It Begins: Police Say ‘Conspiracy Theory’ About Clinton Child Sex Ring...

Calls for shutting down conspiracy websites and banning talk of 'pizzagate' are now filling up the internet after an insane man opened fire in a restaurant.

Mainstream Media Just Admitted Magic Mushrooms are Safest Recreational Drug

A new study is actually being reported in the mainstream media showing that magic mushrooms are the safest recreational drug.

8 Revelations From 2016 That Completely Vindicate “Conspiracy Theorists”

We aren't yet five months in, and already conspiracy theorists can claim 2016 as the year of vindication.

USMC Veteran Facing Life in Prison Over 1 Oz. of Cannabis...

For treating his PTSD with cannabis, a decorated Marine combat veteran is going to trial next week and face the possibility of life in prison.

NSA Gets Smackdown! Senate Kills Bill to Extend the Domestic Spy...

The USA Freedom Act has failed in the Senate....the ability of the NSA to collect the phone records of Americans will expire at the end of the month.

Time to Pay Attention — In the Last 48 Hours, Humanity...

It's time to pay attention, as the world moved to the brink of potentially nuclear war in just the last 48 hours, alone.

Dashcam Released Showing Cops Rape Woman on Roadside, Looking for Pot

The horrifying dashcam showing the public rape of an innocent woman by Texas cops looking for a plant has finally been released.

WATCH: CNN Producer Admits Russia Narrative is ‘Bullsh*t’ with ‘No Proof’...

A hidden camera has exposed CNN for their role in pushing the false narrative of Russiagate, admitting it is 'bullsh*t' and the 'CIA does it all the time.'

“No, Stop! Please!”: Cop Empties Pistol into Car, Reloads as Teen...

Despite the horrific dashcam showing the moment a cop shot three unarmed teens, killing one, a grand jury decided not to indict him.

It Begins: Gov’t Agents Raid Exchanges as South Korea Prepares to...

South Korea has announced legislation is in the works to ban cryptocurrency trading after police and tax authorities raided the country’s biggest exchanges.