Native American Man Misses Mother’s Last Moments Because Cops Beat Him...

A tribal elder was rushing to the hospital to see his dying mother. However, because he was attacked by police, he would not make it in time.

Infuriating Video Shows Cop Mistake Autism for Drug Use, Assault, Hurt...

A heartbreaking video shows how the drug war doesn't discriminate between guilty and innocent and even autistic children aren't safe.

Graphic Video Shows Cops Execute Student for Holding a “Tiny” Multi-tool

Disturbing video shows police execute a barefoot engineering student in the midst of a mental break dow— for holding a multi-tool.

‘F*ggots Will Burn in Hell’: Deputy Investigated for Terrorizing Gay Child...

According to multiple witnesses, a West Virginia deputy told a gay teen “No f*ggot activity will be permitted on this bus,” and ‘f*ggots will burn in hell’.

WATCH: Cops Chant ‘Whose Streets, Our Streets,’ as They Trap Protesters,...

In what looks like Ferguson all over again, St. Louis police were recorded needlessly attacking peaceful protesters and journalists.

“Good Cop” Praised After Video Showed Him Kick Surrendering Man’s Head...

After a Baltimore cop was found not guilty for kicking surrendering man in the and then spitting on him, he was praised for his "service."
riot police

WATCH: Elderly Woman Trampled by Riot Police During Protests, Charged with...

An older woman was trampled by riot police and arrested for "interfering." Activists argue the only crime she committed was being unable to move fast enough

Netflix Does it Again: Exposes Extreme Police Corruption on Coerced Confessions

A new Netflix original series, The Confession Tapes, is giving the viewing public a stimulating look into the American injustice system.

VIDEO: Undercover Cop Handcuffs Innocent Man, Steals All of His Cash,...

A man says San Diego Police robbed him of nearly $800 after detaining him and searching him because he "fit the description" of a suspect.

WATCH: Cops Plot Cover-Up to Protect Drunk Prosecutor After Crash, Blame...

Police were caught planning a cover-up and blaming an innocent victim, after a prosecutor caused a car accident and failed 3 field sobriety tests.