WATCH: Belligerent Cops Get Punished for Harassing & Threatening Man for...

Photography activist Phillip Turner is once again harassed for filming police — but this time the cops were actually held accountable.

WATCH: Corrupt Cop Lets Crooked Asst Police Chief Go for Dangerous...

An Austin, TX Assistant Police Chief was given a verbal warning after being pulled over by one of his own sheriff's deputies for dangerous speeding.

“Somebody Gettin Shot…Oh Well” Cop Records Himself Ignoring Cries For Help...

Video shows a cop ignoring repeated cries for help — going so far as to tell the victim to "go f__k herself" — all the while flirting with his girlfriend instead.
Jeremy Mardis

“They Kept Shooting”: Father of 6yo Boy Killed by Cops Speaks...

The father of Jeremy Mardis, a 6-year-old boy killed by cops, took the stand and spoke about the murder of his son for the first time in public.

WATCH: Cop’s Violent Power Trip Costs Taxpayers $1.3 Million

A state trooper was found in violation of a couple's civil rights following a traffic stop that transformed into an aggressive arrest — $1.3 million settlement.

WATCH: Massive Cop Body Slams 80-lb 7th-Grader at the Bus Stop

Video of a police stopping a schoolyard fight highlights an increasing trend across America as schools transform into childhood prison yards.
dui, checkpoint, rights

WATCH: How to Go Through a DUI Checkpoint Like a Pro...

By merely asserting his rights, an activist was able to almost entirely avoid an unconstitutional DUI checkpoint, and it was caught on video.
baker, NYPD

Cops Who Stalked and Severely Beat Innocent Postal Worker, On Video,...

The NYPD cops charged with the brutal beating of Karim Baker had their charges dismissed in spite of video evidence.

VIDEO: “I want my mommy!” Cop Shoots into Van Full of...

Police dashcam video was just released from a traffic stop in which a cop killed an unarmed father of three in front of his children.

WATCH: Cop Allegedly Tasers Herself, Then 6 Cops ‘Rodney King’ a...

A chaotic scene was captured on video of Tuscon police officers beating a man after a police officer allegedly tasered herself.