WATCH: Cops Said They ‘Smelled Pot’ So They Smashed a Woman’s...

Minneapolis police left a woman battered and bloody during a traffic stop this week because an officer claimed he smelled a plant.

Mainstream Media’s Cannabis Fear Campaign Debunked as Anti-Pot Propaganda

One headline even claimed cannabis is "worse than cigarettes for cardiovascular health" while others cited insignificant "leaps" in child ER visits.

Dear America: If You Want to Stop Racism, Tear Down the...

We cannot change the future by trying to erase the past. Tearing down a statue is not a solution to racism — ending the drug war is.

Dashcam Released Showing Cops Rape Woman on Roadside, Looking for Pot

The horrifying dashcam showing the public rape of an innocent woman by Texas cops looking for a plant has finally been released.

Damning Investigation Shows Big Pharma Bribed 68,000 Doctors to Push Deadly...

One in 12 doctors received payments — totaling a whopping $46 million — from pharmaceutical companies to push opioid painkillers, in just over two years.

Horrifying Dash Cam Shows Cops Strip Woman Naked & Rape Her...

Disturbing images from dash cam footage shows cops strip a college student nude and publicly rape her on the roadside in search of a plant.

Charges Dropped for Cops Who Raped a Woman in a Parking...

Two Texas cops publicly raped a woman in gas station parking lot in search of an illegal plant. Neither of them will be held accountable.

BREAKING: Trump Declares ‘National Emergency’ Over Opioid Crisis

President Donald Trump has declared the opioid epidemic a national emergency and said his administration was drafting paperwork to make it official.

Dr Gets 18 Years for Healing Son With Cannabis as Cop...

Prosecutors in North Carolina used exaggerated and false claims to sentence a retired doctor to over 18 years for using cannabis to help his autistic son.

Mainstream Media Just Admitted Biotech Company Has Exclusive Patents on GMO...

What was once fake news is now a reality as biotech group admits it has an 'exclusive' government license to patent and study GMO cannabis.