Cops Recorded Brazenly Covering Up Camera to Hide Their Corruption

Newly-disclosed documents show St. Louis County police sleeping on the job, lounging in a security office, and even covering a security camera to hide it.

Parents Have Children Stolen from Them by the State for Low...

Two entirely competent, caring parents, with no criminal history or history of abuse, had their children stolen by the state for low IQ scores.

‘They Kept Us As Slaves’ – Mega Church Exposed Running Massive...

A secretive church in North Carolina is being exposed for running a modern day slavery ring and not a single church leader has been arrested.

Cops Shoot So Many People, New State Regs Teach Drivers ‘How...

Arizona driver's manuals will now include a section on "how not to get shot by police" that is specifically aimed at armed drivers.

Over 100 Children Just Disappeared in UK – Sex Trafficking Fears...

A child trafficking crisis in unfolding in the UK with over 100 children recently gone missing and experts warning that number is likely far greater.

New Analysis Kills DNC Hacking Narrative, Shows Russian Data Trail Was...

Kim Dotcom tweeted out an extensive analysis showing evidence of DNC/Crowdstrike planting fake hacking evidence to push fake Russiagate narrative.

Innocent Man Sentenced to Prison for Standing on a Sidewalk, Informing...

A man was sentenced to time in jail after he faced both felony and misdemeanor charges for passing out jury nullification pamphlets outside of a courthouse.

Dick Cheney Poisoned Hundreds of US Troops—They’re Dying & Were Just...

Cheney made BILLIONS through KBR while poisoning young men and women in Iraq and the DoD, VA, and courts are covering it up.

US Tells Citizens in N. Korea to “Depart Immediately,” Bans All...

A State Department spokeswoman said in a statement that the North Korea ban would be published next week in the Federal Register, to come into effect 30 days later.

Man Facing Jail for Not Paying Child Support For A Child...

A man is being forced to pay nearly $65,000 in child support payments for a 16-year-old daughter who is not his, according to a DNA test.