Scientists Warn Chemotherapy Could Spread Cancer, Trigger More Aggressive Tumors

A new study shows chemotherapy can cause malignant cancer cells to spread throughout the body — increasing the risk of fatality from the disease.

Sex and Drug Ring Raided at Apartment of High-Ranking Vatican Cardinal

Only days after the third highest-ranking member of the Vatican was charged with raping children, another scandal has been uncovered in Rome.

Cops & CPS Caught Torturing Toddler with Forced Catheterization to Look...

The ACLU has filed two lawsuits after multiple victims were found to have been forced catheterized by cops and social service in a sadistic search of urine.

American Media Silent After UN Just Called for Decriminalizing Drug Use...

In 2016 the UN reaffirmed its support for prohibition at a "special session on drugs," but one year later the UN is calling to end prohibition. The drug war is crumbling.

Mainstream Media Now Advocating ‘All Citizens’ Spend Time in Prison as...

A corporate media outlet just made a terrible case for all Americans to serve time behind bars. The 'service' would by like jury duty, but for prison.

Legendary Author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Admits He Was Recruited...

The best-selling author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" revealed that he was offered a position working for the CIA in its infamous "Air America" scam.

EXCLUSIVE: Entire Family Kidnapped, Caged for Using Tiny Amount of Cannabis...

A family in Indiana is facing the consequences of using marijuana to treat medical conditions because cops still attack people who try to heal themselves with a plant.

Feds Turn Burning Man Into a Police State, Announce Drug Tests...

Federal agents announced that they will be drug testing attendees who drive to this year's burning man, entirely innocent people could go to jail.

Big Pharma Caught Bribing Family Doctors to Prescribe Drug 50X’s Stronger...

Pharmaceutical companies were throwing money at family doctors to push fentanyl for everyday ailments as the death rate increased tenfold.

‘I Was Wrong’: Judge Admits Jailing People for Pot ‘Haunts’ Him...

After being diagnosed with a terminal disease, a judge who "hated marijuana" now regrets all those prosecutions as cannabis saved his life.