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Selected not Elected — Rothschilds Hold $100,000 a Plate Dinner Fundraiser...

Washington, D.C. - Providing even more proof that she is simply a puppet for the ruling oligarchy, on Thursday, Hillary Clinton attended a $100,000-a-head...

WikiLeaks Emails Expose Alcohol Industry’s Paid Campaign to Stifle Pot Legalization

As they watch their government-created monopoly on the legal drug market dwindle, the alcohol industry is proving that they will not go out easy.

Texas Judge Refuses to be a Part of Traffic Ticket Scheme,...

A courageous Texas judge explains how the entire system is funded through the extortion of individuals for victimless crimes.

Maryland Police Ban Tourists from Taking Roadside Pictures With Sunflowers

The beautiful sunflowers that attract tourists from around the state were just made untouchable because of a government ban.

The Pentagon is Giving Grenade Launchers to Campus Police

The Pentagon’s 1033 program, which allows the Defense Department to unload its excess military equipment onto local police forces, has quietly overflowed onto college...

Secret Letter from 9/11 Mastermind to Obama Confirms CIA Blowback ‘Conspiracy...

A once secret letter to Obama from the alleged mastermind behind 9/11 has just been released explaining the true motive behind the 9/11 attacks.

Government Accidentally Instructed Hundreds Of Jurors To Dial Phone Sex Line

Now they are trying to get out of paying the bill.

City Erects Prison Camp to Deal with Homeless – Cutting Off...

Up to 100 homeless people have been cut off from food and water and locked in a makeshift prison camp by government officials.

Secret Recordings Expose Crooked Cops Taking Bribes for Illegal Gun Sales

A Brooklyn gun dealer secretly recorded on audio and video nearly 70,000 conversations he had with NYPD officers whom he bribed.

WATCH: Honest News Anchor Destroys CIA Russia Hack Claims in Under...

There are five serious problems with the CIA's claim Russians hacked the US election, and Ben Swann explains what.