5 Major Revelations Lapdog Media is Covering Up with Fake Russian...

With propaganda in full tilt about the murder of Seth Rich and possible connections between Trump and Russia, there are more than a few things you need to keep in mind.

Chelsea Manning Out of Prison But Not Totally Free, Army Holding...

Whistleblower Chelsea Manning is now free from prison — but the active duty soldier's freedom won't be as liberating as it should.

Cops Shoot, Handcuff 15yo Boy, Left Him in the Street for...

A Bridgeport, CT teen was shot and allegedly lay dying on the street without any medical attention given to him as he bled to death.

US Govt Finally Admits Medical Cannabis Destroys the Opioid Epidemic

An update on the government website on drug abuse indicates a massive change to cannabis prohibition — in order to combat the opioid epidemic — may be on the horizon.

Extensive Study Shows People Who Swear a Lot are More Honest...

A recent two-part study found swearing, a lot, indicates that a person is more honest than their self-censoring tame-mouthed peers.

WATCH: Man Arrested Because Cops ‘Fear for Their Lives’ for Being...

Cops claimed that a man filming them was causing an FBI agent to fear for his life, so he was arrested for making a video of police.

Good Cop Exposes ‘1 Ticket Per Hour’ Quota Scam After Being...

A Dibble, Oklahoma police officer was reportedly fired for not meeting the small town police department's ticket quota, now he's exposing them.

WikiLeaks’ Assange Offers Comey a Job: ‘Mr. Comey Knows Where Many...

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks offered fired FBI Director James Comey a job — seriously noting how big of a source he could become.

WATCH: Power-Tripping Cop Shows Why People are Losing Faith in Police

A North Enid, OK physical therapist was threatened with physical harm for questioning an officer's decision making — this is what's wrong with police.

KY Sec. of State Accidently Tweets Pic of a Cop Driving...

The Kentucky Secretary of State was caught catching a ride to the Kentucky Derby in a cop car — which was inexplicably traveling 100 miles per hour.