Transcripts Show Killer Cop ‘Feared for His Life’ and Killed Innocent...

Jeronimo Yanez, a Minnesota officer recently acquitted in the shooting death of Philando Castile, said he smelled marijuana during the stop causing him to fear for his life.

WATCH: Cop Curb Stomps Handcuffed Man — Gets a 24-hour Vacation

For walking up to a compliant, subdued, and handcuffed man and stomping his face into the pavement, a cop was given a 24-hour suspension.

CIA Agent Busted Running a Massive Drug Smuggling Operation

In a glaring case of hypocrisy, a former Navy SEAL and CIA special agent was arrested and charged for running a massive national drug smuggling ring.

Heartbreaking Video Released of Mom and Child After They Watched a...

Heart-wrenching video was just released showing the aftermath of Diamond Reynolds and her 4-year-old daughter after they watched police kill Philando Castile.

WATCH: Cop On Power Trip Becomes Internet Famous For Arresting Woman...

A radio DJ was harassed and eventually arrested by a power tripping cop who violated her freedom of speech and arrested her for saying "Sh*t" and "Ass" in public.

EXCLUSIVE: Video Shows Cops Violently Attack Men for Telling them to...

Santa Rosa Police attack a group of men for allegedly telling them to slow down, the result of having one's authority question is nothing short of brutal.

BREAKING: Dashcam Released Showing Cop Murder Philando Castile

The horrifying dashcam footage showing officer Yanez murder Philando Castile has just been released, leaving everyone wondering how he was acquitted.

WATCH: Cop Fines Woman $250 for “Not Communicating in the English...

In the Land of the Free, failing to speak impeccable English will result in the police being called and will end with a $250 notice of extortion.

“You Need to Beat this Boy!” Cops Force Grandma to Beat...

The grandmother had defused the situation until the cops showed up and forced her to beat the bleeding, mentally ill boy with his Sunday suit belt.
mentally ill

WATCH: Police Publicly Execute Schizophrenic Man for Holding a Stick

Madera California police shot and killed a mentally ill man, claiming they had no time to deploy a taser. The man was "armed" with a short stick.