Mainstream Normalizes Pedophilia with ‘Victoria Secret’-Style Lingerie Show Featuring 5yo Girls

A highly disturbing Victoria's Secret-style lingerie show featuring 5-year-olds highlights the push to normalize pedophilia in the mainstream.

Massive US Sex Trafficking Bust Ensnares Over 1,000—Including Law Enforcement and...

Police in dozens of departments arrested more than 1,000 people as part of a monthlong dragnet to combat child and adult sex trafficking and prostitution.

Mainstream Media Caught Exploiting Children in Psy-Op to Sell War to...

The vile manipulation of children to promote pro-war propaganda is easily exposed in the case of Bana al-Abed — and the fame of a 7-year-old in American mainstream media.

Police Chief Stops Arresting Opioid Addicts, Offers Help Instead – Crime...

Crime is down 40 percent in a North Carolina town where police began offering help and recovery options to drug addicts, instead of throwing them in jail.

US Lawmakers Seek to Throw Citizens in Prison for Decades if...

A new bill could make criminals of Americans who choose to boycott Israel — slapping them with 20 years in prison and up to $1 million criminal penalties for violations.

Bystanders Shocked As Police Do Nothing While 5yo Boy Drowns

A 5-year-old boy tragically drowned despite heroic efforts of bystanders, who pulled him from the water — while police and EMTs just watched from shore.

They Were ‘Grilled Alive’: US Govt Exposed Running Nazi-Like Torture Program

The US is once again facing allegations of torture, this time during the interrogation of detainees in more than a dozen secret prisons in Yemen.

Israel Exposed for Secretly Paying Syrian ‘Rebels’ to Protect Rothschild, Murdoch...

Syrian rebels now claim to have been receiving logistical and other support directly from Israel for years and the motive is perfectly clear.

EXCLUSIVE: Man Charged with Felony Marijuana Possession — Had No Actual...

Florida man arrested in North Carolina for possession of marijuana, even though he had no pot in his possession at all.

Cops Set Up Elaborate Scheme to Charge Good Samaritan for Returning...

Hero cops 'protected' society from a Kansas man who was charged with theft after he returned a lost cell phone to its rightful owner.