WATCH: Innocent Man Kidnapped & Raped by Cops for Legally Refusing...

One man's dash camera footage showing his assault and kidnapping is now the subject of a documentary exposing the horrific practices of Las Vegas Police.

VIDEO: Cop Lies About Smelling Weed, Slams Innocent Student’s Head Into...

A crazed cop claimed he smelled weed and used this an excuse to unleash deadly violence against an innocent young man who'd done nothing wrong.

Innocent Man Kidnapped & Caged for Months As Cops Mistake Drywall...

Criminally negligent police officers arrested an innocent man and kept him in a cage for 90 days after mistaking drywall for cocaine.

CIA Agent Busted Running a Massive Drug Smuggling Operation

In a glaring case of hypocrisy, a former Navy SEAL and CIA special agent was arrested and charged for running a massive national drug smuggling ring.

Mexico Just Legalized Medical Pot Nationwide Exposing America’s Oppression

One year after Mexican President Peña Nieto began speaking out and criticizing the global drug policy, Mexico has now legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Real Life Air America: CIA Exposed Running a Covert Drug Smuggling...

When you hear “Air America,” there is a good chance the 1990 movie starring Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr. is the first thing...

DEA Exposed Triggering the Massacre of an Entire Town — Media...

The DEA won't let the possibility of mass murder stop it from carrying out the crusade of prohibition as a damning new report highlights.

Senate Bill to Force Citizens to Register Cash Not in a...

A new bill requires US citizens to declare ALL assets in excess of $10,000 — or have the entirety of their accounts and assets seized, and spend ten years in prison.

Republicans & Democrats Join Together in Senate to Legalize Pot on...

In an epic push back against the tyranny of Jeff Sessions and his war on an amazing plant, lawmakers crossed party lines to legalize cannabis — federally.

EXCLUSIVE: Man Charged with Felony Marijuana Possession — Had No Actual...

Florida man arrested in North Carolina for possession of marijuana, even though he had no pot in his possession at all.