Lawsuit Exposes State in Taking Kids from Parents and Heavily Drugging...

A new lawsuit contends foster children are being dangerously overmedicated with powerful psychotropic drugs — akin to a 'chemical straightjacket' — just to control their behavior.

What Police State? Undercover Cops Bust Teens for Selling Bottled Water

The teenagers were apprehended by "undercover police officers" for selling bottled water outside of the National Mall without a permit.

NC Law Allows Men to Legally Rape Women if They Change...

North Carolina law is being challenged for legally allowing the rape of women as long as they consent to sex before hand and only change their minds after.

Cops Trying to Kill a Dog, Kill Innocent Boy Who Tried...

LA County Sheriff's deputies opened fire at a dog after responding to a teen house party — but killed a teenager trying to prevent the animal from hurting anyone.
disabled protest

WATCH: Police Drag Disabled People from Wheelchairs During Mass Arrests at...

During a peaceful protest, made up of many disabled people, police dragged them from their wheelchairs while conducting mass arrests for free speech.

BREAKING: Church of England Admits it ‘Colluded’ to Cover-Up Decades of...

The Church of England has just conceded that they conspired to cover up and conceal decades of child sexual abuse by its high-level members.

Months-Long Forensic Investigation Concludes Seth Rich ‘Likely Killed by Hired Killer’

An independent group of psychological forensics experts has concluded their investigation into the murder of Seth Rich — and it's troubling.

CIA Agent Busted Running a Massive Drug Smuggling Operation

In a glaring case of hypocrisy, a former Navy SEAL and CIA special agent was arrested and charged for running a massive national drug smuggling ring.

Israel Exposed for Secretly Paying Syrian ‘Rebels’ to Protect Rothschild, Murdoch...

Syrian rebels now claim to have been receiving logistical and other support directly from Israel for years and the motive is perfectly clear.

US Gov’t Proves Love for ISIS as Bill to ‘Stop Arming...

One of the most rational bills ever proposed, barring the Feds from giving money and weapons to child murdering terrorists, has almost ZERO support.