Justice! Cop Goes to Prison for Kicking Handcuffed Man Who Called...

Suspended state trooper Ryan Luckenbaugh will serve 9 to 22 months in prison for kicking a handcuffed man in the face -- a win for accountability.

24 Years Ago Today, US Govt Used Chemical Weapons On Its...

As Americans get up in arms over alleged gas attacks in Syria, they are forgetting the time their government used chemical weapons to kill children in waco.

Leaked Docs Show Google Contractors Suppressed Alternative Media, Google Confirms

Newly obtained documents show Google is continuing efforts to censor the independent media. Google has also confirmed them as real.

Elite Private School Attended by JFK, Exposed as Long-Time Haven for...

Choate Rosemary Hall school finally comes clean with allegations of sexual abuse and cover-up at the hands of its teachers for decades.
drug czar, cannabis

This Won’t End Well, Trump Names Rabid Cannabis Prohibitionist as Drug...

The appointment of an extreme cannabis prohibitionist to US drug czar is an ominous sign that likely indicates a coming federal crackdown.

WATCH: United Calls Authorities To Brutally Drag Doctor Off Plane, To...

Appalling video shows authorities act as thugs and forcibly remove a doctor from a flight he'd paid for — because a United employee needed his seat.

Texas Bill to Establish Gold & Silver as Legal Tender, Dealing...

If passed, this new legislation would make gold and silver coins legal tender in Texas, in direct challenge to the FED's monopoly on money.

Cops Issue Man $250 Ticket Because Eating Pizza at a Bus...

In the land of the free, eating pizza while waiting for a bus is now a criminal act as a homeless man recently found out.

It’s Time To Pay Attention — In The Last 24 Hours,...

Without an investigation, Donald Trump used the deadly chemical attack in Syria to begin international preparations to forcibly oust the president.

SHOCK VIDEO: Cops Force K9 to Maul 70-Year-Old Man’s Head Over...

After police accused an innocent man of not having the correct sticker on the side of his trailer, he was mauled by a K9, arrested, and hospitalized.