WATCH: Cop Abuses Power, Smashes Into Elderly Couple While Speeding—Court Blames...

The police officer who caused the crash has a record of being responsible for at least five other accidents as a result of reckless driving.

Swatting Suspect Charged, But the Cop Who Killed Innocent Man Will...

A "swatting" suspect will likely face charges for his actions, but the officer who was quick to shoot and kill an innocent man will likely walk free.
police chief

Police Chief Caught Soliciting Sex From Children Online with Handle ‘KUTECOP4YOU’

A police chief is now facing criminal charges after he was caught soliciting sex from a 14-year-old girl, while advertising the fact that he was a cop.
medical emergency

Elderly Vet Accidentally Trips His Medical Alert System, Cops Show Up...

A man who accidentally hit the medical emergency button in his home was shot and killed after police arrived, tormented him and then raided his house.

WATCH: Rights Flexing Citizen Owns Cops, Proves He Knows the Constitution...

An Oregonian constitutional rights flexer shows how to verbally manhandle even the most seasoned police officer for violating his constitutional rights.
pepper spray

WATCH: Man Yells at Cops So They Pepper Spray Him to...

An investigation by an independent watchdog group revealed police claimed to be heroes after using pepper spray on a man until he died.

2017 Was Safest Year for Cops in Nearly 50 Years—But Citizens...

Despite the constant bombardment by the mainstream media that there is a war on cops, the data shows the only war is on American citizens—by police.

Cop Who Murdered Innocent Child Riding An ATV Had Trigger Happy...

When looking into the past of an officer charged with the murder of a child while riding an ATV, a massive failure of accountability is exposed.

Study: Most Ticketed Pedestrians are Innocent, Only Cited Because Cops Don’t...

A recent study found that hundreds of innocent pedestrians are paying the price after they were issued erroneous tickets for crossing the street improperly.

SWAT Raids Wrong Home, Holds Family At Gunpoint—Owner Makes Cops Apologize...

"You f—king idiot. You're in the wrong house!'" A woman said she told the SWAT team that conducted a no-knock, midnight raid on her home.