Parents Sue As Video Shows Cops Stomp, Taser, and Suffocate Their...

Horrifying video shows police took turns kicking, tasering, insulting, and crushing the wind from a mentally ill man, until he died.

Cop Found Guilty After Savagely Beating a Teen Football Fan for...

A semblance of justice has been served after a belligerent cop was convicted for savagely beating a drunken teen.

WATCH: Crazed Cop Smashes Accident Victim’s Face Because He’s Having a...

A brutally ignorant officer walks up to a man in the middle of a medical emergency, while he's having a seizure and slams his face into the concrete.

Avid Drug Warrior Cop Caught in Facebook Live Video Drunk in...

A Mission Texas police officer has been suspended following the release of a video on social media showing the officer hotboxing a car with the driver in possession of what appears to be marijuana.

WATCH: Unarmed Man Tasered Repeatedly by Cops Until He Dies

Disturbing cellphone footage shows a man writhing in agony as police taser him repeatedly until he dies.

Dramatic Video Shows Cops Beating Children at Elementary School Playground

Dramatic video of Springfield police officers beating up children at an elementary school playground has the department conducting damage control.

‘I Can’t Breathe’: Video Shows Cops Beat Father, Ignore Cries for...

The family of a man who was killed by officers has filed a lawsuit to get justice for their father who was in jail for a verbal argument.
mentally ill

‘Murder on Tape’: Cops Beat Unarmed Mentally Ill Man to Death...

In a case horrifyingly similar to that of Kelly Thomas, a young mentally ill man by the name of Kendole Joseph was beaten to death on video by untrained and outright rabid cops.

WATCH: Innocent Man Mauled Nearly to Death As Cops Sic K9...

An innocent man had a prolonged stay in ICU after police sicced a K9 on him while he worked on a customer's air conditioner.

WATCH: Cop Refuses to Help Man Hit By a Truck, Cared...

Highlighting the utter lack of humanity in policing, a Florida cop was far more concerned with a man's immigration status, in spite of the fact he'd just been hit by a truck.