Federal Court Rules Medical Cannabis Patients “Do Not Have the Right...

The federal government believes that cannabis "raises the risk of irrational or unpredictable behavior with which gun use should not be associated."
two grams

SWAT Team Raids Unarmed Man’s Home and Kills Him Over Two...

An unarmed young man's life was stolen from him by police who were protecting society from the dangers of two grams of a beneficial plant.

It’s Time to Imagine a Post-Police World — Here’s Why Abolishing...

Abolishing American police might be our only hope to reform police brutality, violence, and skyrocketing incarceration rate.

Washington Tells DEA to Shove It, Will Conduct Cannabis Research in...

In a first, Washington is rolling out its own cannabis research licensing program to bypass stifling federal regulations on "Schedule 1" drugs.

University Study Shows How Prison Populations Skyrocket — Despite Record Low...

US prison populations continue to explode despite a dramatic drop in crime rates, and the failed war on drugs is directly at fault.

State Begins Random Drug-Testing of Middle School Children — With Punishment

A school district will begin randomly drug testing seventh and eighth graders, and handing down harsh penalties for students who test positive.

“America’s Toughest Sheriff” Recommended for Criminal Prosecution for Targeting Brown People

America's toughest and perhaps most hated sheriff, Joe Arpaio, will soon face criminal contempt of court charges which could earn him time behind bars.

As Feds Claim Pot Has “No Medicinal Use” FDA Approving Horse...

The FDA put ketamine on the fast track for use in treating depression in one of the most glaring acts of hypocrisy in recent memory.

How the War on Drugs Makes People Eat Other People’s Faces...

The state's ban on substances does not remove demand. Instead, far more dangerous alternatives fill the void -- case in point -- flakka.

Milwaukee Protesters Riot, Burn Buildings, Cars After Police Kill Man During...

An officer involved shooting in Milwaukee sparked a protest which turned chaotic as protesters began to destroy the town.