WATCH: Cops Mistake Man for Suspect, Grind Muzzle of Rifle Into...

Disturbing body camera footage was just released showing an officer grind his rifle muzzle into the head of a man police wrongly suspected of a crime.
construction vehicle

WATCH: Teenager Snaps, Crushes Cop Car With Bulldozer During Chase With...

A stolen bulldozer took police on a low-speed chase that resulted in a police cruiser being flattened when it tried to block the construction vehicle's path.

Horrifying Body Cam Shows Woman-Beating Cop Sexually Assault, Brutalize Handcuffed Woman

After this tyrant cop pleaded guilty to assaulting an innocent woman this week, the body camera footage was released detailing the level of abuse.

WATCH: Cops Leave Taser in Hospital Room with Mentally Ill Man,...

After essentially handing a mentally ill man in the hospital a taser, a Las Vegas cop killed him. But video shows he may have dropped it first.

WATCH: Woman Prevents Cops from Entering Home With No Warrant, So...

Instead of obtaining a warrant cops forced their way into a woman's home causing her severe injury and putting the taxpayers on the line for millions.

WATCH: Cops Drag Woman Off Airplane Over Pet Allergy Complaint

Multiple police officers boarded a plane this afternoon to remove a woman who said she has a deadly allergy to dogs.

WATCH: Cop Attacks Road Workers So They Take Him Down in...

After a Kentucky State Trooper attacked a man filming he then allegedly punched another road worker, so he was placed under citizen's arrest.

Cops Promoted, Get Golden Parachute for Stomping Handcuffed Man’s Head on...

This is why there are protests. For severely beating two men, stomping a handcuffed man's head, and covering it up, cops got promoted and a golden parachute.

Horrifying Video Shows Cop Drag Pregnant Woman By Handcuff Chain, Breaking...

Disturbing video shows a cop treating a pregnant woman like an animal, dragging her by her handcuff chain over possession of a plant.

Innocent Man Get $1.6M After Surveillance Video Proved Cops Beat and...

An innocent man was beaten, framed for felony assault against cops, and thrown in jail and the only thing that saved him was his video.