5 Critical Stories Being Ignored While We All Watch Hollywood Implode

As the Harvey Weinstein Hollywood sex scandal dominated the news cycle, there were several critical stories that slipped under the radar...
foster care

‘Out of Sight, Out of Mind’: 70+ Kids ‘Missing’ from State...

Lawmakers are shocked to learn that 70-plus children have gone missing from the Kansas foster care system and no one has stopped it.

7 Major Questions from the Las Vegas Shooting that Need to...

Nearly 2 weeks after the Las Vegas Shooting, there are a number of questions that need to be addressed, many of which stem from comments made by police.

Evidence Emerges Showing FBI Was Behind 2015 ISIS Terror Attack in...

The victim of the first ISIS-claimed terrorist attack on U.S. soil is now suing the FBI for encouraging, directing and aiding the suspects.

Court Grants Parental Rights to Pedophile Who Impregnated 12yo Girl During...

A Detroit judge awarded parental and visitation rights to a child's rapist after she gave birth to her son born from his rape.

Weinstein Recordings Show Hollywood, Corporate Media Love Sexual Predators—Until They’re Caught

The media, celebrities, politicians, local elected officials and members of law enforcement are all responsible for covering up Harvey Weinstein's crimes.

Largest Pedophile Site in the World Discovered to Be Secretly Run...

The website involved police officers sharing extremely disturbing content and encouraging followers to engage in sexual acts with children, to maybe bust them.

Second Mom in a Week Faces Possibility of Jail for Refusing...

A second mother in less than a month is now in the exact same court that just sentenced a mom to jail for refusing to vaccinate her son.

“You’re Kicked Out!”: Child Expelled for Sitting During the Pledge —...

A black Texas high school student and her mom claim in a federal lawsuit that the principal expelled her last week for sitting through the Pledge of Allegiance.

Time to Pay Attention: Police Begin Making Massive Reversals in Official...

Officials investigating the Las Vegas massacre have made some dramatic changes to the official narrative that completely change the perspective.