Venezuela Just Became First Country to Have Its Own Cryptocurrency and...

Venezuela has just become the first country in the world to launch their own cryptocurrency, the "Petro," as a direct response to the US blockade on their oil markets. It raised nearly a billion in a day.

Crypto Revolution: AZ Senate Passes Bill Officially Recognizing Bitcoin as Money

A revolutionary bill has just passed the Arizona Senate that will officially recognize bitcoin, litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies as money by accepting them as payment for income tax.

Cops Chase Down, Arrest Bank Robber, Then They Find Out He’s...

A North Carolina Sheriff's Deputy was arrested this week for bank robbery. He robbed a major bank just hours before he was scheduled to go to work as a cop.

Anonymous Bitcoin Millionaire Funding MDMA Therapy for PTSD—Making Ecstasy Mainstream

Thanks to the wealth created by cryptocurrency, breakthrough studies involving MDMA in the treatment of PTSD will soon be taking place.

It Begins: Gov’t Agents Raid Exchanges as South Korea Prepares to...

South Korea has announced legislation is in the works to ban cryptocurrency trading after police and tax authorities raided the country’s biggest exchanges.

CEO of JP Morgan Chase: ALL Cryptocurrency Will Be Under Government...

In an interview on bitcoin, the Chairman, CEO and President of the largest American bank issued a rather ominous statement on government control of crypto.

“Eating A Burger is Now A Way to Mine Cryptocoins”: Hooters...

You can now mine cryptocurrency and trade with other members for merely eating a burger at Hooters and joining the rewards program.

Mike Tyson Revolutionizing Weed Industry—Building Cannabis Mega Resort & Research Center

Mike Tyson looks to revolutionize the marijuana industry as he breaks ground on a mega-resort for cannabis in Southern California.

Major Banks Reportedly Just Began Freezing Accounts of Bitcoin Users

The "Big Four" banks are remaining tight-lipped about freezing customers' accounts over bitcoin purchase but angry account holders are crying foul.

It Begins: Bank Now Threatening To Close Accounts If Customers Use...

Because cryptocurrencies are a threat to the banking elite, they are now threatening to close accounts if customers link them to Coinbase.