Cops Brutally Attacked Woman One Week After She Testified Against an...

A woman has filed a lawsuit claiming she was brutally attacked by multiple police officers just days after she testified against one of their fellow officers in court.

WATCH: Bully Cops Steal Man’s Motorcycle And Arrest Him For Questioning...

Parma, Ohio police officers stalk their city, arresting people for questioning their authority and exercising free speech. They are accused of illegally impounding a man's motorcycle and arresting him for questioning their authority.

Disturbing Body Cam Shows Cop Kill Unarmed Mentally Ill Man on...

Body cam footage was released this week showing a Fulton cop shoot a man in the back "execution style" as he knelt on the ground and was unarmed.

WATCH: Hypocrite Police Chief Brags He Can Smoke Weed As They...

While his officers are out on the street arresting people for a plant, the chief of police is at home smoking it while bragging that he can smoke it because he's the chief of police.
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“Thieving Idiot” Cop Gets No Jail In Spite of His Own...

This cop's actions were so egregious that his own sheriff called him a "thieving idiot," however, he will not spend a single day in jail in spite of being caught on his own body cam robbing a man.

WATCH: Cops Taser Innocent Woman in a Wheelchair for Filming and...

For filming the police an innocent disabled woman in a wheelchair was tasered, thrown to the ground, handcuffed, tasered again, and then wrongly arrested.

WATCH: Man Buys Bag of Meth And Is Filmed Leaving Crack...

A bizarre video posted online appears to show a police cruiser picking a man up from a house where he has just purchased meth and giving him a ride.

Disturbing Video Shows Officer Take Elderly Vet’s Walker, Knock Him Unconscious

A disturbing video is creating a firestorm of debate online as it shows a federal security officer shoving an elderly veteran, who uses a walker to get around, and causing him to smash his head into the concrete.

Police Release Body Cam, Showing Officers Brutally Assault 84yo Grandmother

Mesa police have released body cam footage showing their officers slam an 84-year-old grandmother to the ground. They deliberately blurred the entire video, however, their abuse is clearly visible.

WATCH: Cop Pepper Sprays Teen Girl, Slams Her Into Concrete—Nearly Sparking...

A dramatic video of a police officer pepper spraying and then body slamming a small teen girl has sparked a backlash against police by people claiming the officer went too far.