WATCH: Mom Calls Police for Help, Cop Shows Up and Beats...

A mother called police for help. However, when police arrived, this innocent mother was attacked and beat down in front of her own children.

Ex-NYPD Cop Gets 15 Months for Pimping Hundreds of Women to...

A former NY police officer was sentenced to 15 months in prison for money laundering the proceeds from his high-priced escort business.

Police Try to Justify Photo of Cop Arresting Man Selling Vegetables,...

The Alameda Sheriff's department attempted to justify a photo on Facebook of a deputy arresting a man for the crime of selling fruit — it backfired.

Cops Arrest Innocent, SOBER People for DUI, Based Only On A...

Police experts in drug recognition get awarded for arresting people on DUI charges, even though they have no drugs in their system.

Former National Sheriff of the Year Sentenced to 3 Years For...

The former Sheriff of LA, who received one of the highest honors in the country, has just been handed down a three years sentence in jail.

Video Shows Sheriff Run from Cops After Flashing His Genitals at...

Before the video was released, the Sheriff claimed that this was all a misunderstanding and vowed to clear his name.

Good Cop Exposes ‘1 Ticket Per Hour’ Quota Scam After Being...

A Dibble, Oklahoma police officer was reportedly fired for not meeting the small town police department's ticket quota, now he's exposing them.

Police Dept Wanted a Cop to Kill a Suicidal Dad, He...

A hero cop, who did the right thing and chose to use restraint instead of violence, is suing the city after being fired for choosing not to kill.

WATCH: Power-Tripping Cop Shows Why People are Losing Faith in Police

A North Enid, OK physical therapist was threatened with physical harm for questioning an officer's decision making — this is what's wrong with police.

KY Sec. of State Accidently Tweets Pic of a Cop Driving...

The Kentucky Secretary of State was caught catching a ride to the Kentucky Derby in a cop car — which was inexplicably traveling 100 miles per hour.