multiple shooters

WATCH: NBC News Caught Selectively Editing Evidence Of Multiple Shooters Video

NBC News is being accused of editing video footage from the Las Vegas shooting, and removing evidence that there were multiple shooters involved.

9/11 Gave Us the Police State With the ‘Patriot’ Act, After...

Just as 9/11 served as an excuse to pass the Patriot Act, the Las Vegas shooting could be used to pass the USA Liberty Act—which does nothing for liberty.

Smart Devices are Listening to (and Saving) Everything You Say, Here’s...

The smart devices you use every day are listening to and saving what you say—here's what you can do to stop it.

Wiz Khalifa Just Hijacked an MLB Game to Provide a Real...

While NFL players are taking a knee against racist policing, Wiz Khalifa promoted a viable solution during a Major League Baseball game.

While US Freaks Over NFL, Study Shows Only 25% of Americans...

A survey found that only 25% of Americans can name all three branches of government, and 37% do not know their rights under the First Amendment.

NFL Teams Stayed in Locker Rooms For Anthem Until 2009—Then DoD...

For decades, NFL teams sat in the locker room during the anthem. Only in 2009 and after did teams start showing up and get paid for their patriotism.

Because Police Broke the Law, a 77yo Man Will Likely Die...

A 77-year-old farmer is being sent to prison for 10 years for cultivating cannabis after police illegally trespassed on his property in a clear effort to persecute him.

‘Get That Son Of A Bitch Off The Field’: Trump Calls...

In one of his most tyrannical speeches to date, Trump called on NFL players to be fired for practicing their freedom of speech. #MAGA

Cops are Breaking Into Cars & Trashing Them—To Stop People from...

When a woman in Texas found that someone had broken into her car, she was shocked to learn it was the local police.

Infuriating Video Shows Cop Mistake Autism for Drug Use, Assault, Hurt...

A heartbreaking video shows how the drug war doesn't discriminate between guilty and innocent and even autistic children aren't safe.