Cop Ignores ‘Beware of Dog’ Signs, Enters Yard, Kills Family Dog...

A family is grieving after a cop came into their yard and murdered their dog because the father's truck was parked improperly.
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Cop Who Killed 6yo Autistic Boy Had History of “Satisfying His...

The cop who killed little Jeremy Mardis — should've NEVER been a cop — he's been caught making sexual advances toward underage girls and adults alike.

WATCH: Cop Stomps Handcuffed Man’s Face Into the Street – This...

Two videos from two different departments in only a few days, have surfaced showing cops stomp the heads of handcuffed men.

BREAKING: Cop Charged for Shooting Unarmed Therapist on Video for Helping...

For the first time in decades, the State Attorney has done something she's never done in her 24 years in office — charged a cop for an on-duty shooting.

2-Years Ago, America Learned the Term ‘Nickel Ride’ After Cops Used...

Freddie Gray died at the hands of merciless cops two years ago — but no one has ever been punished for killing him.

Dashcam Catches Cop Snap As Alleged Jaywalking Suspect Questions His Manhood

A stop for alleged jaywalking ended with harassment, a brutal beat down, a kidnapping, and deprivation of rights for a Sacramento man.
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WATCH: Cop Uses Facebook Live to Brag About Killing Dogs, Beating...

Video of cops bragging on Facebook Live about killing dogs and beating people up is the epitome of everything wrong with police today.

WATCH: Cop Chokes Then Bashes In Man’s Face — For Jaywalking

For the alleged crime of jaywalking, a young man quickly found a cop's hands around his neck and repeated fists to his face.

Video of Cop Curb-Stomping Handcuffed Man Shows Why People are Scared...

In a video submitted to the Free Thought Project, a cop is seen 'curb-stomping' a man as he lays face down on the concrete in handcuffs.

WATCH: United Calls Authorities To Brutally Drag Doctor Off Plane, To...

Appalling video shows authorities act as thugs and forcibly remove a doctor from a flight he'd paid for — because a United employee needed his seat.