Govt and Media Have Fueled White Nationalism And Are Brainwashing America...

Aggressive tactics by the government and corporate media have fostered white nationalism and have created an environment that could lead to civil war.

America, Charlottesville Shows We Are Being Led Into a Civil War,...

Charlottesville proves how close we are to civil war in the US — and politicians want it that way.

Microchipping Humans: First They Traded Freedom for Security, Now It’s Privacy...

RFID chips are in the news again, this time as employees volunteer for implants — but the chips' convenience lures more to implants before the impact on rights can be assessed.

US Lawmakers Seek to Throw Citizens in Prison for Decades if...

A new bill could make criminals of Americans who choose to boycott Israel — slapping them with 20 years in prison and up to $1 million criminal penalties for violations.

Shocking Study Shows Mere Presence of Smartphone Reduces Brain Power —...

A study of nearly 800 smartphone users shows that a person's cognitive ability is diminished in the presence of a smartphone — even if it is off.

Whistleblower Banker: “All Misery on Earth is a Business Model”

A former elite international banker-turned-whistleblower has come out to give humanity a super dose of reality about how the world is run and how we can beat it.

No Longer a Conspiracy Theory: Elite Openly Paying to Ingest the...

Once the talk of conspiracy theorists — the rich ingesting the blood of the young to foster longevity — is now a reality and an actual business in the US.

WATCH: ‘I will not forgive or forget’: Assange Speaks for First...

Assange, while he is happy that the charges have been dropped, has noted that we still have a long way to go and that he does not forgive.

Chelsea Manning Out of Prison But Not Totally Free, Army Holding...

Whistleblower Chelsea Manning is now free from prison — but the active duty soldier's freedom won't be as liberating as it should.

The NSA’s Virus Can Still Destroy Your Data, Here Are 5...

A pernicious ransomware worm took over the Internet yesterday, but we're not in the clear — so here are some ways to protect your computer and important data from this and future attacks.