Ross Ulbricht Takes Fight to Supreme Court to Appeal Life Sentence...

Silkroad creator Ross Ulbricht has one final chance at freedom and that is getting the Supreme Court to look at the evidence in his case.

CEO of JP Morgan Chase: ALL Cryptocurrency Will Be Under Government...

In an interview on bitcoin, the Chairman, CEO and President of the largest American bank issued a rather ominous statement on government control of crypto.

Apple Execs Now Facing Jail Time for Deliberately Slowing Down iPhones

Apple stands accused of breaking a French law which makes it illegal to "deliberately reduce the lifespan of a product to increase the rate of replacement.”

Fmr Space-X Boss Launching Satellites to Put Decentralized Internet & Cryptocurrency...

The former vice president of Space-X is working with Nexus to host decentralized internet and cryptocurrency platforms in space.

It Begins: Bank Now Threatening To Close Accounts If Customers Use...

Because cryptocurrencies are a threat to the banking elite, they are now threatening to close accounts if customers link them to Coinbase.

Apple Admits They Deliberately Slow Down Older iPhones As Software Updates...

Apple has admitted to deliberately slowing down older iPhones when they roll out software updates—and they claim it is a "feature."

Senior Intel Corp. Scientist Predicted Bitcoin In Cryptography Manifesto—In 1994

Bitcoin is one of the "sophisticated financial alternatives to the dollar" that was predicted in a 1994 manifesto from a senior Intel Corporation scientist.

As DoD Admits to UFO Program, Shocking Video Released Showing Alien...

After the Department of Defense admitted to spending millions on a UFO program, a video was declassified showing a shocking encounter with an unknown craft.

FOIA Docs Reveal US Military Developing Genetic Extinction Weapon to Eradicate...

A FOIA request has revealed that DARPA is funding a 'gene extinction' project that could wipe out entire races, just as the military admits to harvesting Russian biosamples.

Venezuela Launches the ‘Petro’: Oil & Gold Backed Cryptocurrency to Fight...

Venezuela announced Sunday that the country will launch its own cryptocurrency, called the “Petro,” which will be backed by the country’s vast natural resource reserves.