Real-Life American #Pizzagate Exposed, But It’s Not in DC — It’s...

A horrifying story of child sex trafficking is being exposed by a recent lawsuit in Philadelphia — it is a real life #pizzagate.
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For the First Time, Police Ask for Entire City’s Google Searches...

In a most Orwellian precedent, police obtained a warrant ordering Google to turn over personal information on any/all users who searched for a specific term.
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49 Years Ago Today, the US Slaughtered 500 Unarmed Men, Women,...

US troops raped, murdered, pillaged, and tortured the villagers in one of the most heinous massacres of civilians to date, only one person was charged.
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Venezuelan President Says CIA is Using Its Drug War to Frame...

Venezuelan President just accused the CIA of paying Chavista leaders to frame government for international drug trafficking — proof will be forthcoming.

BREAKING: OK Senator Arrested for Child Prostitution After Being Caught with...

Moments ago, police announced three felony charges against Sen. Ralph Shortey, including engaging in child prostitution.

Massive Lawsuit Exposes Chiquita Banana for Funding Terrorist Death Squads

In a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, more than 200 relatives of the slain implicated Chiquita for funding death.

National Sheriff of the Year CONVICTED in Massive Conspiracy — Facing...

The former sheriff of one of the nation's largest departments is headed to prison, convicted for his role in a civil and human rights conspiracy.

7 Stories Far More Important than Trump’s Tax Returns

Trump's tax returns weren't the bombshell many imagined, but they are being used to distract Americans from far more serious issues.
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OK Senator & Trump Campaign Chair Caught in Motel Room With...

After the boy's parents found disturbing texts on his phone, police launched an investigation and discovered the senator in a motel room with the boy.

FOIA fail: ‘Most transparent ever’ Obama administration spent $36mn to hide...

The Obama administration granted less than a quarter of public requests for government files in its last year in office and spent $36.2 million on legal battles to keep its files secret.