The Real Reason Police Push Debunked ‘Drug-laced Candy’ Myth on Halloween

Police fear mongering about drug-laced Halloween candy is back — in spite of the utter lack of evidence, this myth continues, here's why.

Good Cop Risks His Career to Openly Advocate for Legalization of...

A veteran police officer who has criticized arrest quotas and corruption in his own department is now speaking out in support of cannabis legalization.

Major Study Shows Legal Weed REVERSED a Decade of Rising Opioid...

A new study reveals that opioid-related deaths in Colorado decreased by nearly 7 percent in the two years after the state legalized cannabis.

Secret Video Released Showing DEA Agents Execute 2 Women, a Child,...

After keeping a video secret for five years, the world is now finally seeing how the DEA can kill innocent people and get away with it.

Landmark Study Shows Psychedelics Far More Effective at Reducing Crime Than...

Science is already showing that classic psychedelics can treat various mental illnesses, and now we're finding clear benefits to society as well.

Son of Sheriff—Who Locked Down Entire School to Look for Drugs—Busted...

In a massively spectacular irony, the sheriff who locked down an entire high school of innocent children to look for drugs, just watched his son get arrested — for drugs.

Texas Inmates Shatter the Paradigm, Donate Tens of Thousands for Hurricane...

Showing that bad laws actually put good people behind bars, inmates serving time in Texas prisons have made an inspiring effort to help others.

Police Mistook Donut Glaze for Meth, Arrested & Strip Searched 65yo...

After an innocent man was kidnapped, caged, and strip searched for donut glaze, the taxpayers are being held liable, not the cops who did this to him.

Top DEA Official Just Exposed How Congress Works With Big Pharma...

The former head of the DEA's Office of Diversion Control has come forward with bombshell information on why thousands of Americans are dying from opioids.

Congressman Proposes Legislation to Allow Cops to Use Cannabis, Slams Drug...

A Republican congressman testified before the house this week, slamming the 'government lies' over cannabis and made a radical proposal.