down syndrome

Cops Shakedown 6yo Boy With Down Syndrome After Teacher Accuses Him...

Police descended on an elementary school after an innocent little boy who is mute and has Down Syndrome was accused of being a terrorist.

Disturbing Video of Humans Being Sold Proves US Foreign Policy Has...

Images emerging from Libya tell a sordid tale of modern-day slave trading, the international response, and a call for the slave traders to be tried in international criminal court.

VIDEO: Joe Rogan Just Shattered the ‘Racist’ Ideology of Cultural Appropriation

"The idea that you can keep other people from enjoying ... and appreciating the history of other human beings is f***ing racist."

Court Grants Parental Rights to Pedophile Who Impregnated 12yo Girl During...

A Detroit judge awarded parental and visitation rights to a child's rapist after she gave birth to her son born from his rape.

Harvard Trained Psychiatrist Says Medication Could Have Caused Vegas Shooter’s Madness

In a Free Thought Project exclusive, author, and expert on anti-depressants Dr. Peter R. Breggin describes why he believes Stephen Paddock could've committed mass murder.

Cops Abandon Search for Lost Child to Bust Man For Weed...

A Pennsylvania police department bragged about a pot bust they made while looking for a missing child and got burned by the critical public as a result.

Normalization of Pedophilia: Court Won’t Charge Man With Rape—Claiming 11yo Victim...

Prosecutors deem that sex between a 28-year-old man and 11-year-old girl cannot be considered rape, as it was "consensual."

6-Year-Old Boy Reprimanded for Taking Knee at School During Pledge—He Didn’t...

A 6-year-old was reprimanded and his mother told her son was out of line all because he peacefully took a knee during the pledge.

Cop Stops Woman for Broken Tail Lights, Instead of Ticket, He...

A Richmond, Va police officer just set the bar by helping a woman fix her tail lights instead of giving her a ticket, extorting her, or harassing her.
red cross

Don’t Trust the Red Cross, 10 Ways YOU Can Help Harvey...

Instead of padding the corporate salaries of the Red Cross, here's how you can make your donations really help the victims of Harvey.