Child Rapist Gets No Jail Time As Father & Son Sentenced...

A man who admitted to repeatedly sexually abusing a 12-year-old escapes jail as a father and son are sentenced to years in prison for selling a plant.

FOIA Docs Show FDA’s Data on Kratom Deaths is Complete Propaganda

As the FDA fearmongers over alleged Kratom associated deaths, documents on these deaths reveal that the American people are being lied to.

FDA Just Approved ‘Smart Pill’ Antidepressant So Gov’t Can Track You...

With the FDA recently authorizing the world's first "smart pill", many ethical questions are being raised by medical doctors. Forced medication by the state seems imminent.

DEA Claims Synthetic THC Made by a Group of Criminals is...

A company whose founder, CEO, and 6 executives have all been arrested for bribing doctors to prescribe opioids, was approved by DEA to sell synthetic THC.

‘Surrender Your Firearms’ – Gov’t Now Confiscating Guns from Medical Cannabis...

Gun owners in Hawaii who legally use medical cannabis have been told they have 30 days to “voluntarily surrender” their firearms to the police.

Paradigm Shift: State Courts Rule Police Raids Over Weed Were Illegal...

Courts in two states are finally admitting that dangerous early-morning raids conducted by SWAT teams searching for cannabis are illegal and unwarranted.

US Gov’t Caught Operating Floating Black Site Prisons, Torturing People in...

The US government is holding hundreds of people without trial, shackled to the decks of Coast Guard boats for months, all to enforce the drug war.

FDA Loyalty to Big Pharma Exposed in Move to Ban Plant...

The FDA is now pushing to ban the highly beneficial plant kratom, which is curing opioid addiction. If we look deeper, we can see why they want it illegal.

Leaked Body Cam Shows Cop Film Themselves Planting Cocaine In Man’s...

Newly released Body Cam footage appears to show a police officer planting a small bag of cocaine on a suspect before he realized the camera was recording.

WATCH: Former WWE Wrestler Goes Off on Cops Arresting Woman for...

Police appear to have used the fact that a woman was leaving the parking lot of a cannabis dispensary as probable cause to immediately arrest her for DUI.