New Recording Proves Cop Knew Autistic Boy Was Holding a Toy...

Before a Miami cop shot unarmed behavioral technician Charles Kinsey for helping an autistic boy, he knew there was no gun, only a toy.

Bodycam Footage Shows Police Kill Unarmed Man for Driving in Reverse

Body camera footage show Oklahoma Highway Patrolmen taking the life of an unarmed fleeing suspect.

Video Shows Teen Brutally Assaulted by Cops After Trying to Pay...

A father filmed his son get assaulted by police after he allegedly attempted to pay a fine with quarters.

WATCH: Cops Beat A Man To A Pulp, Threaten To “Shoot...

Portland Officer Matt Bigoni threatened to kill a man and his dog but settled for beating him mercilessly. Portland PD has now opened an investigation.

Mom Horrified After Finding Police Drone Watching Her Children — In...

A Texas woman called police after seeing a drone hovering in her backyard creepily watching her kids — only to find out that it belonged to them.

WATCH: Cops Call in Backup for Veteran Paying Ticket in Pennies

A New Hampshire man, armed with a pistol, gets escorted out of city hall after he attempted to pay his traffic ticket with pennies.

Cop Blames Unarmed Dad for His Own Death After Killing Him...

A cop who killed an innocent unarmed man on video as he had his hands up just went on 60-minutes to blame the victim, Terrance Crutcher.

WATCH: Belligerent Cops Get Punished for Harassing & Threatening Man for...

Photography activist Phillip Turner is once again harassed for filming police — but this time the cops were actually held accountable.

WATCH: Corrupt Cop Lets Crooked Asst Police Chief Go for Dangerous...

An Austin, TX Assistant Police Chief was given a verbal warning after being pulled over by one of his own sheriff's deputies for dangerous speeding.

“Somebody Gettin Shot…Oh Well” Cop Records Himself Ignoring Cries For Help...

Video shows a cop ignoring repeated cries for help — going so far as to tell the victim to "go f__k herself" — all the while flirting with his girlfriend instead.