Trump’s Son-in-Law & Top Advisor Failed to Disclose Soros, Goldman Sachs...

A new report shows Trump adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner failed to disclose deep business ties to billionaires George Soros and Peter Thiel — as well as over $1 billion in outstanding debt — in financial disclosures.

Armed Agents Raid Park, Destroy Food, Seize Food Carts — Over...

Agents raided food vendors outside a church on Sunday because they had yet to receive the permits for which they say they had already applied.

In the Land of the Free, Recycling Can Land You in...

Two men were arrested in California for illegal recycling, proving the state cares not about the environment, only about the taxes associated with recycling.

Leaked Email Shows Big Pharma Conspired to Destroy Cancer Medicine for...

Those who follow the scandals of the pharmaceutical industry closely, and who have a knack for understanding their economics via the state-created monopolies granted...

Trump Flip-Flops on 5 Key Campaign Promises in a Day —...

These five Trump flip-flops seem to ignorantly backtrack his campaign positions; but in actuality, prove the U.S. is preparing for a major war.

Texas Bill to Establish Gold & Silver as Legal Tender, Dealing...

If passed, this new legislation would make gold and silver coins legal tender in Texas, in direct challenge to the FED's monopoly on money.

It Begins — Activists Launch Movement To Make Taxation Voluntary

Tax money being squandered by inefficient government — and that you can't do a thing about it — are the reason taxation is theft.

Russia Preps for Epic Split With Global Banking Cartel by Dumping...

Kicking Russia out of the current international banking system might not be a knockout punch, as Putin is preparing a Russian alternative.

Bill To Audit The FED Passes House Committee, Could Become Law

For years brave lawmakers have attempted to force transparency by an audit of the FED to no avail. However, that could soon change.

DEA Approves Synthetic Weed for Pharma Co. That Paid $500K to...

Insys Therapeutics' synthetic pot was just listed by the DEA as less dangerous than cannabis, itself — after the company paid $500,000 to keep pot illegal.