NASA SWAT Team Raids 75yo Grandma, Forces Her to Defecate Herself,...

A grandmother tried to sell her dead husband's moon rock to NASA, so armed agents raided her, brutally detained, and humiliated her.

WATCH: 10yo Autistic Boy Arrested at School, Thrown in Jail –...

For essentially throwing a temper tantrum at his school, a 10-year-old boy with autism was handcuffed, kidnapped, and thrown in jail.

Smoking Gun — Video Exposes Evidence Tampering At Syrian Chemical Attack...

MIT Professor Emeritas Theodore Postol declared the video evidence of the gassing of Syrian citizens a fraud and accused the Trump regime of acting in a rogue and reckless manner.

WikiLeaks: The Afghan Tunnels the US Just Bombed — “They were...

WikiLeaks just pointed out the truth about the US dropping the MOAB on Afghanistan — and the CIA is furious.

Newly Released FBI Interview Claims FBI Contacted Boston Bombers BEFORE Attack

New details from Boston Bomber interview with the FBI reveal he'd been contacted by agents. His mother has long contended the FBI were handling their son.

‘Al-Qaeda is On Our Side in Syria’ — Email Shows Clinton...

A bombshell email from WikiLeaks shows that while Clinton was Secretary of State, she knew the US was supporting and working with Al-Qaeda in Syria.

Sign of the Times: Google Searches for ‘World War 3’ Hit...

The world is worried — at least those who use the internet — the term "World War 3" is now being searched at an all-time historic high.

5 Major Stories That Blow the ‘Official’ Narrative on Syria Out...

If one goes further down the rabbit hole, believing the government's official position on Syria becomes absolutely asinine.

UN Peacekeepers Caught Running Massive Child Sex Ring — Not One...

For over a decade, the United Nations has aided, through lack of action, the wholesale exploitation of children for sex at the hands of its UN peacekeepers.

Federal Prisons Caught Bonusing Themselves Millions Despite Epic Abuse & Corruption

Top officials at the Bureau of Prisons received $2 million in bonuses, even as they ignored rampant sexual harassment and medical staff shortages.