Innocent Man Get $1.6M After Surveillance Video Proved Cops Beat and...

An innocent man was beaten, framed for felony assault against cops, and thrown in jail and the only thing that saved him was his video.

WATCH: Cop Blows a Fuse, Shoves Handcuffed Man into Concrete Wall,...

Video of an Oregon cop shoving a man into a wall was so bad, and the man so severely injured, that the officer was actually arrested and found guilty.

Cops Caught on Horrifying Video Forcing K9 to Maul Surrendering Man,...

A man received a tiny settlement after police were seen on video siccing their dog on him as he surrendered, on his knees, and hands on his head.

Man Gets Death Threats for Criticizing Police After Cops Encouraged People...

A restaurant owner who called out St. Louis police for tear-gassing his customers is now receiving death threats from "Blue Lives Matter" supporters.
turn signal

Graphic Video Shows Cops Beat Woman ‘Like a Rag Doll’ Over...

A woman has filed a federal lawsuit after she was attacked by multiple officers and beaten to a bloody pulp over a traffic stop for a turn signal.

Graphic Video Shows Cops Execute Student for Holding a “Tiny” Multi-tool

Disturbing video shows police execute a barefoot engineering student in the midst of a mental break dow— for holding a multi-tool.

WATCH: Cops Chant ‘Whose Streets, Our Streets,’ as They Trap Protesters,...

In what looks like Ferguson all over again, St. Louis police were recorded needlessly attacking peaceful protesters and journalists.

WATCH: Cops FAIL as They Try to Intimidate an Informed Citizen...

A man was approached by a cop while he was taking a break at work, and questioned about his well-being, all because he was lawfully filming the officer.

“Good Cop” Praised After Video Showed Him Kick Surrendering Man’s Head...

After a Baltimore cop was found not guilty for kicking surrendering man in the and then spitting on him, he was praised for his "service."

VIDEO: Undercover Cop Handcuffs Innocent Man, Steals All of His Cash,...

A man says San Diego Police robbed him of nearly $800 after detaining him and searching him because he "fit the description" of a suspect.