WATCH: Cop Dumps Woman Out of Wheelchair, Then Walks Away

A cop in Columbus, Ohio was seen allegedly dumping a disabled woman from her wheelchair, only to turn and walk away.

Cop Caught on Own Body Cam Stealing Dying Elderly Man’s Christmas...

Police have confirmed that a Texas cop was seen on his own body cam reaching into a dying man's pocket and stealing his Christmas money.

VIDEO: Cops Force K9 to Maul Innocent Man After Asking Them...

Disturbing video shows Florida cops unleash a K9 on an innocent man after he allegedly asked them to stay on the other side of his fence.

WATCH: Cop Caught Speeding Scolds Officer Who Stopped Her, Peels Out...

The footage is one of the most brazen practices of blue privilege ever caught on video. Cop breaks the law and refuses any and all accountability.

WATCH: Man Films as Police Enter His Home Without a Warrant,...

A Michigan man is claiming police entered his home without a warrant and kidnapped his children under orders from CPS, which resulted in him becoming homeless.

WATCH: A Dozen Cops Yank Man from Truck, Attack Him Like...

A high-speed chase came to a violent end in an Indiana cornfield as more than a dozen cops swarmed a man and began to dole out punishment, potentially tainting the case.

WATCH: Cops Break Mans Jaw, Lose His Puppy, Throw Camera in...

A Georgia man's personal body camera footage is the only evidence being publicly released showing his alleged assault by a Chatham sheriff's deputy.

WATCH: Innocent Man Kidnapped & Raped by Cops for Legally Refusing...

One man's dash camera footage showing his assault and kidnapping is now the subject of a documentary exposing the horrific practices of Las Vegas Police.

VIDEO: Cop Lies About Smelling Weed, Slams Innocent Student’s Head Into...

A crazed cop claimed he smelled weed and used this an excuse to unleash deadly violence against an innocent young man who'd done nothing wrong.

BREAKING: FBI Agent Indicted for Lying About the Killing of Lavoy...

An FBI agent has been indicted and now stands accused of deliberately covering up the truth about the killing of Lavoy Finicum.