intelligence official

Deep State Coup Crumbling as Trump’s Top Intelligence Official Caught Spying...

Trump's top intelligence official authorized spying on Steve Bannon and Trump's children—then sent the data to an intel facility owned by globalist George Soros.

Fed Gov’t Just Admitted It Will Continue Warrantless Spying—Even If Congress...

U.S. officials admit they are not planning on shutting down the government's warrantless spying program, even if it is not reauthorized by 2018.

FDA Just Approved ‘Smart Pill’ Antidepressant So Gov’t Can Track You...

With the FDA recently authorizing the world's first "smart pill", many ethical questions are being raised by medical doctors. Forced medication by the state seems imminent.

FOIA Docs Reveal US Military Developing Genetic Extinction Weapon to Eradicate...

A FOIA request has revealed that DARPA is funding a 'gene extinction' project that could wipe out entire races, just as the military admits to harvesting Russian biosamples.

Judge Protects Billionaire Pedophile, Won’t Allow Damning Evidence in Child Rape...

A judge has warned that he will limit the "graphic, sexual questions" in a case against convicted sex offender and child predator Jeffrey Epstein.

Dismissed FBI Agent Falsified Statement That Would’ve Implicated Hillary Clinton in...

The dismissed FBI agent single-handedly saved Hillary Clinton from prosecution by changing the language in Comey's statement to make her abuses noncrimes.

Victim’s Testimony Exposes Vast Child Trafficking Network Among the Politically Elite

A former child trafficking victim is speaking out and backed up by evidence exposing a massive multistate criminal operation tied to politicians, heads of state and the mafia.

Body Cam Shows Moments that Got a Senator Charged With Sex...

Body camera footage was just released showing the moment police caught an Oklahoma senator red-handed trafficking an underage boy in a motel room.

Venezuela Launches the ‘Petro’: Oil & Gold Backed Cryptocurrency to Fight...

Venezuela announced Sunday that the country will launch its own cryptocurrency, called the “Petro,” which will be backed by the country’s vast natural resource reserves.

Media Refuses to Report on Proven Trump Collusion—Because It’s Not With...

Trump collusion with a foreign terrorist regime who he directly profits from and deals with is proven—but it's not Russia, so corporate media is silent.