Horrifying Report Shows Child Sex Trafficking is Fastest Growing Crime Business...

“It’s become more lucrative and much safer to sell malleable teens than drugs or guns. A pound of heroin or an AK-47 can be retailed once, but a young girl can be sold 10 to 15 times a day,” notes the report on trafficking.

WATCH: Corporate Media Proves Loyalty to Abusers, Belittles Corey Feldman AFTER...

Even after Corey Feldman's claims about seeking help from police when he was sexually assaulted were proven true, the media is still trying to discredit him.

Citizen Pedophile Hunter Arrested for Catching Child Predators Better than Police

A self-proclaimed pedophile hunter, who lures would-be child molesters into public spaces where they can be arrested, has been arrested for this practice.

Top Disney Exec Charged With Molesting Young Girls Exposing Their History...

A Disney music executive is facing felony child sexual abuse charges for his alleged conduct with two underage girls who were 11 and 15 years old.

Victim’s Testimony Exposes Vast Child Trafficking Network Among the Politically Elite

A former child trafficking victim is speaking out and backed up by evidence exposing a massive multistate criminal operation tied to politicians, heads of state and the mafia.

Cops & Gov’t Workers Arrested in Massive Sting, People Buying Kids...

A massive sting targeting society's worst, who prey on children, ensared scores of people including a police officer, postal worker, and a teacher.
Foundation Executive

Fmr Clinton Foundation Exec Tied to Int’l Group Accused of Mass...

A former Clinton Foundation executive has ties to a NYSE-traded company now embroiled in a sexual assault scandal involving young children.

YouTube Moderators Expose Company for Allowing Thousands of Child Predators to...

YouTube Moderators are calling out the platform for ignoring reports of abusive content, and allowing thousands of sexual predators to flourish.

‘Kids Sacrificed, Abusers Protected’: USA Olympic Dr. Pleads Guilty to Massive...

The doctor at the center of a child sex abuse scandal involving 125 victims within the USA Gymnastics Program has pleaded guilty molesting multiple girls.
jehovah's witness

Jehovah’s Witnesses Currently Paying $4K a Day to Hide Details of...

A religious organization has been ordered by to pay $4,000 a day until it releases documents showing its leaders have protected a pedophile for decades.