to write things called laws. Since the contract does not hold them accountable, that same imaginary contract holds you accountable. How the hell does that work where you are accountable to a contract you did not agree to, is that not slavery at which point, it is justified to shoot all the fucking masters. When a police that was not elected, to a public officer makes demands, he is telling you that you are a fucking slave and if you do not obey you will be killed. The thugs in blue did this, because did you see Obama there demanding that they shoot this person. No? Then it must not be what the news reports, and that it must not be Obama that is making the police act like fucking criminals, right? It is a black man’s fault that is not there, right? It is Obama that has cause all the fucking problems with the police, right? All the criminals in blue need to be fired, and then let them try to carry out their jobs, and when they end up dead, you realize that they are criminals stealing, killing, and raping and with government blessing of a magic metal that allows governmental aged nuts not to be held accountable to the same law they uphold. Terrorism. Paid for and supplied by your tax dollars, is it not nice that someone knows better on how to spend your money, then you do, and they also need to take your money so that they do not have to work. The more they steal the bigger they get. The more laws they have, the more criminals it shows that they really are. Police mean twice as much crime. Police are criminals.

  • Nishi

    That poor guy got a worse punishment than most of the Nazi criminals tried at Nuremberg.

  • Juan R Martinez

    why are they called peace officers ???they should be called cops to serve and murder because we follow orders, its my job besides my superiors have my back 99% we get away with it……

  • Ʈ♓ΞƳ Ꮭ¡Ѵ∈ 。。 { ఠ ͟ಠ) ⌐●-●

    I’m no fan of the out of control and corrupt police state as I come to this site daily … But why wouldn’t he have run into the wide open area behind where he was? No cops in that direction. Dive in behind that big stone FOODS sign. Seems sort of like suicide by cop(s).

  • Thomas Kane

    Where’s the video?

  • Gary Harryman

    Just like when any other gang commits a crime as a gang, all of those gang members should be charged with the same crime; in this case murder.

  • Beverly Brown

    Piss poor cops who need to be trained a heck of a lot better. From what I could tell there were not being threaten. The police was only CYA. (Covering Your Ass) That’s their code blue. Some of these cops are nothing but paid murderers.

  • Ric James

    “They say, ‘Why didn’t you taser him?’ Tasers are effective within about 15 feet. They are usually effective about 50 percent of the time,” Martin said. “You can deploy a Taser, but you’d have to get very close to a person. That is something we don’t allow if the person is armed.”


    Knife wielding man?? Check…

    Cops with tazers?? Check…

    Situation ends with man on floor (still alive) and arrested?? Check…

    How do i post this directly to someone that can watch this and jail those murderers?!!??!

  • [email protected]

    The criminal cops want sympathy then they murder a guy. These guys should have sent in armored tanks instead of mraps to protect these innocent cops.

  • DahmersSoul

    Dude had a knife, ran at the cops…it’s not hard to understand that he died because he wanted to. Fuck all you SJW dumbfucks. Comply, don’t get shot. It’s that fucking simple.

    • Dixon Djsuave Gomez

      Yeah, since reports are saying that he was suicidal, suicide by cops is a possibility.

    • IceTrey

      And when the person has mental problems?

      • nick98514

        And you should know all about “Mental Problems” being a “Troll” an all!.

      • DahmersSoul

        Don’t give two fucks about their mental health problems. You’re saying that those police officers don’t have a right to go home to their families every night…that these bat-shit crazy motherfuckers need to be treated with kid gloves…even when they’re coming at the cops with knives and shit!?!? ‘Fuck outta here with that bullshit.

        • IceTrey

          That’s exactly what I’m saying. If a cop cares only about going home at night they should find another job.

          • DahmersSoul

            Did I say only cares??

          • IceTrey

            It’s implied.

      • Chris

        People with mental health problems are just as dangerous if not more so.

        • IceTrey

          If you don’t want to deal with dangerous people don’t be a fuking cop.

          • DahmersSoul

            Dealing with dangerous people is one thing, but when they threaten your life…fuck them. Someone comes at me with a weapon…or fuck it…they come at me in a threatening manor period and I don’t give a fuck about them, they are going to die and I’m going home to my family. Gone are the days when you could get into a scrap where it’s over when the first person gets KO’d. Motherfucker’s these days don’t want to stop until you’re dead so yeah, fuck’em.

          • IceTrey

            You think a suicidal man on the other side of the car surrounded by a dozen armed cops is a threat to your life? Now I see, you’re a coward.

          • DahmersSoul

            No, I’m a survivor. Something you’re obviously not. People like yourself have a victim mentality. Fuck the pussification of this country.

          • IceTrey

            Right, because killing on the slightest provocation makes you a man but killing only as a last resort makes you a pussy. You’re twisted.

          • DahmersSoul

            Don’t threaten people, go about your day. It’s really that simple. Lets just hope neither of us every are put in a situation like this. You may not get to your ‘last resort’ because you failed to assess the seriousness of the situation and now you’re being carried by 6 whereas I’m taking my chances being judged by 12.

          • IceTrey

            Right, because cops never kill innocent people.


          • DahmersSoul

            Yeah…I’m going to go ahead and play the percentages on that one. I have an infinitely greater chance of being killed on my hour long commute to work every damn day. Looks like a subject that we’re going to have to agree to disagree.

          • IceTrey

            I do not agree to disagree!

          • DahmersSoul

            For fuck sake, you’re the type of person that would try to escalate a situation and get yourself shot. Don’t be that person. Good day.

          • Chris

            They obviously dealt with the dangerous person! And if you don’t want to get shot, don’t lunge at cops with a knife while you’re tweaked out!! Easy, end of story ?

    • Art Lee

      bro don’t go outside when it is raining. i fear you will look up and drown.

  • Dixon Djsuave Gomez

    So let me get this right. You have 1 guy with a knife facing 11-14 fully trained cops with most of them having a military background with fully armed weapons and body armer. And the cops are the ones that feared for their lives? FUCKING COWARDS!!!!!!

    • Chris

      Even if they rushed the guy, a few cops would get stabbed. Why would they want that to happen? That would be plain stupid. You’re the coward!! Go sign up. Every department is hiring!!

  • Chris

    Wow, you guys believe everything you read and are professionals when it comes to defense tactics. This “innocent” man was in a bank, with a knife screaming crazily then he was in the street doing the same thing! That’s why the cops were called. He was a danger to the public. If he ran and hurt a bystander all of you would be screaming about how the cops don’t do their job. These men and women don’t deserve your Monday morning quarterbacking!! Of coarse the family is suing for 3 million now!

  • TheGeneral

    play stupid games win stupid prizes . run at the cops with a knife you are going to get shot

  • Eric Bolt

    Terrorist in Uniform trained at the Worlds best Terrorist Institutions like Ft Brag, trained to go the wrong way Murderer innocent persons -! the System is Broken -!

  • Steven Bradbury

    just make sure you shoot him 15 times

  • upagainstthewall

    “What we had was probably a mentally ill person”. Is this supposed to justify this man’s murder? How sad that people continually show their ignorance when it comes to those that have mental health issues.Just another Chief showing that his department is in dire need of retraining so that those who have mental illness can stop living in fear of those that have lower IQs and guns.

  • David Bethel

    There are things like pepper spray, taxer’s. Instead those worthless scum pigs murder a man, not with one bullet, or two bullets, but enough to kill a T-Rex. Get real Pigs out of control. All i can say to you cops out there is FUCK YOU ALL!!!!.

  • David Bethel

    There are alternatives like taser’s, pepper spray. Of course these fucking cowards fear for their lives. He has just a knife. They have an arsenal of weapons. Those worthless bitch cops murdered him. I wish the worst on them!!!.