EXCLUSIVE: Air Force Col. Buys 24 Billboards To Expose Cops Who...

After his son was executed by police, a veteran is now using the settlement he received from the city to call for a new investigation into his son's death.

VIDEO: Police SUV Mows Down Mom & 2 Kids as He...

A police officer responding to a call this week allegedly lost control of his SUV sending it plowing into a family on the sidewalk, killing two children.

WATCH: Angry Mom Owns Masked Cops & Runs Them Off for...

Two ominously dressed cops with masks over their faces tried to unlawfully shakedown three young men, but an angry mom came out and shut them down.

Disturbing Video Shows Cops Taser 86-year-old Man With Dementia for Walking...

Disturbing video has just been released showing how an 86-year-old man was needlessly tasered by cops for walking backward, leaving him severely injured.

WATCH: Man Swarmed by Cops, Detained, Cuffed—for Carrying a Pink Dildo

A man was held at gunpoint, detained, and handcuffed by police at an airport for carrying a bright pink dildo in his gun holster.

WATCH: Cops Use K9 to Take Down Unarmed Man for Dancing...

After a pursuit, police had their suspect walk backward toward the car—but he started dancing—so they sicced their K9 on him.

WATCH: Cop Snaps in a Fit of Road Rage, Drags Man...

Disturbing dashcam footage showing a cop senseless beat a young man for no reason has become the subject of an ACLU report and subsequent lawsuit.

Cop Sentenced to Prison, Forced to Pay Victim for Savagely Beating...

Showing exactly how abusive cops should be treated, a bully cop has been sentenced 27 months in prison for savagely beating an innocent teen on video.

WATCH: Cop Caught on Video THREE Times Killing & Beating Unarmed...

An Austin police officer has killed an unarmed man and beaten two innocent men, been sued for it, and somehow still has his job.

‘Get Back or You’re Next’: Cops Threaten Mom for Asking Them...

As a mother pleaded with police to stop repeatedly punching her son in the face over a traffic stop, one officer felt it necessary threaten her too.