Mike Tyson Revolutionizing Weed Industry—Building Cannabis Mega Resort & Research Center

Mike Tyson looks to revolutionize the marijuana industry as he breaks ground on a mega-resort for cannabis in Southern California.

Major Banks Reportedly Just Began Freezing Accounts of Bitcoin Users

The "Big Four" banks are remaining tight-lipped about freezing customers' accounts over bitcoin purchase but angry account holders are crying foul.

It Begins: Bank Now Threatening To Close Accounts If Customers Use...

Because cryptocurrencies are a threat to the banking elite, they are now threatening to close accounts if customers link them to Coinbase.

Senior Intel Corp. Scientist Predicted Bitcoin In Cryptography Manifesto—In 1994

Bitcoin is one of the "sophisticated financial alternatives to the dollar" that was predicted in a 1994 manifesto from a senior Intel Corporation scientist.
world bank

Major Energy Paradigm Shift: World Bank Announces It Will No Longer...

In a significant policy change, the World Bank announced that it will stop funding most of its oil and gas exploration and extraction projects after 2019.

Shock Report Reveals Pentagon & HUD ‘Lost’ $21 TRILLION—Enough to Pay...

The Pentagon and HUD can't account for $21 trillion over just the past 17 years—enough money to pay back the current U.S. national debt.

After Trillions Mysteriously Go ‘Missing,’ DoD Getting Audited for First Time...

After their own reports showed trillions of dollars "missing" from ledgers, DoD is now getting its first audit in its entire history.

Venezuela Launches the ‘Petro’: Oil & Gold Backed Cryptocurrency to Fight...

Venezuela announced Sunday that the country will launch its own cryptocurrency, called the “Petro,” which will be backed by the country’s vast natural resource reserves.

WATCH: Senator’s Viral Tax Bill Video Exposes How Corrupt Politicians Pass...

One senator called out his colleagues for giving the Senate just hours to vote on a nearly 500-page tax bill with illegible hand-scribbled amendments.

Bitcoin Tops $9,300 Amid “Extinction-Level Event For Banks.. And Maybe Governments...

Bitcoin is currently soaring to exponentially record highs signaling a potential "extinction-level" event for the banking cartel.