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Cambodia Announces They Will Save the Environment by Firing Rockets at Loggers

(RT) — In a highly unconventional effort to save the environment, police helicopter units in Cambodia have been ordered to fire rockets at gangs of illegal loggers on sight.

Taking a no-nonsense approach to the country’s deforestation problem, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen says he has given the green-light “that rockets be fired from above.”

Cambodia is considered a “high deforestation” country by the United Nations, but the prime minister’s comments reported by AP mark a serious escalation in the fight to prevent illegal logging.

The prime minister was speaking at the opening of Cambodia’s new Ministry of Environment building on Thursday when he revealed the dramatic anti-illegal logging tactic. Hun Sen told reporters that no rockets have been fired under the new orders as of yet.

It has been estimated that, over the past two decades, industrial development and illegal logging has cost the country approximately 2.85 million hectares of forest – the size of a small country.

According to data compiled by Global Forest Watch, natural forest cover amounting to about 91,636 hectares was destroyed in 2014.

  • …good. do the same thing to big game hunters.

  • Lol lets stop loggers from destroying the trees by firing a missle and destroying the eart itself. Great logic

    • loggers going unchecked can do a lot more damage than a rocket

    • Moron… Do you even think?

    • 100% but there are different, better and less destructive methods of keeping loggers in check Michael Kittredge

    • Dimitrus has obviously been fighting loggers his whole life

    • I’m sort of worried it could lead to a major forest fire. I hope they can work something out….

    • Manuel Villalvir Come on. Anyone(even people who never fought a logger in their life) should know this is rediculous. Yes mass logging hurts the earth. Govenrments actually more responsible for mass logging than non government by the way. I know why this is illegal though, not because of enviromental issues but because govenrment is losing money.

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  • “burn the whole forest to the ground!”

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  • good! Brazil and other countries need to do that,and while they’re at it ,do for trees the same thing they did for ivory .

    • You do realize. That the rockets would kill people. Then only end up destroying. What they are trying to “protect”. You do realize this right?

    • You do realize the

    • I do realize the rockets would set the forest on fire .Gunships carry bullets to destroy vehicles ,once they realized it won’t be easy some of them will quit .Deforestation looks worst when You’re standing right smack in the middle of it .Also the people You’re talking about carry weapons they’re poachers and they’ll kill a ranger in a heart beat

  • Awesome

  • That’s how natural resources should be protected

  • do they know that rockets will knock down and otherwise damage and kill trees?!?

  • Me too!

  • Matthew

  • This will be interesting, hope they film it.

  • Lisa Esparza

  • What’s next, using Flamethrowers to stop the Loggers?

  • Good start. Go after all the poachers killing all the animals as well

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  • More killing fields.

  • Want to save the invironment ? Stop having babies . Logging is not the problem. Human population is. No amount of anything other then population control will fix things.

    • Truth! Ww3 should clean it up a bit. Lol

  • I guess every enemy of the state is going to be labeled a Logger!

  • All you morons that agree with this are disgusting. You value trees over humans wtf is wrong with you. Maybe the last movement like this in Cambodia wast enough? Maybe another 10,000,000 deaths will fix the problem.

    • But they only have 3 trees left…

    • Without trees we can’t sustain human life, so your estimation of 10,000,000 people would be way too low when talking about lack of oxygen on the planet, bro.

    • Are you even serious? As if we would cut all the trees down to the point oxygen levels would drop below levels needed for humans to exist. Lol…

    • Yes I would let ten million die to save a forest. You sir, are the moron.

    • Lol ten million human deaths to save a forest. Wow you are scum.

    • Yes, i value trees more than human thieves

    • I like the idea of rockets being fired at people.

    • people can’t create oxygen though :

    • I do value more trees than Humans, Happy ?

    • No my happiness isn’t tied to your ignorance.

    • yep,no trees no oxygen.not to mention,the asshats who are responsible for the plight of the tree don’t give two shits about life in general.pick another argument

    • Lol…no its your argument that is asinine. You lack any resemblance of a rational thinker.

      No trees (false) no oxegen (false)
      Loggers don’t care about life in general (false)

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    • Heard of oxygen?

    • Heard of reading?

    • Okay… Lets bring more elements. 1. Trees retain Moist in the soil, Preventing desertification. Exhibit 1 : The Sahel. Which is south of sahara desert. Subject of several drought and loosing soil. Planting trees prevent the growth of the desert. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Green_Wall

    • 2. The roots of the trees forms a structure that strenghten the soil against the elements, such as water and gravity. Exhibit 2 : Landslides are mainly caused by the lack of vegetal coverage. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Landslide#Causes

    • 3. Yes, Oxygen can be produced by breaking Carbon Dioxide (C02) as well as water (H2O) into Oxygen (O2). But. The process is very time and energy consuming and there are risks of explosion (because, you know, pure Oxygen is highly flammable). Futhermore, Present machines can not produce oxygen for large scale population. There are technological bottlenecks because of the risks states above. Yes machines can replace oxygen, But it can’t absorb pollution as plants do in the process call ”Photosynthesis”. As such : Carbon Dioxyde + Water + Light = Sugar & Oxygen. Exhibit 3 : Photosynthesis. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photosynthesis

    • If you want, Larry, I have about 5 more points to present you. But I prefer to pause here and discuss on how important (or not) the trees are for life sustainability.

    • Larry, without the trees there are no humans. Don’t be a fucking idiot.

    • Lol like humans would cut down enough trees without planting more… don’t be a complete idiot.

    • Larry Mason II
      The trees are not being replaced . People are over breeding . That’s a fact . A couple should only have two children at most . If you are male and already have children then get a vasectomy women should have a hysterectomy after two children .

    • Lol wow… Peta Galvin help the cause and kill yourself.

    • No, we prefer to kill the people who are guilty.

    • Stupid argument anyways. Just grow hemp. Problem solved. There’s your paper, plastics, fuels, clothes, and guess what more oxygen. Save the trees and humans. And most of the oxygen comes from the oceans.

    • Plastics??? Really fuels??? Really I can agree with the rest, but come on.

    • The reality is that it is the ocean with provides the earth with the majority of it’s carbon dioxide – oxygen exchange (estimates are around 85%) and we’ve fucked that to the point where we have oceanic “dead zones” (devoid of oxygen, life and organic compounds) that encompass the North American, European and mainland Asian continents. Not to mention the ocean gyres larger than Texas full of rubbish, the +90% exploitation of every major fishery, and the continuing rise in ocean temperature and ocean acidity, which threatens the existence of all calcium dependent organisms that live beneath the waves.
      What the trees do is provide a continuation of that exchange, as well as provide a safe harbour for biological evolution to continue on as it has done for millennia. Thousands of specialist species live within forests and rainforests, and every time an old growth forest is cleared a number of species are made extinct. The fact is that earthworms are more important to the earth than humans are. With our current way of civilisation we are nothing but parasites on this rock. That is our reality. Fortunately, we are an evolved species with incredible capacity for change, as long as we realise the fragility of this small blue speck of a life raft that we float upon. Changing our anthropocentric lifestyle to an ecocentric one is not only our collective moral responsibility, it is imperative we do so for our own survival.~

    • Larry Mason II I really don’t know where to even start with you???? I’ve read this whole thread and you sound like a complete fucking idiot. Log your dumb ass off Facebook and hop on Google for a few hours. Educate yourself please. It’s easy and extremely cheap these days. How much is your phone bill?

    • Josh Jones you are a P.O.S. you don’t know where to start because you’re a dumb as hell.

  • Wouldn’t the rockets destroy what they are trying to protect? Plus kill people?

  • that’s one way to do it. 🙂

  • Rockets, Beheadings, Stone’s…Those crazy assed Moslem’s don’t give a shit.

  • I’ll believe when I see it. These governments are typically very corrupt and on the take.

  • A novel approach , I guess they must get their ideas from the C.I.A. .

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  • These countries need to grow hemp where the logging occurred. Start producing all hemp related products and become a powerhouse in the world market

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    • Aria Chandler i agree with you 100% if hippies would come to protest oil in hempcrete tents then they would hold water. I’m not for oil, its just hard to defend an argument when you are being a hypocrite. That’s just my opinion though

    • Actually there really isn’t a need to keep building houses. What we need to do is stop over populating. Less trees. More people. Yeah, our future looks great!

  • Until they start a forest fire and 50,000 acres go up in flames…

  • DIRECT action….

  • And I thought that PETA goes overboard…..

  • Now we’re talking.

  • Are snippers not a better idea, or send in some Rambo’s

  • One thing you don’t do in Cambodia is piss off a general ….Retribution is swift and without mercy …

  • If logging isnt stopped then there wont bew any trees, without trees more soil erosion, less plant life and less oxygen, however this is madness. Snipers fine! Long term imprisonment fine, but rockets and risking forest fires, defeats the purpose!

    • Trees can be replanted but, I assume that this area is managed and the loggers are not listening to the management people.

    • Trees can be re-planted but not at the rate they are being cut down by illegal loggers. Ivory sales have been banned so why not timber, unless fully tracable!

  • Seriously?!?


  • I may be wrong , wouldn’t rockets flatten a whole lot more trees than a few people ?

  • This is a brilliant idea. Its like the right to own guns, if everyone knows that the end result of their illegal actions are death or being severely hurt, they wont take the risk, and, well, those who do, unfortunate.

  • …so, Might is right?

  • I like this guy, can we clone him and elect him to more countries?

  • It’s a holiday in Cambodia

  • I would have thought the size that there after the rare wood that grows in the forest #fire away

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  • Hope they bomb em all!

  • maybe it should be expanded to african poachers and south american gangs destroying the rain forest..an ounce of prevention

  • I thought this was an article from the Onion for a second.