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In Case You Thought Hillary Would Be Indicted for Emails, Think Again – White House Says No Way

Washington, D.C. — On Friday, the State Department announced it is withholding 22 emails from Hillary Clinton’s private email dump because they contain information marked “top secret.”

News of this scandal quickly spread as bipartisan calls for her indictment came out of every political corner. In spite of this confirmation of a crime from the White House, Clinton’s campaign immediately objected, putting out a statement demanding that the emails be released.

When you know that the emails won’t be released, a demand for them to be released comes particularly easy.

While it certainly would be an amazing spectacle to see such a high-level political war criminal face justice, the likelihood of such a scenario is all but non-existent — and the White House has no problem admitting it.

Hilary is not some rogue state actor operating unilaterally of the system. All of her criminal actions have had the blessing of her peers and higher-ups — which is why none of them will call her out — for fear of justice themselves.

To prove this notion, one need only watch the White House press conference that followed the release of the emails.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest all but ended and thought of justice for Hillary during the conference on Friday when he was asked if he could “say with certainty and confidence that Secretary Clinton will not be indicted because of this email scandal.”

Using political speak, Earnest confirmed that the White House has no interest in even investigating the presidential candidate, much less charging her with a crime.

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“That will be a decision that is made by the Department of Justice and prosecutors over there,” he told the reporter. “What I know that some officials over there have said is that she is not a target of the investigation, so that does not seem to be the direction that it’s trending. But I’m certainly not going to weigh in on a decision or in that process in any way. That is a decision to be made solely by independent prosecutors but again, based on what we know from the Department of Justice, it does not seem to be headed in that direction.”

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

  • There is no democracy, just corruption

  • Laws are made to protect them from us. They will do as they will

  • The state is a system for eliminating accountability. This should not surprise anyone who knows that.

  • And the American people get to suck a big fat corrupt dick!

  • Now that the elephant is out of the room, we will return to the scheduled broadcast of the political circus in progress.

  • Throw them all out…Use your vote for real term limits.

  • Rummy, Dummy and Dick need to be indicted.

    • You’d have to indict a shotload of democrats with them.

  • Shared.

  • Of course not its the american way, rape pillage murder. Cant do anything else.

  • politicians dont get held for their crimes anymore…look at the Flint water case…It’s going to be up to we the people to make things happen…

    • Yea the city council needs to be held accountable for the years of corruption. Two are already convicted felons. The people of flint must like it that way.

  • To heck with the damned e-mails. Look at the YEARS of working the corrupt, Washington/Wall Street ‘pay-to-play’ system instead of working to fix it. The Clintons are the ultimate establishment political opportunists! It IS Bernie or bust folks.

  • See….I told you all….you didn’t listen!!!

  • If Hillary’s war crimes are exposed baracks war crimes are exposed. That’s not going to happen.

    • If you already know about these war crimes then they are already exposed. But us American people just sit back and watch with amusement.

  • Afghanistan is a fraud perpetrated solely to steal tax money.

    Troops need to serve America by refusing to participate in bankrupting this country for wars based on scams and lies.

    FREEDOM is the ability to independently live off the grid.

  • Check. No one who’s paying attention would think otherwise.

  • The fact the WH declared them top secret and she emailed them on her personal device doesn’t allay the crime.

  • unfuckingbelievable

  • Welcome to America, where we hang petty thieves and appoint big ones to office…

  • Why are the big war criminals like Cheney, Rummy and Dummy getting off for their crimes? Huh?

  • Ben Vo

  • she was sextin lollol

  • Throw that bitch in jail!

  • see.The Clinton Chronicles on you tube. also Info Wars 1/21/16

  • It shows you that these assholes can be as corrupt as possible and they still get votes. How this is possible is beyond me. They system is broken. This bitch is really able to run for president? How?

  • No surprise at all….More reason to think that the cabal has already selected her to be the next dictator….

    • Unless They stage a big “crisis” to declare martial law and cancel the “elections” to keep Obomba in power….This still seems to be a very strong possibility….

  • Double standard.

  • Our politicians get away with everything. Corruption people.

  • Gordon Cates

  • This is like people thinking the US or Israel would ever face war crimes for killing multitudes of innocent people. It will never happen. No high ranking politician is going face criminal charges in this era.

    • right? lots of harumphing and people on tv banging on tables n shit but nothing ever really happens

    • like the bullshit with the nazi officer Oskar Groening… sentenced to 4 years at the age of 93…after he was living in germany chilling this whole time

  • You don’t indict someone for not committing a crime. I find it amazing that hardly anyone gets that calling something classified after its been in the public eye can not be considered a crime. Its also odd that partisan faction within the FBI are trying to mark a shared news article as classified…. after it had been published in a news paper.

  • If Obummer doesn’t pardon her, she won’t Pardon him! Don’t you love the comaraderie?

  • Of course not. Because then the White House would be subject to indictment too.

  • Eric holder is powerless, and complicit. This tells me what needs to happen, needs to be bigger than just one letch being thrown into federal prison.

  • About time Democrats pulled the same political shit that Publicans pull daily.

  • Unreal. This shit will happen until people start standing up against it.

  • and…..another BS posting to try and split Democrats. The GOP wants all Hillary supporters to turn on her….and not vote for Bernie …effectively throwing their vote away. Just keep in mind the definition of a Totalitarian State. Thats what you will all have with Republican control of the House…Senate ….and Presidency. There will be NO checks and balances. Anything can be passed and signed into law. Any past law can be thrown out. Its Pandora’s Box and there would be no going back to fix it. REGISTER TO VOTE NOW….and VOTE EARLY.

    • “NOT” vote for Bernie. Did you mean that or just “vote for Bernie”? Confusing. Bernie is going to win anyway. Good luck with your corporatist.

    • The turnout for Hillary in a general would be DISMAL! If the Dems want to get some seats back, they had better decide to be DEMOCRATS again. Republican Lite is what makes a lot of them stay home. And Repub Lite, with baggage going back decades, and THE establishment candidate in a cycle demanding CHANGE, makes Hillary the WORST choice for a nominee that the Party could put up.

    • The republicans had all three from 2001-2006, and they out spent and grew gubmint at a faster rate than the “liberal” president that preceded them…..Not only were gawdawful socialistic programs and bureaucracies not dispensed with, they were grown.

      Oh, and the Hildabeast is a treasonous traitor, who should be behind bars for life.

    • Whats going to happen if she gets the nod then about a week before its time to vote she gets indicted? Trump wins

    • the republican totalitarian state? get your head out of the sand. this is all part of the same song and dance they always do. the department of justice is supposed to prosecute for the united states and defend them against prosecution. why would the justice department bother going after the state department? they’re on the same team… and then specifics would eventually come out…. this way it all goes away nice n neat

    • it looks like your own people sacrificed hillary, if anything

    • It’s interesting how many still think there are 2 parties. They just call themselves by two names. Vote however you like. All that changes is who gets the contracts and a bigger cut of the treasury theft.

    • Ignorance is bliss

    • Vote Libertarian. Boom, problem solved.

    • Like a bogus healthcare bill that is destroying the country. Your the definition of a hypocrite.

    • Let’s wait for Fox News the tell us the truth before we jump the gun.

    • fuck you n fox news!! mother foxers go back to ur cuntry!!

    • How about instead of sticking to one party you actually research the candidates and vote for that person I personally would not be opposed for voting for a democrat if they ever had a good candidate but all you guys seem to be presenting is criminals and socialists

  • Let’s be honest here, who really thought she was gonna go to jail over this shit?

  • Yawn,,, of course,she has absolution..

  • And the Government wonders why the public’s confidence in our governance system is at an alltime low.

  • perhaps voting will work?

  • “The White House” doesn’t have to be the one to prosecute!

  • there was no doubt in my mind, I may have wanted the truth, but that has always been shucked aside.

  • I am so far past the post of disbelief!!!! Our government has people killed! Lie to us and you all just accept it like its no big deal????? I no longer recognise America !!!!! This is not the same country it once was!!!! To many idiots maskerading as honest smart people!!!!

    • our country has always killed people and lied to us since day 1. You’re a fool to think otherwise .We as a country are bipolar,homicidal good Samaritans

    • Philip Krall the people our government has killed has been basically bad people up UNTILL about thirty years ago! That was about the time we started to kill freindS!!!!!!! Obama is killing Americans and I do not see nearly zero outrage about it!!!! Regardless of what ever you think I do not BELIVE we killed our own so easily befor now!!! That marks a huge sea change in how our country operates!!! Any country who openly kills it’s own has huge problems that follow!!! Mark my words my freind, I hear what your sayin but I honestly think it was not so blatant as it has become as now!!!!! American people no longer have any faith in our government doing the right thing anymore!!!! You watch stock markets will dive big time!!! No trust equals money leaving the us right away!!!! Mark my words!!!!

    • Who gave blankets to the Indians contaminated with smallpox…. The first case of weapons of mass destruction.

  • Protected by the Facisit Elite that want her in the Whitehouse!

  • I have my gun sights set for Hillary’s forehead……. Silencer and exploding rounds. Will only need one….

    • You should be more careful what you say on here. your intentions are good however could get you locked up

    • Let them come and lock me up…. Or kill me…. I do not care..

    • Don’t be surprised when they come knocking, dude.

    • I am ready for them…. Let them come.

  • Just don’t vote period do you really think these selfish politician care about you ? They don’t just don’t use this broken system, don’t vote

  • High TREASON is what criminals do from Positions of High Office and those that serve T.hem

  • Can we just hang her then?

  • bush should be indicted for his emails too

  • Do you people really believe your vote matters?

  • she’s in the club

  • Of course not!

  • Softening the impact of not prosecuting her… saying it’s not his decision so he can’t say but does say “it looks like not going in that direction” “there’s no interest” by the time it’s officially announced most people won’t care anymore.

  • Well, she did serve a criminal and yes, scum protects scum!

  • politicians are above the law .. really , regardless what colors they go under , they are not accountable as if they were ordinary humans … they are above that , always have been

  • Yes, vote early…..and often!

  • She my get away with it but she is looking like crap , she is going down hill fast.

  • i knew that. no way this administration going to let that happen. they know, if she goes down, so does half this administraion

  • And take the bankers friend out of the race, not a chance.

  • Unless the WH wants an impeachment….

  • Corrupt bastards!

  • Sounds like the secret civil war going on now in The U.S. might get a little bit more public.

  • Back off Free thought, it is all drummed up, who’s side are you on here. Vote Blue and stop with your BS.

  • Benghazi NEVER FORGET

  • She will be prosecuted ! She broke so many federal laws!

  • Benjamin Mein

  • 4 hours before this post, you poste about it finally happening, Hillary getting hers…..

    So quick to flip flop…

  • Where theres theres another and they wouldnt wont to start a trend .

  • Aiding and abetting a criminal?

  • She’s already be selected just like the others , my opinion

  • Fuck you Hillary

  • And all your supporters

  • You really are flogging a dead horse here. Those emails were not top secret at the time, are you Republican shills? I’m for Bernie but please stop this ridiculous farce, it’s the sort of shit Fox pukes out.

    • Yeah the FBI said many top secret Email’s because the were not top secret! Who is the shill?

    • Anyone you imagine it to be

  • treason is punishable by death who cares what the white house says throw that bitch in jail where she belongs

  • I am very uncomfortable with a government that uses drones to assassinate people inside a country we are not at war with whom our government believes might some day harm us. Plus there are a large number of civilian casualties (collateral damage). This illegal use of drones may be the greatest act of terrorism in the 21st century despite the jingoism of “The War On Terror”. The Drone program usually gets their intelligence from sources such as Israel and Saudi Arabian before they make a strike. Often the drones will target a particular cell phone which the person identified as potentially harmful has used but may have given away… killing innocent civilians by “mistake”. According to the rules of war (Geneva Convention) and the UN, it is not legal for any country to assassinate people in another country when they are not at war with that country. Many of the “targets” deserve some “due process” – Usually, no American is on the ground to confirm they are combatants or who was actually killed. We saw on the news when Syrian rebels say they hate ISIS for bombing their village and how they want revenge, what do the Syrians say when the US bombs their towns? Clinton’s attitude and words are only making world terrorism worse. Several months ago, the Drone Papers were released by a whistle blower. Obama and Clinton were part of the kill chain…

    • so this means you were uncomfortable with the bush administration ?

  • Why would they protect her? Complicit?

  • The untouchables

  • It’s like 3 kids breaking a window. You tell the kids they will decide if they are guilty or not. They will always claim not guilty.

  • Fuck this cunt. Conan McIver

  • We all support it… Power Down.. Do less.. Buy less

  • There has to be an actual crime, not a fantasy deluded frantic wish for a crime. Now, the WMD pretext and ignoring 9/11 intel? Real crimes there.

  • OBAMA will protect Clinton because she has dirt on his sorry ass!

  • I hope Karma catches up to her whole family soon, and yes that is my affirmation of the day!

  • Liar

  • dude, vote for Obama, US politicians are worse than Obama :V

  • ridiculous. A) the white house doesn’t make that decision, at all. B) There are real scandals in Hillary’s closet , this isn’t one of them.

  • What a great BS Country we live in.

  • If Hillary were to be indicted…she would bring down many, including Obama, since everyone had her ‘private’ e-mail addy…so indictment will never happen, regardless of the national security risk for the American people.

  • She is a crook and should be punished

  • why dont you go after the 1.5 MILLION emails from the bush adminsitration ?

    This email bullshit is over and done with, get over it … go after the bush’s for their crimes against humanity

  • go after her for voter fraud in IOWA, now you might have a leg to stand on

  • In that case we have a criminal government.

  • She will be brought up on charges in the middle of the actual election. Are people really that dumb. If Snowden can’t tell the American people the truth this lying traitor shouldn’t be aloud in D.C.